Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 27, 1976 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 27, 1976
Page 3
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/* Northtuwt Arfcatiaaa Stmra ,- TTT /or WOMEN Tuesday, April 27, 1976 · 3 HINTS FROM HELOISE When A Tiny Baby Takes A Bath Make Soft Hammock With Towel Dear Heloise: So m a n y f r i e n d s and neighbors have remarked about the method I list 1 to bathe our baby that I decided lo sh'jre it wilh you and all the mothers who read your column. \Ve have a 'plastic baby lub like Ihose available in most hardware stores. I take a large bath lowel and w r a p it very lightly around the lub. Secure Ihe ends of Ihc towel on Ihc bottom of Ihe lub near the ......row end wilh a couple good 6lrong diaper pins. Now lurn the tub over and H's ready Lo bathe buby in. The terry will sag a litlle when the bnby's weight selllcs on Ihe wel towel so he sure lo s t r e t c h the towel tight. Bolh our girls have cnjoycc ailiing this way as they can cally kick Ihose little lecl and I-gives Mom hoth hands for vashing plus no worries abou' hat "little bundle" slipping ou of her hands. -- Mrs. Bernart Kahl, Jr. The towel forms a sof hammock to lay Ihe baby . -ind the waler d r a i n s ngh hrough the lowel. You're a smart Mommie t Ihmk of this safe way to balh hose slippery babies. -- Hclois uch a smart idea and set of table so nicely. Have a smile ready for some- ne, anri - I beL they have a mile for you. It doesn't cost a enny land does millions of 'ofth of good. -- Love you. Heloise II Dear Heloise: When pouring used, . cooled "SALUTF/ TO AMERICA'S HISTORV piciurcd above are representative scenes from Ihe production bi UK /i/l/i grade social studies classes of Asbell School ]n lop photo lell to riant, Mart Harm, Kcam Feaoshj, Kim Kordl, Grace llorion and M,l.c Andrews bottom row, Terry Vales with n/le- Mary Billingsleo and Elizabeth Hulelicns as Abe Lincoln. rTHJESpliolo by Leslie Satton) Reception Honors :?.-Musicians --, Dr.. and Mrs. James L. F-lston .'held a posl conceit reception 'honoring major supporters of the North Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and f e a I u l 1 e d members of Ihe Orchestra at Iheir home Friday evening. Guests included members of Ihe executive hoards of the North Arkansas Symphony Society and the Faycttcville chiipter of Ihe North Arkansas Symphony Guild. Dv. Campbell Johnson, conductor of Ihc orchestra, anu Mrs. Johnson, University ol Arkansas. President and Mrs Chvirles Bishop, Vice-Prcsiden' and Provost Charles U e o n i and Mrs. I.eone, Roger Widder c h a i r m a n o f Ihe Mi |sil Department al the Universitj of A r k a n s a s and Mrs. Widder and Ratio ' Papini, fcaturci soloist for the f i n a l pcrfo'rmwnc of the orchcslra for (ho season. Forty f i v e guests were serve refreshments on the law lighted wilti torches, a n d f^ron tables decorated wilh arrangements. Asbell Students Present Plays A "Salule lo America's Mis- cry" was presented at Asbell Elementary School last week nd Icaliired Iwo plays and IAVO Choral readings. The setting wa.s Also included in Ihe program was a short. onu-RCI_ play cn- lilled, "A Star for Old Glory". Ross The presentation, staged -by he f i f t h grade social studies :lasscs ot Miss Kiiye Hutson. lighlighlcd events s u r r o u n d i n g he signing ot " I h c noblcsl document in the history of our country, Ihe ^ Declaration cf Independence." Notable aclors in that drama, including Benjamin Franklui, Patrick Henry, William Pill, John Adams. John Dickinson, John Dunlap. Abigail Adams and John Quincy Adams, were portrayed by students dressed i ihc costumes of the day. The production '_·· concluded wilh Abe Lincoln, played by Elizabeth Hulchens. making ihe s t a t e m e n t - " i t is the sentiment in the Declaration of Independence ' which Rave -liberty, nol alone lo Ihc people of this coun- Lry, but hope to the world, tor all f u t u r e lime". In unison the s t u d e n t s pledged renewed support lo this doctrine which outlines the freedoms enjoyed dent Dai -Tonight ly Calendar Of Events upholstery shop on. Arch Street in Philadelphia. The curtain lose on Betsy-Ross, a vivacious y o u n g woman working on an overstuffed chair. Three neighborhood girls seeking a pattern for a star entered and the ensuing discussion centered around Ihe history of the fla;? and an account of how Betsy Ross may have made that firs! American flag with "13 slripes alternating red and white, wilh a union of 13 slars of while on a blue field, representing a new conslellation" Merrie Gaines narraled t h program, and the choral reading, led by Mary Billingslea, paid Irihute lo many patriots who aided in Hie struggle for freedom, including Ihc famous ride of Paul Revere. Students presented n choral reading entitled, "Freedom in a Word" and outlined seven deas of what f r e e d o m means o them, revealing t h a t . the dcas of freedom have changed idle during the nation's 200 'cars. All props for Ihc .production were designed and painted b\ [he students. Mark Towel directed the production crew Happy Never Better; NEW YORK (AP) -- ' A year and a half ilfler surgery for breast 1 cancer. Happy Rockefeller says she's never felt belter. In Ihc May issue of Reader'. 1 ; Digesl. the wife of Vice Presi- cooking oil into a botlle to save for the next lime, I use a paper cup. cut a hole in the bottom and pour. The four-ounce paper cup flls nerteclly in a 48-onnee bottle. Then j « s t throw the cup away. -- Nancy Swanson Dear Heloisfi: I cut up m.v old nylon nightgowns and make many pairs of panties. If it has a snag or a r u n , I cover it 1 with lace. Recycling, you might say. -Nola Stephens Dear Heloisc: f spray a couple coats of slain _nd soil repellenl on my crewel pictures. ,, Now I only vaccum them off and they slay clean and beautiful. 'Carol Dear Heloise: Here's another use for our York Rile Masonic Festival Planned The Grand York R i t e M a s o n i c Bodies of Arkansas are jointly sponsoring a one flay Kcstiva of the degrees and orders ol York RUe Masonry to be held at the Albert Pike Scottish Rite Temple iti Little Rock on Saturday, May 1, beginning at 8 a.m The Grand York Rite Bodies consist oE the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of which Cecil Bishop of Jacksonville is the grano high priest- the Grand .Counci of Royal and Select Masters of which L.C, GusUn of Va Bur en is most illustrious grand master; and the Gram! Corn- mandery o! Knights Templar of which W-H. Greenwood of Pine Bluff is grand commander. The festival is in honor of the late Harvey Storey of- Van Buren, who was a very active York Rite Mason. It has been named the Harvey Storey Bicentennial Memorial festival, There are a combined total of 90 chapters, councils and commandcrics in Arkansas. Young Teen Finds Growing Up Brings Some Surprises Ily A B I G A I L VAN R U I I E N R E A R ABBY: I ' a m i:l am! sn is Tctkl. Kvorylime we a r ft alone, lie tries lo touch me in plates I don't want him to. The only thing is dial part nf me wants him U. hut Ihe other part of me slops him. I have been going with Tcdci for about five months, and 1 have never fell this way about any other boy. I wouldn't s a y lhat I am "in love" with h i m , Init I sure do like him a lot. I hope 1 don't lose him because I really enjoy his company. When he tries to touch me. and 1 make him slop, he docsn t put up a fight. He stops. But the firsl time he gets the chance. ° please'' don't tell me (o quit seeing Todd because I don't van! lo. And don't loll me I am ton young lo feel this way l)e- ausE if I feel this way I must not bo too young. NEEDS HbLP D B A I I N'KEHS: You arc a v e r y hriKh! young woman, so islcn carr-liilly. Obviously J'nu h a v e normal sexual fccllUKS, vhich is nothing In he ashamed of, but you are not yet sufficient. malure cmolionally lo liKiiillo a physical relationship, t h e from here Is: fell Toil* lo knock off Ihc hiinrl bit. And If he doesn't -- VOU do! DEAR ABBY: As my high school gradualinn draws near, I am becoming more concerned about (his problem, Mv parents are divorced, and my mother married a man my rather absolutely dctesls. The feeling is mutual, and if they meet each other face to face, there is sure to be-a light. I have sent invitations lo my mother and father. My mother insists on having her husband nllend with her. iisis on iia* ing tivi nu^iviiiiii n u t , i n ...... ...... I am just lerrified ol what is going lo happen when my la- Ihcr and stepfather'meet at my graduation. And there is no wav ihcv can avoid seeing each other. . _· My graduation is a very important event in my I n c . and 1 want everything lo go right. My lather says he won't slaij.any- thing, but if my stepfather takes a poke at him. he will defend himself. ve even con- I'll he nis- good old fricild, vinegar. We h a v e sliding glass doors tub and also onto, the Over 100 candidates are expect ed to be in the class. On Friday night, April 30, al 7 p.m. al Ihe Camclot, there will he a memorial banquet with Mrs. Clara Storey, widow 1 o Harvey Storey, as Ihe hwiorct guest. A. J. Poche, past granc high priest and present gran commander of Ixjuisiana.' wi be the banquet speaker. Ony master mason is eligible for the degrees of Ihe Royal Arch Chapter and Council of Roval and Select Masters, while Christian Masons are eligible for the o r d e r s of Knights Templar. Masons desiring - lo he candidates should ' contact Iheir local York Rite Bodies. The degrees and orders will he conferred by teams from various cities in Arkansas anc from Louisiana and Oklahoma The mark master degree b Tgci tied up in knots just thinking about it. I ' v e sidftred not showing up myself. If there's a f i g h t , graccd ' " ' ' ' . . I N T H E MIDDLE I1FAR I N ' Don't l i o r r u w Iroulile. There may not he a fight. Surf il there'is, remember, you are nol responsible fnMhe behavior of y o u r ' f a t h e r nr your slepfalher. They can dlsgraco only themselves. . . DEAR ABBY: My husband and 1 have been recently approved to be adoptive parents. In m a k i n g a list of friends lo whom we want lo send announcements, we've come up agamsl a problem.' '. · Seven years ago a friend of mine had a baby out of wedlock, and she gave the child u p . f o r adoption. It was a. very difficult decision for her, aiid lo this day she talks about it.. ', I s°e Ihis friend about once a year. Knowing how deeply she feels about Ihe decision she made. 1 wonder if il would be appropriate to send her an announcement about our adopted \Ve have many friends in common, and I know thai,soon after the announcements arc sent she will hear about it. If so, she might feel thai 1 purposely overlooked her. ' Can yo« help me? '; sobN-TO-BE MOTHER DEAR SOON': II you aren't sure how she would react la » prinletl a n n o u n c e m e n t , phone her and tell her Ihe news at th« same lime (he others will he l e a r n i n g ot it. V For Ahhv's new hooklel, "What Teen-agers W a u l ' t o Know," end SI l o ' A b i g a i l Tan Buren, 1S2 I.asky Dr., Beverly Hillsj. alif. SOZ12. Please 'enclose a long, self-addressed, stamped ?6c) envelope. C) by Chicago Trlounc-N'.Y. News Synd. Inc. Rockefeller said she wants to share her experience because nearly OO.ftflfl American women will probably contracl breast cancer Ihis year. Her firsl syiriploni was; a strange feeling in her side.' It was August 1974. She was 'IB. Her husband had just been nominated for vice, president, "fl wasn'l a pain, just a dif- 'erence. At firsl t thought I'c iccn sleeping on Ihe a r m , so . }aid no real allention," s h L \vrolc. She was impressed the ucx on our They have Ihose tracks t h a i accumulate dirt and grime so f a s t , and I always pul off cleaning until I'm ashamed of myself. Just pour vinegar -- full s t r e n g t h ' -- r i g h t inlo the Irack a n d . let it sland awhile. Then take a |?ail of waler and wash the dirt right out. -The smell is rather unique t you can always cook cab- ge and no one will ever know e difference... -- M a r y Ben- Planning Commission, City Hall, 5 p.m. Order of Rainbow, Masonic Temple, 5 p.m. Norlhside Rotary Cluh, Wyall's, 6:15 p.m Weight Watchers, Ooff Building,-? p.m. Fayeitcville School Board, School Administration Building, 7 p.m. Order of Amaranth, Masonic Temple, 7:30 p.m. DAV and Auxiliary, American Legion Hul, Spnngdale, 7:30 Duplicate Bridge Cluh, Boss Building, 7:30 p.m. Chess Club, Arkansas Union, 8 p.m Al-Anon, Wiggins Melhodisl Church, 8 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 8 p.m. Percussion Ensemble, Fine Arts Concert Hall, 8 p.m. League of Women Voters, A n i t a Btikoy, S p.m. Scenes from the program ' he presented al tho Alay Parcn Teacher Association's open house al the school. SMiTH'S Communieafion 2-Way Radio Your 2-WAV Rat»« Headquarters In EltclrenU Ilnc« »» JIO N. Collcee I3-2! For. Your Prescription Needs See Us QUAKER DRUG U E. Cni!«r-r 44Z-4M* CHj Parkins IM In Rear Wednesday Sequoynh Kiwanis Cluh, Holiday Inn, 7 a.m. Women's Golf Associalion, Country Cluh, 9 a.m. league of Women Volers, Mrs. Doris Wigglcsworlh, 9:30 a.m. Lions Club, Wyall's, 12 noon Serlonm Club, Wyall's, 12 noon · Exchange Club, Holiday I n n , 12 noon Transcendental Mcdilaiion Lcclitre, 530 N. College, 6 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, VA Hospital, 8,p.m. mmaaw MMHamffiwiimMiMBiiiaiimiiwiiiiHimiiiiiiaii^ri Plant Sale At Ihe Mall Set By AAUW The A n n u a l P l a n t Sain of Ihc AmpL-ican Associtil inn nf U n i - versity Women · fnr [he educational" fiuirl will be hold in the Nnrtlnvest A r k a n s a s Piaza Friday. April 30 and SftUiulny May ], The sale provides scho larshi[5 for girls niul women to study for advanced degrees. A wicl e v'.i ri et y of he tiding plants fnr hanging baskets inrcli boxes, aiul outdoor trans Wanting will he available a w i l l also be Africmi vlolc-ls n assnrlcd colors and sizes Several colors of colons, hoi moiUh by the news of BcUj Fnrd's c;mcer operation, he cause they had hincbetl togclh er a few days earlier, ami the Firsl Lady "seemed marvelous fit." A regular checkup sbowc* her to he okay, Mrs. Rockcfel Icr said, btil two weeks lalor "I .suddenly f o u n d a hard Inrn near my left armpit. No, \vasn'l a lump. Jt was a h a r d f l a t surface about tbe size of quarter, and il seemed lo aTfcc (tie arm musc!c .slighUy." Her gynecologist arranged m a m m o g r a m and X ray, Ihc referred her to Dr. Jerome U ban al New York's Memoria Hospital. From there, she said, thing moved quickly. After surgcr under anesthesia, she awnl without realizing' her hrea ·as gone. "f reached up. hugged Ne on, llicn dropped off to sle g u i n . Tlic next (imc I awoke, liscovered ( h a t I had a ve t i f f , vc-sl-likc handnge. The at last, I realized -- cancer. A modified radical mastectomy am Now that's a doo?.ic of nn ea. Those door tracks seem collect dirt like a fishmarkel collects cats. Bless you for writing 1 . -- eloise ear Heloisc: 1 f i n d those plastic clips ina imc on new, folded garment make Ihc best paper clips io.- quel peppers zinnias, gizzarc plants, airplane spider plants marigolds, single pink mums bittersweet vines and others ar in Ihc collection. . Packaged seeds also are t he on sale, including mono p l a n t , sunf lowers, decora In peppers, marigolds, zinnia swr-ct W i l l i a m s , regal iilies, an glohe a m a r a n t h . degree,by Liltle Rock, the.mosl excellent masters degree ·'or! Smith, the royal a logree by a team- from l* iana, Ihc royal masters degree y Raid K'nob; select master. 1 degree by a leanl from Okla loma; th'e Order of Red Cross 3y Pine R l u f f ; Order of Malta by Fort Smilh; and the -Orde of the Temple by Hoi Springs. At the conclusion of ih festival [here will be a Col. Sands Short Form Shrine Cere monial at the Mosque of Scimi lar Shrine Temple conferred joinlly by Sahara and Scimila Shrine Temples.* High School Class Seeks "Lost" Member A committee planning Mis, Coon, Bride-Elect, Honored A bridal shower for Ganrialyn Oorm, bride elect of David Morris was held in the home of Mrs. Tanner Rilcy Thursday evening. Kfelschmar Will Head MS Drive Coach Joe KrcUciimar .has hcerv named chairman ot the Multiple Sclerosis [und dnve in Fayetteville. He will be assisted ny Dwight Gilbert and Sieve Peoples. . Hs appointment w;\s announced by Coach Snm Goon- win, head football coach at P:.rkview High School in. Little Rock, who is state "Athletes vs MS" chairman. Goodwin i s ; t v m m e d directing the statewide drive b y ' TM mm TM ihc atbleles 16 raise at least 550,0(10. Goodwin was elected by his peers ws recipient of Llie All women of University Baptist Church were invited to come to 'the shower honoring Miss Coon, ,who has served this past y e a r as -collegiate direelor at the church. A n * arrangement of multicolored iris was the focal, point in the living room where Miss Coon received guests. As sha opened gifts, they were displayed. : . Guests .signed . the brlfle s .jgisler, which was placed on a , t a b l e covered wUn an antique Irish linen cutwork cloth. In the cenler of 'the table a silver candelabrum enlwined wilh ivy held yellow tapers. . Mrs. C.G. McHugllcs of El Dorado, the bride - elect's m o t h e r , - w a s a special guest for (tie evening and received a corsage of ycllowv daisies honoree's corsage was nlso trimmed wilh , . t c r n . T h e yellow daisies.and fern centered with a.yellow orchid. The serving table in the Ills [jctir, "? !,_*.,,,.-..- -Lowell Manning Award for the reunion of School Se Timitiee planning i.ywtn "·- n - of Fayetlcville High'outstanding coach and, also, as .nior Class of 155. will '· the Arkansas ^.school^ foot- iad been nccessnr^^" At this point, Mrs. Rockcfel- V.T said she remembered a clalive of hers who refused to accept a diagnosis of breast cancer, ignored it and died w i t h i n a year. FiuL Mrs. linckefcllcr's travail was not over. Besides t h e heavy surgery on her leEt side, a small scar of a biopsy was on her right. The lost showed [races of cnnccr in the right breast, h u t t h e vice prcsidcnl kept the news Erom his wife for a inonlh while she recuperated. She concluded: "The mcs : sage I want lo gel across, to women is: If you suspect t h a i , something k v\rong, go to your doctor right away. I3on't waste I lime on disbelief. Find oul. Aiirt don't be afraid!" holding diffcrc'iil-sizcd bags ogelher. -- Mrs. B. )ear Hcloise: My crrf.mdor is the wire mesh ype; A vegetable brush is idea! or cleaning i t - And I clean it ight after using it. H's so much easier to clean vhcn the food is soft: -- F.K.S. ear Friends: : Have I got. a dilly for you! 1 went to a party the other evening and the hostess had A l-.)blc thai was really a knock- oul; all kinds of hnrs d'ocuvrc: lhat were arranged so atlrfic lively. On closer inspection. Lryini nul to be loo ntsey, I saw win a 1 she had dene. This lovely lady had taken a whole g r a p e f r u i t -and sliced a small piece off the bottorr so that U would sil f l a t / T h e n .she had toothpicks stuck in and on Ihese were chunks r cheese, A r o u n d this center grapctru: she had placed halves of gran-, f r u i t , cut side down. Kach ha uvis covered with aluminu foil. In those were toothpick w i t h olives, sausage hits, etc. Have you got the picture? . It looked really far out like a moon colony except Ih this one was lo nibble on. On another t a b l e she ha ( r u i l s . Big shiny apples, wit grapes, raisins and cherrit; stuck in them wilh looihpk'k Really, looked appealing an delicious. Just thought ! would jot th down lo share wilh you. II w; EXTKHT WATCH RFTAIK sW7Tr*$ tl Nnrth \\Wr A*»tW* «r»~L K, ^^ JIHXJ1 ^L'lllclr UJcIS^ Ul l;l.ll IVIII l"^- .' ,,,. \r 1071 7n eel at 7:3(1 p.m., Thursday in ball Coach of thejicar, IJH-'a. . e : HospilHlity Room of: "Athletes vs MS;-.again w i l l Gas C o m - b e the theme^ol Kansas ny. Any person knowing t b c . o ici't-abouls of Ihc following! ass members are asked to II Mrs. Phil Colwcll. 321-6707.' rs. Mark Hanna. 442.277S. or crry Taylor, 521-3071. Viol'.i Royrl, Kenneth Boycr, arncs W. "Rill" Brooks. Sue tirdinc, Carol Sue Davis, eorgia Disney, Jewell Ellis, nhn Gihson, A n n Greenwood, rlis Parrish. Phil Rogers, oris Simon, Faye Sfandridge, iiarlolle Stelall. L o u i s e Ul rtlt:il H I .-»i n«'!-·"-· *, I vhcn hundreds o! high scheol ind college coaches and athletic lireclors involved Ihcir athletes n (he drive which produced Mrs; ^J r! J33.600. A lolal of J11J.638 v«,s : Covmglon. ·aisnd hy the Arkansas 'hcatloy. fiohby Wilson hilip Torter. a n d , . , . Announcements Chi Omega Mother's Club wil last year dining room furlhcr carried out the hritte-elect's chosen colors of green and yellow. An arrangement of daisies in a crystal container was centered on a while Irish linen cutwork cloth wilh .scalloped edges. Punch was served from a crystal punch bnwl and an assorl- menl nf cookies, milUVand mils were arranged on silver trays. Hostesses for the even', serving wilh Mrs. Tanner were Bien. Mrs. Jess · ,,.,, ,,.-.. M r s . Ken Evans, M S ' M r s . Russell Kox, Mrs. Ralph ,·:--·- ·;' ,,,,= | G o f f , Mrs. fele Jenkins, Mrs. G o o S w n said involvement of H. I). McCarty. Mrs. D a y i d voine ncopie was a significant! McClinlon, Mrs. Jack Mil er, p a t of the fund irive because; Mrs Eli,ahe(h Moore and Mrs. MS, a crippling disease otjhe 01hclja_Paul. central nervous syslcin, young most idults often attacks between 2n and '40. Goodwin said thai in excess of BO per cent of the money raised in the 197S campaign would remain in Arkansas for scriccs lo MS patients and their f a m i l i e s and for educational purposes. The remainder will meet «t To a!m.. Tuesday i n j g o largely lo research ccnlcrs he home of Mrs. David Handle, concentrating on MS studies. Ridgcway. All Chi Omega mothers in the area arc 430 ivitcd lo .-.llend. Coach Kretschmar the hulk of funds will have to come from pcrson-to.pcrson solicita- ,lion. He epressed the h.ipe.lhal Named to the Dean's Honor t Fayetlcvilic r e s i d e n t s will .isl at Ihe University of Missouri a r e P a t r i c i a A n n Warn 1 , Janis Kay Irby. and Barbara K. Mclntosh, all of Kayeueville. r iivenu* I'*** i ., . . . . . - . - - receive the young volunleer solicitors cordially. The Fayetlcville drive will or from S:30 p.m., until 7:30 p.m., I M a v 3 and 4. FREE CLASSES CREWELLIRMBR01DERY Beginning Thursday, May 6 6*B p.m. lasting for 5 Thursdays CROCHET Beginning Tuesday Morning May 4, 9:30-11:30 Lotting for 4 Tuwdays Oiarec fnr materials only PreReglslratlon is r r n u j r e d so please call or come by La Petite Yarn Shop Evrlyn Hills Special 0//cr o Our Readers 5-Volumc Heloise Library Only $6.95 S'iTM' Ihmuah Trie' Northwest Aik- unsas TIMt^S you ran ad Heloise's ; Jihiary -- 3 b-wk? .,,,. pagei, all in » hanrti case -- lor nnly W-9S ptua ot the whole Ml. You'll FCl over a (htHiwrirl Helo n-'pircd, iri«d anrtierted Up*, h »ooKs: ne1" ; si"'s flmi'ekf?[rtn/ Kmls Hfloi.^-j Kitchen Elints Hekift- All Around HIP Hous* ITeloUc',1 \Voik t Money Savi Kc:ols(!'3 Hints For Wortdn Sonfl $6,9.i }i!us 5Sc for postage anil handling ($7.50 ( n i a t ) lor "Heloisc T-ihrary" if Northwest A r k a n s a s TIM US, c/o Newspaper Book Service, T)rpt. AR4E, -185 31adlson Avenue, New York, N. y. 10022. lfs« a.» mils \, rdaiisM.

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