The Daily Herald from Delphos, Ohio on December 7, 1898 · Page 5
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The Daily Herald from Delphos, Ohio · Page 5

Delphos, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1898
Page 5
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The Latest News— The Herald Has It. THE BAIL, S°"»° Delivered at Your Supper Table. DEVOTED TO THE MATERIAL INTERESTS OF DELPHO8 JLND VICINITY AND THE PEOPLE LIVING THEREIN, VOL. V. NO. 151. DELPHOS, OHIO, WEDNESDAY WENING, DECEMBER 7, 1898. PRICE THREE CENTS. Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Alum baking powders are the greatest menacen to health of the present day, HOYAt BAKINO POWDER CO., NEW YOBK. OPPOSED BY VEST. Policy of Expansion Meets Obstruction In Senate. MEABING- OF A JOINT RESOLUTION. ASGOOPAS.SIGNEP Peace of Paris Is Practically an Accomplished Fact. ESSENTIAL POINTS AQEEED TO. American and Mpanlih Commissioners Muklnt Bine Progress, Only a Few Minor Article* Aw»)tinff 'Adjudication, Spain'* lteque«t For Free Shipping In Cuban and Porto Rlcun Waters Denied. Paris, Dec'. 7.—The essential features of the peace treaty have been disposed of by the joint commission. The work la now practically accomplished and the document will be signed within the next two or three days. Following are the leading articles embodied la the treaty: The rellnijuishment by Spain of her sovereignty over Cuba and the withdrawal of the Spanish troops there; the relinquishmenl by Spain of her • eovereignty over Porto Rico; 'Spain's cession of" the Philippines and tho withdrawal of the Spanish, troops there; payment by the United States f of $20,000,000 for the Philippines, and the .provision for the "open door" commercial policy in the Philippines. The rough draft of the treaty coTers the proposals. It makes.a long document, which Senator Cushman K. Davis of the United States peace commission says will be found to be one of. the most interesting papers in its character ever written. So complete!" are th'e details of the evacuation of the Philippines stipulated that a commission such'as arranged for the Spanish withdrawal from the West Indies will be unnecessary. A few questions that yet remain to be settled are the coaling station and religious freedom in the, the Spanish commission not having replied to the American offer. The Americans have agreed to transport, the Spanish prisoners home, including the garrison and sailors at Manilla, captured by Admiral Dewey and General Merritt, as well as the soldiers and civilians held by the Filipinos, whoi:3 return the Americans have guaranteed. As compensation, Spain promises to liberate all Cuban, Porto Ricau and Philippine . political prisoners. Spanish soldiers electing to remain in the colonies may do so, but it is more a matter of economy for the Americans to return the others, as they must be fed as long as; they are kept and Spain Is unable to bear the expense of the repatriation. The Americans have rejected Spain's request for free shipping for ten years In Cuban and Porto Rican waters, they having given the Spanish commissioners such poor consolation as the latter may derive from the permission to reapply when* the diplomatic relations have been renewed, for shipping concessions under the reciprocity scheme of the Dingley law, for which Sen"/ Dupuy de Fxime was' negotiating a Washington whon the war broke out the Gnntleman From Missouri Contend* Thru Under the Constitution of the United States a Colonial System Cannot Be Established—Farther Proceedings of the Senate and House. Washington, Dec. 7. — Anti-expan- eionists have made their first move in the United States senate, the following Joint resolution being offered by Senator Vest: That under the constitution of the United States no power Is giren to tho federal gorernment to acquire territory to be held and governed .permanently ns colonies. TUe colonial system of European nations can not be established under our present constitution, but all territory acquired by the gOTornruent, except such small amount as may be necessary for coaling stations, correction of boundaries and similar governmental purposes, must be acquired and governed with the purpose of ultimately organizing such territory Into states suitable for admission to the Union. A lively, brief debate on navigation laws was precipitated by the consideration of a bill amending those laws by the addition of a provision thaffor- eign-built vessels, wrecked in the United States, purchased by citizens of this country and repaired to-the extent of three-fourths of their value, shall be subject to forfeiture if they engage tne appointment of Rear Admiral Dewey to that position. In Memory of the Maine'* Men. Washington, Dec. 7.—Senator Hale Introduced a joint resolution authorizing the secretary of the navy to erect a monument in Havana, Cuba, to .the memory of the sallors\nd marines who lost their lives by the explosion of the Maine. The bill is recommended by the navy department Miles' Army Bill. Washington, Dec. 7.—The measure which will serve as a basis for the leg- slation of congress this session look- ng to the Increase and remodeling of the regular United States army has been completed by the commanding general of the army and was handed him to Secretary Alger, who will transmit it to congress, probably through the chairman of the house committee o.n military affairs, Representative HuJJ, after he has had an opportunity to make any changes that he may deem desirable. BLOWN TO ITOMS. Three Workmen by a Mine Exi Liihilated )sion. FOUETH KILLED BY (j&NOUSSION. While Engaged In Minei a Party Meet* One of the Dangerod Mysteriously Banting Force—Seve ral Other* Boston, Dec. 7.—By thef a sub-marine mine whic removed from, the chani Submarine DlNKgter, Implement! FriKbtfnl •d. cplosion of had been four men subsequently in the coastwise trade of the United States. Mr* Vest expressed his opposition to the bill, principally because it afforded protection to the coastwise trade which needed no protection. Our general carrying trade, Mr. Vest believed, needed protection. Under the present system of navigation laws this trade had decreased from 75 per cent to 11 per cent, and this country is now paying $150,000,000 equally to foreign ship owners for carrying trade that ought to be carried in America bottoms. This condition of affairs, Mr Vest declared, was a "scandal and disgrace." He said he had been amused at the suggestion of the president made In his message submitted -yesterday that our carrying trade be encouraged by the payment of subsidies. "Under the proposed policy in the administration," continued Mr. Vest, "we are to build a great navy. We are to cease to be a nation of traders, and under the impulse of the policy of expansion become a nation of warriors. It would appear to be better first to build up our carrying trad*. I would also let our people, through the bene- flcient effects of such trade, buy where they can buy cheapest." dnaae Proceeding*. Washington, Dec. 7.—The house was In session less than half an hour when the deaths of Representatives Northway of Ohio and Love of Mississippi were announced and an aujournment was taken out of respect to their memory. The customary resolution for the distribution of the president's message to the several committees having jurisdiction was adopted and the deficiency bill carrying the appropriations for the extraordinary expenses of the army and navy from Jan. 1, 1899, was -reported. The report of the Hawaiian commission transmitted by the president was laid before the house and referred to the committee on territories, together with a bill offered by Mr. Hitt to carry out the recommendations of the commission. Honors Fm Dewey. Washington, Dec. 7.—Senator Morrill of Vermont presented a series of resolutions adopted by the legislature of Vermont. The resolutions preceded by a eulogy of Rear Admiral Dewey, "who has won a prominent place in the hearts of the American people," direct the senators and representatives of Vermont to urge the revival of the grade of admiral of the navy and press Express People Ittnst Pay. Lansing, Mich., N Dec. 7.—The Michigan supreme court IB an unanimous decision, decided that the American Express company in Michigan must itself pay the war revenue tax of one cent exacted on all the packages transmitted. National W. C. T. U. Cleveland, Dec. 7.—The ninth convention of the Non-partisan National Women's Christian Temperance union continued with a good attendance. The committees reported making a good showing. Mrs. Mary H. Hunt of Boston delivered an interesting address on the work of organization, showing that in 12 years it had secured the passage of laws requiring scientific temperance instruction in every state of the union except Virginia, Georgia and Arkansas. An address on the same subject by Miss Franc E. Young of Oberlin, O., was a feature. Farmers' National Congress. Fort Worth, Tex., Deo. 7.—The opening of the eighteenth a<uvual session of the Farmers' National congress occurred when Colonel Clayton callad for order and introduced ex-Governor Hoard of Wisconsin, president; of the congress. Governor Charles A. Ca!- berson addressed the congress, speftlr- ing mainly on the wonderful agricultural growth of Texas, its relation to the other industries of the country and the world at large. Interesting papers were read. were killed and several seriously injured at Port Independence^ on Castle Island, Boston harbor. *C* The dead: Sergeant Morip McGrath, Hiram Vaughn, Private feennan (a diver), Ryan (a citizen). p. The three men, VaugBjS, Brennan and Ryan, had placed the liine on the "it to. the ition was hlch they having to the Tting ex- land with- rrst. The men were ant Meet away, concus- a mark as soon plosion by id charge a f rag- Icould be |d states the explo- Isince the shington 'handled s this 16 same team and started to tak place where the other am: stored. The road along passed was unusually, sni been constructed with a necessity of care in trari plosive material. Suddenl; out warning the mine horse and cart and the th blown to fragments. Grath was standing fully 21 He was instantly killed b sion. His body does not of any sort. A careful search was as possible after the Lieutenant Raymond, who: of removing the mines, bu ment of men or clothli found. Lieutenant Ray: that he can not explain sion occurred. He says order was issued from hundreds of mines .have in precisely the same way one, and transported ov road. t»r •> snows Hamilton, Ont., Dec. storm here did great da losses sustained by the ephone and electric railrc lee amount to J500.000. j snow . The ph, tel- I'compan- Want Increase In Wages. Kansas City, Dec. 7.—A committee of five, representing the telegraphers and station agents along the Hues of the Kansas City, Plttsburg and Gulf railroad, north of Kansas City, arrived here to present a demand to the company's general offices for an a f lyau>:9 of 25 per cent in wages. It is stated that a refusal to grant the increase may resuli in a strike which would involve aL-out 400 telegraphers and station agents. Secretary Gage Reports. Washington, Dec. 7. — Secretary of the Treasury Gage submitted his annual report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1898. The total revenues o!. the government were $494,333,952.75, The total expenditures are $532,381,201.60, showing a deficit of $38,047,247.60. As compared with the fiscal year 1897, the, receipits for 1898 increased $63,946',785.86. Wnnt the Canal.| Los Angeles, Gal., Dec.l meeting of business men., cided to send a committed tngton to work in the iat Nicaragua canal. mas Cuts Deep into the Prices. w But these winter goods must move to make room for Spring Goods. Dress Goods Knifed to a Finish. Lot No. I, Fancy Dress Suitings, regular 10 and 1 2 , at Lot fto. 2, Novelties and Plaids, at - Lot No. 3, Strictly All Wool Suitings, at Lot No. 4 Includes COLLINGSWOOD MILLS NOVELTIES Fancy Mixtures, 58-inch Extra Heavy All Wool Suitings, All of those handsome dress patterns, no two alike, regardless of style, from 25 to 33J cts. off regular price. This is a rare bargain and only one of a kind. Just the proper present for your wife on Xmas. Have opened a lot of Gosh en Fancy Flannels. The proper thing for Ladies' Waists, Children's School Dresses. They wash like a towel. Styles controlled exclusively by us and sold regularly at 50 cents. 8c 15c 19c AT 34c Without Reserve at THIS IS BLANKET WEATHER. Our entire stock of Ladies' Plush, Cloth and Boucle Capes at the redicu- lous cut of 25 per ct. None reserved. DON T WAIT, •eTenth Corps on Savannah, Ga., Dec. 7.- review of the Seventh ar| fore its departure for Cut inv Foreytli'-<'parle««j; troops passed' in fevia era} Lee. Dlued the Cubans. Washington, Dec. 7.—General Miles entertained at dinner General Garcia and the members of th* Cuban commission and a number of:friends. Slock SilUm at London. London, O., Dec. 7.—The regular monthly stock sales were held here. The total number of cattle sold was 150. Best lots brought 4*4 cents and poorest 3% cents per pound. Fifty-five head of horses were sold. They ranged in price from $G1 to $85 per head. Buyers from Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, Washington C. H., Worthington and other places were present. Anti-Saloon Lnaene. Cleveland, Dec. 7.—The third annual meeting of the American Anti-Saloon league began at the Old Stone church. There were about 500 delegates present. The meeting opened with a song service conducted by Rev. L. L. Pickett of Kentucky. Short addresses were delivered by Rev. Louis A. Banks of this city and Rev. E. S. Chapman of California. Xenia and Dayton Road. .Dayton, O., Dec. 7.—The Dayton anfl Xenia Traction company has be«n organized hern to build an electric street railroad frc n here to Xenia. The capital stock of the company Is $300,000. The shares are ?100 each and all are taken by people in the vicinity. Hljj Ordnr For Locomotives. Cleveland, Dec. 7.—President W. H. Newman of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern railroad has placed an order with the Brooks' locomotive works at Dunkirk, N. T., for 45 locomotives. The total cost will be about $500.000. GlasHivorkers Sirlke. Martin's Ferry, O.. Dec. 7.—Upwarda of !!»•> men struck at the West Virginia glass works as a result of a difference between the men and the company crowing out of the question of Ins-, perfect ware. on tbe Stand. Wilmington, Del., Dec. 7.—The second day of the trial of Senator Richard R. Kenney of Delaware, charged with conspiracy and aiding in the misapplication of funds of the First National bank of Dover, was occupied by the examination of William N. Bogga, the defaulting teller, his testimony being practically the same as at the former trial. That Flour Trust. Minneapolis, Dec. 7.—Thomas Mcln- tyre's flour trust is a long way from becoming an accomplished fact, according to Minneapolis millers. At the offices of the Pillsbury-Washburn Flour Mill company in this city it waa stated that a cablegram from the London offices had been received denying the truth of the trust stories. OP the There are cough medicines that are taken as freely as a drink of water from a dipper. They are cheap medicines. Quantity does not make up for quality. It's the quality that cures. There's one medicine that's dropped, not dipped— Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. There's more power in drops of this remedy than in dippersful of cheap cough syrups and elixirs. It cures Bronchitis, Asthma, Croup, Whooping Cough, and all Colds, Coughs, and affections of the Throat and Lungs. Tbe Stage In Slmke»pe»re'« Time. John Churton Collins, the distinguished essayist and Quarterly Reviewer, has been lecturing on the theater of Shakespeare's time. The typical theater then was of wood, circular or hexagonal in form, being modeled externally ou the general structure of the/old amphitheaters for bull and bear baiting. The interior was faahioued after the manner of an inn yard. The pit was scorched by the sun, while the actors \vere protected by a thatched penthouse. The scenery was supplied by the imagination of the audience, but what was lacking in scenery was made up in noise and bustle, things being kept very lively in that direction. Tbe most untuer ous class among the audience v»ereroist eting prentices. On the stage and in other parts were fashionable dandies, swafih bucklers, writers and actors. These, it is interesting to kuow, always had a free pass. The play lasted two hours on an average, and, considering the noise and the smells which accompanied the performance, ouo was, Mr. Collins presumed, not sorry when "tbe actors dropped on their knees to pray for the queen.". ^M' «^^ •^^ Clothing Second Floor All heavy Winter SUITS, LIU lildren, We do not mark up goods for this sale. THIS IS NO PAKE. SALE. We can show what we advortise and back up any assertion we make. All goods marked iu plain figures. Don't wait until the last minute. Come early and get best selection. S. F. SHENK &CO. The Reliable Globe Dry Goods and Clothing 1 Store. Wales Gets a Rid. Richmond, Va., Dec. 7.—At a meeting of the grand lodge of Virginia occurs on December-14, 1899. It was decided to extend an invitation to be present to the Prince of Wales, grand master of Masons of England. The Clieetnl. The axis, or cbeetnl, deer of the Indian jungle can claim, to be the most ornamental of all tbe 86 races of deer to be seen gathered together at Woburu. In the early summer, when all the other deer except the wapiti ore either shedding their horns or "in the velvet," Masons, the celebration of the Wash- - tfae ^ & arQ Ju perfeotion> bot h of color ington centennial was taken up. It , and autlers- Tne large beid of this species looks as if carved out of ivory and red gold iu tho sunshine and verdure of English scenery. Their horns are almost white, their eyes and muzzles of jet black, their throats white and their backs and sides a brilliant golden tan, spotted with round dots of purest white. It is worth a pilgrimage to Woburu to see these deer alone. They bread con- Etautly, sometimes producing two fawns in the twelvemonth.—Spectator. That Telltale Tap. She was a poor, plain little woman, tvideutly just in from tbe country, aud the stood looking longingly at a line of gaudy purses which bung along in a row by the notiou counter. After a minute she stepped into a corner, took out her own shabby little leather purse and counted over tbe money carefully. She evidently found out she oonld afford it, as a great extravagance, aud go at last walked shyly up to the counter, selected one with "pearls" set in along the chain aud a big emerald flashing in the top, took up the box in which it was given her and vanished in the direction of tbe waiting room. Not more than five seconds later she appeared again — her old purse tucked out of eight and the new one Imngiug proudly round her neck. It was almost pitiiul to see ber — sbe took so much pride ia tbe gaudy thing — aud then, more pitiful, yet more laughable, there canie into view bebiucl her the price tag, flapping gayly from itsJiftle pink string Xne doctor beamed with delight. "Nc • upper lip ever deceived me yet," be laughingly exclaimed, aud carried bis little triumph to all of bis frieuds with as much pleasure ES if it had been a loug lost treasure. Annual Sales over6,OOO,000 Boxes PILliS "Mooshlii Scoff!" "A few nights ago," writes a Transvaal correspondent, "I, iu company with a chnm, took a stroll round tbe Native Location \vbich lies about 200 yards from tbe railway station. We made for a row of buts, four in nnmber, iu tbe front of which wood fires were burning. "On reochiug them we noticed the natives were iu tbe act of catcuing lo- FOE BILIOUS AND NEBVOTJS DISOEDEE8 such as Wind and Pain in the Stomach, Giddiness, Fulness after meals. Headache, Dizzinoss, Drowsiness, FlushinKS of Hoiit, Loss o£ Appetite, Costlvenpss. Blotches on the Skin. Cold Chills. Dis- jurbed Sleep. Frightful Dreams and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations. THE PIEST DOSE WILL GIVE BELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES. Every sufferer will acknowledge thuin to be A WONDERFUL MEDICINE. BEECHAM'S P1L.LS, taken as direct„ . , i 41 , ,„ _ ]„„!, iir<isi;iiiii™-i» m-iui<», TaKen us uireci- custs, flying ants and other queer look- ^ wiaflllioUly rf , stol . e j< onm j e3 to com . pleto health. They promptly remove obstructions or irregularities of the sys- torn and cure &luk lleatluclie. Fora Weak Stomach Impaired Digestion Disordered Liver IN MEN. WOMEN OR CHILDREN Beecham's Pills are ing insects which were swarming around iu hundreds, being attracted by tbe bright light of tbe fire. "After tlifcir vf ings had been singed through coming iu contact with the fire, tbe insects were scooped iuto a large hoto dug iti tho suud. We waited several minutes wondering v.'bat the motive for all this could be, when vbe niggers formed a circle round this hole TO BE SHELVED. rate of the Report of Committee !• Burke Disbarment C»«e. Cleveland, Dec. 7.—It now seems Very probable that the report of the trial committee of tho Cleveland Bar association, In the disbarment proceedings against State Senator Burke, will be tabled indefinitely at the meeting of the association next Saturday. It is said the friends of both Se~ator Burke and Judge Dollenbau«;h are in favor of disposing of tho verdict in that manner. and proclaiming to the world at large ' and commenced tnUiug out haudfnls of that that particular purse had cost just these hideous looking things and eating 60 cents! Nobody who saw tbat saucy tag had the courage to tell its wearer, and yut that would have been kindest too. But she vanished down the street with it still in view. How do you suppose she felt when she found it out? — Cleveland Plain Dealer. Cherry Pectoral is now OtaP PRICE for the bottles—50 centa. Holni«-N u» a Face Reader. The Youth's Companion tells this them. "This, as vre ascertained, formed the niggers' evening meal, they iufuruiiug us it was'moosbla scull' (nice food)." — Louden Answers. And bftve tho LARGEST SALE ofa.ny Pnteiit Mt>dtcliio lutiie World* i.Pc. ?»-t. all Drua Stores. A Simple SnnHlilue Recorder. Procure au empty quarter plate rard- bosrd box, aud iu the top of tbe lid cut a hole about half uu inch iu diameter closo to the edge of one side. Then paste story of Oliver Weudell Holmes, cue of ; a bit of stiff brown piipcr over this lioJo, RnUvray Officer* Elected. Youngstown, 0., Dec. 7.—The annual meeting of the Pittsburg, Cleveland and Toledo Railway compauy was held here. The old board of directors were re-elected. General Orland Smith of New Orleans was again elected president, of the board of directors and Major J. B. Washington of Pitlsburg was made secretary-treasurer and auditor general. Thomas Sanderson of this city was retained a» general counsel of the road. "" Welcoming FrcsU Cure*. "As far ns fresh cares arecoucerned, " said a mau of mature years, "as 1 grow older I rather welcome them. They blot out the old cares completely aud so show how unsubstantial they were, aud I kuow that iu due course these new cares will be supplanted by others and will as completely give way to them. Thus I am constantly reminded that our cares really don't amount to much, except as we imngiue them groat, and I expect to Eee the day when I shall give but fioauty room to them aud not be disturbed by them at all."—New York Sun. . In some of tbe European art galleries the dust is removed from the paintiuga and statuary by means of an air pump, a jet of air being thrown with great force against the article which needs dusting. whose hobbies was to trace genealogies and family resemblances. At the open- j ing of the term of the medical class one j year, while he was one of its lecturers, | he met for tho first time a young mem-1 bcr vrho introduced himself as, let us , say, a Perry of Cambridge. | The littlu doctor looked at him keenly aud said: "You are also one of the W.'s of Cape Cod. I know it by your upper lip." The young man flushed and made haste to annsver that ho never had heard of the W. 'K and did not kuow any person in Capu Cod. But tho doctor smiled obstinately and at intervals through the winter would and when dry prick a hole iu tbe brown paper with n pin. To use the sunshine recorder place a piece of paper in the bottom of tbe box, but sensitive side uppermost, and cu this place a glass platu to keep tbe paper flat. Now put tho lid ou containing tbe pin hole, and stitud tbe wbolu thing flat on a window ledge, the pin hole tide facing tho south aud muke u pencil murk all round the box, so that you always place it in the sauiupo.sitiou, and change the paper once u clay, when a very cluar record of every peep of sunshine will bo found.—New York Mail aud Express Dill Lamborn as the villian in "Un- f OH SUE M OUR SiflHS AND nr GEUJCEEIS inquire whether Mr Perry had looked to-morrow night. ,.~ l.;n .iltrntfrnl. \-L\f >< .1 V 1II It (OWll TllMft tnA J ° up his ancestor, recuiving ouch time the assurance Unit inquiry bad beeu made, but no trace of this f-traiu of blood could be found in tbe family. One day Perry caaio to him. "Yon were right, Dr. Holmes. We have found iu an old Bible record that njy great- great-grauduiother was a W. and caine I from.Cape Opd." Holiday goods in great profusion at King Bros.' new atore. 37-tf Granulated corn meal ia tbe finest on earth. Try it. For Bale by grocers U A cough is not like a fever. It does not have to run a rerUiu course. Cure it quickly and effectually with One Minute Cough Cure, the best remedy for all ages and fur the moat severe cam-B. We recommend it because it's good. King Brog. tf The curfew orditmuce i« iu effect at Lima and tbe fire alarm belli) Bound the warning fur all cbildlfn undur Iti to go home ftt B :30.

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