Independent from Long Beach, California on February 5, 1960 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Friday, February 5, 1960
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FEATURES !!SDEX Amusements ,C-6 L.A.C. Says . . .A-2 Classified ---- D-3 Markets ..... D-2 Comics ....C-S, 9 Kadlo-TV ____ D-I Death Notices A-8 Sports ..... C-l, 5 Editorial ..... B-8 Women ____ B-2, 3 Independent The Southland's JL Finest Morning Newspaper """" . . . . . . . . . . . ^ " " Increasing cloudiness today. High near M. Mostly cloudy tonight and Saturday with * 70 per cent probability of occasional rain Saturday. Complete weather report on A-5. Phone HE 5-1 1 61 --Classified No. HE 2-5959 48 PASES LON6 BEACH 12, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5, I960 VOL. 22 -- NO. 160 Hired Convict to Trap Wife, Finch Testifies 6 Feared Dead on HEADED FOR A NEW LIFE are these two Hawthorne families, who leave here today on 48-foot ketch on which they plan to live while seeing the world. From bottom are Ben Davis and his wife, Marjorie; Tom Clarke Jr., and his wife, Betty; Cris Clarke, 12; Diana Clarke, IS; Ben Davis Jr., 13, and Marji Davis, 15.--(Staff Photo) Two Families to Shed 'Civilization' for Sea By LEE CRAIG Two Hawthorne men and Ihcir families, sick of freeways, television sets and civilization in general, will leave Terminal Island today a hoard a 48-fout ketch which will be Ihcir base for a new way of living. The group, four adults and four children, will sail Ihcir 20-ton "home" first for the West Indies to begin a nomadic life of wandering the seas of Ihc world. "We hope we never come hack." said one of Ihc men, Ben Davis, .'iS. Davis, n former niachir-,r shop foreman, and his friend ol 20 years, Tom Clarke Jr., 39, who owned Ihc machine shop, sold every possession they had In buy I ho ketch for SI 2,0(10. NEITHER MAD any ex- pcricncc with boats. However, by t r i a l and error and with the help of a few nautical books, they completely re-rigged the ketch during the past 10 months. They first ventured out of Ihc harbor w i t h the vessel, t h e Argonaut, last New Year's for n cruise off Citiilina in which t h c v ran i n t o 50-mile-an-huur winds and tossing seas. Davis' w i f e , Marjorie; Ihcir daughter, Marji, l. r ; Clarke's wife, Betty, and their two children, Diana. 15, and Cris, 12, were all violently seasick. D a v i s, Clarke and lien Davis Jr., 13, were green but still on their feel when the Argonaut made port five, days I, -Her. NORFOLK, Va., Mi--One sailor was killed and five others were believed to have drowned Thursday when thc destroyer Daly rolled sharply during sea trials in thc Atlantic, 200 miles off thc Virginia coast. The Navy said 11 men were washed overboard by waves which swept the destroyer, but that six were rescued. Hope for thc missing five all but. vanished late Thursday night as five destroyers and a number of land-based aircraft continued a fruitless search of the area for survivors. The sailor known to have FORMER SCOUT EXECUTIVE here, C. L. Appling, d i e d was fatallv injured , ,. , ,,., , . .... . . . . . , . , ? ' aboard thc ship, and was not who dled ' lllll ' sda .V ^ Whittier, is shown in a 1955 washed overboard, A t l a n t i c photograph congratulating two scouls who had Fleet Headquarters said. received Silver awards. They were Larry Klcnkc, Long Beach, and C l i f f Smith, Garden Grove. SIX OF the 1 1 who w e n t ' overboard originally were believed to have perished, but a radio report from thc Dalyi late Thursday night said one of Ihe six had now been accounted for. That left five still missing. The Daly, with two other destroyers based at Newport, H.I., wus undergoing trials offiJY'' ' ,," "V" , .. . he coast preparatory lo nv' 11 ^ Bo ' Scouls - dlc(l cring Ihe Norfolk Naval Ship- a ' l c r :1 lon S illness, yard al Portsmouth, Va. None He; had been hospitalized I His love for camping led to jf thc ships had been lo Nor- since last J u l y w i t h a heart his pioneering of a plan whereby each Scout on an outing prepares his own food. C. L. Appliug Dies; Ex-Scout Executive C. L. Appling, b'i), of Whittier, who for 28 years served as executive of (he Long Beach Area Council of Thursday til a Whittier hospital oik. An AFTF.R T W O M O K E short cruises, Davis and Clarke felt competent in h a n d l e Ihc .sturdy former (Continued Page A - 4 , Col. 1) A t l a n t i c Fleet spokes-] Appling, known affection- nan said the three ships were alely among his friends and (scheduled to enter t h e ship-|'housands of scouts as "Ap," r. 'yard to be prepared for moth-: W i l s born in Madcra County Upon retirement here. I 'Ladies' Man' Sure of Self, Doctor Says LOS ANGELES (AP)--Dr. R. Bernard Finch' testified Thursday a self-described professional ladies' man guaranteed he would "get something" on the doctor's wife "even if he had lo be intimate with her himself." Finch and his mistress. Carole Tr»goff. arc on trail charged w i t h murdering his wife. Finch said Jack P. Cody, an escaped convict from a Minnesota jail, was hired by him and Miss Tregoff to try to get evidence against Mrs. Barbara Jean Finch for use in fighting her divorce suit. The state contends Finch and Miss Tregoff tried to hire. Cody to :ill her. Thc doctor lold Ihe jury of a conversation he said he'had with Carole after she arranged for Cody to work for them. "She said Jack Cody told her that he'd get the information for us ... on Barbaia if he had to sleep w i t h her himself and then go t.) court and testify." THE TENNlS-playing sur- StOtC EvCS ^con said Carole's long-time! friend, Don Williams, i n l r o 6T ' I* *) 17 duccd lur lo Cody, whom! JL1IC jj CC Finch described as a "ladies | man who felt his prowess'£ A . with women was his trade." IJ Ol* rVlltOS The doctor said Cody tokl JACK CODY Professional Romancer? Appling became associated Carole he was in Las Vegas "ollowing a woman for a divorce investigation. "He was lot following her around," snid Finch, "but dating her." It sounded like the same ob they wished Cody to do vith Mrs. Finch, said Finch, so he told Carole, "The sooner ve can net him on t h e job, the b u l l i n g in thc reserve fleet. H u m i n g t o n Park' of Commerce as , l h c ^ iinu completed his cdiicalion|Chambci- "· ^uinnn.iv.1. '"ip.,,^ ,at Fresno Stale College where.membership relations chair-! 1 Tlir Afrmi.-VT .,.,,.-,. i'he obtained a degree in idu-' man - '» 1 !) 5'. lie was nameci M I L ALUULM R u i n e d ; * isecretarv - manager of . ,, , , , , , ·at 3:40 p.m. l-our of lhc |i| Lulu "- |,., .,,-.. " j t h c stand moil who were washed ovcr-| board were plucked from the' HK TAUGHT six years at ocean by the Daly Two others^"" before «cccptin S a j ^ ^^ K were rescued by the merchant;^ ? 'Mxul c P*"' ' ' " tll( -| Hc also was a m c m b c r of |hc ship Alabama, which was pro-i · ;l - oiu - s in m " " c ''- I thc belter." Cody's story was a of thc state's SACRAMENTO (/I 1 ) -- The possibility of registeringautos "for life" is being studied by the Department of Molor Vc- nicles. Under the plan, the state would collect one big fee at the lime the vehicle is first It would be up to ths jwncr to get back a portion case - . f . . ... d ,5 £ , Caro1 "- 'Chamber. doctor took refute Codv Across the Nation Discoverer Satellite Fails to Orbit V A N U E N B E R G A I R FORCE BASE (AP)--The Discoverer IX satellite rocket failed to reach orbital speed and fell back i n t o Ihc earth's a t - mosphere Thursday after a successful launch. Al'l'LlNG was a member of {account of being hired killer. cecding toward Cape Hcnryi In 192S, Appling assumed laic Thursday and was ox- l n c l )osl as Seoul executive peeled off thc cape between llcre - A t l l l a l t i m c - t n c r c were! . 1812 scouts organized in 37" a .units. j In 1955. when he retired,. .there were 9.G81 Cubs. Scouts! iMcthodist Church. Survivors include his wife, Matlie; daughter, Mrs. Vir- IN HIS testimony F i n c h pictured himself as a man caught between I wo women: jof t h a t fee when he sold the key car. The object would be twofold: H would ( I ) save motorists Ihc inconvenience of a n n u a l us ^'registration, and (2) save the state the expense of mailing out a n n u a l bills and collecting the fees. Director Robert McCarthy said the "lifetime" fee on a 3 and 4 a.m. today. One of thc rescued men was reported injured serious Iv. Thc Navy said the land Explorers in 275 units. Dalyj U m l c r Ap|) | irig ' s guidance, buxom ex-model he made I mistress. But the wealthy surgeon, vowed anew thai it wa;; acci-l pilyinf! lnal The Air Force said it did not know if the second stage separated from the first. Indication of trouble first came about an hour after the launch with Ihc report that no radio transmission had been received. The 10:52 a. m. blastoff seemed perfect. The rocket carried an instrumented capsule designed to be ejected from Ihc satellite--the entire second stage vehicle--and snatched from the air by planes 26 hours after launch. There were no animals in the 300- pound capsule carried aloft Thursday. First stage rockets in the Discoverer scries are Douglas Thor ICBM's and lhc second stage, Lockheed Agenas. K i l l 91,500 CHICAGO ( U P I ) -- The N a t i o n a l Safety Council said Thursday t l i u t !)!.500 persons lost their lives during 1HS!) in accidents. The injury lotal was 0,300,000 persons, with one out of every 19 indmd- uals disabled in accidents, ihe Council said. Accidents' cost was placed at $12,600,000,000. CAPE CANAVERAL. Fla. (AP)--A Jupiter blaxed across the sky on its final development flight and a Polaris recorded its f i f t h straight success in a spectacular m i s s i l e cioublcheadcr Thursday nighl. The 28-foot Polaris hurled a dummy warhead to an A t l a n t i c target 000 miles away. Two hours later, a (id-fool intermediate range Jupiter roared aloft on a l.jOO-milc f l i g h t . .School Bill Passed WASHING I UN (AP)--Tito Senate Thursday night passed a $1,834,000.000 public elementary and high school grant bill containing funds for teacher salaries and building construction. Shortly before final passage, t h e Senate rejected the administration program calling for federal payments over ihc next 30 years to help pay principal and iniercsi on three billion dollars worth of bonds issued by needy school districts for ronslriK.tion. D R A M A AT DAWN Officer Melville Loathly attempts lo comfort Mrs. Joyce Pcarcc as her husband, .lark, lies injured in S;in [·"rnndscn street early Thursday a f t e r lio- iiig struck by car.--(AP) was in company with the de- Cllnl| , T i l h q u i , z ncar i dy | wi i d stroyers Young and Gotten at was developed from a two- thc time of thc accident. lt. a c r c p i 0 , U) ., g 2 . acrc | a v o u t said there was no information.',^ camp--, replaced two years as lo what caused lhc roll ofjago by thc Barton Flats camp. the Daly in which the men were swept into Ihe sea.! HIS EFFORTS still are re- Weather conditions in the.membered in thc establish-! were not reported. Training brothes, Cornelius, Fresno; sisters, Mrs. D. A. Miner, Madera; Mrs. Fred Bulfinch. Pinedale, and Mrs. Felix Guille- j m i n . Raymond, Calif., and two Igrandchildrcn. Services arc t e n t a t i v e l y sel for Monday w i t h Holton ; i n the back as they struggled Sons .Mortuary in charge o f l ' o i n 8 u n arrangements. ! Tnc central ligurc at ihc headline-making murder t r i a l , telling his story for thc first time, spun a gripping tale of ja cold-hearted wife w i t h | c ) e ' u x c m "dcl of a mcdium- whom he had lo slay for!' 11 '' 0 " 1 Ciir w ould be about financial reasons and lhe!$ 310 ' f i " u r i n « 13 years as Ihe "life" of a car. The purchaser of a new car would have the choice of fee; in a l u m p dent, not murder, when nis fTM.:,, 0 L!"- :1 "" Ua l. socialite spouse got a bullet .Ship Lost, 9 .Saved AVILES. Spain (L'Pl)--Thel I m c n t of or improvement of,330-ton S p a n i s h f r e i g h t e r ' j ahe Will .!. Reid Training'Pcscador sank Thursdav |romantic entanglement . . . of installments. The first installment would be $57, and tha 13th and last would he $11, in the example case. iS'cw U. ; \. Gaza Bos.s ASST. WM'S KXHAUSTKI). YKSSKS UOSS "If there is anything in a man. travel will bring it. out,"| said Weatherman as he greet cd Assistant WM who had just returned from a cruise t o C a t a l i n a and back. The crossing had been I i~ rough. i'J."( " Y e s . " a g r e e d l h c U ' )scl rccn-faced ;issisf jmt. "Kspc- cially ocean travel." GAM I/W--Col. I. J. Ryk- he of India, chief of slaff of u, 31 \ of a secret romance''' 10 United Nations Emcrgcn- ^ IC !!. 0n ,?" Sy ,*. V . i:'*. S T t l 1 . hc coa ? 1 . hn ' C a f l c r " ^ I w i l h ' a woman nearly two 1 ^ ''""^ since April. 1958. i i i, , ,, · iL -- , , i with a woman nearly two 1 --' ' " " u =""-u /-\|jin. iy;jo, base at Long Beach Haroor damaged by heavy seas. The| , d of emotional! h a n t i c ( 1 " v( ' r tlle P osl Th"rs- .-md a n e w Scout h e a d q u a r - l n i n e - i n a n CTCW w a s taken o f f l y f c l c d a y t o Col. H . A . Millcn o f tcrs at 401 E. 37th St. j the ship before it sank. {(Continued Page A-3, Col. 4)'cauada. New Family of Viruses Appearing in Southland ILLINOIS governor inch- I catcs Gardena moihcr of I four will noi he e x t r a d i t e d , j Page 13-7. ·IDT A I R L I N E R , en r o u t e I" I.os Anselcs w i t h 123 passengers, has "ncar miss" ·II St. l.ouis a i r p o r i . Pa;: 1 ' A-2. By BEN ZIN'SER A new family of viruses is on Ihe loose in ihc Southland, a virus expert said here 'I hursday. Scienlists have given (be v i r u s ihe name RFO. Dr. A. F. Kasmusscn Jr., professor of infectious diseases (virology) a! L'CI.A, described the new "bug" at a conference of doctor 1 , at Long Beach Veterans Adm i n i s t r a t i o n Hospital. A REO outbreak occurred in ihe Los Angeles area just before ihc current uiflucn/.a epidemic. Dr. RaMiiussen K'l O si.imis fur rcspi M i n i v - cntciic. - oral. moans il is acquired by humans through thc m o u t h and affects both thc respiratory system and t h e m- lestinal tract. Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting are the most common .symptoms. Dr. Rasmusscn said there arc at least t h r e e known strains -..f RHO. Up to now Southland scientists have not been able lo isolate the virus in Ihc laboratory. Thc REO outbreak has boon much smaller t h a n t h a t of thc f l u , he said. The l i r s l l!1.0 c a s e was w;i i;i l!^ ,irc.i l.isl November. Or. R.iMinisscn s a i d I'.! major groups of rrspiM- lory viruses have been classified lo (hue. "And there arc 50 to 100 strains of Ihesc viruses," he added. He said studies show that respiratory illnesses account for more than (JO per ccnl of .1 family's illnesses during any one year. To dale, respiratory-dis case vaccines have been developed only for i n f l u - enza and thc adcnoviruscs, he said. Thc laitcr arc viruses lliat principally a t t a c k m i l i - t a r y rccruiN in the. wintc; 1 months ni i n s t a l l a t i o n s in Ihc n n r i h r r n p .1 r t of ilif country. " F i f t e e n to 20 per cent, of all military rccuils who take their basic training in thc north are disabled by these viruses," Dr. Rasmussen said. Meanwhile, a new virus called Scndai (for Sendai, Japan) promises to pose a bigger problem for medical science t h a n e v e n t h e adcnoviruscs. ihc physician added. "Scndai can not only cause s h a r p epidemics among h u m a n s but also can s t r i k e c a l t l c and hofis," he said. The doctor also described a virus which m a i n l y pick' ConMiiird P.C--. A 1, l.'il. 1)

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