The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 3, 1957 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1957
Page 10
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TUT* Shot Ma/or Factor >: • On Beaumont's No. 9 ' »»»•: Thh it tht 'vith » long iron to pt»« the Sin* fa * «wiM of arfiel* fcf Will»rd Wood ott hi* Joj i&4*H hol«f serom TaxaaJ »r WILLARB WOOD A hook or slice on a te* sho fto* many of th? golf court*; IB this area will not hurt you: *«**, a» yon can recover on shot. . B»t when the fairways »re dose and your t« shot bar I*B b» placed, you sometime? find yourself ia the rough. . Beaumont's number nine at Terry! Park is a holt that has to be played with a (food placed tee shot. We consider this «n« of the bent and tightest jar holes that we have ever played. 1 back to the right. all near the pin. Sand traps ar* on each side Dump Bmffek'f 13-3 LJ Gators Win 35th Jackson's well-traveled playing. rttyh^H +H»iv *?+v. taft* «-*_...-.£ notched then 1857 Softball victory last night as they hammered out a 12-5 win over Bostick's Cafe in a Tri- County League contest. The Gators also reached Opening up the Gator action of the tournament will be at 7:30 p.m. Thursday night. Should L,F win its oppner j: stands a chance of playing three games Friday, should . ,„., „ <<-«t.iix-u a rill cc gtilllO) r 1 lUrf V milestone for the season as it they remain winning was their 40th game and push- fru ~ *~ -- : " - 1 ed their milage total up to 3000 or the current summer. Lake Jackson will now take . ~*.« unj.*.. .,,,. v,i rc*i:n MUB jjdive .JHCKSort will now Take >! the long, rolling green, while (part in th» July 4-6 Pasadena rees are in back. Her» again Softball Tournament in which -ou have to have a good ball some of the better softball o keep from going into the!"""" along the coast will be rap. j ________^ Th« green it fairly large i |fc II I I ,~ ^twnur*" nothing new I &•« Wehwder In Many of tht golfers in Bra-! zoria County have played this iiole and most of them v-flli agree that the major thing is dottbleheader in the Bra?getting off the tee in good |oria c °"n*y Junior softball Softball Ltogut shape. league will 'be reeled off Fri- <r. --- And to get off the tee in day m S ht - with both games '' o ge o te tee in good shape, you hav« to placei comin ? in Bra '-or your drive in a position where,. A "« 1e ' on talt e» •he vro«n f,Bi« K« V A.«k_^ __ 'in the on Braroria The tourney tvill clo^c down Saturday night with the finals in both the championship and consolation brackets. ' : In the Gators victory last • night, Dink Mladenka went i the distance for LJ on thei mound and came up with his j 17th pitching win against only i a pair of losse?. However. Mladenka was' backed up with a 12-hit attack by Lake Jackson last night, of which five were doubles, one triple and one homer. Player-manager Les Tolbirt started the Gator rolling in in-1 ning number one with a single. Then Harvey Whitehead' got his first home run of the ' season to cut" the Gators off i «•«««« 'inon wnere —c,--.-.. ....~~..~ .,,, u.a..u>ici .~—. •*,., ... *.,,. \n^ VT.IIUIS UTI i reached on!'" the °P ener while the Latini 5 "" 1 running on Bostick sinrteri Americans from Angleton play i Wild Peaoh in the nightcap. Two teams, Angleton and par four hole. The main thing te playing ftig holt it that tet shoi. It Ms to be in a position where you can reach the greea in your second or third shot, In •nMr t» salvage a par. . If you can p!a«t your tee MM*., around the dogleg, yotij *H be in good shop* to hit • tw» or thret iron on to the •Peea and hare a food chance •t thet birdie. ftowvrtr, a »hort te* ihot <HH leave you with a tecond J**l to 9*t around the dog- Mt «"d 'hen a ahort iron to .the.'irem. Then you ar* fang (er a par and wfH. probably •Bd up with a ba«er. .•** ehouid you puH or pHth fpvr te* itu*, yo« tould spend * ffopd pert of anr afternoon looking for yew belt or toying S»e to hack yow way out of «i* tJT*«. >W>*« ja* do g*4 wi»*i Hr- iwnt* ot th* green, you to get in nme hole. follow. Terr«IRirk, *«««».«* ' '~' S'anley, former Texas' Alvin Beats In Legion Game Te»n.Age baseball in Bra?.- ori* County, already several games behind schedule because of wealhei conditions the paxl months, will probably lake tonight off but pick up Thursday. The only gam* that had been in the Major and matched Freeport agains'. West Columbia. The game was first set for Freeporfs Lions Field but a shift in plans will probably lend to cancel the game. The activity will pick tip gamei in the loops a< well a§ Lake Jackson Junior Teen- Age race. Fdday games will ! proposed came loop tonighl Thursday with County Junior in « fenior while Lake Jacksoti't Major* will trave! to West Columbia. The«* appear to he tht next Teen-Ag* frame? in line foi county club*. However, some game* might ba scheduled on the spur of the moment as nearly all nine are several game* behind in their summer schedule. In an American Legion play off between West Columbia and Alvin last night tht visiting Alvin nine hammered out a 7-1,over, WC to Ink* a 1-up advantage -n the best two out ot thrte series. Eugene Mr«ro«l worked on «.'nH T >ir~» i."J^' r""JT' ""' the m <"«nd for the West Col- send Lake Jackson to Freeport nmb | a nine and was touched jfor nix base hits while Jessie pitching COMMODORE McGUL txpltiBi on map iht rout* club membtrs will follow lo Corpus Chriiti . , . that's Varna Rnd<s«al. riictnil; stltottd Orangt's Miss Waltr Spoil In a b.autr contest ... no, sh« will no! make Iht trip. University ac*. However, Bostick's bunched ' three hits for three runs in tite ' opening inning^o take a 3-2 '• lead over the Gators through j only one full inning. i LJ came back in the third to i add a pair of runs when Rustv Roe-nig singled. Tolbirt tlou- |bled and Whilehead drove • them both home with a single, j i Whitehead was put out at. sec-' ond on the play. Speedy Bui-, Htttltittei Tn Cfirnne ' lard followed with a double for ! r » B »«W« * O VOTpUS tht Gator?. Bottick's came on to tit the ! score onct mora, at 4-4 in the 1 I third inning, by accounting for) a Ioi»e run. i Doubles by Jim Hembret and ' Tolbirt, his third hit and sec-! ond doublt. brokt up the 4-4 ' tie in inning number five. Bui- lard cracked a single to score one run and givt IJ a 6-4 margin. In 1h« sixth inning Lake B r BOB McHUGH ,cruise will be IC-foot run- 'Jaolwon put together one hit lOran^t Ltadtr SporU Editor labouts. powdered bv outboard for four runs and Diwhed the 'ORANGE 'Soli —. A wnrM'j mntnr« . Hureta handled the gav* up five Orange Boat Club On Trip for Alvin and .hits. In the long Teen-Age gamo coming in the county ranks. that being in the Lake Jackson Junior loop, th* Fed Sox tripped the Pirates by » 8-4 count. Three homers, two by Lvnn Longino. highlighted this cluel in Lake Jackson. The win for the Red Sox kept them on top of th» LL standings with a perfect mark. Douglas Cadenhead and Johnny Baughman worked on th« mound for th« Red Sox whil* Jimmy Allen and Charles \ "jRuthing handltd the pitching D ,fos- the Pirates. Good cracked a TagBattlf On Wrtstling Card Test la*f> Mumbor of Braawia Mr aollw* took part in Alvitt'f endurance GoU TOHT- recentlr, but w* fed naarry a* many will foing baok. Milt year. TJn Alvin affair couW in th* first match *• way compart with tht r« «*nt tovrnamenU that have h«ld in rreeporl, Mea. and Old Ocean golf oMtaial* wert in no tiring to plea** »H tht and kept right on lat- NH enter untl it was (. Being a Match Play. „,., „„ ^----. I"*pt thing* in an up-,the ones given in other frBjr all during the first day.jaoria County tourneys. u wa had a chance to play iniever. the tntry ftt was S12.SO .rreeport, Meadowlak* "* , a«»d in pact was alower than « regular day In* stMl it movad f««t tot * tournament. But it itemed to take iis| for*v*r to play o« an 18-hole; match in Alvin. We played; in th* Fourth Flight and got started around 7:45 a.m. and did »ot finish until near noon. Our second match, which RS Rout Eaqles 14-3 In Freeport Only Littl* League games Ifor four runs and ,.„„,„„ ,,, c _ _„ ., r . - ,, „„,,„;, soort to 10-4. Two wsl)«s. a |record: That's the goal set by sacrifice, and a pass ball scor-'the Orange Boating Club, ed one. while Koenig.s Iriple' Around 20 members of the got two homt. A pass ball re-.'tlub wll attempt to esiablisli sulttd us the fourth run. ,a new world's record fur the An error and walk put a pair !longest crui.x? ever staned in ot LJ runn»r« on batt in the.smdll outboard runabouts sevwith inmnjL and George; Their target is to Corpus Koennmg doubled thetn home IChritti and retuin motors. Sweeny to Tolblrfs LL Victory Sweeny's Little League team With the Freeport. Flshih Fiesta right around the cor ner. most aU Brazosporters are! looking forward to a big wt»end of fishing. But the conditions, mo*Uy water, will havt to improve greatly befoi'e th* weekend! push. However, they are ex-| pected to clear up and pye the! Fiesta , good run of inland; w ,| d Bull Currr returns to fls '!' n «- , ithe "vawria Countv wrestling The watem wert real bad'ring Saturday night *o clash ; bunday and part of Monday \ with Chet Wallick in the main •but seem to have started I ever.t on the Angleton card, clearing up this morning and; Tiny Mills will face Gory should continue until tht week-1 Guerrero in the semi-final. elld - iwlille All Mills will go against : Even with the inland waters!Joe Blanchard in the opener. A rough and muddy some trout, I tag team match will follow the rat reds, flounder and gaff top imam event. Olio Kuss will ref- were being caught. Th* dead! ere " end c* the Old Braux Rive homer it, tli* lecoM with two M to giv* «M Rt» Sox thres runs. Th* S«» •*counted for four hlg nrna ta the first inning ta jump «M to » quick lead. Longino's two homer« kept Iht Pirates dangerous nil through the game. STOP THAT FfcH! IN JUST 16 MINUTES Jf no« pleaiM, »« w (** tiaek »t any dmf »tore. Try h»taa«- Arylnt ITCH-MR-NOT f«r Mth •if tmeiiM. flngwenn. hi«**4 Mtw, ftnt Itch or othor Mtrfae* Mad, Ea«y t* mi day IIT nlutit, N Grant Tint Store. PEACHES $2.95 bushel FRKfiH \,9 AT HF.A.«0\ABI,r PRICI8 » fms, I.ITTtr FARMER'H MARKET Miith of Anglrton on H»r.. M» Ph«n* 7M« a. did I a. did K ssi : U „.''* ^ read c ''' - — """"• t"wnit i V.-IM IfVI tfllU 1 trkLM II. Gator scoring, i That's a cruise of around; for three, in-1700 miles, perhaps more, and! >Sv . • „ — doubles, andjafter a leclious chuck of recJl'". '°PP ln|? the Brazoria County and single *ords across tho naiion the ue Leaguers with a perfect the plate. 'oram> Boating enthusiasts '• re ^ rd s ° f » r th j s .. seas , on id . pair of hits feel certain that this will 1 ,, Thursday mght, play saw for LJ m their rwrite a new mBrle ,„ , he „,.; h«• oca lads down the U a n- linn'c i,n,t;.,^ i i ,. l)ur > 'earn 23 to 0, v>«i »^vuuu iimLui, wnicn vmr uiLnv ^V«MUW xHmes rac* U has alreadv did not last too long a* R. D. I scheduled for tonight will com* : th* loop championship Peterson took care of us m jund<H . th . L » k . Jackson mi . i dou- :V 111 »t III«I,V«I. | , s --!•-- ( Prinej that w«r* offered jnjh'eheader. Alvin were not up to par with' Other IJ minor clubs—the -iv.tional ard Ampriran,^ .^ , »nd Amencan loop.-, lhold most of thelr games on hat the group of boats will! He was al)| ; d b leave Orange Ihursday, July ;Clirnprfil ,, d Ki|k ,, B ^ 4. between IJ and 1 a.m. Their! hjt ,|,ree home runs. Hanson return tripj, planned for Sun-,hit Ihe f.rst ball pitched to him flay, .liny i, ,„ ,| 1C j jrsl Sl . con( j and ti,j r d lie added that several sche- 'innings, each with men [duled gasoline stops are plan-.un the bases, and he was cred- ]ned on thp route, but otheriited with eight runs balled in ;than this, the group of around' Other teammates making up - ; 10 boat* Plans a straight urn'the local team are Joe Lee. Around 20 of th? better am- lo .^'°r v !! 11 ( -' t ] r 'f 1 '- 'Steve Kefs, Larry Doolen, Bob- Fifth In Houston Meet wan a favorit* spot for many brought in long string* of Hurt, i Tarpon fishing is expected !to be almost nothing for the jFiertt. as the New Braze* Riv- |er IK stitl muddy and rough 'and is expected to remain that jway for the next several weeks : , '' wa ' b>it camp, r^ort that •$? **" « *°°* >»»»» <* sllr 'inp on, hand al the £ n!sent " me a n<» <"" slated to ii' '"«"• sltpply dllr '"« ^HMrnet* payers and « pritM, not ^••taajt-stamp Urobably cut llUyen next Hvwever, McGiil said it will be , , ini- by Long. Dale Erinis. Billy Hol to ttand up to the White was the other ti b frufuranc* te»t and play three White Ihe trip to H et underway, but , a " "" member* of th* Export- the uncertainly of what to ex nd Ray ar*, Eagle* j fourth inning bat \ , piyaing m by beat- - er K o1 ' t«»na. Both Kay and pen over milej upon miles of Houjton'i Bud"!a fira't ap- of weeks back ' Rhod£! accounted for the ' a " °" er U * 1)lenty " f A couple of Brazosport golfers. Ronnie Ray and Robert Rnsaruu took two-Mrnu^ ad- runs in mning number three. Events *^*-w-f»vd « • « « Sonnr O«»»ll Bub JPottt took for both to draw na ; wh ' re they are P |anl "n« « »i crowd ISweepstakes. Mrs. Roy Greg Ocean wrl host a SS. 01 ^ reported that iht books according to pro would not clos* until J p m and players may mut giving players plenty of 2:10 p.m. Payne, time to enter. tooli over for J Tht MeadowlaKt nine-hole Munnerlyn, who rooved to:layout is also m good shape Club, re-'and officials at the Angleian Ocean club are looking for some good was m good shape scores aunng ins July 4tn socond July 4th nieetlevent. on the losing Eagles. Ronald Pisklak had 3 no-hit- 11! the sixth inning when they got i pair of hits and two runs to win over Velaico 2-1. Jones Creek topped the Clute Dodgers 5-3 in a seven inning game with James Satchel! heating Bill Warren in t pitching In Angleton games it was trie . „. estabhiii a new world's lecord Ray and Bosarge posted 76's ... we will shoot to break last Monday to lead the 28- our own record next year man fipld. The meet was called ' off Tuesday for som* locals to per "" ps * m " s « to * 1( "''^-" play in a Houston tourney with "'""' "' "" ' the second round today. The top four winners in the mei '' Most of the local meet, which is on Ihe freeport course* and sponsored by th» Lake Jackson Javcees. will g o to a state m °' Uh the late ihia Sin««r Preacher YOUTH REVIVAL JULY 714 VELASCO BAPTIST CHURCH ENJOY KBRZ-1460 SONGS A WORIIS WITH B. B. HANKINS PASTOR EVERY SAT. ll:3A.i«:M A.M. On Your Radio Dial D ART-MIX "ItniVB INN' HWV. Mt N. TRERPORT NOW OPEN Be ready to entth the "Big Priie Winners" you'll thvl the right Tackle and Supplies at Planur's lohmon Outboard Motors Silt« A Serrhe Hcartauarteri Palmer's Sporting Goads I,, j. Hwy Clnlt 5-2115 WE WON'T BE UNDERSOLD!! WHY GO TO HOUSTON WHEN: WE SEBVrcE WHAT WE SELL AND SELL AT HOUSTON PRICES OX LESS Model F-100C 2 '-ing runner-up in the attracts lots of mu;re*l and ---lZ|ag»in this year will hav» many ! m«et will com, in Pal- : of th« b*lu=r players along the on August 2-4. :coist and other parts of Texas i <rf th* betwr Hill Coun- playing : f tou^nsnusnts has betn V/« start our vacation on in Kerrvill. on August July 6tu, but will leavs a cou JW* will be quit* an sif- pit of golf columns ID store' Vtiil a»»eraj of tht topi to b* run on Wednesday's of "—~ across th* situ play- i the next two weeks. However,, •it anyone has any stones about' meet in Temple th* links they snouid call Gen l«v«ral top locaJlHeaih here at The Facts. i Willard Wood, We are planning a trip to „,,-. , JUd Johnson, Washington. D. C., and ^-il! 1 Curry, Uamon Bua«ell>ic« aJong our sticks tor at' •*> Mafeon playing 'toast a coupl* ot round* somt- wee tiu Tempi* ttOciwfaer* along ttit way. | SI and '55. '»«• White Sox beating mai aiwa Red S ° X ' 10 - 2 ' and lhe '" d ing the Vauks. ».g GARY HDW. Goe* Ph. » «M FKEEPOBT Hportuig 1U W. Broad PAT'S OI'TBOARD HHOP AI THORI/KU DCALF.K DREAM BOATS • rUHING - TACKLE • OPEN 7 - BAlfi A WEEK SnrfeM* Road Ph. l-mi AIR C«N»ITI9Nlk FULL1H. P. Air * Conditioners \ 159 95 Just Check These Features : * 20% greaUr coolinj. *• Thermostatically control, Air diffuw grill. * Singl« knob controlg. * 5 year warranty. * Tecumseh compressor. REGAL SERVICE INC. WE SERVICE WHAT WI SELL AND SELL AT HOUSTON PRICES OR LESS I 603 K. GULF BLVD. PHOKE 3 2781 N. FREEPORT

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