Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 53
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 53

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 53
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AUTOS FOR SALE '67 TORONADO "Deluxe" This is Oldsmobiie's "distinctive front wh«l dHyt" car at a fraction of its original cost. Don't let this low orice fool you. This gor- MODS car Is immaculate and loaded with such extras as FACTORY AIR. full power including power ilwlrtfl. oower brakes, power windows. 6 way oowtr seat, power Anttnna. automatic sptrt ccntrol. iiereo Uoe deck, deluxe radio, tut steering wheel, electric clock, iini- ed glass, white wall tires, corner- , Ing tamos and much more, it is ; finished in a corgeous bronze with ' conlrastlno black vtnvl tvUfk interior. PUUYI16. AUTOS FOR SALE f AUTOS FOR SALE Pofrtioc 1*70 '64 PONTIAC TEMPEST CONVERT- I8LE. OUK SPECIAL FOR THE WEEK. fit. V.I ENGINE, AUT07. AUTOS FOR SALE Pttrtioc 1970 PRICE $1350 PLUS TAX «. LICENSE LAKEWOOD MOTORS . VOLKSWAGEN ! 5815 SOUTH ST. AT WOODRUFF ' UKEWOOD DUTCH VILLAGE j _ _ TO U/Hl _ ~ ' '68 Pontiac $3495) "Brass Hal" Bonnie hdto. cce. Hv- dramatic, radio * heater, owr. · steering. Dwr. brakes. Qir condi- j Hon. Vinyl too. eic. Never registered. Full foclorv warranty. $1k. j s 522M j SUBURBAN PONTIAC : 17639 B»llflower Hvd. BclHlowcr Ph. t67-4lSl '6i PONTIAC GRAN PRIX 2-DR. HDTP. 325-H.P. V-S, AUTO.. P.S.. , FACTORY AIR CONDITIONED, i ELECT WINDOWS, CANARY , YELLOW WI1H BLACK LANDAU ' A MATCHING BLACK VI- i »« A ; ' 6 6 Pontiac . $1995 ' A - , Xrt "" i Bonoevlll* HardtoD Cot. Hydro*1 90 motic 'rans-* rodiQ heater, owr * J ' 7U ! steer--b.-a*e*, *ir tend. Lie. r Price Good Thru March 2«4 | SZJ-778 DICK BROWNING i SUBURBAN PONTIAC OLDSMOBILE _10W Lon^Bcti.JJLJL.B. HE j "65 OLDS ~ · t, , - ,. I 0° Poniiac · $1695 TOP A MATCHING NYL INTERIOR. DELUXE P./H. .1C. SUF722. AVERAGE BLUE iOOK RETAIL ..... ___________ S2405 ~'UR FULL PRICE $2295 i PLUS TAX L LICENSE LAKEWOOD MOTORS \ VOLKSWAGEN : 5»I5 SOUTH ST. AT WOODRUFF LAKEWOOO DUTCH VILLAGE . _ TO 607:1 __ ' AUTOS FOH SALE_ KambUr 1»75 RAMBLER SPECIALS Special Purchase ·?= AMBASSADORS. JAVELINS. REBELS, i AMERICAN. FuHv *qulK»d, automatic shift, power steering, etc. ome with air condi- t.onlno. vevy lew miles, balance o( taclc-rv S vr./53.000 mile warranty. SAVE BIG NOW . . . £»"· m INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM |PM)-- C-25_ AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE 1f75 HmWtr If 75 ·43 RAMBLER 220. 2-door stick Sim. . '63 RAM ; . - . Six cvl. nice IranSDOrlalion for a " cond oo Glenn E. Thomas Co. '68 AMX $3298 -- nODGE-- 333 E- Anaheim, L.3. _ '63 RAMBLER A V X '« PONTIAC Gr»nd Priv. Full r»r : tacl.alr cond., Good tires. SS?* No cash needed OAC ME 3-7531 i BELLPLOWER AUTO STORAGE I ... brVkes, eT c : uc. = \ KefflMcr 1175 | SZL *" '· ·» RAMBLER ' ----·- ' loo soort DOiver $t 17639 BelllloAff Blvd. ; tfnimanA Belli lower Ph. 5f.7-.mi , ioo= 3 parts SUBURBAN PONTIAC LfcK AmodiidQOi v s naTcv rt cou^e. Air conditioned. , steering brakes, shift id. vinyl ieo. tinted glass. , Ninety Eight hardlop couo«. This beautv K loaned with such luxury ieature* AS FACTORY AIR, iutl power including power steering, brakes. windows, seat and antenna, AM- FfA radio, electric clock, automat- '67 Pontiac . Fir* Bird "400" Hvdramatic Inns- j mission. Radio Heater, owr. | steerinq, DWC. crakes, air condi- lion. etc. Lie. sXIU-893 i $2695 i '67 Pontiac factory wir- .,, , » Holiday Ram-! bier, U27 Lena Beach Blvd. Ph. I . 436-9001 I»T5 $2695!'63 RAMBLER #-Cv|.. ajto.. RH .. .. GrMi Call now. 432-39)4. Lie JT $199; GRAND PRIX, Hvdromatic irons., j Radio Heater, owr. steering, __ ..... __ _ Dwr. broke* windows. AIR CON- ' U-»rUrtr An*,-. 1 mmrJ oitioN. Lie. POAM-K/ · Marbor Auto Liquid I '60 RAMBLER 6 cvl, stick, rebuilt , ·ic el transmission, tinted glass*."wriitp j a nim ,,,,,',,;" tires etc. Finished In a beauti- - Beimower_ ri ( M l Ih A A L I rtj--It (Tl i /-· ' °U KMfVIDLCK O UV) SUBURBAN PONTIAC ' SUBURBAN PONTIAC | m g in C . pyt P iv s?so. Coiditioned, Shift Command, p«vr S.eermg. Brvei' Ridio re Heater, ^43 V-S, less than 5000 | miles, bat. of iacfory 5-vr. 53.003 i mMe warranty, i '67 Ambass. 4-Dr. $1998 j F^CTJTV Air, -NO. V-l, RiH. Pwr Sre*r Brakes, new tires. | Immaculate, 3 v«r warranty. | '66 Ambass Wag. $2098 j RiH. *r°Veer R, bfaes, vhvi ! lnter:or. 3 vcar warranty. j '65 Classic 4-Dr. $998 Sharp 6aD. Eccnomv V-5. AutoTsal- j ic. Radio Heatw. 3 year warrant- "· I OON-A-VEE RAMBLER \°^°«T^l^m»C In Bcilflower TO 7-72S6 '67 RAMBLER Rebel 2W. 5 nev 15737 Bellflcwer Blvd. ai Alontira I " * -- - " WE 6-12(3 ... . . S~«~a'lr ,, ,,....,. Power s'ce-ing . brjk?s. Console iliif* eon-.mjnd. tinttd sia*s. wide oval t.res. re ctmlng se*fs. 100-- factory carls labor warMirv. W270. Holiday Ramble'. HZ? Lena Beac* B'vd P_h._ ^36-W)i l RAMBLER SST ConvertV o'e VS. dir conditioned, tWAe^ steering brakes, reclining seats, 100" factory part) 4 labor warranty. Pcsitivetv new hue. Toaav $2770. Holiday Rampler. 1JJ7 Lonj R Javelin SST with air 'ower Steering Brakes ,, V1 3 Seats. Tinted g'ass. Co^»- $?'e sH-ft comnnaid. vinyl (·?; etc few Mi« but 10C r sv fac*orv wt latx: . _ Today S23M 2S other Ramb'cr b«'- ^HOLIDAY RAMBLER «TRAM3L~ER~Sta~ wao. MXW r-n. Qn!v new mtr, *'j'om Od tirei, '65 :ic. dean $350 or ? GA 3-113? Shideboker ' 34.003 ·? _,, 100-- factory carts labor warranty, tsdav S7-70 Haufiav Ramole', U27 L^.^3 Beach 8lvd. Ph. 43-TO01 i RAMBLEft-ClMSic 770- 2 Df . tires, trans. H69S - 435-5471 wall . ful gold with maichinB lux i ide. NQU 078. $1490 Price good tnru March 2nd DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE "TCP Long Bch Blvd. LR H£ A-W?d 'i3 OLDS . " . $499 Cutlass CDC, buckei seats, vs. AT, PS. Greftl huv! Lie. IEN31Q. Call 4U.93U Harbor Auto Liquidators Plymouth _______ 1945 U639 Betlttawer Blvd. Bellllower ___ Ph. 867-4151 | 'M PLYMOUTH Furv i dr hdtp, pwt s , 8 ,rV« a u,om,M C .lr C .ndhio S PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 LaKcwood Blvd. ME 3-07B1 ·fii PLYM. Belvederfr II 2-dr. hdln. V-S, -SDd., FACT AIR COND, power sir. PKC-677 S12» PIONEER FORD m Tj.-jQJ__P |one«r,_A rtesl a l ) N 5-1j '64 PLYM BelvedVeraia cu In, Sid. trans, Yellow w/blatk vinyl Interior. Astra tvo* whls, tow miles, Excell. cond. 433-863S "64 PLY Furv, groovv cond. 361 Toraue til. chrome rims, recent A * '68 Pontiac J2995 ! dramatic. 1 _ ici, pwr. stecrino, | Dwr. brakes. AIR CONDITION, I He. Lie. SVHV-215 SUBURBAN PONTIAC '45 Pontiac $1395 Catalina Coe., Hydramotic trans., rodlo heater, pwr. stcor. brakes, olr condition. Lie. NBV-OBS SUBURBAN PONTIAC 86/-J1! .$399 r condi- Harbor Auto Liquidators 67 PONT. (5rand Plrx Cpe. Fact, rtlr, full power. Local, real sharp! tic. sIZSIU. Soecial. price S2275 GIBSON STORAGE SALES 218 E. Annhelm 437-1506 Pontiac · · $1495 . cp*-. auto- radio A h?*\- SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17639 Rpllflower 3lvd. _Bcllflowcr Ph. 867-llSl '65 Pont. STO $1395 Automate Transmission, Radio Heater, etc. Lie. rJQY-670. SUBURBAN PONTIAC '63 Pont. Gran Pri: Full pwr. Cdll 830-4757. Air conditioning. UUH (H?. overhaul. S1095. 865-5719 all. 5. '60 PLYM 4 dr. runs, good S270 Good | jrflnsportat|qn. 593-3051 '7B~ PLYM He'ml roadrunncr, extras, warranty $J9?5. Nltcs JIJ^^S? '66 PLYMOUTH 4~"dr., owr. stro. 1 owner. $1495. HE 2-0225. Pontiac 1970 '65 PONT. Gr. Prix. AUIO trans, Mw«r sir., brks. ^PAE102. WO 1 drv, M4.12 36 mo. . .. 51479 JOHN BOHLS OLDS 3555 South St.. Lkwd. ,53H*P? 7 U PONT GTO VB ^ "sneed RH bjckcls. Extra sharp S1295 PARKWOOD CHEV. 3059 Lakcwood Blvd. ME _3.p7ai '.67 FIREBIRD, 2 door hardtop V8, automatic irdnsrnlsiion, radio, heater, power steering, factory - warranty, sacrifice $1949. Will finance P_AC^434-520i»dlr. '«" PONT. Bonn. "Brougha'm 4-dr. sed. air, all pwr., stereo, orio. Owner. 5235D. A33-/4J9 ·fij PONT. Catalinn convT. Aulo, Dwr str, rks, windows. 43,000 miles, Excel cnnri. S65Q. JV3-B5Q1 '69 PONTI'AC ofb. won Tn contest. Air conditioning, pwr. str., iwr. brakes, autoni. Red. Call 925 5531 '43 PONTIAC Bonneville ccnwl. "Tilt wheel. SHARP. 5795. 434-0791 parls. VCRY '67 PONT. LPftrtans Cpe. 17,000 nil. PBS555. 52199. Osborn's, 20th Cherry. ^^____^^_ '6lf PONfTGTO, lullv loaded, tak* over payments. HA 9-6S5S Russ. 'M PONT1AC GTO conv. Extremely clean. S110Q. S3L93tf ___ 'M PONTIAC Grand Prix. Pwr. *jr. Priy. Ply. __ 597-1 169 ·62 PONTIAC Cat., owr sir "brks, R/H. good cond S595... 714-53_7-595J__ 'M PONT. GTO. Immac. Auto., owr." str. Prl. pry. tliflO. 434-490d '64 PONT. Gram Fact. air. Si 399. Prix. 35.0J own. '65 PONT. Giand Prix, air, RH, Dwr, tilt whl. S2000 UN 5-8M3 eve. '62 PONTIAC Catallna 2-door W. F. McPHEETERS AUTO SALES FINANCE 1-160 LOUD Beach Blvd. HE 2-507 '67 6RAND PRIX DLX. Lo mileage, Iutl power, air. taoe. 5?o95. Prv. nty. J35-0103 or J3B- _5«J. I ·64 PONT. GTO. 4-icd., 389 «/3 2's. Clean. SI800. 597-8101 I '69 Chrysler New Yorker 4-Dr. Hdtp. New Yorker 2-Dr. Hardtop. BRAND NEW 440 V-8 engine, outomotic tron*miision, power steering, power brakes, disc brakes, tinted glass, light group, clock, special molding. Full safety group. S Q r . # 188370 ONLY ^3995 R.O.GOULD CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 1600 LONG BEACH BLVD. HE 7-2871 FREE 100% GUARANTEE PARTS and LABOR FREE TO YOU ON ALL OK USED CARS 'Afi DAMTIAf 2 - d ° 0r llGrdto P' 00 rUNIlAV radio t heat.,, automatic transmission, power steering. Factory air conditioning. Blue with block vinyl interior. Low mileage. Remaining factory warranty. Lie. S VSV 469. Blue Boot $3380. OUR PRICE 68 DODGE Coronet "440" 2-dr. hdtp. Radio S heat- V-8, power steering, automatic trans- million, Factory Air Cond. Light green with matching interior. Low miltage. one owner, can verify. Remaining factory warranty. Lie. - V D W 9 I 4 . BLUE BOOK 5 2 9 3 5 . *9dQQ OUR PRICE A~m '67 OLDSMOBILE ^1. Radio, hfloter, automatic transmission, power steering and factory air. Excellent condition -- this is a gold car with matching leather interior. Lie. »T2A 827. Blue Book $2785. S l f t Q Q OUR PRICE I W T T JiC BAUTIAf 'onneville 2-dr. 65 PONTIAC hardtop Fully equipped with radio, heater, automatic iransmiiiion, power steering and brakes, electric windows, factory air conditioning. White with block vinyl interior and block vinyl roof. A real beautiful and nice car. Lie. S HPG 570. Blue Book 52150.00 S 1 C O O OUR PRICE I ^ T » '67VOLKSWAGEN; : don. Radio t heater. Real nice. Beautiful blue. Lie. -TZG 635, Blue Book 51650. $ 11QQ OUR PRICE · * * » \*m (kUTCDIU 4-door Sedan. Ro- O/ IIAlJJn dio and heater. 4. speed transmission. While with block leather interior ond bucket s»o!'.. Low mileage. Lie. 'VDX088. Blue Book $1550. S OUR PRICE inoo I V T T '65 MUSTANG 2-dr. hardtop. Radio heater, V-8. stick shift. A real nice car that drives 2 performs beautifully 'FED 033. Blue Book $1450. S OOO OUR PRICE T7T '64 PONTIAC aC d h.a P t.r *° tomafic transmission, power steering. A beautiful green with block l«ather intft- rior bucket seals. Good on«. -KJK 693. Blue Book $ 1 3 8 5 . *ftOO OUR PRICE OTT '65 CHEV. Ul shift. Lie. SR-60381. WEEK-END SPECIAL '61 CHEVROLET heater, - . t i c k Pickup- '/'i- ton, stand- rd transmission, radio and haofer. rear bumper. R«a! nlca. Lie. "M-78127. Blue Book $ 599 OUR PRICE TRUCKS 12 to choose from. '60 to '67 modais--o-cyl. ond 8'cyl. Some with auto, trans. Also 3-4 speeds, '/i and % tons. COO Priced from - ff ) £ 1 BAUDI ED American 4-dr. 61 RAInBLCK Sedon. Deluxe. Radio, heater, auiomafic transmission. Runs good. A fine little 2nd car. Lie. = G X W 5 3 9 . *199 OUR PRICE m* «UIUAt EL VAMIIlU9 5 io choostt from. '64 to '67 models. -rilh 4-sp«ed tronsmisitom. All real nnd ready t o go. Save $'s. 4-Di. $*don. Radio, heof- nr, automatic transmission, V-8. A beautiful low t.iileoqe cr;r that is ready to go. Will furnish OK used car warranty. Lie. -FJL209. $50.00 Down O.A.C. '60 CHEVROLET SEE ANY OF THESE COURTEOUS SALESMEN Bob Claiborne Walt Sherwood John Mallotti Ro9« r Hoberman Wally Bolster CORNER OF PARAMOUNT COMPTON BL.-PAR AMOUNT 14925 PARAMOUNT BLVD. PAMMOUNT 634-9014 · · · 1 _ I · · · · BEST FOR SALES , , . BEST FOR SERVICE,TOO! QUEEN CITY February CLOSE-OUT ALL NEW CARS ARE ! plus tax licens* ;^ 1/3 DOWN - CASH OR TRADE $1 K O R D LTD 2-DR HARDTOP . P.S., P. rliK b.oldi, 3S1 CID 2V, Huol i?or «clcs.. "myl rool, AM indie, dlx. isot belli, wh«el coven, 'l-c. clock, l-3loil, S!l«ct AIR CONDITIONED, vinyl trim. Slock * 10245. WAS NOW $37|3 10 ·t $81.14 COMPARE BONUS SALE PRICE! NEW '69 MUSTANG $ 2386 8-Pass. V-8 FAIRLANE 500 4-DR SEDAN Slock #10002 Motor #1854 NEW '69 FAIRLANE Including aulomaiic, pwr, steering, pwr. diic brak«i, radio, T-glan, wsw, whiel cavtn, V-8. CruisomatiL, roijio, seal belts, tinted glass comp l e t e , c o u r l i t y lights.5locki»96U, Molar ?0734. 1969 FALCON 2.DR. CLUB CPE. 1967 MUSTANG 'COUPE." Economy fi-cyl. engine, auto. Irons., RH, like new w-s-w :im. A real sharp little white Mustang. Lic.#UCY767 WASS2295. NOW.. $ 1995 1966 FORD Econoline "CLUB WAGON." 6-Cyl. engine, RiH, rear seal, real good w-s-w. Real sharp. Lie. #SVE423 WAS SI995. NOW.. 1795 1966 DATSUN "PICKUP." Standard transmission, while in color. The most popular imported pickup. Lie. #NOT 528. WAS 51095. $7 OR NOW. 1962 PONTIAC "GRAND PRIX." 2-dr. hdtp., V-8, autom Pwr. sir., brks., vinyl bucket seats WSW tires, lie. #KIK626. WAS $995. $QCrt NOW OOU 1960 TRIUMPH "TR3 ROADSTER." 4-Speed Irons., heoter, like new inside upholstery, reol good w-s-w tires. A real nice sports cor. Mlr.#TS54256LO $1 WAS S995. NOW... t 1964 CADILLAC 'Coupe de Ville," V-8, aulo., P.S., P.B., FACTORY AIR CONDITIONED, vinyl tool, pwr. seol, pwr. windows, like new w-s-w liies. A real iharp "Caddie." Lie. POK568.Wos $91Q|; S2395. N o w . . . . £ I 33 1963 OLDSMOBILE "Cullasj" 2-dr. V-B, oulo., P.5., R/H vinyl bucltel seoll, w-l-w Kr«i. License GHZ 530. Was S1095. «QC Now 130 1966 FORD FALCON "SPORI COUPE." V-8 inaine, outo. Irons., radio heater, real good w-s-w tires. A real nice little red Falcon. Lie. #UUJ519 WAS SI995. NOW '1795 1969 TOYOTA "LAND CRUISER." 1 owner. 6,000 mi. Just like new, 4 wheel drive, stereo radio, heater, all metal top, rear seals. Lic.# XCH697. WASS339S. SOT NOW L I 1965 PONTIAC 'CATAUNi 2-Dr. Hdlp." V-8, oulo- molic Irons., radio, heolcr, vinyl seats, w-s-w lire*. Mir #252375!;I07711 W4SS1695.NOW.. M195 1962 FORD "V4-TON PICKUP." 6-Cyl., sld. 3-spd. trans. Radio heater. Long whcelhase, wide bed. This pickup runs real, real aood and looks real sharp, too. Lie. #L45919 $OQR WASS1095. NOW.. 093 1966 FORD "XL Convert." V-8, auto., P.S., P.B., R/H. w.s-w lires. A lotol onw owner cor and NOW really sharp. Lie. TAU767.Wos.S2195 '1995 1966 FORD "CUSTOM SOU" 4-dr. sedan. 6-cyl. engine, standard trans., healer. A real nice family cor. Lie. #OWK839 $11Cn WASJ1295.NOW.. I IOU 1961 CAD. "Sedan de Ville." 4-door hdlp. V-8, automatic transmission, pwr. steering, pwr. brakes, radio, Mr., real good whitewall tires. Lie. #CEB775.WASS995. $CQC NOW 030 1964 JAGUAR "JtKE." Chrome wire wheels, dual overhead com, sliding sun R/H, {our-iptid trans. Rum lit dreom.Woi J 52995 NOW $ 2595 1965T-BIRD "UNOAU COUPE." V-8, outo. trans., pwr. str. brks., pwr. seat, pwr. windows. Factory Air Cone . ·eal goad w-s-w tires. Slack vinyl roof, ail white body. Lie. #TUP425 $ WAS $23"5. NOW.. 1962 PLYMOUTH 2-DOOR SEDAN." Economy 6- cyl. flng., oulo. trans., healer. Ihis is a real good 2nd car. Looks and runs real good, lie. #QH069 $ WAS S69S. NOW... 1968 FORD "RANCHERO GI." V-8, aulo. Irani., pwr. sir., while side walls. A real sharp hrighl red pickup, lie #24792A.WAS $ 52895. NOW 1964 RAMBLER "Classic 4-Dr. Wogon." 550 series, V-8, standard trans., R/H FACTORY AIR CONDITIONED, chrome luggoge rack. Lie. XDT400. Was 51695. $1 1 QC 1967 FORD "COUNTRY SEDAN" 4-dr. Slo. Wgn. V-8, aulo., PS, PB, (oclory air conditioning. Runs real good. WASJ2595 S 1 Q Q C NOW 1330 RAMBLER LONG BEACH 55 T-BIRD, reslortd like ntw. S« la aortcialf. 433-7231. Oealfr. BRAND NEW 1969 Rambler 2-Dr. Sedan Full factory equipped. Economy plus giant savings. Serial No. A9S060A205799. Thing for f; '69 FORD -- 1969 AMBASSADOR 4-DOOR SEDAN EXECUTIVE DEMONSTRATOR Auto. Irani., big V.8 engine, pwr. itrg., . radio, healer, eii gloss, indiv. reel, seals, vis group, w-s-w, head rests and FACT. AIR COND. Ser. *A9A852M?00433. Our Salesmen have been told to present EVERY and ALL deals! COMPARE Sale Extended thru Sunday · 65 VOLKSWAGEN '66 RAMBLER 220 '·Cvl., sld. h'nltr. f,|.,l. C^fc^k^k FORD CORTINA CT $ List was $3^8^.22 $2788" List was $ $2298 AT RANGHO CASH OR TRADE PLUS TAX LICENSE On Approved Credit '66 MUSTANG 2 Dr. hdlp. AIR COND, V.8. nulo. Irons, Bill, pwr. ilr., tie. I.e. Ho. RIP144 ·66 MERCURY CAllENTE 2.Dr.hJU,.MK COI « l on d healer. Ser. No. 6K3C520931 OPEN DAILY SUNDAY til 10p.m.

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