Independent from Long Beach, California on March 17, 1966 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 29
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*nUtt.tft IMA · We Invite Your Inspection ROSETON ARMS .t 11445 216th St.. L.k.wood (N««r N»w N.vy Hespit«| Dougl.t) Brand New--All Electric I 4 2 IRi, 1% baftn, Jiihwa.her, pool, raeraation room. Separate unit for familial with ichoot eg* children Unfurnished $M up--I IR.. (125 up-2 IR. rwniihed SI II ui--I IR., $155 up--2 IR. · ' - Mien. IM-4022 or 42I-3U* J · · · · · rHiralilitMJ Apqrtm'iifi 1 Ot LONG BEACH lOt! LONG BEACH "CHILDREN WELCOMl Mod 2-Br., nr. schls. 4 bus. tm L.». Blvd L «M-4(2l MODERN Y.BR7FURN.' Illllas. 767 Sunrl $45-OLDER BACH-GAR 2275 EUCALYPTUS Sharp 2 bdrm., ww cuts. Bum In range. Manager API. 5. $25 Wk. $89.50 Mo. Up BEAUT, new dlx. 1- 2-BR,, turn. unfurn. Bullt-lns. w-w cof., din L lo stores trans. MS Wth, L.B. 473-5388 jse tt 'l030 GRAND Ex.cutiv. Typ» |-Br. Apt. FOR LUXURY LIVING ' HEATED POOL FIREPLACE - Beautifully an- pointed In wood oanel settlrig eomolefe HI-FI. Cloie lo beach and Blxov Park. 2215 Florida SI. IJust OH 41)i «. Junipers) SICELY lurnlihed tingle aoarlment Including stove and refrigerator all utilities paid, us month Near all buses. La Belle apartments. 711 Long Buctl Boulevard downtown. Long Beach. Ph. HEe-4349 Unft.rn.AyH. mA It+n.*,*. lag LONG BEACH BELMONT SHORE NEW 1 BEDRM ------- -- 124 OUINCY Custom furnTLbts close? LUXURY POOL APT. N«w 2-BR., 2-bath, air cond., al elec., beaut, oold crot., T200 M TS feHST'SicK- 1 Adult.. 4 Uj.4fjgn.nd. BY WEEK OR MONTH leiutlfu HO w. lfully furnished Ig. 1-Mrm 711 E. olh SI. 32-lo80 $12.60 Wk. Cln Apts. Util. --'-·-ne sarvlca free. Nr. buses. _HILL GA 7-9100 WEEK-MONTH-YEAR NR. BlLMONT ?HORE . BUT CHEAPER . $25WK., UTIL PD. Htd. Pool. Prkg., Lndry. 1430 SOUTH ST. $50 MONTH -- Bachelor apt.""with -'""·- paid. Quiet neighborhood. person or pensioner. 2322 LOCUSl __ 2 BR. TOWNHOUSE'S i · on the ocean ,, '45 E. OCEAN I NAVY BASE NEAR " i 1211 MAGNOLIA, largest, CHEAP, 1 t, 1 br In cltVjJkduits JJA_7-7576 BELMONT HGTS. i ge I BR $165. Nr Ocean. 215 Belmont. New. ww .crpt t turn. King bed + bedding. _Adyltl. GE 8-3507 NLB NR. FREEWAY Lovely lara* 1 2-br. acts. Pool, parking, utll. od. NE 1-.4S2 ON ALAMITOS BAY NEAR MARINA 1-Br. Newly dec., w-w carpets, drapes. Walking distance to mkts ! shoDS, churche; and tramp, m. WC.I W... I distance to mkt - -» and transp. $'... rrenlo Dr. Mgr. 43661^ BEAUTIFUL I t 2-Wrm., turn. urmjnt., hfd. pool, w*w carpet drapes, B8Q, gar. Close to tun. »*0 t up. tm Atlantic, GA 2-3341 LARGE I-BR. $90 MO. 5430 Atlantic G A 2-1247 j , -Furnished Aparrments $45 to S75. Includ. ullls. 435 3561 ' 1827 E. OCEAN BLVD. l-Bdrm. $110. Adults. HE 2-6S3 (430 ELM--i BDRM: .Large attractive, pallo, oar. $B5. 'S27 W. 3RD, UTILPD. $75--QUIET dean 1-bdrm., laundry facility, walk to Belmonl Center ^ttwpwng. 1075 Orlzaba^HA^^S R slnale. Nicely "furnish- sld. Aduits, no pets. "Electrically" Clean , FURN. or I'NFURN. Deluxe 7-br. I Bullt-ins, uarpcls, drapes. Elevator. ! 4 blocks to freeway. _172o CHESTNUT «i»73 ' GOLD MEDALLION" REAL COUNTRY LIVING ! I WITH SPACIOUS GROUNDS t SHADY TREES FOR CMiLDftt-N * ADULTS TO ENJOY 5 Pools 5 MINUTES TO DOUGLAS UNUSUALLY LAKt APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED--FROM $110 FURNISHED--FROM $140 I-BR.--$110 I-BR.--$140 2-BR.--$125 2-BR.--$155 ATHERTON WEST 1718 XIMENO GE S-5036 I I'/l lit. Nt. W »«ifi« C«4st Hwy. 1 Mi». t» Sen K«t» Frwy.l hmil.ln^Ap«.Ttm-»H 10* BEFORE YOU MOVE DO SEC THE LACUNA VISTA SpacioiH Gold Medallion DELUXE APARTMENTS at 500 Ximeno Quiet, Countryj Club Living FOR ADULTS (No Pett) Definitely Nothing Like It 'It Will Overwhelm You' Gift for Newly Wedi SEE MODELS--I AM. TO t P.M- "T10)TO)K I Month Free Rent With This Ad. 2 Bdrms-Furn. from $115 2 Bdrms Uufurn. from $85 Children's Play Are* Large Enclosed Heated Pool. Wall to Wall Carpets. 15724 ORANGE AVE. Paramount -- 633-9416 IDEAL-- For lady, thli cutest sol. cozy, cln, lite, beaut, furn. upoer front. New w/w at. Nr. beach, markets, town, buss. Utlls. Incl. No clean, dig. STJmo. 276 Bonlta Av. ~ Adults. Clean, quiet. Nr. stores buses. 1131 St. Louis. $50 SINGLI (round floor, carpeted, 09 C*rrlto». HE 7-55M l-BDRM.. dMn and comfortibie. idHl for cowtt, bibv ok. Hwtdy laundry, W Mode butllrtt. $75. 1137 MAHAHNA, «tt. 2:30 4334QU Ntar Sf. Mary't $87.50 BABIES WANTED «5-Sgle., utll. Dd., Idrv., mkts. 533 W. 17th. GA 4-50S2. ARTESIA BELULOWER" TOWER $69.50 UP~ ACAPULCO APTS. EXCLUSlVE-Clean 1-bdrm. ipts. Heated pool, carpets. Adits, only. Pleasant , Hying. Utlls. Incl 16212 BELLFLOWER Wits. and flood 1112.50 mo. TO 7-US2 1-BR. soundproof, swimming nool. w-w crpt., drapes, all electric bujlHns, .adult pes, i only. . GE '-2237 ' $79. BIG DBL. GAS PD. Large 1 BR. + pull dn. bed, llv.. din. rm., tile kltch. be., w/w newly redec. Aduin, ItM Cedar. DELUXE 2-BDRM. W-w carpets, drapes, disposal, 3-BDRM 2 BATH Gold Med. New crpt. Soundproof. Air cond. Pool. 7444 Pasadena 426-3733 or 42M789 STARGLO APTS. 3 Bedroom aptt., utll. pd. Colored builMni, carpets, drapes, _ * $79.50 MO. i'UP ^ DELUXE - l-bedrm. singles. only. Q M]]| Belmont ___ Bellflower NR. DOUGLAS NAA I'W'Wi- or?: MEO-30M DELUXE I 2 BR $85 UP FURNISHED ft UNPURN. POOL AMBASSADOR APTS. ISO E. Flower St. B.llftew.r Near Douglas--I Br. Apt. I BEDROOM S90-S115. AIR COND. Beaut, deluxe z-br., bath enclosure, w-w crpt., BIXBY KNOLLS. 427-5653 drapes, Ige. closels. carport. 15719 I Eucalyptus. «2iQe74; ns-tM4. 1 * 2 IDRMS. W/w, bullMni, air cond., prlv. patio, lots ok. $99.» ' " Apt. 17. $29 WEEK 2 BDRM. Utll. paid. Child OK. 43M1M WO-OEL HEIGHTS-- NR. OCEAN SGLE, APT., OWN GARDFN FOR NON-SMOKERS GE 8-12M ·W-OUIET, clean. 1 Remis ' bdrm., nr. nsione GE -" AVAILABLE NOW -ft- DELUXE I t, 2 Bdrm. lurn. Apts. Healed Pool. Lots of parking. $99.50 up. Cpts., drapes, bit-Ins. 6942 Paramount BI. HLB ME 3-3494 4644 LKWD. BLVD. Extra large 1 bdrm., ww crpts., drapes, built hi oven I. range. Manager Apt. 2. LONG 107 I MO FREE RENT GORGEOUS 2-STCRY APTS LONG i 2-IEDRM. APTS'." ·"me. lelrewod $90 MONTH 3-BEDRM. ARTS. $!20 MONTH vour «V«t7fn kitchen coma * trut, I rantM. oven, dlshw., tnack bar. I Vowr own private laundry rm. i Private oatiea I. vards. Each apt ' , E ~. . M -,-TM, | room, hdwd floors, fireplace. FA *teu. WasKar 1 dry»» Call heat. Re?'* weaHar, aSW W'w Soullwala. Sun uloH5 wk da» I carpeting. tlragM. G*ck wall aft 4. ! fence. Garolanlnf aerv. -- * ~ "' ' " s o . Ha CLEAM. Ctoej" hi. Newly »ec 2 bdrm. Adults. G.E. w^ter New d'venoorl. chair. Inq. 337 F. In Nle. OA in yd. Ton r M*rk*t " CAlL US FIRST Wt fv*v« hoow*--«Dt».--no c PRESTIGE REALTY ·WAN CO. MI mtf . . Ilk* a separate houit. J-BR or 2-BR DEN 7 full baths -- walk-In clcul. ONLV 3 LEFT . . FROM 1190. 280 E. MtrUr St., L.B. _____ 537l^ __ _ PRESTIGE $185 Mo. Up Cerritos Circle DetoM I aVdraem Duple* Units, comple»a In wary detail Alt adult community. Adlolns Virginia Country Club and Long Beach's finest residential *rea. ate occivartcv. Adlacant to tchool, oarkl. transportation t freeways. I EL CAPITAN : 3325 SAMT.f FE AVE. j ..£!!»__ 417.1814 ! NEW deluxe Gold Medallion emre large 3 BR., 2 bath, for adult farnih/. Air cond . cellln. heat, car. oate* I draped. Reel, oarv?led bar. dlihwainer, parb. all*., bv-lll-w atore 4. oven, loads 2 WKS. FREE rn.cjiiCTC nc«Lil A R E A L BeaurTTh^ 4laa new S460 E. PAC. r.ST. HWY. GE .'-ml stores in me heart of Mlflower, 110 NAPLES Lge dlx. 2 Br. Bullt-lns. oarden mill , w carMtlng thruoul. drco. piKt. La-^i. Comoiitciv V) W*(rr oJ. * Q«rd«i IMMACULATE 3 BORM. Stove. MHO room, redecorated In- li(V end oul 1145 1st ,M latt month f damage deooslt Ray Hlllhouse, Rl" LOS ALTO! itlve cr E 2nd " 434 9943^ Nr. DougUi Missil. Best rental) in Huntlngton 7 3. or 4 BR. homes No Outside ! 45 mo. - CtrT' Cl*rli A Ramon*. L*Tft itf a rtal qood businos bids, it tv'ct whMi N rfghtl ' _ « «.»..... LOS Alamltoj -- Rotimoor . _RWr. _ HA »-34» j 4 Btdrm, t»mllv rm. KMO dan, J ttory-- 3 car oar. lew tate .. convtrtibl* d«n, new carpa Mint, drftptfl* ttovt, largt pri le. Ly^M t1*ftT 43l- j^S^,^'*!; i _ L J jKw. j»*_i 3 ¥*». . NAPLES mod., THE KINGSTON Sb. 3csbfl !o h ?LIVING!" A A * ir' C 2-BR. turn. untum. 1754 PINE AVE (Hot wittr furnished) . 11 3-IR. Cimt, oVaiwi. ·ulIMn ranmlicfrta. optional. Chlldrtn wtlcomt. ftto Harbor 2 Weeks Free Rent $79.50 DELUXE New 1-B«. I, den or 2-BR., w w · OCEAN FRONT · LIVING 2-br., balconl 2 WEEKS FREE RENT! SPACIOUS 2-BR. GARDEN Aptl. Dishwasher, thermostat, air cond., bullMns, garages, near markets It freeway. HEATED POOL CHILD O.K. S11S 1018 E. 32nd 424-1085 NEAR ORANSE * WARDLOW BAY FRONT LUXURIOUS PENTHOUSE APTS. On the Penlnsul*. with boat slips. Unsurpassed view. Many extras. Personal services. Radio controlled locking gar. 1 t, 2 (Ownar by appt. only. 3m»l. RENTAL CENTER Wt hav« rww cl*an 1 1 2 8Rs., furnts.",«d It unfurnlihtd ipts, -Ready for ImmtxHatu occupincv. Various locations In Long Beach No rtfltal feet. For Information call «$-Q^7 bttwaen 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. M aTH PLACE "L.B.""' 432-7323 WRIGLEY DISTRICT SOUNDPROOF 2 BR. Bullt-lns, w-w crpls., drapes. _ 1901 Fnhion 432-4349 " 2 WEEKS FREE RENT spacious lower 2 Mrm, range, re- frlg. dlsp.. play area, park, nr ops t scttls. ««7JO 1120 w. Wll- 425-H44 UPPER "2-BR. $85 W-w carpet, drapes, bullt-lni, natural cabinets, patio. Ample park(no area. «503 E. 72nd St. ^Be- twetn Orange «, Atlantic) 634-85M low" Hunting an Apt? W havf a selection from WO to I1M. Furn. or unlurn. Child welcome In some. No pfti--No tee. MAX LIVONI REALTY 434-4205 1101 Atlantic HE 4-9701 crpft., stow t rtfrlg. avail. *"lh tuiV. BMut. patio. Nr. LduTu. GA 7-3Jl»; S91-2513 ARTESIA ARTESIA AREA--Very Ige. 2 bedrm -- - illt-ln rang. «7Y,en 1105. , bui r UN W444 BELLFLOWER l-BDRIVi. "Ant. ,,- ... Inquire Shot store, (lower Blvd. H7-MH. LARGE 2 BR. deluxe apt, carpet. drapes, bullf-lns, nr. bus, makt Park. Its. TO 4-6410 or ME 3-344? STUDIO-.110. 2-Bdrm., «». Crols. Pool 2 children ok, Near school!. 15325 Ballflower Blvd. MS-^U Gold M.d.llion I-BR. BRAND NEW--$100 CARPETS, DRAPES. BUILT-INS Adultl, no petl. at f. Willow. 2-BR. J baths. Just painted, large SO REASONABLE Mr. Carpeted, lower floor, stove . refrlo. avail. Nr. · · 1126 E. 5TH Dlx. nr. new 2-bdrm!., crpts. r drapes* lundeck, teen weic. tffQ to $105. 2-BDRM, upper. Drapee stove. 10MO h.OWER ST. U7-J580 COMPTON-LYNWOOD FRETRENf TIL 1st" LARGE J-»r. wwer triplex. Stove J1 ! l rl !L_ lv »!!!_ 5 '?-_ i LAKEWpOp" UNBEATABLE ^ - . . - LKWO. Cli.n S.V.. i ba., draon, carptts. ttocrd yard, water paid. _lltTu5-1M «va. »_»«k«WT NEW OWNERS NEED USED FURN. I, APPLIANCES. _C .F_Furn. IMJ^harry GE t-OO 4'BDRM., ~\ baihi, radfcoraftd In out. Buflt-lni. cloia to tchooli »I55 mo^CE_0^!3. J _ ^ . _ _ - , HUHTIHOTOH HARiOUR - «75 » up. 3 I. 4-btMkoom om*i i Marina Apti. with boat HIM within walklno dlltanc*. Hunllngtnn H*r- ^our Salei Corp.^ WOSH " ~ BELLFLOWER"" Lflrot J-br., Mr.. fwic*d, Vlrf* baicor DrtrkiK, Otflr* Locust __ LOC 4-br. home, » Trancw. 2 dM. Pff 1 'anon..Have ^ovr e" 3-BR.--WRIGLEY AREA t » _H40~mo."GE~ Wf» in, 2 BDRMS.'EASTSIDE Redec., schools, markets, beach close,_child_olc. '035 E. 4th. MOULD RLTYGEb-7561 NEW modern store space for" IMS*. 70/X44' also H'xirr Corner o* SAnlA ft a. Carson St.. Oomlnguex. Heviw ira'lc. Growing area. Plenty o.rk,ng. Zone C. _model_to lull. Call TE DRM., 1% bath, 1160. Adultl. I 5411 LOS Santol. 1 'bdrttl. t, lamlly .arpat, draott, oaraoe, bullt-lni. ! rm., flrtol., cotl. drapes. Wlr«d -- - - Brtltl. TO 7-Un TX. ll«5 mo. - ' ' ' Hart. Rlti 8734 Role St., FREE RF.NTAL SERVICE BOTH LANDLORDS ft TENANTS. CENTER REALTY WA S-MM »H5"- MM., J BA, LAKEWOOD. Nr. ichooli, thopa. CIMnl Ctilldrcn Bur. HA_s-iin ^ wcll.ylll«, DKr. nl% »-tun 4-BD~RM., 2 bath, fireplace, bulfl-Tns, w-w cam,, nr, San Dim Freewv. J1W. Children, pel OK._5»e-3TM IMMEDIATE POSSE'sS. 2 » " 3 Bdrmi Coast Rltv (No Feet _43e-»253. COTTAGE--Rear. 1 br.,"smi., prlv. patio, stove, refrlg , nr. Rec. Park 175. Ph. 433J265 alter 4 p.m^ NEW i-bdrm., 2-bath. Tlle."w"-w carpet, bit-In kltch.. double garage. »le5. 424 7237 or 422-9»l eyes M5EDRM. Yard. Close to icliool, bus, shopolng. Children (2) ok. _ Inq. at 2339 Adriatic Ava. 2 BR. house; $110 NL.B. clean Ava. drapa i*r., adults, no pets. 1121 ~ " ' Ph. GA 2-4IW . __ __ _ __ HUN^flNGTON 6««ch, 3 Br., 2 bii. Nr. Douaiai t- school*. Ntwlv d*cor., naw drao«i I. w-w bul]t Ins. __ _ " WontttJre Rtnt 122 PROPERTY OWNERS" I W* RENT, MANAGC t LIAJI Call Joan WenfllRg i \' MOORE HA 1-8481 ! OUT OF STATE Buln«s EMOJttv. wife. 1 cnlld needs nice 3-bdrm. rrome bv April 1st. plxby KnoHs or Pilol Verdn Eitaln. Will o«v ws'soos m0 ' Prtffr ****** "··' tor WANTEO=Meeling~hali~ior ua to 200 p«notn. wim kitchen. 2 to 4 days monlhly. Must heve I ' king. Call Frl SI05--2 BR. den't'patlo. Nr. Para', mount Blvd. L Gardandale. ??0_^**1!L_ I-BR. HOUSE--Close to shopping' church schools. S9S. 3037 E. 63rd St. NLB.MM7W or SPACIOUS, new 2-BR.. elec kltch., a M r Spacious--CloseH Galor. i ^^g^g-^JjL- ALL LUXURY FEATURET 1 block to Lakewood Cente PARK DEL AMO ·· 4?IOCa tan« ME 4-3B67 _ . 3-BDRM., 1 ba, bit-lni, IV] BRS.--185. 6630 Loomla St. Lakewood. Go to end or Arbor Road, ·»!1, pest Palos yerdes._GA 2 : 2lS 2-BDRM. House. $15 mo., water and trash Dd. 2220VV] Vloletta, Hawa. llan Garden. WA 5-1433. LAKEWOOC crpls., d J150 mo. VET^RENT-iDPTION.BUY 2 3-BR.--LEASE _y MOORE. GE 3-7461 j 'ssji,'^..; 1 2V] car gar. S1U. Includes club- I house, swimming pool, malnt. r Scottsdale Town Houses. TE 4-»537 DOWNEY newly dec. 2-bdrm. house w/carport. Trash I, water paid, lawn kept. 2 children, no pati. «100 mo. t34»Vi Elm Vlsla Dr. BELMONT Hts-Lgt" rBR'~ partially | furn., water and gardener paid Washer drver, garage. 1100. _3J4_Proipecl_Ave ; ___GE_ I.IS4I -- NEED lo rent a garage far car. vie. ttti Elm. 430-1041 after t o.m._week d»y». Butintit Opp. 12* WIN WITH A WIN-A-CHECK STATION Flying "A" nation for lease. ( $80 I-Bdrm. Also 2 and 3 Bdrms. Furn/Unfurn. lull! ilnnl 5024 Hayttr MONTAIR PARK . . Louis 9W PARK"crRCLE -';' :pec ; al-SBtea., dfclfr, ?P- UULJncl., clean. SOLE, upper. Mlddleaged "lady .only. tssT Incl. ulils. 1920 E. 7t ' nlMly HEATED POOL vftk or mo. Clean . --m., disposal, built- Rec. room. 1334 Walnut. . ~$28Wtf J |c-2175 Atlantic Less bv 1he month. New l br. Utilities, linens, dishes, available. All slorei, bank inme block. I5TH ATLANTIC Dblt. S17.50 wk. or $65 mo.; iglet. Sis .wk. _pr $55 mo., utll. od. BEI NE 2, 2BR. +POOL $115 E. Ot Lkwd. BI. Child ok. 164-4774 COMPTON-LYNWOOD - ____ SPACIOUS 7 BO.'!. CarpeMnfl draoei, FM musk, laroe kitchen with colored bullt-lns. Near Doup- U7-01U I _or 1 _ _ POOL FROM iB5.50 UP Lge. 2-Br. or 1-Br. modern oots. 341 E 17111. 430-1205. HE 6-9701 eve BELMONfSHORE _ NeWj.Br^Carpets.JJSO. 43H9354 "" 152(3 E. 2ND Sales, t. pbies. mils pd. Adulls ___ NEW SGLE. 3035 MARIQUITA Between 3rd «. Bdwy., off Oblsco DOUGLAS WORKERS $79.50 PAY WEEKLY OR MO. LUXURIOUS FURN. SINGLES HEATED POOL--GARAGE SUN DECK "THE BERMUDA" 1601 BULLIS RD. COMPTON II block N. of Rosecranil 1 block E. of L. B. Blvd.) NE 2-8919 THE GAYTONlA Quici, Spacious Apts. ladrm. ft singles. Bv month or l«a». Maid's servli laundry. Olympic Pi 212 aUINCY AVE. UnhimUhtHl Aplt. 107 LONG BEACH ALL ELECTRIC--l-BDRM CMIdrtnOK. Mil-lit Urn, w-w cret., drapes, autorn.washer g. dryer, nrTaclll. Sis'Cherry Aye. Spae. 2 3 Bdrm, 2 Ba. Healed DOOI, all elec., w-w crpti., drps. tUt 55th Way, N.L.B. tM-4157 wKends. or aft. 4:30 p.m. 597-2391 or 431-1581 l-BDRM. $85 Newer, w-w crpt., drapes, gerb. I ^disposal _1705 Lime , 1-BDRM. FURNISHED _ -- ,,. $89.50 $60^Adults Nr. Market Children Welco_me._ 904 AMmltos ^JW5_Gladvs HAJ.54M i ~ g£AUT "NEW I Ct~2 BR " REDECORATED I-BR. Gold Med.'aoU., luxuriously turn. Infant pK._2509_E._15lh._433-(151 _L!« MAGNOLIA HE 6-4M6 Nfc"E~Slno"le" apt. newly decorated i $35 WEEK -- Utll. "* **" · Carport, i A. Shown BDRM «0. 2141 (lust off Carson) DOWNEY "iaflB.' w-w carpet. SeO. _ Hammond. ME 0-2654. MS-COTTAGE In i Mniloner. 917 Utlli. Lime. I bath, child ok. Utll. /_urne_._ | $49. SIZABLE 1-BR. Utll. pd. Park- Ingf 717 E. Paclllc csCHlway. CLlAN 1 Br., nr. SI. Mathews. adulhv, no pell. Ml Gladys Ave. DELUXE 1 Br., nr. new, w/w ca'r- _a«t3. Pkng. $85. 824-3497 GE 0-1889 off street enlrence $95 IQlh. GE 1-2871 SUNSET Beach. New 2 bdrm. I qar. ilTO mo. 1714) JE 4-5629. BEL SHORE, 220 Park -- 1 Bdrm., palln. Adults. No pats GE 9^697 ISO LGE. sole. Utli. pd. 151 Newport ~5 mln. Navy base. _GE_8-4574 LARGE single. 1 adult, utll. "pd.. nr. ocean. 1404 E. 2nd. 1 BDRM t pulldn. UIM M Nr. bui Una 8. mkls. 1058 Mollno. 1465 ELM. Soles. $55. Mir. $75, utils. Baby. New onlnl. _ HE 5-4093 $40 MO. I-Br. upper. Utll. pd, I Infant ok. 124 W.. ilst _St. ATTRAC.--Bach ap. nr. bch. uins. pd. 1319 E. Broadway. HE 5-7142 EXTRA Ige. single dlnlno rm. dressing rm. Child ok. 437-4295 $75, MODERN 1 BEDRM. I _23M_E.J7th_SI. GE 4-2351 1 BEDR'M. -- $95. Aduifi. deluxe, soundproof. 84n Gardenia, 432-7834 .__ -..^.. _ Nke - ltt cor sol . Adults. 419 W. Sin ____ $20 WK. FREE UTIL; NEW singles, S75 mo. utll. Dd. Bullt-lns. drapes, dlsp. 5 blks. or S2S wk. ,,,«-"«!·· NEW 2284'LOCUST FREE TV. Lights pd. Sol paint. Quiet. Inf. ok. to) nolla, Mod. Ig. I-Br. House $95 * 2 WEEKS FREE 1 BR. Bachelor Aots. + Pool. Day, wk. or mo. Walnut cabinets, utll. pd. Central htg., air cond. 12431 Woodrult 169-9015 OTHER CITIES $89-- Childr.n OK-- $89 Large 7 Bedrms. W/w carpet. Drapes, bit-Ins, lencod play yard, _ Ige. patle. 1357 E. 23rd. 424-8351 Bel Shore Diluii 2-Br. Upper. Stove; new rafrte., drapes, BEDRMS. UPSTAIRS Deluxe 2-Br, Vh ba. studio apt, all electric, private patio. *130. _3316_WITTON _ __ 43M314 DLX.' 3 BR. 2 BA. ONLY $130436-8070 __Aho l-8r. _ ?58_Cerrlto« BELMONT HEIGHTS HEATED POOL 1 t 2 Barms. Pallo. 230 Termlno ·70. 1 BR., Near new, deluxe, crpts dm., bullt-lns. Soundorool. adults 'A t»k. St. Marys Hosp. GE 3-4001 HE e-j4ys Lar«. modern gnrdi J Brs., ? Bntti, S135 4550 MONTAiR AVE ORANGE COUNTY DoutTlai K.I.. NQ Mrm., crpti., drpi. Dtibllc £ Catholic p«ti. Ml? Rutpen. 11830 Ch«hir«, Norwallc I Br.. yard. Clean. S7S. Ht 7-K04 I-BDRM,, 2 ear. Lge. fenced yard. Duo. Water od, *1». iJM Howard St., Los A amlfos. GE 0-7J05. $68--HOMELIKE I-BR. All redec. Cheerful, owlet. Roomy. I udv. llPJalE. 3rd. 1-B'R. Just painted. Nice area. US. Call Mr. illH, F a, M Trull Co lor details. HE 7-0011. ext. 47 Monday thru Friday. " 2 A 3 BR.--SPACIOUS" Larpe kitchen, dlio., croti.. drpi. 7 children OK., no pat». 433-103! PARAMOUNT--1-bdrm. duplex, nice area, w-w, dlsp., oar. Adulls. S79.SO. Realtor. _ WA 5-1101 RENT OR BE OWNER' 3-Bedrm., 2 bath. 1135 month. Cyp£ess. Bkr._GE 1-1671 SPACIOUS NEW 4-BR., carpels, . -_ · drapes, fences, bultl-lns. Bop. d!n. GREENBRIER APTS _'m.,_lg.._fam._rm._«225 J .noo6l3. BDRM., newly red*c., flroplcce, dbl*. gar., 17071 Woodruff, Bill 4312 Grttn Av*. -- Lot Alamlto* Deluxe 2 3 bdrm. apts. bullt-lni, with air cond., 3 ""·"·· ""jJ^SSSt SAVE-SAVE i s to 704 So. ° $125 S m of i »T7.SO-1-BDRM., r Eucalyptus, ni. llower. Call 164-1159 PARAMOUNT--$HO-2-BR., garagei, gas drver nook-up, child O.K. No pets. 7334 Exeter. NE 5 1931 $150--2-Bdrm., carpet, drupel, bultl- . Ins, fireplace. 241 Nleio Avp. 431-36S4_ _ _ _ | 3-BR. den, fTr'epiT. buiit-in's. i*4 . b.v, fenced yd., dbl. gar. Buena ' Park. $145. GE_M40S LOS ALAMITOS 2 bdrm house". lenced yard $110 mo. mln 4 moi. lease. Alter 5 pm 431-2444 Mountain. Modi, Dcttrt--Rent U1A location, linen, o training. ( HE 4.2541: BEAUTY CASH. BEST BUY on Martcell BlKbv Knolli area. High society dames for cllenli. Lo rent. 4 sta- tlonl MUST BE SOLO NOW" Owner mutt go somewhere?? GA 2WOI Myers ME 1-1722 TEXACO SERVICE STATION Excellent location, only. Liq. jfors--$ 12,00 moTi, .. , 2 Pullman baths, carpets, diapes. pr|y. Datlo. Adults 1135 mo. Call coll. 714-537-5543 NEW 2^«dmi., 2 bath. All elec. Patio, pool, secluded. Onlv t!25. IJ09 Larson, C.G. 1714) OM-IM7. $70--SPACIOUS 1 br., cpl.. dros. Dlsnr-vland area. 714 Kl 3-20SI eve ibi _pets._ $45--1 BEDROOM Fenced yd. Children OK. Un- restrktad. Rafs. »!-)»», ttE 14m ~ ' ~ * Ing. $15 otr davV'tM week. 1203 mo. 5144 E. wardiow Rd. HA PALM SPRINGj3^Br.," ibl~ml. 15 person bv day. Not less than i people._Ge_.-J»4,_HE. 2 5171 eye. j R ratal AgtMclM 113 I "OWNERS PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT with a ICMralnt rent proomm. PRESTIGE REALTY 54W E. Pec. Cst._Hwy. GE 3-WM ! Schwenn Properly Mgmt. NO FEE -- 4».7010'| ALL TYPES OF RENTALS ' $50 g. up. Downtown t Eaitslde SERVICE Famliles our specially Complete Management Service. "--°L LINVlLLEcr MILITARY ONLY--Frea Rental Mr- i. P. Rose Klty. OE 4-Sil CHIOEsYEffT ... . .. BEAUTIFUC LOCATION For vour 2nd Draea Woe. AJr- condltloned BMg. I So so., ft. ^or IMH adlacenr lo Beauty Salon. Call Bob Josaoh. days. GA 1;KU or eves. NE K711 CWs--$7300 Mo. Solid" BOOKS to PROVE. "MOST UNUSUAL" on West Coast. Jack picks ARTESTA-- ll56s -.r DR w'., k Vn ! '. vt d,, r , t ' r , i . 8 -b».,."s,'j51 -- -ora.??_cniE5_.._. ' - ""· c a " 7 BELLFLOWER -- «427 Walnut St. older 2-BR on lot bv itsell. J95. Orlv. by -- c«ll owner SM.?5« E. LKWD.--2 ft 3-BR, ?-ba., stove. Beer--32 Kegs+65 COM POTENTIAL UNLIMITED. SIM dn. seller carry Ml. 7% Interest. Spacious bldg. Lena S11S. CHIDElfER'S HE UOU NEAR ST. ANTHONY'S 3 Bdrmi., ttovt, rtfrlo,, oar., front balcony. 737 E 5th. HE 2-4176; LGE. 1-BR. w/er w/out range --"- " ' cold water pd. S75. u me. TOP 1-2111; - . BR. refrlg. Hot, Gar. ivall, TOP ___ Reasonable Rent N.L.B. WRIGLEY--2008 Cedar. 2 br., n«w, mod., w-w crpt, drapes, dlsp., adults. tlOO. Gar. avail. U. Drive by or call GA 4-7748. ! BEDRM. Children wtlcome. Utll. Pd., $27.50 wk. i«0 Marlow Avt., Bell Gardens. PARAMOUNT ·lv« by or ^all^ G*__*1 LGE. Bdrm u llv. 7m. and kltch.', fenced yd, BBQ, S55 + utJIi. or $75 utlls. pd. Call after 5. 433-5391. 1540 Temole. Ina. In rear. Walker, cypress. JA_7.2670 PARAMOUNT 245 MOLING" '.?ve)u 2-Br., m bathi, studio apt. Prlv. patte. S135. Adultl. 4W-W89 M5. SPAC. Dlx. upper 1-Bdrm. + isTSS small dlsp., ( 1 blk. _. 44-P San "Ki iL, Ige. 2-Br., 4 dosels, inwsnr, stove, crpts, dros, ' A iVws FREE Brand New Furniture SIM-LAROE 2 BRS. Brand new lovely Danish modern lurnlture Is yours free If you SOUTH BAY 2603 LIME AVE. Ington. HI 2-4417 NEWLY Furn. 1-bdrm. apt. Water softener, Idrv. pale!. Child OK. Nr. shopping. 1950 Henderson. 591-1706 ' 106* lYs. WK. S60 nio. sols, clean' «, oulet, new WW col., utll. od.. _»dults._9pl_Callf. _. N.L.B. LGE.' I-BR., GAR. Dlx features »W50 mp. GA 2»S2f $73-- UT1L7PD. 127 W. 14TH -- 436-934J furnished tV _Unf«rn. Apts. VILLA CAPRl 1 Bedroom, furn. nr unfurn., built- Ins. carpeting, drapes, a!r-cond., LAROE--2-bedrm. 2 blk!. lo beach. 434-14J2 LARGE 1-BDRM. APA'RfMENT 435;2p35 NEWLY daco'r. Sgls., upper or Iwr. - - * - - . 434 E. 6lh. 424-4049 , adults. 3827 E. Ph. 847-7885. NoFeeCrabtraeGE4-990l ISO TO 1150 PER MONTH SIS TO 125 PER WEEK 7J60 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. " ~ PARK ESTATES $95 Extra large 1-BR. W-W carpets. Adults. Mar- 511-' Anaheim M. at Grtfnbrlgr. ^^_^_ ALL ELEC. I t 2-BR. "^iTPaoTsr-gas/1 1011 Ohio 4 1070 St. Louis Carpets, drapes. Adulls. 43fr05ll SIGNAL HILL--See to appreciate 1-BR. up or down. Quiet, Ige. closets. Poodle ok. 1134 Stanley. 434-1216 EXTRA LSE. QUIET Newer 2-bedrm, w-w, drapes, dlsp. bit-Ins. 1110. CTOrttaba GE 3-5074 3020 E. 3RD St. LOWER I-BR., ww crpts., drapes, bullt-lns, adults. »9S BEL. Hgts. Bio sunnv, lower front. Book shelves, dinette, tile, disposal. 2-Bdrm. Adults, no pets. 1140. Utll. paid. GE 3-4457. LUXURIOUS new 3 bedrm., 2 bath apts. unfurn., hid. pool, bullt-lns, crpts.. drapes, lockers. Gd. loc. I 210 E. »ln SI., L.B. 426-«ia I 2-BDRM. Harbor View. Carp., drps BM-Jns. 1JX».SO W ft ; .Closed PARK-LIKE Ing. Xtri bdrms.. 2 baths, mi «t, HIUUMU floor. Walk to schools, cnurches, shops. Lg«. play area. IS937 Downey Ave. 00.5545 dlsp., . xean. af-\m EASTSIDE. New all electric suites from SOO lo 2000 so. It. Beautiful w/w carpeting, drapes, air conditioning. Offprrd from ate so. ft. Including utllU'es CALL JACK STELLAT McGRATH-SHANK CO. GE «JI2T Eves. GE 10091 SNACK BAR VfNDING" ball gi ball gu. Orange _ z Income $121 ._. . worked _only 1 m (V.J WHY SO CHEAP? Heart attack. A food coin laundry. $1500 dn. Total anlv Um Tip top condition. _GANNON'S. CA 3-M34; GC tUffll LAROE "Voliirn* 5frvk« Station for l*«iit. Good back room ' ·*,· BR.~ newly dec., drapes, water, trash pd. Carport, fenced yard. Parmount. To 7-9447. 2 BR. apt. carpeted, w/drapes, children OK. 15310 Colorado St., Ph. ta-nu " MODERN 2-Br. crpt., "(rapes, pool. tllO. 3 BACH. APTS "unfurn $31 mo up~ 16MO Downey Ave. 434-7642 San · $75--MODERN I-BDM. hot cab., dlsp., 1725 Fraaman LOS ALTOS--3-Br. 2-Ba. Carpet, drama. No pets. 431-6141 $90-UP 375 GLADYS 1-2 brs., W/W, dlshm. 438-4842 dlsp.r hsrdwood I "" ~ Elm. Call 1-BDRM. UNFURNISHED ; $69.50 Children welcome 904 ALAMITOS r DELUXE 1-BR. upper. Nr. Ra'lph's ! new w. to w., range, refrlg., dlso. j Adults, no pets, $90. 1134 Revmond GE 4-1495. I LGE. 2-BR., BEL. HGTS. j Deluxi ihwr. LARGE 3 Br, w/w crots, drot, built-in, stove, oar. 633-7934. SOUTH BAY SAVE $20 ON FIRST MONTH'S RENT Slngl*-1, 2, J-br, apti. URHISHED and UNFURNISHED GE I-5W5 SWFRING SERVICE * T I 0 N I S T. Secretarial evelUblc, *lr cond., draon. lanltorlal tervkt. Included t50 up. NAPLE AN- P6CEP- «rvi« carptts, ev " PA . _ . ESTABLISHED yarn [· owner 30 yean. Due to l!ln - ' muit mil. CllanteTe and. nh e i thtinn includV(T.5ayi HB 771 " , _*. v «li. 01* wettxendi GE'3-1145 ^r "m finance their c tNFQI P L.B. GREEN HUT CAFE NEW OFFICES From $70 per mo. for 400 ft. or more. Air cond. with excel, park. Loc. In L.B. adl. to Lkwd. Call HARRY L. COWAN CO. _ ^-g-**-.-r.-3*g*\ B«r b.r-Pin. hou» 3-BDRM. $89.50. , .._. _walk._See,Jhen call. ME _3-»4j CANAL Front, 3-Bdrm., fw b«ih, cnclwed patio. .250. GEJM719. $85--3-BR. Newly decor. 2041 UirTe Rl"NT,CC Problem.,? See phonT book Yellow Pao» 505, Deglev HE e-f7:i j , blk , 0 Stn Dlno Frwv Ajr . . 2-BDRM. house, peniOi) and patio. cond. suites In new eifke bidfl. ' Water pd. GA 2-0372. NLB. _ _CeltJ2^W54_Mofv Frl, 1100-2-BR. Oar. WMtsltfe. ' OFFICE' tor lease, 3S21 L.B. Blvd., Deglev 900 L.B. Blvd. HE -97S1 ! 1500 ia. ft. Modern Wda. Compt 1 -- · - -- -- · »nd_ zsc Mr ta. «. Plenlv . ng. HK_7-»717. I I PRJME loc.^antlra 2nd llr. ( """" forard air, 3 rooms · TM VrV^ i BY-OWNER- ·* W39 Lono Beach eitfib. Fvcellent location. * 6.2241 , trade as part downjxymtnl. Write Bon A 326*--Ind. Press Tel. - . . . 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-973] II135-3-BR: Dbl. Gor." Kids, Pet. I i Decley 900 L.B. Blvd. HEM751 _ Lot Altos Area--E.L.B. 2750 Bellflow.r Blvd. DRY CLEANING PLART NLB. -- 1-Bdri Hoors, gar. $,,. ... _ _. for appl. 421-6114 aft. 5. l-BDRM. Redec. Light, cheerful. overlooking beaut, lawn. Adults. B~IXBY KNOLLS--Large 1 badrm. I luxury apt. w-w drapes. Call i ta-tm or 403-0541. BEL. HGTS. Loe. front 2-br., prlv. entrance, range, refrlg., $97.50; $«5--DUPLEX, See to appreciate how really lovely. 1-Br., w/w cpt., dlsp. Adult. 1027_PadflC._GE 4-1159 "WSGL~- $60 I-BR. _Vt«. pd._Pet-chlld ok.J930 Cherry. $15 WK. Utii. bd. Kids. Navv~oV. 733'E. 17th. 730 E. Ellhtr. br apts. Gas. water_pd._532 E. ^sther. 432-06H1 303* E. 3RD--Spacious 1 Br. w/w cpt. extra bed Adults._ $95. MODERN Urge 1-SR. $80. Nr. bus tr mkls. Adulk. 1070 Gardenia. $90--DELUXE 2-BR.--POOL Crpts., drapes, bullt-lns, diso. 6755 Atlantic Ave. CA 6-6226 WRIGLEY--Lovely 3 bdrm., 2 ba Crptg., dlsp. See to eppreciete. 1916 Henderson. 591-7924 New. spacious, crots., " music, -- ~ ' HE 218 Belmont--Nice H.2 Br. Sliding glass door to patio 3 BR., CHILDREN $120. Extras. 426-7572. 437-5406 "·~NR.NEW I BR$80£- _ Near 7ltl a. Walnut, 1533 Hellman $79--GOLD Medallion. Avail April 1st. Drapes, built-in stove, upper 1626 Pine. GE 3-046V; 436-2594 NEW 2-br., w-w carpets. «. drapes", disposal, near. shop, center. $95. For appt. 439-1145. 1055 Euclid. LOVELY 1-br. upper. Stove, refrfg. Avail. Must see to appreciate. Adults. «60. 1710 E. 4th St. -. .-. --J |k- N.L.B. Nice loo. 2-bdrm. nr. shcools Q II CJ V-J LJ and shops. Ulll pd. OA 3-6005. n ' $120 - 3 BR., rtdec., no garage. iAI -- J-DK.I rvuec.i no vartv*, 720 Rendgndo 4j4-*MM; 43I-M06 I SUB-LEASE".. appro*. 435 SQ. ft., carpets^ drapes, STORE--ldeiT~for~ T7v~~or" "BVnut' ofllce, etc. Downtown. Rea TOY «, PA"RTY SHOP SW.OOO gn. idtil for cpl. Tritd« m nil BEAUf7~SiT(in. Fytty Avalon Villagg A Sheridan G«rd»ni 556 E. 231ST 5T I miles Nnrlh of WHmlnQlon on Avalon: Mon., f n. 9 7 p.m.-$al.. Sun. ]4. TE 4-3454 . REDEC. 5 rm. hOUS*, 195. 439-5532 , ^ E _ 7 'l! 606 GULF ST., WILMINGTON DESK SPACE In office at 3105 ' _ walk. Couflety Brofctrs. t CAFE, approK. S275 « dav. Bt t v i district. Low rent. Bast if. ' equip. Small dn. Riatfv to DESK SPACE In olllce at 3IOS E. Anaheim St. Utilities furnished. _$30_per_ month. GE 3-74M 100 FT. MEDICAL OFF'lCE UPTOWN PROFESSIONAL BLDG. 4301 ATLANTIC 413-27IS Modern, alr-cond. d«ik CHILDREN OK. Furnished Hemts LOVELY 3-br., new w-w crul.. ex- "°° r ' " T ""« P'rkmg. HA 5^405 eel. loc., $160. HA -052: 531-7133' DELUXE office suite lo shire. . . --=-------.---: : : -- · .«,..,,,.,, GA 7-1997 ' BEAUTY salon, Ri r li~D'lv" piivment. 5 stetlor 1 nO »u". nwwi.. »«j. neano _4K2_Atlaml£_ NEW Olflces w/Air cond.. 137 No. Paclllc, San Pedro. BEER leve'r.i east L.B. area. Larg*a Ding., great potential. AbaantM owner cannot control, will ucrl- f.cel Owner. 714--537-1351. MARKET. Ne bdrm. home attact yri. Ph. Owner eurne Pk. GROCERY-BEER t WINE. Gross t« sloxno mo. Property avail. Bkr. ME 3-4570; 423-2343 BEER-14" KEGS. F P. Not fancy l_ ERI .B_.B.B i _GA_ din 1-BEDROOM, rear, $72.50. Ulll pd. -- --.-.-:.- 1122 San Francisco. _Nr_StaJe_Collloe^ $52JO--SINGLES. Ldry. facll., adits". S69".5u-Bel. Shore, nicely furn. sin. 1043 Corenado. Apt 12. ole, gas 8. walerjid. _GE 94369 2-BR Pool, bullt-lns. oar. Lux- $45 MO., S17.5J wk. JP, .centrally fry 6549 Johnson Avi- 421-3154 loc., pool. 1777 thgrry. HE 5-1431 -·- r · -- - " · · ' MCH. ROOMY, REFRIG.. . 1753 Gardenia, L.B. 1-BR. nearly new apt. Full. ' ' " _Modern. _1412_E. «h. ADULTS. UTIL'.~PD., ~" 1_A70.75. nr. Memorial HosD. Ill] pd. Adults. 426-6323. free , utll. pd. 4"'l-2u2I. Utll 555 GrTld'en. 437-6^3. Furnlthtd Aportm'nts 106 $65 "- 1-BR, ADULTS. NEAT 1 CLEAN^ 1424 Coronado. GE ^^901 "'"''ORATE, iar"g I WALNUT. 1-BR $65" mo. Nr. buses I mkrs. Child OK. 1046 Gavlota. BACH SSO-t-Pdrm. LPPer $75. 1455 Redondo. 433-1691; 925-5037. . LARGE lurn. 1 bdrm. Newly'redec. Ulil. at. 515 GE9-2243, Apt. 4 LONG BEACH PARK ESTATES 1 2-bcdrrm., furn. !· unfurn. Carpet I no, drapes. bullMns, forced air heat. _ 597-1175 MO. Free Rent-New 2 R, J-fclrm. 3-BDRM. $99. Redec, w-w carpet, dnpes. Children OK. No pets. 2551 Pasadena Ave. N.L.B. 2-BDRM. upper, S97. W-w crpt., drapes, stove, relrl children ok. 465 E. Louise. . . . eoulof. HSTfO $2500 MO el 4 r r?:i«l 1742 Sherman PI. 4-1710 $79.50--LSE. I-BR. POOL 745 ORANGE RETIRED COUPLE-- Quiet New Irlelen. l» a Br, 436-3357 7-B'R.-- 1-YR. NEW. Ranoe. refrlo. FOR GUYS GALS W»» reclty lit* »· lln Brand New Apartment Hotel SHANGRI LODGE COM FORT 11 taatiam, afntttnx Ah- candntonad TV, phone auttcts. CONVeNIINCEU Free maM WEEKLY RATES $26 75 697s5Long Beach Blvd. 7am «nd UM iMck llvd. Ni 9-2220 . Orliaha, paramffunt. __ 634-27 1 2 $120 TO S140. 2-br., 2-ba,, all alec. Gvm, steam recreation mis. Carports, elevator. Adults. See _ Mgr._Apt. _2, 2691_ Pasaden»_Aye. $77.50-- $99."50 Furn. or unfurn. l-btdroom apt Babv O.K. 3-135 E._14th. 4314374 Mod. I Bdrm. All Extras _107Q Sta_njay._^dulta. _ 433-0325 1 BEDRM. t pull down bed, nr. ocean tramp. Low rent. HE 2-W10; GE 0-7571 _ _ BARGAIN. DOWNTOWN OYO W/optlon to buy. Spacious bachelor. Lovely view, 43B-ftlt9. QUIET, must 2 BDRM Brand new. all Elec. W-W. Drapes, stove, gar., air Adulls. 1134 Templt GE VIEW 8. balcony 2-br., $115 «, lid) Nr. new dalux. Loe. E-slde. _434.2290. crpt'"-'' 1D *C '-'" B - R -' """··- LOVELY 3-BR., Carson Pk., 15x30 oool, dishes, linens, wshr., dryer. r.nH _453«_Brltlaln, 42M906; 5W-S622_ 92539 ' N.L.B., CLEAN 1-BEDROOM FURN. HSE.. WASHER. NO PETS FENCED_YARD. ME 3-8349 BELLFLOWER -- 2-B r EORM., not Inncy but livable. Kids ok. $100. ME_0-177I $15--WITH Utll., upper's rms./nr. loin L.B. Blvd., children pet ok., fenced yd. Owner GA 7-4152. SEAL Beach 3 bdrm., 2 baths, Immac. choice loc. Bkr. 596 3934 fAROE ?-br. New. Gar. Klds~OK ! 7317 Motr. Paramount. HA S 2929 FREE RENTALS--Anv'area price ' SIGHT__SOUNp_ADy.__63«-9140 ' t BDRM. HOUSE nr St. Mary's. : Adulls^ _HA 9-7124; 425-6132 I LKWD. 3-BDRM. - w/w "CARPETS, i ORAPE_S._$150. HA 1 4913 BL'MT. SHORE--walk to btflch 2-Br Pailo. Chlldren._si55. 214 Pomona. I NEAR new 2 br. + oar. Part. furn. ' 189 50. 22327 Violeta. Artesla OCEAN 1249 EAST I BR Large sunnv. 4364957,- 4364571. DELUXE--All elec. Pool I, rec. rm. Nr. $1. Marvs 1 t 2 bdrm. fur 8, unfurn. 433-1645 or 4354416 1-BR., bullt-liis, ht'd. pool, · E, BURNf FABULOUS Continental Townhouse. 1. 2, 3-BR's -- Gold Medallion. 3455 Elm In Blxby Knolls. BELLFLOWER 2-bdrm., 2 be.. Stu- dip type. Indlv. _patte. TO. 7-2415 BELMONT HEIGHTS--Large" 2-bdr Adults. Garage. 430-9940 3411 E. 1ST, . 8. 7-BR. CAR DELUXE 1 BR. $651 2 BR. $80 Near_Waljlut_St. 151»_E. Slh BIXBY Knolls. 1-Br. lower w/g«r. S62. GAjt1472;_GA 2-52SO !7» 50-1-BDRM. "Cnolca area! You'll like. OA 6-4560 PENSIONERS--Oellgfitful l*edrm , gmd fir. Mr store, P.O. GE a-7335 RETIRED--Otllgntful l*r., (round flr. Nr. store «. P.O. GE 1-7335 1697* S80. 2 BEDRM., modern, cartels 4 droei, 4 yrs old. Cln^GE 1*X» BIXBY" Knolls 2 " br.". child "ok 4180_Elm.. 427^272_or 474-1735 2 BR. all electric, carpels, draper. Adutls, no_ pets. GE_31745 NLB--7-B 1 ?. Iwr.." w-w crot. diso.. $87.50. 115 W._Market. GA 37498 1-BDRM."Heated ooo't. AduMi only 190. 1727 Oblspo. CB 9 0162. 3077 E. 3id. Upper 2 br., le'ke child. «5, 4H-47«9; 4240874. S60-NEAR tralflc circle, "l BR. upper. Redecorated. 596-6848 I-BR PHI electric 1 water pd. $70-1.BDRM. HE -7002 170 NEVADA ' $67 S7.59--Bliby Knolls upper 1-Br. i Stove, refrle., aJults. CA 4-5591 i NEW Ige. 2'bdrm., bio closels, drps. -6935: HE 7-5166. . ., WW. Pool. HE 7-6 children beach. GE . Deluxe 2-Br., 2 ba. ' $85--2-Br. Kids. Yd. Deolev 900 L.fl. Blvd. HE 6-97S1 $75--UTIL. Pd. Kids. Yd Deglev 900 L B. Bjvd. _HE_6-975I " W750-I-BR. Gar'. Prl. Oegle, ?00 L.B. Blvd. _HE 6-9751 tirr--'ITIL.'Pd 7 Br. Kids Oegley 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 4-9751 NIB--t rMrr·· ri · ' dry room SftO mo. Call OA 2-40H._ WALL titMoe Icr one adult. East side._S7pMJtil._D'l. 596-7703. BELMONT Hdli Compielely furn. -- 2br._Chlld,J»t_ok. 434-1519. lant O.K $». ME !-«994 $75--FURN. I br. house," nr. South $110 MO.--All brick" 2-Bdrm. 3540 a, Atlantic. N.L.B. GA 2-1587 | Denvfr. GA 4-7006 ELAB'6'RATE "PaVk 7" Home.' 1321 ' LAKEWD.--3-bdrm., w.w,"new"palnl _Chejtrwt, JWlstmlnster,_$ll5._ _ $150. 4157 Los Coyotes -KIDS IT PET no proWem-NO FEE. SIGHT «. SOUND ADV. J3H353 1 BR., fenced. I Child. $75. 737 Loma Vista Dr. GE 1-3101 AIR COND. 1360 sq. It. 2 reslrms. Storaoe.__Parklng._ 43H835. L.B.-Lkwd. Medical office. 25c so It. lncl^_yfll^_632-lWl or 631-2086. LKWO."at Pan Am. P«rk"' 1200 M 1150 mO; NE 2-1921 or NE 1-7086. IHL Induft. Prop. 115 IKK RENT1 BUSY N . W . Corner /111 Rose, at I r e c l i v e wlrrrtows. T r ' ^ r r ' j w r e movable walls. Some oil si. parking. Many uses Bhr.. '779 E Jlh 437-«;82. GE 9-542Z. _ Store, Modern 16x80 Vs"TM'. 59rh M St. Chl 4 a 22-?93t BUILOTNG for lease-4300 ,0. ft . .1' I-BR. House, Pioneer 8. Carson. w«. f,' c ^ tn.^KeyV'Vn, S^ »«- t.r 8, lr»sh od. $40 mo HA 9-4645 rn.nsler 71t-«93 9718 elter 6 o m S90--NICE ? BR. NLB Krrts. Ben N'v/"COP B'iwv" 8. LirVr P'ime "?n '?? E A^rhef St. GA 314*? ! w -. ;5c6 IQ. [t.. «j]| (en iodfl $60 1-BR diitble. Gerage. Inoulre ' '" ' " 341ft E. Illh _GE 81395 10'fi ALWTID COUP" OK. SIM. $.·? · STCVF, 'r«f'^ IJ) I. Large fenc*d yard. 1-Bd". 439 7010. ».l -. ' Br 1873 , In , 1 PiZia. Hf 7«H1 LOC ." I OR 1 BRi., tttCTKiC 440_St._Loujs. Aoultv GE^ 1-3694 LGE 2 brs. unfurn. $110: 2 Brs. lurn. $I35._1S76 Elm. HE SHJ" BELMONT HEIGH 'S~urge"j-bdrm. Adults. Car. $110 t r.25. 430-neO J"BDRM. Ann. Pool * Mtk. xim i~:..iy, Texie curttdiie. Artesla. 2. r*0f, fTW SOIlffl W.f LklM, IDEAL for any small office t, I v. _nuarters. No ^hlldreri. ^._f__'^. 'EXTRA i_'."i: :"·· A D T 1232 Wesley Drive »I-S71» .. refrlg, range _ -'·-· S* J ' 4 " 345 MAGNOLIA--2 prs, 2 tarns, eley. All elec. Nr, town. $125. $10-2 BRS.. drapes, or 436-0774. _ In-! S7S-M.GE. moo. 14.. Wilson High :lh. ! area. Adults._776 Bennett. 5944-27 te $90--LGE 3B'., upper, gas paid Child. 3555 Myrtle. HE 4-8163 V. NX.B.-222 SOUTH S'. 1-br. $75. 7! Y:-.-ns .-sr.'jed couples. r w B B O V 1Jhr~--SA5 ARTESI.. pet ok SM Br.. 2 be. ' $45-Man only Small Single. Ulils ! ARIESIA? 2-lK. Watei Djr._Sy6_ ; 3934 ' Pd._37S Mollno GE IJ925 Fenced _yd. $JOJ ' *dlsp 434-5362 7-BR. Los Altos. Nice. Adults'. No ' 2 BR ."rear, "newly decor ' Infant pels. Water pd. $140 mo. TO 6-M55 Close In East side. GE f-9100. . nS-37S7 frith pd 1125-- 3-B 27tt t'SEORM" rfa'C.Auto;i". tll "r Wr«r-.Cr J 415.17W ri i'44/y'lAth" 1 br. carpet, fenced, ga i BEDROOM, N. Lono r,. ? BEDROOM .' car MI Chlldrn Cypress $1/5 garaoe. U14i4t. LGE. 2 Jr., w-w c tfr, 236* fe. 14ft crpt. .K.. SEAL Beach, Ige., 1-bdrm.. oarage apt. Newly dec. JE_%!4«_ 1*0. 2 Bdrm. w-w, I, dra'pes, dlsp. Children 041. P40 E. IStn. rofu's'l A«."ME""~- ""' I BORM, $7orArtults. ISTOe Cornuta. Bell. Call 864-1054. II L.B. IL_ . _.. rage $50. _ _ GA 2 J HSES on lot--l'i Br.'$7S. 644B"» San Marcoi. Paramount. WA 3-4097 NLB--1-BR.. patio, oar.." I DIK to bus. Pensioner pret. ME 3-3257 I $15 1-BR! r«ar home. . Redec^ Dlsp., '. 1144 Lerra'Vista pr. ; ~~MC'.~5«l.i-Hers'riolt,_LkdrT'i I NICE 2-Mr., 4_rm.. fwrn. CloVe. hi ' ' COLO MEDALLION-Brand new store units In sHooplng 15x45 eadv_5JO_E._WHIOW._GA 6-69B VACANT -- Stores - whseV- o'fflcel Exo. lalesoeoole nred-d HARRY L. CQWAN CO. HE 5-4*89 $65 MO. I 5 x 4 5 ~ " ITHE^BROADWAY HA 5-107« TOT 52»11r)~wi«i 27*125 steel sprln kled bldg. Sliding doors. II' hi x 175 GE 9-2194 1351 Orlraba L I T E INDUSTRIAL 6LOG for'rent In Los Alamltos. Call 431-00*3 cr 438-H7J 7500 50 - f Beaut . new store h'« Gard. '_ (2?3) 176 3U4: ^V''!7 NEW cor. ton^-ete ~ bido, jtf factory 7rOO Alamed.. VE «-4 7907 E. 7TH OH'Ce 20»«. $1?S EDEN ROC Realty PRESS SHOP-GROSS 1 TOP PRICES Bkr. ME 3-4570: _*2J.2343_ O'JTO Repair-fully eniip. AJso itall suitable for steam clean i. car_wash. 424-3824. FOR SALE -- Going Plumblflff business. Eslnb. 1917 InttrKrtad mrtles Call_FA_M44. HAMBURGER H 6. $300 full arte*. 1 man operation. Rnt $43 mo., 4 vr lie. good loc Agf, NE 9-0142 GROCERY Store Beer t, wine, good neighborhood Ideal for couple. 1 0«ys HE 5-4515, L-t BEER, wine. groc. t, dell. Great Blvd. loc. $1500 + Inventory. Vi Dn 5033 L. B. Blvd. GA 8-018 KE'NNFL w/hnme pool. Desert resort eree. Very envious. Submit GANNON'S GA384M: MEIM753 BEAUTY Viop, Wil'mlm oonortunirv Closing i irtl. tjy owner. Aft. ' A I SHOE "Repair" li ._ _. cers Ji dey 9435 Alondra Blv. corner -t cir*. _ 925-5011 RESTAURANT BANQUET RM~ New sno" crnter. new eoulp. Good lease Ellison Rltv HE 2-4415. LAUNDERETTE E5TAB. 15 'YR. r,0 INC FOR CPLF. LOW ON Will teach. 2947 E. B'wav . Book Drove, low rent. wooo m. SINGER BEER'BAR b r o ' l«t 5 vri. R BARBfP SHOP--2 chain, sub or bov ».| E. *UTO R»o«lr, fully By owr*r. Raas. " ·J-BUKM., ige. lam. rm. 4a BrKrcrest, Lkwd. 430-7143 ausa. FefKed vd. 7 BORM. nouse. urn. furn. Keer iti.rti^e«M. m-i, 4uw MJ. M. *.,j. ecnu.i MW.^-. w « w**** m :·* crpts. US-36!) lol. Private, yd. SK. __ Jtfntt t _ mo/Sal J-PS7 430 E^Wetter^Cptn | setup, MB 4-lMtl TU4BJ3l4tt_l i. hr" achoo!. inq. · i-tAjt «,r^".'.'.. ;!0'Jt-. -?" , *· · OFFICE i ^^. 5^ "" '^ r «.."«Ti ^.^. 1.. -«i." »."»».^» tj^m s ,-n«i5 1 r.g-»?i!? e - ReaSCTiatm. 2344^ "D" LlmejAyt; *9itt3~e rm - " 1 BDK-. I M, w-w. dmsei 4 pita. { 17x3t. Lrw HI. $150. Lease. Cg »«51l | _·

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