Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 54
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 54

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 54
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C-26--INDEPENDENT (AM) ilil., Frl., '(AMI . a, IM» PRESS-TELESRAM CUktSIFlID ME MM* (PM) · At! 1US hUK SALt, ThMdcrbird 1990 '6S T-6IRD, FACT. 'AIR. PWR. STR.. BUCKET SEATS, CONSOLE, DELUXE R.H, NEW ZENITH BLUE PAINT W MATCHING INTERIOR. THIS CAR IS BEAUTIFUL. L1C. ~ PCR-1S7. AVERAGE BLUE BOOK RETAIL OUR FULL PRICE JI795 PLUS TAX LICENSE LAKEWOOD MOTORS 1 VOl KSWAGEIJ Sri? SOU'H SI. AT WOODRUFF AVJIUS rUK 3 ALE, TlwiMferbird IffO 'M T.BIRD COUPE, V-S, AUTO.. P.S., DELUXE R/H. EXCELLENT RUNNING CONDITION. LICENSE -OVG iW. OUR SPECIAL FOR THE WEEK. OUR FULL PRICE $1395 PLUS TAX S. LICENSE LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOl KSWAGEN *U SOUTH ST. AT WOODRUFF LA'KEWOOD DUTCH VILLAGE TO 60741 AUTOS FOR SALE Thmdvrbird IttO AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE LA'KEWOOD DUTCH VILLAGE TO 60741 . '61 T-Bird Hdlp $698 'Excelled mechanically, atr cotid . PAH twr. stwmo A Drakes-. waulik'i rtfti 1uton« b'-ue paint. W *DON:A-VEE RAMBLER In SelHIower TO 7-7254 T5737 Bfriiilowgf »* Alondra Blvd. 'AS T BIRD Landau Ct#. Dark ffrwi with olivt grwi iot. RH. pow,*.- windows, seals, brakes steering. Factory with climate control, power door locks trunk release, leather Ivcket seats, Jilt ··A'oV steering wheel, etc. SWW. fclDINGS CADILLAC HE 7-2211 1501 Long Beach Blvd. L.B. ·60 T-BIRD $199 Lie. rTYR Sn. "The Only way to Fly." Call now, 432-S914. Harbor Auto Liquidators '57 T-BIRD $1499 Lie. rCEV 175. Call 591-0553 Harbor Auto Liquidators T AS T-BIRD. nrlv. Dflriv."Full pwr. llr CT-nd, etlr^s SI950 Sc^ *8!5 E. Florence rr S^U4 E. Florence, Downcv. 'M T-BIRD 2-dr Landflu ion. ^ ' ·M T-6IRD. Extra ctefln. sharp. Lo miles- 435-5190 or J39-SJS1. '55 T-BIRD wi'trT'V? ton. Good cond. SUM. J22-S965. __^_ '67 T-Bird $2695 4 Dr Hdlo.. Automatic tram. Radio i Healer, pwr. steering, cwr. kv-sUs. AIR CONDITION, vat. windows, pwr. seats, etc. Lie. r UCY-620 SUBURBAN PONTIAC 1763? BMIflower Blvd. flower Ph. 667-J151 ·67 T-BtRD Landau 2-Dr. Hdtp. Full pwr., FACT. AIR. Bol. fact, wor- ' s °8'c v vv Lo ni. mI !f'. B !:. L .' c . -jaw* PIONEER FORD 1S403 Pioneer, Artesig UN S-1266 an white (Iniih. HAS low mlk.... oow*r, AIR COND., Very Share! Excel. Buy! SVEH-179 _ .52399 Hensley-Anderson Ford tS33 Alondra Bl., BHIII. TO 7-3734 61 T-BIRD :.T...JI99 Full tv.vr., AC. oreat buy! Lie. « HOM 5?7. Call now, 591-0553. Harbor Auto Liquidators 'M 1-BIRD. Fact- air conrt., automatic Iranv Full power. Dvvr. Sf^K ft vvrndO-ATs. S79S Lie. HAL-AM. Gcrroe Chcv. 1?0(« LPkcwoofl Rlvrt.. Rpllflowpr, Ph WA 5-2251 ·(W 1 BIRD Lanrt'qu lop. I'Vll PW" stcrfO tflDP. A.M. rras nrice. In ml VJ.OOQ. Xlnl tond.^L.B. £?K'[ '7.1 T-RtRD (till power, ok Sacrifice. S»B._HE_WM4_ '55 T-BIRD. Good cond. Auto. Ir _ rnlssion._£67-7733_ '41 T-"BIRD, good shape, Driv. cv.n- *r. Must sell Reasonable SE5-/207 1 64 T-B1RD SPORT COUPE factory air, power steering, brakes, i windows automattc door locks Automatic trans, AM-FM radio, tinted glass, white wall Urcs. Goroeous ice blue. RBYS02 $ 1 690 ri?l(T GOOD THRU MARCH ?"d ! DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE 1090 Long Bfftfh 81. L.B. HE *- ROAD RUNNER '69 PLYMOUTH 2-Dt. NDfP. ____ . _ _____ '66 T-BIRD- All DOWW feature*, tilt wheel, new tires, showroom cond. M375. 435-46S?. _______ Valiont 1995 Once A Year Sale! '68 VALIANTS COURTESY CARS. 4 to choose from. All have cuio. trans., etc.. not stripped down models. All keot In tlD too cond. bv our service depl. since new! r]021 -- £1039 -- ;1019-- =1003. YOUR CHOICE AT $1888 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER mi Candlewood ME4-7.1VI $699 Glenn E. Thomas Co. --DODGE-33.1 E. Anaheim. I. VALIANT SIGNET V8 'M with aii conditioning, power Mrenno, automatic sMU, radio, rtc. 100% Part*. lobor warranty. Rio Ftaroain today at $1/70. HOLIDAY RAMBLER U27 Long Beach Blvd. In L.B. ·63 « VALIANT, I'lce brand new, S5M. 425-2M4. ____^_ BRAND NEW "Motortrend's Car of th* Y*ar" 383 V-8 4 barrel engin*, 4-sp**d Iransmission, special tires, nois* reducing package, sptcial Bahama Yellow paint Hi Performance axle, vinyl top, head rests. Full mfty group, f 128626. ONLY $ 3099 K . O . (iOUJ) CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 1600 LONG BEACH BLVD. HE 7-2871 RYTHINO GOES 1969 CHOOSE FROM OVER 300 CARS AND TRUCKS, PLUS COMPLETE SELECTION OF STATION WAGONS. PRICES BEYOND COMPARE 1969 LTD COUNTRY SQUIRE Station Wagon. V-8, Cruif-o-Mntic lianimitiiort, pownr *te«ting, powar diic brattfti, factory air conditioning, radio hooter, tintftd glan, HD luiptniian, WSW liei, Mag wheel cov*n, visibility group, delux* bold, corpot, daluxt luggagi rack. Popular Black Jad* finish, Ser. #117629. 3969 69 1969 FORD GALAXIE 500 2-DOOR HARDTOP V-8, Cruls-o-AAatic transmission, power steering, radio heater, tinted glass, deluxe belts, WSW tires. Popular white finish. Ser. # 115746. 3069 69 1969 FORD LTD 4-DOOR HARDTOP Sor.#9J66K151716. V-8, Cruis-o-Matic transmission, power steering, power disc brakes, radio heater, Factory Air Conditioning, luxury trim, many more options. $3769*' OVER 100 END 'O MONTH CLEARANCE USED CARS TO SELECT YOURS FROM 1967 Thunderbird Landau Hartdop-Air conditioning, full power, popular white with black vinyl top; Lie. #$MY437 1964 Thunderbird Hardtop-Air conditioning. Full power, etcetera. Lie. #TAM600 1966 Mustang 2-D»or Hor4t«j»-V-8, automatic -transmission, radio, heater, power steering. Black with red interior. Lie. #ZVK382 1966 Ford Fairlane CTA 2-Daor Hardtop-V-8, 390 engine, air conditioning, radio, heater, automatic transmission, power steering. Blue with black interior. Lie. #TAL290 1966 Ford Oalaxie 500 2-Door Hardtop-V-8, automatic transmission, radio, heater, power steering. 2-Tone, Lime Gold and White. Lie. #SQL 555 1965 Falcon Sprint 2-Door Hardtop-V-8, automatic transmisson, radio, heater, power steering, air conditioning. Lie. #RUJ 513 1966 Buick Wildcat 2-Door Hardtop-Radio, heater, automatic transmission, power steering, air conditioning. White with vinyl roof. Lie. #UIV377 I96S MOB Roadster--4-Spoed transmission, radio, heater, popular red finish. Lie. #PCA212 1965 Mustang Hardtop --289 V-8 engine, radio, heater, automatic transmission, power steering. Lie. #RID235 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS-327 V-8 engine, radio, heater, automatic transmission, air conditioning. Blue with black buckets. Lie. #UUL561 '3495 $ 1495 *1695 $ 1895 '1695 '1395 '2395 '1495 '1495 '2295 1969 FORD F-100 1/2-TON PICKUP '2369 Long wheelbose, Slylt- side, body sid* mould- ing, bright grill, whte! coven, gouges, tinted windshield, lighter. Special point, special interior. Ser. #76564. COMPLETE BANK FINANCING AVAILABLE °«N SUNDAY SERVICE AND PARTS OPEN SATURDAY AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE ''OVERSTOCK' 1 OVER 26 1961 CHRYSLERS ft PLYMOUTH* DOWN CASH OR TRAP! OR ANYTHING OP VALUI Delivers on any of th» BRAND NEW CARS ABOVE in Long B«ach "Plus TM I Iktnst on gpprovtd crtdit" 1969 Valiant Full factory equipped. The '69 Valiant is still th« true economy compact of tha induitry. W* offer n selection of 37 in slot I: to choose Iroin. Ser. No. VL21A9E120686. $63.63 per mo. lor 36 Mos. O.A.C. '69 Road Runner HOTTEST ONE IN THE IN? DUSTRY LOADED Big #383" V-8, 4 .barrel carburetor, automatic transmission, blatk accent stripe: black vinyl roof, L R head resi: deluxe radio w/rear spealcei lite package, beltline mouldinqi deluxe wheel covers, tinted wind shield, w/w lire;. S 3195 plus tax and licens* $195*down, $95.89 per mo. for 36 mot. O.A.C. '69 CHRYSLER "Town Country" Urgitt 9 pouinjir Mgon in thi industry. Full factory «r,uipp«d including oulomolic tram., powtr steering, clianir air poclogt, radio, l»oif r, front.t tear stttbtlts, »di rtll.ctori, powor disc Wolies, tinted windshield, hidden storage com- Jl 27.78 ptr Mo. porlment, and 855l15 whits sidewoll. | or CP4eG9C-72oM. t -.. t . * 269 down 0 Ji.C. *PLUS TAX LICENSE Week-End Specials On Used Cars '64 RAMBLER STATION WAGON. V-8, auto, irons., SCOC htat.r. UN 953.... ·* *·* '65 IMPERIAL 2-Dr. Hardtop. Full powfir. faef. air, leather inlorior. A rftal special. $1 A A C P G G 6 I I I »« '63 CHRYSLER 2-Dr. Hdtp. Auto, tram., radio, hlater, pwr. iir. and brakot. SNX039 '67 CHEVROLET VAN CAMPER. Sharp. V-8, auto, trans., radio, haater. VBC 897 7 $ 2395 '63 DODGE DART 2-Door Hardtop. 4-speed, radio, heater, wsw. HZL 190. radio, heater, $CQC '64 PONTIAC BONNEVIUE 4-dr. hardtop, full powsr, focfory NMCH7 '1095 '65 PLYMOUTH FURY. A spocial 4-door tedan with air cond., auto, trans., pwr. str. and brkt., «te. Ser. '64 PLYMOUTH STATION WAGON. 9- Pasi., V-8, auto. tran»., pwr. ,lr., brk... wsw. NTQ 089 '63 DODGE DART 2-Door, 4-sp«ed, radio, heater, wsw. SJCAC ZLI 190 +** '65 CHEVY NOVA 2-Door Hardtop Cp«. V-l, 4-ipeed, radio, heater, wsw. Maroon. T U W 9 4 2 '67 MERCURY COUGAR, full pow.r, factory air, law low miles. Maroon. Sharp. UUT882 '64 CHEVROLET 2-door coup ft, 6-cylinder, heater. OUV783 48 Mos. Financing Available RAY VINES CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH IMPERIAL 4201 WILLOW AT LAKEWOOD BLVD. LONG BEACH 426-7301 LOS ANGELES ORAMGE COUNTY 636-7101 527-2341 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK TILL 10 P.M. AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE SNOW SAYS ALL FORDS ARE ALIKE, JIM SNOW ONLY THE PEOPLE THAT SELL THEM ARE DIFFERENT WE BELIEVE WE TRY HARDER TO SAVE YOU MONEY WI HAVE SOLD OVER 7000 Cars-THERE MUST BE A REASON WHY! '69 FAIRLANE SPORT COUPE Model #30, court* iy lights, full lank 20 qnllon. Key- leis door loci ing jystem. Keys reversible. Parking brake, foot operated. Upholilery, cloth vinyl. Stk. # 608, $*r.#9K30Ll 25796. $ 2369 FINAL CLOSE-OUT NEW 1968 CARS ONLY 9 L EF T " *1000 TO DISCOUNT Stk. #1691 Ser.#8J58211-1102 *AII payment! based on 48 month* financing with '/3 down on approved crtdit. All poy- mtnti include tax li«ns« ond j orincipol in!*r*st. I./;/./, '69 MUSTANG SPORT COUPE Model #01. Bucket seats, foam padded adjustable, carpet}, nylon /molded, courtesy lights, door switch*), upholstery alt vinyl. Fuel tank 20 gallon. Porkinj brake, foot operated. 5ll. #915, Ser. #9FQ1T- 139680 Full .Price) $ 2469 '69 T-BIRD SPORT COUPE Model #83, 429" 4 V-8 eyl., 360 HP engine, nlter- notor, automatic nnrk'mg brake relcaie, electric clock, emergency Hasher, nonglnrs reor view, pnd- ded inilrument ponel nnd viiorv Power frnnl d'«c brakes rear drum. Power steering, power ventilation, radio, AM push button. Stk. #520, Ser. #9J83NI01047. SL $ 4169 HOSEOANS AVt. USED CAR DEPI. · CC*»TON K.VO. TRUCK DEPT. olALONDRA ILVO. ARTiSIA K.VD. JIM SNOW FORD ONE-HALF BLOCK NORTH OF ALONDRA ON PARAMOUNT BLVD. IN PARAMOUNT MB 3 1107 0"EN TILL 9:00 DAILY SUNDAY

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