Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 9, 1968 · Page 12
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 12

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1968
Page 12
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PAGE 12 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N TUCSON TURF CLUB Jedgar Photo Set For Rematch Race By DAVE SPRIGGS Citizen Sports Writer Jedgar Photo and Nolan meet again. The track will be fast if the weather holds and Jimmy Brown won't be aboard Nolan -- unlike the circumstances when Jedgar Photo suffered his first loss at Tucson Turf Club Feb. 11 on a heavy track when Brown muscled his mount under the wire to upset the favorite. While Jedgar Photo would enjoy the fast track conditions, tomorrow's distance in Ihe 7%furlong feature is more to the liking of Nolan. In their last meeting, the pair duelled over a 1 1-16-mile distance with Nolan winning by a nose and paying $28.40 to his backers. The win snapped Photo's string at six straight. Photo's jockey, Robert Schar- now, embittered by Brown's riding tactics in the loss, said after the race that he would like a r e m a t c h "anytime," a n y place." Brown will be in the race, but on Nick Wolfe's newly acquired Panchito. No rider has been assigned for Nolan Nolan. Jedgar Photo has slumped since the loss, running unplaced in two outings. Nolan Nolan continues to be one of the tough horses at the Turf Club with a record of five wins, a place and three thirds in 10 starts. Both horses will be pressed to handle the remainder of the 10- horse field. Triano, Fall Port and Panchi'to should receive solid backing. John Cantarini, the track's leading rider, will be up on Dave Spriggs CITIZEN SPORTS WRITER Triano, winner of two races in sight Tucson starts. No rider las been assigned for Fall Port, winner of four races in nine Turf Club starts. Other promising matches include Used Car and Rule in the 10th race; Toy Jet and Pinky's Brother in the sixih and Rose Bug and Bebe's Boy in the fourth. First post is 1:15 p.m. Wo"a S rcts~ $W °' 3 " year ' olls ' allowance, Short Punt (R. Avant) My Willa (J. Wilson] Artie Tern (R. Figueroa) iay Busher (R.Pruill) iki Bunny (T Figueroa) hopper's Bar (G Corwin) enme Queen (R. Scharnow) locky Light U. Wise) -ever Action (N. Paltio) w Bar Babe (E. Toliei) 118 30-1 122 5-2 1)8 B-l 122 5-1 120 10.) 1)8 20-1 118 6-1 120 8-1 122 7-2 119 15-1 ,n S c!, C ?5D D yartsf 401) ' ^' r "» as ""' allow- .uper Hub U. Pittman) 119 5.1 -Jabber Blue 1R. PruitJ) ]9 I- ?andys Tony (R. Fiaerroa) 119 6-1 jldor Ado Lady (JQ.Figueroa) » a- lincpn Ross (J. Cantarini) ]]? JQ. Aissiie Van (J. Wilson) n? 7.7 Jiamond Joe Bar (R. Avant) 121 15-1 HS1 !K ft: IJ c r ry ( sU° rWin) \\l * ' T onlo Thrift (K. Heim) ]iy 3^1 Hitting: A Dying Art Whatever happened to Baby Jane? She dropped out of sight just like .300 hitters in major league baseball. She was a fictitious show business personality, and if the trend continues hall players hitting above the magic jnark will only exist in imagination. A quick look at the record books for the past 30 years reveals that hitting for average appears to be a dying art. Times change. In 1937 there were 33 hitters in the American League and 23 hitters in the National League who hit 300 or better. The figures are almost as unbelievable as the fact that folks actually listened to tap dancers perform on Major Bowes' Radio Amateur Hour. Last year only four American Leaguers hit 300 or better while the National League fared better with 12. The'trend toward the end of an era is evident when viewed at 10-year intervals since '37. In 1947 the National League had 17, the American 12. In 1957 the American League had eight, the National six. Emphasis On Pitching There are a lot of theories on the decline and fall of the batters empire. AI Rosen, batting coach of the 1968 Cleveland Indians and leading hitter for the Tribe in 1953 with a .336 average, says that pitching and defensive play are becoming more sophisticated with each passing year while the technique of hitting peaked out years ago. "We used to look at three good pitchers in a series with the top clubs and maybe two with the second division teams," says Rosen. "Today, all the clubs have guys who can get the job done. "And look at the range of these glove men," he continues. "The improvements in the gloves alone take hits away from the batters." Other observers point out that managers use their pitchers better. Pacing is a thing of the past. The hurlers are told to throw as hard as they can for as long as they can and let someone else mop up, if necessary. Could Be Sour Grapes The old timers say hogwash. They claim that today's major league batter simply doesn't work as hard at his trade as today's major league pitcher. One sports writer who has covered baseball for more years than he cares to admit observes that during the season the following day's scheduled starting pitcher spends his time charting pitches and the batter habits. Meanwhile, the hitters are just in enjoying a respite from the elements in the comfort of the dugout. Whatever the cause, it's hurting the gate. Every baseball team needs a big guy to ring the cash register. In the case of the Indians, four of their last five batting leaders have hit below 300 and their attendance record shows it. Right or wrong fans feels that any hitter below 300 is just a journeyman ball' player. Dividing Line Deceives Considering baseball's 162-game schedule, there really isn't that much difference in the 280 and 300 hitter. Carl Yastrzemski was the Most Valuable Player in the American League last year. He hit .326. Tony Oliva of the Twins hit .289 hi a comparable amount of times at bat. OHva's 161 hits in 557 appearances looks a lot better when measured against Yas' 189 hits in 579 appearances when the average is left off. It figures out to one more hit every six games over the season, Yaz only got only one more hit every four games than Yankee Horace Clarke (160 for 588) and in my neighborhood the rate of exchange for a Clarke and Yastrzemski baseball card swap among the kids is at least a 100 to 1. Maybe numbers don't lie, but they sure can fool you. THIRD -- $500, 4-year-olds »BOO-1,Mio, 7W furlongs. Who Said [J. Canlarinl) 2" Me ^ ed R - Allison) on i Of Silver (J. Pitlman) olden Dancer (L. Harding] Speed (R Scharnow) (M. Flaueroa) Blue (J. Orr) ucky Lur T. Henry) Abaway (G.Corwin) adinage (M. Shelley) up, claiming (J. Manning) ntremdo (JQ. Flgeuroa) Sir Passor (T. Henry) ·Jevbrntge (M. Shelley) ofn r S e u r e '«#) 122 120 122 117 117 117 115 *1!0 117 *107 Up, 20 · n? 5-2 7-2 £-1 4-1 8-1 e-i 10-1 15-1 2U-) 30-1 allowarxe, funonTM ~ $WO 3 Scott c.'(R. Scharnow) m Commercial Value (J. Wilson) 1 7 Ariel Applicator (j.BrovyrY) H " TM : ?! · £ Pretty Paula (no boy) j j g 'flj Jock Breaker (J. Wise) S b H 1 S U Junto JacK Ik. Allison) adv (M - Toy Jet (J. Cantarini) : , « | iS" 15". ' catltarinl) « Ni^ The GreSt IL. Orona) .',2 3o'-l r S h e ' ' ' --Laughin Lonnle (J. Pittman) 117 ^ . World Leader (J. Mannins) How About Him (J. Orr) . Resounded (J. wise) Plucky Lee (M. Shelley) B .Santo (J Pittman) Kid c. (No boy) Tudor Rex (J. Orr) San Tan (L. Harding) John Bavles (T. Crysfaf) Jimmy's Fist (J. Cantarini) Speed Trail (R Scharnow) ' Irish Moon (J. Brown) TENTH -- $400, 4-year-oldi Ins Jl,oro, v/, miles. aro|al War Mate (J. Orr) Whirl Glory (T. Henry) Used Car (No boy) Rule (J. Wise) Guided Eve (T. Hesry) Legal Control (J. Pittman) Sandhltter (No hoy) That's Abbey (J. Brown) Zebu (J, Cantarini) Lady Rushmore (M. Sheliey) ' Panchito (J. Nolan (no boy) 117 120 !17 20-1 ) )17 8-1 117 5-1 * I 1 2 30-1 117 8-1 117 20-1 , claiming ]22 20-! *109 8-1 119 6-1 II? 8-1 122 7-2 117 10-1 122 5-1 119 8-1 117 10-1 117 5-2 up, claim- 119 5-1 *I07 7-2 122 5-2 *114 20-1 114 2-( 122 8-1 117 10-1 112 30-1 122 6-1 *105 6-1 ·olds up, 117 6-'. 115 7-2 112 8-1 114 8-1 117 10-1 122 BSi L^'ed «(!.«) |j Sir Arch (J Orr) William A. (M. Figueroa) Golden Legs (T. Henry) Tootles Penney (J. Pittman) Mnstrel Jay (K. Helm) Kerryram (J. Brown) Hunker Jr. (No boy) Beano's Dame (R. Scharnow) Thrifty One (J.Cantarin!) Andy M. (No boy) SELECTIONS 22 *]]7 117 122 17 115 117 117 7-2 15-1 30-1 5-2 10-1 30-1 8-1 a-i 6-1 SATURDAY ' Jennle jeeo, Le- r. Super ~ Ca " Me Be^be'sVoy ~ BUfl ' Oone EIGHTH -- Viking Mist, Old A.J., Sa B NINTH -- Irish Moon, El Santo, John TENTH -- Used Car, Rule, War Mate Nolan No|ar7 VEN TM ~ Trlac10 ' - Thrifty BEST BET -- Irish Moon. BEST LONGSHOT -- Hazen. · BEST OUINIELA -- Toy Jet and Pin ky's Brother. Bob Ford Swimming coach Ford Named Swim Coach At New Club Bob Ford, who has coached Palo Verde High School swimmers to three consecutive state championships, has been named swimming coach at the new Tucson Racquet and Swim Club scheduled to open in June. Ford, 35, will head a program which will feature age group competitive swimming, group instruction, a diving clinic, swimming survival training for children 5 years of age and under, water polo, w a t e r volleyball, private swimming and diving lessons and synchronized swimming for girls. The appointment was announced by Racquet Club builders Joe Tofef and Bob Evans. Ford was captain of the University of Arizona's only undefeated swimming team in 1959 and owns bachelor's and masters degrees in education from UA. He participated in the Pan-American Games and Olympic trials in 1955-56. Ford was swim coach at Tucson Country Club from 1957 to 59, assistant coach at UA from 1960-62 and has been at Palo Verde for the past six years. His Titan teams have won 32 consecutive matches and own a 44-5 record in dual meets. BASKETBALL SCORES COLLEGE Santa Clara 94, Peoperdine 66 Los Angeles Loyola 84, U. of San Francisco 70 Oregon State 80, Oregon 65 California 8a, Stanford 8) Washington State 87, Washington 63 San Jose State 74, St. Mary's, Calif., if, D'olJ1_ f^itr 1 * 1 i tf f ' 7 _ ~ _ L ' 80 ^on .»\,ae .jioit; /I, 01. iv\ary 5, i_diir., oo pacific, Calif., 114, UC Santa Babrara Tournaments Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament Semifinals North Carolina State T2, Duke 10 North Carolina 82 South Carolina 79, overtime NA1A Playoffs District « Championship Millersvllle State 84, Mansfield State 70 NCAA College Division East Regional Cheyney State 94, Muhlenberg 67 Wagner 98, Philadelphia Textile 84 Midwest Regional Evansville 95, Lincoln, Mo., 80 South Central Regional Union, Tenn., 81, Belhune Cookman 67 Kentucky Wesleyan 86, Oglethorpe 59 M ., ,, nnMldeass RMtonat Norfolk 108, Denison 84 Ashland 71, Roanoke 46 Grea* LaJes Reslonal Indiana State 101. South Dakota State 96 Illinois State B3, Depauw 81 Southwest Regional Trinity, Tex., 95, McNeese State 78 Pan American 86, Jackson State 73 Pacftfc Coast Regional Nevada Southern 96, UC Davis 91 UC Irvine 78, San Diego State 69 Toimtas Pockets $1,050 For 15th MILWAUKEE, Wis. (AP) -Pete Tountas of Tucson, Ariz, pocketed $1,050 Friday night af ter his 15th place finish in the $60,000 Miller Open Bowling Tournament. Tountas finished with a tota pinfall of 8,285, well behind the leader going into today's finals J o h n n y Guenther, Seattle Wash, who had 9,251. SATURDAY, MARCH 9, 1968 Wonders Of Spring! Chisox Are Hitting By Associated Press All, what wonderful things spring can do for a baseball learn. Today's example is the Chicago White Sox, those lovable, lit- le hitless wonders who had a team batting average of .225 last year. The Sox made their 1968 debut at Savasota, Fla., Friday, pounded out 14 hits and ;humped Boston's American League champions 7-3. It was iiiough to make Manager Eddie Stanky risk a contented smile. Two newcomers--outfielders Russ Snyder and Tommy Davis -- led the offense with two hits apiece. Snyder, acquired from Baltimore, rapped a triple and a single and scored twice. Davis, who came from the New York Mets, slapped a pair of singles and scored twice. The Mets, meanwhile, were idle but in form. Often accused of not being able to stay out of each other's way, they proved it in practice when ace pitcher Tom Seaver was hit in the head by a line drive. Coach Eddie Yost was the culprit and the interesting part of this story was that Yost was supposed to have been hitting grounders, not line drives. Seaver escaped serious injury and was expected to start today's exhibition opener against St. Louis. Philadelphia, playing without Rich Allen, took an 11-2 shellacking from Cincinnati at Clearwater, Fla. Allen left the Phillies' camp and returned to Philadelphia to have his injured right hand examined by his own physician. Jim Beauchamp slammed two home runs and Lee May had one for the Reds, who pounded three Phillie pitchers, including Chris Short for 13 hits. Beauchamp drove in five runs. Oakland's brand new Athletics won their first start with an exciting late rally, beating Detroit 3-2 at Bradenton, Fla. The A's, who moved from Kansas City after last season, were locked in a scoreless due] with the Tigers until the ninth inning. After Detroit scored twice, Ramon Webster's two- run homer tied it for Oakland Then, in the 10th, Dick Green doubled Ted Kubiak home with the winner. Four Houston pitchers limited Pittsburgh to four hits at Fort Myers, Fla., as the Astros beat the Pirates 4-2. Hector Torres two-run single in the sixth in- UA Gymnasts Lose To ASU Arizona closed a disappointing dual meet gymnastics season last night by losing to Arizona State, 182.1-179.35, in Bear Down Gym. The loss was the 10th in 13 matches for the Wildcats, who lost all five of their Western Athletic Conference tests. ASU finished 8-2 for the season and 4-1 in WAG action. New Mexico will be favored in the conference championships here March 22-23. FLOOR EXERCISE -- 1, Rich, impson, ASU, 9.15. 2, Jeff Bennon, A, 9.05. 3, Jack Harris, ASU, 8.7.5. SIDE HORSE 1, Bennon, A, 9.15. 2, Mike Weaver, A,B.75. 3, Darryl Blair, ASU, o.ia. RINGS -- 1, Pat Arnold, A, 9.8. 2, Bob Shirk, A, 9.35 .3, John Price, ASU, 9.0. TRAMPOLINE -- 1, Nick Spann, ASU, 9.3. 1. Brian Diebold, A, 8.55. 3, Bill Pilgrim. ASU, 8.5. LONG HORSE -- 1, Impson, ASU, 9.2. 2, Bennon, A, 9.15, 3, Shirk A, 8.85. PARALLEL BARS -- 1 (tie), Cory Fox. A, and Impson, ASU, 9.2. 3, Bennon, A, 9.1. HIGH BAR -- 1, Darrvl Bair, ASU, 9.2. 2, Impson, ASU, 8.95. 3, Harris, ASU 8.7. ALL-AROUND -,- 1, Impson, ASU, 53.75. ALL AROUND -- 1, Impson, ASU !?'"' 2 ' Benno A ' 53J ' 3 ' 8air ling drove in the winning runs. John Buzhardt, Joe Moeller, Denny Lemaster and Danny loombs shared the pitching for Houston. Jim Bunning, acquired "rom Philadelphia during the winter, made his debut for the Pirates and allowed one run and Arizona Netiers Shoot For No. 2 The strong University of Arizona tennis team want after its second victory of the season this afternoon when it met Pacific on the UA courts. The Wildcats trounced the Tigers, 9-0, 3-asterday. Wildcat stars Brian Cheney, Dean Penero and Mike Howard scored straight-set victories in the opener. Bring Your Films to DAVE'S PHOTO LAB 2026 E. BROADWAY SAVE ? v HALF! CLIFF VALLEY GOLF COURSE 5910 N.Oracle Road In Ihe dust-free Ihermal belt (Manicured Greens) Golf Instructions by PAT LANG TUCSOH'S ONLY LADY PGA PRO Group Individual IfKfructions For*pohfamntCafSS7-6161 Challenging! Interesting! Fun! NEW'68 THUWtRBIRtl $3988 429" 4Y Engine Se!etl-shifrfrwj«-0-J«oti{ Power steering Disc type powtr brakes Push button AM radio HD battery Comfort Stream ventilation system Magic Aire heater Hydraulic windshield wipers Alternator · Equipped wilh Flight benrh seal White Wofl Tires Full wheel (overs Glove box light Map light Ignition light lledric ihik Automatic parking oroke release (ourtesy light Emergency flasher HOLMES TUTTLE FORD 1 Front running light 1 Kon-glnre mirror 1 Remote contra! OS mirror Padded instrument panel I visors fleorseot heater duils Retractable headlamp doors Reversible keys Seat belts front and rear Front retractors Sequential turn signals 800 E.Broadway 5350 E. Speedway five hits in three innings. Ken Holtzman, unbeaten last season, took the loss as San Francisco dropped the Chicago Cubs 6-3 at Scottsdale, Ariz. The Giants bunched three singles, a double by Willie Mays, a walk and a sacrifice for four third-inning runs against Holtzman. Billy Williams homered for the Cubs. Cincinnati 002 C40 005-11 13 0 Philadelphia 000 Oil 000- 2 6 0 - Tsi- 2?,°May RUnS "~ C!ncinnati ' Beauchamp San Francisco 104 000 001 6 11 1 Chicago, NL 103 002 000 3 12 C Sadecki, Herbe] 4. Chavez 7 and Dietz, Barton 6; Jenkins, Holtzman 3; Hat? ns ,'r'? 7 Ross 9 and Hundley, Plummer 6, W-Sadecki, L -- Holtzman. Home run -- Chicago , Williams. Boston 012 030 000 -- 3 8 1 Chicago · 201 102 Olx -- 7 14 C Bell, stange (4), Rohr (7), and Howard, Gibson ( 4 ) ; John, Horeln ( 4 ) , McMahon /7V Xi J i ant i Josepnson, McNerlney (7). W -- Yorten. L -- Stange. At Bradenton, Fla. Houston 100 012 OCO -- 4 12 1 Pittsburgh 100 001 030 -- 2 4 ; Lemaster, Bjzhardt ( 4 ) , Moeller (6), fcffinia ?»' ". Bateman; Bunning nr ?i r != 1(4 l' palCanlon (7) and May, Brand (5), Taylor (7). W -- Buzhardt. U -- McBean. Home run -- Pittsburgh, Clendon. RESULTS F I R S T -- 5-16 Mile, Gr. 2, 5 Irish h =TMp, 9/80, 5.20, 3 . 8 0 / 3 Go Zar?o, 6 6q 5.00, 2 Allen Boy, 3.40, Q. 3-5, 82.40, T. THIRD -- 5-16 Mile/Gr 4, 4 R K 's Rev Jet, 7.20, 3.80, 34Q, 6 L L ' s Renpp 4^3.80, 8 New Duff, 7.00, 0 /-6 15 To! 1 A,f; C L' JR J H -- 5-16 Mile, Gr. 3, 4 Cotton Witch, 5 40, 3 20, 3.00, 7 Timber Tim 62o" 1'lab 4 ' 00 ' T - 3K68 ' Q - 4 ' 1 FIFTH -- Tucson Course, Gr 4 ·? D.L.'s Rock, 6.40, 2.60, 2.40, 6 E B 's Jet " puf Me D °"°. , E ,' G , H - H ~ . J6ck Bud ' l Tucson Course, Gr ' 4 ' 0 ' , 4 ,' 6 . 0 ' , 3 ' 60 ' ' L astle s Lady - 3 -° 3, 5 , , - -5 ' 1 Wile, Gr. 1, 7 Sunny W' te ^ s 80, 4.00, 2.40/1 Bright Reward! 21.60, T 3129 P Sargenl, 2.80, Q. 1-7, TENTH -- 5-16 Mile, Gr. 2, I Nuggei's K'ns. 27-°0, f.K, 5.80, 2 Buss Hello, 4.2ft "O, 4 Royal Start, 7.00, Q. 1-2, 41 40, T nil .D I . ....ELEVENTH -- Tucson Course, Gr 2, 4 Winnie Cole, 9.60, 9.60, 5.00, 2 Fast Drive ' ATTENDANCE 1,596. BIG Q -- 1-2 anr 2-4(2^8), EXCH 58. PERFECTA - 42 038.80). HANDLE -- 67,322, PAID TO 4,03992 ~ 57.232.20, PAID TO STATE - ENTRIES First: S-14, Grade 2 1. Domino Dan, 5-2 S. Castle's Bonny, 8-1 2. Stapler, 12-1 6. Cotton Slacks, 9-2 3. Good Looker, 7-2 7. Hi Moonlight, 10-1 *· Rngrs BigTip, 6-1 8. Suzy Kawano, 8-1 Second: New Pima c., Grade (S) Kennel Championship J- , H f! 10 Donna, 12-1 5. Limited Offer, 8-1 "mine, 9-1 6. Royal Plymte, 7-2 jail, 6-1 7. Tough Subiect, 5-2 1. Detachable, 5-2 5. Sweet Dillv, 6-1 ?' ^f, e , f H r, Dld L' 9 ' 2 6 - Speedy Duff, 8-1 3 - £-W. s Randy, 7-2 7. Blue Katrina, 8-1 tr.^SL VS c l ?f 'J 0 -L 8 - Bar Booth ' ' 2 -' Fourth: 5-16, Grade 3 1. Bo King, S-2 5. Supreme Miss, 8-1 2. Jemez, 7-2 4. High Invenlry, 6-1 3. Tab's Honey, 12-1 7. Chief Jailer, 9-2 i-. Rsty's Ticga, 10-1 8. B's Cissy, 8-1 Fifth: Tucson C., Grade i 1. CK's Undrstfd, 8-1 S. Jo Jennie, 12-1 2. Pinto Wish, 5-2 6. Softy Jane, 8-1 3. Future Sharn, 7-2 7. B's Butch, 10-1 8 - C a " n ° n C " ^ 1. Ly| Maby, 5-2 5. JA's Wht Hme, 7-2 2. Junker Loup, 8-1 4. Our World, 10-1 3. EB's Pixie, 6-1 7. Mento Recrd, 12-1 '·Top Rocker, 9-2 8. Rebel Junior, B-l Seventh: 5-16, Grade 3 1. Brndle Lzrd, 10-1 5. Wild Dog, 5-2 2. Blaze Flint, 7-2 6. OP Jmstown, 12-1 3. GB's Piker, 6-1 7. Prairie Circuit, 8-1 4. Texas Mixer, 8-1 6. Toast Me, 9-2 Eblith: New Pima C., Grade (S) Kennel Championship 1- f lyr's Flaxie, 5-2 5. Lake Hen, 6-1 2. Mastr's Miss, 7-2 4. Real Rich, fi-1 3. Nixon Betty, 9-2 7. Rainbo Loup, 10-1 4._Debra Spncr, 8-1 B. Scot Brown, 12-1 Nmtrt: 5-14, Grade 1 (Arlr. Bred Pref.) 1. Lefty Rog, 7-2 5. Jolting Jim, 8-1 2. Loup Flyer, 5-2 6. Prfct Fwndy, 6-1 3. Fonda Gvpsy, 8-1 7. Lurcher Boy, 9-2 4. Busier Fire, 12-1 8. Prmse Nncy, 10-1 Tenth: 5-14, Grade 2 1. Cttn Ldy Bug, 6-1 2. Hope Drive, 5-2 3. Castle's Pepr, B-l 4. Rajah's Rlr, 10-1 Eleventh: Tucson C., 1. G's Blackick, 8-1 2. Jewel Sue, 7-2 3. Hush Tip, 5-2 4. LL's George, 4-1 5. Rose Tip, B-l 6. Glacier Boy, 7-2 7. Dakota Msty, 12-1 8. Bladen, 9-2 Grade 3 5. Jan Sol, 12-1 6. World Herold, 10-1 7. Mdow's Tmple, 9-2 6. Magic Heat, 8-1 SELECTIONS Royal Play THIRD: Sweet Dilly. Tioga URTH: B ° Kin3; Chief Jailer; R^'^Efcelera" 1 ^ 6 Sharon; pint ° Wish ' Ly S E ' B ' 5 "*"·· T» '·; Wild laxie; Rainbo Lurcher Boy; gJgENTH 1 :' Hope Drive; Cotton Lady ELEVENTH: Magic Heat; Hush Tie; Meadow s_ Temple. : Flyer's Flaxie in the 8th a £ E £ T T QU L N i ELA: ,, 6 . (Roval Playmate) and 7 (Tough Subiect) in 2nd. TUCSON'S MOST COMPLETE! JACK ELLIS SPORTING GOODS 45 EAST BROADWAY "^Vo« tio*n Po»f Qttitt" - MA 2-1301 OHYOURWAYTOMT.LEMMOH Stop At SABINO ViSTA LIQUORS for A COMPLETE SELECTION o PICNIC SUPPLIES BEER LIQUORS SABINO VISTA LIQUORS 6700 E.TAHQUE VERDE PK. 298-7621 * Your INCOME TAX MONEY SAVING KNOWLEDGE AT YOUR SERVICE 38 Years' Experience Dependable Tax Service Persona} Attention Open All Year Charter Member-Associated Tax Accts. of Arizona Free Parking lot g.J 1134 E. 6th ST. 623-1853-- OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL 9 BURT L. COCKLIN SON FULL TIME TAX CONSULTANTS the FABULOUS YAMAHA EXCITER ARE HERE! SOZB- THE NEW SPORT SCRAMBLER FEATURING 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION * 5 PORT ENGINE * AUTOIUBE 01 SYSTEM * CERIANf FORKS * TACH AND SPEEDO * QUICK DETACH LIGHTS * GXT KIT AVAILABLE YAMAHA ENGINEERED AND DEVELOPED 5 PORT ENGINES See THE ALL NEW 125 CC AND 180CC TWK SCRAMBLERS WITH 5 PORT ENGMES RANGMG FROM 15.2 TO 21 HORSEPOWER. EASTSIDE CYCLE ,4940 E. 22ND ST. 327-6902 NBA Eastern Division _ . ,, , , . Won Lost Philadelphia 54 la Boston 50 25 35 35 34 Mew York . Detroit ... Cincinnati . Baltimore . St. Louis . . . Los Angeles . San Francisco .. « Chicago , 25 Seattle ...'.'.'.'.'.','. 20 San Diego 37 40 41 41 Western Division 54 24 U 28 33 48 53 15 62 n i - t ,~, Friday ' s Results Detroit 129, Cincinnati 118 Philadelphia 101, Boston 95 Los Angeles 130, San Diego Baltimore 122, Seattle 116 Pet. Behind .757 -.667 6'/2 .507 18'/2 .467 21'/a .461 22 .453 22'/i .692 -.622 6 .560 10'/2 .342 26'/.274 13'/ 2 .195 38'/2 122 ABA Eastern Division Wor.' Lost Pcf. Behind Pittsburgh 50 22 .694 -Minnesota 43 W .6-!9 3 Indiana 35 38 .479 15W New Jersey 33 38 .465 16Vi Kentucky 29 41 .414 20 Western Division New Orleans . . 4 4 26 .629 -Denver 41 29 .586 3 Dallas 38 30 .559 5 Houston 27 45 .375 18 Anaheim 23 48 .324 Wfi Oakland 22 47 .319 21'A Friday's Results* Minnesota 109, Oakland 101 Dallas 117, Houston 116 Kentucky 109, New Jersey 100 New Orleans 116, Pittsburgh 114 THE OPENING OF OUR MODERN AUTO AIR-CONDITIONING DEPARTMENT Sales Service Spring Special on all Makes 1. Check* tighten aH hoses. 2. Check adjust belts. 3. Checks flush radiator. 4. Check f reon for proper pressure. A COMPLETE CHECKUPSERVICE ONLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY PLEftSE CALL 623-7549 BILL EDEL MOTORS AIR CONDITIONING DEPT. 2019 N.STONE WHAT'S THE WEATHER REPORT? check it daily in the TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF CALL FOR 8IDS NOTICE IS HEREBY G I V t N that sealed bids will be received in the office ?L/"£ p i ma Counf V Purchasing Agenl. 2B55 Soylh 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona, tor the following: BID B - No. 2724 - !968 TREASURER'S TAX STATEMENT AND RECEIPT FORM To furnish Pima Country Treasurer's Office wild One Hundred Forly-Fivo Thousand U«,000) four (4) parl continuous Treasurer's Tax Statement and Receipt Form, as per specifications called for by Pima County Sealed Bids on Bid B-No. 2724 will be received up to 10:00 a.m., March IS, 1968. Opening of the BidB-No. 2724, will be at 10:00 a.m., March 15, 1968, in the office of Ihe Pima County Purchasing Agent, 2355 Soulh 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. BID B-No. 2725 - J968 ASSESSMENT AND TAX ROLL SHEETS To furnish Pima County Assessor's Department and the Pima County Treasurer's Department with Seven Thousand (7,000) one part continuous Assessment and Tax Roll Sheets (Six Thousand (6,000) to the Assessor's Office and Onp Thousand (1,000) to the Treasurer's 01- part continuous Cross Index Sheets for fice, and Six Thousand (6,000) one (1) the Pima County Assessor's Office, as per specifications called for by Pima County. Sealed Bids on Bid B-No. 2725 will be received up to 10:15 a.m., March 15, 1968. Opening of the Bid B-No. 2725 will be at 10:15 a.m.. March 15, I960, in the office of the Pima County Purchasing Agent, 2855 Soulh 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relating to the aforesaid bids may be procured from the office of the Pima County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnish a sufficient Bid and Performance Bond ac- ceotable to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserves Ihe right to reject any or all bids for any reason whatsoever or to waive any irregularities or informalities in the bids or bidding. DONE BY ORDER of the Board of Supervisors this 27th day of February, 1968. THOMAS S. J A Y , Chairman Board of Supervisors Pima County, Arizona PUBLISH: Tucson Daily Citizen February 29, March 1. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11, and all the other documents comprising the pertinent Contract Documents. Copies of the Contract Documents are now on i tile and open to public Inspection In the office of Cook Swaim Architect located at 151 s. Tucson Boulevard, Tucson, Arizona, in said County and State, and may be obtained by depositing $10.00 f or ms se . This deposit will be refunded If the set of Contract Documents delivered is returned in gcod condition Same Day bid opening and If the Contractor has sub- milted a bona fide bid. Additional sets or sheets of Drawings, pages of Specifications and other Contract Documents may c 1 ur i5 : , l ! as S d at CDst without refund. tacn bid shall be accompanied by a certified check or cashier's check or bid bond payable to the Board of Supervisors '" f" amount not less than five per cent of Ihe maximum amount of the bid The check or bid bond shall be given as a guarantee of intent of the contractor to enter into a contract should his bid be R^IS ed . °/ as '."""dated damages to the Board at Supervisors in the event of fail- Into °T r± sa i. tol -r's h6 "Tractor to enter into a contract. The check or bid bond ri''L be I e '. llrnle = f ' 'he unsuccessful bid- 25«r.,f£ V 5 "^successful bidder upon execution of a satisfactory bond The successful contractor shall provide a of thl rn m , pan y Bi !" j in the »u" amoun" cLii i conlract Price. Said surety bond catin nbB ( pt ?, sted wtthin 5 da v s after notification of the award of the contract to the successful bidder. The conTMScl snail hi DPrt-n C ° r . dar " :e ^ ith 1he Provisions of all pertinent genera public laws of the Slate ot Arizona in effect at the limn nf (hf tr X a e ct UDMon h "f, 1he '""tract, anTIhe" cons Pro- NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received in Ihe office of the Pima County Purchasing Agenl, 2855 Soulh 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona for the following: BID B-No. 2727 - CORRUGATED METAL PIPE To furnish Pima County Highway partmenl with Corrugated Metal Pipe. (Arch or Oval Design), as per specifica lions called for by Pima County Sealed Bids on Bid B-No. 2727 will be received up to 11:00 a.m., March 14, 1968 Opening of the Bid B-No. 2727 will be at 11:00 a.m., March 14, 1968, in the office of L he .f im ,? County Purchasing Agent, 5855 South 8fh Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. BID B-No.2728 CORRUGATED METAL PIPE To furnish Pima County Highway Department wilh Corrugated Metal Pipe, (Full Circle), as per specifications ca- td for by Pima County. Sealed Bids on Bid B-No. 2728 will be received UP to 11:15 a.m.. March 14, 1968. Opening of the Bid B-Np 2728 will be at 11:15 a.m., March 14, 196B. in'the office of Ihe Pima County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson. Arizona. Specifications relating to the aforesaid bids may be procured from the office of Ihe Pima County -Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnish a sufficient Bid and Performance Bond acceptable to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserves the right lo reject any or all bids for any reason whatsoever or to waive any irregularities or informalities in the bids or bidding. DONE BY ORDER of the Board of Supervisors this 28th day of February, 1968. THOMAS S. jAY, Chairman Board of Supervisors Pima County, Arizona PUBLISH: Tucson Daily Citizen March 1. 2 ,4, 5, d, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12, 1968. NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received in the office of the Pima County Purchasing Agenl, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona up lo 10:00 a.m., March 26. 1968 for the following: BID B-No. 2724 - ONE (1) LABORATORY FURNACE COMPLETE WITH CONTROLS To furnish Pima County Health Department with One (11 Laboratory Furnace complete with controls, as per specifications called for by Pima County. Opening of the Bid B-No. 2724 will be at 10:00 a,m , March 124, 1968, in the office of the Pima County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relating to the aforesaid bid may be procured from the office of Ihe Pima County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnish · sufficient Bid Bond acceptable lo the Board o f Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to reject any or all bids for any reason whatsoever or to waive any Irregularities or informalities In ths bids or bidding DONE BY ORDER of the Board of Supervisors this 27th day of February, 1968, THOMAS. S. JAY. Chairman Board of Supervisors Pima County, Arizona PUBLISH: Tucson Daily Citizen March 1, 1, 4, S, 4, 7. 8, 9, 11 and 12, 1946. TUCSON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, DIST. NO. 1 NOTICE INVITING SEALED BIDS Bid No. 1671 Notice Is hereby given that Ihe Purchasing Agent of School District No. 1 of =ima County, Arizona, actlnB as Agent or the Board of Supervisors of Pima County, will receive up to, but not later lian 3:00 P.M. local time, on the 24th day of April, 1968 sealed bids for 3-CIASSROOM ADDITION, SCHUMAKER SCHOOL located Ml N. Maguire Avenue, -Ity of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona. Such bids shall be received at the Purchasing Department, Tucson Public Schools, 1010 East Tenth Street, Tucson, Arizona, and shall be opened and publicly read aloud at the above stated time at Ihe above address. Each bid must conform and be respon- -Ive to this Invitation, and the Instruc- Jons to Bidders, the Drawings, Specifications, Contract and General Conditions . ^t hi ' e , ct h ha! ! ascertained the pre- rate of hour y wanes in Ihp inr-ii The Board of Supervisors' reserves th* Tucson School District No ACTING FOR BOARD OF SUPER" VISORS OF PIMA la TPS B S id P N r o V 767t « P ""« Ay? ArTzon 0 .' o o w i n 3 : a Purchasing Agmi, 2655 Scufff'sT, 3 f oun ^ Tucson, Arizona south 8lh Avenue, South 8th A v e n e , Tucson A r i z o n ' Vi^ l "n l ote T d?fn a fee M h a ?ir 2d6 ' Z ' 0 '« n ' B ^°ffi following- ' lucs °n Arizona, on the .^5°^L rER '=30P.M, nor.he.5, of ,S%£§»X3FS)*£W Telephone 792-8361 PUBLISH: Saturday, March 9,

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