The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 12, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1920
Page 4
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DAILY FREE PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT We .have now gotten moved into our new location which was formerly the old Yale picture show and are now'open for business. We are going to- try , to give-our customers the most and-best of everything in the Automobile line so we are taking this means of telling all auto owners and prospec- 'tive auto owners where we are and what we are .going to do.. " : For prospective automobile owners we have the 'New Studebakers Car in three different Sixes and in the smaller class or Four Cylinder Car we have the Dort which is one of the best little cars on-';the market for the money.-—Oils, accessories of all kinds. For people that now own automobiles we have installed machinery that is capable of taking care of'any sort of repair v.-ork and'along with that- we have hired an expert mechanic to take charge of the repair -work, and ivork that leaves this shop must he the. best and will go out with a guarantee thai-if it is not satisfactory you can return your car and it will be made satisfactory. We are now open ready for work and we hereby solicit your trade and repair work -with the assurance that w,e will try^in .every way to please all our customers. ' • _We invite everybody to visit us whether you are intending to buy a car or have any repair work ' done, for visitors are welcome any time. , • AUTO SALES CO. ROBT. W. DAVIS, Manager.- FREE FREE. APRIL 5th to 30fn - FREE Ve WilJ Give To Every Purchaser of Casing — Goodrich or Fires'one * N- [;ASV-O\ TSRE COVER -02— . • . ONr- !'A!l{ STEWART LENSES — OR— ON;- FIRST. AID FIRE EXTINGUISHER iRS' GARAGE REPAIR1XO AND ACCESSORIES —Thd House of Quality— NC III 191 Bigger, Better, Grander, Than Ever Fifteen-Big Attractions ' ' ' » - .. Five Big Hiding Dunces .Sectional Free Acts • , Good Music 5 fiSf-S« 1 ! A ly 1ADE An amusement enterprise of Midway Attractions that are clean, classy and • entertaining. • Midway will be located on the East Main Street ; Show Grounds on • McGuire's lots. Local Mrs. ,Chas. Ashley was in Mur- phys'boTO. •Miss Luell.i..A7nan visited friends ! in .Cartewille Sanckuy. i - m s,, Donald ; .Mpss was an o.ver Sunday visitor in Centralia. • x Colds are ircacKerous 3 To jiop a cold ' v before it qeis started alwaq^ keep oiv f Kapid a box of i V<;TH YOU TO-DAY J. F. Meuster.of Benton spent Sunday with his family here. Brick ice cream in' 'all flavors at Fowler's. 1 . . Adv. K. T. Brooks .was a business -visitor in :St. Louis today. "Elza" .Smith went' to Chicago last night for a few'days' business trip. •Mrs. Dick Ward returned Saturday from a few days' .visit in Heroin. Mrs. W. W.- Frtedline was the guest over'Sunday of relatives in DeSoto. ' , . lATrt JBarth, Chas. Ashley and Sam Hill are at Dawson Springs on a vacation-trip. • .- ' Derbej-t Walters of St. Louis was 1 the guest over Sunday of the F. Pursell and family. Delicious maple nut and strawberry at Fowler's. Adv f . Mrs. L. W. Proctor and daughter JNlelua were guests 'Sun'day of friends in St. bouis. o—— Joe Allen and Robert Morris were Marion visitors Sunday. Mlisses Nellie Cresse and Emelie Ker&tine -visited Miss Ida Hi-dram at Mounds Sun-day. Onion 'sets at store.—Adv. Sponsler's ' feed a2-6t [Mrs. A-lma Tygett returned to lian- kakee' Saturday, affter a visit with >Car;bondiate -.-.elatives and friends. f Miss Gladys Wantheste-r has returned from Brook-port, where she visited Misses Violet and O.pal Doua- las. Bulk garden seeds at Sponsler's feed store.—Adv. &--•:>; Mrs. .R.'W. Goodman, and daughter Ruth of Herrin were guests Sunday of' Mrs. Goodman's mother, Mrs! Many Brooks. • Harry Dillinger, with the Raffoty- Bro.wn,'Long Go. Live Stock 'Commission, was the weekend gue'st of his family here. Mrs. Van E. Crane and son 'Court- .ney of Anna were guests yesterday of the former's brother. Roscoe Ba-. kerr, and- family. Mrs. W. H. SeiDar.t of Ashley has been the^guest of .the Frank M-oss family tne past week. Mr. Seibert spent .Sunday here. .iMra. W. H. -Goddard 'was sailed -to Anna Saturday on account of the'ill- ness off la relative. i Sweet peas and nasturtium .seed sold in 'balk only at Sponsler's feed store.—Adv. a2-6t Every one can—you can, if you'll only use —its wonderful leavening strength and absolute purity in- i sure-this. That's why cooking experts, do-" mestic science tegch- ers, big,hotels, rail-' roads and millions of America's best housewives always \ use it. : ~. Calumet contains -.only I 'such ingredients as have beenapprbvedofficiallyby theU. S.Food A3thorities. Yon save wlienyou buy it Yon save wfcen'you use it -NOT M4KBYTOt T •Misses Jennie Kline and Florence Siil spent yesterday in Cairo. o—. — Mrs. .W. E. Lingle of Gobden vis- itect relatives "here Saturday. iMrs. Waliter -Matthews was a Mur- p'hysboro .'visitor Saturday. i Geo. Anderson of CentraMa spem Sunday with home folks here. Miss Hazel McCracioen .who is teaching in. the Ava. Av-a school, was a.t her home here over. Sunday. .1 (Miss Mayme Trobaugh lias accepted a position as cashier at the C. I. P. y. .Co. office. Miss Troba-ugh has been at the Dr. H. C. Moss office for some' time! CHICHESTER S PILLS ^^_JT^-S. THE DIAIU.ON0 BEAND. » Chbehea.ter.1 l>Immond PJIfc In Red and UolJ -.™.,.^ bo«es. seated with Blue Ribbon. Take no oUer. Bur of JTOUP V IjRW* a *t • A5kr °;OIIl.OIl!EB.TEHS i years knomi05Best,Safest, Always Reliable SOLO BY DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE Mr. Glancy —^ " " of The MARQUETTE 18th St. and Washington Avs. St. Louis A-Refined Hotel for Your Mother, "Wife and Sister, Single Room-with Private Beth '• $2.00 . $2.50 . $3.00- Double $3.00 $3.50 $4.00 Room without both, sinsle; *1.50"«^ Room withoutbath, aouble,?2.00,'?2.50 4 Shoct Blocluj ffom Union Station 'John Hayden.- who (has a position at the state penitentiary -'t Menai-d \vas a .business visitor here Saturday . 4. o Mrs. U. ^L. Porter of Murphys-boro •was tHe guest'Sunday of her daughter, Mrs. -S. R. McGo-wan, and family •Mi.3S'es Gei'-thrde and 'Nora Qttigley spent Sunday with their sister TVlr.s Rudolph . StaWheber, in Du Quoin. flenry B-rohm, supervisor of athletics in the iFairfleld schools, spent .the week-end at his .h-ome -here.- •Miss Edna'Butcher,' teacher in,-the -Pinckneyrviille schools ,s : pent the week end here with her -parents, Mr. anc .Mrs. C. E. Butcher': • _ . ' •W. -W. Haniilton was dn Ina o.ver Sunday, called there .by Ulie illness of his father. . * -•••-•! . • • >": Miis. .F. Pursell w-as a' visitor in Pinckneyrville Saturday. . . [Rev. O. iW. .Sidener, pastor of the Char:h of God,' was in Grand Tower Saturday .and Sumday. ' .Mr. and Mrs.. Jas.. -Potts and son visited relatives in Hsrr:n aver Surf- day. i . '• 'Mrs. -Henry.. Boyd of. - CentraMa spertt Saturday" here -with Miss Sylvia JleUowan. -..'.'- Mrs. W. C. Co's'tigan .an!i littla son were over. .(Sunday ' .visitors jr. St. 'Louis. ' ' rs. .G. W. Han-is and .son Ed-gar were guests .Sunday of relatives at Makanda. 'Cardinal Gibbons .will present Admiral William 'S. Benson, tT. S.' N., wibh a mie.dlal of military gnade of. the, Oi-deir of St.- Gregory, recently bestowed on ifche aidmiral by'the Pope. In 7 Days AH Light Car Rod; ^ V • s Records Smashed > '' At Indianapolis recently an Overland 4 stock car was driven 5,452 miles continuously in seven days and nights, over frozen couritry roads. is an average of 778 miles pier day -more th'an the distance(between Toledo and t?ew York City. This is'another tribute to t&e cushion-* ing effect of Triplex Springs arid tile quality of material in Overland 4. ' '-. '• BROOKS GARAGE (Mrs. Thos. H! Bark "of Golcon'da was~a g.uest yesterday at the J.., A. Weaver home ; . en. route to Chicago for a visit with her sister,'Mrs John J. Peli-y. - • . - :v ' Mrs. H". ?.. Stout and'Mrs. Geo Stout spent Friday in .Anna. Misses Delia and Lona.Kerr-attend- ed-.the pai'ty at John iSmith'-s Thursday night. or other kind, of license for 15191920,' and did' not, for any. ca»sei.le- cetive the license can have the same by callng at City Hall, phanknij' ei writing me for same. . I, have several licenses that have EGl "ueen calle'd f«r, W: J. BBO7?N, Pity Glerfc. Protect Your Propeiry wn Certain-teed Roofing Certain-teed Roofing shelters your property against the severest storms. Driving rain will develop no leaks., Melting snow and ice will find no cracks or creyices'through which to enter. Certain-teed keeps the interiors of your barns and other buildings dry: It protects their contents f/.'om damage by water. - ' For when Certain-teed is proper- erly laid, it is firmly cemented together. It makes an impenetrable one-piece roof. And •; Certain-teed "has 7 other advantages. It is fire-retarding and spark-proof. It is guaranteed for X 10 or ^15 years,] according to weight i Yet Certain-teed Roofing cost* less; to buy, leas to lay and • teas to maintain, than any other type • of good roofing. See you dealer about Certain. teed.^ He ; ;eit^;.haa^:-e!i- get it qildy^^m^iiM A>* Certain-teed distributing- center. 1 ./' Certain-teed Products Corporation ^.General Offices, St. Loui* . . [ Office! and Wareheiaei in PiiaciixJ -miM leatTT" 1 -"'-

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