Independent from Long Beach, California on April 6, 1962 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1962
Page 22
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P* g , B-7-INDEPENDENT UM IMA ·*! rilWh A»«l I- IHt BLTTEK TENANTS l o o k for your "For Rent" ads In Classified. Dial HE 2-5959. Uulguria Confesses l-'ootl-Supiily Snarl V I E N N A . Austria /Vi -Communist Bulgaria Thursday admitted difficulties In food supply and announced » large-scale campiiju to Increase livestock and meat production. Radio Sofia said -"produc- milk, gutter, Is insufficient to fulfill the requirements of our pccpie because of an acute shortage of fodder grains." ' ' , Departures $10,000 ACCOUNTS OPINIO »f «.« llfli .1 ANT MONTH E A R N lr«n Ikt 111. II insured savings So»e more and corn more with the Firit Federal wkert your ia»ingi account it insured to SI 0^00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, an instrumentality of the United States Government. ICMWM4 t» MMM Ilfkwftl ACtlVI VtUtU IN rO*T vTtnMtvMr w * · . -. · ...^--. . tftl'M UM - A*r. 4. M.frwi. lwMrtic Vu» U"4 Apr. f fS tftn. utn.MjrM U««.- Aw. «. *« Dw I Point"Rtvt» lltrl TpKific 1 llj,) A«r. P,n. .,-.. jjtji) lw«i ._ InSW l.irwmv. UI^ - AC'. J. $·* FfM Sw» 8f«t. Ttwwi Ci. AW. L FKenct Hvnbvro Amtr. l4 » Aor. «. fnwflM* K2 r -c.WtS;T.c-tirrrrr! 9»".J- .P'w" "· - W-l- !·! FEDERAL ( s SAYINGS Opt* Until i r.M. rtidtyi of»y F I R S T a n d P I N E f H O H l 7-UII F R E E P A R K I N G 135 E. OCEAN AVE. At O*r ffttr t«tr«»t» F R E E P A R K I N G r ' EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR A Certificate of Insurance protecting your sayings against loss by the Federal Sayings ond Lora Insurance Corporation is printed on the Inside cover of our passbook. It explains how each sayings account is insured. The United States Government has made positive that your savings are safe. ... ,,. ACT. V Svdrm Aw. Ilk Lt H»rt Out l Vtnri IAI.,.. 'iH'fr*. laami A^rcsrr/!?A«»Mn · nttrdini Hamburf Amtr. Jjfic H Apr. 7. Sw« Fr«n . OC«M Fells Cwn ZtH*rb«Oi C0rp. ADT. 7, OctM Fall I _ Hxnbgro Haniiille Vtill Uot Apr. I. Vmuvvl VESSELS OUC TODAY -""" pw -'"- r - , c.. _»yajsr Cm'tn. Oori MM tftk iKJ Fr«,» A-McrfM D«y Al P*irct Lumfcff Co. Apr. f, Cotn ·ran. Krtl $tilpDlrto Corp. Aw. I. T .. .Jtw Oritani IntcrtmtncM Ur« _ Apr. t. Yikvi . k/( LB?i Rlctvnonq Pltf,«id Oil Corp. ^_ Apr. 7. J**ni i i» ,,. Yokoh*rn* Crttrti Amer. Va tt. APT. 7. Hrw TWL il 191 , T Y»k*h»n« Joht FrtUtn C*. -- Apr. /, SM Jw«n Ba CmtobAl Utwtr Unt i Acr. Ik J*n Frw ., C*ttw Moort _McCerm»ck Unt^ __ :- __^_ : , indt/ .- co7..;._. _. . ,,, /BreiTTwflr ciT Apf. i. Prrtfitw' Pen Attrnl Can. Trtmot. Co Wf. «, 83Jton Girl Forger, 20, Gels 4 Months in Jail Gail Jean Richmond, 20, f 2506 Graysby Avc., San |Pedro, was jailed for four months by Superior Court Judge Maurice C. Sparling Thursday as part of three' Navy Ships in Port APPLIANCE H U N T E R S watch Classified for tilings hey need. Low-cost Classified Ads bring you these buyers. Dial HE 2-5939 to start your ad today. I* FtfM yyinimon ---. Vc«k To*i» . . . HW6IMT year probation for forgery. Mrs. Richmond admitted cashing 14 worthless checks totaling $377 in the harbor area. She was arrested Oct. 25. DEMONSTRATES MILEAGE POSSIBLE WITH HIGHEST MEGATANE-RATED MOBIL CLASS WINNERS' CLASS A: COMPACTS-Manual Shilt CLASS B: SMALL-ENGINE COMPACTS CLASS C: LARGE-ENGINE COMPACTS CLASS D: LUXURY COMPACTS CLASS E: STANDARD-SIZE SIXES CLASS F: LOW-PRICED V-8's CLASS G: MEDIUM-PRICED CARS CLASS II: HIGH-PRICED CARS RAMBLER AMERICAN 4X CORVAIR MOMZA TEMPEST «crimt)E» VALIANT PLYMOUTH SAVOV » CHEVROLET IMPAIA 1 POHTIAG MAR CHitf CHRYSLER IHV/ Y O K K f J M.P.Q. 31,11 27,02 27,30 24,85 24,61 20,78 19,48 18,11 Delivers All-Car Average of 22.70 Miles Per Gallon Tills USAC-ccrtilicd mileage record was scored by regular stock cars in the l'M'1 Mobil Ki-onumy Uim--world's greatest oflicial teat of pusolinc miltasc economy. All of thiii' cars used exclusively either Mobil Premium or Mobil Regular gsisoline with the highest Megatane Ratings of any leading gasolines. Now--Mobil * pLxolinM have been tested in almost every make of American car. This year ·!(] cars were entea-d in the Mobil Economy R u n ; they traveled 'J, I!i7 miles at normal i-jnt-d from Los Angeles to iMroil--acrt»s deserts, over mountains, through crowded city stiii'ts . . . delivered convincing records of the mileage-economy IMiiential of Megatanc-Ratcd Mobil! Certified Results! Tin; jjvtiliitmcnt nn,iQiti aiJ It.c Mobil [ccncrn/ Fan (Ua u'llilic.) liuc l.y UniUiJ SlJle; Auto Club. For Mileage Economy and Top Performance Get Mobil with the Highest Megatane Ratings of Any Leading Gasolines! DON'T MAKE THE OCTANE MISTAKE Whether your car is designed to run on Regular or Premium-the best g;isoline for your car is Megatane-Ilaled Mobil! How do you know before you buy? Mobil's Megatane Hating System tells you. While no gasoline luis a perfect Megatane Rating of 21, Mobil Premium at 19f rates highest of any leading Premium. Mobil Regular at ICf rates higher than any leading Regular gasoline. Grade for grade, Mobil gives you more of the important qualities that combine to give outstanding ier- fonnance and mileage economy. At first, this Mobil difference may not be apparent to you, but five, ten, twenty thousand miles from now your motor will know the difference ... in more mileage, in less loss of power, and in longer prime of life. .So, save your motor as well as your pocketbook! Get Mobil with the highest Mi-gatane Ratings of any leading gasolines! (Ailil I ntr.i r.ilin: |"icnt fur ilr-iifr «hrrr ti-r ilrp,-ml» ,m i linulir miulitiuiu. Ocljne Rating measures only 2 of your motor's needs Megalane Rating measure* 21 of your motor's needs The Higher the Megatane Rating the Better Your Motor Will Run! Octane ratir.j rr.(i.-ur3 only - of the n'ulitui yi«i rar t:tt!.i in a ca.'uliti'...'.' \«'fy important quali tir^--liolli ilialin; uith unti-kiKK-k. 'I li" n-Milt jicoiilc makf the Uctai.e MitaU! Tl.vy con »iil»r wily Ortai.i rating «h«-n Iniiinz s:i«nlii,r arnl 'inTlwik many »tli r important |iu!iti- mad'' |ci«- Mi.N- hy linllunt fri-ntilir ad\«in-i-'. (Joal-ff tl ·! and pimi-r. lorRcr lif and feurr rrpair liill.t. That'll why MnliiP* mirjnwn nif»surc ami rx- l.n-vi si'ulino iiuality in a rating «y»tem rallfil the Mrgatanr .Syjtcm wliich cnaMcs ou t» judjc not j u n Ootanr qualities, liul the W.iJ ptrftirnfanrr of yoiir javilinr. Mrjatanr inrluiln (Mane, uf riiunr, l i n t ··«f far iK'joml Ortapo In nn^Min- nnl j u - l L', l it '.'I. "' "«r tniitnr'» nf'1'. Mobi mm ' Pepsi in the giant 26-oz, bottle makes shopping easier, goes so much further when you're; entertaining! Pick up Pep si' today... 26-oz., 2 for 39* ! iOTTUD IT flKICOLA BOmmO COMPANY OF LOS ANCtUJ, UNOt* AU1HOKIIY OF PtfSI COLA CO. N. Y, N. Y. C·*·-,·· ltd W^. »rt'CC..t- I

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