Independent from Long Beach, California on May 24, 1957 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 6
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Pago A-6-INDEPENDENT '"· ·"·"· "»- ""·"' *·" »· '·" fytirForceMan !.··-·,.·· · - ·-.·····.- : ^ · · ; · · , " · ; · · · $o Ride Balloon 95,000 Feet I'.' MINNEAPOLIS (AP)--A' short, red-haired . air ·tforce captain will ride B scaled gondola to a record- I'brcaklnp 1)3,000 feet within the next two weeks in a bal- jilOon flight designed to test man's ability to withstand the ·Istrnln of future space travel. . Tho Air Force mid Thursday ·ICapt. J. W. Klttlnger Jr.. 26. df IrCampn, Fla., will make the first ·.'of two projected "man-high" I'tllghts over Minnesota, ·rThe first balloon will be J-lrtuiichcd from Fleming Field at ·'.South St. Paul. Minn., as soon , t'a's a maze of complex equipment ·!ii reudy nnd when weather per- ;*KlttlnK*r will travel to an al- where 08 to D9 per cent the earth's ntmosphero will '·lie below him In a 33-hour, flight. .»·! 'lie will ride In a tiny capsule it'tjireo feet In diameter nnd only ;»,'iiovcn feet high beneath a huge T-280 foot long plnstlc balloon, In /!flated with two tfcct of helium. million cubic ". TIIK rillST flight will bo n * forerunner of a second balloon * launching aimed ut carrying an * Ah' Force doctor. MnJ. David G. ·.' Simons, over 100,000 feet for a J 24-hour endurance test. r The flights are planned by the * Ilolloman AlP-D c v c l o p m e n t r Center's aero-medical Inborn- glories at.AJamogordo, N.M., to * lest physical and psychological * reactions of men confined for ··long periods In cramped quar- Jters at high altitudes. * ., Wlnzcn Research, Inc., Mln- £ nenpolls, build tho capsule and f balloon for the Air Force, Otto I Wlnzen, president of the ffrm, told , newsmen Thursday · he hopes the first flight will be launched "within two weeks." No date has been set for the second ascent. V · » · StAJ. SIMMONS, of Lnncas- ter, I'n.,. said the tests will provide datn for rocRet flights and possible manned satellites of the future, Wlnrcn, who has conducted high altitude tcsU for tho Air force with mice and guinea pigs as passengers over thn past four years, said Capt. Klttlnger probably will be able to see Lake Michigan as ho floats high over Minnesota, lie said the balloon will be launched nt (i n.m, the'day that weather permits and will rise at 600-800 feet per minute. It will como to earth, carrying the capsule beneath It, 13.hours later within 30 miles of the launching site, Wlnzcn said, · · * · IN 1'KKl'AltATION for the flights, Klttlnger and Simons have undergone extensive training, Including parachute Jumps, free-balloon flights nnd 24-hour claustrophobia tests Inside test capsules. If successful, the flights will break the manned balloon altitude record set last November by two Navy commanders who THEY PLAN TO GO HIGH Dr. (MaJ.) David G. Simons (left) and Capt Joe KittinRcr (right both Air Force officers from Holloman Air Development Center, N. M., scheduled to make high altitude balloon flights within the next two w?oks, looked at a scale training gondola with Otto C. Winzen, president of the firm which developed the new test system. Klttlngcr is slated to go to 90,000 feet; Dr. Simons to over 100,000 feet.--(AP Wircphoto.) , . , . - . . . . ' . . . . raveled to 76,000 feet from the 'strato-bowl" launching site near Rapid City, S,D. Safety measures taken to Insure n safe landing Included a 75-foot paJrachute attached to he top of the gondola. It will ie used only In case of emer- ;cncy. however, the Air Force said. The pilot also will carry n personal parachute. The capsulo will bo pressur- zed and will carry elaborate devices for providing oxygen and air conditioning and for remov- ng moisture and carbon dioxide. ALTHOUGH It will be 60 to 70 below zero at maximum altitude, no provision Is made for hiwtlng the Capsule, The pilot's body heat in the Insulated gondola will provide more than enough warmth, tho Air Force said. · Radio and recording equipment along with photographic devices will be Installed inside and outside the aluminum capsule. Planes nnd helicopters wll track the big balloons from the time they take off until they land. The Air Force said the "man · · NEW RAYCO STORE HOURS ' for Your Convenience Monday thru Friday 9-9, Sat. 9-6 · : -OPEN-SUNDAYS 10 t o - 5 ^ - : :r / ONLY AT RAYCO! Clear Plastic Covers with The New Miracle Ingredient e Now for the first time · . clear plastic raven that Alter th« ultra-violet rays of th« sun. SUNGARD prevents clear plastic from clouding, stops upholstery from fading. 11 w ;' u v iSo-atrontf, so long- vte?.T\ns-they're guaranteed never to ' crack, never to tplit. 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Jill Ntrtk »f tulflt Cooit Hlohwir SOUTH GATE - ? l tlc", mi0 " 1 ilVD lo 7 "" INQLEWOOD MinohMlir k Vin Km , .: U M747 I IAST OP LONG IEACH ILYO. · , ' LOS ANQELES ·: STUDIO CITY / VAN NUYS '-' t BOSEMEAD , ' · PASADENA \, "ml'.' *. «'·«' '" B " »"'«·'·'· v'MSI Vin Nuyi HI. .941 E. Villiy Rd.' · 1670 t Ccliritfo Vt NHl lilt tt UII on tit U La liu lim wikUa » llio . WI 1.7114 ' ro 1.2100 ; ·IT 7-1414 lltaM SIN1MI Hi] I VlltVII ; IT i.«tii r:. AT MfTt i - AMERICA'S LARGEST CHAIN OP AUTO SIAT COVER AND CONVERTIBLE TOP. SPECIALISTS TM ii IT 1.7144 high" project Is not related to the "high dive" balloon tests In which other Air Force officers plan high »1111 u d e parachute Jumps. / Park Work Bids filed; WithLB. Coast Equipment Exchnnfic, Long Bench, submitted a low bid of $21,043.56 Thursday ut City MRT. Sam Ji VIckenT office for constructing multiple- use Mobs nnd spray clrclci In Admiral Klcld, Stcnrns and Scherer Parks. Second low bid wns $23,984 Builders, Long bid by Allied by Coastaio limch. A $10,014 Sprinkler Co., Downey, wus low among five offered for construe- tlnn of a sprinkler system In Coolldge Pnrk. Second low was D A M Sprinkler Co.. Paramount, J2U28. IIOTH IMPUOVKMENTH are to be financed from bond fund*. Owl Hock Prodtiets Co,, Compton, bid low at 546,282 for furnishing and delivering 20,750 tons of cruiher run rock, the city's estimated requirement for street mnlntenance next year. Consolidated Rock Products Co., Long Beach, asked $30,017. A $10,313.50 bid by lilystone Equipment Co., Santa Ana, was low for furnishing three roUry air compressors to be used by Bevis Industrial Equipment Co., the Gns and Public Service Bevls Industrial Equipment Co., Depts. Seoond-low bid by Urown- Los Angeles, was $11,041.68, Odd Fellows Pick L.B. for Convention Long Ilcnch was scleclcd Thursday as the 1939 convex tlon site of the Grand Lodge of the California Chapter of the International Order of Odd Fellows and Its Auxiliary, . Delegates," now meeting In Fresno, approved the, selection following an Invitation tendered by John Teed, secretary of the Long Beach Lodge, and other localofflclali. . Also approved by the dele, gates at Frenno was a wsolu. tlon to submit an Invitation to the national organization to convene here In 1938. More than 3,000 delegates . are , attending the Frcino meet, · Long Beach convention officials njso announced the Intention of the Paternal Order of Eagles to Invite Its 1938 convention to Long Beach. Elton C. Ellis, secretary of Long Beach Aerie 791, laid the local group will officially tub- mlt tho Invitation at a convention to be held next month In Fresno. What's in Sausage? JErtUSALf:M, Israeli Sector T--A new city ordinance pro-jl hlbits slaughter of horses, mulcvf or donkeys for sausBge-maklng|| in Jerusalem. WE GUARANTEE lOiir Watch «d Clotk Xopolr- ||H for OM Yoor. WOLF'S JEWELRY . my, i. rib ; MB 7-5000 - FACTORY MUNTZ TV SALES W* S.ll OtK.r Irondi T.. To Bo Sur. of Genuine Parts Service HE 6-5633 or HE 6-2932 Fill r ·* lt«r«. D« It T*W ·r W. Will D. II Itr TM! SERVICE CALLS ALL MAKES IIACH TV, INC. MUNTZ TV 21"'119" 225 E, 4th ST. SUMMER SCHEDULES AMD CHANGES ON CLUB- ,^ IOUNCE W 'City of ': Sl.louij" "City of Los Angeles" . _ . ,' Luxury travol at lt« b»it. Glamoroui Domo Dint r, Domt Loungi and Rtdwcod Lounge. -.. . ' '"- STARTING JUNE ll PULLMAN AND COACH ' ' In addition to the finest In Pullman travel to Omaha, Chicago and thru Pullman service to New York, thli famed Domellner will offer modem Coach accommodationi with full length, ileep-eaiy teats, plus Cafe-Loungo with moderately priced meals for Coach passengers. No change In schedule. Departure from Los Angeles will still be 4:30 P.M. Doluxt Couch Iravtl to Chicago, Domo Coach. Popular "coffto shop" prlctd mtals In dtluxt full longth Dlntr STARTING JUNE It NEW SUMMER SCHEDULE The all-coach Challenger Domelincr will leave Los Angeles at 2:00 PM ; arrive In Chicago at 7:5J AM the second morning. Westbound, It will leave Chicago at 9: 15 AM ; arrive in Los Angeles at 10:43 FM the next evening. Pullman and Coach. Club Loungi. Only thru train Lot Angiln* . ' _ ' . . , . '': .· St. Louis. Also s*rv*s Dtnvtr, Kansas City onroutt. ' II · · · · II ' '; ' . ' ' . . NOW-NEW, FASTER SCHEDULE CltV Of St* LOUIS ' The new, ono hour and fifteen minute faster schedule is already IA effect. E/utbound, this popular Domeliner l»vei Los Angeles at 1 1 :45 AM, i ; arrives In St. Louis 12:29 PM the second day.-Returnlng. !,', - , · it arrives In Los Angeles at 2:00 PM. " '.' Th» ear-fro* way to «n|oy that Las Vogoi holiday! Ftaturtt I rto bulftt mtals. Coach far* only $1 7.99 round trip, ^ ·--·· { , . . . , - , - . Lni Ang*l*-Los Vogai, Including tax. · ' , ' . v - . ! , ' . N O W - N E W S U M M E R SCHEDULE ; - · , - ; - , This famed fun-train lewa Lot Angeles at 8: 00 AM »nd arrive* '.'. LlnLaiVegasat3:OOPM.Retuming.ltle»VML«sVegattt4:30PM. ;;,.::,, . . . , . , . , . , . , .arrive* in Lot Angeleittll:l3 PM. : - ·' -CfAII Hmti shown or* "STANDARD TIME." If you or. on DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, bt tur« lo convtrl '".'.'·'· · th«s. limit Into I hour /o/if. lit, 2iOO PM Standard Tlmo Is 3iOO PM Daylight Saving* Tlmt, itcJ Many convenient Ticket Offices In Southtm California to serve you ' ' ' -- ·· . ' . ; " " * . . . r^ '.',' · · · . "City of las Vegas" U N I O N P A C I F I C R A I L R O A D

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