Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 53
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 53

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 53
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· L«3«l NatlCI BOWLING ALONG 1 Lanes Helping \ to Fight Cancer ··/ . By DAVE TAYLOR ''From the sound of things,jlar league action. weM say cancrr 1s taking ajwfll be judged on royal pounding on the aHeyj'of high series with handicap. ££j of about 145 bowling empor-l Tournament entry fees are jums around and about thejcollected by vohmteer work- greater Los Angeles area. Jen in each house, and the '"The punches are being entire proceeds to, to the lauded by the old ebonites American Cancer Society's IJKI fired by Southland shooters Crusade to underwrite the IJJ^'N" sit? taking p a r t in the second cost of cancer research, edu- "Bowl Down Cancer" event cation and service to cancer sponsored Jointly by the patients.. Southern California Bowling irS^ySS Proprietors 'Assa- ' «? d 'tteS'St'EIJ Americas' Cancer Society. · lfct -* -"" - U4SI NOTICE OF INTENDED SALE Xotic* Is b.ertbr_riTea that H. i- Wclmer. £r. aad Eleanor E. Webner of IK X« York Arc- CUT ct Hawthorn*. California, llleni to sell to RajMond Moors ft 1KH BeHflaver Ervd, OtT ef Dowser. CaSforau. A3 ttock ta trade, fixture*, tqulpnieat aai rood via ef that beer tetera fr*7*^*-v knowa u EZX. ml located at tin Lone Beaca KTd_ Lane Bftrn. California, and tL*t t salt, transfer and assisxawnt ef tht same Till b-s made, aad tht eonslderatiea thert- will bt paid ea er after Apri ' department ef Cramerrr Escroi " H. A- WEDCTR ER. ELEAXOR E. wnvrn Barer: Pub. Airll i. ISM Ot) Utjat Nttle rt.M feet thereof. , Excepting; tad reserrtnr from isld parcel S tit exciusrtt rirht u ust a=* ennpi aortaeastertr KJO feet thereof. AIM rtserrlnr from said Parrel I aa easement (or wsJkt. arlres aad Kt£rj-» erer thi southeastsrlT t fett thereof. PARCEL X, . Aa eatrmect lor valla. Arirei and unities orer Ut soutv. casterlT 1.00 eet et kit T aad vrer the aortawtstertr 1.00 feet ef lot I ef Tract Ka. 17WT. la tht ear ef Lotr Beach, constr ef Lot Anrelet. state cf California, at per map recorded la bcoii i3» pans o to « or Xapa. ia tie efflct cf the coontj recorder cf Hid comtr. Kor* L That bids w-m bt takea for: a. Tbt North Parkinr Lot coa- 9*ri*f 144 spaces: k. Tbt South Parkizr Lot eoa- taiatr 71 spaces^ er c. For both Farkinr Lot* to- retaer coataiatcr xX7 spaces: : Tbat tht xolaimura ffvmtMr rental whteh win bt accepted Is: a. ItS.«0 tor thi Korth Park' ^ fcl.vt: . __ a. 1171.00 for tbt Couth Park 1 inr Lot: C. EJO-OO for both Firxirr Lou: 1 Taat tht least than bt for two Resolution No. C31SU trom INTENTION TO LEASE SCHOOL' REAL PROPERTY I Board ef Educatioa ef the Beach Unified School District _ ._-. T Cads that tht followiar de- eempett scribed pro' Arrlaa War. Lone Beach. Calllorala for tba psrpoM ct cariac obllfa tiocj peuaed lr aald Deed lactad ier {eej. charrei and »P«KI ol tn« Trostea. adrattcvs. It aar. cnder tt« tercl tf said De«d. teterevt ttereoa and U7.7TLJJ la en^l principal of the ecu lecnrel t: laid Deed. Ttti Isterut thereo It. U«L a la aal , , ablt ta advance, wita tht last Thi School District harinr deter- 1TS BACK TO the bus!- month't rent to bt paid la adraact, mined that tht foBowtnr fadHtj utilities except vater fsraiabed. Sealed propoaal* *^tTl be receired at the re rlar meeting of tht Board of Edncadoa at 4:00 p-ia. oa Afrll IS. USX Tht Board and women bowling in regu- rLtB.toHost j P.E. Group 'Conference at one another in the state tournament buQ pen. Headlining the action will be Helen Duval's 937-averaging Fitzpatrick Chevrolet team from Concord. Hiffino ttt anev M Javt rK-tvertglnt AKC cotnt 19 » n. ttafhtr - J bt backed BD er *e«*a IPIVI Prtm Veroer. 191; *ufc» Crono. lit: Kobt Asamt, TO; an4 HltTDt ancOenilfa, 1"* Thit erwrj fiBunrs to fact sorrt - · from Jtrtt Harmtn-i W» ;T« t co/100 Dollars S43.00 ,: Scheduled ia aH 145 parti- K dpating houses every day through Sunday, the touma- 'ment Is open to some 250,000 area league bowlers. °e» of bowling this week\ This year'srules call for an end for the CWBA gals, and 'entry fee of fifty cents and,we've already got a couple ^ a single competition for men of giants warming up to have nrtt to reject a=r aad" an "bids. *^ r .» *i ?-- .*._ --._*- BOARD Or EDUCATION Or nott ad by UT prorlded. Dated lurch 11. USX . SOUTHLAND C03CPAST Trostet By Geraldlzt Fart tirri-t Seretarr CB II3J 3tar. S3. a. Apr, i. l«a jit) LEI . i Reiohrtioii No. 0 DthrrnRESOLUTlOl;! OF INTENTIpN T a ttO.00 A bt paii! cleaalnc·fee., aad ao the THE LOSS BEACH CXITED SCUOOI, DISTRICT DWICHT C. glGWORTH ELUAETTH HTDSOX TED SCLLITAS JESALD S. JACOBS U. A. DUNCAN Dated Kirch 11 UC3. March 2X a. Apnl . 1K1 (31) LEI. tner NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL, ESTATE UNDER EXECUTION SHERIFF'S SALE No, U M7 171 and al 15« SO RETAIL MERCHANTS CREDIT !! Some 3.000 coaches, IK- S5«T tl ^i B 2.» J *,S I , H ?SSl -«w|AssocLviiccTof reatioa directors and " " ~" " " "~ "" nistrators wfll attend the 1 30th a rTM" 1 state conference the California Association for Health. Physical Educa- 1Us ** HELEN F. BROCEWAT. Defendant ROSE LANES rocked with a four pin left by 166-averag- tjon and Recreation to be'er Bin Benson in the Bethle- heid in Long' Beach this'hem Steel league, bat the weekend. ET rirtut cf aa executioa tasuei out et tht Vn=l£±pal Court ef Lot Anreles Judicial District -· ·*· 2ouatT ef ^^T Acrelet. 'aliforala. whereialtETAI CHANTS CREDIT F LOS AXGELES. it Judgment Creditor, - BEOCKWAT, · stick wouldn't budge, and Bill a. r. BEOCKW. " Among those who wfll ad-Uji ew a dress the convention wiH be After n B t r»«. t.:* Pepperdine basketball coach JSn.'V. 1 iWV. 2 * "" Ducky DoweH. UCLA track Betty Phillips led the Tues- coach Ducky Drake, Long day Women's Doubles Classic Beach City College footballjwith 683 followed by Robbie coach Jim Stangeland and Frey with 685. High averag- University of Oregon bowling'ers ia the league are Betty coach Lou Benisimo as wen Phillips, 206; Millie Rizzo, as Chuck Coker, coach of the 203; with Marie Matthews, Southern California Striders R. Frey, Shiriee Wemecke "track team. t . t t ·' THE FOUR - DAY confer- 'ence opens Saturday, with headquarters at the Debtor, cpoa jadrmea .th dar ef February. 1K3. and the and Janet Rinnan all hitting 197. THE CLOSING week of ing in the Great West '., Included on the list ofi speakers are top medical inen, discussing such topics' 'as "The Breakthrough in Heart Disease." State Attor-l * · ° " . em at Crown produced a pair 'of 700s. LEASE SCHOOL BUILDING cot bt fieeded for school pur oset Tht Auditorium at Polrteca- xdc Hlrh Cchocl each Tarn-sear aad each Suadty from I to p.m. to 11.00 p.m.. be- rtaainr If ar 'i*** 3 - »sd end- aUe, aerebr declares Its Inteat to leas said faeUitr. Tht teral editrtisinr (et ef IU.OO must bt paid within twt days. Tbt minimum rent which wUI bt accepted win I ISO. 00 lor each use proTlded th use does not exceed 4 hours, and at tht rate ef 19.00 per hour or portion thereof that the aforeraeaaoaed fa- eilitT than bt csed bercad 4 hours, with tht trnderstandlar that each ( hours cf eccupaaCT. tucradinr the thai for aeafcrr up aad prvparatioa of tht space, -*·" bt deemed to be ont complete ust tTta tn£mrh the extensioa ef csi is eonsecutiTe and ^f\nn«iiTiy Payment ef baalc rental U due *3 aours ia advance ct each use. Ltjal Nct'Jt OFFICIAL CITY PR1ST1N9 athortzei th* leaat o tht above ·crlbtl rrcr»rtj tubject t» the years commea Just L 1MX «adas Ju; and ternnnadnr Kar *X 4. That tht leaM ahan prortdt for each month's rest to bt paid ia coautissiON: AXD PROTID- IXG THAT THIS BZSOLU- 1ICCC tILU-L BE DECKED TO BE ADOPTED AMD t H » T T . ECOOKE ETTECTITZ OXLT ITpa THE DECLAKATtON or THE KESTLT Or A ]1V. XldFALi E L E C T I O N »T WHICH A XAJOJUTT Or THOSE TOTIXO TKEEECCJ TOTC nt FAVOR cr THia RESOLUTION. M ACCOEIV . AXCE WITH TKX PEOTI- flOXS OF SECTIOTO JCO.t A2(D S01.1 Cr TUX CITT CHAETES Tht Cltr Couaei] «f tht OtT ef Loes; Beaca resorres at follovi: Cectloa 1- It It htrrbr deter- miaed aad declared that tht public interest rnuirea. aad tht public interest and aeceaaitr demand, the Ltnt latch, Cant, men. Asrl 1 |M INDEPENDENT--P*9« C-7 ~ A 14 tndar dart ta i . _ _ trict snail hart tht rirht to Binatt tht least br ' ust et cxcee tr dema A SixtT last I. Thi?tt:*».ti. ahan k. address ,* { DoEari ISSO.OOO.OOaOC) for tht pur pdt ef *^,*i** luritnf public par] and plarrround areas, and con - ' -ocas, plen ani for tht promotioa and ~ eommerct and B T£H}5;*i X.I il 0 ^?. £."* tubmerred laadt rrasted b P ^JSFfc55^.?r,??tS; «"· »»'· «» «»· Citr. a^d tecmdinr l5^w ^e« ^£t Sn :t!l * **· e * Mi * moaeT. for th miti»it if **·· ··^·« i~-i _.,. ^*** t^tt ef tttirntcr and accon · ii.»_--A:r"f^r^j.r~r7.i^ii ,«.. meat and eeo}aisltloa and therefc ·· T 11 " t ^«. District reterres thel^u^j,^^ titlt for tht Citr. ia trust OFFICIAL CITY fRINTINQ OFFICIAL CITY FRINTINO partmni lyitem. and for tht expenses ef adTcrtisinr for, to- Ucttlar er. ant tnereaslzr th* business « tali Cas Depart- meat. all for promoCnr the salt ef thi commoditlei aid productl ef laid departxeat: U For tht traastereaci et moners u ether fuads tor ut as hereinafter ta this stctioa and tor EecUoa ri5» trended and authorized to bt 4oat: () Tor aa anaual parment tnt» tht -ICas Beterrt Fund-, which faai has beta heretofore created aad tttiMlthed and is berebT tOTttriued. to bt used tor coattnrendes la tat epera- tioa. rcalateaacct. coastractioa and propertr acoolxitloa pro- rraai ef thi Cas Department, et aa amount suCxieat u maintala a balance of Serca Hundred Thousand Dollars (J70G.OOC DO) ta said Caa Ee- serrt Fuad: proTided. that should expenditures trom said fund deplett tht monerl thert* la below Serra Hundred Taoa- taad DoHars (STUO.OOO.OC). laid Cas Reservt Tuud lha3 bt n- pleaiahed wtthia twt rears: presided, further, that tht Otr ihaS aot bt mulred to replealsh tht Gas Eeserrt runt t * L=T *t mvdt, mar readTertlst fer Tifu ATT rraat* ol traaehljej s^? r bt xnadt br trdiaaaca. aad u re* tniltmrf* ahan bt aa emtrreacy ortlnaact nor r» tat» eaeet vatti - ilxty dayt from tht datt ct tht paitart tsereof and «srt£r rail ttmttt ihall bt rtbject ta t rtf- cnndua rrorlaloca of tilt Charter. Sock erdliaact atMt. »tttla Ua dari arter patwrt T tht Cttr Couclt. bt pobliaStd ai least oact HtETctacial ztwtpaper.Bf ttt CRT. PROPOSITION t CHARTER AMENDMENT .. That th« Charter «f tht Off ef inx Beaca bt amended br aaead- ie^bKKtloa (b ef Sectloa ±Sa thereof t* read aa . areas sail Parkinr ~ ratea and £ri' and maintenance t That all planted areas art sot ta aa aaocnt txceedinr Thret Hondrtd riftr Thousand Dollars ((3SO.OOO.OO) ia anr one fiscal year. tit Tht remainder mar bt raid tnt tht Ccnerat Kai of tht Oty. (3 Tht CUT llacsrrr. nojertj: tht State*'of areij^and"ltruc^ to"aa*Vther"*prOTlslons'" eV'thlslrrant .leasei of suchjBdt er_»uV b Tbt Board ef Harbor Corn- misslonen shaa taTt pewer t rrant to aar persoa. firm er ecrao- ratioa traachises and permitt t» ut tht water trostart ta tht Harbor District for purpotes ia coo. nectloa with er tor the rromoOoa aad accommodaUoa et cosuaerce. narintioa aad fisherr. tortther with, thi ceeessarr eotermiixs aai adjacent tidt er submersed Iflrtt tor periods aot exeeedlar sixtr H» Tean. as bertdaafter prorldt-d. Wbnerer tt ··*" bt determined tr tht Board, br erdlnaace. that err- t*Hi parts et such tide cr submerre J lands thenia detcribed mar act be required at tuch timt for ut for purposes ta conaectica with, er for the promotloa. aad accommodatioa ct eommerct. aartratica and fish- err. a -' Bosrd et Harbor Com- ,missloners shall tan power t» CS?*STJSi k.WiS^ SJ 1 C"« Btai « » CalUomla Wortd't moaejs mar bt used as hereinabcTt i iii«lS.'^?iy.^KS ·it£kl" lr - " u kerebT further deter- set firth: profiled that withdraw. ISn »7« r tS JKS^l TSSt »»«* *** declare! that such eoa- als ef mon^ from said fund, ether suu ntTw int rixnx 19 exer _*-_^.i nn i l .^»r»»n« · i^^«^'»^«^ *n.,«?**« f.t «»».·« tx*^»fpr,ml hart tht power to'merred landt fcrr periods not tx- aad coatract tor the tt- ceedlar slxtr HO) rears, for air iturt et moaert trom said and as purposes which sha3 aot "teTenue Fuad. ia accordaact^interfere wtth commerce er naTira- budret proTlslons. but ealyitioa and art aot inconsistent with · for which said.the .trusts upoa_wMch_ saidjanas purposes as fcereinabcTi'art fceld br tht Citr ef Lor-r BeacX Jor Ttlca CHARTER AMCNOHCNT ist the Charter cf tht Otr ef r Beach bt amended br amend- Tar^T^nf"sq£«*gss? ssn th "* ot " " u f this charter, ahan be siTESc, Grants ef fraachites. _and made, except as etherrlst _prorlded l.,^/ 35 ^*-.**?£ o c a b ! ^ ^ Sealed bids t vTt fit receired at thi rerutar cceetlnr et tht Board ja K^y t, isfij. Oral ncelTed at said time ,,-rlded ther exceed by |51 tht airhest wrUtea tld arl'cr .?**Ti nrfi'ed'.nf oral t*i^ reserres tht rirht - - kids and/or Sa thi bid- terminate^ ssed term mar bt BSfSPS* H«aL!»2"L»5 !» ' SlOtiSZt Dollars lawful moaer ef tht United States, besides costs and interest. I hart leried cpoa a3 tht rirht, true, claim and litrrrrt ct said jBdpment Debtor HELEN r.l EROCCWAT also kaowa as H. FJ BKOCEWAT of, fct aad ta tht fof- lowlnr described real estates situate ia tht Cotmtr et Los Anxttes. Ctate - - - - - - bounded a n d THS cf California, and described as follows: Lot 15. Block li Tract 4351 aa recorded la Map book S3. Pares »«^S official records ct Lot Aarelet Countr. FCBLIC KOTICE IS TTTRrRT GIVEX. Tbat I wilX ea Thursday tht ISth daT ef April. AD. 1X3, at 12:00 t'clock Xooa ct that daT. at tht East Entranct to tht Lot As- ·elet Couatr Courthouse. Ill North T1OS OF THIS EZSOLimON br rots ia txcest cf 2/3 ct ai] members of this Board. TI tht toemben cf such Board, present aad T thereca. hart hereuct» let handt this Ut dar cf April. 19U. BOAED OF EDBCATIOSO] THE LOXC BEACH CXITIED SCHOOL DISTKICT OF LOS AXCELE3 COCNTT Br DW1GHT C. EKT5TOETH Br EU2AEETH HCDSOS Br TED STLLETAN Br JEPOLD S. JACOBS By K. A- DCXCAJt April S. U. 19. IK! (31) L.S.L HEtt Street." CitT ef and" Countr ef Loi Anreles. sell at public auction. Thi for lawful mcaer cf thi raited Lonr ·" States, a3 tht ' " " ' - - '- · Resolution No. 022S*J-a Salt cf Real Preptrty S6Uk Street and Linden Avemi RESOLUTION OF INTENT TO SELL REAL PROPERTY Tht Board ef Edaratlca cf the padlock!) tr stript aad : concrete; Tbat lessee win bt re-] ' 1 to *"-'»t.., thi ' Sectioa 2. Subject to tht prlor;arer aad couatersiraed bT tht £u- tpproral for such uat br tht State perinundeat ef tht Gas Departmeat. i»«* v_t- n .«-i^ A( is Commlsaioa. thi use and ex-1 (2) Upoa receirlrr tht coaseat S:?. "iii*tT'peaditurt ef aot to exceed Elitrlcf two-thirds et all cf thi mtm- JiVoi h« r ?.5'i2ioa DoHirs JSO.OOC.000OC) from'bers of tht Otr Council, expressed "ITjthi Otr't TIJdand OU Fond forlkr resolution^ tht Otr H» E »4«,l5±i.J*Sr. r V a^Sl 1 * 1 " Puiyoiet and ebJectiTi herein-) subject to all thi proTitlots of IJJ Sl^;:?;. ^ K ~" abort la Sectioa 1 let forth it,thit charter, ether ^*l the prori-lr," ^ ^rTL.- -X rV-lKAW-tn. BM «,fl_l..4 l ^ , N V a »t.«__^# V . I . H W * «M ·*. l,»Af*** am C^TUCI applicatioa therefor submitted t4 the Board ef Harbor Commissioners, which applicatioa thtTt set forth such laforTiarbm as tht Board mar reo^drt and. whea pretcribed ^*- - - such applicatioa ahall Sectica a, This retolutloa shaJTof tht Otr er ef thi Caa Depart^ Jirrr,^ li tied for · tranchise *·«?«*«·»· »4opted_and ·htfl: meat, _ai2f tart thtpowa'to f^vggS^iZJrter i. tUedtermSi acainst the 11 That tht ' Iri5« »h* aieai4nitt:t . . . H. That tht leas* *ia trorlde that tht property ghaTI t* csed emir for parktcf automobiles aai Kffet track.! ef its* thaa. on* toa capacity. CM of the property for any ether purpose ahaa al* tht lease raject ta termtnatioa cpoa -vrittea notice fcy fint class xaaQ t tht last knovB aiJress of th* lessee. 14. That th* lesae* vfH t* it^nirej t» prortd* proof of corerar* for t£5uraac« eOTerlrjr vorkcrea's eompensatJoa ; boduy fa^arr for J507600 «acl» persov, £50.000 caca cccnrrenct; property 4am- aft S2S.OOO each occorrtace: th* bodily Injury and property damart tnscraact t» tamrt tht lease* aal th* District Jolctly. Sealed bil* aha!: t* recelrei a tit regular rneetisr of th* Boari of Edoca3oa at 4:00 p^n. oa May JACK FLEMING whacked MoVk * -07 in theCal 925 SIGN UP 90 top bowlers, invite a brass band, get an exotic dancer who her- ney General also win be a speaker. t Dr. Haskefl P. E l d e r of Long Beach is conference manager; Roland T. Davis Zs'self--getTthls--^Eeverry"HflIs, executive secretary of the or-' get sc jockey Ira Cook on the job, throw open the doors. and you have this Saturday's kickoff ceremonies for the $75,000 I0-game Uidseason Festival at Riverside Bowling Center. canization. ?Rams Announce '^ Prc-Season 'Grid Schedule :'~Harland Svare's Rams E«ach Ualfi 1 4 School District 1^4 . C. 19SX at Its recular zneetint; place Dated this 22nd dar ef Uarrh. 13(1. 7ETEB 3. FTTCHEE3 Sheriff of Los Acrelet FT Stt. H. Albert Turner. Deputr £heriff COWARD JUDSON BROWN Plaintiff! Atumey 417 S. Hill St, Suits 100 Lot Anje'ei 13. Calif. MA C-I3 Uarch a. a. AtrJ I. H63 (31) LEL IB fftt tournament opentr wtB 11C21 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE-* SALE NO. 74-F-3H1 Oa tht Hta itr ef April. 1363 at 11 A.1L, at «"««» cntranci to the ' . An»r,rt S , Aagust 8, oeVrT C«oiT»A»rllir« a o7«; BAXKOF AMERICA SATIOXAL tn« Bot*» pnoa a Hou»woli TRUST AXD SAVIXCS It" wfll be the Cowboys ^ON-ROPO^SIBILITY NOTICE otcciai Eecordt ef Countr cf Lot "ddbut for the annual Charity JdertJraed ISSfd f/IkaA 3 ,- re! aa^radeLtedne.,^ f.Vor "f ^contest. Besides the Cewboyj|f^ «jTM * contest, the Runs* fivft-game dxt« tt April «, ^TM^ n« -^^u »^».--.-«.--..»--*» -- jscfaedale includes three Satar-{"^tr^VaSiJ 17 dftbt *- |m " M re?or - d e - J -- c a ^" -*- r J *lay Coliseud dates gryj ooei.*''_ 1L ?^.p* r '°? J . ct ^*T_i i * : i * ; SatunJw. AuousJ tf-- «Ajnn«cti Wheeh, Bears in Pan-Am Final } The Long Beach Flying ;\Vheeis and the Garden Grove Bears advanced to the finals 'of', the fourth annual Pan- 'American Wheelchair Basket- ,ba3 Touranment Thursday. iThe Wheels, ia a low scoring 'effort, defeated the San Fer ·fiando Valley Hawks. *MO. .while the Bean won, 60-36, "over the Lakewood Stars. The finals wiH be played tonight 'at MUKkia with the consolation game starting at 7:15. ·The championship game gets under way at 45 ·urthasinc . _ LOXO BEACH IM»1-U BCHOOL DISTRICT Br VAEIE WELL9L St*tc§ of JLsicrtcs. At tlro cf M! NOTICE TO BIDDERS »tt2wrot eer««rt er -wimatr. « E«»ch CBffl«d Echool prt M cr implied, u t» tttle^ po»e» recetT* iet!ed bids ta'«ioa or cncnmbrviccs. ti« nicirst _ propertr. -car ef Lonr Beach. Conntr Los Antelei. Etatt cf Canfonia. Let IX ta Bock A ef Tract Ka. ' April a. IX 1561 Aarlstant Secretarr L.B.L .pril 19. UfiX 2or tht foHoTl£r: Sched. ftf2S--Ftirc!ix» ct TTpeTriterj Epcdfin£loa »nl bl«J torssM ray ,,,. M ,,_ _._ « obUlzed is tie c£Qc» ct the S479 u per m»p recorded ta Boo *--·«-«-- »--*-.-- M p««i^ Smap» ta it* cflic* of tht comity recorder « Mil crmtr. EICEPT the east IS t**t of laid Un4 eoTryed to tii» Or of Locr BAXTEL, by de^I rwrordft la Book 7353 par* Ul OfOcuI Record*, for lh* porpoft cf - CCATiriCATE OP BUSINESS. ; ·WlrttiOM **£%** y "i'-. - - riCTITIOUS NAME of Trurt. lctBdi» tf^thxrft THI rSDEESGXED do«j certtfy «« «!*»«_ ·«_»· 3??^*L declares ru tr.terttoa to lea ttt Lad ifilercst of u^i Judimeat 1 tEf detcrlbel property is no locter Debtor Helen r. BrockTr aUomzmred for tchool porpoiet hert- ISOTB u H. r. Erockm-ty cf. ta|* aad to th* tboT* descrltel propertr.! or i9 xnuci UiertoX aj mar b« ceceasarT t» raise aniflcUiit roads to vaUafr aaid Jadpneit. with, ta- terest mi costs. *tc^ ta u* ti*Ji*it taroric^ IS. tnchialT*. ta Block T. Tract No. 2964, u per zap recorded la Book XI at pac« U of ILapm. la th.* cffic* cX th* Recorder et Let L. Tit* property than t* bll oa entlrt parcel basis cnly. 2. Terms cf th* «al« shall lit 20% cash, at th* opesicr cf escrov. th* talac* parablt at th* expiration of a iS t» 90 £ay escrov. EJCTCW «haH tw opened vithla ten (10) dayi cf th* avari cf tht tld. Slwmld th* rocceisfol bidder desire, tht Board of Education cf th* Loaf Beach Unified Echool Dutrict TlH tl- cac* a portion cf this salt vlti. a "Deed cf Trust" aal a ~Xot* Seccrel %y Deed of Treat"* at tht tonovicr ratra and for cot t» exceed CD* t* eoii4e«4 oat F lr *^** liour' asd EB IT FVRTHIK EESOLTED ^*t cral tiids wlJl bt received. irorlded 8 ^** such cral hlda exceec r at leait S% the kirheit ef the trtled felds and/or ext prior oral Bid. The BoarS ef Educatlca reserve tht rirht t» reject anT aad a3 bids and ta wixadraw thi propertr trcoa least should It deera rjca action tor the best putne Interest. DATED: Xarea O. UU. EOaSD OF EDCCS.TIO or toxo BEACH SCHOOL DISTRICT Cr LOS tvfis-f.ra COCSTT Er DWICHT C. SICWOKTH ET HJZJ-EETH HUDSON FT TEDSTLLIT.SX Er rr»a»j s. JACOBS BT It- A. DUNCAN Pub. Karca 39. April i. 11 1MJ (3t --UE.Z. OrriClAL CITY PRINTING *w*"»«"« ~V«V *7i« ^«~ji«t«"^f ** Tor **· nit resoratloa. tioa at It was ea the_ date ef , lstt ^^ ^ t prorlsloni of Sectioat .-, -. . -^^.* ^'ZSO.C and 107.1 ef tht Otr Charter, of aot lesl **·'* two-thirds et su. ~a suca event, the Otr Oerk than of its members shall bi authorized I use a copr of this resolution to t* incur aa indebtedness cot tot e posted ia three coaspicuout'exceed a total ef FlTt VlTTtna Dol-l laceVia thi Cltr- .---'· -*'£'£,£ rggKSSTOS --^traai'flow* 1 ,^? '·"' RESOLUT.ON NO. C. u»^i* "o . «*·. .. A RESOLUTIOS OF THB B--TTDELAXD i of sa!t prict Inter «t 50 to 75% cf rait prict (.75 fi Irttrcit 7} t« W% cf «al* prlct »% tterest 2 Th* Tniaiirmra acceptablt til for tht eUr* parcel shall t«: Lota S thronra IS. taclu- siTe. (75(1.000. OO 4V TiUt Is ta para tn. approxJ* xaately 44 t» *0 days fotlov. toe acreptaac* cf a lid ty th* Board of Education. R. Each, tidier. Ir.cTndtrg an oral bidder. ihaZI submit vtth ti» bid a Jii.5-X.00 certiflel «r cashier** check dad* payablt to th* Loct; Beach t'lfiea School Pis- met. died* of cnsncceat- foi tfddera viU b* rctoraed. The check cf th* successful bidder xhaH t* Leld until escrow ij closed and vlH then be rctarBed. Ia th* crent that th* raxesAfaZ tM- der refcses or faHs t enter lota as escrow, thea tb* ill deposit shall b* retained tr the Lrcr E«aca £chool District. (. Tte Lone Beacfe School District does cot «wa th* aubscrTac* rights and will cosrey only the tartar* and ·ubinrfact to tfXT mea»~ cred TcmcaHy froa present corf act. Bids vi3 t* receirei ty tie Board ef Evocation np to 4, DO p.m. at vhtch t2=i* bldJ via CITT OOUXCI1. OF THE CTTT Or LOXS EEACB DETEPJJLN-- IXC THAT THE PVELIC IX- TEKXST R E O Cl RES. AVD THAT THS ?UELIC IXTEE- CST AXD JdCESSTTT DE- HA.VP. THE CSB Or XOT TO EXCEED OXE JULUOS TWO H U N D R E D £IXTT-nTE T H O U S A N D D O L L A R S J1JS3,OOO.OC» FOB THE RE- PLACEMEST OF BBJtONT FIEK rOGrTHXR WITH KZC- STRUU'I'L'itZaENCLEPISO A LirEGUASD STATION. CO3C- IX)RT STATION. LASTDIXC FLOATS AXD CONCESSION - EWLD1XC. AXD THAT THE rsE orgcca MOXCT rEoit THE CTTTS TIDELAXD OU. rcxo roE srca PUSTOSB WILL, PROMOTE AXD EX IN rCETHERAXCI Or THE CSES FOR WHICH THE TIDE AXD SITEJIEP.GED LAXDS WEES CEAXTED TO THE CTTT; AU- THOEIUXO THS CSS Or NOT TO EXCEED OXE KILr LION TWO HCXDEED KU.TI- im THOCSAXD DOLLARS rpa THE cosra AXD EXPENSES THZREOr: AXD PROTTDIXO THAT THll XESOLCTION S H A L L EE DEEIIED TO EE ADOPTED A X D S H A L L EECOME ET- IIX'IXV K OXLT CPOX THE DECULBATIOS OF THE RESULT OF A XUXICIFAL ELECTION AT WHICH A MAJORITT OF THOSE TOT- IXS THEREON VOTE tS FAVOR OF THIS RESOLUTION. IX AOOORDAXCE WITH THE FROVISIOXS or SEcnoxs 280-« AXD 307-1 OF THE CITT CHARTER Thi OtT Council ef tht Otr e- Lonr Eeaca resolres as fallows: £«ctioa L. It is berehr deter- l acd declared ^* a tht public -.-»t rto^iires. and tht public ierert aad aecest:tr demand. ef not ti exceed Oat HC ' Sixtl-CTt ~ PROPOtlTlON S CHARTER AMENDMENT ' That tht Charter ef tht OtT ef ~"secured~«T~the l Lonr_Beaca be amended bT amead- VesuVl of tht Cat Department. t.'trScaioa pTb. Sectga !27e and iaaact emerrencr repairs t the Suosectiaa (c ef Sectioa 5?3a ras syitem. ta finance ether emer-lthereof tt read at follows: eucr ezpentel of tht Cat Derart-'oEDIXAXCES AXD EISOLCTIOX3 meat whica mlrht bt reouired inl Sec. STb. AD actions takea br tht tTent of a disaster, and for the the Board of Harbor Commissioners cquisitioa et additional ras us- than bi br mcUoa ipread cpoa ttt ems aad additional ras supplr minutes, er br resorutioa except iacrudisr appurtenant (a- as hereinafter aet forta m. this ·ilitles. SiirTi rtreaut bonds shall article. t issued la. accoroanct vlxs the! Anr member ef the Board coar eaeral laws ef the State ef CaU-trrquirt a record ef thi Tott ea oraia applicable thereto, prorided anr retohrUoa t» bt madt ia Its that aa clecttca shaa bt requtredimiautes. Tnt Board ahall keep a. or tht lasuaact ef suca rtTenue mtoatl book whereia shaa bt rt- boads. Keither suca rerenut bonds, cotded tht proceedinrt taxea at its aor tht interest accrutnr thereon, meetinn aad tt shall terp a record haa ctAstttutt aa indebtedneft of aad index ef an Itt reaotutioai and tht OtT. nor ihaQ thi samt be ordinances, which ahaH bt epea t» takea ints consideratloa ta dettr-ipubil« tnspectloa wbea aot ta use. oinlar tht limit of the renerali Xt crdiaaact er reaolutloa triiTI bliratica bonded Indettednett ef be patted er become effectirt with- tht otr. PROPOSITION t CHARTER AMENDMENT Tbat tht Charter of tht Otr ef Lons; Beaca bt amended br re- peahst; £ectioa 2TI thereof aod br amendmr Sectiont 271. 271. 3SO and 2S1 to read as tonovi: OF rRAXCHISB rrantei for a lonrer period thaa sixtr rears la. cpoa. crer. across or under asr streeL hirhwar. aQer. , ether publit place la of Locr Beach. ar. ut OtT t t T . ETTTXSIOSS PART OF ORIGINAL GRANT 373. AH extenalona et pub- out recerrtrr the amnnatiTi rotes of at least thret 13) members et tht Board. X« ordinance shaa bt placed upoa its final passui upoa tht same dar it hat beea introduced aad read la fan for tht first time, except emerrencr measure! at provided i-c^m. ^ , i^-.^.^u hertia. AB erdmtncet aad rtso- ifT Nt.frSchU. .shan.b. loior.1 »5J3 b. PubUshed__at least Become a part cf tht ar.rreratei.A**^ propertr ef tht pubfle utllirr. tnaHi Sij,i, at eperatei as such, and snail bellt..^!^. subl«ct to all tbt obllrationi and. 4^ B g... reterred rirhts contained ia thisU«? « f £,, Charter, an! la any crirlnal rraatl";.?;.^? hereafter made. The rirht to useljr^Trr and «-«'^»«i* any cxtentioa iham^!rr^ terminatt wita tht erisiaal trant. ITMfh and tha3 bt terminable as prorided . J t r r k...i. jte* * l onct ia tht official newspaper of the Cltr. er Shan bt posted la three (1) conspicuous placet ta the Cltr, or than bt both 19 published and posted at mar be ordered bT tht Board. K erdinance than become eCtectiTi until thirtr (30) days after tht catt of ttt final passage, and such ordinance than, befort herela. HCABIXC AXD EIDDINS Sec. 2S Cpoa tht receipt cf aa .pplicatioa for anr franchise, the tht referendura charter relating ta ordU . bT TOtt ct thret . ca?t emerceacr eiftct atthVttet U e r u EnerrTncT=Ss- , han ^ontaiTa secttoa ia erKnTr is partlcularir anTieliiied. and i t ---- iAiT»^uic«. tiucr ta cash er br the certified check payable to thi Oty. " --' sum if act ' *- NOTICE TO VOTERS Notict Is hereby r**ea that copies of the pro' Charter " and tht inr to ui expenditure of ·,**i«. ...-_ moa«7_fronijlit Oty;! TWelaa* osllgf^ r,,565oQo8o ter tt. Tmr-l^;~ VK^-*i..-Thousand rood faith; - fund out I,. e-aT'of June. ISSt" 'taTt r 'beenjt'* n "~ w1 "'" Ue~eoartructlii"er T "thVoTr *'eonnected"with ruch'Sf prtnudra lajEBhieliformreopletef "cessarT eomplementary structures, applicatioa indudinr the cost et,vl yrABCCa AA £10_i.U LLl^l, 4UIU. VULIir* ·**·*...*»«*«·· · ftl r mai-f* ·»***«« »n*n_ J Z l - t T S M.^ 1- tL^. ~ _ -- « »*,.» · * . » * " T tic!i BV l» Udcpoa wpIJMttoftigS! 1 TM. * »?; TL« enactic e!»oa« ca crdin«ncf» · - - - - - -- -- ·· -*-jm fct rub-- Beaca. California. Dated this 2nd iar ef Xarta. 1S43. UAKCASXT L. BEABTWELL Otr Clerk ef tht (ST1T.) Otr ef Lone Beach Poo. April I thru Jurtt 4. 1553. except guadar 5Jt--L.B.I. eertiriei eopr *' «*^h crdi- - - -"-· -- -- » »h*3 . , _ CUy tii« City Clerk thill ~ and index ticrtot aH tunes b« cp«a SN!SSlSSSS^f^S ! SfSSfii^e'S^e^ 2Sk\ SS-orS: otT Hin - '^^SSucLTaniIgSSi SSa cf Jach d ' pc " lt - tS "° ty °" MSI 'SfcS?'« ! and that laid firm 1* compose* . Iht foUowinr persoa. waost aasit ia fu!l anA plact et resldeact is -1 f onowt i Beraerd Caleaale, 1712 S3rl Street. Vaahaaaa Beaca. Caa- forala Dated Marca n. ISO. (£raaturc EERXCEO C1IEXMI Stats of Canf ornia. Los Annies Coucrr: Oa iZarca n. IM3. bef crt me. a Xotarr Futile ta aad for said State. pertonaZrr appeared Beraerd Gaieanle. kaowa t» et ta bt tae pervoa whott tastt Is subscribed !t« tht withia tnttrumeat and ae- kncwle fired lit executed tht SK BUTH C. PARIS. Sotarr Publie V ertoa. an r31 Principal ef , a efW* ""* «* A tht dati ef salt. Dated Karca UL ISCt BAXX O? AMERICA KATIOXAL TEUST AXD SATIXOa ASSOCIATION. at Trcstet FT H. 1C. UnaelL Trust Officer eommlssloa tzplres Juat IS. Er Kerlla W. Cole. note secured T tunitf% bid era^r er ta n!ie tht ··· wtts tsterest tlds eraCr after sealed bidt are epeaed. prorided Oat tht first era! bid r**" bt at leatt frrt per erct birber thaa tht fcirhest writtea bid. Tbt Board et Educatioa reserves tht ilrht ta rrVrt a=r er al blda. tht rirht t* withdraw tit propertr from tale, and tht rirht u warre anr tnfarmaUr ia this bid er any bli recrirrd. U U eVeml sucb Varra O. a. April V. HU Ca LEL "?^ actioa f« tht best publie.tntertst. NOTICE OF TRUSTEaTS SALE Ifo- Z»l Oa Aprfl It. 1K3. at 11 W t'cloek at Uli WCshire -- - Suits *Xi Otr of Eerertr Hi£s. Ca^fomia. Eotcataai Companr. at Trustee cader tit «Ve4 ef trust r^dt br BATSB3KX ef trust _.. ___________ _____ - . ... ___ _. TOWEES. IK*. IXC. A CcrporaUoa. vUck ac- Pua. Xar. Z2. a. Apr. i. 12. 1HJ c^irrd etlt at Lo* AJamiut Land * - * «t -- L.EL NOTICE OF and CatCt CompanT, Inc, A Corpo- and recorded December 3 - RifflUnt tcsn: Lent Ira Fernenae U . ; sat FirssM* ID%: vtntoat ra. I tsnf luca SA: Vtctrt CO. Bthunls or . , or NO. SO P 49U tit Fraertor Court ef tV S, ef Califorata. ta aad for ttt.Vin^.'WXWV - ef Is* Aireles. la the l*******^ · U case cf Identical blda, the Board cf Cdarattoa fLaD makt ta avari br tht foOortnr procedurt: -Ctoict IT Lot" Er trier ef ttt Eoarl ef Eda- cattoa lated Karca S^IKX COAKD Or EDtXATIOS or LOXS BEACH SCHOOL DIST1UCT Br DWICHT C. UGWOETH Br E1IZAEETH KtDSOS Br TED C7LUVAN Br JEKALD S. JiCOEJ Rnalttit* Ns. C32SU ENTroSr6 TICI/I Bill for \AlamitosOpcncr i Qinrter horses win be rac- in/ for J3M.OOO ia SUkes'par^Sar 1 ;and par«s when the Los ^] J! mitos »« course opens it, gr sjcing tnectuig I**" REiOLUTION Or IN ' LEASE REAU ft.-. , » ^-^~ * - - -;- . - » _ · M' WHDtEAS. tht toar Beaca Ta»- "*»"*·· £S?^«2etaaS?S?-22?*?- S* »«« *=«« M««rt twn.0t.park; LEWIS, ata C. *. »--»* *~|Lc*a Assodaaoa »T reasoa 'ef tht £jT |J5~oa"^akeVoo^^ Bomerard ^ssjfissz «3^aS2Sh£»?^^^'^SS.«!£?^AS tht Prebatt et tie Win cf the; abcrt-asmei deceased aad for tht ._;orde~i December 30. »«i Book XlltS. Part 7i._ef ssli ^Isoua sidt of Orsoai Ctntt asi «=-] cr-|. [fprc: xa sidt o rauaarj (U teet soctk ea tht «t««i jai"ji^wbBjsSin^Tot ts^'^Sjirard; ^ e d a d r r s e r r e * t o e. . . d Xar. a. 1KX W1LUAH C. SHARP. O«rk and Oerk ef ti» i Ed Borke, racing secretary, 'has slated a doable feature !for opening day. The Inaoga 'ral has three-year-olds going 'toe $2#X, the Shce Py finds IthrM-year-oMs and op match-) i^-Bttci.* ca« 'ing strides for $5,000. Both (Pa. HE 7-wnj " , '' * --- _ . I Artomert for Pet;ti«rtr are at 350 yards. ,ru». Apr. ». «. it 13*1 T«)-I.BI Countr Date . tlS W. ElTd.) ftrpenr* Coort ef ttt Stats of Caiiforaia, ta tr.4 for tht £CT of Lot Anrelel. L PJchardsoa. Deputr . . JOHNSON A JCHNiON PAECXL L Aa vaoivivel cne-ba!f teter*tt ia and t» lot J et Tract Kt. 1^17. ia tht Utr et Lor.r Beaca. eountr ef Lot Aareles. stats of CaloruiA, tt per may recorded ta book O pares U ta M incharte «f Ifspi. ia the efct ef tht eouarr Kecorder ef said Ccuatr. Tcrether with tht ncruslTt rirM t* UM and eccupr an ef ttid lot except thi aortheaiterlr ., . . - __. u pj . . T as rrartea br the of Hirhwt] .^ipmrr Encroachsnetit So. *-7»401 dated Aurutt 3D. UM. :t at amended October L USC WHEKEA3. thest Parkar lots are aa kcrrr rncrei tor scboU n U tht ktenOoa tf tit Board of EducaCoa cf laid SitrSto lea.t tht nrtajt efsald land lor tht eperaHoa et parktar IT RESOLVTD ttat Ct Board tf Edncatloa ef laid District PROPOSED E E S O LCTIOX3 R E L A T I N G TO THE EX- pEXDrnrEX or c E B T A I N JIOXET FEOJJ THE crrrs TIDELAXD OIL rtXD StTB- 1OTTED BT THE C I T T COT3CIL Or LOXO BEACH os rrs_ows uonox. TO BE VOTED CPOS AT AX ELECTIO:* TO BE HELD W THE CTTT Or LOXO BEACH OX THE 4TH DAT Or JUXE. U3. £EADIX2 AS FOLLOWS: PROPOSmOX A--TTDELAyD OU. rVXD ZXPEXDITVEE RESOLUTION NO. CA RESOLCTIOX or THg CITT COCXCIL Or THE CTTT Or LOXO BEACH DETEK- KlXIXa THAT THE PCELIC ISTIEJE3T ETOnKES. AXD THAT THB PTBLZC LN'ILK- rST AXD MX'taiii'II DE- MAXD. THE USI or KQT TO EXC1F» S I Z T T MILLION D O L L A R S |SO.O(W.aOO.OO rEOMJHT CTITi TTDELAXp OIL J~k.^l FOR THE f L K- roeE or coxsTBVcnxs rCBLIg PAKZ AXD PLAT- CROCXD ABEAS. AXD COX- STEtxmxo WH A B V E «. DOCKS. P1EES AXD OTHES trKtCTCRES KECIS3JLET OS COXVEX1EXT rOR THE PEO- KOT1ON JLXD ACCO3IXODA. TIOX or COXXEKCE AXD XATICATIOX. IXCLCDIX3 THE CSX Or gAlD XOXET X* THB OOSSTZTCnOX. IKPROVEXEXT AXD AC- 5CTsrno:«or STCH AREAS AXD Or ETCH 8TECCTUZE3 KECES3ART TOIL. THE PEES- EXTATIpS, FOR THE PCB- UC PURPOEZ AXD FOE THB STATE PTKPOSE. Or A CALI- rORXIA WORLD'S rAIR TO BE LOCATED OX TIDE AXD S U B H E B C E D L A N D * CRAXTEP BT THE STATE TO THE CTTT. AXD ISCLCD- LXC THE CSE Or SAID XOXET. FOR THB PTBPOSB or ATTAIXIXG AXD ACOOX- PUSHIXCJ gPCH COXSTECC- TIOX, HIPItOVEgEXT AXD AOQCISTTIOX AXD THEEEBT ACQCIItlXO TITLE rOR THB L1I I. EV TRCST ¥X)R i±iti STATE. Or A R E A S AXD STKCCTCRCS Or O R I A T TALCE AXD Or gTATT-WTDB TALCT. TOR THB t3TDER- wtmxo or R E V E . V C B BOXDS TO EB ISSTED BT A jsox-pRorrr COEPOEATIOS ORCAXIIEDAXp OPERATIXC rOR THB PUBLIC PTEPOfB Or EFOX3ORIXO, CEEATCca AXD PEESTXTIXO A CALI- rOBXIA WOELTTS rAIR: DE- TERXIXIXG THAT THE CSB or ITCH JfOXET FOR SCCH PTRPOSB WILL PROMOTE ASL EB IX FURTHERAXCX or THB VSES rOK WHICH THE TIDE AXD STEVERCED LAXP3 WEEB CRAXTEO TO THB CTTT; AUTHORIZEE3 THB CSB Sr NOT TO D. CZED BUTT JULUOX DOLLARS iKt.a».xaMt T O R SDCH TURPOSB. PROTTDgD THERB IS riXST OBTAIXED APPROVAL or rccH CSE FROM THI STATE LAXDS deposit, tin atr _ . _ . _ . . . shaa fix the time Inol feti tloa cf SUCA pier and eon^lementsrr thaa thirtr aor mort t**TM tlxtr . -,-- - structuret wta bt consonant with. jajt frora tht date of the order least Icnrer thaa win bt ta furtheranci of and win fixtnr thi samel aad tht place for the flxmr. reruiata promote tht utet for whlca the'a puUle bearirr of said applica- scheoulei of rates, dockare. whart- tidt and submerred _!aads ^were |tion . ^4 , ha ij publish for te.a.eea-'«««., 1 .«?EK, a fii. eb ifS.* Jff_J? ranted OT Section, t RKJUISED IN , CERTAIN CASES ' See. C7c. Tht rrantinr ef anr r «»'" fiTt (S) rears. rerulatlnr. and altertnc ier faculties Is BerebT aotkcrlxed:Ualstiag franchite. aor a pertoa. "let ef rates, dockare. wbarfart. fectlom S. Tbia motntlea ihan bt firm Jr corporatioa esUb« a.tolls ar.4 caarres tor a3publ*- eemed ta bt adopted and than be- franchise for aa tnterarbaa. steam twneddocka.;plers. emt effectrtl ealr apoa tht dee-|cr eommercUl railroad, that at the,snf «ler facUttiei. and for serTkes laratloa ef thi result of a municipal timt of tht bearinr er at aar time, rendered bT the Kartwr I *JJ";?Jri lectioa at whica a majority ef'prior thereto, acr pertoa. hariar for » ««*« »« «» exceed stxtr those Totnr thereoa rote ia fsrcr madt tht secetsarr depotlt. mar *·?!, ev i, . . . .v _ _ . _ of this iSolutioa. In accordance tabmit a bid la writer f or laid! "See- ZSaJ. «-. A3 «o* **?· wita tht pn»itions of Sections «a« franchise wpoa terms which be:'*'"* "-"-"· aad 107.1 of tht orr Charter, lala^nis of better adiautart ta tuca CTeaL tht Otr Clerk sbaHlQtr tn^Tl the terms ef said ipp aust a copy ef this rrtclutioa ta bt tloa. Aa aCCdartt ta proper ; latrar »^IIIII^*»T* i B I I I I · TM^*«.lK»n. ana in*u yua^aa lor tra KUB- --·--' ------- f --^--. ---T -- - - ^v.._I_ T tht Statt ta tht Citr. !tecutl»t «ar» (Scaiart and kral public-owned docks, tltn. wharrea. i. Tht ust of not t» exceed aolidarl excepted). a notice ia the ^ips and ethertacilitiet. **"J r EJ Zn^ijS^l^Mji'c !^TM^«^^fezz*£.^s*:j!£r' m " ·" Htrbo7 CommisSciert ef tht Cltr · of Lonr Eesca as foHo«i: AH ordinances than b« tlrned br r ta tht expenditurt ef cer- franchise aor for aa tatenrrtaa. tht term taerebr etTateoVepoajricS mowT from tht oryi Tide- stcara or eoirmereial raawar. anT pro«durt as shaa bt specified ta '·"1 Oil Fuad were ordered pub-!pcrsoa mar. at tht Cmt et tht.sucarrant. IliheS aad prtated as reejuireij briheaitar er at tar timt prior thert-). trerr suca rrant wnica prorwej law aad directed ta bt submitted ta. tilt with tat Otr Clerk * bid'of ·-V 1 2JjJ!?VS 1 i.S5? XS ta et electors of tht Otr of Lorr'ti'w-miri for said franchise, upoa! J=» fSJviSJS 41 !!. fi ZLI2Sa but ' ef- tht -«( T Trem«urer ta eas er bTi**""'" 1 -TM* ··*' *i**r ··*« resolu- Si check, a "sum of moner "^ ·" *"" P^ 1 ** ta three eoa- [ W that 4rpot3ed br thi sptaious places to Ut Otr. applicant, as a roarantet of rood PROPOSITION · ' faith ef the bidder, an* as a lund CHARTEd AWENOVtNT out ef which ta par expensei ta-l Ttat tit Ctarwr of tht Ctr et curred tr the Otr ra eonnectlaa r T,ccr Beach Bt ameaded br aaead- wlth tht arptlcarioa. lactudlar tat mr fecuoa U ticrecf t rtad as cost of pubHeaaca ia tht rrent,»£*-·«· that tht traacHist bt awarded rochls.jij.V or COCXCIL. 1ECVBXFJ bidder, rpoa tht frsachlst beizrj E^SJ^ Each member e f S ! awarded. aU Opoxtts br ***w***-'a-?~Co£.tf}M£a rerttrt. as tun til bidders, er IT the applicant, if 'i5Eieisarloa tot a3 terrieel rea. tht trancMM bt awarde4 ta v-*r_· --. ' . - . . -other pertos, than bt rrtt_ , _ . ,, . Tbt deposit ef tht taccetstul bidder!^ ·^·TT bt retained and tht approraliI_r. and finnr ef the bead beretnafter Otr Clerk ef tht (SEAL) Otr f Lonr Beaca DATED at Lear BeacX California, this rid dar of Xarca, LK3. Pab. April f. 1K1 Cll--LBL PROPOSED AJtrXPyEXTS TO THE CHARTER OrTHECrrT or LOXO EEACH srBxmTD BT THB CITT COCXCIL Or LOXO BEACH OS ITS OWX KOTIOS. TO EE VOTED CPOX AT AS n.renos TO EB rrrrj is THB CTTT Cr LOXO EEACH OS THE CTH DAT Or JC3E. IK3. FROPOSITIOM 1 CHARTER AMENOMCKT Tbat tht Cbsrter ef tht Otr Leer Be^aca bt amended br amrad. JlSe thereof U real S«.*iUa ll Except is etherrtse! ta provided for. vhereuToa - mainder ef tht deposit, after tht per month- PrortoVd. hewrrer. that then tha3 bt t- ducled frcxa tald ajount tht whatertr tourrt. erirtd from tht bear and rocs operatioa et tht Cas Department,ties aad |3 shaa bt deposited ta tat credit of protests, if anr. arait tht rrant- ! Ut "Cat Ktreaut Fund~, whlca!tnf ef rach fraachlst, aad a3 bld J sro or FKAXCHISE At tht arvointed c consider .remonstrances fan4 aas b«ea aentofort created submitted. and established sad is bertbr eoaJ tiaaed. and th»3 be sublet fa !*- bursement therefrom ta tht foOov- :r eroVr: (t) For tit parment ef BUr- tst cornier tfut oa tht beaded tadebtedaess tncumd for tht eoastracOoa. acvulsttioa, epera- tioa or exteatioa ef tat Cas Department; (b) For tht parneat. er prt- Tisioa for tat ptrmeat. of tit principal ea said ladebttdneii at at mar troa tlst ta Cmt beeomt dut; e For tit tarmeat ef tht y»^^«^ cpentlnr and TTI*rtj aanct tsptnst. feetadisr prap- aad cxteasl«es et tbt Cas DC* If. Council becautt of Ot t tOnese er BT ressoa ef s rxetrnr as a Eotrd tf Eoua^za- in shaa reeehs Twentr JPogarl toa appears war tht traaeaiM re-':* 11 TM** 4 - * {nested thcrutd aot bt r^aaui n| j JUECIKXT L. HEAXTWIXZ^ "ihia sixtr dajt after said citr Oerk of tht Otr et K**r _ rrant ta tht applicant er.'geaca. da bererr certifr **·** th« if tit appUcstioa bt aot for a foriroterpropotJ* amtateeau ta supersedfcr er renewal traaeMM, Q,, *cj35ter ef tht Otr of Lot* S M J? t ,/ It S? e ?, cf , 1 £,t^ii at ( E " tk »«· · rtoTl r?**-"' »| rranenlst. aor for aa tntcrurrtn, i printed as reouirel br law "»-^ steara er eczamercial rx^war. ta .directed ts bt submitted ta tbt snr bidder a f.-aaehl»t U eoafora- ,](«,,, tt tat CStr et Lonr Beada S»_»«_tt.tir»«. ^Le"_«??iS!-!««r;ieaJca.ta it b.I4 4.1«*- tlou or aar ttd tr tuca mo£fica- Ooa thereof u tht OtT Council fiiTI deem ta bt for ttt public mtenst anl cpoa tht term! and conditions et thu aradt appOcablt thrrrta. er tht Cltr Council mar ^ rrf er 12 -v_ which dar. daT ef Jvie. IStS. HEAXTWEU.' Otr Oerk ef th* (SEAL) DATED . aia. this Cnl l*r t* Hare*. Cr/ tf Loss; Eeaca DATED at tort Beoca. CaUo

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