Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 1, 1973 · Page 31
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 31

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1973
Page 31
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rHVVESOiV\ELEFT. WOULD VOLt LIKE. A BEARD? .7- TCOAVUCH/Jl B.4CKON? \OIJWN BE OIK STAR BOOR IT'S A SHAME HOW PEOPLE CLAM UP WHENEVER THERE'S AM UNDERWORLD AtURDFfT. BENSOU MAY HAVEBEEN IMPORTING NARCOTICS. ANYWAY, FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION WE'RE KEEFWS A POLICE OFFICER OUTS1PE "IBUK KOK PAY f(W NISHT. YOUR COOPERATION. AFKAIP OF GETIINS V5UI(!NOWWHAT7»W/y/ J WHICH trv.ASKsersMf ooomm} WAV '( HOW IN THUNDER } -, D1D.VE DOTHPiTi MAW? I CURED OU BULLET FROM BfiVlN 1 AT TH 1 MOON, PAW GET IT FOR ME. 1 .' I'LL PLAV EITHER. 6OLORSEI.MA.'.' AS A STUDENT AT OXFORD,! HEARD ABOUT SHAKESPEARE'S LOST PLAY--HIS GREATEST, *SOL. ANDSEUAA* HAT£,IT'SA CHEAP I /Y.! 1HAT'rbMO,i;p6S"vOLlFt /f/ - ' ' · " HM-. M', 4 CLASSROOM -f(?AIMIM PUT VOU 0£HIMP TH6 X ReALLY DON'T l\K£ rue NEW A(?My V6R Tl^E PIKECTIV6 CMS FfM AREA yoa MEAN They've (4AH5E AIL 1MB OH, DARLING TM-SOB/OTSO/ THESAVOV-RITZ IS THE FANCIEST PLACE IN TOWN; HAS A/OrafiBV IN EXISTENCE FOR MORE THAU 3QOYEAKS PHE/ISAMT CAN EXIST WITHOUT EATING FOR AH ENTIRE :WHOSE HUSBflMt) FRENCH GKJERfll LftWRE HOWE MED IN I7».KMAIWED A -WIDOW KK 60 VE/SRS. . MRRM6E PROPOSALS FROM 3 fKEf/CH FIELD WRSHftlS -.CMT BECAME KINS OFSHEDU) iJii :ni IB iii iiii:ii-ii:iijiiiiiji;iiiiiytirii!iiiiy'iii!iii!iii'iii'iiiii!iiHiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^ LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Fire Drills For Homes Suggested This morning's paper had three columns with phtographs of devastating fires that took the lives of four children, two adults and two firemen. It was a shocking portrait o f ' t h e unnecessary waste of lives in an era so filled with medical and surgical advances. Children are. safeguarded from the crippling devastation of 'polio, the aftermath of complications f r o m measles, mumps, diptheria, and tetanus. Adults are saved by heroic heart surgery and cancers are cured by cobalt radio therapy. T h e s e lives are often sustained only to be sacrificed later by carelessness and total disregard for the death-dealing fire hazards that needlessly exist in our own homes. Families and communities spend vast amounts of money for hospitals, physicians, and medications in order to restore the health of a single member of" the family stricken by disease. Yet rarely can these same families be induced to inspect, find and remedy the fire risks that surround them and threaten their destiny. For more than half a century, the National Fire Protective Association,,in cooperation with local fire services, has devoted itself to educational campaigns to reduce the senseless wascte of housands of lives by preven- able fires. SAFETY RULES The Tnstitute for Home Fire .afety suggests: 1) Keep all matches in metal containers out of'the reach of h e children. Fuel-burning ighters tempt children readily. 1) Get into the habit of ireaking or tearing the match n half before throwing it away n order to he sure that it is out. Use safety matches and be iure to check them'for "after glow." 3) Rid : the home of all in l a m m a b l e (now called 'flammable") g a s o l i n e s serosenes; and fuel oils, unles ';ept in approved safety cans. 4) Do not smoke in bed. Thi is the leading cause of deatl by fire. Nobody ever expect to fall asleep while smoking, ye many do, and thus they com promise the lives of realtives A few drinks are all that needed to make a bed smoke a threat to his and other lives. 5) Be sure that all eleotri appliances and their 'wirin met the rigid rules of safet of the Underwriters Laboratorj REGtIL A R DRILLS All public office buildings hospitals," schools,' and ir slitutions- of all kinds hav regular orderly, fire drills. Why,hot the home? . W i t h-o u t introducing th elements of fear a l - I childre and adults must play an-activ role in finding and eliminatin the obvious and the hidde sources of potential fire. A constructive family projec establishes in advance exactl what each person is to d should a fire start. This routin fire drill should be planne three or four times a year t emphasize the changing respon sibility of each member of growing family. . Many safe,'simple firefightin devices are available. Thes should be kept readily cessible, especially in the ki chen. The home of a patient of min was destroyed when a spotligh set fire to a bird's nest unde the cornice of the roof. Foi tunatcly, no lives were lost, hu it emphasizes the lurkin dangers from fire. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS l.Pack firmly 5. Tennis stroke 8. Fuel 12. Concept 13. Overwhelm 14. Comply 15. Associates ·17. English philosopher 18. Aged 19. Drunkards 21. American general 24. Accurate 25. Associate 26. Rotating 30. Employ 31. Outdoor shelters 32. Expire 33. Diminish 35. Blockhead 86. Poker stake 37. Governs 38, Narrate 41. Vandal 42. God of. love 43. Vietnamese Communist army 48. Father 49. Epoch 50. Charles Lamb 51. Incline 52. Communist 53. Hardens DOWW 1. Twitching 2. Commotion S.Hebrew letter 4. Caricature 5. Alan -6. Be in debt 7. Straddle 8. Force wind instrument 10, Deborah Average lima of eolation: 23 rain,' Answer to yesteruay* puzvsi'J! lli Sense organs 16. Pub specialty 20. Pronoun 21. Plaid shawl 22. Otherwise 23. Fish sauce 24. Pronoun 26. Of any kind 27. Heathen deity 28. Egyptian river 29. Obtains 31.Dis- patched 34. Elevated 35. Ignorant persons 37. Worn groove 38. Remainder 89. lake port 40. Vegetable 41. Chief 44. Wrath 45. Madrid ehcer 48. Insect egg 47. Neon IZ AT. 48 5| 24 41 35 53 RANGES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look In the section In which our birthday comes and find tot your outlook is, according the. stars. RIES (Mar! 21 to Apr. 20) The position . of Mars novv imulates ambition and bright ew ideas. But, in presenting e latter, be careful. You OlILD out-talk yourself. AURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Same planetary restrictions ow. If certain negotiations are ending, try to defer conclusion ir 24 hours, when influences ill be more propitious. EMINI (May 22 to Juno 21) Romance under something of cloud. Be prepared Cor the nexpected and disconcerting, i business affairs, however, a .alter of importance is being ccided in your favor. ANGER (June 22 to July 23) Your hunches will do more protect assets than anything Ise now. So-called "expert" dvisers may be too entangled n red t a p e to have your per- onal interests at heart. ,EO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Solar influences now increase o u r desire f o r further ecognition and prestige. Both an be attained by using a new pproach. Don't stymie'yourseli y sticking to the traditional. flRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) A bit of daring could pay ofl ow. Don't hesitate to try nique ideas, methods. You're hinking along the right lines. JBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Keep an eye on the doing: f a highly unpredicatabli ompanion. His (or her) un onventional a c t i o n s crfuli jltimately involve you -- t 'our sorrow. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) You usually "keep your heai in your shoulders," as the iaying goes, but be especially atert now.!You could fall f o y ome slick.salesmanship. - "i IAG1TTARIUS (Nov. 23;t» De* A situation which tail. bW rather. mystifying for a tin* clears up now. .With everything :larified,.you go ahead vith your plan« : -- without vorry. ' ! · '" ' CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jw. 20) .; -, . . Travel favored now. In fact, any trip on-which you embark on Friday could involve you'.In a most unusual, but profitable, experience. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Persons in your business '.or ob area may seem to be rattier demanding, but try to reillze hat outward aggressiveness i* but a sign of inner insecurity and respond accordingly.,.' j PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar.'W) : In financial matters, ..depend, on your own judgment',-- not. that of others. As wittyCancer, experts you consult ^ould be somewhere in the cl««ls:them- selves. · !· YOU BORN TODAV are an alert and intelligent ^dividual; quickly appraise situations -AND people. You linow what you want and go jitter it in a tenacious manner.; Few persons, indudjng, yjurself, know your mind intijnately. Yoa seem contradictory at 1 , limes:, yet are clear-cut in yquX thinking; also discriminating. You are artistically inclined, have a retentive memj.ry and a keen eye for detais. You seldom admit, defeat; are a steadfast friend,; a''string opponent. Try to overcome a tendency toward excess ve stub, bornness. Birthdate d : Popa Leo XIII ; Samuel Houston. Amer. general; Sir*Thomas B o d I e y . diplomat, ipcholar; Jennifer Jones, film stSjr.i B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) tforth dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH A A Q 1 0 5 3 iiiniHiiniiiiiiinniiiiiniiunniiiiiiiininiiiitiiiiHiiifliiniiiw lave made to try to picture his land to partner,- buflin the end he concluded that a value raise of five. spades would tell the story best. ·. '. : South, who might have had only 6 points for hii. spade bid but actually had B, accepted the challenge very eagerly and' went directly to seien. spades. After, two passes East doubled -- a clear-cut use (of the slam- · 6 #A Q M 9 7 6 3 WEST 4 7 V Q 7 5 4 3 * J 9 7 2 *K J 4 EAST * 9 82 ¥ 1 0 9 8 6 2 · K10854 SOUTH *K J 6 4 » A K J * A Q 3 4 8 5 2 The bidding: North East South West 1 + Pass 1* Pass 5 * Pass 7 * Pass Pass Dble 7 NT Opening lead - seven of spades. The bidding on this hand was certainly out of the ordinary. North's club bid and South's spade response were both fairly normal, but on his next bid North was faced with an unusual problem. He had only 12 high-card points, but -- considering his highly irregular distribution and S o u t h ' s tantalizing spade response -- a small or a grand slam both loomed as very distinct possibilities. There were many different bids North could double Lightner' which requested t lead by West. Ha'i 'convention an unusual the bidding ended then and thire, the grand slam would have ailed with an opening club lead'ihy West, but South . r e a l i z e d ' t h a t 'East's double showed a; void in clubs, and he therefore -.very nimbly ran to seven notrump. This contract limld not- he defeated. Declarer, won the spade lead in his hand, returned the eight of cliiW,- and played low from dumm|. after West followed low. The double finesse succeeded, as 'Siuth expected from the bidding; it would, and the grand slartroame marching home. / Oddly enough,(had East been a less sophisticated player who had never heard'of the Lightner convention andTOuietly : passed, declarer would surely have gone down in seven!spades against a normal lead.-; lie would have made the percentage play of finessing the quien of clubs, instead of attempting a double finesse, and he would then -have found it impossible to avoid losing a club trick (ater on. PONYTAJL . !«.. !·!\. Tfir*) ripkb .·«.. ·*! think it's Just getting senilcl" TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results. Try em. Just Dial 442-6242.

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