Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 54
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 54

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 54
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C4-*NDg£NDENT lam tiadb CaU,, frMn. Aarl I. IM1 Television Log FRIDA Y.APRIL 5,1563 ··*· PAID ADVERTISEMENT .12 Farm and News Report 6:00 AM. .2 College of Ain "Economy" -" 4 Cent, dassr'm: "Physics" U 6:30 "2 USO "Oriental Religions" · · 4 (Color) Contin. Classroom; "American Government' (substantive due process) 7:00 AJVL 2 Capt Kangaroo: Maine · " 4 Today, Hugh Downs with · · artist Marcel Duchamp, · · singer Leon Bibb : 7:15 · 7 Daily Word; News, Farms 7:30 7 Chucko the Clown 7:45 5 For Kids Only, Skip. Frank " 9 Big Babysitter (cartoons) f ' 8:00 AJL 2 Panorama Pacific, R-Rowe with Betty Barclay fashion show, French chefs with flaming dishes 30 7 Zoorama (San Diego) I 1 Topper. Leo G. Carroll 13 Felix the Cat (cartoons) 9:00 AM. 2 Calendar, Harry Reasoner · · Topic orphans not being adopted . . 4 Say When. Art James 5 Romper Room . 7 I Married Joan. J. Davis II Kit Carson, BUI Williams · 13 Yoga for Health : S-.25 "-. 4 Edwin Newman. News , 9-JO 2 I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball · 4 (Color) Play Your Hunch · 7 Movie: "Underworld After Dark." Philip Reed C47) '. 11 The Jack LaLanne Show . 13 Guidepost to Science (5) ; - · 10:00 A-M. · . 2 The McCoys, W. Brennan .' · 4 (Color) The Price Is Right 1 5 The Jack Barry Show '· 9 Movie: "Confidential ·; ; Agent." Charles Boyer , 11 The Mary McAdoo Show .13 Assignment Education 1030 ·· . 2 Pete and Gladys i;4 Concentrat'n. Hugh Downs "13 Intelligent Parent: "Are ' You Mnid of your I Childrenr : !i.-ooA_u . - 2 Love of Life '4 (Color) First Impression . - 5 Medic, Richard Boone ·'7 December Bride. Byington 13 Public Sen-ice Film I 11:15 13 Guidepost to Spanish I ·2 Harry Reasoner (11:25) t 1130 ',2 Search for Tomorrow · 4 Truth or Consequences "5 Mickey Hargitay Show · 7 Seven Keys, Jack Narz ~,9 LASC: "Art and tie Child" '11 Sheriff John, John Rovick . 13 Play Bingo, Johnny Jacobs '-· 11:45 N 2 The Guiding light 7 American Eindstand Guest: Bryan Ihiind 9 Here's Uncle Johnny 430 2 Life of Riley, Wm. Bendix 5 Zorro's Fighting Legion 7 Discovery '63: Tivpfi 11 Rescue 8, Jim Davis 34 Reloj Musical (variety) Top Viewing Today. 7 P_U--TEEN-AGE FAIR oa channel 11. Tint of 11 telecasts culminating with selection of "Miss Teen." Guests c= opener inched* Fabian, Bob Denver, Chuck Connors. Marty Ingell tad Tim Coosidine. / 9JO PAL--BASEBALL t3 on channel 4. Joe Garagiola hosts and Joe DiMaggio is special piest as current baseball greats are interviewed ia prelude to opening of the big-league season. TERBY YERNON 7 American Newsstand 5:00 PJL 2 Movie: "Song cf the Islands." Betty Grable C42) 5 Popeye. Torn Hatten 7 Around Town, D.Hickman 9 The Engineer Bill Show 11 Superman, George Reeves 13 The Lloyd Thaxton Show 34 TJn Canto de Mexico 530 11 Casper the Friendly Ghost hastened." 34 Usted y su Salud 4 Believe It or Not (5:40) 5:45 4 (Color) Curt Massey Show 13 Bill Johns. News (530) 6:00 PJVL 4 (Color) News and Sports 5 Whirlybirds, Ken Tobey '. News Hour, Baxter Ward 9 The Lone Ranger 11 The Mickey Mouse dub Guest Jim Franciscus ' 13 The Ana Sothern Show 34 Elena (dramatic serial) 6:15 4 (Color) Brown-Peterson 630 2 Big News. Jerry Dunphy 4 Huntley-Brinkley Report 5 Beat the Odds, D. James 9 Our Miss Brooks. E. Arden 13 (Color) Touche Turtle 34 Noticiero 34 (News) 6:45 4 (Color) Jack Latham News 7 Ron Cochran w/the News 11 George Putnam Dateline 7:00 PJVL 4 Hennesey, Jackie Cooper. Chick plays babysitter 5 The News. Robert Arthur 7 The Tom Ewell Show 9 People Are Funny I I * TIEI AGE FAIR * Set TV Stin it Etli Ofdiej Ctrcntiits! 1st cf T spcci.cilir TV Hints ti sited t crgwi "MISS TEEN USA" ·Sing Along- Mitch Miller is not too pleased with the current crop of popular songs. "Occasionally you hear a popular song that is really good, but most are fair to maudlin,** he said. Tve always thought that the execution of lyric writers should be either improved or RADIO uic-131 uzT-iiii tua-iia un-tii KAU-IU! UK--(III «U--IJSJ KU-47I t!U-llll uifr-7ii m-4» itn-tvt iwt-iit nfu-un utA--MI uir-na «i-mi ux--im cwn-im UAT-JIM irn-in W-HI EKL-IH* IT NO ONE pbys thatjstart'th* inexpensive, d«s|- musical Instrument any more fied Ad that brings you cash --sell it* Dill HE 2-5959 to'buyers fast. . . * FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 1963 7:00 AAL tn--f« titta* Dnort KABC--*epwiowa» West CK--Mr*-* BH Catder X--World News Ifndua '"' ~ lit Willia t Fain a KF1--Mil tie Coatf U*C--«««; SOOTS MX--to* Crane Uu* at« lutirnlaa (ABC--News Around World UX-MttX Kim Fowl! J O ; Southland 1 KABC-Cr. AJterl turn n»x--COB crant snow K.GEX--rleawa I Hem* 00 A-M. tn Urns Hit w Road KABC--News; a-aul Harvev K.H~News; til CalCer KNX^ajews: Soortsoeclal 16ER--WiJDur Ketioa LKX--Bob Crane Sfio. eporter; Slews k Hemingway ABC-TV wiH revive the big- money quiz program in fall with a series titled $100 Grand." Top prize, true to the title, win be $100,000. The program will occupy the 10 rxra. Sunday time slot currently held by "The Voice »* of Firestone." The cultural music program will not be LLNTJA CHRISTIAN Channel 2 at 930 PJVL Revival of the big-money quiz marks the first new show clusively since Gutenberg's time to the publication of comic books." 7 P. M. 'The Tom EweU Show" (7) Steiner's book, "The People has father deciding to teach of its type since the fir scan-! dais of 1959. · a LNCLTJDED in a Gary A. KFWB deepay Wink Martindale hosts from the Pickwick Recreation Center in Burbank, with opening night ceremonies, a preview of the fair. Fabian, Bob Denver, Chuck Connors, Marty Ingels, Tira Considine and Lori Martin are expected open- Look at Television.** is a comment by a sponsor worth repeating. Joyce Hall, sponsor of "Hallmark's Hafl of is quoted as saying: Fame,' sponsors underrate the audi- ciatioa of culture when it is done welL" i« KFI--Htnnoad KABC-Markrt News «.CE R--world Music KMX---AH-- i- -kio" 9:00 AAL KABC--Vera wimarm: Nws KM x--Mews KGEX--lutlwan How f:!l KABC--Wvrea J. Bennett nob Crane 5!w« KFt-tadW on KGER--Jonn Bro»a Hour KFt--CmnhasJl KABC--Wendell Noble CM X--Woman's Wasfi'Btoa ICG E R--Hews 10*0 AJtL ln-Y«_ _ filOun K»u--H«ws; Paul Cmnctoa, (M X--Nws.- Arttlur Codtrei ROSS ro rj:»i KGER-ReKueMissloa tCER--Re 11W AM. CF1--Nwt; Swinolo 1 Yearl rjkBC--Mewu Don Anen other members cf the family how to drive. 8 P.M. Robert Taylor, E l e a n o r Parker and James Whitmore star in the 1553 movie "Above KABC--Jadt uiktttttr The trouble is too many and Beyond" on channel 11. Story about the pilot who ence's intelligence and appre- dropped the first atom bomb. 9 P. M. -Bronco" (13) suspects that buffalo hunters are killing A COSLMENT by Robert more than they should and M. Hutchins, former head of gets support in his contention oi^-oDen une the University of Chicago, from young Teddy RoosevelLlJf2xIcuni!7iSi!a* KNX-- Dear A£bv: Garry Moon snow oi^s) ECER-- JunsBlna lAIsHon 11:41 tFl-- *«t tijtac: Soorti XKX-- Ouestlon. Plena KGE R-- «e». C. T. Ua !£er« tn Vim Farm Reporter UBC-- Paul Harvn News -Hrm Paul Comctoa -- HUBS UcCDT. Newt KGER-- Hi* Moon title KFf-Calll. Aortc. CT2:Z» Hart to Heart I.-OOPAL lews; Emohasisi _ - --swa. (1:101 -ABC--*wsj Quince How* ;x--aiews .Eft-Airman ton Gc4 .BC-Or. f'M Andarsn ;x--7e StorvHJna CCK--aJews M X--Woman's world; Tha Storv4Jna (1:351 =ox--AstandTe* CER-ori»a» Crusada CE R-Sun. ichool at Air 2.-OOP.M. Fl-News; Emohasls; CMvcrsioa (2:109 - -- - J C J JIX--Tin Won« (--Otv Newt Dnk USC--C«r« Sherman M x--KNX Kalaldoftcefi« K3X-AI Rvfa (1o I) CCX--r». Al Hanao t:41 _BC--Flnanclalj Mox» JIX--tenn Saort (».i3 7JMVM. Ft--Mewu SuMTVfurl ABC-- Wendel Noble CER--Caorge UcLaia 1 IS CER--Lite Una --- fasnlonsrapa O.M 3X»PJ»L CER-Caa Ptk Show _A8C-- C«o. tett» Sklmer LNX-- The s«r Line »» Ft-Muslc Tene. C Cecl .mx-- *^ncnal Close-ua.- Tde Stcn-Urt U:3S) 4.-OOP3L IF1-- Hewi; Cave Uiaw ABC-- MemlnowaK wewu BOB Conidlne «:10) -K-- *ewv Mon Crowtey ILNX-- «ews KF1-- Muilc tinti C Cad BC-- JM UcCuna newt - r.CER-- trie Hutdimn CASC-- A!ei 'rxtier: Tarn KNX-Oiarm , TrieSDrv-UneH:» KGE R--B e«. Abe SOineldcr r-Ft--Oiet Huntlev t« «n !C-«ew 14 5.-OOPJL :rt--Reoorter; News KABC--Hews: Market Final -KX-ieweK Taomai; fHU Rinulo Scons U:1C1 KFOX-Soueakta- Deacoa KCER-AutiretUs KABC-- Soaclal ReDorl KMX--Carroa AJcott .n-ild Fuller; ExtoiSva Wre; WorU 0) Moner KABC--Headline News K*x-EHt, Hinat. Sefs. OOITT LET THEM TAKE TOUR SET TO THE 5HO 'Wl INVAllTMl fAMOn SUYAN1A SILVER SCREEN IS PICTURE .TWIt f nl«i»n»nf ff Uemrf CEK--Family Bible · UBC--Cat Tkne* K--Brvc* Haves (ta tn K X--Workf-lde Soorls ' -UrantmtOJa :» n--tnorgan Beirrv XX--MagalonHa « Night CEK--Wm. stictersoa OOP3L KABC--news; Sow. Clark -.KX--CH» Editors Renn .FOX--^raflft Slmea KC-ER--Psalms t Fralia t-u KABC-- *a FVna Snow LN x--Mcsalcpo4is at Night *-**. !CE R--f. Verooa ESSe - KFOX-- N«v Smiley Wonre* KCER-Aubm Lee KNX--JAagateoolis at Night KFi--Geo Ltterace Ordh KCER-Or.Orr. B.bia llhOO PJL KH-«ew; KNX-- 10 a'dock win KFOX-- Lee Kosa ICGER-- WllUor Neboa also is worthy of repetition. Says Dr. Hutchins: have triumphantly vented, perfected, and distributed to the humblest cot- 9-.30 P. JL "The A l f r e d Hitchcock Hour" (2) stars comedian Larry Storch and Linda Christian in a story of a timid tage throughout the land one bank teller who goes to Las of the greatest technical mar-jVegas for a vacation and revels in history, television, and turns with a sultry wife' who have used it for what? ; ^ 4 Ray Scherer, News ·.;7 Fashion Review, Suzy ·I- Parker 12:00 NOON 7-2 Bums and Allen Show ·'·4 (Color) Ben Jerrod · 5 Night Court, Jay Jostyn 7 Tennessee Ernie Ford r 9 Looney Tunes Cartoons ^13 Midday Report; Life line ~~ 12:15 *. 13 Milestones of the Century - 4 Floyd Kalber news (12i5) ;-· 1230 -, ' 2 As the World Turns '··4 The Doctors, Jock Gaynor ,:5 News; Movie (1235): "" "Mystery Ship," Paul ; - · Kelly (Ml) ".7 Father Knows Best. Young T-9 Movie: "Nocturne." - . George Raft f 46) 111 Your Name's the Game '13 Racket Squad. R. Hadley : IM PJSL · . 2 Password, Allen Ludden ~. 4 Loretta Young Theater S7 Genl Hospital; J.Beradino · 11 Movie: "Somewhere Fll I- Find You," Clark Gable J13 FeKx the Cat (cartoons) · ' - 130 ing night guests I I THE REBEL--TUMA * FACES "FATTIER" stars Nick Adams 34 Niebla (dramatic serial) 7:15 2 Walter Cronkite. News 1-M 2 Rawhide. Eric Fleming, Clint Eastwood, Burgess Meredith (repeat). Scientist has dreams of stocking the Sacramento River with shad 4 International Showtime, Don Ameche "Magnificent Magyar Circus," from behind the Iron Curtain in Budapest 5 By the Numbers. J. Barry 7 Winston Churchill--The Valiant Years: -Goodbye, Mr. ChurchflL" Final chapter has the old man bidding farewell to public office. Vrrien Leigh and J. B. Priestly are among film's guests. ("Cheyenne' repeats take over next Fri) 9 Bowery Boys Movie: "Feudin* Fools," Lyle Talbot f52) 11 Rescue 8. Jim Davis u UOID miTO»--TOP * STARS, ti KIIUTES .. Dance spectacular, with Johnny Crawford; Peter Paul and Mary; Lambert, Hennicks and Bavan 34 Musical Instantanco 8:00 PM. To bring Coney Island has high-finance ideas. 10 P.M. into every home. "Peter Gunn" (5) is asked "It is as though movable t by t man to help prevent the type had been devoted ei-'murder of his mother. tides Kate doesn't love him because she shows no signs of jealousy 13 Bronco, Ty Hardin. Bronco sides with young Teddy Roosevelt . 34 Penumbra (drama serial) £30 2 Alfred Hitchcock Hour. "An Out for Oscar," Linda Christian, Larry Storch, Henry SUva. Scheming woman takes advantage of a bumbling bank teller vacationing in Las Vegas 4 Baseball '63, Joe Garagiola. Joe DiMaggio is special guest in salute to the opening of the 1953 major league season. Included are filmed interviews from training camps, highlights of last season, and memorable moments of the past 7 77 Sunset Strip, Roger Smith, Robert Logan. Jenny Maxwell. Jeff hunts an AWOL sailor amidst * r ,1 Art linkletter House Party ,-J Guest Santa Ana Police - : Chief Edward J. Allen discusses his book "The r- Mafia" 4 (Color) You Don't Say! '-7 Girl Talk, Virginia Graham ·13 Movie: -Brazil," Tito ' GuizarC44) f 2:00 P.M. . 2 To Ten the Truth, CoHyer - 4 Match Game, G. Rayburn 5-7 Day in Court: small claims ·: 9 Movie: "Plunder of the ; Sun," Glena Ford C53) 235 r 2 Douglas Edwards News j.'4 Sander Vanoccr, New» - · 5 Telecopier News ·'7 Aki Dreier Report ;-i 2JO *2 The Millionaire, M. Mffler "4 Make Room for Daddy. - Guest: Bob Hope - :S Trouble with Father :7 Jane Wyman Presents 1 3M PJVL 2 The Secret Storm r"-4 Bachelor Father, Forsythe v -5 Walker Edmistoa Show FJ7 Queen for a Day, J. Bailey J|l Movie -Bewitched." f - Phylfis Thaxter f 45) t|3 Fefix the Cat (cartoons) jr-2 The Edge of Night f -4 Movie: -Pawnee." George f ' . Montgomery f57) T -7 WboDoYoaTrostJ .- »:4S ;"» Feature Page, John Willij ': 4M PAL I 2 Amos V Andy - "\ Bozo's Orcus, V. CoJvij I: 5 Sin» Ahead, Harry Babbitt 7 Father Knowi Best, Robt. Young. Jim and Kathyget double-cross from friends I I * COLGATE THEATRE TIISI trial if wir"i ltst-ti|l sierit--Piltt ·k« ittffil It* A-Bemi Rtitrt Tijlor, Eltiiir Ttritr, Jino Wiitnori ·AIGYE AID IETOID" 1953 MGM fila 34 Pecado Mortal (serial) our culture of 50 years of post-impressionism. Fauvism and cubism. Show is from New York's 69th Regiment Armory, scene of the 50th anniversary of the 1913 Armory Art Show which shocked a nation, particularly by cubist Marcel Duchamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase" 5 Dragnet. Jack Webb 7 Third Man, M. Rennie 9 Trails West: "Madstone" 11 The Paul Coates Show 13 It's Country Music Time 34 Musica, Risas y EstreHas I!-00 P.M. 2 News. Dunphy and Hart 4 (Color) Jack Latham news 5 The News, Bob Arthur 7 ABC News; Baxter Ward 9 News, Willis Brundige 11 The Tom Duggan Show 13 Movie: "They Raid by Night." Lyle Talbot f42) missile barage. (Series wfll 3 * Telehistorias (drama) 2 Route 66, Martin Milner, Glenn Corbett. Diane Baker, Edward Binns. Tod becomes maintenance man for an cnderwater theater, surrounded by 30 mermaids of the ballet 4 (Color) Sing Along with Mitch. Tunes of the depression. New England fishermen, and different ethnic groups ia the UJS, with Leslie Uggams and Gloria Lambert soloists 5 Movie: "Woman They Almost Lynched," Brian Donlevy, Joan Leslie f53) 7 (Color) The Flintstones (cartoon). Fred's missing at his own surprise birthday party I DM ARIESS Cl THE A- OTHER SIDE «! la. Uff ia "Arizona Mission." Angie Dickinson ("56) 34 Mexico Canta (folklore) - S.-00 PJVL 7 Fm Dickens .. He's Fenster, John Astin, Marty Ingels. Harry de- znove to 730 pm. for its sixth season.) 34 La Hora de Raul Astor 10:00 PJL 4 . . JACK PAAFU . . * lit "ii*r e«!«, f«t«r Uifinr, let Viwlirl, 801.7 Mtrsi In color. Morse joins Charles Nelson ReilJy in a duet from their new album 5 Peter Gunn, Craig Stevens 11 George Putnam, News 13 Bin Johns, News 34 Detective No. 1 (comedy) 10:15 13 Harold Fishman comment 1030 9 John Willis. News lhZ3 13 Alan Sloane. Weather 10OO 2 Ejtwitness. Charles Collingwood: "Modem Art." A look at the impact oa 11:15 4 (Color) Tonight, Johnny Carson with Georgio Tozzi, Joan CoHins, Eddy Lawrence. The Group, "boy of the year" Ignacio Chavez, Marty Lowe 5 Cliff Norton, Weather; Steve Allen Show (11:20) with Bill Dana, Carl Rei- FACTOHT'IFRESH- TRANSISTOR 9-Vo!t f Rqdio BAttERiE5 ER-OT. Orr. B;Me S-43 f.n--Oav« snaw. tlewi . KABC--Sara Balder; Hews UIX-Hugfl McCor: Mews 6:00 PJNL uorid oi loom UBC--Edw. P. Morgan IrU-Kewi: Brura Haves mBC--Joafvnesni.- :hu--Ceo. Hamilton Combs KNX--«aoal ODOUS at NIT* KFl-jmtetfones to tielooV KHJ--News; WorU Today KFOX--«u«Jv Caoie KGER--darenea Weldl 11*0 PAL KFt-News; Sports Final KABC--«ews; Alex Draiar MX--news; wnaioDons KFOX-Oale Bennett KF1--wrao-lr« KABC--Joe Pyna Stiaw KNX--Uitsie*tu Dawn KFOX--Ron IUhea»a II :53 KF»--Thing Called Life 12.OO MIDMGHT Kfi--KM uaCn llo 51 KHJ--The Newswtieel KNX--Music *?U Oawfl KFCX--HL'Oh diem Ito O HOME TV Service Calls 2 50 Special Knanear -- Laka»ea -- East U. Alia Eltcfraiic Semca HA 1-8055 TV Strvice Specialist GUAHARTEED ESTIMATES SATISFACT10I Kaco. Paoao, SmoB Af pfioacai I · 4CI IlbC BJ; »U L Inadwf}" U I-tDII PRE-SCHOOL NURSERY Aon 1 tn t--Mta. «m Frt. S^.«ulrt Preoram--Hot Una Temple Baptist Church 2125 E. 10th St. GE1-30H ARTHRITIS-RHEUMATISM? TRY NEW ·£ IMPROVED Z-T-T A N A L G E S I C RUB G STOKES · VOttTf UCX COMJULTQ Transmlssitn Job, ttrit nl Later, A. L TrassmlisloB sin ennr u rim BEDROOM DINING ROOM FURNITURE ner. jazz pianist Les McCann. stunt expert J Actor posts it Geieral FM STATIONS Wis HH|}'S John Mills (Br.-'59) 7 Weather News (Hio) 11:30 Criss Lancaster, Yvonne DeCarlo, Dan Duryea C4S) 7 Around Town. D.Hickman 4 Noticiero 34 (News) 1230 , 7 Movie: "Plainsman and the Lady," Wm. Elliott C46) 1 Movie: -Hangover Square," Laird Cregar 3 Fright! (movie): -Black Rixan," Boris Karloff (35] 12:45 9 Movie: -Confidential Agent," diaries Boyer 5 Movie (1250): "Lured," George Sanders, Lccflle Ba!lC47) IrfW AJM. 4 News Round-Up 1:15 2 Movie: "Crime of the Century," Jean Hersholt (33) 200 11 AU-Night Movies: "One- Horse Town," 'Topper'" and "Babes in Arms" FM HIGHLIGHTS Andre Previn at 8 a m on KGLA. . . Harry Belafonte in multiplex at 10 »*" on KMLA. . . Julie London in m u l t i p l e x at 11 » *" on KGGK ___ Peggy Lee in multiplex at noon on KNOB. Robert Famon at 2 p.m. on KBBL . . Tony Bennett in Reaid or ' POQLEY'S .^SS" (171 ION» IU.CB M.V9. · MOITH LONft-' IIACH FOR EMERGENCY ONLY This «ill hold * tot of things tocether ... tut not your automatic trinimis- J'cn. Adjust it for enfy tJ5 at Ur{ Beach En(i(i« Re- baiUers . . . overhaul it or czchance it for a very reasonable- cost. JSJS Leot Bttcft Bfri, GA ««T. j-smo Siereo PHONO II STEREO SELECTIOIS ·Rk Ikii Huh Cta.liatiei FREE! ·HI ikii HII NO MONEY DOWN RADIO Witk Tur 0(1 TV Ri{irfliu l[t, lilt U CutTilill BEACH TV DOWRTOWI LOIS IEACH 1225 E. 4th HE 6-5633 ON ALL FLOOR SAMPLES All Top Quality Merchandise! 4114 OriDft ATI. G A 4-8131,%'. · Craearias e Saaiv and limmorti M«i a relehnuea Sttrea HI-FI e CarBafinv a Flna Ftfraffura las e SimniaBS rnaa-A-Bads · rarmra Diaatn Sets multiplex at 4 pjn. oa KMLA. George Shearing Trio in multiplex at 6 pjn. on KNOB. .. Mantovani in stereo at 30 p.m. on KFAC. . . Berlin Promenade Orchestra in multiplex at 8 pjn. on KGGK.. New York Philharmonic in stereo at 10 r m on KFAC. MOBILE SERVICE · «mot a (andaa* txfaf at lawta. Latl«fjta.CaK.Ua tola

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