Independent from Long Beach, California on May 24, 1957 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 8
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A-8-- INDEPENDENT «·"'· M " «· CftS CHAMBER 'CHEATED' Killer Su icide, * . * '·2nd Gets Stay ; SAN QUENTIN (AP)--Two double killers took wisely different methods Thursday to avoid death In tlij state gas chamber. J)ne killed himself. The other won a stay of extctiUon. Stale Senate In Sacramento of n [J-oposcd nix-year moratorium on Hhe death penalty could have Rejection Tuesday by the At Issue In a hearing set for In the suicide. Oscar Hugo Brunt, 47, whc klljil his estranged wife nnc klrfson at Lancaster In 1954 had; received word of the Sen Bte^i action In « rndlo nevvscas «t 30 o'clock Wcdncsduy night I le^vas found dead early Thursday In his death cell, his throat slushed by a jagged splinter a smashed mirror. TJie other condemned man Bast Curitatlvo, SO, who killed hlsj two employers at Stlnson Beach. Marln County, In 1054 In Jojics of getting their estate, won H stay of execution from Federal Judge Oliver J. Carter, New c Hod«;e ** · ^^ Case' Bared Chicago ·; " (Continued From Page A-l.) full Investigation of his own offyo. Subpoenas were Usucd for the retards of firms named (is liav- Intftrccolvcd some of the Improper)J disbursed funds. Wo began to find dlscrepan- rlrfl and discovered that files wef)- mlsslnc," Paschen said, "so I called In the state's attorney," lie county grand Jury Issued Riitjioenns fnr the records of two former county treasurers, n court reporting firm, two publications in the legal field and an attorney. · ' iNQuinr c o n c e r n s nvjajey accumulated through tax {enclosure «ulo* of property ritments are made periodically fro{n that fund to persons or ftrJjiM for services In foreclosure casfs. I'aschen said the foro- clojsure fund usually totals aboil 4!sjto 5 million dollars. jidiimowskl said payments In clupc those for court-reporting services and publishing notices of.fale. lie said records for the p«)i seven yean or more wll bo«y'hecl(cd to see If payments wJ»e proper. {{ubpocnns were Issued for (ho rejirds of the Sullivan Report InuJCo., a court-reporting firm thlkLc^al Chronicle and the Chi ca(4i Reporter, publications In th(. legal field; Henry C. I'M Rifittnrney of suburban Harvey, th^estatc of the late John Hreii. ziijand Louis E. Nelson, former tr^isurers. ttillK NTATK'S- attorney nal th*Je arc IndlcHtlons that pay- mi)iiU were authored hy false voi^hcrs and thnt the vouchers l«fr were destroyed. Ijodge used phony s t a t e checks in Inking huge helpings of ijtate CBih. Jldamowskl said the Legal Clijonlclo and the Chicago lie cottier arc owned by Irving M«Jte of suburban Glencoe, a former state legislator who was questioned In the Illinois horse. t sandal--conspiracy to sell flesh as beef--back in Marine Supported $y Bishop CAMP PKNDLETON W--A Mtijhodlst bishop appeared at a upetlal court-martial Thursday lojjestlfy on behalf of a young MtJIne accused of wilfully dls- olmtvlng a lawful order. Jhc defendant, 18-year-old TVt Peter H. Green of Kv'nns- torrj III., claims the status of a cohHclentious objector. IJe Is accused of refusing to rirlfcv a ride and return to his conjpnny alter being discharged from sick bay March 18. lie has plrtded Innocent to the charge. Bishop Gerald Kennedy of Los Anpelei testified thnt he read (lift letter In which Green re- quoted classification us a con- Kcjintlous objector nnd regarded It Jis the statement of H mnn wlUi deep religious convictions, .4 · » · · llli: IM*1I01' said his church Is if ipportlnr; Green In his efforts towichlevc the status of'a'con- scljntloui objector. Green is a MMhodlst. iff reen's civilian attorney, Wll- llit,Bi Daubncy, argued that the order given Green March 18 wfi Illegal. On Nov. 2 of last ynir, Daubney said, the com- mWidnnt of the Marine Corps l««^cd n ruling specifying that nr|y Marine claiming consclentl- oiij objector status should be placed In H noncombatant posl- tlrti until his plea could be ruled orb by the commandant. Daub- rt«* salrl Green had made his re- qttjit March 13 and that the plea hsfl not been acted upon when tot Web i8 order wai given. , June 6 over a writ of habeas cprpus Is whether the Filipino houseboy Is Insane. WARDEN 1IARLEY O. Teets said the State Senate's rejection of the death penalty moratorium was the subject of a gen eral discussion among Death Row Inmates after the 10 pan. Wednesday radio newscast. So Brust "must have known," Teets said, although no one could recall that the onetime mild, mannered postman Joined In the talk. Brust, who killed hl« wife. Mildred, 40. and her son, Curtis Johnson, 16, after a night-long quarrel over a divorce settlement, was seen reading a book after 4 a.m. But he was dead, the death-dealing glass sliver clutched In his hand, when a cell check was made at 5;20 a.m. UK ALSO HAD a petition for stay of execution pending. The State Supreme Court had 1 wen scheduled to rule on It Thursday. Carltatlvo was - convlced of illllns Camllle Hanks and her husband, Joseph, at Stlnson Jeach three years ago and of aklng a will which left their ?sort holding to him. Judge Carter Issued * five, mge statement In San Fran Isco In explanation of the stay. "There Is still a question to be determined hy this court which hould not be determined under Ire pressure ... of the time set or execution," Judge Carter aid. In effect, Judge Carter will leclde at the June 6 hearing fhether there Is nny merit In he claim of George T. Davis, Carltatlvo'8 attorney, that the 'lllplno now U. Insane and should have a sanity hearing. CUTTING IT PRETTY FINE * Richard Perry, ID, of Baltimore, Md, shown at left with the hairdo which ·prompted Magistrate Howard L. Aaron, trying him on a disorderly conduct charse, to offer a choice of Jail or hair cut Richard thought It over In his cell for eight hours, then was released to get a haircut. Exclaimed Magistrate Aaron when he saw the "new look" on Richard In photo at right: "That's a haircut?" The youth was released.--(AP Wire.) hown at left with the hairdo which Rolling Hills Travelers ^ rkpT ^ rick to . Gcln in Rome Lose $5,000 ROME lUK -- An American irrlved In Rome late Wcdnes- couple reported 53,000 worth of jewels ftnd travelers checks were stolen Thursday from their room In a plush Rome pension. Waller Ralph. 41, of .75 Crest Road East, Rolling Hills. Calif., Informed police officers ho woke around 4 a.m. and saw a thief moving around the room of his ground-floor suite In the I'nlsl-1 ello pension. Before he could get his hunt on the man, the thief leaped ou of the window with three ring leveral pins, two sets of ear rings, two watches and savera hundred dollars In traveler* checks worth a total of $5,000 Ralph said. "My wife, Gertrude, and lay from Zurich, Switzerland," Ralph said. "I have hopes to recover at least part of the Jewels as the thief left fingerprints all over the place." Navy Information Pont WASHINGTON VP -- The Navy Thursday announced that Rear Adm. Charles C. Kirkpatrick, famous submarine skipper In World War II, will become Navy chief of Information. He will succeed Rcnr Adm. Edmund Taylor when the latter changes assignment next November. BOYS' THEFT Police Hunt Missing Grenades BALTIMORE W--The theft of 20 live hand grenades from a railroad car was discovered Thursday, ancr police broadcast lourly radio and television pleas n an attempt to track down seven still missing Thursday night. Lt. Thonws L. McKcnna said bur boys had admitted stealing he explosives from a south Dal- Imorc siding. Two are IS and the others are 16. He said the youngsters told nvestlgators they had detonated two In east Baltimore's .prowling Patterson I'urk. McKcnna said 11 others hud x-en recovered--one In n lock- T at Mcrgcnthalor Vocational Ugh School, three In the home if one of the boys, three In an utomoblle glove compartment, wo burled near the railroad racks, one lying nearby and me In the park, McKcnna said he was "espe lally w o r r i e d " about two them the boys said they had urlcd In the park. ·--· "We went out there, but some Id must have found them first nd taken them home," he said, If he pulls the ring on one of hem It's going to be an awfully ad story." The missing other five hod ecn left by the Iwys In their rlglnal carton In the railroad ar, they told police. It was heorized these might have been ound by a railroad worker or ther adult. McKcnna said the four boys »ere released without charge In ie custody of their parents. Laundry Union Is Suspended (Continued From Page A-l.) AFL-C10 leaders this week. On Monday, the council found Teamster President Dave Beck ;ullty of "gross misuse" of union umli and ousted him as an AFL-CIO vice president and council member. Teamster leaders are preparing to call a meeting of the union's executive board, possibly next week, In a move that could topple Beck as head of the nation's biggest Union. Beck faces ouster If he refuses to go peaceably. But the action of the AFL- CIO Executive Council against the laundry workers was the first time that R union had been suspended by the labor organl- ·I' 1 zatlon. today. "We certainly have rights to compensation," Egyptian Chief Delegate Hassan Abbas Zakl told newsmen when he arrived In Rome. "You know what happened to my country." Zakl and two assistants arrived In Rorhe from Cairo 2',i tours ahead of a seven-man Egypt, Britain Both to Seek Reparations ROME m -- British i Egyptian s o u r c e s Indicated liursday the two nations would lie reparations claims against aeh other running into the hundreds of millions of dollars In financial talks which open here Ucn " t "wasTlected president of THE LAUNUKV workers held a convention In Chlcaco recently at which Ralph T. Fagan, a local union vice presl- nours ancHU 01 a scvcn-man , j . it British delegation headed byP rc « la;nt - the entire union. AFL-CIO President George Meany told a news conference there was "every Indication" that E. C. James, former secretary-treasurer who was Involved In welfare fund disclosures, "had quite a bit to do with ... deciding who was going to be Senior Treasury Official Sir Denis nickel. The British expert suld his delegation was prepared to dls The Senate Committee, headed by Sen. Paul C. Douglas D- III), accused James and Louis B. Saperstcln, Newark. NJ.. Insur- cuss all financial questions theJ»" cp broker, of unethical prac, Egyptians wished to raise. He tlce » ln ml ' u " of weltare ' und »- emphasized the meeting was A K r a n d J ut ? '" Investigating, called at Egypt's request. · · · » INFORMED NOUKCKM said Egypt was ready to demand lieavy reparations for lost fall's nvaslon by Britain, France and [sraol. The AFL-CIO executive council, winding up Its meeting here, also adopted a set of principles designed to Insure democratic procedures. Among other things, It directs nil unions to limit Iterms of office to four years. 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Leaf l«««k OR MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY HEmlock 5-6354 NASH JIWILHS, 201 Plat Avt., Laag Itatli. Calif. PlfiK Mud m« till IM.*ii» Secltt Wftncd t«J Tec I S.I -t yogi prk. el (H.95. I .III fr, tk. btltuci 11.00 PIIINT Nimi . PRINT Addrtii. « hutlxnd'i rirtl tint} City.,... Zant Stit* EmpUyftd by Othtr tc«mti , H.. lo

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