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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 55

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1963
Page 55
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PAGE 58 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 2, 1963 U.S. WfATHfR BUR£A(J CJ 30 FORECAST Until Friday Morning Ficjuros Show Low Tompcraturoi Expected Tucson Skies Today Sunset today 7:03 p.m. Sunrise tomorrow 5:37 a.m. Moonset tomorrow 3:14 a.m. Full Moon, May 8 PROMINENT STAR Regulus, between Mars and the Moon. V I S I B L E PLANETS Mars, high in southwest. 7:55 p.m.; Salurn, rises. 2:23 a.m.; Jupiter, rises, 4:23 a.m.; Venus, tollows Jupiter. WEATHER --AP Wirephoto U.S. WEATHER FORECAST Rain and showers are predicted tonight in the north- central Pacific Coast region i n l a n d through the n o r t h - ern Plateau, Rocky M o u n t a i n region and through the Dakotas. Showers and thunderstorms are expected in the mid-Mississippi Valley and in scattered parts of the southern Plains and the South. It will be warmer in the eastern third of the nation and colder in the Dakotas and northern Plains. May 22 May 29 May B May 16 Highest lemp. yesterday Highest temp, year ago High record for date 19-13 ............. 100 Low temp, yesterday ......... Low temp, year ago .......... Low record for date 1951 ..... A\ean temp, yesterday ....... Mean temp, year ago ........ Normal temp, this date ....... Humidity 5:00 p.m. yesterday 5:00 a.m. today ........ 84 55 72 ... 27 Sunset--7:05 Sunrise--5:37 Data tor J4 hours ending at 5:00 a.m. Thursday, May 2, 1963. Station Albuquerque 60 Billings Boise .................. A1 Boston ................. *' Buffalo ................ ^' Calgary ................ 47 Casper, Wyo ........... 6' Charlotte .............. * 5 Chicago ............... 50 Cincinnati ............. 55 Cleveland Denver 73 Des Moinos ........... '2 Detroit ................ 55 Douglas ............... 85 El Paso ............... 86 Fairbanks ............. 5" Flagstaff .............. 6* Ft. Worth ............. M Grand Canyon ........ 69 Honolulu ............. 84 Indianapolis ........... 55 Kansas City ........... 68 Las Vegas ............ 68 Little Rock ............ 64 Los Angeles ........... 70 Memphis .............. 65 Miami Beach, Fla. ... 83 Minneapolis ........... 6B New Orleans .......... 72 New York ............ 51 Oklahoma City ........ 66 Omaha ............. . . 64 Philadelphia ........... 54 Phoenix ............... 94 Pittsburgh ............. 47 Portland, Me .......... S6 Portland, Ore. ......... 52 Rapid City ............ 72 St. Louis ............... 64 Salt Lake City ........ 66 San Diego ............ 66 San Francisco ......... 61 Seattle ................. 53 Tampa ................ BO Toronto ............... 49 TUCSON .............. 88 Washinglon ... ......... 51 Wichita .............. 65 Yuma, Ariz .......... . . 93 Min. 51 42 33 45 42 31 32 34 32 44 33 26 40 51 33 45 59 38 30 54 37 73 34 51 60 40 59 45 68 50 57 33 50 49 35 59 26 38 45 42 39 45 58 53 43 58 31 57 41 52 68 Free. .53 06 02 -- Robert L. King, meteorologist In charge, Tucson, U. S. Weather Bureau Loss From Large Fires Lowest Noted Since '54 BOSTON--UPI--Large fires destroyed about $204.8 million worth o f p r o p e r t y i n t h e U n i t e d States last year, the N a t i o n a l Fire Protection Association (NFPA) said today. Officials said this was almost S74 million less than in 1961 and was the lowest total recorded since 1954. The number of major fires, those i n d i v i d u a l l y costing at least a quarter-million dollars, dropped from the record high of 383 in 1961 to 312 last year. Earlier the NFPA reported RECORDS MARRIAGE LICENSES Raymond Knox, 40, of Gila Bend, and Annica Owens, 39, of Gila Bend. Robert Showers, 22, Phoenix, and Lucy Jane Broughton, 28, of Tucson. Ralph Michael Lewis, 27, of Tucson, and Margaret Helen Cawood, 23, of Tucson. Edward P. Borboa, IB, of Tucion, and Elivia J. Duarte, 19, of Tucson. Jose Ramon Juan, 42, of Buenos Aires, and Regina Lopez, 43, of Crowhang Village. Richard Lawrence Rios, 23, of Crow- hang Village, and Elsia Marie Cerna, 18, of Pan Tak Village. Joseph Patrick Cassinelll, 22, of Tucson., and Mary Flora Lefever, 22, ol Tucson. Robert Gallego Pesqueira, 26, of Tucson, and Phyllis Mary Agulrre, 19, of Tucson, Bernard s. Gabriel, 43, of Tucson, and Elsie M. Nugent, 47, of Tucson. DIVORCES Ted Weems Chances Said 4 Slim' TULSA, Okla.--UP)-- Bandleader Ted Weems remained in critical condition today as doctors fought a pulmonary infection that developed yesterday to complicate an already severe lung ailment. A doctor said Weems' chances of surviving the new complications were "slim." Weems entered the hospital here March 14 suffering from an attack of emphysema, a lung disorder. After several weeks of gradual recovery, his condition suddenly worsened last Thursday. A doctor said severe cases of the a i l m e n t , such as Weems', have a low recovery average. He said the a i l m e n t often terminates with a lung infection. "This is what he faces now," the doctor said. Weems had previous bouts w i t h the ailment, but had recovered enough that he came here for an engagement with his band. But he became ill and entered the hospital the (lay the band opened its stand. Elhelyn M. Kerrick vs. Ross T. Kerrick, decree. Rosalie Mendoza vs. Gilbert Mendaza, decree. Dean Glassbrook vs. Nancy J. Glassbrook, decree. Alia 5. Tipfon, aka Alta S. Brown, a minor by Jane Myers, her guardian ad lifem, vs. Robert J. Tfplon, ska Robert J. Brown, a minor, by Cecillia Avalos, his guardian ad litem. decree. Bernard O. Stubervllle vs. E. Lucille Stuberville, complaint. Marie H. Slocum vs. Robert E. Slocum, complaint. Frances E. Shepherd vs. James H. Shepherd, complaint. Olive A. Hyry vs. Franklin D. Hyry, complaint. Margaret Duke vs. Vernon Duke, complaint. Margaret C. Gamble, vs. Harold Walter Gamble Jr., complaint. BIRTHS ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL Mr. and Mrs. Barney Childs, 6-S26 Calle Herculo, a girl at 3:10 a.m. May 1. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dunnignn, 32B N. 3rd =1, a girl at -t:37 p.m. May I. Mr. and Mrs. Edv/ard E. Wagner, 2043 S. Rosemont, a girl at 1:20 a.m. May 2. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Burke, 5241 E. 23rd, a boy at 3:55 a.m. May 2. ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Ledczma, 514 W. Michigan, a girl at 8:21 p.m. Apr. 29. Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Cruz, 36 W. 33rd, a boy at 7:25 a.m. May 1. Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall, 4032 E, Ft. Lowell, a girl at 9:37 a.m. Apr. 30. TUCSON MEDICAL CENTER Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Almgren, OOI E. 5th, a boy at 7:11 p.m. Apr. 30. Mr. and Mrs. Jo^e Cano, 213 W. Franklin, a hoy at 7:54 a.m. May I. S:Spl. and Mrs. Clyde Smith. 820) E Beverly, a girl at 9;12 a.m. May I. Mr. flnd Mrs. Peler Herder, 4901 N. Swan, a girl at 9:33 a.m. May 1. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dorcr, 1301 N Jacobus, a boy at 10:25 a.m. May 1. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vannoorbeeck 3801 E. Bellevue, a boy at 11:53 a.m May I. Mr. and Mrs. Alan McCluskey, 7348 E. 26th, a girl at 12:03 p.m. May 1. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Calhoun, 1.S02 W Miracle Mile, a girl at 1:00 p.m. May 1 there were more than two mil- ion fires of all sizes in the United States in 1962 w h i c h caused damage of more than $1.5 billion. The largest fire since was the $7.186 million destruction of missiles at an Air Force installation May 24 in Chino, Calif. There were two $4 mil- ion building fires: an Olin Mathieson C h e m i c a l Corp. :lant explosion and fire at 3randenburg, Ky., April 17 and the Ford Motor Co. ro- :unda fire Nov. 11 at Dear- aorn, Mich. The report said there were 2 8 3 major f i r e s involving D u i l d i n g s which caused $162,250,000 damage. The NFPA said construction weakness, absence of protective sprinkler and alarm systems and hazardous contents were the principal reasons for minor fires spreading into major ones. 3 To Attend Journalism Convention Three Tucsonians will leave tomorrow for San Diego to attend a regional convention of Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalism society. Making the trip will be George McLeod, C i t i z e n sports editor; Brewster Campbell, University of Arizona journalism instructor, and ene Smith, j u n i o r journalism student at the university. McLeod is vice president and Campbell is a director of the Southern Arizona Journalism Society, an organization formed here recently to affiliate with Sigma Delta Chi. Smith is sports editor of the university newspaper, the Wildcat, and will be managing editor of the publication next year. The convention will be held Saturday and Sunday. FIRE CALLS (Calls In 24 Hours to 8 e.m. Today) 2:46-3:10 p.m.--Truck 618 lo 51 E. Congress St., car leaking gasoline. 3:24-3:30 p.m.--Engines I, 22, Ladder Truck 1 to 523 N. Euclid Ave., food fire 5:41-4:01 p.m.--Rescue Truck 1 lo ; Brickyard Lane, first aid. 5:54-5:58 p.m.--Engines 1, ?2, Ladder Truck 1 to 709 E. 5lh St., Investigate gas odor. 7:01-7:12 p.m.--Rescue Truck 1 to N Westmoreland Ave, and Emery St., firs' aid. 9:29-9:37 p.m.--Rescue Truck 1 to 1226 E. 27th St., needless call. 9:37-9:56 p.m.--Rescue Truck 1 to E. 37th St. and S. Park Ave., first aid. 9.-45-10.-00 p.m.--Engines 700, 2100 to 2742 Indian Ruins Road, overheated fur- n.ice. (Rural) 9:43-9:57 p.nr-Car 81 to 1301 W. Pastime Road, needless call. 11:57-12:07 a.m.--Rescue Truck 1 to US LEGAL NOTICE BULK SALES NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, MRS. JOHN J. DURKIN, doing business as the "South 7th Avenue Liquor Store" at 1710 South 7lh Avenue, Tucson, Arizona, will sell, deliver, trans- tec and assign In a single transaction fr\d not In the regular course of business, on the 15th day of May, 1963, at ten o'clock a.m. of said day the whole and all of the stock and fixtures In trade, accounts receivable and good will In find to jald business located at 1710 South 7th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Persons hawing claims against jald business are rMulred to file the same with the ner.cisnrv vouchers, with W. T. HOLMES, 409 Arliona Land Title Building, Tucson, Arizona, prior to »ald date. MRS. JOHN J. DURK1N STATE OF ARIZONA ) ) SS. County of Plma ) This Instrument was acknowledged before m» this 2ilh day of April, 1943, by M W S . JOHN J. DURKIN. My Commission expires November 30, 19M. N O T A R Y SEAL CLARISSE RANDALL Notary Public Pu:,llin April 29, 30, May 1, 2, 1 -C 1 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald White, 122fl VV. | s. Jth Ave., first aid. Congress, a girl at 2:15 p.m. May 1. Mr. and Mrs. Leonord Westcott, 717 S. Janet, a girl at 7:09 p.m. May 1. A/lc and Mrs. Salomon PeOra;a, 4216 E. Paseo Grande, Way 1. a boy at 10:25 P.m. and Mrs. John Klock, 5632 E. Cooper, a boy at 7:11 a.m. May 2. Mr. and Mrs. Dorman Dills, 702 S. Rosemont, e Birl at 5:20 e.m. May 2. Coloradans Unconcerned About Money DENVER-- UP] --The Colorado Legislature approved a 15 per cent cut in personal income taxes this year, effective with the 1962 returns. But a state official says 75,000 persons failed to take advantage of the cut. "We are absolutely unable to explain it," said Harold Drake, deputy state director of revenue. Drake said the 75,000 taxpayers will get refunds as soon as state auditors refigure their returns. He Was Just Too Persistent PARIS --UPI-- A medical examiner r u l e d yesterday that Ro^er Nicolle died of constriction when he got intoxicated and became stuck for several hours in a tiny window through which he was trying to enter a woman's bedroom on a barge. LANCERS /or all your floral needs. 60 E. Pcnnington MA 2-4638 Tom Inglis Flo icers 2362 E. BROADWAY .MA 2-4643, FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS ACHOR, Donald E., 68, of 8120 E. Kenyon Dr., entered into rest April 30. Husband of Mary R.; father of Nelson S., of Marion, I n d i a n a ; Wanda A. Achor of Tucson. 2 grandchildren. Funeral 4:00 p.m., May 3. Bring's Memorial Chapel. Burial in South Lawn. Friends may call from 2 to 8 p.m., May 2nd. ALBRECHT, Lysles H., 56, of JG06 W. Circle Dr., died April 30th. Survived by his wife, Emma; daughters, Mrs. Doris L. Bright and Alice A. Bright; and 3 grandchildren. Services will be in the Arizona Mortuary Chapel Friday 2 p.m. Interment South Lawn Memorial Park. Friends may call at the Mortuary from 4 to 9 p.m., Thursday. BORLAND, Millard L., 43, of 1007 E. Simmons, died May 1st. Survived by his wife, Alice; daughters, Ruth Anne, and Bonnie Sue; son, Wayne Allen, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Borland; 2 brothers and 1 sister. Services will be Saturday, 10:30 a.m. in the Arizona Mortuary Chapel. Interment in Grantwood Memorial Park. CELENTANO, Clara E., 1249 E. Ellis, died April 30. Survived by husband Pat M. Sr.; 2 sons, Pat Mario Jr., and Anthony Joseph; 3 sisters, Emma Markham, Josephine Musika, and Marie Farmer; 2 brothers, William Kanvatt, and Kenneth Canada. Rosary will be Friday, 7:30 p.m., at Adair Chapel. Mass Saturday, 9 a.m., at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Interment Holy Hope. CRAMER, Cecil, 71, of Inspiration, Ariz., entered into rest April 30. Funeral 2:00 p.m., May 3, in Bring's Memorial Chapel, with Rev. Donald W. Cummings of Inspiration, officiating. Burial in South Lawn. V.F.W. Post 4903 to have graveside services. DANENBERG, Henry G., 53, of Santa Fe, N.M., entered into rest May 1. Husband of Mildred; son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Danenberg; father of George P., Iris, Avis; brother of Mrs. Charlotte Markell, Jack, Mortimer Danenberg. Graveside services to be held at 9 a.m., May 3, South Lawn with Ian M. Stevens in charge. Friends may call at Bring's Funeral Home from 4 to 8 p.m., May 2. HILL, EInora, 81, of 913 W. Los Alamos, entered into rest May 1st. Mother of Margaret Hockings. 2 grandchildren. P r i v a t e services held at Bring's Funeral Home. HOWARD, Mrs. Rose B., 87, of Benson, Ariz., died May 1. Survived by her son, Robert Howard. Services Friday, 4 p.m., in the Arizona Mortuary Chapel. MARCOE, Mrs. Amy, 84, of 3434 E. Valencia Ave., died May 1. Survived by her husband, Purl; a son, Clem; and a sister, Mrs. Delphine Schar- bano. A Rosary will be recited, Friday, 8 p.m., in the Arizona Mortuary Chapel. Requiem Mass, Saturday, 9 a.m., at St. Frances Cabrini Church. Interment in Holy Hope Cemetery. McWHORTER, Jack W., 61, of 1060 S. Sidney, entered into rest April 30. Funeral 10:00 a.m., May 3rd, Bring's Memorial Chapel. Burial in South Lawn Memorial Park. Friends may call from 4 to S p.m., May 2nd. MURRAY, Clem, 16, of Lubbock, Tex. Passed away April 27. Funeral services were held today at 10 a.m., in Calvary Baptist Church. Burial in Evergreen. Arrangements by Palms Mortuary. MUSAR, Frank, of 1301 \V. Pastime, entered into rest May 1, Bring's Funeral Home. OSBORN, Sarah B., 71, of 300 W. Lester, entered into rest May 1. Wife of Fred L.; mother of Mr. Randolph Pool; sister of Mrs. Genevieve Priest, Mrs. Grace Primmer. Funeral 4:00 p.m., May 6, Bring's Funeral Chapel, burial in South Lawn. Friends may call from 2 to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. RIEGEL, Minnie, 63, of 1067 Miracle Mile, entered into rest May 1st. Brlng's Funeral Home. 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S275 BKKPR policy rating, nen. Ins, tops Far Wesfern Placement Arizona's Oldest Employment Agency 1923 to 1963 301 Arlr. Land Title Bldg. MA. 3-5737 FEMALE HELP WANTED Need Lots of Stenos CREDIT Mar Supvr . t o S350 FC 8KKR., mature, 5W da. to 5300 MED. Transcb, Stenoretle S300 STENORETTE Mach. OP. Slat. Type EXEC. Sec-Stenographer STENO--conventional mortgas* LEGAL Sec-Dictaphone MED. Sec., heavy steno ACCTS Rec. Clk., type GIRL Friday, Credit Clk, Inv. SECY Dictaphone shorthand 3 PBX-Radio Ops. MTGE Loan Process Clk. EXP. FHA-VA-Detail open MALE HELP WANTED SR. Acct. 5 yrs. supv 5800 JOB Analyst, Sta. exp 5600 SALES Engr., elec. supply 5600 IBM Supervisor J450 BAR steward Suov S450 PAINT Sales, exp. 30-40 $400-5500 ENGR. Alde-Surveyino ., S350 OFF. Mar. Bkkg, Accta. SALES Rep. Ind. exp. relocate, 26-34, 2 yrs. Coll., married open PAINT Sales, exp., 30-10 SWO-500 Male Help, Instructions 13 MEN GET IN HIGHER INCOME BRACKET! Enroll today, welding or refrigeration. Day or evening classes. Budget payments arranged on tuition. A.B.C. Trade School, 550 W. S9th. St. MA, 4-7621. THROUGH PROFESSIONAL DRAFTING · Electronic · Electrical · Mechanical · Architectural · Structural · Topographic ELECTRONICS Electronics Technicians Men and women trained In basic electronic! and electricity and the use ot test equipment are ready to grow with the space aqe In Circuit Analysis and trouble shooting. Schematic Reading, Bread- Boarding. Prepare for FCC License. New Classes May 6th CALL. WRITE OR VISIT DURHAM TECHNICAL COLLEGE 443 SO. STONE 792-1411 CIVIL SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES Many opportunities. Train now. Good pay. Vacations. Security. No Lay-offs. Retirement Benefits. Tram- Ing until appointed. Train row: Border Patrol, Forestry, Fish and Game. Send for FREE Brochure listing positions, salaries, etc. Write Washington Service Bureau, P.O. Box 1549 or Call MA. 4-2-141. WANT A BETTER JOB? Men and Women Train Now For CIVIL SERVICE JOBS Pay up to as hlsh as S92 a week to start. Grammar school education usually sufllcent. Keep your present iob while training. U.S. citizens only For full information Including list of positions and salaries send name and address to: Key Tralnlno Service, S981 E. 26th St.. Tucson, or call our office ph. 29i-5867. REPEAlTlNVErtTORY'TAX MEN WOMEN Earn Under $120? · Does your future look dim? · Do you hate your work? · Has vour luck run oul? · Is your pay below $120 a week? I' any of the above Is true you owe It lo yourself to call Mr. King at MA. 3-7000 now and find out how, through electronics or dralffna, career Institute can put you in a high pay lob with a lecure future. No advance education or previous experience necessary. Remember: TODAY'S EFFORT IS TOMORROW'S SUCCESS Career gives you more for lesi. · The lines: training anywhert · Classes are starling soon · L i f e time lob placement · Life time review of training · Life time consultation service · Job guarantee · No salesmen will call Career I n s t i t u t e 1918 N. Stone GJohc B ranch _J8A Broad _ S t . _ X2_5-6171 H e fp Wo n ted,_Male J 4 AT ONCE. Electrolux, world's largest seilln9 cleaner need* representative] in this area No experience or investment needed W« finance our accounts tlcclrniux corporation 1231 E. 6th St W£ are still looking for Ep. Cleaning Rl. men, Truck-Saiary-Comm. Sta Glo Cleaners, 4331 E. 22nd. Help Wanted, Male 14 TRUCK mechanic. 2*1 W."laouna ST Apply In person. ATTillON 12 to 14Yrs. of Age INDUSTRIOUS IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF EARN YOUR OWN MONEY! rhe Arizona Dally Star and Tucson Dally Cltljen are now accepMno applications for Carrier Jobs all over the Cllvl JOIN THE 700 S T A R - C I T I Z E N C A R R I E R S MOW RUNNING T H E I R SMALL BUSINESS! Phone Today . MA 2-5855 Circulation Department WHITE chauffeur, married, no accommodations lor children In lur- nisned apartment on place. Only applicants considered who Include local references with application Also state lime and type of experience and vour age. Reply St*r Ciluen JoxJftQj _ GRADUATE CHEMIST AGE 25-45 K N O W L E D G E OF QUALITATIVE A N D QUANTITATIVE IN ANALYSES USED IN O R G A N I C CHEMISTRY R E - QUIRED. TO ASSIST CHIEF CHEMIST IN LABORATORY ANALYSES OF VARIOUS METALS USING INSTRUMENTAL AND X-RAY FLUOR- E S C E N C E TECHNIQUES, ETC. CONDUCTS RESEARCH AND EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATIONS ON ANALYTICAL VARIANCE PROBLEMS. INTERESTED PARTIES WRITE OR CALL K. W KING, KEN- NECOTT COPPER CORP.. HAYDEN. A R I Z O N A , __ _ Experienced Automobile Metal Man Desired by nationwide praanlzatlon. Must have own hand tools. TOP wanes and fringe benefits. Contact Stan Lubera. 818 S. 6lh Ave.. 7:30_ . ^ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ STRONG exoerlence3 nardener for larqe place. Permanent emolovmenf for right person. White and married. Local references required with letter concerning !ob. Live on olace In apartment for two adults. Replv _SJ.a_r_C!t!zen_Bp_x_J98J. __ MALE EMPLOYEES to operate dish washing machine or pot-washer. Starting wage, SI. We prefer family men. Must understand some Eno llsh. Purr's Cafeteria, S401 E. Speedway_._ ___ _ _ WANTED: Experienced cable fool drll' . _ . . experienced Her. Call MA. 3-8989. Dance Instructors Experienced Hinhest pay scale In stale, up to i per hour. Apply In person. Mr. De- Blaslp. jWV 2-3W1, GENERALlhsurance man to manage insurance agency. All replies strictly confidential. P. O. Box 7031. $440 MONTHLY, starling salary. Fringe benefits. Married. 54-40. Call _325-8661. 0r_appjy 4J50 E. Broadway, R E! P AIRMAN" W ANTED Excellent Insurance .plan, flood company benefits. Apply Mr. Klmber, SINGER Sewing Machine Co. El Con Shopping Center. National Corporation Division manager will be In Tucson Wednesday and Thursday Interviewing applicants tor position now open. If you are a high school graduate and desire $120 a week, apply at 4560 E. Broadway, Room II, between _9-11 A.M. Branch Manager Trainee YOUNG MAN wilh executive potential who Is seeking career opportunity. Man selected will be trained for Branch Manager of large, growing consumer finance company. High school graduate with above average grades. Ase 21-28. Aggressive, pleasing personality, with ability to meet the public. Not a selling [ob. We train you In credits, collection, and office administration. In addition to good starting salary and complete program of company paid, employee benefits, car allowance paid when you use your car. Frequent salary Increases, depending on your ability to absorb training and greater responsibility. UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR QUALIFIED MAN. Apply Dial Finance Co., 76 S. Stone Ave. YOUNG man, who Is now employed, seeking extra hours In the evening. Apply In person, Apache Drive-In Theatre, between S-7, evenings. STATION Attendant, experienced. Also mechanical experience. Part time. Slalock Humble Station. 5302 S. 12th Aye, SHEET-METAL Installers, non-union, work on military bases throughout state. If Interested In working on contract basis. Send resume to Star . Citizen Box 325-E. HOSPITALfZATION AGENTS If you are Honest, Hard Working and Interested In; 1. Finest Hospital Plans Available, 2. Top Commissions, 3. Monthly Production Bonus. (25 APP'S 700 1st Prem. J100 Bonus) t. Opportunity for Advancement. 5 Good Reliable Company CONTACT Eugene Hellzel, at Arizona State Employment Service. Professional and Sales Office, 7 N. Granada, Frl,, 9-12 a.m. ELECTRONICS ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS TECHNICIANS RCA offers financially rewarding assignments in the Far North on PROJECT BMEWS The Ballistic Missile Early Warning System needs exceptional technicians wilh one to five years maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and modification experience on the following eauipmcnt types: · RADAR · TEST EQUIPMENT . DIGITAL DATA HANDLING · £5 CROSSBAR/DIAL PBX For those who qualify, RCA will provide advanced systems training at full salary In Rlverton, N. J. Sub- seauent assignments will be at the BMEWS sites in Thule, Greenland, or Clear, Alaska (60 miles from Fairbanks). At these far north sites, food and lodging are orovlded free. In addition to bonus for on-sile assignment and scheduled overtime. For Immediate Interview: In Tucson Call Mr. R. L. Pierce At MAIn 2-3540 Thursday and Friday Mav 2 and 3 2 p.m. to 8 o.m. Or Send Resume To: Mr. J. P. Thalcher, Empl. Mgr. RCA Service Company, Depl. BM-31 1908 Bannard Street Rlverton, New Jersey An Equal Opportunity Employer RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA Help Wanted, Male 14 MEN TRAVEL!! Can place lour slnele young m«n, 18-24 tree to travel to New York, East Coait, and return. All transportation furnished. Expense! «o- vanccd. Neatness and pleasant personality a must For Interviews ap- Plv Mr. Bluelhman, The Desert Motel. 1303 N. Stone, between 11-5, Wednesday thru Saturday. DENTAL Technician, first , class chrome man or first class assistant. Opportunity for ambitious man. 4103 N. 12th SI., Phoenix, CR. 9-4159, Phoenix Denial Laboratory. . YOUNG MEN Arthur Murray Is Interviewing, applicants to start Iralnlno at nlohl, 6-9 p.m., for teachlno 8, executive positions. No previous experience necessary. Ages 21 to 29. Apply Arthur Murray, 233'/j 6. Congress, 1 till 7 p.m. Mrs,_Bernat. · STUDENTS · We need help lull or part time 1o sell RAWLEIGH PRODUCTS. Good commission. For appointment, phone EA. 7-6774. YOUNG MAN OF EXECUTIVE ABILITY Not an average "training pro oram," not an ordinary 100. This unusual Management Training Program follows a well- planned comprehensive schedule provides you the best opportunity to develop quickly Into a responsible executive In finance . . pays you full salary while you learn, with Increases based on your rate ot progress. Ape 21 to 28, some college prefered. Liberal salary, car allowance, all modern employes bentflts. HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORP. 147 E. Penning Ion SHEET METAL WORKERS Albuquerque, N.M. Needs Them Firm lobs available now for sheaf metal workers experienced at shop layout and Installation work. Journeyman rate S4.00 hour. CALL 344-5940 344-2351 268-3711 242-5828 ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO N.M. Sheet Metal Contractors Assn., Inc. NATIONAL CHAIN EXPANDING A R I Z . S. SOUTHWEST RAPID ADVANCEMENT FOR THOSE W MUS? U HAVE Y HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION OR BETTER. AGE 21 TO 30 Interviews Now APPLY McLELLANS, E. O. BROOKS 63 E. Congress Salesmen ENCYCLOPEDIA Americana 15 needs Salesman. New prod. 8. Mar. Highest Com. 45M E. Bdvfy., Rm, 12, 325-8751 · e » * * * * * » « EXPERIENCED CAR SALESMAN Apply in person. Catallna Motors Speedway ot Alvernon Female Help, Instruct. ]7 Women Men Needed TO TRAIN FOR CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONS Agti 18-52, start hltth as S102 a we«k. Preparatory training until appointed. Steno, File, Custom Clerks, Law Enforcement, many Government lob« open, Experience usually unnecessary. FREE Information on lobg. salarli], requirements. Write today giving name, age, address, phone 4 occupation. Lincoln Service Inc., Dept. ?, P. 0. Box flUi Tucson. Women Men Needed TO TRAIN FOR CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONS on as SI02 a week. inted. stom Clerks, La , many Govern Experience usually IL SERVICE E 18-52, start Won ratory training Aoes 18 Preparatory Steno, File, forcement, many Government lobj open. Experience usually unnecessary. FREE Information on lobs, salaries, requirements. Write today diving name, age, address, phone Si until a p p o i . teno, File, Custom Clerks, Law Enany Depl. 1, P. 0. Bolt 476r Tucson. MEN WOMEN Urgently Needed In the Following Fields FOR A BETTER PAYING JO* * Stenography --4 WEEK SPEEDWRITING SHORTHAND, GREGG SHORTHAND * IBM Key Punch v --QUICK, EASY TO LEARN. * Business Machines -- COMPTOMETER, BURROUGHS F1000 ACCOUNTING MACHINE, CAL- SALESMAN WANTED SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. yOB_E._CONGRESS USED CAR SALESMEN Experienced men for the largest lot In the Southwest. Best Pay Plan. Best hours. 500 Car Inventory. See Dick Morris. Williams City of Cars. ·W50 E. Broadway. GUARANTEED INCOME \n top Northeast Realty Co. Unlimited prospects. Help In closing. Must hava current Arizona License. Call Tony Harper, SUNSET REALTY, 4248663. B E A U T Y B U I L T HOMES offers you an opportunity to associate with one of Tucson's leading home builders. Solid sales ability a must. Immediate e a r n i n g s available. C a l l M r . Abrams 296-2351 for ap- poinment. SALESMAN^ Spend the summer In cool Colorado Selling vacation sites. Good fishing. Brlggs land. 327-5918, Position Open Now With nation-wide company. Qualified leads furnished at no cost to you. Call mornings only. EA. 7-6047. $140 PER WEEK Fuller Brush Co. will have an openlnq soon due to a transfer ot a man earn- Inq SMO per week In territory. Married. 22-44, car. some college. Phone EA. 5-4822. 2 SALESMEN for outside work, car essential. Apply 9 to 10 a.m. 307 E.__Gj-ant_Rd. ^_ . . REAL ESTATE--Need ambitious salespeople, experienced or Inexperienced If ambitious, want to make money, willing to learn 8. work. Age 30 to 50. Walburn Realty, 4850 E. Speedway. . HAVE OPENING FOR 2 MORE SALESMEN FOR OUR NEW LOCATION ON E. B R O A D W A Y SELLING VOLKSWAGENS AND USED CARS. CALL BOB BERNIE, MA. 4-5515, JAMES MOTORS. H'eIp~Wa nted, M ~F "16 DISTRIBUTOR to service local territory Nationally advertised cosmetics and food supplement. Earnings, un- limlted. MA. 3-6095 TO ASSIST with left side stroke na- tlent. Please call MA 2-4320, VANTED TEACTTERS WANTET For summer employment. Guaranteed Income. Write P.O. Box 57J3. Tucson. CANVASSERS Excellent pay per appointment. Apply 11-12 a.m., Tucson Health Equipment Co., 1024 S. Plumer. MAN and wffe to manage deluxe trailer Dark, experienced ^referred. call MA. 7-170B. Or EA. 6-0103, WANTED teacher for business colleae. Must be experienced In (eachlna business subjects. Write Star-Citizen Box 204-D ME N^Women--Salary plus bonus. Re- tlrer), semi-retired, students or handicapped welcome. Apply 2808 N. 1st Ave. Room 20?. ?-11 a.m. C I V I C MINDED person having con- fldence and respect of business people In Duncan, to make credit Investigations and serve as our local correspondent. Work Is on a part time basis. Write Dun Bradslreet, Inc., Sandra Persons, Box 13148, Phoenix, Ariz. TALENT WANTED Any and all types of entertainment for parties, snows, night clubs, recordings. For placement, call Tucson Talent Associates, 327-8734 alter j p.m. FREE TRAILER space for man and wile or single man for lloht maintenance work In tavern. Utilities Included. Phone AX. 4-9853. FOUNTAIN HELP E X P E R I E N C E D APPLY IN PERSON Johnie's No. 4 5455 E._S.PEEOWAY TEACHERS Who have not madt a final decision lor summer work, to suppfemenf teaching Income. Dignified opportunity which need not end when school starts: Guaranteed Income, and other benefits. Interviews field. Room 1, Flammae Hotel, a) 1 and 3:30 P.m. May 4. Ask for Mr. Smith. Female Help, Instruct. ] / SRbftY'lMl IBM KEYPUNCH NCR ACCOUNTING PBX RECEPTIONIST NCR CASHIERING LAMSON BUSINESS COLLEGE 537 S. Stonji MA. 2-7421 HI5hT~5t»ndird courses In builneu, f ocreturlal, Stenography. Bookkeep- ng. Accounting, with expert Iraln- no In latest office machines. Low monthly tuition r»tej. "We train vpu and place you" Arizona College of Commerce, 131 E. Broadway. 623- CULATOR, 10-KEY CHINE, PBX. ADDING MA- Drafting -BASIC, INTERMEDIATE, AND ADVANCED. * AH Other --COMMERCIAL SUBJECT! Pmls. low as $15-520 monthly Lifetime free review FREE JOB PLACEMENT DURHAM COLLEGE Southwest's Lamest Chain San Antonio-- Corpus Chrlsll-- El Pass Beaumont -- Houston -- Victoria-- Pasadena -- Phoenix -- Tucson 443 SOUTH STONE 792-1411 Help Wanted, Female' 18 EXPERIENCED fountain flirl "or woman, full time, good pay, tin* opportunity. Casas Adobes Drua 7131 N. Oracle Rd. _ _ LEGAL stenographer experienced preferred good shorthand required. Star-Citizen, Box 1 53- D . _ DRY cleaning checker, experienced. Sparkle Cleaners, Apply . 4500 c. Guest Ranch Year Round Waitress, experienced, personable, 35-35, single, live-In or oul. 297-1 151 ,_ CCHJtTtER worK, experienced preferred. Apply Sparkle Cleaners, 4500 _E._Broadway, _ __ EXPERIENCED power machine op^ eralors. Western Drapery, 220 N. 4lh Avenue. REGISTERED N U R S E S . General duly. $2.56 per hr. with shltl differential. Excellent fringe benelltt and 3 weeks annual paid vacation. 40 hr. week. Apply Phelps Dodgt Hospital - A|o, Arizona. _ _ CARHOPS EVENING SHIFT NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY Johne's No. 4 _ 5455_E l _SPE_EDWAY _ WOMAN live-in. Manage household for working mother. Own room/ good salary. Must be responsible. References 278-1644. Sundays and evenings, 326-1231 weekdays. HAIRDRESSERS. Preferably with foU lowing. Commission, 50% lo 70%. Li , ____ COMBINATION maid -- and kllchen help for guest ranch. Permanent lob. $50 month, and room and board and -flOod_tlDS^_AX.^_ 8-202.1, ___ _ _ r OPENING: Ane 21-40. 1 -- Exoerlence"fl5 Insurance policy typist. 1-- Secretary. Opportunity for advancement. Phoni .Mr, _ Kayjiet = .«3-«?61 . ___ ATTRACTIVE barmaid. Experience not necessary. Daisy Mae's, 1145 W. Prince Road. __ . COMBINATION bar-maid and waitress, wanted at Cow Palace Restaurant on Tucson-Nosales Hlohway. N« experience necessary. Private cabin plus wages and tips, swimming facilities available. Apply In person 1800 N. Miracle Mile. _ effl- COUNTER GlRLS -- Attractive, clent, dependable. Full and time. Art's No. 2. 3440 E. part DRY CLEANING - Silk finisher and Inspector. Glover Cleaners, 2643 N. ^Campbell. USHERETTES wanted -- Paramount Theatre Must bo 18-21. Must b« able to work alternBlina day nlaht shifts. Apply In person a t f e r - 1 , 8t Paramount Theatre, Breakfast-dinner Cook EXPERIENCED APPLY IN PERSON Johnie's No. 4 5455 E. Speedway KITCHEN help. Experienced In Mex- Icsn food. Apply In person, Tl« Elena Restaurant, 3364 E, Grant. . REGISTERED NURSES for weekends. Choice of clay or nlaht shift. Call before 4 p.m., AX. 8-33B7. WANTED: RN or LPN nurses. CllI 793-9409, mornings. WORKING mother needs live-In baby sitter. Room and board, small sal- a ^_C»ll MA. 2-9866, before S. MONTE CARLO needs attractive offlj 21-30. Good salary, experience not .necessary. Apply 1900 s. 4lh. LIBRARY POSITTON~CTPEN. Public Services Assistant In charge of reference, circulation and periodicals. 4 year college degreo and refercnct experience required. Library science degree not mandatory. Salary open. Apply: Edward C. Werner, Librarian, Western New Mexico University, Box 660, Sliver City, New _ Mexico. . . WAITRESSES DAY EVENING SHIFT EXPERIENCED Johnie's No. 4 5455 E. SPEEDWAY NATIONAL CORP. Needs telephone solicitors for full or part time work. Salary plus bonus. See Mrs. Chatrez. Apply 3620 E. Speedway, Suite 210. 9-5;3o. INSURANCE OFFICE One of Tucson's leading general Insurance agencies would like to Interview experienced executive type office manager with ability to da bookkeeping nnd rate policies. Slat* qualifications lo Star-Citizen Box 203-D. Dance Instructors Experienced Highest pay scale In slate, uo to M per hour. Apply In o«r«on, Mr. De- Blaslo, MA, 2-3M1. CARHOPS APPLY IN PERSON Johnie's No. 3 3810 E. 22ND GIRLS No Experience Needed 5 6 Day Week Home of the BIG BOY Now Interviewing COUNTERGIRLS Must Be Neat Appearing Of Good Character Age 18-35 WE TRAIN YOU APPLY AT BOB'S 2419 E. BROADWAY 2 to 5 p.m. No phone calls please Llve-IN, housekeeper for' MA. 2-54?4 i

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