Independent from Long Beach, California on April 6, 1962 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1962
Page 23
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FROM 9 TO 5 "My husband is 42 around the'chest, 40 around the ivaht... and a nuisance ' around the house." Ruckner's Command *...·^ Enlarged Rear Adm. E. A. Ruckner now has a ncxv title and 15 more ships in his Long Beach based command. The admiral is now com mandtr, Cruiser Destroyer Hotilli 11 as the result of a regrouping of Pacific Fleet cruisers and destroyers to pethcr for better operational and administrative unity. With these two classes of vessel! operating as a team under' the flotilla concept, better-training and readiness for combat w i l l result, the Navy' believes. The cruiser USS Los An- pclcs based h e r e , formerly flagship for Adm. Ruckner's Cruiser Division 1, retains that fanction for Cruiser Des troycr Flotilla 11. Each of two destroyer squadrons in the new flotilla v.-ill have separate primary missions, antisubmarine and antiaircraft assignments. Cruiser Destroyer Flotilla II, Destroyer Squadron 17 will be the anti-aircraft unit with Destroyer Squadron 5 as Ihe ar.tisub team. Construction Activity Up 73 Per Cent Long Beach building nctiv Ity fnincd 73 per cent last month, reaching a valuation of $3.338,275 as comparct with $-1,806,175 in February ncconlins to City Supt. ol nuildini; Edward M. O'jn nor. The number of permits also rose from 1,571 to 2,348. Residential c o n s t r u c t i o n led the increase with n March valuation of $2,501,205 foi 400 family units, a pain o 216 per cent. In the previous month the figure was $791, SCO for 110 units. Of las month's home building, 35. r units were in apartmcn houses. Ths;.over-all building tola was 32 per cent above th $6,312.455 a u t h o r i z e d in March 1D61 for 2,552 permits HomffTciinstruction Increased Ifi p»r cent over the com parable figure of $2.150.290 for 2S3 units. Oil Lease in Airport Area Eyed The Harbor. Industries am Oil Committee of the Lon licach'City Council is study ing t proposal that hid he sought for an oil drillin; lease on a 105-acrc city \vate department area south of Mil nicipaf Airport. The matter was referred tc the committee after Cit Manager John R. Mansell dc scribal the proposal as "wild cat but interesting." The arc, \vhcre exploratory drillin; would he conducted lies be twccn Temple and Redond avenues. · T-" * * * * MEANWHILE the counci madoJ plans to proceed "a cxpcdltlously as possible with the vast off-shore o development under the dircc tion of the city manager. Council also has approved lease form to allow oil drill ing in the 2C3-acre Recrcatio Park and approved schedu" ing of a hearing on the cstab lishnrcnt of an oil drillin district in the park. Films In Japan TOKYO f/T -- Japan wi import 2.11 feature lengt films, more than half of them from Hollywood, in fi«ca year 1%2, the Finance Min $'^'y^^^ INDEPENDENT-P« 9 . 8-1 ;1 FOR OVER 37 YEARS EVERY ITEM IN THE STORE HAS BEEN SOLD WITH AN UntottJitional STANDARD PAINT CO. ON EVERY ITEM EVERT DAY WALLPAPER SALE! OPEN 5 NIGHTS FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE . Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs,Fri,6AMto9PM SATURDAYS, 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM SUNDAYS, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM SIXTEEN MAJOR ONE STOP PAINT DECORATOR CENTERS FREE EXPERT ADVICE WITHOUT OHUOAT1OM GUARANTEE wuHi\nn i tc SPECIAL 120,000 ROLL PURCHASE OF NATIONALLY FAMOUS BRANDS » FIRST QUALITY (PERFECTS-NOTStCONDS) · SUN-FAST WASHABLE FADE PROOF DOZENS OF BRAND NEW COLORS, STYLES AND PATTERNS. UITABLE FOR ANY .OOM IN THE HOUSE. NOW AT THESE LOW, LOW PRICES 26,523 ROLLS 24435 ROLLS 22,972 ROLLS 2! ,321 ROLLS O f tinrnuu inn ma 1.73 tnnna tnruau i or tjwuuu « JQ nwuuunnr ttumuuonr -- I u^ * uw r w^ tniltfUCt W.7J mitrntt · SPECIAL CLOSEOUT BAMBOO DRAW DRAPES FIRST QUALITY. IMPORTED MATCHSTICK DRAPES. DOZENS OF SIZES, PAHERNS AND DESIGNS. "WHILETHEY LAST!" rOREXAMME: 94,S4INCH . iS4l«CH ·10 \M 34.1411CH ·co t ji 34,14 INCH CIIIH fMTIl PlNI SNDIIDISie* TUIO jrot V.MI1I TUIO TUIO 69f. 69, e . 69f, 34,141 ".CM · 10 I «» AND COUNTLESS OTHERS IN GEOMETRICS, PASTELS. SCENICS. ALSO AVAILABLE IN LIMITED QUANTITY MATCHING VALANCES AND CAFE CURTAINS. "SANDRAN"* VINYL FLOOR · ALL NEW STYLES, PATTERNS ANDCOLORS · GREASE STAIN PROOF 1.W1LL NOT FADE · CAN WITHSTAND HEAVIEST FOOT TRAFFIC ·ALL FULL ROLLS · 6 AND 9 FT. WIDTHS · SUITABLE FOR ANY ROOM IN THEHOUSE ·FINEST QUALITY ·EXTREMELY DURABLE · TREMENDOUS SELECTION MADE TO EXACTING SPECIFICATIONS 1.49 NOW YOUR CHOICE 1 29 so. YD. NOW AVAILABLE 12 FT. WIDTHS NOW 139 I tin. "SAFEWAY" SPECIAL HOUSE PAINT FINEGRADE-OILBASE IDEAL FOR AIL EXTERIOR WOOD GAL. LATEX WAIL PAINT PAINT SALE 3 NATIONALLY FAMOUS BRANDS SPECIAL PURCHASE-OVER 25,000 GAL · "BISHOP-CONKUM TREASURE TONES" WASHABLE LATEX FLAT WALL PAINT · "FOY-JOHNSTON" · "B.P.S." ('Sffi?0 ALKYD FLAT WALL PAINT J FINEST QUALITY JXSCRUBBABLE ; BRUSH, ROLL, SPRAY 1* VERY FAST DRY JX HUGE COLOR (H OWH,TE SELEQION AVAIWIU) UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED AS ALWAYS OR YOUR MONEY BACK COMPARABLE RETAIL PRICE PER QUART NOW- YOUR CHOICE "FOY-JOHNSTON" ONLY utsi )i union of rorvui coins COMPARABLE RETAIL PRICE 6.25 NOW PER GALLON FINEST GRADE "LUAUN" MOVABLE LOUVER BEAUTIFULLY GRAINED IMPORTED PHILIPPINE MAHOGANY GUTTERS 49-' FINEST DUALITY B'/M 3 in. Cirp.litlil riitillt 7i20in.NowOn!r «7 7i?6In.NowOnlr 1.17 7i29in.No»Onl r 1.3* 7.33in.NowOnl,1.«? 8.20 irL Now Onlf l.OJ 9«20in. Now 9i26In.No 9i29in.Now 9i32 in. Now 12.20 ln.No 12i26ln.No 17i29ln.Now 12i321n.Now 1 2.36 In. Now 1 (12.40 In. No ~M5.40in.Now Onlf 1.1* Onlr1.lf Ontf 1.1* Only 1.7* Ont f l.«» Onl/1.ft OM,3.1t Onl, 7. it ;7t Onl,J.»t OnVJ.7t BAMBOO BLINDS 2x6 ft. 1.00 NOW 77c COMPAPABlt RETAIL PRICE NOW 49: 2%x6 Ft. 4x6 Ft. NOW 1.19 5x6 Ft. NOW 1.49 6x6 Ft. NOW 1.79 CompUt* with putltyi, hang«fi, draw-cert!. Alio avattobt* in d*corotor paittlt, grt»n, itdwood, gold on whit*, imooth p*tt at sligtitly higher pri£*. Ready to hong. c u 7x6 Ft. NOW 1.98 8x6 Ft. NOW 2.29 10x6 Ft. NOW 2.98 12x6 Ft. NOW 3.79 TOP QUALITY BAMBOO FENCING BAMBOO POLES 1 DIAMETERS AND S SIZES. MANY USES. PATIO POLES, FRAMES, ETC rOREXAMME: 1 IN.X12 FT. 39f, 100% PURE BRISTLE WM.L BRUSH, 4-IH. FINE QUALITY, NOW 100 I '- MASKING TAPE tt-INjBOTDS.NOW H K. . to r*. t t |V I U. «0 i*. Hi 69' SLAT TYPE 6x15 FT. NOW 049 NATURAL J Et 6x15 FT. NOW j)98 REDWOOD O Et SUT TYPE, WIRE-BOUND, INSIDE SPLIT PEEL WEATH. ER PROOF. POLE TYPE 6x15 FT. _ _ COMPARABlE Mnw l 1 RETAIL 13.95 NUWI I U. EXTRA STURDY NEW TYPE fEHCING. WIRE.BOUND, .WEATHER PROOF. SIX SIZES IN STOCK. THESE WILL LAST AND LAST. PAINT THINNER An flNfjrGRADE t 'i 1Q C OBTAINABtf o-c~ I Jad PAINT MIXING BUCKH Aiisi.,1 WITH AIR-TITE LIDS 10?. COtOR-IHOIL JUMBO TUBE AIL COLORS NOW 25?. PLASTIC OROPCLOTH WATER-PROOF 19 10 ir. cur IIVIIH tOCITHII-lniONU TMtOWAWIT FIRST QUAUTY NAME BRAND TILi GOODYEAR PURE VINYL FLOOR TILE IDEAL FOI AIL FLOOR COVERING NEEDS. THIS TILE REQUIRES LITTLE OR NO WAXINC AND SCRUBBING. WILL WITHSTAND THE HEAVIEST FOOT TRAFFIC. WATER AND GREASE PROOF. IT IS THE PERFECT TILE FOR ANY ROOM IN THE HOUSE. EASILY INSTALLED. COMPARABLE RETAIL PRICE LINOLEUM PASTE FINE QUALITY 119 NOW 1 GAL LINOLEUM KNIFE NOD IHIltUH nr\ f \ ClVUttU V*T "PABCO"® INLAID LINOLEUM FLOOR TILE FINEST GRADE OF NICH-STYLED LINOLEUM TILL COLORS GO ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO THE BACKING. CAN NOT WEAR OFF. SUITABLE FOR KITCHENS, BATHS, LIVING ROOMS, DENt.ETC. commit JM'NOW I1LE ASPHALT EMULSION GRADE 110 NOW I GAL. PASTE SPREADER UWUUU **1r a I W KENTILE"® VINYL ASBESTOS FLOOR TILE FAMOUS QUALITY. NAME BRAND FLOOR COVERING. TOUGH -AND DURABLL SUITABLE FOR ANY ROOM IN THE HOUSE. INSTALL OVER CONCRETE OR WOOD. TWO MODERN STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM. COMMIIJU "MASTER" HBGH-GLOSS FINE QUALITY TOUGH AND DURABLE ·IDEALFOR KITCHENS. BATHS. WOODWORK, ETC. ·WHITE AND ALL COLORS courmitE rilcT 4.25 NOW GAL SELF-SPKAY FIRST QUALITY HIGH GLOSS JUSTPRESSTHETRIGGER ^ FOR A PROFESSIONAL JOB. COMES IN GLOSS AND FLAT WHITE, COPPER, BRASS, RED. BLACK, CHROME, GOLD, LT. AND DK. GREEN. CCurtuilE -PER-12-OZ CAN "ACRYCITE" ACRYLIC-TYPE NO-DRIP PAINT · BOTH INtCCIOR 1 tXTfCIOR US! ·NO PAINT ODOR ·KO THINNING ·BRUSH OR ROIL ·30MINUICDRT ·ONI COAT COVERS ·WHITE AND All COLORS commit ritt 7.45 NOW GAL. "MASTER" 300% PURE EXTERIOR HOUSE · DURABLE-FADEPROOF ·LINSEED OIL BASE ·READY MIXED-USE RIGHT FROM THE CAN ·ONE COAT COVERS · WHITE ALL COLORS CtMMlUlE lmi L 5.50 NOW LOS AHGUES SAHTA MOHICA I5JJ SOUTH SXOtOHM VM HOYS StPUlVEDA Siva ft MONK «I1 NO. KCK D00 JSl WUTM -t" *T*tET COAMR Of 1A HISA II CAJON (IVOT. '·MMM-MmmM*wm : ojrmio CCKNIK Of CHENVUW »tVO. 1 JM«h 1TWT CO»HM! Of HOlT * M:ll» LA M£SA BAMRMM ibt* /\r i utcft t CC"Nl_^ *,' !*·?

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