Independent from Long Beach, California on March 24, 1976 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1976
Page 27
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l)OM\ELL CULPEPPER Sportsmen's Show opens next week After a succession of winter sports, recreational vehicles and boats in various shows, one would think lhat the limit had been reached. But (hat's just not so with H. Werner Buck's 31st Los AngeJes Sportsmen's Vacation, Travel and RV Show which opens for a 10-day run at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Friday, April 11. This is (he granddaddy of all the shows. Coming at a time when men, women and kids are thinking of fishing, camping, boating, backpacking and other participating outdoor sports, the Sportsmen's Show, as we prefer to call it, always packs 'em in for one final look af what to do and where to go this spring, (he summer and then the fall. For the first lime, Buck's show Is overflowing the Convention Center. The Parade of Outdoor Champions will be held this year is the patio section of the Convention Center. That Is outside the building in the northeast lot of Ihe enormous grounds. Parking, as usual, will be beneath the building. Holding the event outdoors will be like old times at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium on Beverly Boulevard where the show was staged for many years. The Sportsmen's Show falls roughly into five categories: 1--travel and vacation resorts, 2--recreational vehicles of all kinds, 3--recreational vehicle accessories 4--camping and outdoor equipment and 5--fishing gear. Tackle Row will be (he center ring with most major manufacturers exhibiting their products. SPEAKING OF PLACES TO GO, the 1976 Rand McNally Road Atlas coveting the U.S., Canada and Mexico is on sale at book stores now at $3.95 in paper cover and it is updated to show the thousands of highway, town and other changes that occur each year. This oversize Road Atlas has become a bible for travelers, particularly in modern times when service station maps are difficult to find. The Rand McNqlly Atlas, edited by Paul Tiddens, also is available in a deluxe edition with simulated leather cover and in a gilt edition with a vinyl cover that folds over and snaps for convenient carrying in an automobile. There arc special map and text sections with helpful travel Information on both the U.S. Bicentennial and the summer Olympics in Montreal. There Is one pictorial map of the original colonies and an index of the Bicentennial points of. interest, all keyed to the state maps, plus helpful planning hints for trips of highway travelers to the East Coast. There is a history of the Olympic Games, a schedule of the games and a Montreal district map pinpointing the location of Olympic facilities and the events taking place at each one. There are 188 city-metro area maps, 28 National Park areas, inter-city mileages, driving times and even telephone area codes. We have studied the map thoroughly and it's the best way to gel around. " PLACES WED LIKE TO GO: Stu Apte, a young angler whom I like lo list as a friend and who rose from a kid fishing the flats off Florida to a world-renowned big-game fisherman and guide, has finally done what he said that'he hoped to do--write a book. It's a small paperback, but Stu's Fishing in the Florida Keys and Flamingo ($2.99, just released by Windward Publishing, Inc., P.O. Box 370233, Miami, Fla. 33137, is a little gem about great fishing in Florida waters. Slu holds more than 20 world records so he should know something about where and how lo catch Ihe big ones. The book is well illustrated with photographs taken by Stu and his wife, Bernice. S. Kip Farrington Jr. is certainly no newcomer in the book field. His newest-I believe that it's his 25lh-ls Labrtdtr Retriever, Frietd and Worker (Hastings House, $12.50). It's also one of his greatest, at least for any dog lover, owner, handler or even a watcrfowler who may not own a dog. The first and one of the most remarkable chapters in (he book concerns John M. Olin's King Buck, without a doubt the greatest all-round, all-time Labrador, who defeated sipp distemper before earning that (itle. King Buck, incidentally, is the only dog ever used on a federal duck stamp. For people who love dogs of any breed, Farrington's book should be one of the most interesting and entertaining of any on the mai ket today. HARSHMAN ^ know I'm capable,' but . . . TOP COACH Arlene's career over tem a«eh, dm.. Wed., M^h », iw INDEPENDENT (AM) JRESS-TEL6GRAM (PMJ-C? SEATTLE (APV-The U n i v e r s i t y ot Washington's Marv Harshman has been selected District 8 coach of the year by the N a t i o n a l Association of Basketball Coaches. Harshman, who guided the unbeaten United States team to a Gold Medal in the 1975 Pan American G a m e s , coached the Huskies to a 22-6 season. Washington finished fourth in the Pacific-* Conference and made its first appearance in the National Coll e g i a t e Athletic Association t o u r n a m e n t in 23 years. The e i g h t h district includes the W e s t Coast, Alaska and Hawaii. Arlone Hiss, the (irsl woman to drive in a USAC race, said Tuesday she made the mistakes of a rookie in the competition and then said her team was withdrawing from future competition. M r s . H i s s s a i d she hoped to get a license to drive in stock car races in the future, and said her withdrawal f r o m c h a m - pionship r a c i n g was because of a lack of funds. « STA-CTS QUERN'S WHARF- M pai.wiRcrs m I S-ul caurfil i lwrrf\Ma. V rock fish, 3 S3 ad bus BKLMONT PIER- U and PR on I ^5EAL BKAClf- C M ' ar^lors · « 1 "We m a d e some mistakes," she said. "Show me a rookie who hasn't. I made the first error by asking my crew not to show me my lap times. "As a result, I was not aware how my speed was slipping. I had a feeling I was pacing at one speed and I wasn't. "1 know I'm capable of competitive needs, I've done it. I had a lot of things on my mind and 1 wanted to stay out of trouble." Mrs. Hiss, 35, a dance teacher at Fullerton High, made her comments at the regular meeting of the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association. Pancho Carter, who finished second to Bobby Unser, appeared on the same program with Mrs. Hiss and said he though! her driving bothered him at two limes during the Phoenix race. GRAND PRIX -- REPORTS -5:45 P.M. KFOX 1280 "Your Country" PSA flies to San Francisco 3 times a day (from Long Beach). __ PUBLIC NOTICE lUSl nCTTTTOUS BUSINESS SAME STATEMENT H-1 It* Tb* foHovtoE ptr»cc ii i "STAR FLEET ENTERPRISES, INC." landl -THE STAR TRFK ST08B 11 2% TV SurilefL Command Corponlxxij i CilL'txTiit corpora boo. Jin 21. 1378, CbrpXit»o No. 142M8. 8250 Umon Avttaw, Suite "G," LOD{ Thu buitoeii b cwviiclfrf br i owpo- ratkm ifiEAU THE STARfLKET COMMAND CORP CHE3TONVAN SOLACE. P r t i W . . This tUlernrnl vit fflfd with tbt Coirtjr OrV of Iv« AngeLf* Coutiy Kirch J . I 9 7 S . C. V. ft«tjrt. P t3*\tm** Arr-.BdU "G" UB|VKt,OFy*riliH«« Pnb Ifir W. 31. Apr 7. 1«. 137( Utt I NOTICE TO COSTRACTOBS CALLWG POR 8nS NOTICE IS IIFREBY GIVEN *« l«n B**ci Unri^d School Di»tDct6 lx» Ar,j[(l*i Ciltfomu, artir by ind throoih iU G«v*niir.)t Poara b*rriiuf!eT mrrjrd !a *i (V Puind *J1 rrc*i« up 16 bot v* Inw L*UD 1 ' o ' c ^ k p m of It** Tlhd»T«rf AprJ- ' vilnj Uli lor 0* ivird oi i rcnir for P01.YTFCHMC KiriH SOIDOL ArrOSTIOP ADDITION All b^i itull be rjdf on a (jJru^^d by Lb* DLILJXL Btdl rrffn^d b the offitr ef Ow P Acrnl of thr OatrVt il *ll iai ih*B be oococd *nd aloud in ll* Bo*rd Room it f luted tint jfh b*d row* corform ind tt rf irr* M the dxrtr»rt . _ ....; MV oo Til* *nd r.r j n tbf otfw* «* ih* Auau Conitrorrwa Director of (he Dbtricl tf-f ibovt tddrm. (Rooa 111). K-anrj rrterrtd t* to ttc cootrirt x» fcrtli a ad tSe lut oJ propoKd labcofr Trw DbtiW hi i drtrrmlwj jrefnl preriflnj net sf [*r dlf * i £ f i m the kxilitr n *fc* a h t* performed for fiA (rift or typ- U*rt «bicfc *ifl t* inrded to *« mtfjl bvidct TV ertwnl prtvidx *v^ «4 jeUmcnH art OQ fsJ*. il i iriitiNf to in) LC'^rftied [urty «o jojxr,r.irryi«it VrMrri lo SfNoolii 'J'jj b» mrjiw; epoo the CIXUTJC u »!»» [be eortlricl a iward*d, ) t poi a IT lobcMttrtcUf witr km, E j BO* l«i tKia the UK! tfsctf*^ r iB vorbva *mpJcH by tbea a a of the cor.trid r » a r » a W n » W W f«r rr tV ooerjni of turfi Tb« Dwrxt rKfr^f* I!K njlJ ta PUBUC KOT1CE rt i ny or ill bfcb of lo wme any rulirlttM or Itfxmilille* In *r.y Wd* he bUdtaf. K A R l K f i . W E U A , »S« KOHC1! Or INTENTION TO CREATE SECURITY IMPREST lflec«-llfll-lB7L:.rCt NOTICE b Iwrfty rrvrn ta ihir Crrdr- .1 o* VODER E.ST7,RPKISF,V WC rd P«ter L Yod«, Debtor, «S«« bu*i eu i4dmi Li UA Micnoli*. 1/of ·ad), txmaty of LM Acjtki, SUU o? jlffrm*. that » lecanty itirmt b boot to be ertilH by Dtbtw ind jricl ·d to Firtt Uaiud tlrt/i t l/«a C«. SerarM Pirty. vbow buitnets k^dreu S23 WiliUn Bin). \ts '--* 1 " omty of Lot Aa{tl4, SUle ji Th* prtjxrty n which ihe ·\tfrta will be rr*atM a. In ,LL fiitarti AM) pquyraeDL iid rurr^hutM of wfcor covennj ropertr nov located it 6M Uijcnofu p.| Ewirfi. of LM Anjr« it/- of CalrfornU. iivJ buireu bvr»t MJCrxJii Tood Ijqi»r. The ilnrruid crivtly I/iMicHor wi'J be fAMcmmiird « « ide-r ibe WI iy of ArJ. 1^6. it 19 Ofl A V al rtm nJtrd TarUl t l/io Co, W3 WiUhin So f i r 11 kr*r*i ta (^ Vcored Pirt) ] buineu rjrrvt ind *4Hrtn*i uset i the Deb'jrf 1 foe t-V Uwr* jf jn Lu* lit, art SAVK LTTJ/ Karrh Ulh. t«^i FIRST UNITED THRSn * WAN CO . Srurfd Party PTnl I'lKH TkKl U«* 14000 nonrz TO raEorroits y». Court ef *e Su , C«B£t7 of Lo* A»(t" U LV Vjttrr of l- EataU of M A R Y A MOEV ika M A R Y AGVtS MOE fxi K A R Y A ARNOLD. Drceaied So6c B berrbj tf-rtt, u rre4fix* the ,, u] rlatoi t» Ox stfk* of tfx derk of tbe tfvfuid coort or to prrxtf then lo (te Krviertiraed at t* offkf ol CXYER * JOHNSON. V\\ \£*t B*Kt _ . Sort* III*, to the Cttj at \s*t Beart. IB the aforcjjH OWTJT. *bwk nrf affxr* » 0* ?!*« ^ btn=^i of . nvj iU!e Sxh Hi:xi rceiury vwittxri nswl 1* rpirnifi ai jfor*t«H »i mr,rl.* af:rr :h fifil p«yif»[ i r r h ) . IT* PHJUP D MOEN Adc-.ian/rjloT 'jf the E»r»ie «f iari aceirxt Carer* J*k**««. !·«· AO*nryi-ii-Uv IT] I Utf B«*H Btri , Mtt IMt * baa, r^ffmli MMT , Ma/. IT. W. II. Apr T. i n ^ Foreign We Have Steel Belted Radials In Sizes...And Prices...To Fit "G800 + S" Radial - 40,000 Mile fire BlackwaM, plus 11.21 to S2J7 F.E.T.. depending on si^c, and old lire. LOW PRICES ON POLYESTER ··l'oiicrStreak"7R for Large Cars blackwall Plus $2.40 lo 12.83 F E.T.. depending en si/o. and old tlro.WHITEWAl.l.S Just » more. F7B-M G78-14 H78-M "POLYGAS" RADIAL WHITEWALLS Ivr Small, Medium X AR78-13 BR78-13 DR78-14 ER78-14 FR78-14 GR78-H GR78-15 HR78-15 JR78-15 LR78-15 Plus V2.02 to $3..18 r.E.T., depending on u/c. and old tiro. W H I t E V / A L L S juit S3 more. "POLYGLAS"WHin; LEI TIiRWlDi: TREADS ·7Wi«/;« 67'" (f0-.wrlnj M ''('miaul \\1ilc 'lrcad I \hfila s' '(71)- s crin) 41 A70-13 E70-M 070-13 P.GO-M D70-14 E60-15 F70-11 G70-15 G70-14 FGO-l/l F70-15 G60-1-1 51 1170-14 TCO-15 H70-15 G60-15 H60-M H60-15 Plus V.OO lo $ 3 6 3 F.E.r., cfuiiurulinfj on ·ji^o, and olcJ IIFC. "POLYGLAS" for SMALL CARS "Cushion Belt Polyg/as" blackwall A78-13 B78-13 C78-14 Plus $1.77 to J2.10 F.E.T., depending on size, and old tire. W H I T E W A L L S Just $3 more. WIDE TREADS for CAMPERS Excellent for Light Trucks, loo "Cuslnmlll-Milrr" 10-16.5. 8PH *72 12-16.5, l "( u*.f.nrn Vint drip" 12-16.5. 8PR *72 '77 1M6.5, IOPR F1u% (4 5 " to Vi.*0 F t 1.. J«p«nJ.nj» oo \.tt. anrj old t.f Auto Senice...formore good years in your car Lube OU Change $ 5 88 Up to 5qtS. of rnaior brand oil · Complete chnBFHH lubrication oil change · Helps cnauro long wearing parts fimooth, quiet performance · Please phone for appointment · Includes light trucks. Automatic Transmission Tune-up $1595 · OurprofpRflionnlrt ; h.irvm. wli^.-ro npjilit-nhl' 1 · Tnny n\tv, ch.inifc t r n r L r t f n m « i o n oil r i n i l r l i - . i n fl!l^:r · I n n b i l l nr-w f / - i n k r l · S-'l t r . i m m i unon linkn;-,p · K x r l u c l f - r t f r d r i t w l n - f ] d n v o Any U.S. A* Car - wrts r/tri GOOD'/YEAR 7 Easy Ways to Buy · Ouf O«n CuMomor r ,i-'W Pl.lri Mnslcr Charfjo · Amorir.-n R«ri«".'i Money C.ifd · Oirora Cluh · C.iry? fc-rir.ho See Your Independent n«»lpf Kor I l i j Pfice. Prleo* A» Shown At Goodyear Service Slorei. Nnl Av.iiUbln al SlJrrsrl l.oralltjni PSKIQ AT GOODTEAI D I A L I t l U S I I O t E L O W THERE'S A GOODYEAR RETAIL OUTLET NEAR YOU IONO BEACH 795 te^a B«x 700ACO i^ 8 V i WILMINGTON ARTESIA I 8707 Cx«*' 8I 7 0 0 * 3 0 rt i.l 7 CO 6000TE1R TiRECtirrai IONO SEACH W7 VJil BELLFlOWtR r, 8677745 -, w*»i i,, rent, KELJlfi TIRE CO. IOMG BEACH LAKEWOOO 7 1 I trr--**\ l 7570 (V r.t, 7COAOO V^ BOO LOMtTA S Pr^i(^ Cll I VKO'/T? Vwi i**u I n 7 0 0 5 V) BARNES DELAMEY IOMO BJACH OA«WN OfOVt fit. ton. m \?)\ "*%?'*"" *" si? 51/ '^ « » 5 » "^.'ai* 4 Vi 8 1 ? T O R R A N C E JW6 Ic»fxr.. BI -*· In ! } . V* U ^ PEOERSEH TIRE CO. MOTTH IONO MACH OAtDIHA t*r*~r,r*i* I / I H i V/riW ill 7977 "«" ( · · w^ »,, 8 X i TO V). S.K » I 'xii 9 I T O R R A N C E f ctimn oowxrr 'XVy, I a 7 [ .i B » CARSON m t \»^~.f, ·i *. VI JO WtSTTJW TIRE I RUE 8 E L L F L O W E R V?', / / X A f , ~ -: ·, SAN PEDRO UXEWOOD SURE HUE Ctmft LAKEWOOO Alto ovoilable ot mo*t Aro Te«oo

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