Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 30, 1988 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1988
Page 17
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Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Wednesday, March 30, 1988 Page 17 On Television WEDNESDAY »• ~»* l»^Wfc/f» 1 © 1988 ne TV Listing Group, lnc Fl Worm TX BUS 0 a O o O'ffi o (B O 00 a> (B (B as & 5PM Family Ties (:05) M'ster Dif. Strokes NCAA 5:30 News (:35) L & S Happy Days Horse Digest News Newlywed 6.1. Joe Love Connect M'A'S'H Jem People's Ct, Big Valley Star Trek Sesame Street DuckTales News Win, Lose Double Dare WKRP News Hour Magazine 6PM News (:05) Alice Fact ol Lite SportsLook News News Fact of Life 6:30 NBC News (:35) Brnett 3's Company NBA Today ABC News CBS News WKRP News Crazy Like a Fox Family Ties Survival Wld "iaopnin' Now News News News Cheers Bus Rpt Happy Days NBC News CBS News ABC News 7PM M'A'S-H (:05) Andy 7:30 Cheers (:35) Snford A-Team SportsCntr ET Jeopardy! Cheers CBS News Sports Win, Lose Wheel Barney Hollywood Sq Remington Steele Family Ties Cheers MacNeil/ Lehrer NcwsHour Family Ties Curr. Affair 3's Company Jeopardy! 3's Company Wheel Newlywed Wheel 8PM Aaron's Way March 30 8:30 9 PM 9:30 Highway to Heaven (:05) Revengers College Basketball N.I.T. Championship (L) SpeedWorld G. Pains Hd Class Smothers Brothers 10PM Bronx Zoo 10:30 <:C5) Gresl Sank Robbery News Top Rank Boxing From Atlantic City (L) Dynasty Jake and the Falman Soul Train Music Awards (L) Smothers Brothers 2nd Hmoon Africa Anim. Jake and the Fatman 700 Club Mov. Rustlers' Rhapsody Chicago Nile Mov: Badge 373 Wild Am. Al the White House Aaron's Way Smothers Brothers G. Pains Hd Class Highway to Heaven Jake and the Fatman Dynasty HeartBcat Equalizer News Equalizer Strght Tlk Bob Newhart Snapshots Taxi Sherman's March News Bronx Zoo NBA Basketball Equalizer HeartBeat Dishonesty Eats At Her Conscience Dear Ann Landers: I'm in real trouble and 1 don't know what to do or where to turn to for help. I'm so worried that 1 can't sleep or eat. My husband is becoming concerned about my weight loss. What I've done is criminal and 1 pray that I can turn myself in without going to jail. Here's the story: I lost my job several months ago, filed for unemployment benefits and received them. 1 got another job a few weeks later but continued to collect unemployment compensation for three months. I told myself it was OK because my husband's income barely covers our utilities and house payments. My husband doesn't know what I've done. My nerves are shot, I look like hell. I'll pay the money back, Ann. J'll do anything to get this mess straightened out. Please tell me what to do. -- )EAN IN SAN JOSE Ann Landers DEAR JEAN: I called the head of unemployment compensation in Sacramento and explained the situation. He asked that you phone him. You will be instructed to send a money order for the amount of compensation you received unjustly plus a 30 percent penalty. (This is California law. The penalty varies according to state.) Keep the receipt. If the bookkeepers catch up with you down the road, the evidence that you have paid up will put you in the clear, I'm sure others who are reading this have done the same thing. If so, send the amount owed to the department of unemployment compensation in your state capital. There will be no prosecution or public exposure, Dear Ann Landers: I've been going with this guy for close to a year now. I take a lot of abuse from "Hank," both physical and mental. Friends tell me I should leave him, but what they don't understand is that I really do love the guy. A few weeks ago he tried to throw me over a bridge because I .said I loved my uncle. If it hadn't been for the rail that left an ugly bump on the back of my head, I would probably be dead now. I'm only 17 and know there must be better fish in the sea, but I can't bring myself to dump Hank. When he doesn't hit me, he's a neat person. He says he really loves me and needs me to hang in there for him. The problem is, I'm afraid to go and afraid to stay. I need your help, Ann. - MAINE PROBLEM DEAR MAINE: Women who put up with being knocked around have low self-esteem. They accept abuse because they don't think they deserve better treatment. You need counseling. Check out the mental health facilities in your community and let me know you are getting help. When you dump this creep, you'll feel a lot better about yourself. Spotted Fever Not In The Rockies Q: Is it true that Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever does not occur in the Rocky Mountains? A: It's really just as well that, in a sense, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is a misnomer, because I'm sure public health officials in the Rockies are only too happy that the fever is rare in those parts. In 1985, in fact, in the Rocky Mountain States of Idaho, Utah and New Mexico, there wasn't a single reported case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. You will see it, however, in the South Atlantic states and in Oklahoma and Kansas. Actually, it might be more apt to call it a type of "tick fever," for the bite of a tick is what causes the disease. Not all ticks, of course, but those which are infected by a type of organism which can be transmitted to humans. Approximately 500 to 1,000 cases of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are reported in the United States annually. Almost all of these cases occur in Health Drs. Lester L. Coleman & Steven Andrew Davis the spring and summer, and the victims have a variety of symptoms. The most prominent, not surprisingly, is fever. Most patients also suffer from headaches and generalized achi- ness, and get a kind of "spotty" skin rash which tends to be most prominent on the palms and soles. Laboratory tests can confirm the diagnosis, and several different kinds of antibiotics are effective in treating it. Early treatment is important; the disease c:an be severe and at times even fatal. Overall though, the number of reported cases nationwide of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever has declined dramatically from its peak in 1981. — S.D. It is with pleasure that I bring to the attention of my readers a new book called "Your Gut Feelings" written by Dr. Henry D. Janowitz of New York City. The subtitle of the book is "The Complete Guide to Living Better with Intestinal Problems." The publisher is Oxford University Press. Dr. Janowitz is recognized internationally as one of the foremost specialists in the understanding, diag- nosis and treatment of gastroenterol- ogy — the problems of the stomach and the intestinal tract. Readers are offered a guiding hand through the complexity of one of the great mechanisms of the body. With the clarity that is given, it becomes easier to recognize the subtle changes In intestinal behavior that deserve attention and treatment before they become hazardous. Dr. Janowitz recognizes the totality of patients. The relationship between the physical aspects of intestinal problems and their psychological overtones is described with sensitivity and insight. "Your Gut Feelings" is a significant contribution to the well-being of the people who, at, one time or another, have experienced the distress, fears and confusion about stomach and intestinal problems. A master diagnostician therein describes all of the new developments in diagnosis and treatment. — L.C. PRIME-TIME TV Top Ten Programs March 2 1-27, 1988 I.Cosby Show 2 A Different World 3. Cheers 4. Murder She Wrote 5. Who's The Boss? 6. 60 Minutes 7. Too Young The Hero 8. Wonder Years 9. Golden Girts (R) 10.Alf Ratings points are Ihe percent of 88 6 million TV households; shares are the percent ol households with sets on 280 26.5 25.1 22.3 21.8 21.6 20.7 195 194 193 45 42 40 35 34 38 33 30 33 30 NBC NBC NBC CBS ABC CBS CBS ABC NBC NBC OVERALL RATWG ~|j NBC ABC CBS 1 153 1?.9 126 1 S<WfC« A C Nwfcon Co AP/Cart Fo< NBC Still In Control; ABC Wins First Friday NEW YORK {AP) - ABC won its first Friday night of the season, thanks to basketball on CBS, but NBC stiJl dominated the Nielsens last week. On Sunday, in a battle of TV movies, viewers decided they had seen enough of "Gore Vidal's Lincoln" on NBC and steadily tuned out, according to Nielsen data, while audience shares for CBS' "Too Young the Hero," starring Ricky Schroder, increased. It was not a typical week, since CBS pre-empted two nights of regular programming, Thursday and Friday, for the NCAA basketball playoffs. NBC put "Night Court" and "Beverly Hills Buntz" up against ABC's regular comedy lineup, but NBC's male-appeal shows were apparently hurt by the basketball on CBS. ABC won the night, the first Friday night win it has won this season, including during the Olympics. The basketball didn't help CBS. The highest-rated of the games was only 52nd in the rankings. NBC won the week ending March 27 with an average, prime-time rating of 15.3. ABC was second with a 12.9, and CBS had a 12.6. With three weeks left in the television season, NBC has a season average rating of 16.2, ABC has 13.9 and CBS 13.5. Mary Beth Whitehead-Gould and her husband, Dean Gould, arrive at courthouse Surrogate Mother Says Baby Deserves To Visit With Her HACKENSACK, N.J. (AP) Surrogate mother Mary Beth Whitehead-Gould testified that Baby M has a right to see her and would benefit from spending time with her and her family. "It's her right more so than anybody's right for her to see me," Mrs. Whitehead-Gould told Superior Court Judge Birger M. Sween on the second day of a hearing to determine how much time she can spend with the child she bore under a $10,000 con- tract but then refused to give up. Mrs. Whitehead-Gould said she has much to offer the child. 1 y.!?T ) EHMNST PERU • •runt] 1, "GOOD MOWING VIETMWT OB Mon.-Thur. 7:00 Only , ) "SWITCHniG CHANNELS" «) Mon.-Thur. 7: IS Only Heloise When Ordering Remember Address DEAR HELOISE: I find this idea useful, and if it helps someone else I'd be very happy. When 1 make out checks for a mail order, I write down the address of the company when I record the check in the check register. This way if for any reason I need to contact the company, the address is handy. — Marion Adams, Shelton, Conn. Your hint is a good one for all of as who shop mail order. I also put the address of the company on the back of the check. Most mail-order firms are reputable, but just in case, I'll know where to write. — Heloise LOST KEYS Dear Heloise: To make it easy to find lost keys in the grass or anywhere, especially in my purse, I have tied a bright colored ribbon to them. This is especially helpful for the elderly or for anyone whose eyesight is a problem. — Harriet Hampton, Clintonville, Wis, NYLON NET Dear Heloise: Here's another use for that wonderful nylon net. I save my bars of soap that get smaller than I like and place two or three in a square of net, fold it and stitch the sides. The net helps clean dirty hands better. — Nancy Doll Newton, Little Rock, Ark. COLOR-CODED Dear Heloise: My mother has six children, and sometimes it is hard for her to keep track of us when we go places. She bought six T-shirts of the same color in our sizes. Whenever we go to a crowded place, we wear these shirts, and so far, Mom has not lost a kid. Alice Yeagley, Albany, Ohio MICROWAVE ASPARAGUS Dear Heloise: When I only have a few spears of asparagus, I wash and trim them and place them upright in an eight-ounce microwave-safe glass filled halfway with water. I cover the glass with plastic wrap and poke a couple of small holes in the plastic. I microwave it on the High setting until the asparagus is crisp-tender, approximately two minutes. — Jenny Sampler, Drake, Colo. PLASTIC BREAD BAGS Dear Heloise: Don't throw away the plastic bags bread comes in. Save them for table scraps or other messy foods you don't want in the garbage. The tops can be twisted shut, then toss them into the regular trash bag. — Mrs. William H. Hyatt, Henderson, Ky. SODA CAPS Dear Heloise: Here's a hint that my 6-year-old daughter gets all the credit for. For some reason known only to her, she started collecting plastic caps from two-liter soda bottles and keeping them in her jewelry box. Recently she had her ears pierced and started accumulating small earrings. One day I noticed that she had each set of earrings in a cap, and they were lined in a row. How handy and organized. — Margie Wevodau, Carlisle, Pa. Pregnant Prisoner Wanted On Charges Under Alias EDGEWATER, Colo. (AP) - A woman 8% months pregnant who complained of being jailed in handcuffs for an outstanding minor traffic ticket is wanted under another name on felony check fraud charges, authorities said. Kimberly Taylor, 21, who complained to Edgewater police that an officer unnecessarily took her from her home at 5:20 a.m. Saturday for a traffic charge, is wanted under the name Kimberly Addington. "I couldn't believe it," Mrs. Taylor said Monday, after a visit to her doctor, who said the baby could arrive any time. "It was so stupid. You'd think they'd have better things to do than bother me on a Saturday morning." Edgewater Police Chief Henry Smith said the department will continue to investigate her complaint, but noted the other warrants raise questions about her credibility. If you've looked and kicked and still haven'! found Ihe item you want, place a Wanted to Buy ad in classified. MOVIES CASS PLAZA '3.60 Lojoniport 733-1300 Waft Diln.y't "FOX & HOUND" (C) 7:15 only STATE Cin«mas «* I M IK Mil. Mo** JU-4ba ANMWVMICIUUIUU "JOHNNY BE GOOD' "VICEVIRSA" '.*•«». 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. $5.95 ADULTS $2.95 CHILDREN 5-10 $1.75 CHILDREN 2-5 Free For Children Under 2 Join Us For Easter Sunday Brunch. Get A Taste Of Our Friendly Service... You And Your Family Deserve It. EASTER MENU SALAD BAR 12 Assorted Gourmet Salads 10 Salad Toppings Dressings VEGETABLES Corn Choice ot Potato G,iopp ENTREES Baked Ham Salisbury Steak BBQRibs Deep Fried Chicken Mesquite Baked Chicken Smoked Sausage Eggs Coffee, Ice Tea, DESSERTS Lemonade Pies, Puddings, Pastrie: JOIN US, WONT YOU? Restaurant,] Highway 14 East 223-22461 Across from the Airport " W' Rochester //*/.

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