Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 5, 1973 · Page 29
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 29

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1973
Page 29
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14 LOST FOUND · REWARD: Female Irish Setter. Vlcin- · Ity . Wllmot/Bellevue. Child's pet. ' E"*^' 1 " collar. 885-4605. ' · REWARD for "small, white maTe .,.poodle,, long tall, all clipped except ears and tall, 624-7575 or 623-0200. 16 PERSONALS Fresh green corn tamales are now 'available al s. We also serve In ' our dining room or carry, home, the best Chlmichangas In Tucson. GORDO'SMEXICATESSEN : ;; . 5028 E. Broadway REDUCE excess fluids with Flulde* Lose welqht with Dex-A-DIet capsules at Skaofls Druu Centers. SKIN. DISORDERS? Try Toco-Derm ·vitamin E cream 1260 IU Der. tuba at Skaggs Drug Centers. We Buy Life Blood Will vou help those who can't help themselves? Hours ID a.m.-5:3Q p.m. Mon., 8 .am.-3:30 p.m. Tues thru Fri. Community Blood Plasma Service. Inc., 2305 E. Broadway, 622-6771 Mrs. Meacham Psychic Readings. Call for appointment 325-8458 RENT to own TV «. Stereos "'"""TV RENTAL SERVICE LADIES 18-35 free.-Men over 50 needed. He and She Introduction Club, ' 887-7222. u · MRS. LEWIS Scientific Psychic readings, one visit .: will help solve your most difficult ' problem,'Appointment only 298-1M5. MESSAGE OF SHALOM 327-9114 - RELAX with Massage, ,, Swedish massage ' Mildred Patterson ,. , 622-4380 Body Shampoo 648 E. Speedway ice to all N. R omero 887- ·ASTROLOGY SERVICE. Natal and ·Progressed Charts. Call Susan Hoe- flicker, 888^46o2. _ SAKI -- PSYCHIC READING -- May 1 help vou? 887-5783, ___^_ _ GEMINI ASTROLOGY SERVICE" -why not let one of our personalized horoscopes show you the wayl We tell ·it like It IS! Call 326-7762. · 49 BUSINESSES-SERVICES BURGLAR ALARMS 49 BUSINESSfS-SCRVIOS FURNITURE RSFINISHING FREE ESTIMATE for fire or pur- alar alarm need. Honest, professiona sKurlty survey and advice; No lob too small. Quality Installation. Audible or silent alarms for home or business. Ken Barnlsh days 88?-3384, nlsht, 6237453. Melssner-Wllkins Corp. FURNITURE. STRIPPED, readv to rcflnlsh. Quality work, reasonable. ree pickup .and 'delivery. Studio 9, CARPENTRY REMODELING --ADDITIONS. Bathrooms, kitchens, enclosed' carports, screened-in enclosures, cement work, llcensed-bonded-lnsurcd. Free estimates, R. L.. Hall Home Improvements. 298-^996. SMALL JOBS--REPAIRS Fast - Courteous - Service-Reasonable. House Doctor. 326-1429. OFFICE remodeled. Home redesigned -- Interior or Exterior. Dale Dunshee, 294-7539, Evenlnas. If no answer call 294-8204 CAREFUL reliable carpenter, call with confidence, G. Richards 795-7963. REMODELING and HOME "repair of any kind. LImer's Construction. 888- ROqM ADDITIONS. Awning LADE WORK with or without ooer- lor. Lots cleared etc. M. Parkhurst, J4-0574,622-M34. OAD grading, .driveways, lot level- iig or clearlno, etc. Inquiries wcl- ome. Ed York, 885-4343, or 885-6961..... iStlmates. F. Ferrari. sklrtini 887-060: ROOM ADDITION, REMODELING ; JAATINHO 881-1178 RELIABLE CARPENTER 294-4619 H. Gossett . FORKNERSONS Remodeling, additions, cement work, guaranteed work at a reasonable price. Licensed bonded. 326-1706. HOME REPAIRS, yard ... metal work, etc. E. O'Brien, KIRCHENBERG-CONSTRUCTION Custom carpentry, remodeling, room additions, carports, kitchens, repairs. Licensed 8, insured. 296-5085 or 2970073, MALL, roof, block, plaster, painting, ilumblng, yard cleaning, hauling, no ontrador, JR Cruz, 383:0413. CRONIN SONS, 20 vrs. specializing in remodeling, room additions S, custom carpentry shop work. Your ideas or ours. Llc.-bonded-insur.id. " Hi Dp ALL phases of carpenter work. p. Chartrand, 622-3447. CARPETS RUGS SACRIFICE. Only 2 full queen size ' leep sofas in Herculon covers. Reau- larj329.9S, now $229.95. - anlee'sSi George Manlee's Sleep Shops 4845 E. Speedway 3264)066 SOPHIA MASSAGING STUDIO ''European high trained, licensed masseuse for'ladles and " and throat specialist. Speedway 8. Craycroft. ' FEEL GOOD. LOOK GOOD. Massage - specialist. Therapy, contour. Call Cella. Chez Josef for men and women. '1927 E. Speedway. 327-5711. MEDICAL INFORMATION 1 'a loved one or your own life. -- Care. -- Call 624-2442, ext. 001 now. Informa- i tlon Medical Emergency Service. ,.. THE NEW YOU HEALTH SPA THE ULTIMATE IN MASSAGE Sauna and whirlpool Be completely relaxed Mon thru Fri 10 am to 12 midnight. Sat ---- Sun 12 noon to * PM. 1252 W. Roger '"Rd.'888-4259. ', DRUGLESS THERAPY. Scientific massage. By appointment on'" *TM '6014. .Edward VanLeeuwen,, Blanton Dr. "' STOLEN OR LOST credit cards worry us. You are responsible -- for peace of "· · · · erection against loss call si, 624-2441 or 298-2605 for Cancellation information. TOWN t, COUNTRY ' HEALTH SPA "If vou find your'usual form of relaxation more tiring than relaxing, a visit "· 'to Town and Country Health Spa could be a welcome change. Our highly - 'trained girls are experts and our rates reasonable. So put the "relax;' back In your relaxation. Come to Town and · Ojountrv Health Spa. Open 10am to 10pm Mon-Frl. Sat. 12-S, 138 W. Drachman. 624-2839. Out calls by appt. only. ETHEL SNYDER'S ! ntroduetlpriServlcc, 326-4801 _ L V M CARPET SERVICE. Com- merclal-Resldentlal-Your carpet and pad or our's. Installation guaranteed. Free estimates. Lev/ prices. 888-4681 mates. P. Landers. Corpet-Rug Cleaning carpet shampooing, reasonable rates, R. Phillips. Phone 889-4257. _MOVE ALL OLD detergent shampoo with new Alcohol base shampoo. Free soil retardant. $11.95, any front room. All work guaranteed. - . Mat-go Carpet Cleaning. any front . 882-9419. DIAL. A HANDYMAN for yardwork- oof repair. All kinds of repairs any- line. Bill West. 832-0795. PAINTI window, CARPET CLEANING. Call 792-0534 H. 'STEAM CLEANING Carpet cleaning. Factory trained personnel to give you the professional lob SPEAR'S 296-2356 Steamliner, most modern equipment to date. Free estimates. CEMENT CONTRACTORS FLOORS, patios, driveways, no lobs too small. Free estimates. W. Wheeler, 887-2930 or 326-9967. CEMENT WORK "WHY GAMBLE?" Receive guallfy and-experience. Cool decking, cement floor, driveways, etc., _,, u..,^, .,_ _.. Conslruction bui?Si all building needs, 888-0668. loor, dr ;. CB ADOBE, block, bricklaying, patios, walls, carpentry. E. ; Sommers, 3269887. PATIOS, drives, slabs, brick and block. We repair old 294-9197. After 5, 327- structlon. LAY OUT, footings, foundation, fltiors all concrete work complete. 15 years experience. 294-8302, J. Mason. TRAILER SLABS, Patios, footings driveways, reasonable. W. Alltnena 887-6416. CEMENT WORK, patios, sidewalks and floors. 884-9733. C Flgueroa 792 9722. BARRETT'S Concrete specializing In driveways, patios, sidewalks and trail er slabs. Free estimates. Licensed and bonded. 885-8345,296-5359. ; DRIVEWAYS, patios, slabs, footings stemwalls, free estimates. Vines Ash 793-2713. · ' · ·HOME ALARMS --.Guard against vandals, intruders, undesirables. . Free estimate and advice. Honest appraisal. Professional Installation. Systems to suit any need. Home or Business. Audible, siren or silent a arms. 24 YEARS Experience on any kind o cement work. Patios, drives, etc. Cal ALSanchei, 889-3161 or 889-5801. Call ·air. 1 Wilklns Corp. Herllhv, 889-3384. Melssner- PREGNANT? Problems seem hone- Icssrwecan help! Birthright 793-9itQ7._ INTERMEDIATE BRIDGE or precision lessons. Bridge Center, 2501 6. 6th St., 325-1616. CERAMIC TILE TILE LAYING, labor only. Qualltv work. Al Hardy, 325-3765. RENOVATE your kitchen and bath Free estimates, licensed contractor Lowing Tile. 297-1477, 297-4839. LICENSED -Bonded quality work manshlp. Free est. H. Garcia 294-3524 TO LESTER R. COLE: Your dauohter needs vou. Call Mother, (914) 34! 142-0088. ASTROLOGY READINGS --.Natal, ilar. Birthday, comparisons. Prob- ·'Solar. Blrtljdi lems? Doroth' lems? Dorothy Sonner, FJifflt VIVIANE WOODARD Cosmetics. Free makeup lessons. For appointment, telephone 8r sssons. 186-4565. ' SCULPTRESS BRAS S, NUJRI-MET- ICS organic make-up. Consultants needed. Joy Beaton, PO Box 761, Wlll- cox 15643. 24 AUTO TRANSPORT'N SHIP YOUR CAR ' AUTODRIVEAWAY · 2030 E. Speedway Blvd. ... ,Ph 327-5995 H.U. Sheaffer 1CC125985 .Uite 108 Insured 60 Off. U.S. oSCan. CONCRETE ACME CONCRETE Contractors I censed and bonded. Patioj, driveways sidewalks. Free estimates. Call 795 17S9.___ . FOR PROFESSIONALLY deslgne concrete try Trl-K Construction, 2960851.296-7900. ' DDE SHOPPE. Refln. 8, repair all urnlturenV antiques.327-1081, . RADING AND LEVELING MASONRY - i Waler Falls. Evenings. AND CLEARING, house pads, stock nks, dykes, -road work, any bull- ozing. Call anytime 887-9723, 624-5766. Duffleld. LEARING, grading creage, any size. C 476. , roads, lots, arl Mlxon. 887- MATTRESS renovating and manufac- uring. One day service. Arizona Mai- ress, 624-7848. ', SMUTNY E emolltlon 8, lane y. 885-3730. iXCAVATING clearing, F. Smut- LADE WORK, roads, acreage, back- oe, utilities, septic work. W. Noyes, J7-894S, 2°-4073. ACTION WRECKING . We'demoiish residfintial, commercial nd Industrial buildings. Licenced; onded and Insured. Also land-clear- ng_. 887-3480 . ' . . HANDYMAN sheet "185. AINTING 8, repairing ceramic t loor tile. N. Brevick._623j880 eve. WALT'S Handy Home Repair GENERAL REPAIRS -- low rates -=e estimates. HRK Handyman for re. 326-37" 37S5. ARD CLEAN-UP/haullna, etc. Rca enable. Free estimates. Marv's Ser Ice. 624-3338, 887-1648.^ ·AINTING, esse Jeffert: CARP! Is,. 795-3.1 P6NTRY, odd lobs i593. , TYPE repairs, roofing, elec rical, plumbing and carpentry. Cal lefore Sam or after 7pm, free estl Sa . P. 'ter 7pm, · ;. 297-5167. PAINTING, TREE Trimming, vard :leanup, trimming. Planting, gravel no, rotatilling, hauling. Les Doty 89-3758. 4? ·USINESSES-SERVICES MASONRY - Block-Fireplaces' Mllkt, 790-3931 MATTRESS RENOVATING 50 BUSINESS TRAINING Pointing Decorating EXPERIENCED, duality painting, Inide, outside, clean, reasonable. Al ?ooalskv, 297-2870. · · · · · , CLEAN, HONEST work, licensed, Insurance, references. R. Moore, 7953303. CAREER COURSES · Higher Accounting I Bus. Admin. · Business management · General Business · Secretarial · Cashiering · Office machines On* sublect or a complete course. VETERAN APPROVED Elidible under Federally Insured Loans Lamson Business College Phone 622-7422 S37 S. STONE 100 HELP WANTED, MALE Awning Installers Experienced. Also screen rooms, room addition*, skrtno. Best nay, commensurate with ability, permanent. Outstanding fringe benefits. Apply mommas only, 9 to 11, Westerner Products. 20V g. Grant Rd. GUEST RANCH I PERMANENT, live-in position for building-grounds man. Experienced and reference*. 296-6275. 'AINTING -- Interior-exterior -- Im- medlatelv. 792-1655. M. Furman. WANTING PAINTING, inside and out, reasonable, fret estimates. J. Brown. 623-1483. _ NEED PAINTING? Don't! We cover Facia, soffits and sldinos with baked on painted aluminum. Modern-Air Aluminum, 624-0477 for free estimate. Licensed contractor. PROFESSIONAL PAINTING, Interior and exterior, 25 years exoerience. Reasonable. Herb Grimes. 838-3510. C L PAINT patch. All types 20 yrs exp. References. 795-5692 in om. FREE ESTIMATES on painting, patching, and perking up your place. Rlc Blakely. 327-9267. REASONABLE/QUALITY PAINTING -- inside, outside. Free estimates. Z. Teter. 888-009.1... HOME PAINTING, fast and efficient. Airless spray, Tucson native, references. Dave Parker. 887-4092., MASTER CRAFTSMAN, painting, free estimates. J. Hixon, 889-2873. PROFESSIONAL, SEMI-RETIRED. Excellent work. Fast, expert, also spray. 29J-9781.J. Plcoult. EXPERIENCED Interior and Exterior, painters. Reasonable rates. Cal after 5PM, 792-0523, T. White. PAPER HANGNG PRICING ESTIMATOR Cost analyst end price estimator needed for plplna and sheet metal contractor (alr-condltloning prime). ME Degree preferable. But experience ac- Call 298-3393. EX AUTO TRIMMERS Apply 3601 E Speedway 70 SCHOOLS-INSTRUCT'N SECURITY GUARDS I We have full and part time openlnqs, eouipment furnished, vou provide side arm, starting rate SI .75, no phone calls please. CONTINENTAL SECURITY arm, starting please. CONinii-ivmi- GUARDS. 219 W. Flores St. Learn To Earn As A REAL ESTATE Professional . · State accredited school : ' · Frse placement service · Professional Instructors . . . . · Individual attention $69.50 (Includes all texts) 10 nours sales training course, W9.50 90 hour broker course, S149.50 CALL FOR FREE CONSULTATION MECHANICS WANTED. Permanent year round work for Qualified persons. Progressive employer, liberal benefits. Local Tcrex, Euclid and P H dealer. Detroit Diesel and/or Allison transmission experience preferred. Call Reggie Bacocclnl. 624-2344. PLUMBER Minimum 5 years experience. TOD i for the right man. Interviews 1:30_... Monday thru Friday. No phone calls. 3202 E. 4oth Street. BICYCLE MECHANIC Experienced only! Apply 8-12 noon al Tucson Schwlnn 'Cyclery, 8470 E Broaaway - . SERVICE STATION attendant, experienced; excellent pay. Payless Gas, 909 E. 22nd. INSmUTE 296-4978 ":$514 E. 22nd St. PAPERHANGER, retired, will hang small lobs by the roll: L.'Barnes, 883- PARTICULAR paper hanging. Con- ract Coverings 886-6914. INTING, Papering, glass, roofing, , , , , itchen cleaning, plumblnq.- Stone. 624-3072. A-ONE PAPER HANGING.,All lobs ig or small. By the roil. Vince 01- zewskl. 29tj7n HAVE PICKUP will do ng, hauling, repair. " oney. . Id lobs, roof- ·-- A. Ma- 'ATIO WALLS -- Retainer Walls and Custom t-stlos. Matlnho, 681-1178 HAULING DETAINER, patio, flagstone, water- alls, brick, adobe stone, Fred Green*, HAULING all k nds done. reasonable and quick.' -- clean-up -- F Barber, 93-7352. ALLEY CLEAN UP, Ijqht hauling, rash pickup. Richard Grllalva, 793842. CUSTOM patio walL ludget, Arizona Bui WILL. HAUL. AN.YTHING: !tI trees, rimmtngs, removal, errv Colllns_._885-6153. 'ATIO WALLS, censed. 885-3944. LIGHT HAULING -- trash pick-up, ard work, lots cleared. M. Sewell, 87-6583. · . : · i_; _.:/.. CLEAN-UP, (travel, prunlng,..tre*.re- moval, Glbbs travel. Pruning., tree re Maintenance, 885-0371. PATCHING, drywall Installation, er damage, roofing, painting. 2213. P. Williams. 793-0008. 1AULING -Almost Trimming -Painting stimate. Maranatha House Anythl -Odd Ji hlng -Tree DUMP TRUCK SERVICE, gravel, and,tqpsoil and fill dirt, tr,actqr_a.rad- ng anc Smith. REPAIRS, FREE ESTIMATES, low ates. HRK Handyman for Hire. 326,topsoil and fill dirt, tractor graq- amf backhoe work. 795-4520. J. DUMP TRUCK, Tractor, Hauling. Anything anytime. Gravsls, fill dirt, instruction cleanup, -trash removal. Reasonable. W. Barnes, 792-1871. 'LUMBING, furnace, Cooler, general epairs, and service. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call Rinaldo DiCenzo. 3274024. DUMP TRUCK HAULING -- fill dirt, sand, gravel, topsol, home It construction cleanup back, fill work. 8853730. F. Smytnv. i HAULING 4 GENERAL work. Call evenings. 297-1061, J. Martin WILL HAUL Anything-Anytlme 8 to 8 and nights by appt. 7 days week. Seasonable rates. Call 325-97B5. Rusty Nelh. TRASH HAULI Tree Work H. O'Brien, AULING -- Chain , 326-2710. -- Alley Cleanup, in Saw. Dependable. TRASH PICKUP -T- alley cleanup, yard work, house Minting. D. Burress. 889-2239. HAULING--PICKUP Will load- per load, von. f-trash-furniture, etc. S10-S1S 623-4532, after 4pm, S. Run HEATING t COOLING URNACE MOTORS -- Anqel Elec- 5358 E 2Wi.3g-77 FUR trie. FURNACE and heating .repairs. Al types. Stevt Bover, 881 Heating t, CoollmTServl Wally Scylts5325 E. Speedway HEATING A COOLING COOLER SERVICE FREEESTIMATES Coolers repaired, replaced, work cutr- anteed_._S,Jarr, Ml-0171. ervlced 3381. DIGGING TRENCHING done by the hour or foot. Merodlas Construction. 327-7401. BACKHOE work, septic tanks, ditches, 6282 S. Mark Road, off Val- encla, 863-391Z P. Massey. ASON'S House t Carpet Cleaning. :a\\1or free estimate. 294-7462. IM'S complete house 8, carpet clean- no. Jim Gordon, 297-4521, BACKHOE $12 hr. G. C. Wilson. 887-2442,793-7500 [TRAVEL OPPTUNITIES · YOU DRIVE: Looking for Inexpensive transportation? Cars to Seattle^Wash. BACKHOE WORK, all kinds, experienced, reasonable, good tqulp- mcnt, A M Blevlns, 887-4»9. 296-8160. Auto Drlveaway, Phx. 1-955-7350. AM DRIVING to Washington D.C. . area February 6 - would Hkc someone to share expenses. Call 3264091 or ... 887-640?. BUSINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY 49 BUSINESSES-SERVICES FORD DIESEL backhoe, experienced operator, by hour or week. J. Mack. 888-1464: ;_ HOME MAINTENANCE IUALITY HOME Repair. Carpenji Dressmakers Tailors ng. No iob too 96-1223. FREMONT FASHIONS, Men's women's custom design, pattern drafting, tailoring. Fashions Illustrating. Imported fabrics. Carolyn Hlnshaw, 298-6905. EUROPEAN DRESSMAKER -- alterations -- tailoring. Continental el" gance: 4007 E. Broadway, 327-8811 Streyar. "5- INCOME TAX Our trained consultants will prepare your return for as little as $5. Approximately 90% of our customers. pay be- wocn $5 and J12.50. No waiting. Just all or come In for confidential, per- KATHY'S KREATIONS: Duality sewing of anything from bathing suits to wedding gowns. 326-3532,2609 E. Wind sor. DRESSMAKING ALTERATIONS experienced. R. Bassett, 885-7984. FORMER GOVT. INC. TAX AUDITOR, now doing personal ~»»TM«- : ast, accurate service, S7.50 * ELECTRICAL REPAIRS TROUBLE SHOOTER -- ADDITIONS 220 OUTLETS J Pagan, 296-1952. COMPLETE ELECTRIC SERVICE ' 298-0232 HEATING-COOLERS-LIGHTING EXPERT MOBILE HOME REPAIRS DRYERS, RANGES, fuse boxes, mo bile homes. Free Estimates. S. Farr 861-0171. ELECTRIC SERVICES ALTERATIONS SEWING for women and children. Ex- pcrlcnced. T. Wcldc 298-9305. _ Wiring for light, heat power. Re- palrs. ABC Electrical 326-5547. CLOTHING ALTERATIONS and repair. Men's and women's. Merle Pav- llch. 298-5619. · EXPERT sewing and alterations for men, women, children. J. Blxcl 2974773. ELECTRICIAN. Wlrlnq, new services remodeling, dryers and new construe tlon. Reasonable. Free estimates Richard's Electric. 887-6018. ALTERATIONS, 25 Years experience, reasonable-expert work. Dorothy * Gray,_325-4953. WOMAN'S" TIONS. M. 327-0527. CLOTHING ALTERA- Martin, Tucson and Grant. APPLIANCE REPAIR FOR dependable appliance service backed bv *S years experience call CECIL GAVER at 327-6S71 REPAIR ALL brands, malor aooli- ances. Frontier TV and Appliances. 298-2397. Building Contractor FLOWING WELLS CONSTRUCTION, INC. 1016 W. PRINCE Custom builder, commercial and residential remodeling, licensed, bonded, insured. Call 887-5414. GIBSON ELECTRIC Has complete quality electrical s«r vice. Call Hank, 298-7U5. LICENSED ' BONDED ROELOFS ELECTRIC All Electrical Repairs. 885-3315. WE'LL Show you how. Plumblnq also BIMSCO. 2619 N. Stone, 623-581. Today's Best Bargains Ar« In The Want Ads. Read Them Regularly. EXCAVATING FINE GRADING, backhoework, til dump truck. Fred Greene, 299-2124. FERTILIZERS COMPOST bulk, manures, practical! odorless -- S5 per yard. Deliverei Darllnos. 424-7242, 887-01M. OAK, iunlper, mcsquitc. Sclllns ' years In Tucson. 623-4286, 624-2918, 79 9S1S. T. R. Nordstrom. NEWEST "IDEAS in remodelina -carport conversions, room additions, fresh Ideas In kitchens, recreation rooms. No iob too small, free designs estimates. Ole Olson Contracting Co. 327-3215. ATTENTION DO-IT-YOURSEUFERS! We'll do part, vou finish or we'll do It all. Additions, remodeling, masonry. K8.R, 624-2172. GENERAL contractor custom bull- der.Matlnno, 881-1178 GENERAL CONTRACTOR needs work. Industrial, residential and remodeling. Licensed, bonded and Insured. Herb Schneider, 297-3437. SUNRISE BUILDERS, custom homes, remodeling, larae or small. Reasonable. Licensed and bonded. 296-1688. GENERAL CONTRACTOR -- Custom Building, carpentry, licensed, bonded, Insured, John H. Wrlaht Construction. " nlng service. Free estimates. Licensed and bonded. Armbruster Construction. 888-OJ87. _ Bldg. Construction FIREWOOD MESOU1TE FIREWOOD, $40 De cord, 522.50 Der Vi cord. Free dellvei stacked. 296-2077. M. Smith. ENTRAL SYSTEMS . Installed, and ,L SYSTEMS . Installed ana Tucson Mech»nlcal Co. «3- PATIO WALLS AIR-CONDITIONING 27 weeks -- VA approved -- day eve Financial aid placement assist. Feb. 12th class now forming . · Phone 622-4666 Saguaro Trade School 21 W. 30lh to meet vour ' :rs Masonry ,,. QUALITY-LOW COST-PATIO MALLS. Fast service, free estimates. 'OP VALLS. Fast serv-- _ Mark West Development,_327-D»4. ! . all types masonry, II, 885-9445. R. Bishop., PLASTERING wa- 795- PLUMB1NG FREE Placement for limited no. of-students. - ' for.Feb ; ,c.lass.j296-6^93 lesister now for Feb;, class. 296- ladys M. Gilbert School of Real late. TRAIN AS PEACE OFFICER OR CIVIL INVESTIGATORS Men-Women urgently needed to train as Peace officers or Civil Investigators. Openings Coast to Coast. Starting sal $800 to-SI ,000 per mo. VA approved for Veterans Servicemen. 1-265-4671.4111 N. 16th Phoenix Peace Officers Training Service CLASSIFIED INDEX ANNOUNCEMENTS 1 Mini 24 .-.»«. 20 TEACH DRIVING No experience necessary, full time, permanent. Ions' hours, 6 dav week, good pay 8 car furnished for. personal use also). We will train ... _.. ,.._.n vou without charge ,o Teach drlvina. All students furnished by school -- no canvassing or soliciting. Immediate ooenlnas in Tucson area. Must apolv In person only, 301 E. Roosevelt Street, Phoenix, 8 to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday. B TO O pill, IvlunuaY 1IUUUHII jaiumar. SENIOR ACCOUNTANT, with audit- Ins cxpelenr-v Tucson - CPA office. Excellent potential. Replies con- fldentlal. 793-7147. EXPERIENCED AIR - CONDI- TIONlNG-service man. Steady work, good pay, good frlnne benefits. Temp- Rife Engineering, 2102 E. 14th. 624. 8383. WAITER, Guest ranch. Live In or home. Experienced and references. 298-2347. KITCHEN HELPER. Guest ranch. Live In or home. No cooklno. Ex- perieneed and references. 298-2347. CONSTRUCTION Superintendent -- Specializina underaround sewer, water, electrical. Top pay. Star-Citizen Box 203-A. 3755. ve'LL show you how. Electrical also. JIMSCO. 2419 N. Stone. 623-5481. ALL kinds plumb, repairs, sewers, drains cleaned. 0. Wisner. 883-4929. 'LUMBING. New construction and ·emodelins. Licensed and bonded. Reasonable rates. Artesla Plumbing. 294-5153, 297-1031 · SEWER CONNECTIONS, septic tanks, water lines and trenching. J W Ander- 3 LUMBING REPAIRS. I'm Fast -- 'm Good -- I'm Reasonable. Doug Lockler. 795-0300. ftEMODEL'ING ft REPAIR ;OOM additions remodeling of all Vpes. Free estimates. Financing available. Licensed bonded contractor. Southwest Home Industries Inc. 885-M54. .; _ ROOFING ROOFING ... .. d 1 Squires. 795-4768. Licensed and"" bonded. Thomas H COMPANY For classes Now forming NURSES AIDES ORDERLIES One mechanic, experienced in new used Ford transmissions engine overhaul. Experienced Ford parts-man. Know Ford parts book i how.to read the TV screen. . CARL TALENT FORD DRAWER N WILLCOX.A2 1-384-2218 CONTACT LONNIE HARGUESS WARD CLERKS FOR INTERVIEW CALL 882-0948 MEDICAL DIVISION PIMA COUNTY BUSINESS INSTITUTE 2030 E. BROADWAY SUITE 201 QUALITY PLUS -- Patches, Plastering, Painting, Reasonable. Responsible. 793-0008 P. Williams 795-2213^ BERRY'S Roofing. No lob too big or small. Anytime, 885-3860. ROOFING -- Hot work, with pumper kettles - «ulcjt service, low cast. Modular Constructors 884-8820 GOOCH'S Roofin ensed !· bonded. WILL DO HOT Roofing, shingles and repair work. 792-2709, A. Malonev MOBILE HOME speclall: gravel roof* l repairs. Monk. rc-roo A STATE LICENSEO SCHOOL COUPLE To manage apts. Apartment salary. 622-7633, 795-5754 __ EXPERIENCED 'RIG operator tor Installing Turbine and ,Submersible pumps. Gilbert Pump .pf_Tucspn,__Ap- starting Tyrb] pumps. Gilbert . _. ply In person, Ruthrauff Rd and 1-10 METALLURGIST ADVANCED EXPERIENCE IN DESIGN CONTROL AND OPERATION OF ORE BENEFICATION AND METAL PROCESSING PLAN TUCSON LOCATION: SALARY OPEN. WRITE STAR-CITIZEN BOX 207-A. KITCHEN maintenance man, over 35, 6 to 9:30 p.m,, 6 days wk. Apply Santa Rosa Convalescent Center, 1650 N Santa Rosa Blvd. Mon. thru Fri. 9 to 3. SECURITY GUARDS. Full or Part- time. SI .75 an hour. Call between 8am- 6pm, Tucson security Service, 8866676. ' FOR LOCAL delivery Of petroleum products. Experienced only. Apply 1801 N. Miracle Mile. DIESEL TRACTOR TRAILER. Driver training by Ryder. Short Home study followed by on-the-rle. experience at one of our giant training centers. Ap- NEED ELECTRICIAN with general service backgrcund, must have versatile capabilities and willing to accept various duties. Accepting applications dally. Call 623-3149 for further information. proved for veterans cdui ,q cente icatlon. For lo- Glenn, Tucson, Arizona. Horn* office Atlanta, Georgia. QUALITY CONTROL supervisor for Nogales, Sonera. Electronics components manufacturer. Call West Cap Arizona, Tucson, 294-2646. HOUSECLEANING HOME IMPROVEMENT OMPLETE REMODELING and Re- lair, kitchens, baths, tile, painting, oncrete, etc. Reasonable. V. Powell. :iectrlcal :OME Repair. Carpentry -- Plumblng_-- Remodel- too small. Paul Koeber, INCOME TAX SAND A GRAVEl iradlng. dump. Fred Greene, 299-2124. SIGN PAINTING REAL ESTATE TRAINING DENTON. The School of Real Estate is now offering the state required 45 dour course for your real estate salesman's license. Classes are small 30 you can receive Individual attention. If you are planning on entering the real estate profession, come in or give us a call. Call Jim Hogan at 298-1866 or Res. 790-3055. At Dcnton, Real Estate U not lust a iob, It Is a profession. SIGN PAINTING Silk Screen Print- ina. F. Nlewlarowskl. 885-3781. STERILIZERS WE sterilize turn., bedding, clths, etc. A-1 Sterilizers, 3550 E. Drexel 294-S498. TELEVISION SERVICE EXPERT TV REPAIRS. Antennas In- rfect. 1117 S Sherwood Village Or 8. 22nd St stalled. Channel 11 pe 85-1563. . Bob's TV. iAL HOUSE TAXMASTERS 910 S. Cravcroft 327-6258 . 2221 E. Broadway 624-5593 REE TRIMMING, topping, planting, cmoval, repair. Prompt, reasonable work. J. Rudolph, 623-3593. returns, up. 296 Expert help on Ariz, and other States forms. Eve. after 4 p.m. R R 2141N.AIvernon, 326-6405. 0 YRS. Serv. Appt. not neces. Barrln- per In. Tax. 319 E. 33rd St. 622-8924. DEPENDABLE GUARANTEED bcok- kcepino, taxes, accounting. S. Tothlll, 883-0442. · LANDSCAPING YARD CLEAN-UP -- Tree work-haul- nq-renovatlng-experlenced, Barber, 793-7352. Frank LANDSCAPE DESIGN and planning, bv recent UA design graduate. Stuart Yank. 297-5410. CARL'S CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY, make vour furniture better than new, cgardless of condition. Free estimates. 624-5162. EXPERT TREE Service. Trimming, shaping and removing. Free Estimates. 883-3180. J. Ewlng. ALL PHASES OF LANDSCAPING. lawns, srading, graveling, flagstone ratios, patio walls, all types, brick ·ock block work. Mallnho, 881-1178 GRASS, gravel, lawns, grading, top soil, masonry, flagstone, Fred Greene 299-2124. MASONRY ALL TYPES masonry, small com mcrclal, homes, fireplaces, patio walls. J. Norrls, 294-2159. . Receive "WHY GAMBLE?' quallly and. experience Brick, blocks, £dobe walls, all building needs. CB Construction, 888-0668. HOUSES, patio walls all tvpcs mason ry and concrete work. Reasonable Free estimates. H. Dunham 294-3011. BRICK -- BLOCK -- ADOBE -STONE WALLS -- AND PATIOS, LI censed, bonded. Insured. Matlnho, 881 1178. . MASONRY. WORK,, patios, free estl ?. Knadel. 624-2172.._ CUSTOM brick, block, adobe houses -veneers and patio walls. Low esti mates, Arizona Builders Masonry, 32S 4663. ALL PHASE of Masonry work, and small stucco iobs, C. Jones. 623-0856. ECHOLS CONSTRUCTION. New con- structlon, remodeling, repair, addl- tlons. Licensed and bonded. 623-3084. BOOKKEEPING SERVICE DEPENDABLE GUARANTEED bookkeeping, taxes, accounting. S. Tothlll, BUILDING REPAIR FOR A ROOM or two, for home Improvement, for best results. Call Certl- fjed Construction Companv._j89-4518. PLASTERING J, Stucco, mv profession, Large small jobs, including patch vrorlc Inside A out, Si complete new foccss for erected ceiltrws. tnexw.sive. Frt« estimates. 622-3206. A. O'Bvrnc. ATTENTION KIRBY OWNERS Grand Opening Special 11 Point Service Special 2.99 FOR ONLY 1. Repack bearings 2. Dress Armature 3. Clean Adjust brush roll 4. Replace head 5. Replace driie belt G. Service motor brushes 7. Clean filter ba( S. Oil wheels 9. Check all wiring 10. Clean Adjust Sani-EntBr 11. Check Suction ONLY AT: Arizona Kirby Company 175 S. Mwnm 327-BI TOPSOIL PECIAL -- 10 yards topsoll »5. 5 ards topsoll 530. Delivered. 294-8521. 23-8974, 623-2044, M. Rivera. Trees Shrubs Service REE WORK -- hauling -- vard lean-up. Experienced -- reasonable. Barber, 793-7352. ·IOW IS the time to tram for a bettor ;ob in Welding or Auto Mechanics. Veterans take -advantage, of the Increase In your educational allowance. Call or come in for Information. ABC Trade School. 3848 E. 39th St. 795-1642, 325-6685. REES TRIMMING, topping, removal aullng. Free estimate. Jerry Collins. 85-6153. REE TRIMMING landsi lays 298-8477, evenings 3 frandewlel. Ina. R,' UPHOLSTERING F YOUR FURNITURE Is not becom- ng to you. It should "be coming" to s. Free home estimates. Home Up- iQlsterv, 325-0116. Looking forneroT See Want Adj. ·Want to Mil « horn? Use Want Adi. Looninq tar a IOB? see Want Ad* EXPERIENCED merchandiser for wholcsale-retall-contractlmi-hardware plumblng-heatlno-electrlcal 8, al cond. company. Permanent only Company benefits. Please send re sume to Star Citizen Box 210-A. ROUTE SALES, old established com pany has Immediate openings due t expansion. Established territory. Hie commissions, free Insurance and vaca tlon. No Investment rcaulred. Trans portatlon furnished. Room for ad vancemcntto right Individual -- Apply In person only, alter 6 PM, Tucson In see Ken McMaln. Anrcuncemen..- Auto Transportation., Card oi Thanks... Florist! .'..... Funeral Directors...... Funeral Notices h Memoriom LodgeClubs Notices;, lost 6. Found.,... Memoriats-Markett-lorl.. Personals -.«... Travtl Opportunities ,...3 9 .7 1 ,....22 ........14 ....... 12 16 26 laby N*Jds 1 FIJI Birds-Tropical Fiih, Ete.....« luildinp Materials--. Clothing for Sal*.,,.., Dogs-Cats-Cels, Supplln... Household Goods «.* Jewelry-Worthies, Etc Let's Swop... BUSINESS- SERVICE DIRECTORY Oauification 4* Byiinfis-Services....... ..... :..........«.... ..49 ' SCHOOLING OassHkatiotu 30 thru 70 tVjilnait Training .......... « .................. 50 Employment Prep ............................. 60 SchooMnrtruction.... ..... - ................. 70 EMPLOYMENT OauHkationi 100 thru 111 Agenci«s, Female Htlp ................... 141 Aaencin, Molt-Femoli..TM............ 135 Agencies, Molt Help ---------------- .107 Cfiild Core ...... ..:....... .................. .. 17? Help, lnveslm.nl Btquirtd. ............ 13« H.lp Wanted, Ftmalt ............ _. ..... 142 Help Wonted, Mal.-F.mal. ........... 116 . Help Wonted, Mol« ...................... 100 Household Help ......... Job Wanted, Femol Job Wanted, Mole...... ................... Soli: Position!. -- .......................... 130 S*ricei for Exchange .................... 188 TRANSPORTATION QatHtkattans 200 thru 291 Auto Financing ........ ~. Autos for Sal* ........... .Autoi Wanted ....... - ........ AviatloivSaUi-StrviC*.... - Biltts-Gocarts, Etc ........... Boats-Motors, Suppliti.... Camptrs-Motorhom Car-Truck Painting.., Car-Truck R»n1ols.... Car-Truck Repairi... Classics, Buggyc. Imports-Sports,.., Motorcycle!......;, Sporting Goods...... livestock SuppliM.. M ..» Miscellaneous Items..*....,, Musical Instrument! Music, Service-Repairs-......., Office'Busintis Equipment... Photographic Equipnent...... Pianos-Organs...................... PoultryEo,g.|.Prolwce..., Stamps-Coins.H«bbi»Sn... Stereos-Ricordtn«.« _..«0 --411 .....40! .....404 .M.424 ,.^.426 40C .... 455 .... 430 ,.403 ,.530 151 ...... U3 TV-Rodio Service, Rfpairs..........«.4]0 Ty's-Radios-Phonographs 407 Wanted to luy .400 RENTALS OauiKcatiom 500 «KM 5«» Apartments*FurnUKed.,...«......».,... 524 Apartrnenti-UnFurnish.d...... Business Rentals......... Housekeeping Rooms, KousM-Furntsned« n ... Houses-Unfurnished, Industrial Rentals..... ' Miscellaneous Rental: Motels, Hotels Out of Town Rentali Rest Homes.......... Resorts ,, Room Board..Roam Without Board...., Share living Quarters... Trailer Rentals-Courts Vacation Rentals.. .., Wanted to Rent. 100 HOP WANTED, MAI! ONE OPENING for a full ilm* man. Salary plus commission, ful . company. beti«flts._ ^ale s _«xwrlen Travel Trail ars.... Truck* for Sal*..-.. Tr«ks Wonted. Utility Trailer EQUIPMENT OoHifkatiMU 301 thru lit Farm-Ranch Equipment.. .............. 333 H*avy Equipmlnl. Buy-S*ll.._ ...... .301 Machinery for Sato-Rint ......... . ..... 3I» MERCHANDISE. MISCELLANEOUS OaiiHkafroni 400 thru 491 Air Conditioning.. .......... ,,....,;..-.... 489 Antiques ............... . Appliancei Artj.Crafti-6ook Auction! .. 433 MOBILE LIVING Ckiufk«tiora 600 thru til Mobil* Hom.i, B.nt......................633 Mobil. Homoi, Salt 6*4 Mobil. Homai, S*rvieing u .. UH . M ...,6o6 Mobili Homi Silei-loli u .......i!0 Mobil. Hom: Wanted.-- 600 Trailtr Hauling.. »....» -...,, .688 BUSINESS-FINANCE CkiHHkotiofU 700 thru 777 iu lint si Opp*Munitvtt....«,...n*t...,. 711 Mo.ity to (riviHt.-. . 755 Monsy to Loan. H ...H.»»....».. h ... m 744 Money Want*d..». . 722 Mortgagti-Contracti »».«» 777 RmQ\ EitdT* leant «,,.,.,.. 766 W*t ktineit Oppoftunitttt 700 REAL ESTATE OM«mcatwni 100 thm Iff Afiiono Prop*rl!ei«.«.«.«...-.,.«.... RS5 ftyitn«ts Property-Frontog*....,. 844 Co-opi-Conaaminiumt TM. 877 Cwitom Building 891 Farmt. rtanchei M .. u » -. B70 Homti lor Salt....»..« 8W Ineorrt* Propfefry*"-""--"····»···--" 230, Induitriql Property«..,....«».. tivestment Property ,,, Lati-AcrtogCt Sale,,, ,,,,,,, t ,,..,.,,.f Open Homts for Sail ,...880 Out of State Property. «...,,..,,,,860 Real Estate Exchange --.....810 R«ol Eslatt S«rv. ffop. Mflt. 820 Koal Eiiat* Wo nidd 600 Resort-Vocation Property,..,...,, 825 Suburban Prop»rty, .,,,..,,,«.,,,,, 140 COMBINATION CLASSIFIED RATES AND HOURS Minimum ad 10 words or 2 lin«. Minimum coih ad toil il.23. Minimum Chorot Ad coit $1.37. All.agal. lyp. edl jet lolid (no taps) will be chorgsd at fti following word rateu 7 or mor« coniecutiv. doyl 08' per word per do/. -- ird per day. 5 consecutive dnyi 10' per wotd per day. consecutive dayl 09' per word pi odi ordered to be set other than solid agar* lower Cal* wi and14 consecutivt dovi 12" per word per doy. 1 or ,2 dayf.ji^lHp doy ord«rs IS per word per day. All c . , - . _ . - . ._ .__ .... E. d ' ' ·" chorgcd ot th« following lint raten 7 or more consecutive doyt 40' ptr line pe doy. 6 consecutive dayi 45' per line per doy. 5 consecutive doyt 50' per line p» day. 3 and 4 consecutivt doyi 60' per lint per doy. 1 er 2 dbyj or ikip day orders 65* per line per doy. " , , . A 10% discount on obovt prices will be allowed it cash accompanies copy -- btlorn copy a inserted. All ads ore subiect to City and Slate Sales Tax. Chang* a copy on ads appearing in poper costs 75'. Sox number service costs $1.00.- A Combination insertion consists of publicotion in Tht Arizona Daily Star (Mom ing) gnd the Tucson Daily Gtiieri (Evening) SAME DAY, txcept Sunday. Tht Sunday Star will be Counted as one complete combination insertion. Single paper rates availablt upon request. ii.?-. r 11 i .1 ..· t. c.u... a IA Saturdays from 8 to 2 p.m. lor corrections, changes ond cancellations only. Phones are open on Sunday from 10 a.tn. to 2 p.m. for corrections and cancellations only. Tht lobby counter will be open for business daily from' 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. but closed on Saturday ond Sunday. PLEASE PHONE 622-5855 Cheek y«»r «tl tt» M doy it apptors. in tvtnt of trr«r, tfc* Mwspoptri will »·» assume rtiawiitklKiy f«r MM *« CM mton-tB int»fti»/l. . . . . Tucson Mmpipm tM. it-- 11 »· rift* M «*t, ttrt»«V dtwrfy, w n**!l ° Tucson 9 Newipapers Inc. prints -an* distribunn Ttit Tucson Daily Citizen and sells single these newspapers ond the-Sunday Star. preferred. Ple»st apply In Persw. sinoer Company, Campbell Plaza 2835 N. Campbell. We art »n Equs Opportunity Emoloyer, FULLTIME WAXERS WANTED. Ex perlence necessary. SI .80 per hour t start. Apply Mon-Frl, 4:30 to 6:3 asement, Tucson Federal Savings. 32 N. Stone. NEED DEPENDABLE mechanic fo truck repair and maintenance. Mus lave own hand tools. Apply In perso 8am-10am. HasktII Linen Supply, 30 S. Park Ave. EXPERIENCED cook. Grill and plzz and dishwashers. Apply Snoopy's, 254. E. Speedway. 10 AM to 1PM, ask fo Joyce. PROJECT MANAGER Career ooportunlty with asaresslv solid fast growing apartment deve optr. ResponsWIItles include sub-can tract negotiations, and purchasing fo laroo apartment proiect in Tucsoi Ariz. Onlv fully qualified will be cor sldered. Furnish detailed resume wit complete references, Doun Frank D velopment Corp., 3443 N. Centra Suite 1510, Phoenix. Ariz. 85012. EXPERIENCED WAITERS. Evenings 5-9. casa Molina Restaurant, contact Gus, 6225 E. Speedway. HON., PM. I, nm TUCMM, MO. IMPORTANT: Check your ad the first day it appears. In event of any errors please call 622-5855 between 8 A.M. and 4 P.M.; Monday thru Friday; 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. on Saturday; 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. on Sunday; to correct for second insertion. NO C L A I M S W I L L B E ALLOWED FOR MORE THAN ONE INCORRECT INSERTION. CONSTRUCTION SUPERINTENDENT wanted, residential construction, quality control schedullna responsibilities. Must be knowledgable In plan reading, capable of Inspecting all phases such as plumblnfl, electrical mechanical. Write to Sunrise Design Building Corp., P.O. Box 27003, Tucson 85726. 116 [HELP WNTD, Mule-Fern J THREE experienced, porters, 2 for nlsht hours. 9 pm to 5:30 am, one for dav hours 8 am to5 pm, Apply personnel office, Sean Roebuck £ Co.. 5950 E. Broadway. An equal opportunity ATTRACTIVE POSITION Full and part time openings as · World Book Representative. No sales experience necessary. .For interview appointment phone 298-2901. · SALESMAN WANTED. Apply In person, Mitchell TV i, Stereo, 2410 E. Broadway. heavy equipment operators, 1 h uck driver experienced hauling machinery. Apply 1117 Western Ave., Nosales. , - EXPERIENCED residential proiect supervisor needed for larae development in Sierra Vista area; Salary open, submit hand written resume . references, Aftn: Mr. Rainbow, Owens Construction Co., Inc., 1X00 Fry Blvd., Sierra Vista, Ar 2 EXPERIENCED roofers wanted;-If no experience do not apply. Phone 622-7717. . 2 MEN TO take over established route for Fuller Brush, $7,000 plus first year. Call 624-9128 LARGE nationwide engineering firm has Immediate openings for experienced draftsmen and record posters. Call 327-5721 for appointment. . HOBO JOE'S BUSBOY Nlflhts. Depemtable, tteady, Family Restaurants NOW INTERVIEWING DISHWASHERS Apply 2 to 4; 469? E. Speedway WAITRESSES Apply?to 12; 6303 E. 22nd Apply 2 to 5; 4«W E. Speedway NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY WE TRAIN YOU No Phone Calls Please TWO beauty operators needed/ on* for Tucson area, one for Green Valley area. Call 8W-0001. Ask for John or Carol. : · · . : · · ;.. RiETIR'ED COUPLE To manage acts. Apartment salary. 622-7633, 795-5754. HARD DIRTY work, high pressure water main, experience preferred. After 5 p.m. 296-3786. CLEAN-UP Man, full or part time. Nloht shift. Lucky Wishbone, 487Z S. 6th Ave. SECURITY GUARDS .wanted, need six for immediate full time shifts. Starts 11 .SO per hour. Part of uniform furnished. Apply 10 im -- 12 noon. 1915 S . Norrls. - . . - - . DRIVERS, available 4 p.m. Chicken pellflht, 4209 E. 22nd. 2701 E. BROADWAY An Egual Qpcortunltv Employer NEEDED 11 MEN: To start Immediately. 1150 guaranteed Income as per agreement. Rapid advancement. Bonuses, pay weekly. For interview call 622-3497,10-3PM, dally. -^ TELEPHONE SALES. EvenlnM M. Call 624-7948 tor interview. WE ARE looking for delivery and sales personnel. Call Fuller Brush Co. 325-6822 or 623-1665 TELEPHONE COLLECTOR for agency. Salary plus bonus. Some experience necessary. Phone Al, 327-0428 for appointment. EXTRA cash-190 wk-15-20 hrs.-eves.J^ Sat.-must be IB-have car. 624-2441, ext. 4146. TucsonNewpapers Inc. prints -an* distribunn Ttit Ariswiw ft«l itar ««tl H«i ells single paptr «s w«ll il ctmbmsrtun ««»«tiiiiii n 100 HELP WANTED, MALE MOLD MAKERS, wax Inlectlon. Pattern Makers, sand casting. 3 years related experience. Send resume, or background to Texas Bronze, P. O. Box 15035, Ft. Worth, Texas 76119. BRAND NEW COMP We need 23 men for various positions No experience necessary, as we will train. S513.75 base pay. Call 888-6140 or 8884250 for appt. only. 8:30 to 4:30 Mon. only. Some part tlmt work avail able. _ : ED 2 rxpcrlcnced ambitious men for landscaping labor work nn housing construction site. J2.00 per hour to start 40 hour week. Apply In person at 9590 E. Stliloh between 9 and 11 a.m. weekdays, ask for Scott. LW Construction, EMPLOYMENT COUNSELLOR f you have the ability and desire to work with people and hav« had sales or public contact experience we will rain you. S7S offices Coast to Coast sal plus Incont. Jo-lOK 1st yr potent. Call Glyn Wilson or Jan Jordan 7920622 Snelllng Snelllng 1016 E. Broadway ARCHITECTURAL designer and draftsman needed by local general contractor. Minimum 3-5 years ex- pcrlcncc required. Phone 791-9194^ EXPERIENCED man for electric disc type auto polishing. *115 for S day week. Inquire 9 to 5 at 503 N. Stone, viondav thru Friday. Production Engineer Experienced In sheet metal, fabrication assembly. This position offers a good salary w/a full ranac benefit package. Including life/health Insurance, pension, retirement. Apply in person Lear Slglcr Krucger Division, 2620 N. Flowing Wells P.d. Equal Opportunity Employer JOURNEYMAN PLUMBER, only jerlenced need «pplv. 294-5153, 2?71031. REAL ESTATE Day and evening classes beain Fob. 5. Enrollment limited to 1st 12 students to realster. This assures personalized attention for each student. For Info call or stop by BUTERA INSTITUTE .CALLING ALL COMMISSION SALESMEN nsurance, shoes, vacuum cleaner, tome products, route man etc. are you working too many hours for too Ittlepay. ' Join the most respected renowned educational company. 3130 E. Grant, 793-2738. 1939 E. Speedway 881-1872 S58 WILL upholster 2 PC bed divan matching ch. Free arm cap Scotch- sard Tho Barn, 294-4201, free est. CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY, Where dual- fv counts. Free estimates. Pickuo Jellverv. Allard Upholstery. 327-8177.. WELDING GIL'S WELDING SHOP portable service. 3249_E. Milbcr. 889-3516. YARD SERVICE PROFESSIONAL yard service. Gravel awns, pruning, planting, trees removed. Glbbs Maintenance. 885-0371. YARD CLEAN-UP, trash ,,,,-.-,away. BIQ load $12. Call 885-4613. A. Peterson. YARD CLEANING nnd trash hauling. Call G. Gray, 622-1465. REASONABLE yard work, landscaping, gravel lawns, pruning, haul- Ing, experienced, W. Barnes, 792-1871. EARN HIGH SALARIES IN ELECTRONICS ONLY8TH GRADE REQUIRED ENJOY A FABULOUS FUTURE IN THE NEW FIELD OF COMMUNI- ATION. RAPID ADVANCES, ,'LEASANT WORK, HIGH PAY ARE A FEW OPPORTUNITIES IN THE TWO WAY RADIO REPAIR AND -ERVICE FIELDS, AND THE OLD JR FIELDS, OF RADIO, TV, REPAIR, AND SERVICE WITH COLOR STILL TOP MONEY MAKERS. JONA COLLEGE COURSES PREPARE YOU FOR: AN F.C.C. COM. MERCIAL LICENSE, IND DRIVER wanted for drv-cloanlnfl delivery, steady, reliable only. Apply Sparkle Cleaners, Stone J3rachman. BARBER: registered, full time, Casas Adobes Barber Shop, 888-0239. DISHWASHER, evening shift, please apply at Casa Molina, 4239 N Campbell. MAJOR appliance service man. E pcrlenced in repairing all major aDR ances necessary. Call 296-9298 or 2! 9290 for Interview., MIGHT CLERK, Roskruge Hotel, bl- Ingual preferred, but not essential 624-8201. 100 HELP WANTED, MALE EXPERIENCED Cabinet inrtaller. permanent employment. Established company. Hosoitallzatlon. Paid holidays and paid vacations plus other fringe benefits. Wages to fit ability. 623-5891 ; · MANAGERS Mature couple, must be experienced to manage maintain 28-unit apartment complex catering to students. Apartment plus salary. Write P.O. Box 6417, Tucson, Az. 85716. ; : TOOL-DIE MAKER For manufacturtni facility making and repairing dies. Must be able to read prints. Creative full time or retired. Call for appointment 294-7*67. OilSWASHER APPLY IN PERSON JOHNIE'S NO. 3 3810 E. 22nd SERVICE Station Attendant wanted. Apply 901 E. speedway. ACCOUNTING CLERK: Backarhd ability. Industry- stable carter $130-140 WK here. FEE PAID Call John T. Dunn 7924622 Snelllng «, Snelling 1016 E. Broadway JOURNEYMEN fr»mlno carotnttri wanted. Call a_fter_6pm, -- CAN YOU -HELP? The Tucson Daily Citizen now has openings for District Counselors. NEEDED Immediately experienced formica man. Apply at 4411 E. Speedway, cabinet shop. INSURANCE AOJ for Lake Hav»»u Klnoman area, ftrred. P 0 Box CARPENTERS and carpenters helpers, wanted, must have tools, call 6234116. HARDWARE SALESMEN needed. Experienced Permanent, Full or part time. Apply after 4 P.M. 110 E. Broadway. NEED experienced glass worker In glass replacement and auto glass. Willing to relocate In smaller southern Arizona town. Must assume assistant manager position. Paid benefits, and profit sharing. Spanish speaking helpful. Reply to P. O. Box 5705. REGISTERED PHARMACIST By Growing nationwide drug chain. 40 hour week. Excellent salary and benefits. Must be willing to relocate to Southern Arizona. Send Resume to Star-Citizen Box 312-B. FIELD WELDER for all types.heavy equipment. Must be experienced. Apply Kroecker Contracting, 2819 W Ruthrauff. Today's Best Bargains Are In The Want Ads. Read Thorn Regularly. COMBINATION Pizza Cook, part-time or fulltlme, niohts, wl. train. MARCO'S, N 1st at Ft. Lowell. ENGINEERS RE STI RIZON TEMPEST/EMC Long term programs re- :.C. C( USTR IAU ELECTRONICS. AUTOMATION, AND ELECTRONIC 'E FIELDS. OTHER ARIZONA . COURSES ARE HI COLLEGE. - -ECHNI- 70 SCHOOLS-INSTRUCT! CAL AND INCLUDE BOTH TUBE AND SOLID STATE. NOT AN EASY COURSE, BUT IF YOU CAN MULTIPLY YOUR TABLES 2-10 AND CATCH ON EASY. ARIZONA COLLEGE CAN GET YOU STARTED IN THE BEST JOB OPPORTUNITY FIELDS- TODAY. CLASSES NOW FORMING For Information Call ARIZONA COLLEGE 883-0844 3850 E. 37th Veterans Aunroved S» * \ " * * w * # £ *i QVb* 4 * v^viv . v$ £*£;!?- fti\-'t ^ Vt. f. . __ ^ t _i , .*. . "»' vJ\ ( ··* N/^ x . .... . f » \ *" 3 Starting FEBRUARY 13 attend 4 mornings a week and receive $298 mo. average from the VA or 2 nights a week and receive $224 mo. average from the VA -- while you keep your present job. NO OUT-OF-POCKET ADVANCE PAYMENTS. ... Business Administration ... .., Computer Major ... .., Accounting Major ... ... Marketing Electives .... To Find Out If You Qualify' PHONE 327-6866 TODAY 5001 E. SPEEDWAY CHAPARRAL CMfCft COLLEGE quire with RESIDENT ADJUSTER EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY You will qualify if you hcv« a minimum 3 lo 4 y«ari experienci OS a multi- line adjuster. Thii ii o permanent, rewording position offering excellent campony benefit! the challenge of being associated wilh o major adjusting firm. Apply in person Februor/ 7th, or 8th, 1973, 630 N. Craycrolt, Suit. Ul, Tucson or coll Perry E. Jordan, 1-279-9801. Pho.ni*. UNDERWRITERS ADJUSTING CO. good Tempest or RFI/ EMC training and experience. A choice of laboratory or field positions available for: Analysis -- measurements -- design. Excellent fringe benefits include a fully vested retirement plan after 10 years. We will be interviewing at the Desert Inn on Sar- urday, Sunday, and Monday for appointment, call anytime after 2 pm Saturday. 624-8151, Ext. 102 For information concerning interviews in your area, call (703) 3543400 or send resume to: ATLANTIC · RESEARCH CORPORATION Shirley Hiway at Edsall Rd. Alexandria, Va. 22314 An Equal Opportunity Employer TJCSON'S atlon is * tarv ore- 'ucson Mtlon ,, iargest real t»1at« or9»nl- ,,,,,,,,, .* seeking out men with managerial and sales ability. Terrific opportunities for advancement. If you aecom* a sales associate, we'll Pay for your training. For a confidential Interview call Jim Hooan '^98-l»6» DENTON REAL ESTATE CO. 2432 E. GRANTRD, IF YOU . working En/oy with 116 HEL* WNTD,Mal«-F*m WANTED Person to Contract Tucson Daily Citizen Home Delivery Route ROUTE LOCATED IN GREEN VALLEY AREA -- AFTERNOON AND SUNDAY MORNING If YOU: " have desire to Increase salei * have reliable transportation · are bondable :|f SO: Call for interview Circulation Department 622-5855 Ext. 365 Equal Opportunity Employer youngsfers . ". . Have reliable transportation . . . Are bilingual And like meeting new people THIS IS THE JOB FOR YOU! * Good starting wage * Part time afternoon and evening working hours. * Challenging and rewarding work! If you are interested in this position please call for interview. Kenneth Herb Tucson Daily Citizen Circulation Department 622-5855 ext. 365 Tucson Daily Citizen EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER EXPERIENCED SHEET Metal Re- Tleeration Installers. Steady work Have own fools. Apply 329 E. Gran Rd. HOBO JOE'S SHORT ORDER COOK Fast, dependable. Experience preferred. Paid vacations, insurance 2701 E. BROADWAY An Epiial Ow»rtimHv Emdaver MAGMA COPPER CO. SAN MANUEL (Within one hour from Tucson) Has Immediate Openings for Maintenance Electricians (surface and underground) · · · ^Welders Selected Applicants will receive: * EXCELLENT WAGES, COMMENCE $4.75 PH * PAID HOLIDAYS VACATIONS * PAID LIFE, HOSPITALIZATION, MEDICAL AND SALARY CONTINUATION INSURANCE. * LIBERAL PENSION PLAN * ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES If you are experienced in the above crafts, and in excellent physical condition, contact: Employment Agent Mcgma Copper Co. P.O. Box M San Manuel, Az., 85631 (Office hours: 8-2:30 Monday thru Friday) long Distance Telephone 1-385-2201, Ext. 293 Arr fquel Opportunrfy Rinploy«r SPEND YOUR SUMMER IN COOL WYOMING MOUNTAINS Work at a top resort operation in Grand Tefon National Park, Wyoming. The GRAND TETON LODGE COMPANY operates Jackson lak« Lodge, Jenny Lake Lodge, and Colter Bay Village. A wide variety of work it available in this unspoiled environment. Some of the positions available: Assistant Managers Room Clerks Reservation Clerks Housekeepers Inspectresses Housemen Waitressei Dining Room Manager Fountain Supervisor Food Service Manager Bar Manager Bartenders Cafeteria Supervisor Cooks Service Station Managers Attendants Barber Beauty Shop Operator Grocery Store Manager Laundry Launderette Mgrs. Laundry Helpers /Pressen Gift Tackle Shop Sales Clerks Excursion Boot Operators Corral Foreman Wranglers Accountants /Auditors Cashiers Registered Nurses Kitchen Helpers/Porters Security Officers Kitchen Steward Dishroom Supervisor Maintenance Boiler Personnel Bus Truck Drivers Employment is from lote May to early October. GRAND TETON LODGE COMPANY representatives will be at the Employment Security Division offices: MONDAY AND TUESDAY FEBRUARY 5th 6th 5717 EAST BROADWAY 403 WEST CONGRESS Please coll 882-5601 for appointments. GRAND TETON LODGE COMPANY U an ecjuol opportunity employer.

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