Independent from Long Beach, California on February 14, 1958 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1958
Page 25
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Also on the same ballot is the referendum-'dealing with pay- That bet of mine about the Dodgers' opening day attendance looks worse all the time. I had wagered the Dodgers would bust one game record of 86,288 fans. But I learned something which indicates the Coliseum may not even hold that many fans for day baseball (the opener is a Friday afternoon). "I haven't had nerve to tell Harold Parrott (club business manager) about it yet," Dick Walsh, Walter O'Malley's administrative assistant, confided to me at the cocktail party -announcing KMPC would air all the Dodgers' games. "Haven't' told him what?" I pumped.- . ·It's this- way," Dick went at c on JOIPC. on. "I went out to the Coliseum j a couple of days ago and stood at home plate with a bat in my hands., I looked out to where the mound would be, and I imagined the pitcher delivering the ball. I did this both as a lefthanded and righthanded batter. And then it " " "What hit you- Defense Ulcers (I4Ui of » «erl»» ml »rtlclc · · about i on x*- years. he led in total chances '"·? and -three times" he led in dou- \Vhen Richie Ashburn of the Phillies comes-up to the-plate rival left fielders move in 'close TV* I don't think it has a behind the shortstop and third chance in the world of passing, basemen .creep in on the grass. What are you going to vote when someone asks: "Do you want pay'television?" . Don't bother to answer; it's almost automatic. Pay TV,'as I remarked here recently, might still be some- years away. awful time trying to, deploy themselves so to nail his "hit 'em'where they ain't" tics. ble-plays -for a- major league record, tying Willie ,;Mays and Sam West/ In .seven 'of Richie's-10 .seasons,^ · including '-last . year, he UCLA'S JAMES INELIGIBLE David. James, UCLA's top- .sprinter, was declared Ineligible Thursday to. compete lor. the Bruins during the ·coming track'season. Scholastic difficulties led. -to. James being declared ineligible. · James, as a - sophomore, was clocked last year at 9.6 seconds for the 100 yard dash, and 21.6 second* for -ttie 220. They don't feat -Richie's power played in ' every Philadelphia at all but ,they have a gosh- " ····'--'·*»»--· TM"*' '·= game. A "workhorse -with pony's 'build! pitchers ing 'Out -- -- vhitc-shirtcd fans during afternoon games. So we'll have to block off those sections, and not sell'seats." * * * WALSH ESTIMATED portions of Sections 25, 26 and 27 would be blocked off. I gathered they'd lose, about one- third of each, midway between the top and bottom of the Coliseum, or rounhly 3,000 seats. "On top of that," Dick lamented. "I'll have to get myself some green paint and slop it on ihe white stairways in those areas. Trying to pick up -the baseball out of a light stairway Their Jack of success is rath-h er obvious when the following,. !lifetime' batting . accomplish-j - (Tune In BolvKelley nightly j ments 0 £ the'Phillies' fly-chaser i are considered: . · [ He-has hit over .300 .in seven of his-10 National League seasons. His lifetime average'of .312 is third-best among active NL batters (Stan Musial, .340; JHank Aaron, .313). Among 1,000-game .players (both leagues) he ranks third behind Ted 'Williams (.350) and Musial. He led - the league in 1955; with a .338'average, in hits -in : (205), in ; bases oni -'Here., are'his 1957 and life- ime. statistics. ' ./,, , tt H IB SB HK Kill SB Pet. S5T- ... '93" 1SS 20 B- 0 33 13 .297 ,ir«' 930 J852 2*T 82 19 116 100 .332 NCOME TAX cM «·· * JOM AITlSlft "I 0-M4J ' 1720 I. 1IOADWAY HI 3-0177 A. C. HOFFMAN I ASSOC. · lint* 1»4I Marr's 63 Nabs Texas I ' l ^ U l l l t t U W t W */«··- it hit me. . . "\/~* ^7-f ju-the ball?" \\jrOH L-, SAN ANTONIO going to be throw-IMarr, who's been gomg to of i golfs' pay-window frequently in ' lis brief travels along the tour, drove through bitter cold to an S-under-par 63 Thursday to grab the first round lead in the $15,000 Texas Open. The 24-year-old native Houston, now playing out can. be just as tough as follow- , Cedarhurst.- Long Island, took a long lead over a field of 150 that generally found snow and rain too tough for satisfactory golf. More than . a dozen bettered par but none could come closer than six strokes to the late-finishing Marr. Tony Holguin of 'Midlothian, 111., champion in 1953; Stan Leonard ot Vancouver, B. C., six times Canadian PGA champion; Dave Ragan of Orlando, ' Fla., 1951 (221) and 1953 triples in 1950 (14)', balls in 1954 (125). and 1957 (94), in singles in 1951 (181), 1953 (169) and 1957 (152). He led the NL last .season in games, walks and singles. He holds Philadelphia club one : year records ,in walks, singles and times at bat. Twice lie has grounded into only three double 'plays during a campaign, another club mark. Out in centerfieldl Asliburn has- been even more brilliant. Eight' times in nine years he j led'the league, in outfield.put-; outs. Three times he has ledj in assists. Eight times in nine; Pro Gage Score SyracUM 10S. Philadelphia. S3. (Only ' pune -scheduled). , MORE SPORTS ON PAGES C-4, C-5 A A A A . INDEPENDENT-^^* C-3 l«i ( M«h, C.IK., Fr!., F.b. 14, 1*9* All 3 Stores Open Sundays BOAT SHOW SPECIALS Surf thrini Kiwi. Ki, nr. Sl.ll (uriwt i«Elu4«l) M«. jf.ll Mikil O.I. Oil I III. (pint CM, ri(. tl.H, 1|«. "·" Ciut tit'f -AMfMrt-' CmWni, rir Sl.ll, Ipti. iz.l! ' · Alult Lilt Jiokitt, fif. JI.Mi M t . . · · Chllini't Llli'Jiiktti, n( Jl.ll, lp«. 14.11 . ttitrli( Wkuli, rt|. SIT.OO, Spu. S9.ll StiHilt t'rtli ("««· «·«'·. nr. lit «.. «»".. · TA» ChriM Hirlwin Kill, fi(. SI I, Ipic.' M.U ' Yankee Clippers By FlMtcraft Builders of FlMtllners , Stiri Ll[hti, 'MI SIMI, · *·». Sl.ll · CiHMnllM. LilMi, i|. SIMI, SIM. Sl.ll -37 XlrpUi CiHMiii "(·, IfM. S4.ll , ±717 AlrilNl Ifiilmltt, '·!· ju.eo, SML SMI · Mikll. Oithtirtf Oil, n(. 711.0- Siie. ISn Hitllli lli/,«'t. Nivleilt T.iht Pilnti. »i lulirid In Lift. llHfltlI WhIU MIBll. Bi[. J I I . 2 5 ill. Sl.ll Viniih, ru. SS.1D (il. SM«., «i. ss.ii . . : ' . J. M. CiM" v « ·«') "·'· J1J.7I III. D.I. SiM., til. SIMI Kiw '91 Iturlllrtt mlliUt *iw (a kp. Spieiil LMfifcilt ni Mlri chirp, DELIVERY HOW! Lin tin 12' 14' 16' K Beam EG" 72" 84 Reg. $229 $343 $495 Sptc. $I5S $199 $299 WiH*iill PIJ»«H-lMt with Miiti»iy »«k, *"· s««J««rf Typt OinwilM, Spill Suti Hi Flitr- hiirdi. All Irinu FuliBti, \ittti, Unpilnlill. . · · Fiberglass Flietlin«rs Mew '51 Hodils 35 hp. Evinrudi Lark EUctrlc Start $AQQ°0 S»U Prlcg. tW 18 hp. Rig. S9ftft°° SMS. Sptciil fcPO , r.,4 B.I.S4H SP..I.IS17I 5'/i-hp. R«|. MIWilk-Tkru R.f. SIM SM|I! SMI $268. Sptcljl F-ll Bll, SIJH IpltHI SMI ^ ASSIMILID HULLS . ' Frin il" In* II' Lmth 79 ...,,,, Wildwoed Plywood Bronn Fastinid for Dunbility width pin-si" fliws.ii l»SI41 tl'H »SIM IJ'lMIth 10" 14' liRfttl-- 71" l4'.U»[1fc 71" II' Limh. U' is' Limit M II' L»|1k II JO'L»««tk Jl 11' 'intth II Width Rl|..J!00 Width RU. SHI .Width Bit. »« Width Hir- Mil Width BlI. 535D ID $211 Width mi,'S4H KtwSIZl WldlH Rl{.S»l M»S«II CABIN CRUISERS Cimpliti »kln with kmki, hud l«t til- liy co-F" 1 "" 1 ' Lvl1 '"kP 11 "··"· 12' to 22' All Wildwood Plywood Boats--Bronze Fastined Sanded, Unpiinted p.u .it-14" kin*««. $ in «««j«;; P.II ii'.si"knm·««. SIMI ««»«,;;; p.JD 20' Jt" kum Fll- SI4S5 "«w SUM ».J4 J4' !t"kii«i»u. SI7II pl (i/," kitliii) 10% DOWN--2*'MONTHS--TRADES WANTED AMERICAN MARINE SEE AT THESE FACTORY STORES CENTER LYNWOOD:COMPION AREA ATLANTIC BOAT WORK! 11374 S. -Atlantic Ave. LYNWOOD . . NC I-3B3I Kvinrudi -D«al«r FLECTCRAFT MARINE SALES. LOS ANGELES ID Evinrud* D«ol«r 3 1 99 GAL. of shirt-sleeved' fans." Years ago. Jimmy Foxx used to protest if was dangerous to hit in some American League parks because the ball was so difficult to pick up as it zoomed from a backdrop of. shirt- sleeved fans in the centerfold bleachers. "So you're going to lose 8,000 seats because of the wider spacing in the box seat and reserved section," I said to Walsh. "And now you're losing another 3,000. How about making it up by putting seats on the field in the open end?" ,"No," he replied emphatical v; i ;'No seats on the field'." " The way I see it. unless the Podgers can figure- a way. to jam all those general admission and bleacher'fans in real tight, they have very little chance ot exceeding the 86,285 record the first day. «yOVR FAMILY still staying in Phoenix?" I remarked to Walsh. . "Yes. no sense of ^buying a home here till June." j "You mean," I corrected, "tillj midnight of June 3. when you see how you make out on your Chavez Ravine referendum?" .He smiled appreciatively. Pung Fires Record 66 ST PETERSBURG' Jackie Pung of San Francisco f i r e d a record-breaking ,66 Thursday to take the lead over some 120 golfers in the fifth annual St. Petersburg women's open golf tournament. ' Miss Pungs 66, the best card she ever marked, is a course record for women at the Sunset Golf Club course here that was cold and windswept for the tourney's opening round. ·She was seven strokes ahead ot her nearest competitor, Betsy Rawls of Spartanburg, S. C.. who finished with a 73. Miss Rawls, who won the j Tampa Women's Open last month, was trailed by Louise Suggs of Sea Island, Ga., and Patty Berg of St. Andrews, 111., who carded 74's. -out and-Bilf Johnston of Prove. I were tied for second W ith_69. Dave Tony ---»-- Dave RttRlin _ 3111 Johnston Stun Leonard Tex Consolver -Dave Douglas Tommy Bolt, Jtmrale Deroaret .... Pnul. Httrney Manuel de la Torre John McMirtMo Stim TJrzetla Billy iuxivell Howie Johnson Otto Grelner Bill Opl'n ... Vv'iLltftr Burkemo Joe Turntsil · Stun Mosel ... Walker Inmnn Jr. FOR THE BEST USED CAR BUY... College Basketball Nortli CaroMna SO. Wake Forest ST. | Denver 77, Wyoming GO. | Maryland 72. Clemnon 5. ; Seattle !", Reels C9. ' .Fresno State 91. L.A. SWW .0. Gorfcapa. S3, Seattle pacific 6S. your TRADmONAL SAN ANTONIO TOMORROW--Gates Open 11 a.m. First Race 1 p.m. ' $50,000 HANDICAP-lWmilM Last Test for $135,000 Big 'Cap, March 1 12,000 Unreserved Grandstand Seats Reserved Seats on Sale at Track NEXTWEEK'S HOLIDAY ATTRACTIONS Sat., Feb. 22-$50,000 Stakes on Grass WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY 'CAP 1V4 Miles on Turf Course 'Wed., Feb. 19-For Derby Colts $25,000 SAN FELIPE HANDICAP Santa Anita Stakes on TV each Saturday KNXT (2) (Sponsored by Union Oil Company) Los Angeles Turf Club, Inc. Santa Anita Park RYan 1-7401 Arcadia -- California 7-2171 Big doings- Big dealings! .. . Where you see the OK sign, you'll find a used car that is just the make, 'model and .color you're looking-for. All these cars are priced to move fast--make room for'the.- trade-ins your 'dealer is getting, on 1958'Chevies. Stop in at your local authorized ..Chevrolet dealer's. 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