Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 6, 1960 · Page 42
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 42

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1960
Page 42
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A Hurricane of Common Sense By DR. FRANK N. D, BUCHMAN THf* ADDXiSS WH.I OO TO TMI WO*ID THROUGH MISS, TIUVWON AND »AD»O. IT WAS OIVIN ON THI OCCASION OF 0ft. iUCHMAW* BIND UtTHDAY, JUHI 4TH, AT THf OPINING Of THf MORAL Kf-AJtMAMINT WORLD AMIMBir IW CAUX, SWrTZHtLAND, AW0 ALSO MAftKfD TMf OPINING Of THf MftA ASSfMltY IN MAOC/NAC ULAWD, MICHIGAN. TMf SI ASIIMiUM HAVf iffN CALLIO TO MINO A CUII TO THf CRISIS Of THI NATIONS. T HERE is a hurricane of common sense sweeping through the world. "A Hurricane of Common Sense"--that was the headline in a newspaper read by the leaders of Washington. It refers to the manifesto Ideology and Co-Existence which in the last six months has gone to 73,000,000 homes throughout the United States, Canada, Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Greece and Turkey, as well as India, South Africa, South America, Australia and Japan. It has already been translated into 24 different languages, and will be read by the millions. It puts squarely to the modern world the choice--Moral Re-Armament or Communism. My old friend General Guisan, wartime Commander- in-Chief of the Armies of Switzerland, wrote" the foreword to the Swiss edition. In it he said, "On the ideological plane neutrality can be dangerous, for refusal to fight for what is right plays the enemy's game. The training center at Caux is a unique hrstrument that has changed the conduct of nation*. I long that our whole people should face realistically the forces which confront each other today, that we draw from our traditions * relentless determination to safeguard at all costs the freedoms we inherit." · . This was the last public statement General Guisan made. When he died 300,000 citizens of Switzerland stood in silent tribute to the man who was regarded as the savior of his nation. His widow wrote to me, "General Guisan was gripped by the idea and the might of Moral Re-Armament. In the evening 6f his life it was i grtat girder of support to him." Mighty Wind of Hope Moral Re-Armament is a hurricane of common sense iweeping irresistibly through the heart of nations. It is smashing down the barriers between nations and races, dispersing the fogs of hate that threaten humanity ·nd bringing a mighty wind of hope to the millions of the earth. Hoffnung--Hope-h the name of the play God put in the mind of a miner from the Ruhr. He is a worker at the coalface. He had never thought of writing a play. ' He changed. He found an answer to division in his home, his nation and the world. Chancellor Adenauer heard of this play and sent for this Ruhr miner and his friends. He asked them to go to Britain and France to prepare the way for his own visits to those countries. "Many of us Germans," he said, "do not realize how deep are the wounds in other countries which were caused by what we did through having the wrong ideology." In an exclusive article in the New York Journal- American headlined "Adenauer Calls .MRA World'i Hope", the Chancellor said, "A nation with an ideology is always on the offensive. A nation without an ideology is self-satisfied and dead." In Britain, Hofinung was like a hurricane. It shifted the prejudices of years. In the spirit of Moral Re- Armament men like James Coltart, executive of the British press and television, took inspired and fearless action to prepare for Chancellor Adenauer's visit His time in Britain w»« hailed as a triumph. Back in Bonn the Chancellor at a meeting of the Christian Democratic Party referred to the mistrust between Britain and Germany which hid been swept aside, and said, "We have to thank Moral Re-Armament for that." In Paris, French audiences stood and cheered. Some were in tears as the German miners sang the Marxcil- lahe in French. There is a shrine at Mont Valerien where during the occupation 4,500 Frenchmen of the Resistance met their death. To Mont Val6rien went those Ruhr miners. They were escorted by the wife of the General at the head of the French nation's defenses, and the niece of President de Gaulle. They were the first Germans to go there in fifteen yearsTThcy gave news of an idea powerful enough to unite nations separated by generations of hate. They expressed their sorrow for the past and their resolve to lay down their lives to rebuild Europe and the world. The columns of Figaro gave the news of this event to the French nation. Vaterland, leading Swiss Catholic newspaper, reported the response to the miners' play in the monastery schools of central Switzerland under the headline, "Catholic Colleges Hail^MRA Play." Vaterland reported Rector Scherrer of Schwyz as saying, "We can all subscribe to the principles of MRA. To recognize absolutely the dominion of God, or to bow down under the domination of human tyrants, that is the alternative which should unite us all whether we are Catholics, Christians or non-Christians." Vaterland also reported how Father Rector Thommen of Kollegium Niklaus von der Flue in Sarnen declared, "Because you live what you believe, we can whole-heartedly accept this ideology." In Luxembourg where the German miners were Government guests, the Prime Minister, Pierre Werner, said, "The moral and spiritual values on which your actions are based are the ideology that can save the Christian West from its enemy." The hurricane blew into Kerala and its 16,000,000 inhabitants, the first major state an the world to vote itself into the Communist camp. Night after night vast crowds flocked to hear the evidence of MRA. Mannath Padmanabhan, father of his State, leader of the Hindu majority in Kerala, had found at Caux; the secret of uniting with Christians. The Governor of the State, the Cabinet Ministers, trade union leaders, industrial men and students in their hundreds and their thousands cam* to hear the news of an answer. Communism Ousted in Kerala Archbishop Gregorius of Trivandrum said, "History will record our permanent gratitude to Mannath Pad- manabhan not only for having ousted the Communist regime in Kerala, but for creating the unity of all the communities following his return from Caux." The Governor of the State, Ramakrishna Rao, then said, "All our problems, political, economic, individual, must be solved in the spirit of MRA. It has an. essential appeal to every man." Men changed in Kerala. The leader of 38,000 students made the experiment of listening to the voice of God. He said, "I am going to end impurity in my own life and clean up the student body. It is through moral compromise among the students that Communism has gripped us. I see that the choice for India is Moral Re-Armament or Communism, and I choose MRA." Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of my old friend Majiat- ma Gandhi whom I met on the first of my nine visits to' India in 1915, said, "Without Moral Rearmament the new government in Kerala might already have fallen. Moral Re-Armament will save India and Asia and the world from Communist take-over." When Chou En-lai arrived in India for his conferences with Prime Minister Nehru, the Times of India and the Hindustan Times carried full pages with the double-banner headline, "Moral Re-Armament--the next itep for Communist! and non-Communists alike." These pages challenged the two men who today lead 1,000,000,000 Asians to find a new way of doing things for the sake of all men everywhere. They said in part, "Communism has failed to produce the new type of man--the unselfish man who can develop and run the unselfish society. The ideology of MRA changes people. That is why thousands of former Communists all over the world are fighting the battle of Moral Re- Armament to restore the world on the basis of absolute ·rime Minister Kfohi ef Jo pan gave · reception hi hi* official residence te the Moral le-Armament international forct which included the German miners presenting their ploy "Hbff- nung" (Mope) in Japan. Mr. Kishi said, "Moral It-Armament it the merol backbone ef the world. The world will rally te its work of building peace bated on true freedom and moral standard!." This MRA force and "Heffnung" have since come te America at the invitation of eleven U. $. Senator*. "Heffnung" k currently being presented at the Na tional Theatre in Washington, D. C RepresentaHvoj* of ffc* laluko and Lulua tribe* of Ka»*i Province in the feelgian C*ng* e* Coxa with Dr. Prank ·uchmafi. They aefced Mm te give *H hit attention to iHo situation in Africa and to **n4 fee ·W-Afrfaow t*ter Win Chancellor Adenauer conferred on March 19 in Los Angeles with hw leno,-tim« friend Dr. Fronk Suchman. He «o»d, "I mutt tell you how much I volue you and your work ef Moral U-Armomenf. It if absolutely essential far the peace ef the wefM." fore* ef e** te moral standards." It was a real hurricane, and it was common sense. When Chancellor Adenauer arrived in Tokyo for bis state visit, he was welcomed at the airport by bis miners from the Ruhr. He spoke to a joint session, of the Japanese Diet calling for a moral ideology that could unite East "and West and answer Khrushchev'* challenge to take over the world. Next day in the Japanese Diet a Cabinet Minister said, "Chancellor Adenauer proclaimed Moral Re-Armament to Japan." The miners bad come to Japan in response to an invitation from Japan's Prime Minister and other leaders of the country and they were the guests of the Japanese throughout their six weeks' visit. A special train was put at their disposal by Governor Sogo of the Japanese National Railways in gratitude for the sanity of the news they brought. Massive Impact on Japan Prime Minister Kishi said, "You are giving a moral backbone to the whole world. I wish to express my gratitude for the massive impact MRA has made on this nation during the past six weeks. The reports which I have received from all over Japan have convinced me of the effectivenesi of this mission in giving ideological clarity and t moral answer to our people." A leader of the Japanese Socialist Party at a crisis point early this year, said that MRA has played a key part in healing a fresh split in their ranks and prevented Communism from taking over. A leader of the Seinen- dan, a political organization of 4,300,000 youth, cabled me at Easter saying that MRA had once again won every seat from the Communists at the annual election in spite of the Communists' outpouring-of manpower and money in the last twelve months. A trade union leader tells how through Moral Re- Annamcnt the President of one of the great mines of Japan was changed and as a result of his change, 3,500 miners, who needed 3,000 armed police to keep them from attacking the President, went back to work satisfied that their just claims were being met. At the Miike mine, where workers had fought workers at the pithead, one man had been killed and hundreds injured. The leader of the organized women of the mine said, "You brought us the answer to hate. Without it more would have been killed and injured. MRA is the answer to every injustice and human hate." And one of the great men of Japan, primarily responsible today for the security of his country, said, "For the first time since the end of the war you have given me hope. MRA is restoring a sense of destiny to a hundred million Japanese people. You are talking straight to us and cleaning us up in homes and politics. You are saying to us what no one else has dared to say." A movie is going out to the millions which says what needs to be said in a way that the modern man understands, accepts and follows. It is a full-length Technicolor musical called The Crowning Experience, which in the words of Arthur Baker, for 21 years Chief of the Parliamentary Staff of The Times of London, is of "indescribable beauty. Its message is so deep that it needs to be seen again and again and yet again. It answers all the hunger and hurts of nations." When Spyros Skouras, President of 20th Century Fox, saw this movie, he threw his arms in the air saying, "Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! This must go to every movie theater throughout the world." S. S. Vasan, President of the Indian Film Federation, said of it, "A thousand times wonderful. You have shown me not only how to make a film, but how to live a life." . Secret of Nigerian Independence And the leadership of the nations of Africa are clamoring for The Crowning Experience. They say it will blow like a hurricane through the hearts of the Africans and heal the hating of a continent. Dr. Azi- kiwe, the man to whom 35,000,000 Nigerians say they largely owe their freedom, says, "I spent many years in America where I was fed with the bread of bitterness. It took me fifteen years to find an answer to my spirit of revenge. I found that answer at Caux." He added that The Crowning Experience attacks with tact and subtlety the social inequalities that have created wrong ideologies between men and-gives definite promise of a cure. And he says, "Moral Re-Armament was the secret of independence for Nigeria." Jasper Savanhu, first African to be a Member of the Federal Government of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, says The Crowning Experience must be seen by every African, black and white, this year. He says, "Winning political power will not by itself secure the future of the African. We can throw off the foreign yoke and then find African leaders who live only for personal advantage. Unless leadership is inspired by Moral Re- Armament, there is no future for the people. MRA is the solution to the greed, ambition, selfishness and competition in high places all over the world." Leaders for the 40,000,000 French-speaking Africans eagerly demand The Crowning Experience for their people. They say its message could bring the bloodshed in Africa to an end. Gabriel Marcel, the world-famous French writer and philosopher, said after seeing it and talking with leaders from Africa, "I came to Caux in despair. Here I have found a transfusion of hope. A deep confidence flowed back into my being." White and black leadership in South Africa want their Cabinet and the whole country to see this movie. They say it holds the secret that alone can cure the racial divisions that are tearing South Africa apart, dividing her from other countries, and Trndermining her economic life. Mrs. Daisy Bates, Negro leader of Little Rock, Arkansas, known all over the world for the part she played in the battle with Governor Faubos over racial integra- tion in the schools, saw The Crowning Experience. She said, "Magnificent! It must go everywhere. It i* essential in the South, but MRA is now needed throughout the world. It will soon catch the imagination of the whole world. Nothing else on the scene can do it." Mrs. Bates, and her husband, as publisher of a newspaper, came to our training center in Mackinac . Inland, Michigan. There Mr. Bates said, "For the fint time in my life I have lost my hatred of the white man." On her return to Little Rock, Mrs. Bates invited some of the leading citizens of her State, white people who had also been to Mackinac, to dinner in her home. They came--the first time in the history of Arkansas that such a dinner party had been possible. After dinner, Mrs. Bates suggested a time of quiet in which together they should seek God's way of ending the deadlock. The thought came that Mrs. Bates should visit Governor Faubus, the man who for years had been pictured to the world ,as her bitterest enemy. She trembled, Tjut she went. She said later, "The. Governor could not have received me more graciously if I had been the President." They shook hands, and the picture of that handshake went'round the world. Governor Faubus had previously, said, "Moral Re-Armament is sowing the seeds that will prove to be the salvation of us all." Mrs. Bates told an audience in Washington, "Without Moral Re-Armament it would have been impossible for me to meet Governor Faubus without hate. But I have learned to fight for what is right without hatred, I want Moral Re-A*rmament for the children of the South and of America. We can see on the horizon a new day." A major American network in its review of 1959 described this handshake as possibly the most significant news event of the year, which could mark the end of a hundred years of civil war in the United States. MRA in South America In the Republics of South America the hurricane is blowing too. Millions read the news of an answer. Millions more hear it over the radio. In one week alone all the main newspapers of Montevideo carried reports of the world work of MRA, and 17 kading papers of Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru carried 33 articles. A leading editorial in La Prensa, the largest newspaper of Peru, said, "Moral Re-Armament has a unique strength for the ideological battle in the world today., It is an insistent call to all who believe in a supreme Creator to confront those who preach atheism. It is a world effort to defeat materialism. The morally rearmed are not an easy prey to materialist indoctrination." Eudocio Ravines, one of the great revolutionaries of our time who, trained by Mao Tse-tung, introduced Communism to Peru and Chile, met in Moral Re- Armament a superior ideology that changed him. He says, "The basic problems of Latin America are not under-development, but corruption and Communism. While our countries welcome economic aid, alone it cannot touch the root problem. Without a moral ideology, it may even aggravate the problem. The best export the United States of America or any nation can send to Latin America is Moral Re-Armament" In a long lifetime of experience that has taken me to all parts of the world and brought me in touch with every sort of people," I have never seen a greater hunger and a greater hope than we find today. Man must · choose the road of common sense or he will inevitably take the path of common suicide. Dr. P. J. Little, the well-known statesman and thinker of Ireland, put the challenge clearly in the Dublin Sunday Press. His article about Moral Re-Armament occupied two central pages. It was headed, "World War III--the war of ideas--the battle we cannot lose." He said, "The Cold War has only to heat up to boiling point for ten seconds and civilization will be blasted into eternity. Ideas not bombs will determine who wins the battle of ideologies, and on this battle depends the length of time we have left to live and whether our children will ever grow up." World-Wide Transformation But the far-rfeers of this century recognize in Moral Re-Armament the certainty of cure. My friend Robert Schuman of France, who has twice written the foreword to the French edition of my published speeches, puts it this way, "Moral Re-Armament is a philosophy of life applied in action that I have seen reaching the millions. It is a world-wide transformation of human society that has already begun." It needs a hurricane of common sense to bring men to their senses, restoring the Communist and the non- Communist world to sanity and unity before it .is too late. That hurricane is sweeping through every nation today, and in the midst of the hurricane the still small Voice of the living God, an unseen but ever-present Guide, willing and able to speak to the men of the Kremlin, the men of Washington, to the millions everywhere, leaders and led, who have lost their way and seek to find it. It is so normal. It is so practical. It is a hurricane. And it is common sense. Moral Re-Armament is incorporated in the State of New York as a non-profit association. It is financed by voluntary contributions and the sacrifice ?/ thousands of people. All its workers serve without salary. Checks made payable to Moral Re-Armament are deductible JOT income tax purposes and may be sent to MRA, 640 Fifth Avenue, New York 19, New York; Cedar Point, Mackinac Jsland, Michigan; S33 South Flower Street, Los Angeles 17, California. Copies of the handbook "Ideology and Co-Existence" are available of $8,00 per hundred from the above addresses. This page has been contributed by patriotic citizens as a servks to the nation.

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