Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 9, 1968 · Page 11
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 11

Tucson, Arizona
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Saturday, March 9, 1968
Page 11
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SATURDAY, MARCH 9, 1968 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Moody Richie Allen Mysteriously Skips Camp By MILTON RICHMAN CLEARWATER, Fla. (UPI) -- Richie Allen has this big project going. He's busy building a brick wall between himself and the rest of Society. Construction is coming along fine. Offering no reason whatsoever before he left, Richie Allen, superstar, suddenly skipped camp Thursday night. Occasionally, but only when he feels up to it, the moody Philadelphia slugger condescends to issuing commu- niques to the outside world. "It's better," he'll say. But not much more. He means his right hand -the one in which he sliced open the ulnar nerve and two tendons last Aug. 24 when he jammed it through the headlamp of an old car he was pushing. Never big on interviews, Richie Allen, superstar, wishes people would go away and leave him alone. He wishes they'd stop asking him about his hand. Tony Conigliaro isn't a superstar with Boston yet but he looks at things a little differently. He also had an accident last August. More serious than Allen's. He was liit squarely Phillies Growing Unhappy Rich Allen Tests Club's Patience CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) -Where AWOL third baseman Rich Allen is concerned, the Philadelphia Phillies' high brass is running short of patience. "The man is going to be fined, .and I'm. not going to make a big ·speech about it," says General 'Manager John Quinn, referring to Allen's sudden, unannounced ^departure from training camp. "Richie evidently has made up his mind he's going to live "his life the way he wants it--but '"if it gets in the way of Phillies' ..policy, it's not going to be toler- -ated," says Manager Gene Mauch. Owner Bob Carpenter was '..quoted-by Quinn as "certainly "'disturbed that Allen would leave 'without permission." Allen, the Phillies' All-Star third baseman who injured his .right wrist badly last summer, ;said in Philadelphia he flew home Thursday to have the ^hand checked by his own doctor. But the 26-year-old Allen, reportedly earning around $80,000, insisted ihe didn't "jump the '-club."' " Quinn said he had been unable 4o reach Allen' by telephone be^.cause "his number has been changed." r Mauoh, however, said "when Ta ballplayer is where he is supposed to be, you don't need his ·phone number." Both Quinn and Mauch were ..pressed as to whether or not k they have been too lenient with Allen in his five years with the Phillies. '·· Allen, who finished with a .307 .-batting average, 77 runs batted ·in and 23 homers last year despite missing the last six weeks ^of the season, has been fined a 'number of times for violating "club rules. ·-' "I'm not going to get into that .phase of it," said Quinn. ; ; Mauch, asked if he ever reached a point of no return '/with a player, replied: "No, I ·don't think anybody ever says, · 'The hell with anything.' " Allen injured the hand in a freak accident last summer. He 'was trying to push his car and 'Shoved his right hand through ;'one of the headlights, causing ;severe lacerations. \\ He apparently was dissatisfied with the progress he had : been making with the hand in ·the Phillies' camp and went ·"'home to have his own doctor t check it. ; "I wasn't feeling good and I ·wanted to see my own doctor," 'Allen said. ·· "I suppose I'll get fined for it: 4 e _ , , ' °er. is.cn jacKimozvK, 6-0, 6-T. Dennis my contract says I have to pay P us *', pv ; def - Mark Kaiser, 6-4,7-5. oei- - ' ..,, .. . J , T £ ert L g wls - pv - def - Gar V Swanson, 9-7, .a $500 fine for every day I . . . . _ . . "miss," he continued. ;. "Don't let anybody get the ;idea I'm jumping the club. I'm going back tonight or tomorrow," he said Friday. on the temple with a fast ball which fractured his cheekbone in three places and dislocated his jaw. People keep coming up to Tony Conigliaro now and asking him how he feels also. But he doesn't consider them an annoyance. "If they think enough of me to inquire," says Tony Conigliaro, "The least I can do is give them a courteous answer. I appreciate the fact they care." Maybe Richie Allen does, too, down deep, but he has a funny way of showing it. Nobody bothered him much in the Phillies' camp. He was left pretty much alone to train as he liked. Up at the plate, there was no sign he was ever injured. He was overpowering the ball like the old Richie Allen. The old Richie Allen overpowered the ball and led the club in six different hitting categories last year despite missing the last 40 games. "I think we were all worried about his hand," says John Quinn, the Phils' general manager, "But when you see him hit you know he's all right. He hit the center field fence on his first swing the other day. That's 400 feet. He hit the ball over the left field fence on the next pitch. That's 360. Then he hit the scoreboard. And that's 380." Allen certainly looked good at bat but there is a little more to it than Quinn says. In the field, at third base, the injury showed up more. Allen's problem seems to be picking the ball out of his glove and getting a grip on it so he can throw it over to first. He also catches most throws with his gloved hand alone, favoring his right hand. Gene Mauch, the manager, isn't worried. "When I saw him in Philadelphia the first of February he told me he'd be all right," says Mauch. "The next time I saw him was down here March 1. He was right. He shook hands with me and I could tell the strength was there." Allen was making progress. Less than a month ago, trainer Joe Liscio asked him to put his right hand on a table and spread his fingers. "I can't," he said. "There's no such word," said Liscio. "Try." Allen did and managed to spread his fingers a trifle. Now he can spread them more. He keeps a piece of sponge rubber or putty in his band and constantly squeezes . . Richie Allen, superstar, t u r n e d 26 on Friday. Seemingly he has a fine career yet ahead of him. But he ought to smarten up a little. It isn't that bad if people keep asking him about his hand. He'll be the first to know when it really gets bad. That'll be when they no longer bother asking him at all. Surprised Duke Succumbs To Gamecock Freeze, 12-10 CHARLOTTE, N. C. (AP) recent major college basketball The name of the game was pa- history. Th- previous ACC tour- i! and North Carolina nament low was Duke's 21-20 deliberate, disciplined victory over stall-minded North Carolina in the 1966 semifinals. With the score 2-2 near the mid-point of the first half, N. C. State held the ball for about ight minutes before getting a tience, State's basketball team won it "from Duke 12-10 to move to tonight's Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament finals against top-seeded North Carolina, which outlasted South Carolina 82-79 in a freethrow, which Dick Brauch rousing overtime battle of high- missed. Duke, No. 6 in the na- powered offenses. The winner gains the conference crown and a spot in the NCAA Eastern Regional tournament at Raleigh, N.C., next Friday against the winner of today's game between St. Bonaventure and Boston College. Rarely, if ever, have two games played back-to-back contrasted as sharply as did Friday night's semifinals. South Carolina, with no tour- South Carolina, with no tour- an d Don Cox, the newcomer nament possibilities beyond the both would like to remain No. 1 ATf! HIIP tn M P A A nnnKntinn Lew's. whifVi hn5 a RiA-nnin Blue Devils Stalled North Carolina State's Vann WHliford throws up his hands in joy after the Wolfpack upset Duke, 12-10, in the semifinals of the Atlantic Coast Conference basketball tournament last night. The favored Blue Devils had beaten the Wolfpack twice in high-scoring games during the season, but couldn't overcome the N.C. State stall. (AP Wirephoto). ACC due to NCAA probation, trailed North Carolina by nine points after a half in which each team shot a sparkling 51 per cent. But Coach Frank McGuire's Gamecocks battled back to wrest the lead from the team whose 20-game winning streak they snapped last week and make a bristling battle of it. Skip Harlicka's basket with two minutes left of regulation tied it at 74-all and the Tar Heels, with backcourters Dick Grubar and Gerald Tuttle, a reserve, sinking clutch points, staggered home with their 24th victory in 27 games. After this frenzied action that had the sellout crowd of 11,500 in a constant uproar, came the N. C. State freeze that resulted in the lowest scoring game in SPRING SPORTS High School Tennis Girls CATAL1NA 5, PUEBLO 0 at Catalina Mary McGuIre, C, def. Cecelia Henderson, 6-2, 6-2. Linda Huffman, C, def. Bettina Yslas, 3-6, 6-0, 6-3. Marcy McNally, C. def. Diane Rivera, 6-2, 6-1. Cindy Ashton, C, def. Lydia Gallardo, 6-3, 6-1. Lori Fraesdorf, C, def. Angle Solo, 6-1, 6-2. TUCSON 7, AMPHI 0 a} Tucson Paula Aboud, T.- def. Barbra Hammett, 6-0, 6-1. Hilda Leon, T, def. Susan Aros, 6-1, 6-0. Prinnv Mallarno. T, def. Darla Braughler, 6-0, 6-3. Jean Aboud, T, def. Dianna Campbell, 6-1, 4-2. Lilians Sanchez. T, def. Karen Varnet, 7-5, 6-0 Mallamo-Ueon, T, dff. Hammett-Aros. 6-6, 6-1. Aboud-Sanchez, T, def. Braughler- CampbeU, 6-1, 6-3. Boys TUCSON 7, AMPHI 0 at Ampni Eric Bock def. Ed Wong, 6-0, 6-1. John Vasile def. Art Sowls. 6-0, 6-0. Terry Bennett def. Ken Wilson, 6-1, 6-0. Keith Sul- terly def. Robert Sarhan, 6-3, 7-5 Jim Neavitt def. Richard Oxner, 6-3, 6-1. Vasile-Bennett def. Wong-Sowls, 6-0, 6-3. Bock-Sulterly def. Wilson-Sarhan, 8-1. CATAL1NA 6, PUEBLO J at Pueblo Randy Evett, C, def. Francisco Escobar, 5-7, 6-4, 6-1. Bill Hoshaw, C, def John Cox, 4-6, 7-5, 6-4. Kitt Marrs, c, def.- Eddie Beiarano, 6-1, 7-5. Mark Hardy C, def. David Ellisfon, 6-3, 6-2. Marcos Membrilla, P. def. Charles Griffith, 4-6, 6-3. 6-4. Evett-Marrs, C, def. Escobar-Cox, 8-6. Hoshaw-Hardy, c, def. Beiarano-Membrlila, 8-2. PALO VERDE 7, SALPOINTE 0 At Palo Verde Charles Schwartzmsn, PV, def Dave Dprffi, 6-1, 6-0. Jim Skevington, PV, def. Rick Murphy, 6-1, 6-2. Dan Turner, PV. Ken Jackimozvk, 6-0, 6-T. Dennis "vi i t,i;»v'-J« r ^ w i uct. uai y JWell lliun, »·/, 6-4. Schwartzman -- Skevington, PV, def. Dorffi-Murphy, 6-2, 6-2. Turner-Rust, PV, def. Jacklmozyk-Kalser, 8-6. GOLF RINCON 213, CAT*(LINA us At Tucson Country Club Rlncon (213) -- Williams, 40; Crowell, £4; Anderson, «; Pagel, «; Brown, «. Catallna (218) -- M. Cochran, 45; Wilson, 43; C. Cochran, 39; Krones, 44; Lenihan, Grand Opening Set For New Auto Oval Houghton Road Speedway, the new track constructed by the Tucson Auto and Cycle Racing Association, will hold its grand opening tomorrow, beginning at 1 p.m. TACRA drivers will be testing their cars on the half mile and quarter-mile tracks and the track facilities will be open for inspection by the public. ,. AH racing fans are invited to atend. There will be no admission. Error Victims FW, CDO Lose Openers Errors proved to be costly to Canyon del Oro and Flowing in the seventh inning as visiting Wells, Tucson's two 4A high schools, in their opening baseball games yesterday. Utah Grabs WAC Meet's Swim Lead ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. (AP) Utah, trying for its sixth straight championship, goes into tonight's final round of the annual Western Athletic Conference swimming and diving championships with a precarious 5 : /:-poind lead over Brigham Young. Utah had 82% points after the second day Friday, followed by BYU's 77, Wyoming with 55, New Mexico 42y 2 , Arizona State 20 and Arizona 8. Bob White of Wyoming won the 100-yard breaststroke in 1: 01.2, breaking the WAC record of 1:02.2 set by Utah's Mel Roberts last year. Erik Korsvold set a new WAC standard of 1:46.2 in the 200-yard freestyle, compared to the 1:47 of Jim Rang of Arizona State in 1967. Friday's resulls: 200--yard butterfly--1, Baird, 1:5.4. }, Craven, New Mexico, 2:01.0. 3, Buston, BYU, 2:02.9. 4. Mayhew, New Mexico, BELUBYU, disqualified. 220-Yard freestyle--1, Korsvold, Wyoming, 1:44.2 (meet record; old record 2:-f7.0, Jim Rang, Arizona State, 1967) 2, Richard Kittel, Utah, 1:48.3. 3, Robert KiKel, Utah, 1:48.8. i, Akrop, Utah, 1:49.2. 5, Gray, Utah, 1:49.4. 6, Milne, New Mexico, 1:50.4. 100--Yard breastroke--1, White, Wyoming, 1:01.2 (meet record; old . record 1:02.2, Mel Roberts, Ulan, 1967). 2, Schroeter, BYU, 1:03.1. 3, O'Keefe, BYU, 1:01.6. 4, Searlo, Utah, 1:04.3. 5, Webster, BYU, 1:04.4. 6, Roark, Utah, 1:04.4. 440-yard Individual medley--I, Liung- berg, Wyoming, 4:26.1. 2, (tie) Allison. BY,U and Rasmussen, Utah, 4:34.1. 4, (tie) Mayhew, New Mexico, and Young, BYU,4 :37.4. 6, Fuhrlman, Utah, 4:38.1. 400-yard fresslyle relay--1, Utah (Pat- 1in, Robert Ktttel, Gray, Richard Klttel) 3:12.5. 2, BYU, 3:16.2. 3, Wyoming, 3:16.9. 4, New Mexico, 3:19.9. S, Arizona, 3:X.9. 6, Arizona State, 3:11.9. 100-yard backstroke--1, Allen, BYU, :55.5. 2, Johnson, BYU, :56.J. 3, Yam- ashlta, B\ J, :56.7. 4, Elsnob, Utah, :56,8. CDO battled Globe to a nine-inning, 3-3 tie. CDO pitchers Ronnie Good and Mike Bobbins combined for a two-hitter, but Globe took advantage of three errors to score three runs in the first inning. Flowing Wells dropped a 6-4 decision to home-standing Eloy. Eloy scored three unearned runs -- two in the fifth and one in the sixth -- on two errors to win its first game in two starts- All of Tucson's 10 high school baseball teams were to play today. Eloy 6, Flowing Wells 4 FLOWING WELLS 010 111 0--4 4 2 ELOY 102 021 x--6 7 3 Johnson, Abbey (L, 0-1) (5) and Byfield. Powell, Burchett (W, 1-0) (4) and Burkett, Herrera (4). Canyon del Oro 3, Globe 3 CANYON DEL ORO 001 010 100--3 6 4 1, Kesler', uiah',' :S7j. Utah, :S3.2. Mortensen, Chris Hershberger stole home GLOBE 300 000 000--3 2 2 ji--ijuu- mj\? IA/U l/W~~J *· t Good, Robblns (4) and Lourubury. Gucr rero, Taranso (5), Hilton and Travlor. Ex-Union Cagers Top Wildkittens Former Phoenix Union stars Bill Warner and Walt McKinney paced the University of Arizona freshman basketball team in scoring, final statistics reveal. Warner, a 6-4 forward and guard, averaged 24.9 points per game and McKinney 17.2. AH five of the Kitten starters averaged hi double figures and Tom Lee established a new rebound average record, 15.6 per game. The Wildkittens won 11 of 14 games Kitten Statistics i4,' 5 "- Warror . . 1 4 142-272 McKinney 13 B4-195 Myen .. H 7*-203 Let .... 14 Ti-149 Dosh . . . . 11 52-104 Meloy 11 9-17 Weaver . . 3 1-j Padetford 12 0-1] Boyer -- t o-o Hawkins . . 3 o-l rib tp ivj. 149 34424.9 J2-75 64 224 17 34-W 572 192 13.. 37-4* 219 183 13.1 20-15 SB 124 11.3 Others UA Tctllt «-1 1-2 15-24 u Mt- 10 10 0 10 11 11 T.O . i o. 4 0.5 1 0.3 0 0.0 i u.« 14 U0.10U Mt-H* UJ 1«M 7*.l tion, was content to remain in its zone defense and the Wolf- pack was determined to hold the ball. A Mike Lewis layup with 2:49 left concluded the scoring and gave Duke a 4-2 lead in a hah" of which each team had eight shots for one basket. But the big freeze was still to come. Duke led 8-S when N. C. Levy's, Challenger To Meet In Classic By JAN PETRANEK Citizen Sports Writer Levy's of Tucson, the leader, Don Cox, the newcomer, Levy's, which has a 5%-point lead in the men's division, will try to stay in front of the pack when Tucson Daily Citizen Classic Bowling League activity resumes tomorrow night at Keg- lers. Action starts at 7 p.m. Cox, who joined the Classic two weeks ago, has compiled a brilliant 212 average for KTKT, the runner-up in the men's bracket. His average is 19 pins better than that of ! the next closest man in the standings, Jim Neil of Levy's. BYUMatmen Outlast Utah INWACMeet PROVO, Utah (AP) -- Brigham Young won its third consecutive Western Athletic Conference wrestling championship Friday night, edging Utah 59-58. Arizona State finished with 47 points, New Mexico 39, Wyoming 32 and Arizona 22. Four BYU wrestlers won individual titles. Brothers Mike and Russ McAdams took the 130 and 145-pound titles. Jeff Batchelor kept his 137-pound title, and Howard Hall won in the 152-pound class. Arizona State's Bob Shines won the 123-pound division, and NCAA heavyweight champion Curley Culp of ASU pinned New Mexico's Roger Brown for the heavyweight title. Results of final matches: 123 -- Bob Shfnes, Arizona Stale, out- pointed Balvlno Irizzary. Utah. 13-8. 130 -- Mike McAcfams, Brlgham Young, outpointed Glen Kawa, Utah, 8-t. 137 -- Jeff Balchelor, Bnsham Youno, outpointed Bob Kawa, Utah, 11-6. US -- Russ McAdams, Brlgham Youno, outpointed Art Holland, Arizona State, 1S2 -- Howard Hall, Brlgham YOUDB, outpointed Gary Rushlna, Arizona, 4-1. ;« -- Gary Jensen, Utah, outpointed Jim Gllllam, New Mexico, 1J-7. 167 -- Rick Otesa, New Mexico, out- pointed Jim Frost, Utah, 3-2. 177 -- Don Miller, Wyoming, outpointed Steve Roshek, Utah, 6-t. .Heavyweight -- Curley Culp, Arizona State, fMnned Roser Brown, New Mexico, Cibola Captures Feature Victory PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP)-Cibola won by a nose over Kullah Rul- lah Friday in the six-furlong allowance feature at Turf Paradise. Cox and KTKT, which finished sixth in the first half of the Classic, will both attempt to prove their records aren't accidental when the radiomen meet Levy's tomorrow night. While KTKT makes its bid for first place, Deir's Valley Funeral Home will take on Cactus Pro Shop, Broadway Flower Shoppe will meet Bistro and Bauwens' National Insurance will try to escape last place against Western Brake Tire Centers. Meanwhile, in the women'., portion of the Classic, leader Broadway Flower Shoppe wil battle Mr. Burger, Rainbo Bread will challenge Selby Motors and Bistro will face Rainbo Bread. Ann Feigel of Broadway Flower leads the women's field with a 190 average. Her next closest competitor, Jeri Linehan of Double Cola, boasts a 185 figure. State got the ball with 16:15 to play in the second half. For the next 13 minutes and 45 seconds State held the ball. Bill Kretzer, stringbean 6-foot-7 senior cen- :er, dribbled away about 13 minutes of the time, getting only fleeting respite when he passed to a teammate. Sloan, teammate of Duke Coach Vic Bubas at N. C. State 20 years ago, said of the stall, "I can't apologize. It just developed as it went along. We had a quickness going for us and they had size going for them. So we wanted to play all over the court, not just under the basket." But he said he did not think North Carolina's defense would allow that type of game. Sloan added this comment, 'When you stand there and hold the ball for 12 or 15 minutes, it's a two-way street you know. We're not just stand'ing there holding it. They're allowing us to hold it." Disappointed Bubas said, "I accept full responsibility for the loss, for choosing to play it that way. I told our boys that during the course of the year I hope I have made some good decisions. This one wasn't so good." N. C. State shot 13 times for four baskets, Duke hit two of 11. Lewis, top scorer in the ACC, and Biedenoac.. shared game honors with four points each. N. C. State, 7-19 a year ago for its worst losing season, now is 16-9 as it goes against a Tar Heel team it has bowed to by two and 12 points. 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