Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 28, 1969 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 28, 1969
Page 19
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North Vietnamese Attack On Armored Column Beaten Off SAIGON (AP) - Blazing away with flame throwers and jurling dynamite bombs, about 150 North Vietnamese troops at nicked an American armored column in the northwest corner of South Vietnam tarly today. (Sunday U.S. time). The U.S. Command said at least 34 of the enemy were killed by American artillery firing pointblank. 90 mm tank guns and heavy machine guns mounted atop armored cars. The American troops from the 1st Brigade. 5th Mechanized In fantry Division also captured namesc and an Australian, and wounded 12 Americans and 43 South Vietnamese. Thirty enemy soldiers were reported AT THE DM* At the opposite end of the demilitarized zone, South Vietnamese infantrymen fought with North Vietnamese troops Sunday and reported 41 of the enemy killed. South Vietnamese losses were two killed and six wounded, a spokesman said. Military spokesmen also re ported that two persons were killed. CC wounded and 20.000 fantrv Division aiso capiuieu MIIUU, «« .-.««..«..» «·-- ·· i 500 dynamite bombs. 200 anti- eft homeless by a huge fire and| r i ^ ^ . ^ - J tank rockets and 15 rifles left on explosions at a U.S. Marine .tm^ tleCteCI Down 'Glory Hole 7 .. Flood waters pour down so- called "Glory Hole" of the Harrinian Dam at Whiting- bam in southern Vermont, The water was spilling over las( winter. Flood danger in Tor the first time in a decade New England has eased m after heavy rains this week, recent days. (AP Wircphoto) a record runoff from snows nf the battlefield. U.S. headquarters said five Americans were killed and 34 wounded. A spokesman said here was "light damage to ma- ericl.' presumably to the tanks ind armored cars. He said secu- ·ity reasons prevented his being specific. ATTACK BIUOUAC T h e North V i e t n a m e s e charged the night bivouac of the armored column behind an artillery down At Colgate University Student Occupation Of Faculty Club Ends By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 'About 40 Negro students at Colgate University ended a 70- hour occupation of a faculty club building early today about four hours after the university's trustees threatened to obtain a cMirt injunction. The students moved into the building on the Hamilton. N.Y.. campus Friday, contending that administration promises to pro- c such programs have not been kept. City College of New York regained shut for the fifth straight day. but "good progress" was reported over the weekend between the school's president and Negro and Puerto Kican students barricading the South Campus of the 20.000-stu- denl college. A building on the North Cam- J. He prOlCSLurs SLLI\ a av;|j i m- «"» *· i"-*-" u ····'.-» - - - , drate school of Black and Puer- j has been sweeping through th ,o Riean studies and a revised rea for several days, trying to Rhodes Denies He r s Been Dipp!^ Into Slush Funds NEW YORK (AP) - Gov.l James A. Rhodes of Ohio denies charges by Life magazine that he "has been dipping into slush funds for years" to cover personal expenses with campaign contributions. -Life said Sunday it studied Rhodes' finances while investigating his recent decision to commute the life sentence of Thomas Licavoli, convicted of murder in 1934. ·Rhodes made Licavoli eligible for parole, which has not been granted by the parole board. '. Life's article by Denny Walsh Mid. "The fact that Rhodes has been dipping into slush funds for years without getting caught, suggests that he thought he could get away just as easily with granting clemency to Lica- DENIES CLAIMS Tlip Republican governor, in a statement Sunday night, said the article was "ridden with insinuations and irresponsible in- m'iendoes and contnins information which the author falsely represents as fact." "I d e n y categorically." Rhodes said.' "that I have, as povernor of Ohio, received any incmcy illegally or immorally nor have I as a public official in Ohio before I was governor evci received money which could be construed as a hribo or which could be construed as a contn billion to a 'slush fund.' I def.\ aiiyone to prove the contrary. · Life said an investigation bj the Internal Revenue Service ol Rhodes' campaign For state au clitor "found that Rhodes dipped into the campaign fund for a to tal of S88.982 from 1954 through 1357 Of this amount, he report cH S18.982 as 'gifts and gratui ties' on his taxreturns. He did not report the balance o RF.PKATEI) D1SALLE Rhodes said the article citef nn incidents that had occurred since his election and merely repeated campaign charges by cx.-Oov. Michael V. niSallc. tn the Licavoli case. Life said Rhodes's commutation statement implied the mobster had HIT exemplary prison record and M'fi5 was a dying man. However! Life said Licavoli's prison record was "outrageously bad us was being held by a grou] uf white students. The protestors seek a barrage which pinned the American troops. - S o m e of the attacking troops were reported to have crashed througli the outer defenses of the camp before the attack was repulsed, a U.S. spokesman said. The remaining enemy troops pulled back abut an hour before dawn. The fighting raged five miles from the Laotian border and two miles south of the aban doned Marine combat base a Khe Sanh. The 5th Mechanized Infanti munition dump in Da Nang. The spokesmen said one American Marine and one Vietnamese child were killed, and 50 Vietnamese civilians. 14 U.S. servicemen and two Vietnamese soldiers were wounded. South Vietnamese military icadquarters said more than 2.000 tin and wooden-roofed shanties were destroyed or damaged almost beyond repair by fire or concussion from the exploding ammunition. Some of the huts were in camps for families of Vietnamese soldiers stationed in the Da Nang area. RESETTLED South Vietnamese spokes man said the 20,000 persons evacuated from the area were being temporarily resettled in two villages on the outskirts of Da Nang. Earlier, the government said initial reports indicated 100 persons w e r e believed killed or wounded. A spokesman said this had been based on estimates made during the height of the John Kcihso, executive secretary nf (he University of Arkansas Alumni Association, lias heen elected president of (he Fayettcvillc Noon Lions Club. Other officers are Mike Watson, Jim Htrrin and Marshal Keck, vice presidents; Jim Treffinger, Lion tamer; R. VI. Willis, secretary-treasurer; Grovcr Harris, Mike McAlister and Carl Whillnch, tail twisters and Bob Huff and Tom Hardin, new board members. Installation ceremonies will be May 12. HMM At UA Hums 17 New MMben Ten undergraduates, three graduate students at the University of Arkansas and four faculty members have been tapped by Eta Kappa Nu, national honor society for electrical engineers. Students selected for member ship were David Gilcrcase ol Fayettcvillc: Mike Bihhy ol Little Rock: George Henry III of Walnut Ridge; Mike Harkey of Pocahontas; David Malonc of Helena: Larry Collier of Dar danelle: John Vaughn of Hot Springs: T.arry Hill of Murfrees bciro: James Taylor of North Little Rock and Raguel Davis of Mena. Graduate students selected were Tom Fritz. Bill Hutchin son and H a r o l d Killin. Pro fessors U. B. G u n g o r. T M. Horan. D. F. Mix and Car Halford were selected as facul ty members. Japanese Left Wingers Protest Four More Cooks Enter Festival SPR1NGDALE - racial enrollment policy. A student referendum was scheduled at Dartmouth Col- ege, Hanover, N.H. over whether the faculty should reconsider its position on the issue of the Reserve Officers Training Corps program. The faculty has voted to reduce academic credit for ROTC during the next school year and eliminate credit for the program starting in 1972. ROUTINE NORMAL At Cornell University. Ithaca. .N'.Y.. normal classroom routine was evident today. President James A. Perkins announced an Four more area women have entered the poultry cooking contest to he held here in conjunction w i t h M n n anniver.irii ui t..u v the 10th annual Northwest Ar- the American occupation of Ja kansas Poultry Festival. ' --'-·- J *- "· N'ew entrants include: TOKYO (AP) -- Leftist stu dents unfurled red banners on the rnof nf a U.S. military bille today and stoned Prime Minis ter Eisaku Sato's residence. The students were participal ins in demonstrations dernam ing an end to U.S. control c Okinawa and to the U.S.-Japa security treaty. Today is th 17th anniversary of the end o enter j gj N students slipped pa; i,iin.-m.-ii w.,,,-«..,, . Mrs. Mel-',(, u a r f] s a t the American bille ton Phillips, entering "Chicken j miK ic it up six stories to the roo Kiev Delight": Mrs. James an( | S i 100 [; out five red banner "'"·'· demanding the return of Okine wa to Japan. The six were arrested witlmi violence and the banners wer taken down. lorthern Ohio territory upon his clease from prison. nd that he had told the mob lie | ,, 1 ,,_, 1 ,.. , _ _ ntended to resume his old en ri to a "situation of emergen- - "·'" cy" called after Negro students ended an armed occupation of he student union building. Campus police said Sunday that 28 guns had been turned in it the 14.000-student university. There lias been no inspection of dormitories or other residences. Forty one professors of Cor- icll's 1.5(10 faculty members issued a statement Sunday sayinf :hey might leave the school i 1 not allowed to teach "without intimidation." Thos,e signing the Matthews Tells Parly Money Men He Was Joking NORTH LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Charles Matthews, chairman of the state Democratic party, says a remark he made concerning the financial base of he party was not to be taken n a serious vein. Matthews was quoted in published report as saying that a inajority of the party's funds come from six men. They were identified as W.R ·Witt" Stephens of Little Rock president and board chairman of Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. W. E. Darby, a Little Rock in surancc executive, Trumann Baker, a Searcy automobile dealer. Raymond Rehsamen. a Little Rock businessman. Ben nie Ryburn car dealer. Jr.. a land developer. Matthews said Sunday he sent telegrams to the six denying that he had made the state- . Sr.. a Monticcllo and John Cooper ment. "The story was in a serious statement included Nobel phys irs laureate Hans Bcthe and Clinton Rossitcr. a foremos scholar on the American presi dency. At Columbia University in New York City, an official sail Sunday that applications to th undergraduate college hav dropped 13 per cent in the pas year. Campus disorders thi month and last spring wer blamed. MARCH KNDS At Jefferson City, Mo., about 50 students of the University of Missouri at Columbia ended a 32-mile, three-day march Sunday to the state Capitol steps. They were joined by a student group from Lincoln University, swelling the total of demonstrators to about 500. At Villanova University. Philadelphia. Pa., a settlement was announced Sunday of a student protest over increases in tuition and fees. vein from a humorous. off-thc-| The student demonstrated lasl explosions and fire. . Associated Press correspond mpede enemy supply and infil- ent Richard Pyle reported that hundreds of tons of bombs, artil- "Chicken Ono-Ono": showering large chunks burning shrapnel on homes, bar- mored cars two miles east of racks and paddy fields in a one- he Laotian border, killed three mile radius from the dump pan, a day celebrated by th ^rs. | leftists as Okinawa Day. Moderator ATLANTA. Ga. (AP) -- A N gro minister from Atlanta h been named moderator of tl 'Southeast Conference of tl I United Church of Christ. The Rev. Homer C. McEwe pastor of the First Congreg tional Church here, was i ·tailed Sunday by delegates aft r the conference's business ses ML CM *** ML consecutive Insertions consecutive Inaertiona consecutive Inaertiona consecutive inaertlona 2 conaecutiv* Iniertlona , cuff conversation," Matthews said. He said the remark was made Saturday following the taping of a television show. Charles Kelly, news director f o r Little Rock television station KTHV. was present when Matthews allegedly marie the statement. "1 interpreted his remarks as a conversation following the program and didn't give it any thought as a story." Kelly week against a planned S400 annual boost in tuition and fees. The agreement provides for a $50 increase in tuition to SB50 for the fall semester and a hike in room and board costs from $500 to $550. Critic-ism of. and reaction to. campus disorders came Sunday | from Bayard Riirtin. a Negro i civil riglits strategist, nnd formation in and around New York , Citv of the New York Regional i Scattered Wreckage Wreckage was scattered around after » tornado struck (he Villa Casiln Trailer park in Piano, Texas Sunday. Forty-two persons were injured and us many as W trailer houses destroyed, photo l (Al- Wire Robb Returns From Vietnam Veteran Researcher Makes Tiny Tornadoes For Study CLASSIFIED Phone 442-6242 PER WORD . . . 7c Minimum Order 15 Wordi Minimum Chirje 51.05 CASH DISCOUNt RATES N OftMNAKCf. TO TAX'. . . CONTROL THE SALE OF Al/JO- OUC BEVERAGE* *EBR A N B JNBB *T PRIVATE CUTBI. Be It oMiiirtd by tht B*rt « I"" ·don of tht City * nyttttwlf. AT- nnvuw 1. DEFINITION OF A PW- ATE CLUB. For purpMtl «f this «*!· ante. · prlvitt club li 4tflnM n · on-profit ownlMUon, aifodttiM or corporation, crjtnlwd «nd tsfitinf «"· tr Ihf- liws of the 8lltt of AlWnMi. o part of (he nrt nvtnun of whrffll hal! inur* directly or iniirtctly ts »· »fn»fit of tny of iti membcri or ··» ih*r individual. »x«pt for tht fir- ment of bont lid* txp*ni*« ftf th« div« Mralioni, hivtni not !*»« th»" **· undied UOOt membtri rtfultrly P«y- K annuil du*s of not !«· thin Fh» 001 p*r mpmbtr. coniucttd tor w«nt ·ommon wcill. patriotic, raternnl. political, national, bentvottnt, Ihletic or otlifr non-profit object or urtn^ other thin tht comumotion Of l(thol:r hcveinB*B, owning or Itaunj · nr tract thprtin ter th* rtl- onuhi* comfort and aocommodttion of member* and th*lr ttmiltef M« utui and rsitrlctinf tht uit of club jici):tlei to iufh otnons. and which hall hav* bt*n in txirttnw f or · pt- lod of not leu than ont (! '«r bt- orr application for a llrtnw ai ntrt- ifcfier prrscntitd. SFmON 1. FAL1C OF AI/ttHOlJO RF.VERAQE?. REEH. AND WINES WT PRIVATE CLUBS PECLAREI* LEGAL, ·jiftpr. it i* determined and declare* .,,. the preparation, mlxiflc. and »enlnf f muprl drinks, bf«r. and *lnr for con- umptlon only on the pirmues of a private club ai detmtd In Section I ereof. by tht members and their fuesti. md Die mattni of a charge for iuc-h iervlni nhal! not be in violation of any aw of this City prohibiting tht manu- 'acture, ta!f. barttr. loan or giving away rrf inton!raiting li-iuor. provided the oitowinf criteria havt been met pnw o such action: The ak-ohollc birv-eraifs, bwr an-f wine to b» conjumM «re fumishtd »"'1 drawn from pnvatt stocks thereof b*- cng\ns to such membtnt, inrjividually of n common under a so-caUtd "locker", ·pool", or "revolving Tunfl" lyitem, and nr* replenlihed only at tht txptnit of ,h» metnben. i 2 i All requirement* Impottd by fitat* * htvt b«n complied with, rtfirdinf fn.Mnj and/or payment of fees «n1 «.:i'Th* privatt club ha« appU** for inrj rwfivM a llf*nit from tht Citj" of -'ayMttvillp. In accordanot with 8w- inn n nf thi« ordinance, and h*vt r-tH ill (C-PS and taxes due undtr tht ttrm* SECTION 3. LICENSE. FEE. ASP TAXES. The prtptration. mixing, and ·en-ing of mU*J drinks, bter. and Wint. bv pnvait rlub«, in tht manntr prtri- oiisly dfucnbed in thli ordlnanct. la hereby declared to be t privlleg*, *nd for Ihp- exerriie of imch vritlltft th«rt It ripr»hy levied an annual lictntf tax t» Ilif sum r\". Two Hunflrrl and FlttT noil»r« i*»).Wt for *arh and e*»n' prt- vnte ct;ib no operated within th* City. Application (or a lic«n* rwiuirtd bT th.s ordmitu* shall b* In wrlHng and xhall be Tiled *»ith tht City Cltrtu Such application nhall contain a iworfl itatt- mcnt of the name of th* pnvatt dub, the number of membership! Milting, he amount if mrmherthlp duw, pur- ;p for which the club txntf. how long r:uh hfl* b^^n mganfred. and a **· ·ipti^n "f tli* rnethM u«el or prejwwrt hf uwl for dinpenung tlcoholir hev- itc*. hrpr. "r wine:. The application In rn*t muit I* accompanltd *T t m e n t in full nl the 125000 tax. tn* i^crint iiMicjiting ptm*nl of tht City ·ntnl t a v . herflnaftrr dticnbtd, IH\ it due. Tt"- word . Me . . 14C iippkni f sani The ' n t h e t. afr approval *if th* the Board of nirertflti. ^nt Of th* !ic*n»* ·»*- .Thai! notifv the «Wef ** Abova art th« Caah DiKOunt rate* you will receive by ordering your Ad at Th« Time* office? and paylnf caih for It or by ordcrinc your Ad by Phone «rid pnytnff for It with- In 10 days of the date billed. lOTo added after 10 day*. For beat resultt Rtv» full da«crlp- Uon nnd start your ad for « dtyt You may cnnccl your ad when results arc obtained. You'll only w charged for the actual number of days the ad ran. -»n^P; MONF.Y! Place ymir art In he TIMES SERVICE DinECTORY 3 T.incs Dally Fnr ONE MONTH ONLY $9.00 (Each additional line--IS.M) Card of Thanki -- 12.00 (Over 30 worria. 7c per word) Clawlfied D i e p i a y Ad«rtlalflt adlin« 2 days before publica- jon. PLEASE be ture to check your »d for errora the flnt day of publication. Adjustment* will b« mad* on tho btuia of th« first appearance only. No corraetler.* made after ad KM ·xptrcd. Thlfl newspaper reserve* tht rtfht to edit, reject and properly cUtti- [y all ads. ·more than si.\." Mntthcws said. "TL was a humorous conversation that shnnld nt'ver have been turned intn ;\ story of fiicl. It was so obvious i t ' s ridiculous." START SAVING FOR A HOME OF YOUR OWN Applications Drop MOW YORK day a[UT ii li;i|)|).v i D;i11ns I.HVP Fluid. Fnrmci' Prusiilenl clc'iu^htcr. ') \'i il |0r thinp?. Ihr cffc'cts of tlic cur tiny lor- r( . n ts ,-,n(l hi-ifilns of hi.s tiny tor i-,;ii]ors nn liii'ir inl.un.sity :irul (li Ward is n vrtci'iin rcscaivhci , r ,, t .|i,, n . ]|( NORMAN'. OMii. '. Ward manufactures iiiidncs. innugni as a nuu. 1 ! MUIy. I\CM. ~-..- - · - - - -, .said. "We were just shooting i Coalition of Mudonts and I- actil the hull after the shmv." ty. . . . wealthy memhcrs to contrilmte^'''^^!"" 1 ^ hc ] lc "j- Lf . u . c s n l l ] | w jf c . Lynda Bird v,i the claugh l 5n ' 0(M1 - .'coursrs \vnrtii in the real | ter horn while he was in Viet i, h ;'^ rt v W ±1ier a^MoM TMTM" *** R "^ . "«'« "^ '" '| W "^'"t W "«' is " ^Vl" T'T""- '' "" lr ' in « "' "'·"' " r i 1 ii.:.^ ^:.. -· st..tti--,. ^..;/i " " " dav after a lia|j[)y lonnion u ()n L ()1 . na (| 0( .s ;ind lliundcr.--loi i n s ; . f ·.]..,» d j r p c t i n i - lurindi :at the National Seven' Storm ' ' ' ' ' ' lohnson'sh.alx.ratorv at the U . u v e r s i t y o f , w , ! ' take a n d how imieh d a m a n , f , \ P i .\ m , i . ,,,i,|.,iii.hi..r -mrl Oklahnniii and is a : i ( l y e a r em ht w ill dn. ..^...uons to Sw«" - - ±; " ; TMnh;:: 1 ::^:;;:::;;:::;;;:;:,,, 1 TM-- --·, , ale eolle^e h H v u d n w d 1=1 per air,*....- at 5:15 p.m. CST. ,,,,,, |K . rhil|1 , , u . nlll!1 ,|v n . n l r n i i The most likely time for t u . s cent in the last year. He hlames AliKhtinR from the plane, l . y n - j t h c turhulence in the " t o r n a d o j u r s is from April 1 to .lime 1.: campus disorders. ',];, |jj n | t,,,,k the huhy l.ucinda 1 Frederick Van Dyk. Colum- ipmiin-il hiiildinK t( bin's vice president for puhhc | "'. i,., dn'oer Tb-n thei a f f a i r s , said Sunday some alum- i ' "'"''·' ' ' ' |..,|. llnw ; n i a n d iiarents have w i t h h e l d ' » " . " " ; ' - enntrihutinns heeause of tiirmnil,"TM 1 "' 1 1 "" 1 - nf the Mnrninpside H e i g h t s ' "llonry. this r, all ni'u t., me. Cimipus Y(l " l l i i v t - l " l|i:l ""' u l u i r r i ln Students at Cnlumhia College .drive." Kohh told his w i f i have played a leading role, hoth they not into a ear. ,-,,.,,,,,, K ,, , , . I last sprint! and this month, in And he told hystanderv "It's 1 .,,,,] N1 .| ( , n n,. juriianizinf! campus protests. ((real to see the hahy. It's a Van Dyk was interviewed n n . W i 1(l | ( , ,,,, w W ;iv of life." I.KT TO I.I-.AHN DEADLINIS: Clasalflcd ada ar« acctpltd until 4 p m. on the day bflnr* publlca. tlon and until 11:30 a.m. Saturday for Monday publication. ACT NOW! Dial Times Classified Adi 442-6242 CLASSIFIED INDEX l.icfnMfs rfiuirfi by thil ertifltnw ih»U b* iCTu»*t w «uch · runner th»' they will run tnr urh Iwfft r* limt ·« ill b«! cumin frit "1th Oi« p*TM 1 * 1* aH bv t*if SUt» PKfTnON FLTriJEMEKTAt, TAT OS GROSS r.F.VKNCE. In HdltlWl t« tZSO m · year hr»Mf tix, thru ta rrfrrby Impoirt and luvirt · City IfcT* pltmtnUI Ux of nv» percfntum rS% tfwn thr inniuil Rrms mtnu* *f «uw Ml vat* club. Trill iron rtvtnu* thill 1«- ·lulf only ihn«» iron r*ctlp*i w*ua* urn nn\M t"- wh priv*l* rtub tr*** i» rhurifi ti tt»» mfmb»n «r trwtr nros fir th* foilon-mr unit**: d i For tli* preparation int t*rvinf of lurh mixed drtnki. · nd I'.'i For ihe roolinr «nfl strvinf Ot bWf and wlnr. Kniil Oly supjtlMnrn'iit '·*. winch ' " ddilion to lhr Kt»t»? inp.i'fmental t»* n p r i v a t e {·:\\b r -. shall b» ?*tA in t'» 'nmplmilrr of t"f Oily of rty*ttevilk. 'ml! he due nt th* Mm* time that th« I*!P Mipplrmcnlal Uv I* du». an«1 I*' · ir-nt « h « l l h* acmmp«nl**l b'* 1 wp; «* ·ir Slnie mippkrn^nUl t*v rtlum. ,i'l oi'ilinnncM or J»rti of ordmtncff if* f.-irii'-l t ' f r ^ w i t h nrf h*i*by rtve*\rd. rifi l!m ofllnlno* ihtll 1* tn full fotr« n-\ f-f/*Tt from *nd ilifr Its r«iu(v, pprovii! unrl puhllrm'.lon. SK/'noN fi. KHBKOBKCY OI.AUSK. Il K h n e h v foim-i aM rtrtfrmmM hy tti« rwrrt of f.rcrinr* "f the 'My of Fay- lcvt|i» t f i n t ··filtii'iniil fro?i (fnffal rt the hpmth. Mucntlran. «*irart. «nfl iT'-l 1 .' of the p't*?'* ** t* 1 '* n ^'- * n ^ I h n i ' u n l e « wch f u n d i are provide, irtaiiment tt mm* progrBms o »h» t v micht he ner*iMry. Md thit th« vrtu;n tn t. mlleoled uM*r thii ortt- ,,*nTM arf fi^ntlil to contlnulnf wlltmg ] f \ e l t of gnv»rr.m»nt .wnrlctt. 'nwrtfur*. fmerpno- ft rtrdar-M tn «xlit ·n4 t ordmang* b*irnj titcMun* for (h» mfdiat* prntn'ttioi c»f th« publM ir* health, ami Hfrti. it thai! t» tn f u l l forr* anrj ffffrt from tfifl ttur Hi - . A P P R O V K f * ' G A R I ^ S P MELTOS. .TOnp.E. Oily ' of O U l ; i h n n ; i . K i i n s i i s .md j n]t t | M .y L . ;in , ) C t l ir ,my indrl ( l f ' U ( C ^; n ,, ( 1 ( | ,Sl;it('5 nf Your Savings Earn More With Our 4.75% Current Dividend Rate ,|;tr;ili.s i n f i - H ar \}\tl\\. A rhmM.-il r ' . t J i l i o n of ;i ! . !' 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