The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 3, 1957 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1957
Page 9
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»B* Connty, Wednesday, July 3, 1967 THE PACTS Group P/ons fxhfbifFor County Fair An informational exhibit for thft Brazori* County Fair war planned by the Executive Com- nittee of the BrazorU County •luseurn Association when they met Monday in the Civic Room of the Brazosport Savings and x>an Association building in !"reeport. Plfins for the exhibit, in- ended to demonstrate the cope of the museum group's work in the fields of science, art, and early county history, will be under the direction of Mrs. H. C. Hayslip of Brazoria. Other high points of the neetlng were the report* by Robert Findlay on thp work of the building and grounds iOtnmittee, the membership committee report by Mrs. Penny Wannall of Lake Jackgon, and the advisory committee recommendations by Dr. John H.-Hennes of Freeport. Mrs. Catherine Bannister of Old Ocean suggested a program of activities for the mu- eum be drawn up by the executive director. B. I. Boyett 3f Lake Jackson, for study by he board. The nurt museum trustees meeting w»j scheduled for Ang. 23 «t the Old Ocean R*c- eational Club. At Angleton: cts and several smaller ones ccounted for a sharp ri«« In iff estimated building cost in Angleton during .Tune, accord- ig to the monthly report from " ~ for the The largest of the building ermits issued wa<i to John W. vman for retail stores to located on Mulberry Street ween North Downing and i'orth Pecan street*. Estimated "ost of this project was S230 00. Permission from (he City Board of Zoning Adjustment •-as necessary before Newman building pro}-!could obtain the permit lock, Llgon lie Davis, Ed The scconrf ROCK A noix Enjey T>« Beet! PETE MATE! GO WA9riuP PER BREAKRJSS-- I HAVENT GOT TIME TO LISSEN TO YORE FOOU5HMENT NOW.JUGHAID I JEST DRSMPT YE CLINCH-DANCIN A MOVIN' PITCHER STAR. THAT'S AU. I SHORt HAD ME A WILD DREAM Jt*T NOW, AUNT START FROM TH VERY HON6Y POT 'JjOWEEZY-' T ORfMPT-UH- I'LL SAV.' THE W*/ HS W*5 TMBOW1W ? BEETLE BAILEY DUMWNGTHE-oOH" INSiDESCFTHE LIZARDIMTO THE EAST RJVERf' ROTKMS Fcatortaf Sax Friday. .*ne U * p.m. <• 12 MMaia-kt aH Cariy Fer ReMrratton KITCHTN OPEN TILL 9 — APTKR 11 LIL' ABNER THE OAKS WHiREVORANDMA?! MAVE A BIO, PAT LETTER FOR HER///" WINTCHJTT'BEFKIR ROKCN CUrmliUN AN HOCWAOOL-M^VB WTO 8ETTEB LOOK AN:.. CEE.DCNT SOME O 1 THOSE VOUNO KIPS SCREECH AM SQUEAL. ...WHKN THEY GET THEIR HEALTH SWOTS.THOOOH..? TIM Girl Gan^HUpH IOM EWEU-JAYNE MANSFIELD ECHOD O'BRIEN GRANDMA UAVSAID OYfg 1 THAT, PBPITO.'I T1CNK I! f Htfl* TWl 8A9- STROM/LOOK A CRAZV HE'* WALT mUNKlf'S "WESTWAED HO THE WAaONS" COLOR »y IX UUMI Also — GIANT FIREWORKS DISPLAY ON THE 4TH. KOO CAMEKON lu "WAGONS WEST" SND. HIT "THE Phenix Oity Story" **!»• John W* In Army Extrtto Array Specialist Third CUM John W. Trotiinan, ton tt Jft. and Mrs. John Trotmin, jll [Sycamore St., Lake Jie (recently participated in a [training exorcise with +h# I Airborne Division in Oem I Specialist Trotmin. t etaffe in attBery E of the division'* 32Ut Artillery, entered tlM Army in January IMS *n4 n- |c»Ivpd basic training »t fait Chaffee, Ark. He arrived fci Europe in February 1999. The 21-year-old toldicr «t- tcnded Texas A&M Coital* before entering the Army. Navy Unit Forming 1 | Application? for membenhM ;in the special Navy recruit ; company to be known a* MM | "San Jacinto Company," aft now beini? accepted, iccordttf to an announcement mad* today by Marvin E. Durow, Chief Petty Officer in eharff* of local navy recruiting. Detailed informtion M avail. able from the Navy Recruiter* (located in the Old Federal Building in Galveston. ANOTHER WELCOME CONTRIBUTION io lh« Bra»o«porl President! Council Is ree«i»- by Council Pr«Id«nf H«T. Lawranc* Mai loy, tight, from the Arthur C. Larion VFW fatl No. 4341. The money, along with lhat la erect a boilding to be u§«d for itorage of us«d f.troughaut the y«ar. VF Wmemben pr«ient ware H«pi«f. Joe Zahradniek, end Kenneth Bing. from other Brazotpott clubs, will b* used clothing collected during drivisi left t» tight, F. E. Woodruff, Ed Total $374,500 Skip 13th Court SAN DIEGO, Calif. — m — The city has increased its number of Superior Courts to 13 I but there is no Superior Court the 13 business establishments due to its location. Board members Joy Mod- Foster. McWil- Farrington. end] has already begun on this proj-1 superstitious^ so they labeled ect, which was estimated at j the 13th court—No. 14. $51.000. The third of the large per- Convicts in a Chilean prfaol complain thieves broke into tM hoosegow and swiped sorM ft their valuables. Picking* mutt be mighty slim down there! •» NOW oraw BROWN'S Service Station tad Trading Port Bwy. 2M and Mate It CMa Formerly Rlnun'i Stattm "We B«y tad »• ef nirnf fred Ralph voted to issue the! 1 ™ 1 * went Jor resldence, and permit for the project. : ' A '«s issued to E. L. Boston, largest permit['*' no Plans to build a home st was issued to Brazoria County/ 311 estimated cost of $30,000. for construction of its n».iv 7hp residence will be located, Welfare Office Building on the 3 ' .the nor'.r.east corner of Mag-j south east corner of the old '•'<-'•& s;.u .-ircala streets. TELEVISION LOG KPRC-TV Channel 2—KGOL-TV Channel 11 KTHH-TV Channel 1J—KUHT-TY Chamel I Other per-nits went to George J. Prilop :;,r a $10,000 resi. i '.ience nn Dwyer Street; Jack ;Mcvor. 50,500 residence on .Eos'. Fec.-;.v J. F. Travis, $8,000 ; i: 100R East Wilkins; | Martin D.i!. J6.000 residence! ' <n tS-- Fir.aer; subdivision; J.! :M G>:-.= . S5.000 residence oni ;Lorra:r.»: ind R. F. Faickneyl :J,'.. "••*/•'.i' reii:i;ace on North' Arcoia GREGORY LAUGHLIN OF Weil Columbia r«c«lr>d 1fc» God and Countiy Awud in W»«t Columbia Sunday. ih» highHt r»ligioui award girtn !• uouling. The iwird wai protnud by ih* R«T. A. WITH* Jon*« (ollowing !«n months of iludy and «C!IT« ehuich and Boy Scout work. Gregory ii the ton ol Mr. and Mri. D»an Laujhlin and U an Explorer and Lit* Scout in Troop 353 l.d by Scout- muter Rob«rt Slaughior. I New Slate Named By Red Cross Officer? of the County Chapter of the Amer-| lean Red Cross were elected] st 3 recent meetir.c held in j tne 3ra?ospou Savincs and, Lc.i.n Office in Frec-joit. • Ti^b Owen* of .Mvin wasj r-'.erted rhairtnsn. to serve fori •?.f commc year. Gtii> rs elected I were. W. D. Col-grove of Lake! Jicksor., first v, C e tnairman;! Marvin Ford of Alvir, sf-cond i -, ice chairman. M S. Drake j •-i rpirlnnrt, s«!cr«.iar> ; and O.: M. tP'j-!rtv> nroH-n of Angle-i ;on. trf.i5urer i Outgoing chapter chairman '• .t n. C Kiiidlay of Lake Jack-! sun ' Other ::cn.5 on th<? agerida i m addition la the election of off:r«Ts ,n.:; ,ded a financial re^K':-.. tr.e<;t report of THEATRE AKE JACKSOM MOV. i Tl.'ES. WALT DISNEY'S WESTWA..;D HO THE WAGON FES8 FAKKFK • ine ehap:er'& work uuring the! May Hoorfi in Hrazoria County.!,,, , n : Mrs. Ha/el liobmson, exec-|J,:,, : sei-retary for the county ijiinb 'chapter, sasd that out-of-county "' ; representative* of tne Red | ; Cror.-. were scheduled to be present a! tne meeting but' 8-9* ,n> >» •" "u weie ur. SB ,e to attend because ' —--'i 1 -!^ 1 "^ 1 ". 3 . £*"!" of \vork in crvn^ection with ' •••••i^MMIW Hurricane Audrey. •WEDNESDAY 4:00 '2) Star Performance (13) Kitirik's Party 4:30 (2) Looney Town (11) I Led 3 Lives 5:00 i2) Roy Rogers (Hi Range Rider (13' Mickey Mouse Club I 5:.10 (in Sports & Weather 6:00 (?) World At Large 'B 1 The Kriendlv Giant (11) My Little Margie (13) T. V. News 6:10 <2) Today In Sports (13) Weathergal 6:15 i2> Channel 2 Newsreel (13) John Daly and the News (8) To Be Announced (2) Wcathercast (2) Helen O'Connell <8> Obedience Class (11) Spike Jones (13) Disneyland (2) NBC News (81 Industry On Parade (2) Kraft theatre (8) The Sculpture (1U The Millionaire 18) Hatter Up (11) I've Got a Secret (13) Navy Log (2) This Is Your Life (8) Science In Action (11) U. S. Steel (13) \Vcdnes.3ay Night Fights 6:30 (2) Stage Seven '3) Great Ideas R--55 (13) Morris Frank Show 9:00 (2) Masquerade Party (8) Sign Off (11) Vic Damone (13) O/zie and Harriet S.30 t2) Father Knows Best (13) Furd Theatre 10.00 (2) The Tracer (11) City UitectivH Jl U3> Movictime U. S. A ,,10.30 (2) Final Edition News (11) Late Show 121,: Movie Date (13) Late News (2) Sign Off (13) Sign Off 1:25 ill) News Headlines 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn 6:25 6:30 7:00 7:30 3:00 TKURIDAT 6:30 (2) George P.oexntr (in Rural ReveiU* 6:45 <2> George Roesner (13) Sign On, Anthsm, Prayer 7:00 (2) Today , (11) Captain Kaofaro* (13) Sountrsck 7:23 (2) Today'f WMthW 7:30 (2) Today 7.45 ui; 11 Video Lan» 7:59 (2) Today In HouitM (U) New* 8:00 (2) Home (11) Garry Moor* Shaw 8.30 <2) Home (11) Arthur Godfrey Time 8:35 (2) Window in Han* 9:00 (2) The Pries U RiflM (ID Strike It Rich 9:30 (2> Truth or Con*aw quencei U3) Romper Room 10:00 (2) Tic Tac Dough (1U Valiant Lady 10:15 (in Love of Life 10:30 (2) U Could Ba Ycm. (11) Search For Tomorrow 113) Liberace 10:45 (11) Guiding Lighi 11:00 (2) Movi-j Date (11) Amoi 'n Andy (13) Life With ElluiMtk 11:30 (11) As The World Turm (13) I Spy 12:00 (11) Our Miu Brook* (13) Tumble weed Tim* 12.30 (2) Tenneuee Xml* Ml) Linkletter'i HOUM» P«rty 1:00 (2) NBC MatiM* Thtatre (11) The Big Payoff M3> Action Calvacad* 1:30 (11) Bob Croiby 2:00 (2) Queen For A D»y <il) Brighter Day (13) Liberace 2.15 (11) Secret Storm 2:30 ill) Edge of Night (13) Life With Elitab . 2.45 (2) Modern Romance* 3:00 (2) Comedy Time (11) Early Show (13) I Spy 3:JO (2) Winner* C'lrcl* (13) Krazy Kat ThM<M -o- Barbecue Eating BUI and Tom with — (Continues To Increase LOCATIONS Serving the Braiosport Are* 24 HOURS A DAY ,Vf\V YORK —W— Like to b-iibtc^e" You and 40 million other Americans. A tritch company (Diamond) etirr.ites that the barbecue set will cook two biliica meals outdoors this year, b.iy more than 140,009 tons o! briquets and spend 50 rr.ilhon dollars on <nlls. aprons, chef hats, long- handled forks and other accessories. A rccttu surwy bhowcj that 84 per cent of A'meriran families * at some meals outdoors laurm^ th* year; 35 per cent | have a barbecue one to three I times a month: 5 per ct-nt more 10 times a month. Aivl 3d p-?r tt'ii! of American homes have t it'ner portable grills or outdoor fircpl.ires. 111 W. Broad. Fcerport S 1U2 i'ickup i D.lucij H*fUure4 Fbiroucut •• dutj at all Uioo*. fbouu: 7-6197 uc 7-2427 loin GARRETT5' PHARMACIES Your K. C. .4. Whirlpool deakr JIM VOORHIE8 EGA WHIELPOOL APPLIANCES *> CUU< Way, tike Jiction FUonu ?-iiJ» or 7-1774 The Community Calendar WEDNESDAY. Jt'LV J 15 'Oil a.m.— c'lut* Garden Club. Mem'wr-i' Homes U IS p.m.— ncc-poit Ki»a- nu Ek:w Hotel 7:00 pm.-Mi.nne Reserve, An-.trki.n Lt^ion Hall, l-ike Jark:-on 7 30 pm .— Vt'.at-o Veterans Wars Meeting VFW Hall, Velasco 7 30 p.m.— K.ippa Delta 60- rc.Tity, Cine Mfuting Room, Braiosijfirt Savings Ci-nu-r 7:30 p I,- -Aiiilci •••[) Chapter. De M:-.!ay'i, Marine Temple. Ar. 8 -le«jri 8.00 p m — \h-o!-.i>l!cs Ai.oiij - tKIDAV. Jl LV 6 1T..15 p m— Bid.' Ro- Ury Club, Putt Cafe, riee- port 7. 3D p :ii — Women's Mi\ In- teniatwnal Operating Engine ?i.s Looel 564, Union Hall. Vdasco d:i)0 p m — Alcuhohci Anonymous, Angiet^n Legion Hall MOMJAY, JULY 8 12:18 p.u.— ficcpori t^nop- Club. DUA- Hold 7:30 pm.— Lake Jaclwon Jaycees. J»>ce« Oubhouie, LalC£ Jacluon 7 30 p m —Br«iooport Bo»nl ot Education, School Administration Building, Freeport 7.30 p,m.-Brazo*port VFW Aux. ES76, Velasco Cetn- piun'.ty HOUM 7.30 p.m— Wtat Columbu Jiyceej, Fur* House, Wiai Columbia 7:45 p. m. — Bruatfxxt Onamber of Oatnin«ro* Board Muung, Ch»mb«r of Coimnarc* 7.45 pni.-Filghl D, No. MM. A.;- Riiervfc Squadran Meetujj, Agriculture lt>ji:i i3raiu«pon Sector Higa School, Fre*port S.oo pm.—Freeport Oddfel- IOA, Lod«« Nn. 961, SOOT Building, Fiuport B.UU pm.— Vel&oco Eajtacn Sur Meeting, Fraeport 6.00 p.m.— Fritcrnal Ordtr ,jl t»4ltt Auxiliary. JO« Hoirve, Highway IK 8.00 p:n— L&iu JaciiaMl Alcoholic* Anocymous, tor pUce of mettting o*Ji 1- Call ffctyort 3-1311, fcitcuioa 2U (or Presented tu a public tcrvic* by His Dow Chemical Conpiiy Texas Division

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