Independent from Long Beach, California on February 5, 1960 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1960
Page 3
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An Unknown Ail-American Everyone knows the name of the broad-shouldered high school lad who scored the crucial touchdown in the Big Game, or tossed a basketball through the fishnet the most times. But public acclaim for achievement with the mind rather than the muscles is somewhat less than deafening. We know of no All-American for thinkers, nor a Helms Hall of Fame for young scholars. If there were such Institutions (and when you think about it, why aren't there?), Long Beach has a young man who would rate nomination. He is Jefferson Wise, a senior at Wilson WISE High. Three times in the past year he has achieved the remarkable feat of scoring 800 in scholarship on college entrance tests in mathematics. This is roughly the equivalent of three 110- yard touchdown runs without any interference, or scoring all the points in a basketball game single-handed. While this statement may bring a yelp of protest from our Messrs. Lewis and Hollingworth, the fact remains that such bizarre comparisons are necessary to put Jeff Wise's accomplishments in proper perspective. A score of 800 in these math tests is theoretically impossible, because it requires that you finish the tests, which are designed so you WON'T finish them. Three times Jeff Wise has not only finished them but also did this impossible quantity of work without an error. In addition lo booting the mathematical football completely out of the stadium, Jeff finished in the top one per cent on the National Merit tests, which include English, hislory, and science and well as math. No single- minded grind, he was a member of the school orchestra, a member of the German Club, served as "Mayor" on Youth Council Day, and has a lively interest in mountaineering, skiing, tennis, and electronics. Lacking any other method of expressing our admiration, we herewith bellow out three cheers for Jefferson Wise and commend this course of action to the Wilson cheer leaders at the next Big Game. Short Subjects An agent reports that'the new Public Safety Building has something new that wasn't in the plans--namely, pigeons. When their old roosts were torn down to make room for the building, the flock just hovered around until the new place went up, and then homesteaded it. They've staked out the room where the fire engines are stabled-and there's going to be a lot more polishing going on. ... A doctor reports that one of the odd aftermaths of the current flu epidemic is that it leaves some people unable to write. This side-effect is rare and passes away in a day or so. But it's rough on check- forgers, secretaries, and columnists. Local member of Alcoholics Anonymous objects to our calling the.A. A.'s "reformed" drinkers. "We're not reformed," he postcards anonymously, "we're informed." (And we know a couple of lushes we'd like to throw your book at, sir). . . . If there arc any transplanted Down-Easlers in town, they can start brushing off (he red carpet and stocking up on lobster. Tiie "State of Maine" Maritime Academy training ship puts in here Feb. 11 with 265 midshipmen, lonesome and 3,000 miles from home. un. IMCI,, am.. Friday, FA. j, i«o |NDEPENDENT-Pagt A'-3 Coc/y 'Hired to Get Evidence (Continued from Page A-l) conflicts that led to argument violence--and death. The 42-year-old physician was on the witness stand foi the second day of his climac tic testimony. DR. FINCH relations with discussed hi both women in intimate detail. He said his love for Miss Tiegoff, his office receptionist, grew hot after an "honest disagree ment" ended his sex relations with his wife. The disagree ment, he said, was over her ack of response to his lovemaking after the birth of their ;on. The $1 Million Sought c? for Area Posts Appropriations t o t a l i n g more than one million dollars for expansion of Long Beach area d e f e n s e installations ;were requested in the $1,034,- ·161,000 military construction authorization bill submitted to iCongress Thursday by the De- ·fense Department. The Army requested $151,000 for construction at Ft. MacArthur. The Navy wants approval of $558,000 worth of improve-j ments at the Marine Corps .Air Station at El Toro and $306,000 for" Naval Reserve facilities at the Los Alamitos Air Station. Ike, Mamie LeaveiWater System for Farm Today Authorized for WASHINGTON ( u p i ) JNow Subdivision President and Mrs. Eisenhow-l The Board of Water Conv er will go to their farm in Gettysburg, Pa., today for week end. The First Lady missioners Thursday author- iized a $23,160 main-installa- " 1C tion job to serve a new subdivision near State College. Specifications provide drive for handsome physician, under questioning by his at- .orney, Grant B. Cooper, said le and his wife were happy during the first years after heir 195i marriage. But after :he birth of their son, Raymond, in 1953 she grew in- :reasingly frigid, he said, and hey finally had a showdown n the lanai of their home on Armistice Day in 1956. Said he: "I told Barbara that as far :S I was concerned the mar- iage had become a failure. was not getting anything iut of it ... all I was doing vas working and coming ionic to the bickerings in the vening -- if not bickerings, ven worse, the silent treatment, which 1 hate much vorse." He said the four-hour con- crsation resulted in these agreements: 1. They would not get a divorce because of financial commitments. 2. They would try to maintain the appearance of a happy marriage "to protect! the credit rating." 3. They would try to achieve a little more harmony at home. He added: "Then the last point our trouble: every time this started, every time I would do this, well, we would end up with the silent treatment or bickering for days afterward, and hard feeling, and everything would deteriorate badly. "So I was not to do that anymore; I would leave her alone completely. "In exchange for this, I was to have freedom of action to come and go as I chose. Barbara was not to ask me. 1 was to do the same for her; she could come and go as she :hose. "She wanted to quit being ust a housewife, thought she could be happier if she had other things to do; wanted to ;o to Los Angeles to take a modeling course, wanted a ew car. "These things were all done." * V V * DR. FINCH said that he bought her a new Cadillac, he modeling course and got lor interested in tennis. His new interest proved to e Carole Tregoff, first em- iloyed as a receptionist in his linic and then as his medical ecretary. A luncheon date ("I liked er personality") led to a din- ler date--and that led to an partment they shared in /Tonterey Park. Dr. Finch admitted he didn't tell his wife f this arrangement. He explained: "In the first place, Carole idn't have any protection ... MRS. BARBARA FINCH Was Mrrriage a Failure? he didn't have any agreement f the nature that I had with tarbnra, and I didn't want arbara to go to Jimmy Pappa of groceries and Carole's hand in the other hand. I was just approaching my car, which was parked at the curb and 1 ~ "' -= heard a horn honking. There was Barbara waving at me. So I waved back." That evening, Mrs. Finch accused him of having an affair, he said, adding that he was able to deny it successfully. Once again, she accused him after an informative visit from Jimmy Pappa from|, whom Carole had just separated. Once again, Dr. Finch was! ALTHOUGH Carole got her divorce, she understood his need to hold off on his, Dr. Finch testified. His need: insuring his half interest in the new half-million-dollar hospital he and associates were planning. "I told her the divorce would have a definite effect on my credit standing," the doctor explained. He remarked that he and Carole set 1961 as the solution to their problem. But, said Finch, the situation at home worsened in the spring of 1959. Mrs. Finch secretly ci suited a lawyer about a divorce and had her husband tailed by detectives. He found this out when he took a spin off the freeway and around some blocks and couldn't shake a car following his. Later, someone snapped a picture of him and Carole at the beach. * i * * HE SAID he asked his wife if she knew anything' about it. Her reply: "Could be." He Dr. Finch also testified In great detail trying to explain away two prosecution contentions: That he assaulted his wife, cutting her eyebrow, May 15, and forged her name three days later to a $3,003 check. Finch said she suffered the injury when she had the flu, he gave her drugs, and she fell in the night, striking her head against a bedside table. He denied forging Mrs. Finch's name to the check and said she signed it in his presence so he could use the money to pay household bills which had accumulated during the period of dissension. SPECIAL MIDWEEK HOLIDAY Monday to Friday $30 -- 2 PEOPLE L. A. Phone MA 5-862rJ . . . Carole's husband at the time) ?. bl ° *° TM ssur ? Mrs ;. Finc nd tell him about it. hat h . e planned no dlvorce ' vanted to protect Carole. sa "Second, although Barban that I would not to approach Barbara sexually any further--because it seemed like that was the source of from Washington, but ihc! !6 -' nch and 12 -' nch m a i n f r o m j250 G e r m a n s Frwil I the intersection of Studebaker President planned to fly to! Rd. and Garden Grove Blvd. the farm by helicopter, lcav-j t o OUl St and Hi , v( , ra Avc ing the south lawn of the White House about 11:30 a.m. (EST). He has not scheduled appointments at the White House today. The President and his wife plan to return The labor cost is estimated at $9,760, but the department of Massacre Count BERLIN W)--Charges were dropped Thursday against 250 German policemen accused of j $13,400. furnish pipe valued a t : m u r d e r i n g 20,000 Jews SWAP ANYTHING FAST Lithuania and Russia in 1941. The 250 argued that the themselves would have beer nd I did have this agreement person still has their pride and I didn't want to go to her and f l a u n t it in her face ant say 'I have got a girl friend and hurt her pride. "That would make things tougher at home." V :.: :;: 4: DR. FINCH and Carole moved to another apartment, this one with wall-to-wall carpeting, swimming pool and sundeck. But the arrangement went awry, On a hot July day in 1957, Dr. Finch testified: "! was walking out of the grocery store with a sack full Woman Completes 1,000 Miles on Foot LAND'S END, England --Dr. Barbara Moore, 56- j year-old vegetarian walking enthusiast, Thursday nightii completed her marathon h i k e l l From the top to bottom of Britain--from John O'Groat'sJl to Land's End. The distance !s roughly 1,000 miles. A crowd of 10,000 or more cheered as she reached this leak southwest tip of Eng- and 21 days after she started!) valking from the extreme! iQrth of Scotland. She arrived!] icre at. 11:23 p.m. said she admitted hiring the detectives, but that he again WURLTZER and his wife through Classified ads! Dial I killed if they refused orders late Sunday.|HE 2-5959 for an ad-writer, jto execute the 20,000. Another good course to take is Four Roses. H© fuil-bodi Full 86 proof. Same great quality. New popular price. Now only-$49!) ^ i/.: (IT. FOUR HOSES DISTILLERS COMPANY. N.Y.C. 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