Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 13, 1929 · Page 18
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1929
Page 18
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' '' » ,- V'-V "%•; / ' ' AlTOONA MIRROR—WEDNESDAY, NOVEMMft. 13/1929 ALTOONA HIGH POINT TOTAL GROWS IN CONFERENCE^ k With Western Section Scholastic Football Title Cinched Maroon Fans Concerned Now Only In Size of Point Score — Seventeen Games Remaining. .With thirty-eiglit gamrs played »nd just sixteen morn remaining before the close of the annual championship in the central conference of the Pcnn- ' oylvania Interscholastlc nssorlnllon, Altoona High not only has the 1D2» title cinched but Altoonn has piled up a. record breaking point tot.-il along with keeping the goal line well protected, allowing hut two scores. Official ligurns for the conference to date shows Altoona way out in front ' .With a point total of 170. the maroon ^total gaining somewhat each week due 'to victories 'gained by Altoona defci*- ; ed elevens. Altoona started with 100 points given for a perfect record In all conference games. To this lias been ridded a total of 130 points given for thirteen wins by the eight teams that Altoona defeated. Along with this In deducted 00 points, allowing 5 points loss for each defeat of a tenm Altoona defeated. Altoona defeated teams twelve other games. Opposing teams have given Altoona a net total of 70 polntp. Altoona High has just one moro conference game remaining, playing Tyrone in this city on Thanksgiving day. Altoona meets Wllllamsport Nov. 16 and Cumberland Nov. 23 in non-conference games. The conference standing at the present time follows: W L T Scores Pta. Altoona ... T 800 250- 12 170 Bedford 300 46- 0 125 Jersey Shore ..... 3 0 0 04- 12 110 Huntingdon 2 0 0 108- 0/110 Bellefonte 320 SO- 07 05 Portage n 1 0 51-20 85 Hollidaysburg .... 2 2 0 45- 70 80 Windber 220 97- SO 05 deal-Held ,.a 2 0 198- 68 05 Lewlslown 2 2 0 B2- 23 CD Lock Haven ....tiu 2 :i 0 49-50 40 •Willlamsburg .... 1 2 0 12- 49 l.'J Phllipsburg I 2 (> r 18- 71 13 Tyrone t a 1 45- 59 5 Mount Union .... 1 a 1 20-80 5 Johnstown ....... 0 a 0 0-44 0 State College .... 0 5 0 0-105 0 Crosson 0 4 0 7-208 0 Milton 010 0- la 0 The record shows four teams un- 1 beaten. Bedford, with a wonder eleven this season, plays Windber at Bedford and Tyrone at Tyrone in final confer: ence scraps. Jersey Shore has games remaining with Johnstown at Johnstown and Milton at home. Huntingdon meets only Milton, Lewtotown and Mount Union, all being oft-licked teams this sen son. The games remaining In tho conference follow: 7s'civ. :l(I. Phllipsburg at Tyrone. Hollidaysburg at Mount. Union. Windber at Bedford. Huntingdon at Milton* Nov. 28. Jersey Shorn at Johnstown. LewlHtown at Huntingdon. Bedford at Tyrone. Bellefonte at State College. Portage at Cresaon. Si Nov. 28. * Tyrone at Altoona. ' M'llton at Jersey Shore. • Willlamsburg at HoIHUaysburg. Windber at Johnstown. State College at Lowlstown. Mount Union at Huntingdon. Bellefonto at Lock Haven. Altoona High is interested in eleven of the above games and points for or against will bo given in these contests. To Muse and Amuse By sroitTS EDITOR Playrrn In Fine Shape ' No football team can be any bettor han Its physical condition and keeping n shape is the onn big thing for a Tld squad. And Altoona High han ("•en rather fortunate this season In ho physical condition of tho players. Few Altoona players have been inured in actual play in any one of, the :ight games. A number of players were uirt In scrimmages during the mid- veck practices. But game injuries lave been few. Just twice this season has it been lecessary for Coach Knaps Emanuel to cmove a player for an injury. Acting Captain Johnny Lieb was hurt in tho amo against Cresson. Ex-Captain •Srlnt McCIellan 'wrenched his ankle at oluiHtown. Altoona High players went through . real session of training prior to tho eason and the whole squad has been ;ept In the "pink", thanks to the fine orps of coaches and trainers. Altoona, Jigh isn't neglecting tho players' condition at all. A 00-Yard March Peeling off 90 yards without n. single nterruptlon is showing real football md Altoona High players sure got hemselvcH in "solid" in the very first lart. of tho game with Johnstown last Saturday, just because of this wonder- ul march. Johnstown got the ball .first and nado a llrst down. Then came three plays and a punt. Curly Clifford Tabbed the ball on his 10-yard lino md there ho was downed. Altoona started on her own 10-yard nark and alx successive llrst downs )iit tho ball on Johnstown's 15-yard Btripe. Hero Ty Rush went over on a Irst down for a score. It took Altoona list fourteen plays to make tho 90 rards. Every player that carried the >ull made from 2 to 15 yards. Johnstown had the ball only four ,ime« the entire first half, three times on klckoffs and onco on a forward pass over the goal lino. Tlcnty of ThrllU That 26-19 football game at Dysart iark this week when Hollidaynburg jeat Tyrone In tho annual scholastic scrap was a game that every football fan likes to sco but seldom does see. It Is rare indeed that two rival teams show such unusual scoring ability. Most games see one team doing all the snoring with tho other eleven on the defensive. Fans enjoy seeing both teams do hings in tho scoring line and it makes the game real interesting. No game this season surpasses the Burg-Contr'al city school contest for real thrills and excitement, and tho record crowd at tho county seat had a real perfect afternoon. Have Small Squad Praises are real deserving when handed out to the orange and, black of Tyrone High school and Coach Walter S. Mentch. ex-Gettysburg star, is to bo congratulated for his fighting orange squad. Tyrone High Is playing football under handicaps galore. Tho blggust IWILLIAMSPORT CLAIMS VICTORY OVER ALTOONA Saturday's football game ut tho Cricket Held might just R.M well not bo played. Wllliamnport already claims the win. And word coming out of tho Billtown headquarters today Is to tho effect that Sol Wolf'H team will win 12-0. Williamsporl, has a better team, u better set of backs, better linn, more beef and better runurvoB, according to the Willlamaport Sun. Hr.-ro'a how Bure the Billtown writer is: "No matter how strong Altoona appears behind its enviable record it will meet its match in tho powerful array of Sol Wolf. Willlamsport wil '. have a comfortable weight advantage on the lino and by far, th« greater reserve. Barring "breaks" tho Cherry and White should achieve a two- touchdown margin oC victory. "Tho championship of thu entire P, I, A, A. circuit may bo at stake In the game, for if both teams triumph 1i their respective conferences a poxt- ueason game will he necessary unl the Saturday result is n. deadlock, lu- Hptred by tho possibilities which tho game offers Altoona will likely stake everything in an attempt to win it.'" handicap Is the lack of candidates. Few boys in the school desire to play football. When the Tyrone team motored to Hollidaysburg for the Armistice day game, Coach Mentch had a team that contained just fifteen players. Eleven regulars and four substitutes. And included in this squad was three injured players. They performed just the same. Playing a tough schedule like Tyrone plays and having just fifteen" players for the playing is a mighty serious handicap. But Tyrone Is doing mighty lino with tho material. Players like Derr, Friday and Albright are a whole team themselves and they get lots of help from a bunch of light linesmen, too. Things You Should Know All Blair county and some folks from ndjojining counties saw the Armistice day clash at Dysart park between Hollidaysburg and Tyrone High teams. . . . Snaps Emanuel, Altoona coach, was there, along with Benny Weinstcin and Lou Lewis of tho coaching staff and a squad of thirty Altoona High players. . . . Coach Dan Kulp of Willlamsburg and his squad also attended . . . and Bedford High was there with Principal Eugene Rpbb, Professor Dick Snyder and Coach Hubiscak. Altoona grid faris aro hoping that Johnstown wins the two remaining games on the schedule. . , . Johnstown plays Jersey Shore at home and also entertains Windber on the homo lot . . . and these two wins will certainly boost Altoona's total and then some . . . oven though Altoona doesn't need the points. Going into tho air is one sure way of making things hum In a football game . . . and the forward passing is rather uncertain . . . the fans being in for a thrill all the time. ... At the Burg this week Tyrone was heralded as a classy passing team and tho first play of the game saw a 30-yard pass . . . but after that Hollidaysburg was the passing sensation with Kelly, fullback, doing some nice receiving for real gains, too . . . and ho wasn't tackled after tho catches because ho couldn't be held very long. BARETOWN HI WINS IN LAST QUARTER Roaring Spring High won the second game of the season on Monday on the home field, defeating the Defiance High team by a 13-0 score. The game was the Springs eighth of the season and the third within a ten day period. Leland Heuston, right halfback starred for the Springs, featuring several lone runs and intercepting forward passes. Tlie Springs scored both touchdowns In the final period of play. Several times the home team lost scoring chances duo to fumbles. In the fourth quarter Weaver tried to punt but Bowers blocked the kick and took the ball across for a score. Heuston made the extra point on a plunge. With three minutes to go Roaring Springe received and Heuston got off on a 40-yard run to score. The plunge for the extra point failed. Lineups: Defiance— B. Spring— Spargo .-.:«.. LE ... K .... Bowers. Smith ••>... LT ...>: Gates Mellott LG ......:.. McCluro Jenkins ....;.,>.•• C ....,.=« Myers Brown RG ...;...... Marsden McCavitt RT .., Hudson A. Duvall RE ......... Butler Hopkins QE ........ McGeo Stunkard ...;..,. LHB Heuston Fleck ............. RHB Walters Weaver . .7 FB .... Berkhelmer Roaring Spring 0 0 0 13—13 Score by periods: Touchdowns—Bowers and Heuston. Point after touchdown—Heuston. Substitutions—Defiance, D. Duvall for A. Duvall, G. Bellinger for Stunkard. Roaring Spring Hi: Miller for Gates, Snyder for McGee and Gates for McClure. _flrst downs—Roaring Spring High, 17, Defiance, 7. AMONG THE FIGHTEHS. BROOKLYN, Nov. 13.—Johnny Dundee former featherweight champion, was defeated by Georgie Goldberg of Brooklyn in a 10-round bout here last night. Dundee weighed 126%, Goldberg 124. ' 1'AIRVIEW TO MEET. AU members of the Falrvlew Bulldogs will meet this evening at G.15 o'clock at Twenty-first avenue and Third street. Fajrvlew is far from being through for tho season und tho defeat on Monday has pepped up tho team, another game with tho Hurricanes being in progress. These play- ecru are asked to report without fail at B.15. Funk, Holderman, Gates, Kolley, Lightner, R. and W. und M. Kearney, Price, Wottergreen, Sullivan Glenn, Laird, Nlcoclemus, Greely, Oswald, Hallot Weber Huber, Anderson, Keech, Sharer, Flague and McCartney. Princeton, in denying proselyting of athletes, holds that "dynastic football" keeps her supplied with grid material. Whatever that is, anyway, Princeton plays a little too dynastlcally for Har- vurd. The dynastic football in Palmer stadium this year, however, hasn't been «o very imperial. Students at Denver university are lotting their beards grow until dear ok Denver wins. Denver must be playin{ dynastic football, too. Since tho students of Indiana are doing the same, why not arrange a post-season gamo between the two cams und save some poor barber's amily. It might be splitting hairs, though o suggest that tho coaches at Denvei lid Indiana raise beards, too, so thoy'l lave something to swear by. START CAGE SKASON. NEW YORK, Nov. 13.—The Original Celtics of New York will officially open tho American basketball leagun for 1829-1030 at Madison Square garden against tho Rochouter five on Saturday night. Each club will play 28 homo gamos and 28 road games. Brooklyn, Paterson, Rochester, Syracuse, Chicago, Cleveland, Fort Wayne and New York comprise the league. Auto Acceuory and Radio Supply Sale ZIP AUTO & RADIO SUPPLY CO. 1514 llth Ave. Altoouii, 1'a. Open Every Evening; THIS SEASON'S HATS JN SMARTEK SHAPES Young men can't gel too much slylt:— but they want their kind, so do we and that's the reason we say our hats lor this ^eason are smarter in shape. 5 J3M4 ELEVENTH AVJB. IS GIANT COACH. EAIJL MEUS: NEW YORK, Nov. 13.—Emil (Irish) Meusel, former New York Giants outfielder, has signed to coach under John J. McGraw next season. Meusel was a favorite at the Polo grounds for several years. Dave Bancroft will be the other Giants' coach. PULL FOR ALTOONA HI TO TAKE GRID HONORS BETHLEHEM, Pa., Nov. 13.—Henri de Wancker, French featherweight, knocked out Jose Diaz of Cuba in the fourth round of a scheduled 10-round Bout here last night. PARIS, Nov. 13.—Johnny Cuthbert of England and Benny Valger, Franco- American featherweight, boxed a 12- round draw at the Crlque de Paris last night. Cuthbert had Valger groggy in the tenth but the latter survived the round and finished gamely. Cuthbert was the aggressor but Valger outboxed him. Johnstown is with Altoona High football players in the scrap for the 1929 conference football championship, he following is from "Chick" Cooper f the Johnstown Tribune: "Altoona has a team of champion- hip caliber. While a y,ietbry for ohnstown would have been most grat- "ylng Saturday, no one will deny the lass of Coach 'Snaps' Emanuel's fine quad and it must be conceded that 10 better team won Saturday's game, 'his is not Johnstown's year, but Al- oona's team seems in every way ualified as the sectional champion, "•he Mountain City eleven will meet 10 eastern section winner in a game Altoona, Dec. 7 for the conference hampionship. In that title contest Utoona will haVe the moral support nd best wishes of all Johnstown fans. ff& are 'pulling' for the Mountain City oys to bring the conference cham- lonship to the western division." ANNAPOLIS, Md., Nov. 13.—Navy's football practice was to return to a normal state today after two days of light work which followed three consecutive hard games. The scrubs practiced yesterday but most of the first flight players wore allowed to rest. Some of them had to rest as they wero on the list of injured made up after the Georgetown game. He took her hand -in his and gazed proudly at the engagement ring he had placed on her finger only three days before. "Did your friends admire it?" he inquired, tenderly. "They did more than that," she replied, coldly. "Two of them recognized It." You too can recognize our lumber by the quality. "Ne Plus Ultra' what ever that means. JAS. S. I'USCK'S SONS 1'lione 7427 Adv. YOUNG MEN/* ./•HOP | 1118 ELEVENTH STREET ELPRODUCTO real enjoyment— Make this test for yourself— smoke five El Productos in succession—and see If every one does not give to you the greatest enjoyment you've ever had from tobacco. Try any size that suits your fancy—all are the same unvarying quality. Many sizes—lOc to 25c Puritano Fino 2 for 25c OVl'KttMAN C1UAK CO. Wtt Green Av«. Altoouu, 1'u NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 13.—Yale eld a 15-minute scrimmage yesterday, he first of a series before Saturday's ame here with Princeton. The varsity cored onco in the quarter-hour of ractice play, Stewart intercepting a crub forward pass at the 30-yard line. Vlbie Booth and Hoot Ellis did not lay. EAST NEEDS FOOTBALL WINS TO SHADE WESTERN RIVALS By GEORGE KIBKSEY NEW YORK, Nov. 13.—Supremacy of the west over the east in football is again in evidence this season if the outcome of intersectlonal games can be taken as a basis of comparison. Seven out of ten intersectional games between the east and west have resulted in victories for the westerners. Two of the east's three victories were scored by the University of Pittsburgh's unbeaten eleven, probably the strongest combination in the eastern region. Pitt beat Ohio State, 18 to 2, and Nebraska 12 to 1, The other eastern victory was scored by Colgate over Indiana, 21 to 6. Scores of the seven most prominent western victories follow: California, 12; Pennsylvania, 7. Illinois, 17; Army, 7. Michigan, 14; Harvard, 12. Nebraska, 13; Syracuse, 6. Notre Dame, 14; Navy, 7. Chicago, 15; Princeton, 7. Wisconsin, 13; Colgate, 6. Oddly enough, no team was able to blank the other in the ten battles. In winning the seven games, there was a marked similarity In the scores of all the games. The west's winning score varied from 12 to 17 and the east's losing score ranged from 6 to 12. Against southern teams the east, with the exception of Yale, has fared better. Two of the biggest upsets of the season were sprung by southern teams against Yale. Georgia beat Yale, 15 to 0, and Maryland, thrice beaten before making the trip to Yale bowl, held the Ells to a 13-13 deadlock last week. New York university conquered Georgia last week, 27-19; Pennsylvania beat V. P. I., 14-8, and Harvard beat Florida, 14-0, in. tho three outstanding eastern victories over southern teams. The east has a chance to redeem itself somewhat in several intersectional games remaining 1 on the season's schedule. New York university plays Missouri Saturday at Yankee stadium. On Saturday, Nov. 30,' Army meets Notre Dame at New York. Carnegie Tech .will go west Saturday, Dec. 14, to play Southern California, and on Saturday, Dec. 28, Army travels to Palo Alto to play Stanford. TWO GAMES FOR HI PLAYERS SATURDAY Two games will be played at the Cricket field, on Saturday with* Altoona/ High school gridiron talent to go in both scraps. ' At 10.30 a. m. the Altoona High Jay Vee's will meet the Roaring Spring High school team. At 2.30 p. m. Altoona High varsity takes on Wllliamsport High in Altoona's most important gridiron contest of flhe season. Carl A. Burket will referee, Doc Tippery serve as umpire and Os Anderson as head linesman for the Rqar- ing Spring-J. V. ball game in the morning. Some of the best officiating of the season is promised for the Billtown- Altoona game. James G. Crowley, Muhlenberg, of Harrisburg, has been, named as the referee. His selection was made a year ago, being agreeable to both teams. Neither Altoona or Williamgport could agree on an umpire and a head linesmen, both schools writing a dozen letters to offer suggestions. And all officials were rejected. Neither school knows who will do the umpiring or who will serve as head linesman Saturday. Selection of these two officials has-been left to B. E. Gensemer, secretary-treasurer of the Certified Football Officials association of Western Pennsylvania. They wiU not be known until game time. WORKS CHAMPS GET BASEBALL AWARDS The Altoona Works, P. R. R. baseball team, Penhsy system champions are proudly displaying gold medals awarded by President W. W. Atterbury of the Pennsylvania railroad, the medals being distributed this week by J. C. Mengel, general manager of athletics for the Altoona Works. Five members of the squad of sixteen to win the 1929 system title have been given medals set with a small diamond, these medals coming as an award to players who were twice members of the Pennsy system championship team. The other players, with the Works team for the first time in a system championship, 1 secured a gold medal bearing tho name "Pennsylvania Railroad System Champions." The player's name and the date is on the reverse side. The players securing 'the diamond studded medal are Manager John "Dewey" Loguc, who also managed the champions back in 1922; Clair "Pete" Calhoun, catcher; Herb Bolger, pitcher; Henry Leasure, pitcher and George Knepley, all being on the 1922 team that went to a system title. Players securing the gold medals for 1929 are Claude "Beebe" Roth, team captain; Louie Porta, Wilbur Treese, Christ Davis, Danny Grove, Al Ashburn, Mike Fagan, John Fagan, Pete Franks, Al Harbor and Grant Smith. THIRTY-POOR ADD SCORING POINTS .Thirty-four .players on the six Blair county High school football teams have shared in point scoring thus far this season. A total of'120 touchdowns have been scored by the scholastic teams. Doc Whittaker, WHliamsburg captain, leads in points with IB touchdowns and 9 points after touchdown. Thompson, -Milton and Rush are the trio of point-makers way up front for Altoona High. Scores over,the week-end added to the various team totals were Williamsburg 47, Altoona Catholics 30, Hollidaysburg 26, Altoona 19, Tyrone 19 and Roaring Spring 0. The scoring of the players follows: Whittaker, Wmbg Thompson, Altoona „... Milton, Altoona ..;..>•.., Rush, Altoona im-... Williams, Hbg ».•.„ G. Campbell, Wmbg. ,.„ 6 Td. 15 9 7 8 -Ft. Tot. 8 1 4 t 0 2 1 I 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 99 85 58 51 48 32 32 32 26 26 26 25 25 25 25 0 ,? 24 3 ' 20 13 12 Conlon, A. C. H. S. ..,..., 5 Derr, Tyrone ., ,6 Hildebrand, Tyrone ...». 4 Friday, Tyrone : ..., 4 Hoover, Wmbg. ......'.„ 4 Kifer, Wmbg. ... : .,...>,.„ 4 Weld, Altoona ....i.>....,., 4 StUltZ, Hbg :...;..:.,„ 4 Helsel, Hbg ..,„ 4 Shaffer, Wmbg. . : « 4 Albright, Tyrone .....;.,, 3 Heuston, R. Spring ..,•« 2 1 Kelly, Hbg „ 2 2 Roush, Wmbg •.-., 2 o Berkhimer, R. S. »....< 2 0 12 Sipes, Altoona .. .^ 2 0 12 Miller, Altoona 2 0 12 Jones, Hbg 138 Heininger, Hbg. ..„....., 117 Irvin, A. C. H. S 117 Burke, A. C. H. S 1 o 6 Walter, R. Spring 1 o 6 Snyder, A. C. H. S 1 0 6 Handzearly, A. C. H. S. 1 0 « Bowers, R. Spring 1 o ' 6 Porta, A. C. H. S. , 1 o « LaCrossa, Tyrone . 0 1 1 Kerlin, Altoona ,.. 0 1 l Snyder, Tyrone ........ 0 1 l We wiU be glad to demonstrate to you the Pilot Ray Driving Light This, light .turns automatically with your steering and puts the light where you need it. 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