Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 6, 1960 · Page 43
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 43

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1960
Page 43
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MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 6, T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 41 Teen-Agers' Work Outlook For Summer Appears Dim By DANNY O'NEILL Do you have something we can do this summer, Mr. Businessmen? This familiar plea will be heard in Tucson's business offices and employment agencies with even greater regularity in the next few weeks when more than 10,000 high school students in the Tucson area are freed for summer vacation. What future do these teenagers, anxious to earn their own ·pending money, have? "Not very cheerful," according to Leo Myslicki, Tucson manager at the State Employment Security Commission's industrial and farm office. And the problem could be serious unless local merchants and problem by finding jobs for the young labor market, Myslicki added. Last year to help solve thte problem there were two agencies, Youth Employment Service (YES) and Youth Employment Project (YEP) with teen-age job applicants' names on file. Success in filling job openings was moderately successful. This year YES, supported solely by the three Sertoma clubs of Tucson, will be the only exclusive teen-age job registry in Tucson. In April YES began its second year. The office, located at 68 E. Congress St., is open for interviews from 3 to 6 p.m. weekdays, and 1 to 5 p.m. Saturdays. Janice Traister, CaUlina High iUSINISS DIRiCTOlY ADOmONS AJROOM QUALITY ROOM ADDITION private individuals respond to the School senior, acts as YES direo 'LOUSY, CRUMMY JOB' Visitors To Capitol Gawk At Face-Lifting WASHINGTON-41V- Probably the roort gawked-at workmen in the country right now ire those fixing up the U.S. Capitol. Swarms of visitors -- around 11,000 a day--come to s«e fte Capitol tights and stay to become sidewalk superintendents «f a fascinating construction job. The tricky task of hoisting and »etting the 18-ton marble columns adorning the front of the Capitol holds an audience far more rapt than do the congressmen inside. The tiny figures of painters- spread-eagled on the lofty dome catch the eye quicker than the time-stained statue of freedom ·tanding serenely above them. The masons setting marble blocks on the Capitol's new face, the Nack-slickered men with hoses cleaning off the old--all perform before a constantly changing audience. How does it feel to be so prominently in the public eye, to have a hand in the building ef history? Do these craftsmen fed the tug of tradition,- the glow of pride? "Nuts," growta a burly paint- ·r, wiping sweat and paint from his face after a day on the sunbaked dome. "This is the lousiest job I ever had." "The crummiest," agrees a paint-spattered colleague. As any handyman knows, it is getting the old paint off that makes a painting job tough. These men are taking off the accumulated paint of 100 years --27 layers in all. It's the first time it's ever been done. "It's just another job," shrugs a bricklayer, and adds; "As long as there's a pay day, what's the difference?" But spare, weatherbeaten Martin Grieve, superintendent of the $10 million face-lifting job, sees the long shadows of history on the bustling scene. He had.to follow 100-year-old pencil sketches to remove the three-ton bronie doors from the main entrance. Even older paintings and drawings were used to redesign columns and decorate items exactly like the old. "There's no doubt about it," he says softly. "This is the a- No. 1 construction job in the country. Everything has to b« the Txsst." tor, controlling interviews and placement. During the past year of service, YES registered 1,320 teenagers and placed 495 of mem into (550 employer vacancies listed in the office. Job openings in the past have, ranged from yard work to chauffeuring for xjys, and babysitting tc secretarial work for girls. YEP, operated from 1954 to 1959 by the Tucson Community Council, deferred to the YES last year when the latter successfully got off the ground. Y o u t h Employment Service, however, faces the extreme lack of employment openings common in the Tucson area. Part-time summer possibilities are further limited by lack of local industry, agriculture, and' summer resort activity. . In efforts to increase the awareness of YES in the employer's eyes, the members of the Downtown, Sunshine, and Desert Ser- toma clubs canvas 1,000 businessmen twice each year. -The response, though not discouraging, is far short of the demand for summer employment. Teen-agers are also welcome to register with the Employment Security Commission (ESC), 403 W. Congress, which lists a limited number of part-time openings. Major efforts of the ESC, and a key-point of future emphasis, is placement of high school seniors and drop-outs into permanent employment. The upcoming problem can't be talked away, however, says At Parrish, general chairman of the Sertoma YES sponsoring committee. Partial solution will be found if potential employers will make an earnest search for jobs teenagers can do at work or in their homes and contact YES or the State Employment Security Commission, he said. . . - - u ROdSl additions * fcemodelfag. Free elans it Designs. Financing. Uc. Contractors. EA, 1-41 Bl. BATTERIElT" ~QlfXSX8¥S£B~ REBliiCf s "-"'M.sa up exchange -- all types -- heavy duty-- commercials-- diestli. Complete .repairs. Recharging facilities. Rosdrunner 44» S Park. MA. 4-iss:. BONDS_ _ CONTR.'S" LIC. BONDS Dick Noon Ins. 143 S. 5ih MA. -21«l BUIIJPING RjPAIR J_ fSSSEKSSfSL residential an5 commercial buildlne. Addition and remodeling service. Plan*-- design*-- Clnanclng. EA. t , ing, ant rtstoniUon^CaU Don t AX. 8-lfo, CiMENT work, block, stucco, patio walls. U ^'curi experlenci. MA. 3-JB17. / -- Remodeling. Cement work. Planning, free estimates. Uctuxd. .MA. 4-ll9«._ _^ ""UCfNSlD-lSSUSSD-BONDEt) Quality Construction Company, guarantee* complete sstlsfaclion lor all phases of remodeling or addl- tions._Free Estimates._EA._7-«414. SiS'bDELlKG Addition!, cabinets; Homes. Best duality work Fr« eitimatu. BOB BUSH. General Contractor. Licensed. Bonded. EA . S-1507. ' ARMSTRONG TIU: and linoleum MOHAWK carpeting - contract or retail. GARMTT'S. J44 S. Tucson Blvd. MA. S-475.V CARPENTRY Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch--Relieves Pain Aged Eskimo Hobbles 40 Miles To Dentist ANCHORAGE, Alaska - UPI An Eskimo native from Lime Village, Alaska, recently hobbled 40 miles on crutches^to an Air Force landing strip for a trip to get his teeth fixed. When he arrived at the hospita in Anchorage, after a 100 mile flight, he told attendants, "I'm Stony Pappy--I'm 113 year* old ·nd I got a toothache." Hospital officials Mid me man was at least 97 but couldn't verify that he was 113. M«r Vast, 1C. T. »«·*.» - For tfc« Irit tint ici«nc« k»i found » n«v kulinf rabitane* with the axtton- llhinr ability to ihrink htmor- rhoids, stop itehint, *nd rclicTt pain -- without ntrftry. In e«»« mftcr cue, while gently relicTinc P»in, »ctD«l redaction (ihrinkar*) took pl»c«. Moit unaxinr of »U--reiults were ·e thcTenfk that i\iff«rer mad* aitonhhinr it«t«ni«nt» like "Piles have ctas«d to b« · probUrn!" The secret is a new healing sub- itance (Bio-Dyne*)--discorery. ef a world-famous: research institute. This tubstanct is now. available In suppository or *i«tm«it{ /or»n under the name Prtmrniim H.* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. ·Kw. U. S. Fat. OB. Woman.Torturef by Agonizing ITCH "/ nttrly ilcbtd Hi dtftbftr 7V4 J"n Thai IfounJ* mnvwtinltrcrtmt,Nttu I'm k*Ppy,"i*ys Mrs, D. Ward»fL.A, Here's blessed relief from torruro of Tigmsl CAHPENTEB. jRepalrs. Additions. Clyde Latham, IA. 6-6440. __ REMODELING - bulldine repairs masonry. Time-material basis. MA, nfUm«d ski» riwut. Stops di h«»lin». Don't suffer »wxj« minute. LANACANE todiy at sll drug storw. MONDAY - TUISDAY - WIDNKDAY SPECIALS , 828 N. Stone OPEN DAILY 8A.M.+0 10P.M. -SUNDAY 9 to 7 IORDEN 55 N. Swan OPEN DAILY 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. SUNDAY 9 to 6 D O U B L E OR\NGE STAMPS TUESDAY _ OllTS. _ __ . remodelins. additions. repairs, bullt-ins, masonry, fences. patios. EA. 7-7739. CESSPOOLS, SEPTIC TANKS SEPTIC tanks, tewer lines cleaned. Sewer ^onnec Keas. AX. J1-MJ7. ~ Hayden Excavation. Ph. EA. S-MS1 CLOTHESLINES All types clotheslines--mall boxes. Clotherilnts 8erv. Co. EA. 5-Mtp DENN'Sciothtsllnes. mailboxes". irbave can holders. MA. 3-0062. . , s^iarmnteed. Bob Glynn. AX. «-717«. per lar 1 WESTERN HTG.-COOLING CO. ARCTIC CIRCLE COOLERS Refrigeration Service 101 W. ith St. MA. 4 -l«0 I SERVICE COOLERS. 13 ye»rs"'"ex~ erience. No job too small or i.'MA. 3-OS65. _.. _ ____ ___ CONTRACTORS _ REP ArftS. additions or will mod" emiie your kitchen. Financing. LICENSED CONTRACTOR. MA. 4;l042iJf j)0_»nswer_callJMA. 3-783? REMODELING and custom buildlnc. Plans and financing. Licensed contractor. B. V. McDouRilI. EA. S-H134, _ _____ _ DRESSMAKING XtTtRAflONS, ««wlni. Skirt*. bloutes, drapes · spaclalty. Quick sarvlea. EA. 7-7738. ___ _____ "DRWlNTf SCHOgiS ""ARrZONA'frHiVlNG SCHOOL __ AX.JtSJi? __ LET a woman" teach~you to drive. ooli's School of DrlvlnK^AX. 8-M32 ELECTRioDL ENGINEERING Design, specification layout. Comm.. indust. * residential. EA 7-0012 XA. «-WM. ELECTRIC SERVICE"" WIRING--Residential A commercial jtri. Ktrmlt Oestrlch, EA. 7-4281. X HOUR residential, commercial? Bonded. Phil's Electric. XA. 6-BKI7. "IJ^y6NIC~SrRWCES tign, assembly, installations, repairs. GONLAB ENGINEERING CO. 4jtp 1, SttijLSl EA. 6-HttH EXCAVATING -jgSTIMAtEfe" EA. «-ll«l or EA. «-«·» B It » JDQUjgMP3L.CO·_ FENCES Smith Bros. Fences Tucson's oldest locally owned and operated complete fenctn* wrrvice. 1*03 W. Wetmor* Road MA. 3-nioi OOD Vencini , frae cut WESTERN FENCE CO MA. J-0895 COOLING, heatlnir, duct work, Iriit. Act Cooler Maint EA. 7-«81«. DRESSING Full Ouirt REPAIRS SERVICE AX. «-04Js. Cooler service. Painting. Lawn «rvi«. Hpmejrepairs. ____ _ ------- WSf RUCTION __ U.S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS! Men- women, 18-52. Start hifh as $85.00 week. Preparatory tralnlns until appointed. Thousands of Jobs open. Experience usually unnecessary. rSfeE information on Jobs, salaries, requirements. Write today! LINCOLN SERVICZ,_Fe)cuiJJ., Illinois. TEA'CKCRS will tutor grades 3 through 12: readinr specialty. EA. S-63B2. ________ Young Men Women Train for A I R L I N E S Prepare now for an aWine career This excitin« field offers many opportunities. You can train tor stewardess or one of the many important sround positions. T\y to Hollywood it no additional ch»rze. upon completion of basic training . Must be mrh xohool graduate. 19-35. Easy tmdret terms anranKed. Mail eoupnn today lor compleia- CAREER DIVISION Northwest Schools Dept. AS-71. Star-Citliem Box Name · 0( »il»-- our mistakes Mv* W» Prlc« Inrl. normal Imtallatlon axJT natural alum. . |IW PxI3' natural alum. fWi lOxSS' whltt baked «nam«l f)tt 11x30' natural «lum »l» WEST-TUN ALUMINUM S»J* 2. Grint EA. »-»MI PATip WAJULS BRICK-- Block-- A3ob«r The" Wrl«ht ^ _ _ , _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ t. 5. Conitr . Licensed Con tractbr7 Phone MA. J-JM4 or AX. »-3Ml ' PLASTEfilNG J PLASTERING * ' stucco. JC.rit"Vr small Job. Free cit. EA. 7-ail. ^Patching stucco work. Small job*. Prompt serv. Free est, ISA, S-«M*. 'PLUMBING AND HEATING H. YOlfNGBLOOD-- Call cnv time. II yn. Exn. MM C. Havnes. AX , __ . W. G»nU Plumblni * fleatint. 10J1 N. Thtr(l_Phqn«_MA, J-3731. ISLTJSiBliNC" cooTtns. repairs." ' ul- e*iu*d. Ollchrlil, MA, 3-Hai; ___ ' REMODlEESG foipERT"" coramlc tiling don* by bonded licensed contractor. Sp«- clalltlnf In remodeling and new jobs. AX. »-«73. _ ROWING EXPERT repsirimi'. r«-robflnjt and new Iniullatlonc. Fast service. JUa- soaabl*. Btrdman Rooflne Co.. AX. t-0013. _ _ SAND AND GRAVEL TOP~S6tL~Sina~ Gravel. 'Mir dirt. Phone MA^VMCkV ____ ______ SPECIAL prices on pea gravel, top soil. fill sand. Call MA. 3-9M3. -- scEEENErn^CAiWiNirson: HAYDEN EXCAVATION EA. .5-6451 iTlM£filAtE Delivery Sand Fill Dirt Gravel Top Soil River Hun. MA._ 5-SOT1. _Afler 6. MA^_J;M1§. SCHOOLS ST06Y~ATT?OMT spare time. lam H.S. diploma. Low co«t. Nationally known since 1137. American Schools. P.O._Box »«. Pho«nlx.__ ATfgNB the j c h o o l t h a t place* you. Employers call ui »«am k acain for stcnosraphers, secretaries. bookkeepers, accountant*. and general office worken. New students start each Monday. ARIZONA COLLEGE 6r COMMERCE 131 E. Broadway _ ..MAj-.'^PH " M e n ' '*:"" Women Wanted H-so TRAIN at home (or comlnf civil aervice exanu. MA. 4-3441 SUMMER TERM Beginning June 13lh, special cour»e« in typing shorthand tor pre- college or personal use. Regular courses In Gregg shorthand, typing. bookkeeping oUice machines, NCR cashiering. IBM key ounch. monthly tuition rates. VeUran approved. air conditioned rooms. Free park- Ing. Day evening sessions, 537 S. Stone, MA. 2-7421. Lamson Business College. ...... . __ SEWING MACHINES Necchi Elna and Jannnese -- 20 years on Sinter, in Tucson. Call C E Patereli. Speedway Sewln* Center. S12 E. Soeedwsy. MA. 4-1M1. HilP WANTID, MAli f ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Announcing Career Opportunities with WESTERN ELECTRIC MILITARY ' ENGINEERING SERVICE For details, sec our ad in today's Sports Section or call Mr/S. G. Wescoat MA2-6692(9am~:30pm) MA 3-3511 (6pm-8pm) Mon. Tues., June 6 7 For a Local Interview ^mNgpNG SYSTEMS "TTKAlCER AWNTNpS _ ~See specials "under Patio Hoofs Alum. Awnins. Cabana. Scree* Boom. Factory. 373« E. Grant Rd. WESTERN ALUMlNyM I _EA^fcalJ UPHOLSTERING CUSTC-M" upfiolitery. 'Trtie Dutchman." Recovery - »·*?»?·· d- J-Aj_ . « E. Grant Road. 447i. 44M WALL MURALS _ ORIGINAL hirTd painted thenvaa. All new ideas. La-Ro tHudlos, MA. J ~TM*' tJELlTDRliJJ'NG ' " CARTLTTPIITOR DRILLING CONTRACTOR Cor. 25th «i 4th Ave. MA. 3-7J11 LOST A F O U N D J Chlld'a Jnd REWARD! Lo«t: Brown, 1-year-old Dachshund, female -- altered. Name "Oinfer." d'a pet. Vicinity Craycroft *· St. Utt I. 3nd.JCA._S143. iT": Northjlde. Larire whit* shaggy dog and large thin black mongrel. Child's pels. Reward for_return. MA. 3-QJ83. _ """REWARD!! LOST: German *heph«r!, Wsck; tan.__MA. 3-8731. __ _ REWARD . Small, male mt»d-up pug. Ught brown, answers to "Jak«." Jimmy Saundars. MA. 2-M7I. PERSONALS 1 Detective £0 assist you^ Modarn, efficient methods ot op- crating. Personal problems ana- lyz»d with no obligation. Appointment* at your convenience. Call MA. 4-M*3- ..... . _. _______ ____ PiAIft)-AcoordTon lessons. Y o u r home. KA. t-WM, MA. J-74I3. AIXTOHOU'CS ANONYMOUS DW, nltea. MA. 4-41M. Jl! N. Court. WnijTwlTH MASS'ACdt. CASAS ADOBES BIAUTY SALON CY. 7-OM2 and ANALYSIS, Call MA. J-I2M for truntworthy advice. STASStUSlt-- Relax wftfi Massage. «48 E. Speedway ___ MA._2-4ilO GLADYS Meacham Counseling Cert. 3928 E. Fairmount. IA. J-I4M. _ PRIVATE INTJIODUCTJOtfS ', Price Thurs.. Tri.. Sat. MA. 2-7423. EA._j-9gOil. Lois Murray. Llr. T0T6R1NG -- Elementary grades, high school Engllih. Experienced teacher _ Ji:M._EA-_(l-t3jq. _ "THIS IS PROPER Gentlemen 2i-«0. Ladles 21-78 hava clients waiting to meet you NOW All nationalities. Alice Abbott sine* l?l?i_ Pr.ly_ate_llcen»ed. AX. t-OBOl. Is YOUH child "behlndln reading? Summer course starting June. Enroll now. MA. 2-4W. _ ALCOHOLICS Anonymous Awoda£ ed Groups. Phone MA. 4-3321 day or nlRht. WX5SEU5T7 able. Heason- mswage. All hours. EV JM . H A R K Y ~ ! come bade to town -- ARIES REALTY sold our land--need your signature to buy mor« of their good deals. SHIRLFV City . State Xduc. "^~JANITbR SERVICE Professional Bldj. Maint. Co. Janitorial Service __ AX. »-»97» LANDSCAPING^ fER"ff£i±EH~, GROUND. CLEAN: 2 Yds^ W-.yAUGHN'SjJMA.JJ-Scaz. TOPSOIL. gravel, fill dirt. Land- _aoapmji. Prqm£t i _Reas._EA._7^»33; YASBWOSK-- renovatlne top soil, fertilizing, cleaning, hauling, trees removed. Bermuda lawns instilled. Reasonable-- prompt. AX. J-S048. ZA. S-83JJ. __ " LAWN SERVICE AX. 8-MM. Levelmn. rs Land- Doty's Handy Service. AX B l i t A R T N G . Grading. Tractor work only. Cambe man. MA. 4-»M3 for interview. Service Station Man _ Male Clerk Typist Shorthand r*]ut»«. Tot *tUH «UI Monday Oirouih »»lurtay «*lwt«n I a.m. and 4 p.m. MA. 4-M»l ·*· Hospitalization SALES Unlimited taming* from atari. Will traln-»r«l«rtn!« glvon to 4*611 m*n. 10U ft. *th Av«. Oil fUfl. MA. J-UM or KA.i-mi. and wh««l chanlc Only «xo«rt amily. Arfcon *rak, Clinic. 2IH JC, »r»»l»'«y-_ LEASE' Established alrd malntenanp* hiui- ncss icroalnt HOP-WOO month. R*K- «lar cuilomers. Tremendoua potential for llv« wlr«. Two y«ar leas* with option. MOO down, »1»0 month. KA. _ ..._. "Swimming Instructor For children's camp. Uv« in. Muat h«v« utrtlv. W. S. 1. «xp«rienc«, referenced anrt b« at l*a»t 3\ ytara. noor.. Vlncr« Texaco, SH' · No phone c*Uf._ HO Benxon Man wanted, part time, afternoons, I days. Som* knowledge of cooking. Apply Delicatessen Department of Woolworth's. downtown. Working Farmer-Cowboy IRRIGATION-*! acr«s. Near Tue. son. ZA. 8-1XH. b«for« « a m . , or after 7 p.m. HAKRY. if you'll buy me that American President Gold Seal American mobile home at MIRACLE MILE TR. SALES. I'll eome home. _ MABEL _ HANNAH'S husband Hector hatei hard work so h* cleans the ruga with Biu« Lustre. Jscomt's. ______ S5C31SNTIF1C "advice peilalriine to all problems. Satisfaction assured. MA. «-««7. SERVICE UNLIMTTEEf m ssccyn AVE MA -- · BKEAKTAST COOK WAOTED Must be experienced and fast. Apply Johniet. No. 1. 1MB E. Spe*d- nifg£rf"an~a«istant in" my~fMii Bruih businew Part time. Over 34 vears. Car. Call after 7 P.m. Mr Roth_A3C. t-7«M. _ EXP. straight knife machine garment cutter. Good pay. Steaoy. Apply D«bby Mfg. Co. MM Park. Day or night. MA. S-5J70. Gammon Placem't Serv. Ml N. Stone Qurden Plaza MA. J-4KB MGMT. Trainee. 21-30 »30fl SALES M«mt. Trainee Sales XK «J» ADVXH. Public Rel. Ketall Tacp. SALES-- Office equipment «X) AOV._L»yout Jrt]st,_exp_ i _to_1400 Heavy Duty Mechanic Preferably with Mcent bus .experience. Apoly Tucson Rapid Tr«n- Ins Decorative gravel. LOCAL EX- pfelENCE. IA. S-7M! _ *TER«UZER. 1 yiard JK.M. 2 yirfi M.OO Topsoil *I.-»._MA._t*M«. " LANDSCAI'ING. Fertll- iier. Hauling-- topioil. Tret ««rvic«. Experienced. EA. 5-«M3. _ , LAWN SERVICE Own tools. MA. 3-OM4. LIGHT HAULING . dalty. Trash removed. MA. 4-3833. ________ _ ________ handling , appliances fur- etc. Reasonable. EA. niture. g-TOl. _____ removed, yards and alleys cleaned. rubbish hauled- Lie , u _ - , . . . _ _ HAULOTG of any kind.~Aft*rnoor»7 Ivti. Hoi. Sax. * Sun. MA. 3-T»2. * DECOHATTNG CALL inf. T4MO. Pairrtinf, p«p«rhan(- £xpcri«ne«e1. EA. FATNTfjSrG, tvwTior. int*Tior. ertat P«tcri1nf. Coolei- service «wk. Jfnumttitt, tA. S-S7». g A-l tnterieFiiia " Tattci -.- t. ». Trm«._A-l MA. -- ttome vnmtKt. f»» DAIRY QUEEN Truck Drivers Wanted. Commtjtion basis. Age 35-50 preferred. Apply Sl« N. 4th Ave^9:00_».m.__ P"KJiT~"TTSBr'iTiech«nIc. mwt have own tools. 1.TS per hour. Fremler "Far Western Placement 301 Ariz. Land TlUe IMf. MA. 3-7119 Senior Accountant with public «tp. Male stenographer »-*5 5 day Sal« Mrr. «uto caninlity exp. Adjuster (croup * Med. Ins. *XP- Lawyer with CPA detre* Th* followinfr johs with national Co. available, ree * transportation j»iti: PHD electro data woe. 114 6W Computer sales H12.W S*les trainee d«gr*« ffl-» «7.J» yrotrramTn«r«_?_y r » ; _ta. I 7 -*? Housekeeper--Cook l3cp«ri«TK»d. Wmtefhaven. Own tr«n«»oitation. 5'i 5«ys. Adolts. KA._6-275«. BOOKKEEPER KNTERAL LSOGtR--fawflinr «m«trootfcn e/utimi. Otve smd ««f»Ty »C 1*T' ROUTE MAN ton N. Ta^rvtrw. . "Sjnd ' Leam Wtldlni Ql Aporovea Stata Auorovcd Day * Nltht classes »tart MOnU A B C TRADf up w. a»th_8t MECHANIC ? p l rU S? ia A_S th ^1c. hin ?,^: Venice. Just «a«t of M«dco, »tt 'B^sfDeaniTTowh Tor Spanish sp«aUlnit Used C*r Salesman. Only «*E« rltnc t?. u f K?' duo«r n*ed apply. Phone MA. 4-KU1. A»X_for_managar. SALES CAREER Would you Ilk* to InvestlfaU th« poulblllty of b*comln» a aal« r»or«»enutlv« for one ot Amartca s oldest Life Iruuranw eompanlasT For one who qualifies. th«M Is a atartlnr comp«naatlon of up to W p«r month under a thr«« year on- the-Job tralnlnf profram. XUn («ea 11-80). All «pll«s eenfldential. Phone MA. 4-X41. ENGINEERS IMMEDIATE OPENINGS TOR WITH P H I L C O PALO ALTO ON TH* SAN FRANCISCO Peninsula SYSTEMS ENGINEERS Participate in formulation and design of microwave data telemetry and tracking systems. Analyze equipment design and performance, specification of system t e s t , technical direction of system test, analysis of flight test data, preparation of system test report. SATELLITES Engineers needed for the integration of complex electronic equipment into a communication satellite, suggest new approaches. QUALITY ASSURANCE Engineers required for inprocess and final acceptance and testing of electronic and electromechanical equipment associated with missile and satellite tracking systems. Types of equipment include Data Processing, UHF and VHP Transmitters and Receivers, Antenna Systems. RANGE DESIGN Responsible for production of installation criteria, specifications, instructions and drawings required to implement advanced radar, telemetry, data processing, computing and communications system. ENGINEERING OPPORTUNITIES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE For Tech Writers, Reliability Assurance, Circuit Design, Tracking Systems Integration OPPORTUNITY FOR GRADUATE S T U D Y ON TUITION REFUND BASIS; LIBERAL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS, NEW M O D E R N RD LABORATORIES - IN CLIMATE PERFECT SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA ON SUNNY PENINSULA IN THE CENTER OF MANY EXCELLENT EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. INTERVIEWS WILL BE HELD IN Tucson Westerner Hotel Wed. Thurs., June 8 and 8 PHOENIX, Hotel Westward Ho Tues. Wed., J u n e 7 end 8 To Arrange Appointment Prior To Interview Dates,Please Call Mr. John R. Miner Tucson -- EAst 7-6069 Phoenix --ALpine 8-8507 ' UNABLE TO ARRANGE INTERVIEW. WRITE;TO M*. JOHN R. MTNTR. . RLAOEMTNT P H I L C O WESTERN DEVELOPMENT LABORATORIES 3875 Fabian Way Pate Alto, California Hilf WANTiD, MALI fHIU WANTID, MAli f B O E I N G is interviewing in Tucson June 6 and 7 immediate openings for txperienccd M«n qualified to set up and operafe to clos» tolerance any of the following machine foo/$i These are interesting long-range assignmenti in connection with growing aircraft and missile projects of vital importance to the entire nation. At Boeing you'll work with the most modern equipment, in up-to-the-minute plants. You'll be associated with a dynamic growing industry that offers you plenty of opportunities to get ahead. You'll enjoy many other advantages, including good pay, excellent working conditions, paid vacations, and holidays, employee-managed sport and social activities. You will, in addition, be living in the evergreen Puget Sound area of the Pacific Northwest, famous across th* country for its mild year-round climate, abundant and varied recreational facilities, fine schools a n d living conditions. Equal job opportunity for all qualified applicants. Apply in person af the Ariz. State Employment Service 403 West Congress, Tucson 8:30 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M. Monday, June 6 and Tuesday, June 7 B - 0 - E - - N - G W A N T E D General Pit Foreman Mining degree and minimum five years' experience in trackless, open pit planning, development, and layout. Age to 40. Salary to $10,000. Open Pit Mechanic Minimum five years' experience in repair, maintenance, *nd operation of heavy shovel, tractor, truck, and dumpster equipment. Age to 40. Salary to $7,200. Mill Metallurgist Metallurgy degree and f i v e years' experience in base metal sulfide plants or laboratories. To conduct laboratory studies and be responsible for application of improvements to present and future plant circuits. Age to 40. Salary to $8,400. Plant Electrical Engineer Electrical engineering degree and minimum two years' experience. For construction and maintenance of diversified electric power and control equipment in non-ferrous smelter and refineries. Age to 30. Salary to $7,200. Plant Engineer Engineering degree, plus 10 years' experience !n plant engineering, covering administration, and supervision of maintenance program, utilities, and wide range of shop facilities. Age to 50. Salary to $12,000. TKtSi: OrtNING* TO* WKMANINT POKTIONi WITH LARGE NORTH AMERICAN MUTING COMPANY OPERATING IN WRUVHN ANDES. MARRIED, MOUSING COST »1* PI* MONTH. STNGLC ROOM AND BOAKD MA. ntZE TRANSPORTATION 3 MONTHS' PAID .VACATION EACH YEAR. RETURN «XTWi«IW TO U.S. EVERY J YEARS, WITH » MONTHS' PAID VACATION. PLUS OTHD» KNOTTI. Mr. J. J. Feketie will be at the Sands Motor Hotel from S a.m. to 10 p.m. ON JUNE AND 10 SGLLfCT f(M INDKRVtHW

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