Independent from Long Beach, California on April 6, 1962 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
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Friday, April 6, 1962
Page 21
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HE TAKES SNERD, BERGENS TO MEXICO Charlie McCarthy Sailing Ifo Make Friends for U.S. :.. · · . «/ ; By LOU JOBST |. HUrfct EMIT Edgar. Bergen combed Charlie McCarthy's fading red i locks, flicked a black speck from his spruce nose and*sat the world's most famous dummy on his knee. 'The museum people asked me If I would give them Charlie and Mortimer Snerd when I die." said Bergen. "Not on your life." interrupted Charlie. "I deserve a first-class funeral, too." Chart;*, Mortimer and Edgar left the Port of Los Angeles Thursday aboard the Swedish - American luxury liner Kungsholm for a two- week work · vacation in A c a p u l c o and tropical Mexico. "I want, to film an hour TV spectacular of Charlie a n d Mortimer traveling CHARLIE MCCARTHY and Mortimer Sncrcl with Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bcrficn. Four left Thursda^'VoT" Mexico. Independent ' TTaSmiAlanfi JB fiflnlJfornbir ft'nripemr *·*· FRIDAY. APRIL 6. 1962 --Pago B-l -** uwh Malcolm fpleg BELLOW WHO has been working over there preparing for the big opening tells me that there won't be much water running in Chavez Ravine. Going all over the place he could find just three' drinking fountains to service stands holding 60.000 fans. But there will be plenty of facilities for the beverage concessions. CONIC boom discussion has led to another quotation today from a Long Beach youngster's literary efforts. Cindy McBumey, 11, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard McBurney, wrote this fable AS an outside assignment in her special literature class at Horace Mann school: THE DOG AND THE CAT AND THE SONIC BOOM Once upon a time there was a cat named Caddy and a dog named Frisky. The dog Frisky was always alert and barking at the slightest noise. But the situation was entirely different with the cat. He was fat, and lazy, and all he did was cat and sleep, c These two animals lived In the time when there was great danger of war. One day a blast awoke the dog. Caddy, not paying any attention, said, "Oh, don't worry,, it's only a sonic boom." So the dog lay down again. The next day another boom awoke the dog. But the rat saU, "Oh, lie down and stop barking." Some time later a terrible explosion awoke! the dog and the cat. But both of them were so convinced that It was only a sonic boom that they went back to sleep and never woke up again. Theimoral is: Be Alert. _ concentration l«, flnn't you?" PECENTLY one of the cigaret ads on TV has shown' a fellow lighting a cigaret while standing in the redwood country. And that prompts Reader ft. Howard to anticipate the sequel--Smokey Bear arriving to stomp on the discarded butt and give the smoker a well-placed kick. A DANCING examiner has been working at the Audrey Share studio here giving examinations in ballet to children from G up. When a kid was given a question he couldn't answer, the examiner said: "Now, concentrate." The child still couldn't answer. "Concentrate!" urged the examiner. "You know what Go-Ahead on Mental ClinicOKd "Sure," said the boy, "it's a program on television." At the risk of incurring City Council wrath, the Long Beach Planning Commission Thursday decided to delay action on encouraging a subdivision development in the path of the crosstown freeway. Commissioners approved a report for submission to the council next Tuesday "con eluding against" deleting now a requirement that the sub divider wait until nsxt Oc- ilohcr before filing a final tract 1 map. They based their srtion on pinion by the city attor- i office that the munic- iple code prohibits the subdividing of a parcel of land which includes freeway right Uiinii: in iiii dm inuiMiay us · . . the committee e n d o r s e'd a ° m l"'' «PP"nns on a c,t ,,, _vr., n il m a s t c r P' an - ""less the sub- to expand!., j . . . H orfiriir« nr TJERE'S a question: LL Why Is it that most men, reporting after an evening of poker, claim to have lost, while most men, returning from Las Vegas, claim to have won at the tables? There must be a psychological explanation. Among my acquaintances arc some people who go to Las Vegas rather regularly and have never once reported anything but success in the gaining over there. The odds being what they are, it just doesn't seem possible. As for poker, bragging about one's losses Is an old after-game sport, and known winners usually try to downgrade their successes. Is it because poker is usually played with friends and people don't like admitting "taking" their friends? Anyhow, the boys who risk a little money now and then arc good subjects for a m u s i n g speculation and study. And nice guys to be out with if your luck is running high. n R I F T W O O D -- Rock throwing kids have been reported in the area of Los Coyotes and Bcllflower. One motorist, Leslie Morriss of Anaheim, had a startling experience there. As he drove through the intersection, a rock crashed through his front car window, showering glass over his wife.... Paul Jackson proposes cutting "next exit" to "nexit." He says we could save enough letters to s t a r t another Planners Still Stall on 'Freeway' Tract city's Mental Health Advisory Committee and City Manager John K. Manscll apparently came to an end Thursday as Long Beach's mental health services. Meeting at City Hall, committee members approved a request Tuesday by the City Council for establishing a county in-patient and outpatient clinic here during the next fiscal year. Committee members said they will support the proposal in conferences with the County Mental Health Advisory Committee. They also reiterated their from development. · · · « COMMISSION members did assure the council they will consider the deletion imme diatcly after a hearing next Thursday on removing the freeway route from the offi cial plan. The subdivision in question is a 69-acre area intended for multiple · apartment develop previous favor of the council's mcnt by Fred II. Bixby Rand action in allotting $.10,000 in next year's budget to supple- Co. Situated south of Seventh Street and east of P a c i f i c ment Community Chest funds Coast Highway, it is bisected for the Children's Psychiatric Clinic. THE ACCORD between the advisory group and Manscll was a sharp contrast with critical exchanges previously. Only a month ago the committee took exception to a report by Manscll in which he urged further s t u d y of providing adult clinic facili tics with possible city use of state matching funds under the Short-Doyle Act. That issue was obviated by another report from Manscll this week that county offi cials have agreed to consider an appropriation for the adult clinic. Probable location of the facility is in El Ccrrito Hospital, the former Seaside Hospital in Long Beach. Vntillt Committed lo CYA for Dnpn John Thomas Hughes, 18. of 3712 E. Anaheim St.. was c o m m i t t e d t o California Youth Authority by Superior Court Judge Maurice C. Sparling Thursday for nar colics possession. through Central and South America," explained the 59- year-old ventriloquist. In the film. Charlie and Mortimer, using fractured Spanish and worse English! will do something Bergen feels the U.S. has failed at. "making friends with our neighbors south of the border." "It's a disgrace," said Bergen, who broke into show business with Charlie as a Northwestern University student in 1922, "that we neglect that part of the world in favor of Europe, Africa and Asia." .'·The s h o w could be Charlie a n d Mortimer's swan song. 'The past is past." said the graying Bergen. "Charlie and I belong to another time, another place. "It's a- good idea (the museum suggestion) that we all be put to rest. "Maybe no one will repeat what we did." Edgar, who was horn of Swedish parents in Chicago, had a c a r p e n t e r build Charlie when he was in high school. The cost was $.15. The pair played vaudeville, were sent abroad and then were summoned by Elsa Maxwell to play at a birthday party for Noel Coward In New York in 1935. Crooner Rudy Vallce was In the audience and invited Bergen to try radio. Bergen still remembers his introduction to radio and fame, word for word: "Ladies and gentlemen," exclaimed Vallce, "people have asked us what a von- triloquist is doing on radio. 'They are funny. And it all comes out of the same two collar buttons." After that with Don Amcche and W. C. Fields, Charlie and Edgar and, s u b s e q u e n t l y , Mortimer and F.ffie Klinkcr became bywords in every American home for 20 years. Charlie was awarded a wooden Oscar in 19.18. He was put on the cover of Time Magazine in 1944 and made a half dozen movies before decline set in on the famous pulp · a n d - h u m a n trio. The trio flashed back for a moment in the 50s when Charlie, Edgar and Mortimer cmceed a TV show, Edgar, at 40, wed a beautiful model 18 years his junior in 1915. At the time he still was making movies. His entertainment star soon waned. 'There must be better v e n t r i 1 o q UTsTs in the' world." he says. "I'd be very cautious, very reluctant to tell a young man not to enter this business. "Someone w i t h new ideas, better ideas than I had could make it." by the proposed southwcster ly extension of the Garden Grove Freeway. * · THE RANCH company ha. agreed to dedicate other lam for the extension of Colorado Street and the Second Street Westminster Boulevard link! permitted to proceed at once with the tract development. Because of that offer--ant also because of general op position to a crosstown free way--the council had aske the commission to hasten th subdivision approval. ·$35 Forgery Itring* Stale Prison Term Cashing a forged $.15 check in a local hotel cost Jerr Marques Turner, 26, of Kli E. Anaheim St., a one-to-M state prison term Thurs day. ^ Turner, who was sentenced by Superior Court Judgi Maurice C. Sparling, srrvet two terms in federal prison for stealing mail. He was ar rested March 4. MOON-BOUND ASTRONAUTS would be positioned this way in new Apollo space capsule, shown here in cutaway mockup model with three North American Aviation engineers as spacemen -- Fred Smith (left), Charles Roentgen and Jerry Madden. Moonship Mockup Displayed by NAA By LEE CRAIG «Kt»« MililVT ElJtir A wooden scale model of the most complex space vehicle yet devised by the United Slates, the Apollo moon-bound vehicle, was unveiled Thursday at North American Aviation in Downey. Three NAA engineers sat. for photographic purposes, in he seats which, in a few short years, astronauts will occupy when this country bids to be truly first in space with a manned trip to the moon. By 19G7. United States spacemen will be flying around the moon and pre Taring for the first step in man's exploration of outer NORTH Spare and Today in L.K. CONCERT--Sam Hinton. folk singer, 8 p.m.. Long Beach City College Auditorium. ON STAGE--"A Man Called Peter." Community Playhouse, 5021 Ana- pace, a landing on the Mtcl itc. by side for the launch, with the center seat capable of being let down for a bed. The capsule commander is also the pilot. There arc a copilot anil A M E R I C A N ' S ! , TM engineer scientist. How- Information Sys- lcms Division, holder of a $400-million Apollo contract, illowed newsmen to see the 'ull-scale mockup Thursday for the first time. in diameter feel high at Thirteen feet it its hasc. 14 its conical top. the 8.000 pound capsule duplicates the vehicle which one day will carry three highly trained astronauts to the moon. On their two-and-a-half-day trip to man's greatest advcn turc, the astronauts will ride in "shirtsleeve atmosphere." Their Ihioe seals are side ever, all arc cross-trained for each other's jobs. · * · · A PRESSURE chamber or nirlock will permit the men to leave the capsule after the moon landing for exploration of the surface. 1 hoy will wear pressure suits during acceleration and when leaving tho capsule. Apollo plans call tentatively for orbital flights around the earth starting in 1001. a manned flight around tha moon in 1%7 or 1P!«. and a manned I.indium on the moon in thp Lite IWKIs. $3.8 Million Home for Elderly OKd A f t e r three years of delay, construction is scheil- , tiled to start within 00 days on a M-slory, $3.8 million hcim St.. 8:.10 p.m. "The ; ; j rili/ons' home at .T74. r A t l a n t i c Aviv A n d c r s o n v i l l c Trial." f . _ . T h i s announcement| made Thursday to the Cily.ohjrctions to possible inter' i p I . i n n ing Commission byjfprencc with flight patterns. [Architect Hucli Gihhs. who isjThese have been obviated by designing the structure for the changes, (iibbs reported, · j t h c John Brown Foundation. r j! Magnolia Theater, 2-100 n M a g n o l i a Avc.. 8:30 ft p.m. "Mr. Roberts." Off- -lii-Braadway Thcatcv-221 · ' ~". t : _ * i A ..** o.*n «. « Lime Avc.. 8:30 p.m "Call Me Madam." Con- ; cert Hall, M u n i c i p a l Auditorium, 8:30 p.m. FILMS--"Life in Swc- ; den." R p.m., Millikan ! y High School auditorium, j fcrr Commissioners approved the (revised plans. · · * * AS NOW projected, the center will include 1G9 living units, along with a chapel, recreation and hobby rooms, restaurant and a pavilion for dancing. The foundation also is acquiring land for a 50-bcd rest lomfi and for a radio broadcasting studio nearby, Gibhs said. * · · * NUMEROUS delays in the ilanning were caused mainly y Federal Aviation Agency -inn mot* EAST SIDE HOY Terry Goldsmith, M, of 1010 SU Louis Avc., receives Dr. Dlakc Allison Citizenship Memorial Trophy for 1%I Thursday night from J. C. Ashbourne, member of the board of directors nf the East Branch of Boys' Cluhs of Long Beach. A Boys' Cluh member for four years, Terry was Independent, Press-Telegram Boy of the Year in 1%0. The foundation, an rn- dowcd nonprofit corporation, operates the Southern California Military Academy in Signal Hill- and numerous other educational facilities. Aulo Buyer Gels Damage on Mileage o A Long Beach auto agency vas assessed $2,000 damages Thursday for misrepresenting the mileage on a 1959 car it sold May 18. l!)fiO. Boat Drifts Into Rocks; 4 Rescued The skipper and three crewmen of the fishing vessel Josic Lena were landed uninjured at Santa Barbara Thursday afternoon by a Coast Guard vessel that picked them up on San Miguel Island after their boat broke up on the rocks. The Co-ist Guard Identified the crew as Anthony F. Ro- hers, skipper, 1026 Esther St.; Frank A. Pacelli. 255 W. 7th St.. San Pedro; Robert Van Dunk, Z11I3!£ Panama St.. A jury in Municipal Judge Wilmington, and H.ijimc Mi- Percy Hight's court dclih- TMkawa. Los Angeles. crated only two hours before awarding Mary K. Grindingcr. 102fi San Antonio Dr.. $1.500 punitive damages against Mel Burns Ford. 2000 Long Beach Blvd., and $500 compensatory salesman Harold W. Agal. THE VESSEL was reported "badly broken up and a total loss." The Coast Guard said the boat was apparently anchored damages against the firm and off the island for a night when it dragged its anchor Mrs. Grindingcr, who was and drifted into rocks in represented by attorney \Vil- Cuyler Harbor. liam W. Prokscl, testified she was assured the auto had been driven only 12.000 miles. The men were n o t i c e d shortly after d.iwn Thursday by another bait. They were A former owner, however, :.;:, 4 .,-!:rd around a" 1 fire In the reported the mileage harbor of the island. 40 milf? exceeded .18.000. (southwest of Santa lUtbar.i.

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