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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Tuesday, April 13, 1920
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frj—1~. •••APR H CarbondaIe---"Athens of -Egypt?' VOLUME 17 CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, APRIL l£ 1920 NUMBER 151 SEE LOWDEN IN GREAT VICTOR* AT LOCAL POLLS Lowden Forces Here Active In Getting Out. The Vote In Primary Today —Wood Is Expected To Poll Very'Small Vote—I Carbondale Is A Lowden' Stronghold. WOMAN BURNS TO DEATH IN BAD FIELD FIRE Was Watching Her Husband Bnrh Out "Fence Row" When Her Clothing Caught Fire, Burning Her To Death With Licking Flame?. Indication's -iir .today's presidential I primar'y election ".are that Gov. ! Mrs. .Fred LePere, 61,- Ora FRENCH TROOPS TO QUIT RHINE Will Evacuate Frankfort' When Supreme Council 0. K.'s Germany's Act. BLACK TROOPS ARE REMOVED Frank O. Will carry the '[-'.husband township and city overwhelmingly. Up to noon - today >cry little Wood- opposition was felt, while Lowden supporters were out rolling- up flje votes as a part of the ''big victory which Illinois • will its great Governor. . . A number of farmers who would have 1 been in today were kept away .on -account of the bad roads and cool ' vicatber. It was 'also feared San Rerno Meeting Expected to Officially Allow Germany to Maintain a Certain Nrjmbcr of Extra Troops in .Ruhr District.' Purls, April is..—h'nmre , vin ,, v .,p u : -.,..-, , i " le '•'' 1 !inkfi>rl and \-\u- other Cormim township is dead of burns 'and-her j (owns u'crhipie'i] lust"wtjeic n« badly-' burned about the" PRINSE^LBERT ... v--.;--i-.Vfc ' -'•• • is soon a> j the supreme its rot-Humming bauds,.feet and legs -as a result of session nl San ISmno sitnctluns Gcr- uuiny's yesterday that the Lowden forces | one-of the most horrible accidents in that, part .of the county in many years, says the Republican-Era. Mrs. LePcre's clothing ignited ' accord i while she was watching '!,er lius-j band .burn, a-.''fencc ro\v" on their] farm .between-11 and 12 o'clock I Saturday morning', and she died at j 5:45 that night.. All hcr clothing-j burned off ,and .her skin and flesh was literally .cooked. Hcr husband would fail to corner out as stroiij, i was burned- while trying, to extin- as tibey should, believing -Gov. j Ei'iish hcr flaming clothes. Lowden would clean up and there] She \vas in the field near the wouldn't be any necessity for them I LePere home where • Mr. LePere to come out^ -This, is not tlie way j was_ burning- fhe fence row and she to look at it. local Lowdci'i men i v-as' putting, out the., burning gras say, because the idea of the Illinois i .0," one side, of tlie fire while iid primary is' to .show the nation that | husband' was on the other\ side Illinois believes to the utmost- iu | "''put twenty feet-, away. Thi smoke smoke ^was blowing in ihi- (lirection, obstructing:, his view where site -was..-So intent 'was Mrs LePere vyith the putting out of the grass fire that she 'did not notice lie.r -'dress 'ha'd ignited, and when she d:d make tlie discovery her'"clothing was all aflame. She threw; hcrsilf 01 th'c ground and-began screaiinnp the''.burned-her flesh. Hearing the screams, Mr. LePere -"jumped..-tJiru"thei.b\irniiig fence roiv iaai.cajx'i'cSh'er,,. where she was rolling , Ije'tse.!'! ™Kni;T=Jiie*--grouhd- forts to smother out-the fire in hcr over and over 'for a. distance of - ' '_ '- ;•:•'.- -I thirty feet in these-efforts. . _, - . ~ . ! The dry grass where she was rol- Reports- ShoWS Association'' «»« ' !lersc 'f ignited- from _her dress Had Most Prn«?nprmi« i tluis she was " ot ° ny ng nao ™°=£. riospeiou.,; )>v hcr flaming cVothes> but by llic •Year^ln History of Or- g ;. ass tb - al - catlght t hcreh-6m. Mr ganizatlOn The Capital ..LePere in his attempts to aid his StOCk/Was $1,000,000' IS wife fight the fire, went -into ..the NOW Three' 'Times AS flames and his trousers' legs caught fire and burned to the knees, badly burning bis legs and Feet while bands were also badl / ' hun.ed as he tore at the flaming garments f bis wife- its chief executive' and desires to say to the. nation "Elect this ; uiau President of the United States" If the rest 'of -the/state was as much Lowden as Carbondale it would nearly be 100 per cent Lowden the. state over. ; LOAN ASS'N .1 Reports of the year's business of the Carbondale 'Loan and Improvement Association indicates one of the most prosperqxis years .in the history of the association. The report was made at t-he meeting ol the officers .and stockholders of the .organization at the Trust and Savings .Bank last -night. ' The stock of• the association was authorized to be increased from Her clothing all burned off, leaving nothing but hcr cooking the flesh in shoes, and a horrid manner. So terrible was her pain that while rational she begged- that death relieve hcr of her suffering. Mercifully, sh?'snon became- uncon- cimis. $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 ami .addtional J^A1ROAD ; MEN ARE ' . -by-laws passed with reference to the single, payment of 'stock plan. • The association now issues single payment stock wihich pays six. per cent interest, 'an attractive >ment. The stockholders' ' meeting reelected E. K. Porter, A. G. Pimly, and Henry Brolim directors. J. C.' Williams was elected to fill -the va-- canc'y made by R. V. Black. The Board of directors 'then met and organized, electing. John" W! Miller, president; .A. S. Johnson, RETURNING ON DIV. With a number lof the striking iiali- ,ro.-.<i men in this section going back, invest- a j-^ement at the division offic-e thia mcirhing" .said thinigs.are looking 'better all arouwd. The men resumed •work -at Du Quoin last evening at a o'clock/ Alt iCentuJ-li-a they have not returned, hut' .the situation is' con the death of Prof. sWera bly -improved, it 5s Those ion strike are said ,to "be without ;instruetk>ns from \head offlc-ials and .the walkout -has ^een btoeled "unauthorized," The situation at Hay's, East. St. Louis is perhaps (the most vice president.; 'William treasurer; George Schwartz, ' secre- serious on the division, fiat things tary and Attorney W. A. Schwartz, are beginning to look better and lio-pe serifs of stock . W : fS expressed -that all -the men .would return shortly. iSiinday -OanUondale switchmen decided not to join the walkout — not termed sitrike—!but a concerted "lay counsel. The 22ud matured by resolution. This' was the fifteenth annual meeting 01 the association. Secre- -tary George Schwartz presented the reports, which indicated stock was now maturing in 115 mo'nfills. nrllitary inten-cnl inn in Hu; Ruhr district for the purpose of re-es. riihMsliing order. This decision bus Ihuilly bpeil reached as a result nf the [•aris-l.oii- don diplomatic 'excluinges of ihe last few days. The British mnliiissndor, Lord Derby, linnded I'i-omier Milleriind a nole In .which Britain again demands that France withdraw her troops from the newly-nocupied Gi-rimm territory. Shrewd Diplomatic.'Move. It is now evident.tlmt Premier Lloyd .George's sen voyage, Foreign Minister Lord Cur/.on's "diplomatic ilness" mid the Instructions to the British ,-imbns-- sador not to take part in the councils here when they deal with the German question are nothing hut part of n shrewd Brilish dlnloinntir "blind" li> allow time to elapse until.the San lie- mo meetings, when'the supreme council will officially allow Germany, to maintain n certain number of extra troops in the Ruhr region until order is Ve- slored without incurring penalties for technically breaking the trearv of Versailles. ; ' France it is" understood, will sanction, such a ile'cision by the supreme council which will open a dignified way for her withdrawal of the troops from Frankfort and the other towns. Black Troops Withdrawn. Paris, April..],').—Latest reports from Germany show-that, tjhe; French have removed .Hie negro "troops''from Frankfort, as a result of aij. indignant outcry from all civilized Kuropp. The French black troops are still -left in Gernmn occupied territory on the lefl bank of the Ithine. however, mid the French are showing no signs .if intending to withdraw them. i iJnioris" Order Workers Out as Protest Against British. Treatment of.: Prisoners at ' Dublin ' Cause of Demonstration at' Gates of Mount Joy.. > i ;' , ..- -^ • /• Dublin, April' 13;—The officials' "of the'.Irish -tritdes- union congress arid the liibor phrty 'issued a .call' to the workers of Ireland for a general strike throughout Hie coiintry today ns u protest against, tlie trentmeiit of political i Atti PRESiDENt ACTS G'DALE DISTRICT TO END STRIKE CONFERENCE IS iN SESSION Will Give Senate Names of Mem- bers'of Rail Labor : Board. • PAIMFR rHL » ICn Fifth Session of Distric Conference of Methodis SITUATION: Episcopal Chnrch in Ses I sion at Grace Church. :orney General Says His Department Knows £',\ About Facts Leading Up to'Walkouts—Will Have ' Startling Revelations. f the Next minium I'rin resent Great Brirnli n-nry celebrations o the Pilgrim Kntlipr States, iu-ciirdiiijf \( ! recent informa tion. 'He will proljiibiy spend some time visiting cities!' in Canada, find the United Slate.s jaud.-uccortliiig to present plans his visit."will include'a call-nt the While House i.ii Washlrig- ti.ii. ' " ""-. . j .:.'•;. '•'•:. y prisoners. A -soldier was snot and .seriously j '"<""-""«='<-'"— "T^"' The fifth annual &e?S ion-6f,the"Ci, wounded ,,,,1-side of Mount .Toy prison, '" Q Up to'Walkouts-WMI Have ^^ Wstl . ict Conference of th where crowds .were holding n demon- ' StEi-tliiig^Revelations. Methodisl Episcopal church convene ^^..ilJreiHlv'theshlol^waTac-' W^.n^n, Apri, ^.-Pres.dont ' f <*» ^ »• *- fh«*h Monda cidental. .''-.. | Wilson rook action to bring to im ,Mid ' evening- and w.ill continue until noo A. huge crowd assembled before the i rlie . l)1 "' 1 »«' mlloiad strike which. ,k- i Wednesday. The district offices ar< gates ol.' the prison at night and re- I ' sr)ite a " fht! |vfl:ol ' l!i " f fl 16 (J»verniuc:it, j fW. T. (Morris, Garbondale, superij cited the rosary In Irish for'-the him- ! luis 1 " M ' n -"Pleading to' all purls of .thn tendcnt. gei- strikers. Again hundreds assem-'\ <- ollnt 'T- ' ~ ' I: hopi be ?er strikers. Again hundreds assem- | < rollnt 'T- H- WHS announced at tlite (L. JVt. Died and remained throughout-the day, w)lit( - House that the president would ence .j, o; hoping that the, liunger strikers would Sl ' ni1 l '° tne s( ' n!lt( - T h« names of nine r c ^ 5e released. Chairman Clarke of the |-'»e»ihei-.s of fhe new railroad labor' _'.'"-' In- the United board of visiting justicesto the Dublin j hoanl: .'-N T »»e nt the men appninred I pi-Is CALLS AlLElff SKUNK •Isnn .sent a telegrnni of appeal to hns ns yet, hut. it is helie'vpil the- viceroy, Lord French, to exercise ! 1 ' !lvo|!n -' ) ' e acknowledgments will be n- cfemency.. The message declared tlmt i • < ' elvcrl froin rlll ' m « f 'i»i- l1 ' the si-naie some of-the strikers were dying and I " c:fs '"iniedintely on .(helr-noniinsitlnns, another day's delay 'might mean "an ! Tlle en 'irp bonrd .will ju-oceed in once appallinpr tragedy." Alex H'owat Denounce's Kansas Governor From Jail Balcony. Head of Miners' Union' Is Serenaded by Thousands.'of His Friends at Girard. Oirarrl, Knii., Apri'l'^13.—Alexandp.r, Mownt. head or ihu Kansas miners'- union, speaking hy permission of (ha sliprin: of Crawfoni county, denounced r Allen us rt'"skunk of a gov-| Chicago to see what it .-::n ilo to A reply was received from tn (> ! restore order in the ranks of tin- I: ,il- cnsllc rcrhisin;,' ariy modification of the h™ 11 ' workers. '.- ". rules; on the ground that the hunger.'' Attorney' General ''Palmer, who hns strikers bad been forewarned of the' '' p| 'urned to Washington., will seel; n consent,onces. ' : .lustice Clarke (hen copference with Hie preiidenr, if tlie rpsisned from o'lfifiu. CRASH ON N. Y. ELEVATED Car Filled With Passengers Falls Tvv.enty-Five Feet—Dozen Taken to Hospital. New York, 'April 13.—Passengers on an elevated train :had remarkable escapes .from death' when thev were » " ecu bound for Thn front car |l orn. - i ,. e a train was knock- ' ,„. situaliou grows worse. The aitornoy sreneral went over a long series of re| ports from government agenis i throughout the country, and lunched | with Joseph Tumulty, sec-re til ry to I Hie president. Meantiniy. other agcn- I cios of the government, v'llnlly lnl«r- I pstpd in the strik<> developments, were i keeping in touch with the situ, ittJoij. ' • j Up to Army Commanders. • Secretary of \V;ir :;aker said (hat he saw no necessity for (lie use nt if (L. JVt. Lyerle, Carbondvle, c'onfei -host. 'hillips, district inission&r secretary. J. R. iSLaten, district Epwort League pr-esi-dent. J. Y. -Keid, superintendent. Cre: Sprirtga .Orphanage. iMirs. H. .E. iBrown, president -W< man's -Foreign [Missionary society. Mrs. Jo3n Hargrave, president 'W man'is iHome iMissionary society. •Thja -foJlowtng^ pro^i'3.m is pi^epare for the three days' session: Monday Evening 7:30 Song- service Local Choi 8:00 Opening sermon.O. L. Markma Tuesday Morning 8:30 Sacrament of the Lord's •Supper .Bist. Su;:> 9:00 Organization and Business 10:00 .W. H. M. S Mrs. H. C. iMitehe-11, Cor,. Sc Address Mrs.^deHa Snow, -.Finie-v. C ' l ,1»PS arise .lepartmpnt. co,,,- '! 1|(l 11:00'Sermon, "Consequences of sand persiiiis, mostly, and Ilieir Kinth salherpd ii'front. of 1he DEMOCRATS NAME 4-WOMEN Two Other Female Members of ec'utive Committee Soon to ^ Be Named. Ex- Washington. April 1.1.—Appointment of four additional women as members of the executive committee wan announced by Chalrinnn Cummins. They are: Mrs. Henry Itlilireley, Rover, -De!.; Mrs. Tharles B. Ames Washington: Mrs. H. Otto Wittpfnn.' Jersey City, find lUiss Katherine Fi- Ic-ne. Boston. •: Two other .women members soon will be named. Chairman Cummins •said, 'giving the women equal "representation with the men on the oxecu- tive bonrd. The executive committee will hold ts first .ioint meeting in Chicago April 20, simultaneously with the meeting of committee on arrangements for the Snn Francesc :-o convention. off", for a few /days. NOTICE! Director of Mines Dies i Suddenly Monday A. M. To anyone wno may have received J- c - Thompson, state director of * permt for hunting, fishing, trap-^™ 1 ^ 8 and minerals, died suddenly at ping or other kind of license for 1919- ' the home of :his son, Ed Thompson, 1920, and did not s for any cause, re- ™ania,ger .of .the Ward mine near'De- ceive the license can have the same 'Soto. Mr. Thompson was the sue- by caling at City. Hall, pho.rang 01 writing-me for sajne. I have several licenses that-have sol ~ u een .called for. tooro resirfenit, The body' will-' be '. " • 'is-hipped .to Spring-field today, where. W: J. BBOWN, City Clerk, i tKe funeral -iwill be lisld Wiednesday. of .Evan C. John, for director. Thompson was a former Murphys- SAYS 14-STATES QUIT MEXICO General Pino Declares Thirteen Have Followed Sonora Out of Federation. Apua Prietn, Sonorn, Mex-., April 13. —Gen. .T. it. Pino, Commanding the ""Irst divisional jfrmy or .the state of Sonorn, announced lie. has received lo'mi-qfficial information that IS addi- ional states of the. republic hutl voted o follow the example of the stale of Sonorn in seceding. Definite details ns o- the. list of grates is kicking; how- over. The state .military received a-report rom Nngalns that, word lind been -i-e- eivetl at nrmy headqunrters there that *neral Blanco., was marchiiij; from hihuahua points with 2,000 soldiers. He should reach thp Sonora state.line within the next few d.'iys. wives, iiera.- ,. _'. i:: "Wp: w'oii't" IwogTrlKe - : 'this' coui-'t."- I-Towat snid, rpferring to the court of Indus!rinl relatioiiM .Uefure which bo refused to appear as n n-ilness. '"It is ^imposed of three corporation lawyers nppointedby that skunk of n governor Allen." Howat dcnouneed over and over in the most hilfr-r retrms he could com- niiind die governor a:ul die legislature which enacted the law. Howat spokp for an hour from a balcony of thn .jail. He \vas repeatedly cheered by the croiyrt, \\-liich niohll- izod iwo'or thrpi- miles out s of (own and nuirfhpil in. followlns a hnnd an<l carrying Aniprlf-tin lings and hminers. Afler marching a round'the courthouse snuaro, the friends of Howat gnlhered iii front of the-jail. . Hownt nlso nnid his rpspet-ts" to '' Judge Andrew j. (lurmn of .tlie Craw-' ford county district court, who sen- i rnl . pn fenced him to jail 'for contempt'. Judge I ' " Cm-nil, lind been'referred to in a newspaper, slory ns'a sturdy Ameri- <-nn. ' " | "They talk about' sturdy Ameri- -' runs," Hownt. snid. "Sturdy Ameri- 1 crms who send men to jail who have committed no crimp. The men and the women nre going to attend to these sturdy Americans when they bnvp the opportunity." • Ninety per cent of the conl mines of Kansas are Idle. The miners present refrained from such work ns n demonstration of' protest agninst the imprisonment of Howat and th,;pe other district union ofllcinls. avenue line near 'JL'rimtv jail I by. a collision witli nnol'her trail, and. demolished. Tlie wrecknge was .wcdgud in hetween the^e-T^TiTeTi^StrtrcriirS Thvd" the side of n brick building' a'dOKen' feet nwiiy. . • The 3u persons in the. demolished car sifted through the debris to the street and nhout a dozen."of them .were removed to hospitals. \vill be notirled secretary, of. course, each instanc-p. r staled th.-it by the gov'enimenl: agninsl Hi., i insurgent strikers could be looked f,,r. i He declared it had been noli a quw-( tion of how far the strikersHiail pro- I gressed, .but of getting the facts. . I These fnej^'-.nre now practically , :: : ' rni/couuiTMT >nnr-n-rA • ... ... ' '" the - lianil «^ rl 'e department, ami it > GOVERNMENT ARRESTS I. W. W. , Is only a matter of ."g.i ' Infidelity". ..J. W. ,CummiTi| Tuesday Afternoon 2:00 W. F. M. S....- ...... -Mrs. R. E. 'Bro\vn,.iDis. Pre ^~~ ,i4ddie55i^...J(iss.JL,pla Wool 3:00 .adKewiree "College ,' " """ ' Geo. E.' 5 . Federal Authorities Take First • at Kansas City to Curb ftail Strike, ng in loo>-o •, ends," he said. A's to what is the real Step ' factor behind the strike, Mr. Pnlmcr j declared Hint the department, "knows , all.about It." He indicated that some Evening •7:30 l>vr.t'>^i. j. K. ' "•'• ' -. '.lir. W. i ^ Wednesday Morning 7:30 -Devotional .G. A. Phelp 9:00 .Conference 'BtisSinsiss.' 10:30_.:Addre?s.'... .Dr. Wi T. startling revelations by the depart- lll: *?'.2idjou-niment . Kansas City. Kan.. April IS.—Feder- 'ment in (Ills'connection might, be PX- . Committees al ntithorities in-rested. E.'G. Stewart,- Pected' at the- time, del'mire. 'ai-lion ' !Lici»nse -to 'Priach—iT G ffqi-mnJ im alleged I. W. W., employed us a "gainst HIP. strikers is taken by Hie A. C. Geyer W n ' ' ' machinist by the Southern Pacific government. ' •>,... , lps ' S. ' Trit ;R. Sliaten. Delation H. Shumard, C. -Open iConferenc SIMS SHARES OWN CHARGES STRIKE SHUTS ILLINOIS MINES Rail Situation Makes Half the Shafts . and 45,000 Men Idle, Says President Farrington. Springfield, III., April 13.—Approxi-- mutely half the coal mines in Illinois are Idle and 45,000 miners have been 1 forced out of employment by the strike' of. _rnilroad switchmen, according to Frank -Fa^rington, president, of the Illinois, miners. So Says Admiral Niblack in Defending Navy at Senate Quiz of Operations. AVnshinglou, April . J3. — Defending Hie navy against I.!ear Admiral Sims' criticism. Itenr Adinh-iil \iblaclc, chief of naval intelligence, told a senate naval investigating committee that since Sims was a member of the navv- general board from .Tnmmr.v 7 to March 2S. .1!)1T. IIP shared, with the other men, hers, responsibility for the uiiprpriarednpss lie. charged existed when tlie United States joined the allies. -- ' SENATE GETS PEACE .MEASURE Resolution Is Referred'to the Foreign Relations Committee Without Debate. . • . Wnsbington. April 13.—The Republican resolution In end \var with Germany,.adopted 'Inst. week by the house, was transmitted to tlie senate and referred to .the foreign relations committee- without di.scussiqn.. Chairman' Lodge .plans to hnve the committee be-gin-consideration oC the resolution in a-.few days, but without prospect of senate debaie before rfert week. railroad. He was charged with nt- The department already has suffi.' c tempting to foment a' strike among- cient facts to wan-ant it in making a i shopmen in sympathy with the Hwitch-lease of conspiracy, linking up pric- men's strike. It was the "first step !; tie-ally all the larger strike outbreaks • ' ' Markni -an. the government to curb the; There is no doubt now in the minds of i Culver -| the legal officials of the government j ' ' Ctl uroh Doetrfne tlitif.the strikes are the result of :i, ~ J - -W. Coontz concerted action and they are pr.'par- Church ' Discipline—Own ing to act accordingly in dealing \yith enct—B A Hoar • the lenders of the insurgents | ip,--,,-,, ' ' T T," ' 'Officials-scout Hie" idea that the'Mati^tT^r Scll * fer . ' S. strikes nre merely spontaneous out-I * p , S '' J - - w - ' A - Kinison. . _ hreaK-s of the men because of iinpn-' .^ ^, Utlons -^ r - - W - Cummins, J. wl tience over the.delaV of the govprn-T Nei ' 1L ^ w -^-^-'—-•- • ment to get -the railroad labor hoard j in operation.' They declared thnt the ' PICKETS AT EMBASSY HELD Ten "Free Ireland" Boosters .Are Bound Over to~LK S. Grand Jury ' at Washington. . \ Washington, April 13.—Ten Irish pickets arrested Just week at-the Britr ish embassy were held for a federal grand jury'by United States Commis- sione.r Itlchardson. on charges of vio^ i sNel11 ' E - H.-. ' St atistrchii—V. JJ. Suilins. lating a federal statute milking it n • bitting .at it they van' proc j .orously. felony to "assault" u diplomatic repre : sontafive of a foreign government. The women gave bond in the sum'of $1.000 each.. . • , "We are \va tching Accepts Position In A Local Stcrl M/iss iRuby Stephens .lias DEATH SENTENCE REINSTATED German Government Reinstitutes Supreme Penalty for Persons Found ' Guilty as Rebels. Berlin, 'April 13.—The German government has reluctantly decided t«i re-Institute the denth sentence b> mili- liiry courts. Fifteen yen.i-s in th'.> penitentiary .or death, at the dlscvt-iion of the 1 court, is to be imposed for milaw- 1'nl possession of arms'in all revolting districts, .after'-'due, notice, lias .been 'given that .11-1115 must be -surrendered. developments j with ,deep interest and investigating i with grent core," Mr. 'Prilmer stnteil. |. "There is law enough . on the stntute . .. hooks to enable us to fully .protect the a P osl ti«n i2« manager and -buyer f o| interests of, the. people of'the coulnry. ' the millinery department of the John ' ,llt ^r 1 '" 111 ™* hns ! " 1 ? ple powor of son " Van: =il-Taylor .store. Miss St*| 'eople, nnrl the phens is 'an experience milLiwr . jut." . The attorney general sought to em--,o., 0 phnsixe-the fact'that In carrying out the law the government would not 1«- WILL NOT BE INVESTIGATED Soviet Russia Declines" to Consider Idea of League of Nations' Commission Probe. a sister of -Mrs. Blaina Elliot, Mr. and Mrs. ..Homer D. iLs-e havl . - . . siding with either party to the con- also accepted .positions ''at/. the J. troversy, but would, be, "fighting tlie T - Co. store an* will have charge ttnt '" f depart charge Mrs. eminent and the laws, but hesitate to tlo so. iu n crisis. Lever Act Violated. ' •» ,. " : : \ _Any interference with transportn- Attending. Conference' tion tin; attorney general decl:ire,| ' would be ^ violation-of section 4 nf" ' ' ' theHDever act. . This is certainly true. . .«•..,..,. „ ^ I he : sairj, .when ,rlie distribution of "Adelaide Snow of iFmdlay, Ol necessities, of "life-''to -the-'people of N^^^-al- 'Field Worker of the .W<f the: country is 'hampered. Any joint man ' s Foreign JVIissionary Society Here This Weej ' a P Hon the part . of. two the Methodist- church; Mrs. ' Jeal Idea of a League 'of. Nations conunis-.- "sioh going to Moscow to' investigate, the Russian government, except on the condition thnt li definite agreement is reached with the allies permitting soviet 1 Russia to membership in the a fine of $5,000 or two yenrs in prison. - The government has-a very clear- cut obligation upon it in ndrtilinn to seeing "that the distribution of mull is not interfered- with,.'5Tr: Palmer pnint-1 ed out. He culled "attention-'to Hie on fn-Rinn ivlien Presidnnt - Cle'velaiK' Ella 'IBateman, superj of i the Slavonic .Settle at SJa, 3 t st. iljpuis, who appear ol the .;prognaan at the .meeting-, of-thl . Carhondiale .district conference of •Methoidist church,- being held, Grace M... E. church, (this week, •meeting of 1 , H. ,C. JtCtchell, \

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