The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 13, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1920
Page 2
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1 THE DAILY FREE PRESS Established Daily 1903 Weekly 1877 one organization,' for. the .benefit and .progress ,of- tbe^state of Illinois, was .the .purpose of-.a ^meeting oJ -of the local. jGhaSabejR-igffiX business and 'ip'rof essfi^iai ,meji pit jftjie Elks' vft5terfta.v""a^& Free Press Publishing Co MRS. JOHN T. GALBRAITHU. 'v : .' Editor 'and Manager' Telephone -'-' - 218 •-.' ''. v- ; '!•'•'• , /"• Terms' ,;- : .?".;' . • ; • Subscription 15 cent "a week!''''' Advertising, bills' "due .weekly." Job, -strictly .cash:' ;\ ' 'ANNtJAL."' SUBSCRIPTION^ $7.60 , at. .the; postoEice at Car bondale, Illinois,' as second cias natter; • Office in . the F.ree Press Building, 'West Main Street SEBSSO Representatives: Tell of Need, for Every City To! Be A Part of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce— Elks' Home E. iH.- Kureger, business manager of -the 'Illinois iChamfoea.', and 'E.. A. Daley. .o.C_£he.- Belleville. .Board. . : .pf Trade, laii'-dressed the nieleting. . ' "*" T-lie .plan .presented fry itihe men \voulsi .teuke--in'-'a "Jiumfaer. of;memb,ers in ^Carbon'dale. as a '-part of the Illi- stafe"- dsvieing 1 orgpnized^aiiitq district and--each, district- elects -its. officers, and .sejebts-'its [representative' to the moeinnj^ joi. Jthei.Sta'tie' of Commerce. iBo.tli..-of the speakers told of .the necessity ior the .unity and organization•'• : bf -tlie : ''..' ; busuiess;;;ahd other in the state looking So "the .progress of the state and its Institutions. • They''pointed out \that of all the • vr.-rious.. ai-iga-nizations in llia_. state, -no -unity .of action...could, be obtained.' ..Thq/;,Jivari6u's ' associations land-organizations.-put forth £flx>rits to ..'ccornplish .things individually which resulted" in ineiTccfivie results. "iThc .time is .here when the* business -of the" state must work for 'business and the good- of : the state an-d 'the people as 3 wnpl?. . . ' Plans were launched here for Car•to nui LiivYtoL ui. i^i i\. v i Jit, a i. LUC «*&v Army Trucks, Manned by Troops^. 0^7.2, yeWs.and,.i.;mo_njth.,.,-..,. TranSPOrt. Mail ill Jer- Alice M.' Summers"\vas~b"brn AJ in" •• Government .Ultimatum; TTellB. Men : to -.--Go -Back to 'Work or' Staftd' ABide , andf^ Not ;i,ln:terfere^JSrsey Road Suspends Service. ""• New ..Yorlc, >-ApriFrl3".'--The Centraj Bailrpad..,of;.New.cJeraey.'SU3pen(3ea all passenger seCTicej.atfloon when ngents ' To organize .the business, prof:s- tonal ..and all -other forces in the _tate, .present .working un-der Thousands Have Discovered 'Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets ...are.a Harmless Substitute Dr Edwards'. Olive Tablets—the substitute for calomel—are a mild but sure axative,-and-tlieir 'effect "on the liver is almost instantaneous. These Ettleoli ve- o>lored ; ;tablets..are the .result of Dr. MwanJs ' determinatibn not to treat » y er and bowel complaints With calomel. -. The; pleasant.""little': tablets do the ;ood that calomel .does, but- have no yad after effects. They don't injure the teeth hke strong liquids or calomel. They-take -hold.'6f'the trouble and quickly^.roirect it. iWhy cure 'the liver at the expense .of. the .teeth? Calomel ipmetunes plays havoc with tlie gums. bo-do'-strong h'quids. Ttis : best not to ake calomel.. • Let Dr. Edwards' Olive 3ablsls-take.its.:p!ace.-- —-• .Headaches, ^S'uHness" and .that lazy eeling corns "from- constipation and a disordered Uverr- '.TakeDr.; Edwards' ase-.Tasfctsvwhen_you feel "logy"and •heavy:""" They" "clear" clouded brain and perk up" the spirits":- - lOc and 25c. The tax books for Carbondale icwnship will be .closed after."April 15. and will . not be opened until ey return to Murphysboro. Wed- sda'y aiid Thursday will positive- be the last days in Carbondale. Call at the these dayr,. First National Bank' A13—2t . Mrs. Joe V. Walker and baby, Nisaiuic,- of Herriti. are spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and'- Mrs. E. E. Mitchell:: . o • Misses Jennie Kline ami Florence were .Cairo visitors Sunday. Mrs. A. T. Floyd went- to Carter- vilir.- yesterday, callel there by the death -of Sirs. Louis r--"-'--^. • Ffed Hcrbbs was also .in Cartervillo yottef- day'.because -of Mrs. rSiwdon's death. • To illustrate, 'how. foctory v,-'a : sce msans .money waste, an eastern- factory, manager, threw 147 silver dollars out of the window ras" Te-presentnrg- p .a '.ver.k's waste-bf nsed-les ' were ordered 'tojstop selling tickets;'. .She .road, co.yers.-the state^ oftNew;.".Ter : sey rind..the. suspension'.order..-affects apprpximately:,.55,()pO- cprnmuters. • >•;••, -i.-A score oi.arnvvj.truclts', manned.-by armed soldiers .Irom,-,Camp JUe'rrltt, vvere used to. unload imd-•• transport mail in Jersey City. Mayor -.Hague, VIn the name of-suffering humanity," .appealed tq-thestrikers, to arbitrate; , , Commuters \vere,harclest hit as New York eutered the fifth day'of the .local tieup caused ; .by ..the. spread.. ;of . 'the eastern seaboard of tlie unauthorized .railroad-.strike. : . • .- . ... ... When, the city, resumed, its- daily business after the week-end respite it was',found.:.that grips in'the ranks -of •workers noticeable-Inst Saturday, had •increased. Many- ; thousands - who reached. ^Manhattan Saturday- only after, -long, delays apparently abandoned any .attempt to journey to the city. _ ' - - -; Trolley Strikes Fail to Develop: Although threatened trolley strikes in New Jersey- and Staten island failed tu develop, . passenger service both .in-Jersey City and on--Long, island was further demoralized. Across the Hudson many automobile owners converted their machines into nonpayment jitneys to bring workers to ferry slips, but with the .Hudson tubes still closed by-tlie-strike mid -ferries operating with reduced crews because of-a walkout of marine "workers,' on])' a relatively smairprop'ortion of jrLe c'orn- •muting' hosts .'crossed the river. J'loanwliilo', although not yet-feeling the pinch of hunger, New York prepared to fuce ilf«"serious embargoes Placed on. virtually all 'lines. .Health Commissioner C'opelaml called ti parley of food doalors to discuss the s,ilu-" htfon and prepare.for a possible food shortage. ' ' . ' \ \ . Additional. crews of the electric locomotives which handle. Pennsy vania and',Baltimore•& Ohio passen ger trains! between "the ' Mnuhatta transfer station iii .Torspy City an New York ^tniok,. further ' hamperin service.-Fifty of. these crews walke out last 'night.' . ... 1,500 Quit at Trenton. Trenton,., N. J., April 18.—Fiftop hundred- "Pennsylvania railroad .ynr .workers he'i-e .went.-.on -.strike, -con pletely. paralyzlnjj all freight trans portation. .-.The men quit: work in- th "•Goalport 'ariiKBd'n-nck's yards in Trnn ton and the. sidingsTut West Harris Mrs. Alice M. -Buirroughs /Was Prominent Elfe Citizen £< g \ is _ • ' : ?-;- 'ijr Mrs.- Alice* MrfBurroughs' Valed at e^;' •fwp.."/ a and a. halfj, rpil^s northwest of Elkville, at the age MT. HEBRON I .. SEWING—SEV/ING1! ' . ' - meclianic. Give your call in writing. Have your • sewing .machine ad- Ed Bergy .care Marx-Haas - Garment Prince_Gcorge % Gbiinty;" ; M'a : r'ylahd ; bu :M'arch; ''ffrst, 1848, at ; ^hi.cV'^ .she lived until,.,the begiuiiiiig of the ' J '"' ! ' flax County,j_ y Vfrg-in.ra'. ; ;"; -There she .met Major "Harmon "P.' 'Burroughs of Fairport; >Ne\y:"'^ork, who disi tinguished " himself as : .';a .-braye offir cer ; and : -,figiliter. under 'Genera-1. CusJ. tel-.iu General Sher.i"dari's:'arniy'"'durf ing the .:war.;' . A'fter..'the" : \va'i:-!J closed. Miss Alice M. Summers and'iMajov' Harmon P. Burroughs were : .marriid' at Annandaie, .Virginia ' '-'on the 1 ' second day 'or -! January.: :1868i After their: 'marriage^- they -.'decided '-to come west ..and : they -came~';to Elk-!: ville, iuid purchased '.a f large tract of unimproved .timber/land .north-j west of Elkville and built au'ihum-j. ble dwelling, and began lo..jmrjroye their property < and by : hard and faithful work ; arid industry" they 'continued until they 'converted their woodland into a .large beautiful and productive farm .where they lived until -their ^death. On this .farm seven children were' born to them,' viz. Frink and Harmon; C, both (lecease.3; Elsie -P.- Thompson: .Maude M. Armstrong and .Florence S. . McCarthy, three -daughters who' ar.e' married and reside, at Phoenix; Arizona and . Walter D. v (married). and 'Charles D. (single) two sons who live in Elk township. A short funeral service was conducted at. tlic home . by Hirarr: Schwartz of Elkville on Saturday- evening April 3rd, after which «the body, accompanied by. -her daughter. Mrs. Elsie Tjliompsqn . of Arizona and Mrs. Sarafi Schwartz q£ ' Elkville was. taken 'to Washington, D. C, National Cemetery at Arlington. ' ' . . ' ', -.'.: ;.'"• April- 10;.. '^justed by an. expert sewing machine Factory. •N. B. Tri-pp is' jnbving His sawiinill-j • •"'"' '-'. :.*•'. . '. •• -. : . , . • ', to Pred"Stout!s,,.fik:m. .''.A.. :••!' • • • ••••• . -• • - . • • - . — : — -airs". jS AU_2t. onto ,. . ^T? ''-Stokes ia 'business trip to Heii-in, "111.,. 'this U. S. TO PROBE DEMOTT CASE - .. .1., i f' • "T :'. .,. -German Government ! 'Must ' Make Restitution if the American Was Killed.'as" Reported.. ..,' ; , , - and FHjjipa^3f-^luesup to S9.0D. All'styles,'all'heels /all .widths—new and nifty, .'.-for- five- 'days ^dnly, !"' : A" :n New : -Joy lor Aiito;'(i\*E4eiti B.R.S. — y --!n?-,''.' ?i ; -' -..' > .. Enables you to fefihish your own "car" :'ahd >: :erij'6V i:> 'tffe ' '_!_:_ .-_..__§H££?ss . of your own work> .-. .\\ ^ ... ,- ;.- Color and Varnish in One Coat Ready for ' Use in Twenty-four Hours WEARS INDEFINITELY JRET AINS ITS'iGLOSS -?'-- See'^ihple Display and select your'colors ati ; -- • Iferchvare and Furniture . All Trenton employees 'in the Pern: | sylvania's passenger service were als reported on strike.""" ""•"'Tlie^7\v:Uk'qn't'- threw '8,300"'slfipynn omployees^out of work at Bristol, 'Pa. . ';' U; S. Strike Ultirnatum. Chicago.,/Api-il 13,—"Get" 1 back t( J "?, l y'..^.','. s i 'withdraw .ybnr, ^ya'ge de inancis fiji; tljq_.prese'nt.and push then at flip propcu: : fiiiie' b'y prdper.methods orfpr-ret that you'ever hpld'a job w.'ith This, in cff-ect^is the ult'imatum. a'c cording to "sources~"a't' the fertera,'. wiiich the "federal -gbvei-n nient lias presented to the "Insurgent 1 -y-firdm.en:--^ " • -. ' :- ....---. - -- •Jjca.ders of .the"striking switchmen in the Chicago district were informet by federal representatives that the.v .must go, hack: to; work or-.-stand aside to let. the railroads-litre men to take 'tlieir-.placps.' • • •- . ... •Interforerice' with tire railroad inter- -sta-to oonnm-rce lias-reached (ho.point wiiere Hie -government lias grounds to- net -under--federal conspiracy.laws, it is said.- r . •..-.. -• .. •-Tho -government's position is Slimmed up in the sentence, "The trains.must- i-im.'-' It is said tlirtt tho (.-((vernuient, will take- the men-at llieir word n'mV"concede_ that they are not striUinic, but have"resigned .as individuals. They will 'be given opportunity to return, .to work. Failing to do (his they will .lie considered by the government and..Hie.roads to have for ; feited their rights to the jobs, and'the roads wlll^proceed to fill their places' with other men. Meetings of the "insurgents" will be prohibited. If they fail to. return to work, it is said. Court action restraining the' men from interfering with the operation of the roa'ds may be taken, it was hinted. -At the game time it became known'tlfat "operatives of the de- partiuent'iOf justice,had been gathering evidence against, the yardmen on charges of'-violating the Sherman antitrust .act the specific charge being interference - vFitii interstate , shipments of freight. !."!...'•' '"' ' •••;' Canned Spinach Cause's-Death. ; ;<New ^pr|5 f r^BirilJ-'ia.rfe-Bcfiu'llntis poisoning: '- J .;attribu,t'e.d.i'by; .physicians ,-to canned spjn''ach;i;claira.edva :'Secdnd;.vie-' tim..hereo,vlieni>Fran'k. : H'eclr, aged::26,-. (He'd.-pj'...the disease. .-,Hecfc!s--'Wife died .'iu a restaurant. . Washington, April IS.-^TlU' Oeniian gpyernmpnt must iiink'e restitution for. the death 'of Paul '.E." Delicti/ In tho event that an inyeVtigatiqu proves: that lie "was .murdered. •' " ". : AltliQugh fliev-statc department' was without information that Dpilott.,wlu, was arrested and sentenced to .'fleai-h for 'having participated in.'the-Ruhr revolution had lieen Iciiled while .trying to escape, officials made'jt'plain that" tlie incident would be probed to Hie very hottom.i Then if if developed 'that DeJIott batl been 'murdered, as unofllrid.l reports indicate,, sharp faction would be taken:' -' ' •'" * f ' The "flepartment instructed: A;neri-! ; can Commissioner Dresel at Berlin to-. make 1 a thorough-' inyestigtiti'np of!.tho cnse, and' to- report to "Washington: as : Soon'as possible. ' "•"-'• ' " r - '• LIBERTY BONDS GO BELOW 88 New Low Records Are Set'ih-Four r Issues Under Heavy Selling on W'aH'Stre'e't.'•' " : ' _New Tori;-, April 33.—The price of a Liberty bond feij. below SS'for'the first time "when-new low. renordfe we[-e hiade in four-issues under:heavy"'seUing,' ' -•• The second'4%s.closed at>87.TSS; second 4s at SS, tliird 4%s at Ol.GO, fourth at 88.06. • '-. :"-- ••;-..';'•• ' Weakness- of these :Iiomis r \vas' attributed to niinoinifeiuent made last week by the secfefary'of'the't'itesisu'ry that new 'issues 'of certificates' of "indebtedness would 'carry 'interest" rates of 5% per cent. ' ".-;''.<••• : IWEXICANS CALLED TQ. ARMS General Calles, "Commander in-Chief of the Republic of Sonera," Issues Proclamation Agi;a Prlelti; 'Soho_rfi.'"JIox., April 13.' —A proci;uiiiU.i'6jrii!i5"'iiitule.its.appeiH-- inco here ctiHing' cit.ixeus to' aniis igainst- the CarrniiKit ;g6veniiiiL'nf. It , s signed by tiurpresideiit of the inu- nicipul,couucil of Ibis city and ''issued ly order of Gen.'P. lilias Culles, com- nander In cbiot' of all forces "of tjio •upublic of. Sunora." '.. '. ; • • BANK ROBBERS GET $11,000 Five "-'Bandits" Make Daring''^Daylight Raid on South..Ben(J '(!nd.) - State Bank:-- '•'•' ""' " " : South' Bend, Ind., April 13.^—Five inmasked men robbed the'South Bend State bank of appvoximately .$11;OOC; t eleven o^lock- in Hie.morning after orcing. three officials of-.the ;institu-' ion ...and several -customers.'.'into' a vasliroom. • ' k to ^Khabarovsk,' according"t'o^'n Jkvo cablegram tu'tlib Siiinpo,' a Jap-., nese language ue'wspnper"'lier6.""" i '':'-.- : 'Kiatie.J.Burlispn .is improving'. 'some -at .this .'writin.g.. . . ' • • i^Mrs. lUi "Er JSangrmn .visited 'Frank . Bujdison's"--last:. Wednesday. :,^:.£ -':..-' :.:.]/ Fraji'k .Ti'ipp"'0f ':0.ui-; towiiship' was ' ekic^di'i-padjcpmmissjoneiv,;:*^ '.;' ' -.;..'. I wv- IE. L Heiiriesy 'made;. a iaii-stness ' -trip '.tovGpreyjIle ; this we'ek."- .'••'• x)n'a •tEOudgc-n-s .vis'ited - : liei' .' •patrentsV'Mr. .irtd'"Mfe. ;Ff,ank Stokes; this -week. [ '. " ...... . , . . ; .j ,,-'ip!iT.m:ei;s-,iare ; '.:,gettuig toiisy ' ithjs . WEelc in aui\ -neighborh-opd. .. - . '. \ •Mrs: T'.'''E:'iRich'aiclsoh -sold a nice ' bunch of ihogsja-iMl.'deliyBi-ed them to, Louie Kajiue thij-s week-. : OMiss Soplironia EicTiiardson. ai'e yisr ' itiig :hcr sisteiy iMrg:^pb Mrs. Ruth -Richarldsbn visited Louie Ho.gue's. Wednesday last. • •• -- : . ' i Public .highways- 'aire. nearly impas- : sable through '.here. 1 - People are •wish-;"! ing .for 'batter . .. • i _ iLet's all g-e.t husy .and ,ask for lard roads.' •• .-^ ' READ THE INDEPENDENT, All Ready,, Sir! . —to. sbdw, you our Spring 1920 .de- signs and ;thc; proper' fabrics for 'each' model.' Bur/^doiYt 'delay, for ' . ' • ••'.' '".- '' . ,' '• .'..:• You .vlcnow - / .'• ' •• ' : ' .what .''"'"' ',''••' -happened ••".''. 'ast . •- season If; you put eff ordering too long- so take illeed—get in early this season, order your Spring outfit now: :\ Patterson & Schwartz • sr-ee, !•-- '••- •• -.-". •'':.•' bob! ' TURKISH' & DOMESTIC*. BLEND •••••: No premiums vfiih' Cainels- 1 ^—all quality I ' - : ' - T , * 'AMKLS quality plus Camels ex*^* pert blend of choice^Turkish and choice Domestic tobaccos pass out the most .wonderful cigarette 'smoke you ever drew into your-mouth! And, the way ito prove that statement is to compare. Camels puff-by-ppLff with any cigarette in" the. worJgl! '.'. : Camel§ have a mild mellowness that is as new to you as it is delightful. : . Yet, that desirable ~"body" is all there! They t are always refreshing — the^ never tire'your .taste. Camels leave no unpleasant cigaretty aftertaste nor unpleasant-cigaretty odprl. Your say-so about ^Camels will be:- " *'My, but that's a great cigarette". Came/9 are' sold everywhere: in scientifically sealed ~~ jtackages of 20 cigarettes. for 20 cents; or ten packages (200 cigarettes) in a glassine-paper-covered car' * on - j yyp-strongly recommend thia* carton for iho home or office supply or vfhon you travel. .' R.J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO. -,">'• Wintton-Salem,'N. C. We ; Wish to State to the: Public That We Are ""•^ Prepared to do , .• •••'.. ••-•.":,• ' ' Any Order Entrusted to Our Care Will Receive Our UsiMlCareand Prompt Attention./' , Like tp^ease You.

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