Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 51
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 51

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 51
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DODGERS ANGELS- (Continued From Page OI) (Continued From Pa$e C-l) one." said Alston. "And he en win exchange further com- ·nms pretty food, too. He's ments today when they'are hitting the baH where it's'honored at LA. City Hall pitched and keep It - t - -I hope he cm and then motorcade through the business district. On the other bond, Alston LEAFS BLAST MONTREAL, REACH FINALS 1URONTO l.« '-- The T o r o n t o Maple Leafs, sparked by young Dave Keen, blasted Montreal 5-0 Thursday tujht and swept PKUC Fishing Facts f-3-2 loss to the Red Sox _ Wednesday, another error Wagner belted his fourth brpte a tie game and allowed home run of the spring with the Cubs to go in front. '. * · · · M O O S E S K O W R O N Williams' fifth homer of the spring in the seventh. Oil AND BAT* -- Coadl Ftte titter .«__.-^.^^ after eaw wit* · us received ser He *eft aft made up and the manager gave Jones permission to mate a deal for himself ia a post-game talk. Rigney recommended that Jones look into the situation ia Japan. After an, Saki is tastier than a toothpick. i "AnoeHj * e e _, ... 7w*vrr,"tor knt AKCEL ANCLES: Ter. latrtanel km _ mimber · tonlurrs BauCarl Wrtterr j ma »MI» swullen and «i7we»lnae" isner at fit Hollywood pallatfura.. . , to run Tbundatf. Trainer FTedOie Fred- cxtts for Irta dinner may be purchased erica is more coruamed about a myxfvrv 7 if Hie Palladium toniant. " ' *' ' ~ ~ Ef awarded a wrM wardi. prtpr~to~Thi i^SfSJtA. $· fhr bam* tvrtv, who li M · benofti wt« had tw* wi«~. Florida, cnrntfitned el a mate aboard ia the first. · · · · TUNING up for a club he dripped t throw from Nate will name himself, Sarg Jones Oliver and two unearned Cub was touched for only two hits funs followed In the sixth in- in three innings. Rigney's ning. Ed Roebuck served cp mind however, was already t ·?' sortra . _.,kUTtwwt batted .,,, ana *»_*r»_vxr»\^jara Jx II 27 pi *-*- V -3° »4 *aTW» - * - «*·» **nn :1..».1. k»S*g* t*nki w«tch prior toT*or U_TM ._ .,,.._...« ,,,, ·«, i5«5*. , e rfe«SST £!1! *' t - ac ^ "^ ·' ganw« . » . Kw Sarti," tarttln.? , ·rwvto fciv« cnnchrt lh« Cuti* ctwiuo taot m VM fc«Tttr» order wv Enl« but SAHT** fc» drivtn ta 22 runs, twtai AS mwnr *3 tanks, - Lirrr J«c*w«. tunlno CD ter ni* eccrv .nomlna ta ,, (rf * tob win fr» ATCM'I tin beta teW toir tht Yank Hint ht win b* cut tnd fc«t b«cn glv« rtrmissioa to deal for fctmsftt. Tt« AJV rC)i nav* BO room tor · rHirf . Oorftwrj ·rtractea ·nother luff hcnn* »etr Ar^ion*'t . . . Paid *t- wn IJtTT ... Ex Dotfoer ttmdanr* wn ... x ooer cr toft ftuM toHowtd Jackuv and e*v* tn ·n* run kn Sr» rounds , - "etf »nd cnon*f oa i and · torct Dltv. .Tora's *-- Kant In. «tig WiO hit inn · lore* v'-ff for Jact»o» k . bi ttiird. Maninn struck out tor Burtt r In 5lti_ Rtnew popped to for Schaffer in ·in. iotnctr talt biTo · ftidcn dole* for t MITIer m 7th. Boms wa'ktit tor Schorti , so 7m. CILiiim i:rs'e3 tor noeauck " ^^ _«·»!* r»-- _»0» W 30T--4 plavtrv .x-ffigtif led fttsi I kitKJlr* mound »tuahca ai tfi* *trrcft»no«- wn cot conccmctf ever Meta!n. Pie dassv r!gnm«ider wen tfurtng »* entire enry lam ti« was in.- s«:e \eiebrBiM h:« zm birth- 5 ?**»_, . ' SojrolerJf Tmci«ja ««H 4 I - . Wioner Jt Thomku TorreOB B K K * 2 I I e ** I · Tefalt Tota:i a n E I J 1 ·--Rtlritti oout:t tfa» far McKnda ki ,, Rynnele In 7m. *--Srruc* out for iruce la tm_ e-GroundaU eut tor Jane ft- fir. BHEna DismiBS, oe, FSJUWFOSI; c. Lakevrood Gymnasts Tumble Millikan Dale Fage scored 14 points and Stan White 13 u Laie- wood took a g i a n t step award repeating u Moore League gymnastic champ vrith 764 - 43i4 over visiting MilEkan Thursday. Paul Keisey had 13 points for the Rams. Results: KXrUaV'cwii;' Cwvle (UiWrtJljie Kinev IIU. Fan (U. Armtlroru (V H^W^-ner^aoe _(!- .It a.T. Prep Golf in in ~3M in i Kcrnprr in 40; KauTCT p 40: Dawie* U) 1: knran (0) 4t; Iwgraren Ul n. (ravta lne o:a at Stniru.1 PCL Scores Sootane I A.%nuerwe I (f nt lamel Icolr* t Aauaueraue 1 demrd "^Taaoe I J«n Crags I ir.L aaxna Iv Ouahema Ctr 4. ian L Sen jne 3. Irrao Taoxn Hawa Summer Leagues How Forming AT JAVA LANES MOH: So mi of OnrLMfni Opinln£» £-30 PM i:j uunH nio-i uns EAST RQUS aVIXIA FPTT 9:00 PM ua " UJJ KIU roDisem UJUT RitSltll MinO FOOT- un TUES: g-03PM jnna ««"» wmi WED: 6:30 PM * m - ·« .i^ n" " 9:00 PM "I t* "* KUTM fBQlSOH not imu IBW.I uni HITCH cm 9iOO PM "t scum viiu ren THURS* 6:30 PM IHUM m rirnun vrra manrr (IT JUT S24I niStl) FBI: 6:30 PM m uutn rttnun rm. """' r "'ritiTicrnowiuiuiaBn H'e aw f-a4 · »"«f ef £av aregun atre te4, «· ecraadl. Free tab* *rnn«L AM «n* leaeuvi sro. aictutf^* tanouet entf roen:es. Aiae unite taaurn. tin IJ ir Stfir it GE ! IJ5I net c. neine COIST KWT. IOIB lUiH, Skipper Bill Rigney indi- inay take advantage of a good eated that Don Ue would retting by joins in mother di-|place Dean Chance about the "»-" »"»5^^»HaiATf *^tA«: itetioo. 'It he shouM coa- fifth timing ot Saturdiys ( ««*S.fcSJS.rS'KiiS?d c*SS tjmie to hit lie thij (.409). iWe. He's not yet decided[^9'^' * *"""*' "* *"* rajy want him farther down Sunday. , |!» - ""·"" where he can drive in some Tuning cp for Tuesday's'" rims." curtain-raiser, McBride yield-"" V Bob Mffler an but woo the ed three hits and three runs No. 4 starting job, at least for ia five innings. The Angeli' the first series in Houston, by committed four errors behind holding the Cubs to one!him, two of which preceded earned run in six inning* a fourth-inning iv^rr^ run by Thursday. As was the cise in Ernie Fazio. Tuning up for Drysdale, into the finals of the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup playoffs. The victory nailed down. the best-of-7 arm i final se- I ries fur the Leafs ia the | fifth game. Montreal won i ·*·· * only the fourth game of | the set. 3-1, on Canadiea .1 ice Tuesday night. I Keon, it 23-year-old een- ,' ter, scored two goals and , assisted on another one as i the muscular Leaf s stormed out to t 3-0 lead in the first period am! took it from there against the demoralized Canadiens. T h e Leafs, defending Cup *^*^~ r ^n and wui- ner of the NHL regular season title, will play the winner of the Chicago-Detroit semifinal set in the Cup fin.«' Inline--Sit-, April 1--AIGELS n. COOBERJ--ImkiltS 13(1 SUSOI OrUER-TUEt, AfR. J--A16US tf. RED SOI 1 Inmti S*et at Trip -- IUO - -- 4111 E. 7tl SI.- 01 1-1101 - CI Mill La* · IK*, ceu, FrWn. Uri 1 mi !NOBENDENT-f«s« C-S BUDDY EBSEN DONN* DOUGLAS-iv. I SHUT STIXS on mer...nn ma ten I See Viftinl b'ictoa on -Emplr.-'-NBTT In a test of important features. 74.5% found Valiant "best all-around value." How they found out: 3600 typ'ical drivers in 18 cities gave the popular compacts a thorough evaluation.;: checking feature-by-feature... testing things vitally important to every driver. Nationwide Consumer Testing Institute supervised the entire program at Valiant's request They purchased the cars--comparable models, each with exactly the same equipment They set up the test courses. They asked the questions. And they certified the results. People were asked to test-drive two compacts. Some drove Corvair and Valiant Some drove Falcon and Valiant Some wanted to try Rambler or Chevy II. The course included city traffic, highway cruising, bumpy roads... a chance to really compare. Trained interviewers fired questions all the way. Which of these cars do you prefer for acceleration? Ride? Steering? Styling? Finally: Based on your actual driving test, which car would you select as the best all-around value? What they found out: Here are official results from across the country, as reported and attested by Nationwide Consumer Testing Institute Compact preference Interior styfing Exterior styling Quality of workmanship Acceleration Passing power Roominess Steering Ride BEST ALL-AROUND VALUE Rambler Valiant 25% 24 38 17 17 35 26 27 17 75% 76 62 83 83 65 74 73 83 Chevy SI Valiant 30% 48 40 48 45 56 31 33 34 70% 52 60 52 55 44 69 67 66 Corvair Valiant 27% 39 36 21 21 30 37 29 24 73% 61 64 79 79 70 63 71 76 Falcon Valiant 44% 41 44 25 24 44 29 26 27 56% 59 56 75 76 56 71 74 73 Average Tour compacts Valiant 33% 38 40 28 27 41 31 29 25.5 67% 62 60 72 73 59 69 71 74.5% What no one told them: Valiant prices start lower than 9 American compacts! / Had they been told of Valiant's low starting price, perhaps the drivers' preference for Valiant would have been even greater. The fact is, Valiant prices start lower than 9 American compacts, including 3 of the 4 other compacts tested.* Nor were they told of Valiant's high resale value or that Valiant carries America's longest and best new-car warranty!--5 years or 50,000 miles. Price and warranty were left for you to evaluate. Compare prices... warranties. Take your own Valiant evaluation drive. We're confident you'll agree with the 74.5% who voted Valiant the "best all-around value." And don't forget to get a copy of the fact-filled, 12-page booklet of complete information on this comprehensive driver's test at your Plymouth-Valiant Dealer's. * Comparison el 9 American compacts batad en Uanuf.cturart* Sir?s*sl«4 Ratal Prices for lowest priced currency available 2-door ftedan*: *tUam£ Cadurti-s Suggested Ratal Price lor Valiant V-100 2-door sedan. DesfcnaBoa charges, state end local tasat» arty, wtiitawal tres. wheat covers, back-up (ght* extra. ITour Authorized pryrnauth-VaEent Dea!ef · Warranty a(Unt defect* kl material and wortmanitiip en 1M3 can has teen expanded ta Include parts replacement or repair, without charge (or required parts or tabor, tor 5 jreers or SfXCOO BiBes. wWchever comes trst. on the engine Mock, ttesdland internal parts; transmission case and internal parts (exctudinc marroai dutiX torque converter, drive she ft. vnfversal 3jnts (excluding dust eoveraX rear axle and differ. · ntiel. end rear erheeC teanp jj, provided the. ireMde has been serviced at reasonable tntenrafs .ccording ta the PfymoutIvVs.nt Certified Car Ceri schedules* The conclusion: Best all-around compact anybody has come up with yet...VALIANT! nSint T-101 J-dow ti6M...$1IU** Priced tower Pan I jtoeriegi compact!. PLYMOUTH DIVISION fffe CHRYSLER MOTORS CORPORM10N

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