Independent from Long Beach, California on February 14, 1958 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1958
Page 22
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Pag* B-I2-1NDEPENDENT ,*. WHAT YOUNG PEOPLE THINK They Wed, Re t importance whatsoever to .the definition ,;..Qf ····..· J Hollywood man'ce. ."· By EUGENE GILBERT (President of tfcn Gilbert Youth Bcucurcli Co.) -Meino to parents: if you're worried about what to tell your marriageable sons and daughters when they come to announce that the question has been popped, save your cares for another day. .group sough't the · advice of someone other than those mentioned, presumably a friend or relative. IN MOST CASES, 1 the parents' were receptive to the ,idea. But 29 per cent of the boys and 20 per cent of · the 1 girls said they were turned down by one or both parents. What did education, at least in most cases. Of the more than 750 young couples, we interviewed in. various localities across the country, only -23 per cent of-.the It may well'have-been. Only ·try, oiuy ·« pci *.^* ·"- «·- 53 .per cent of.-j'the .husbands husbands say they learned the. and 4 per. cent .of'the wives i - _ T _ -- : J ; _ 1 ff,n+r- ' nf 1 i f o in thpir Fftl* n rtan II afol V ' TlrPnaTPt? for cive about the proposed match it will fall on love-deafened cars;. . They'll listen in respectful silence (if you -are lucky and don't, provoke an argument) nnd ; then go out and do precisely as they please--particularly if you say no. . · ' « * « * IN A NATIONWIDE survey of -recently married young couples, we Cleaned these two conflicting trends: i; Boys and girls still »sk their parents' permission to get married. 3," Boys and girls marry the partner of their choice, regardless of whether it is the part- neriof their parents' choice. * * * * SO. MOM AND DAD, before preparing a soul - searching s p e e c h o n w h y . Johnnie shouldn't .'marry that little blonde from the other side of the.tracks or why Susie should forget the butcher boy, listen to'these statistics on the futility- of trying to deflect Cupid's arrow: , Fully S3 per cent of the young husbands and 91 per cent -of the young wives we interviewed said they sought the approval of their parents .before marrying. But, of those who followed this' procedure 93 per cent of the ' bridegrooms and 87 per cent - of the brides said they would have married anyway-with or without their parents' permission. The old days of .-the timid suitor anxiously asking Father for ..daughter's hand may no1 exactly be gone forever, but thcj scene isn't the same. ] In nearly nine cases out of 10,; Father is being subjected to a 1 mere- formality. If he puts thumbs down on the match, he may be faced with the choice of either giving the bride away unwillingly or having her. go way on her own volition. · . · * » * * THE SAME of course goes for boys, even more so since the percentage is higher. Despite this independent attitude towards their parents, most young people still ask parental permission to get married and most of them receive it. On, a comparison basis, this is what happened: Taking the survey group asj a whole, 72 per cent o f - the | young husbands and 90 per cent of the young wives sought someone's advice before getting married. Of these eight out of 10 boys and nine out of 10 girls went to their parents for advice; eight per cent of the boys and four per cent of the girls went to their clergyman, 1 and four per cent'of the boys and one per cent of the girls sought the advice of a marriage counselor. Only eight per cent in either anyway. The type of advice that they sought from'aU these, sources, however, did not pertain to sex ---------- _ girls were taught, sex educa-,of the boys and, surprisingly, school: Less than ! ,.threel n one of the girls attributed any per cent of both sexes depended on their church for this vital information.: ' · '-·;..'.." · ' . ; ' · What "of the remainder?': The-remainder,-in this' case, happens--to be .'the majority. Sixty-five per cent of-the boys and 55. per cent of 'the vgirls said they received their sex education from friends-of their own age .and sex... · Was this a case of'the. blind leading the blind?,. ' -Most.:off thj6 young ·married couples we; contacted, had; their ^ of V.problems,' ·· but-' these winners,, .who did most of the worrying.. Both .husbands and wives ranked financial.matters as .their most -pressing problem, but'not'in the .santes numbers. Among the.-giris,'-63 per cent .voted for; mpney. as .a leading/, problem, as; compare: About 23 per cent of both boys - and girls encountered some' marital difficulty over ; a share-- of ..problems, ·· out - tnese leading,.-, problem, as; comparea were , ; .yery,.reai and. fair 'frbmj^,^}! 39, per cent of'the .boys. ':· biological facts of life in their own family' circle. . . . .' · - The girls · had a . somewhat higher average, with .nearly 29 per cent learning · .about life from their parents. » « : * * ' .. ONLY 10 PER CENT of the boys and 13 ,per cent of- the- felt adequately ' .prepared for marriage. , · - . - . ' "'·· This does not mean, however, that they were^ disenchanted 'about romance or. had any starry-eyed illusions 'about love. - LESS THAN ONE per. cent 'Money, 'for instance looms.' s the largest.problem on the narital horizon. .And it.was the rives,- rather than .'their -bread NEXT ON THE- problem list came .in-laws^ who bother 31 per cent-.of -the .boys and'17 per, c'eiat. 6C'-the girls: FBI-SAT.- CHA-CHfl-MOMBO L40/ES FKEE-- COVER 50c D I A M O N D LIL'S Slipw FICUERORA AT "B" STREET,-WILMINGTON difference In personality *nd taste.-between themselves and their ..mates: 1 ·..'.·"· make your drinks sparkle with famous 2 teaspooni frozen limeade or- concentrate, jiltger of Bacardi. Shake very well with, ice. The colder, .the belter. EACAKWI /un«riCJh ftvorit. br«iid-byt«^l I). . r««I op«rl-- i. iwo' d«H«ht'»I food rtcipt bookl«t». for - dn»k © Bacardi Imports,,.595 Madison Ave., NY.. Rum, 80 Proof. ATTRACT ATTENTION to your want with a "Wanted" ad Works FAST. 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