Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 4, 1950 · Page 14
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 14

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1950
Page 14
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Tucson, Arizona . Saturday. Nov. 4.JJ50 Tucson. A fir. Miscellaneous FOR SALE 52 We Buy and Sell Used Furniture and Tools Or What Have You? Vic's Trading Post 2-4241 1319 S 6th Ave. 6NE very modern Jewelry showcase for sale. 39 E. Broadway. lor Kile. .33 £·. Dl uou wu^. GOOD 1X8 sheathlnc, SS5 M. Phone 3-7640. 1601 N. Oracle. MODERNIZE YOUR HOMZT ONLY IDS, DOWN. 30 MONTHS TO PAY. COMPLETE PLUMBING * FIXTURES SOLD ON EASY CREDIT · roB^DETAILS FREE ESTIMATE SEE NATIONAL PIPE SUPPLY CO. 1028 S. em AVE. 5030 E. SPEEDWAY WOODWORKING eoutpment. excellent condition. 4558 E. SthJBL. 1 ZELLS ANTIQO^SHOP FOR SALE. 724 E 3rd_ T.i-foot Showcases, like new. will ·ell cheap. Curio Box. 49 E. Con. FILL DIRT VERY "REASONABLE COPPER i MOUNTAIN STS, f-5116 Be Warm As Toast This Winter! Have an estimate the easy way! Just check the type furnace you want to know about, 'and our expert will be glad to come out. Just mail this ad in to the Plumbing'i Dept, · with your name and address. No fuss, no bother! WALL FURNACE FLOOR FURNACE FORCED AIR FURNACE Name ...'. Address '. This is the easiest and fastest way to get a complete and accurate estimate. SEARS Roebuck Co., 81 N. 6th Ave. Ph. 3-4751 i^ourii iaau 3. u^i fw^-. BAB, beer tap complete, *iju, vum- mercial stove, stx-door refrigerator S180, Hundred trees low fiOc. Rt. 2 jipx 952^ Wrichtstown Road GLASS Show Case, Cheap. For Jewelry Store or Market, 2 Large Round Poker Tables. Complete. Cheap. 225 E. Congress St. ^pnice IP I-..'K LARGE cas radiant heater 36 x 5p in. metal sash complete. Ph. 5-8636 MAGIC DEFROSTER S E R V I C I AGENCY. Call 5-0527. Free demon. strati on gift v. .--MATCHED set COU Clubs, new. 1061 J?asa_Crnndp after 9. S3 CARS Oregon lumber rolling: low prices. 16QI N. Oracle. 3-7640. uoiMti youK ow^ wiKiNUY No charge for instuctlons and 1 cut» by experienced electricians V ·we money time 'and trouble when b'.rylng your electric supplies at -- rCENSY ELECTRIC CO -" ' GALVANIZED S T A N D A R D PIPE available in any amount at Robinson's hardware Store In Nosales. Arizona at the following Drlces: W ...; .14 FT. »!·· ;..; is rr. 1" ,.; J5 FT. . . . . . . , : . . . . . . . .50,1 POWER OPERATES wheel chair," 1 Phone 4-1323. BICYCLES. Lawnmowers boucht. «old, repaired. Richard's, 2430 N. 1st. 2-OM4 " T H E LARGEST SELECTION OF READY mixed colors in town. American Pilnt Class. M24 N. 1st. Blal 2-3562. [WE BUY - SELL - TRADE Furniture and anything usable. 1417 S. Gth Ave. VALLEY FAIR. ·' 3-812] ODD SCHT.ENS Odd Steel Sash icrcens and »luminum window ·creeiu ^ priced to close out. South western Sasb Door Co 210 Stevens Ave BTAINT.'RSS steel 3 compartment sink 140. couch $10. platform rocker (10. radio «0. 323 S. 41h Avc. TRADE 1 horse, slnele phase. Waener . Elec. Mtr. for 30-30 Rifle. 4603 E. Speedway. "AMERICAN Flyer" electric train. Ph. 5-6T30. roUNTAIN seats 9, complete eauin- rncnt motor, Reasonable. Call 2-6073. STANDARD typewriter, la xood condition.?-:^. ENVELOPES 15.000, No. 10 All' Mall 13 per thousand First class condl- tlon. 3-S17!. " ^: GARAGE -enclosed on ·Ides, frame constru. S4o full price delivered to you. Averase »lze car ·will fit. Excellent for storace Phone 3.8636 or S-5633. STANDARD Typewriter also «mall portable Corona. Roll Away Bed. 5blec. Heater. Model-A Headlights. Army Cot. Ttre Chains. 410 Gun. 1609 E. 5th St. (Hear). 47,500 BTU Kenmore oil burner, like new. Seasonable. 3323 E. Seneca. KELVINATOR B cu. ft. Excellent condition. Ph. 4-0709. 3805 S. Liberty. . Winter Blasts On The Way! Rockwool Batts 42 sq. ft. per bag 43.08 Slate Roofing . Red, Grey, Green, or, Brown. Per roll, 100 sq. ft. $3.49 Shingles 3 -1, Green, Red, Grey, .Brown Per Sq. $8.46 SEARS Roebuck Co. 81 N. 6th Ave. " " ~ " " F O R NEW HOMES" Bargains galore tn "Electrical llght- »nt fixtures nil Hinds'" See them through the windows at night or -let uj show and quote prices Your fixture allowance will leave ft surplus of funds for vour own us» Investigate HENHV ELECTRIC CO Heating Equipment Space Heater ... $6.50 8000 BTTJ Eadiant Heater $13.50 18.000 BTTJ ' Vented Heater $33.00 · 20.000 BTU Panel Ray .... $31.9D Stovepipe, flttmcs and everything tor your neatini! needs at Arizona Maintenance Co. 1JJO Mlncli MU« Open Eves, fc Sun. FOR SA1E 52 CHEAP--i Oil heaters. dr.um, stands. 4STJ3 E. Speedway. " i c 1 ono turninp S Bth AVC Dial 3-aflSfl ' CLOSE OUT Dutch Kalsomine ALL COLORS 5 Ib. 25 Ib. Bags ' l O c i b . Corbett Lumber O E. 7th. Ph. 2-8881 ·LOOK AT THIS G.E. Refrigerator ..$65.00 Mnt. Ward '. 110.00 Kelvinator 65.00 Cold Spot, three year factory warnty. 195.00 These are cash prices but payments can be arranged, We have for immediate delivery New Norge, Crosley, a n d International Harvester. Morris Appliance 2734 E. Grant. Ph. 5-1372 36 Austin motor. SID. 3333 Flowing Wells Hd WINCHESTER - I7 rifle, new K^4 scope, Stith dovetail mounts, mcta work and blue by Roy Dunlap, slinfi and recoil pad. Morris Bowers, Eagle Court, 2350 S. 6th Ave. TENTS TARPS Headquarters of Tucson GOVERNMENT SURPLUS Pipt »nd Plumbing Suppllei Water Heaters Camouflage Nets Fence Posts Furniture Cots 1 Beds Mattresses Chest of Drawers Pillows Tables Chairs Couches PAPPADEAS CO. . 19U N Stone 9 x 13 FLORAL TUB pad. Chest, solid wood, red finish, nice condition Chest llcht mahocany finish. Painted desk Hospital bedside table. 2 Radiant cas heaters. Ph. 5-3057. 2333 E. First, USED BUILDING SUPPLIES Lumber, sash, doors, plumbing lavatories, toilets, pipe, electrical SUB- BLDG. SUPPLIES * Corner Venice and Lee. Out Speedway past Drive-In Theater, left on CfOLDREN'S budldlnR bloclc sets ea, for clearance. S12 value. 3725 E 33rd STEEL SASH window. 3 panes wide, 4 pones hich. 2 sides ppen with screens Venetian blind. Over S40 value only $18.50. Also nice porch sei alurninum revolvlnc clothes lines «t a few other useful household Items ot a very low price. 280(1 E 3rd St. Call 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. or 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. , SEARS ROEBUCK CO. 81 N. Sixth It's Getting Colderl' HONEST!! Buy Early ' Don't Get Caught! OIL HEATER 80,000 BTU Used 1 Only Reg. $106.95 . $50 ' OIL HEATER 30,000 BTU Reg. $39.95 $15.95 SEARS ROEBUCK co. 81 N. Sixth Ph. 3-4751 "LET'S SWAP" 53 STAN'S Swap Shop. buy. sell, trade ~5 need guna 433 N 4th CLOI Hhb LINE POLES 53A $17.75 INSTALLED $17.75 Welded constr set In cement. S wires ready to use Also mall boxes. $4.60 Ph 6-OM1 before 10 or ailer a p.m. HOUSEHOLD GOODS 54 IJSAVING town. Z piece llvlne rooir. suite 843. kerosene water heater SIO. steel cot complete S3. misc. Items, 2 room cooler SIO. 1535 E. .Hampton St.. rear: Ph. 5-7333, THE AIK-WAY SANITIZER vacuum cleaner. For demonstration ph 3^4344 300 GAi. Bu. cas tank with fittines $100. 4234 E. Waverly. 5-20S3- HEATER. Keats 4 rooms. ticolly new. S25. Ph. 5.1031._ TABLE-TOP clee. ranse. clock control oven, deep-well cooker, excellent cond. 3 yrs. old. Make offer. Ph. 5-9584. · 7-Plece large size, solid. Walnut dining room let. Needs to be re- flnlshcd, $75. Girl's bicycle, S22.50. One fl-plece dining set, Mahozany, very good. SS3.50. One small Maple kit set. S35. The Brouse Around Shop. 2538 N. Country Club Ed. Ph. 5-1440. Open eve, til 8 p.m. APPLIANCE OUTLET M50 N. 1st Just arrived shipment of new Norce Appliances. Tucson's best deals. GUARANTEED tisea Rfgrs. S4.2.K) up_. ·JEW washine machine, wood circulating neater, hospital bed, 913 N. Hoff, 8 FT. NORGE Refrtc., 54 in. Cabinet Sink. 4 burner table top cas ranee. 3130 N. Park. AUTOMATIC wasncr--Launderall Jn excellent condition. SlOO. 2220 S. Campbell. 3-3204 3 PC. SECTIONAL. Newly upbolster- jd In red. 860 3655 E. Glenn. BAMBOO RATTAN FUKK Grand opening «t our new show room Save up to 505 at our Fac- ory-to-you prices s£2? value s PC sectional at S149.50 Open dailv til 9 Sundnvs i to 5 S14 E Soeedwav Dial 2-0585 K£F-Rlf5L'RATOR3 DOUfint sold and repaired Modern foxes to 170 Prince 2OT E Prtnc-f P" ^-g^ 1 " :ASH f-'OR vour flirniturf Irf poods Call 2-32BS . URNITUSE. dishes. Elfts. odds « ends, new used unpalntcd fur- nituro. It.1 fun to orou^c at the Brouse Around Shop. 2538 N. Countrv Club Rd. Ph. 5-1449. Open eve. til pjn. WILL pay 1 more CASH (or vour used furniture Call 3-18«0 FOB RENT portable sewino machine J5 oer mo Morrl.« Sewlno machine store. 2734 E Gram Rd Ph 8.1372. MAYTAG Sales Service Reconditioned Maytags from $29.50 $5.00 Down CECIL CARVER'S Electric Service Co. 225 E. Congress 3-2045 420 N. 4th Aye. 3-9252 HOUSEHOLD GOODS 541 WANTED TO BUY 58 Repossessed · REFRIGERATORS--DEEP FREEZEHS GAS ELECTRIC RANGES MAYTAG WASHERS IRONERS Terms ro suit vnur hudpet Dave Collen Son ;a:3 N Oracle Rd. Ph 2-432: Your Crosle.v-MaytaB-Glbson And International Harvester Appliance Denier OPEN EVES ft SUN NU'ND.I BEDS EQUALS BEDSTEAD. mattress and box sprir.cs In assembly. 211 sizes Twin size S25 343 E. flti Thompson Phniir- ^-.14.1'J DETROIT Jewel (Ms ranBe SOO. Boat motor G H.P. Klein. 22H E. Ft. Lowell. AUTOMATIC Hot-Boy Gas Heater console model. Like new. Reason. l?., 450 E. Kclso. WE BUY SCRAP Iron Metals, Batteries, etc. We Wreck Buddincs Call. Write or Wire Nat Bosnos Son PRIVATE entrance, private bath. S40 month. I227_E. 12th St. WANTED--Small power garden tractor; must be In good repair. Call 2-1C2Q. . LARGE ROOM, twin beds! adioinlnfi hnth._ncar Grand Central, g-0859, WANTED--Dinette set in cood Condi- tlon. Ph. 2-2274. Automobile motors. '37 later, for re- bllllding. Service Motor Farts. 4-0443. UOGb, CATS, PETS BARGAIN, beautiful Palomino color Fox terrier puppies, children's pets S5. 3-0775 HOOVER Vacuum 515. Hand Vacuum S7.50J Sears Commander all attachments 2 yrs. S22.50, 4025 E, Monte Vlsto Avc. REGISTERED blonde cocker puppies. Reasonable. 327 W. Roger. 3-4328. ._ I ATLAS PET SHOP. 477 S. Stone Sat. bargains. We stock of canaries S2 up. Parrakoets SG.SO a pair. Finches S3.50 a .pair. Cages lowest prices. 33 PIECE set "Norltake" china from J.-inon SlOO. 1133 N. Fremont. rwO-PIE"5E~Tiving room suite, period style, good condition. -4058 E, Hawthorne. · WANT to buy dining room table, G chairs, reasonable, fl-0762. ORIENTAL K e r m a n s h a w f T border 5x15 rug. Ph. 6-1723. 2538 Eastland. A T . T . gipni r tH firtrt white chrome 5 PC. dinette suite. Ph. 5-0325. 2214 N. Madclyn. RUGS, nandmqde wool, mulberry color, 5x8 and 0 by 9. Deep pile. Like new, ras. Ph. 6-1710 after 5:30. EASY SDir.driRr washinc machine, S45. _ i - . _ _ CIRCULATING- o.il heater dram. Heats 4 rooms. Good condition. Reasonable. 3M7 Oraclc.3-7234. _ AT STUD, registered Boston terrier. COCKER puppies. AKC registered \' T Frpiriont, Ph. 3-4648. REGISTERED well-bred black Cocker puppies. Plncon Kennels. 5-Q492 «LKMAR KENWELS - Res Cockc ounples stud service Dial 5-0816 SlAME§E~kTneHntud^Eervlce. Cats 2321 Ft. Lowell. Ph. 5-4864. CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES AKC ren. vest pocket size. Out of show winners. 2124 E. Soring, REGISTERED Boston terrier puoples. Very reasonable. 15S5 W. \Vetmore rd SACRIFICE, illness forces sale, recis- tered Irish setter OUPS. 10 wks. Half price. Cash or terms. 3140 Gcronino. 4-05HS, AUTOMATIC "Launderall" washinp mnchlnc. S70. Ph. 6-0080. KEESHUND registered puppies wonderful with children, reasonable, arao N. Palo Verde. STUDIO COUCH, excellent condition. S25._l802 E. 3rd St. 4-1963^ SMAtL DIVAN and chak. S35. Norce Rcfrig. S40. Fh. 3-7239 COCKER pups. Blnck. 7 weeks old. Pedicrce and A.K.C, papers. 4767 E. gnrl 'St HOU.YWOOD beds complete, rollaway bed complete, crib beds, vanity dressers, beds complete, bed davenport 7-foot bed complete, twin size livlnc room set. circulating oL heaters, buffet, etc. 1015 N. Sar.ta Rita. __^ TWENTY months old male Irish set- A.K.C. Fh. 5-873D. FOR SALE--Male tov pup. For frte. kittens. Ino, 375G Plmn. TWO Toy Bostons. Male female. AKC Registered. Reasonable. 20 V. Prlnco MOWNG-- W1U sell S-PC. blonde cin- inc room set. upright piano. 3 ,i violin, lar?e console oil heater and 50- Ib. ice box. 343 E. Lincoln.., WANTED Good home for 2 love Idttens 2 full crown cats, 20 W. Prln Chest of drawers S5. 2 Hollywood beds camp.- S80. Baby bed S12.50. Coffee table S7.50. Overstuffed chair with matchlne ottoman S25. Baby Tenda SIO. Glass-top dressing; table 53. 193B N. DodCo Bl, BOXER registered beautiful favvn female 10 weeks old. Reasonable. PEKINGESE puoples. champion sired. AKC registered. 3000 E.Lorotta Pr. "VITA-RAY", Butane heater. Also bathroom heater, excellent cond. 301 .Tnclnto GE. REFRIGERATOR- Good runnlns ·ondltion S3S. Ph. 6-0074. 30 OfiO BTU heater, radio, console table. nich",-stand. rue. traverse rod. 3032 E. 20th. 6-1446. NORGS Refriff. 6 ft. automatic defroster. Perfect Condition. Bnrcain. Fine bounce Chair. Ottoman. 5-0401. ^-iittija. , DEAD STOCK removed free. Dial 4-W41. 3-9B3S or g-7983. Tucson Tallow HIGHEST PRICES paid for nil (Trades livestock We do "custom killing. TCCSON PACKING CO Dial 3-352B WESTINGHOUSE elcc. ranae, a bit old fashioned but very frood. S25, 1135 N. Park Ave. MITCHELL'S OCTOBER SALE SPECIALS!! Used Elect. Range . .$79,50 Westinghouse Elect Range 89.50 Perfection Oil Range 89.50 Gas Range .... ' 49.50 3 -Burner Table Top Stove.. 39.50 Gas Range. H. O. .. 19.95 Laundry Tray, Porcelain 24.95 Bendix Automatic Washer 129.50 Coffee Tables 10.95 End- Tables 3.95 Chests from ........ 16.00 Odd Chairs from .. · 3,95 Armless Divan 39.50 2-pc. Living Room Set 49.50 Metal Table 14.50 5-pc Dinette Set ... 69.50 To Insure You of ·! Satisfaction We Service What We Sell MITCHELL FURNITURE 75-100 W. Congress Phone 2-7461 LIVESTOCK 60 STALLS for rent, saddle, race horses. H-mile from Rillito track, River Ha. Western Breeze Boarding Stables. 3-7857 ARIZONA Meat Packers pay more for your livestock. Custom slaughtering, processine and packaging are our specialties, 670 W. 33rd St.. Dial ROOMWitKdu* Board 75 I NICE sinde rooms near UA Gen- tlemnn preferred 12C8 E. 5th SHARE modern 3 - bedroom home with worktm person. Close n. Reasonable. 3-7677. COMFORTABLE slnele -bedroom in nvlvate homo. Ph. 3-244B. APARTMENTS FurmsKe'd 78 LARGE deluxe 1 Bdrm. apartment. U of A. dlst, ShoDDlnn bus. $75. 1321 S. Adams. 2-7033. Evens. 3-4*168. LARGE 3 room duplex. Close In. Miles School. 5-15 month. 42S S. Frc- TPont. S-TOSa. evos. 3-4366. APARTMENTS, Unfurn. 80 Rouses for KenT, ITnfurn. 82 BUSINESS OppSrfuhmef-. BB A "' 2-n487 ^"BUNGALOW HOME" 3052 E. Pimn. 2 large bedrooms, enormous closets tile *5ath kitchen, central heat coollne, Blenman School district. S85 plus utilities. Call Tucson .Realtv Trust Co. rental jept. 4-0'!51 EFFICIENCY apartment. Private bath, entrance, Kcfriz.. utilities paid. 1098 E 5th BEDROOM, parlor, kitchen, shower cooler 540. $50 utilities cald 1.1.1 E Alt SUNSET LODGE MOTEL. Nice rooms. Also.smoU act. for gentleman. No T.B. Close ln^_388 S. Stone. FURNISHED room--Private entrance. Also curacc. Gentleman preferred, 1322 E. 3th St.'Ph. 4-1593. IDEAL for 2 gentlemen, large bedroom, twin beds, private sitting room b»th._rcrivate home, -walking DOUBLE, single £20 mo. Also housework, yardwork exchange rent. FRONT bedroom, double bed, eopd neighborhood. MeaH oitlonnl. 2-ofian, LIVING ROOM, bedroom, kitchen, shower, patio. 6 months to vrs lease I C ATALINA VIEW APTS. ISK, large rooms, life bath. kit.. Rarasc, nr. shopping center, bus Uric. Owner on promises. 2249 E. Water. Ph. 5-1589. _ __ ' APTS: Utilities paid, conveniently located. Reasonable! 45JJ1 S 7th Ave NICELY furn. apt. for rent. 372.1 E. SnoMway TWO-roorn $ bath apt., new. clean. near Solenc Shopplnc Center, bus: S45. utilities furnished 120 E. 34th apt. NE location. Phone 5-12 SINGLE patio pat. Close in, suitable i'or 2 adults, $65 monthly. Inquire 421 N. Park. leges optional. Near univ. Ph. 3-B72G before 5 or 2-937B Housekeeoina Rooms , 7G ROOM, nice home, central heat, priv lieges. Bus nt door, 3-72G3.. ROOM apts., refrl*. Close tr E16ck to bus. EOG E. First. GUEST HOMES--Hotels 77 GERONTMO HOTEI Air conditioned rooms, orlvate bith Summer rates. Euclid at 3rd 3-3868 iE LODGE GLEN CO Newly furnished! Kitch»n nrivileees tm it - ' choice location Reasonable rates MODERN 2li room. furn. duplex apt. Close to town. nr. Univ. Shopping, bus. Sfl5. on lease. S75 monthly Ph. 20604^3-8340. 8 3 0 _ N 4 t h nve ____ 3-rtOOM modern Clean, hwd. floors. Reasonable, 26Q7 N. Campbell ' RUOMS. Kitchen, bath. Rent S42.50 1409 St, Mary's. Ph. 3-3152. 140 FURNISHED efficiency kitchenette, utilities, new refrigerator, ra-npe, cooler, shower, porch, auto- matlc lanudry. 3426 E. Flower. SPACIOUS 3-bdrm,. attacned carace. In Broadmoor. Beautifully furn. patio. 6 mos lease. Call 3-6286. $42 TO S5o 1 bdrm apts. Cooler. refriE.. laundry, bus. lawns. Some new. Utilities paid. Lacuna Plaxa Courts. 250 W. Laguna. Ph, 3-0764, LOVELY hotel apt, central downtown location, opposite post office with kitchen !: complete hotel service. Roskrucc Hotel. Scott le Broadway. Ph. MM;?. __ ESTANCIA 5EL SOL INN For persons desiring modem restful exclusive place to live try Estancia Del' Sol Inn Best food and ser- vlre All rooms have twin beds and Private baths -American plan 43 E. COPEH ST PHONE *- St Is WEEK - Clean kitchenettes, elec refrigeration. Utilities. 2221 S. 4th. COMP. fur. refr. rge. 1-2 rm.-klt. ants, nlso rm. tw. beds. hwd. fl. !02 E. 3rd. RES'I HOMES PALO VERDE. Large rooms, tray or dining room service, Beautiful surroundings, Ph 6-0661. 2956 N. Palo Verde VACANCY for T.B.. tray service, home atmosphere excellent food. i TRAY SERVICE 2B1B N Edith. Phono 6-06B1 St. Luke's in the Desert A sanatorium for the treatment of earlv cases of pulmonary tuberculosis R1R 'if. AHanvs Plat 3-1882. SADDLE, Porter Lee Robinson. Cltn- ton Allen. 019 N. Euclid. Ph. 2-1543. . DRESSED Beef Pork for your freezer. Sides, foreauarters. hindquarters. Reasonable price, 1728 S, Mission F.d, Phone 2-3650. __ ' NURSES home. Excellent meals. Very CONVALESCENT Guests 78 , ROOM, HOME , POOD. NURSING CARE IN GOOD 1 PRIVATE HOME. IDEAL FOR ARTHRITIC. PH. 5-8226. 2435 E. BTH. WALKING DISTANCE -- Finest rcsl- dentlal district, no dust. Lovely enclosed grounds. Excellent food. Trav service. Phone 3-0633. Los Patios Apts. Completely furnished. 3332 E, 1st Terra Aita Apts. WEEK -- MONTH -- YEAR . Twin beds, linens,, sundeck, garage, Eth St. bus. 3122 Terra Alta Bl (bet. E, 4th-5th Sts. on Country Club Rd.i a large rooms, nr. school SC5 mo. 4-0533. 1015 W. Wetmore.. f'URN. 3-rcom apt. 4«M N. Stone Avc. Ph. 3-9312. HALF WINTER RATES Half of new duplex on ten acre knol] overlookinc city only 2 miles out with 15 minute bus service. Beautifully furnished by Goobel Decorators. Sixty foot loni* oorch with lawr. furniture facintr City, Grass and flowered Patio lacing Mountains No dust. Corral and two ridinj* horses. Phonr Smith. 3-2934, ij~RQOMS~apts. clean, modern. S40 in- cludinc uti], Devonshire Park. 2-6153 TWO bedroom house, near schools, university. Patio, lawn, carace. Bendix. Venetians throuKhout. 3-0329, 423 East Third EXCEPTIONALLY nice Ant for couple. Day week or month 37?H N Stnnf- COMB, kltch,. bedroom, util. $19 mo Wear town. 440 W, Franklin. BROADWAY PLAZA Completely furn. i 2 bdrm. apta. k. month. vear._2l_Qg_E,_Broadwa^. ^ 2-ROOM or efficiency apt., private ent.. n e a r ' Univ. 3-4643. 1438 N SHARE APT. working girl, Speedway- Univ. buses. Ph. 3-BQQ4 weekday eves. Hospitals Convalescents POULTRY. ES6S. Etc. fil "THUNDERBIRD" eCE mash S4.9CI cwt. In dress print bacs. Dairy feed S4 per cwt Horse feed S4.80 cwt. Ft. Lowell Feed Supply CO. 3237. E Ft Lowell Rd. Ph..6-0032. ' NEWT-ZEAEAND--RftBBITS - Whites, bucks and does, $3.50 each. 2302 E. Valencia Rd. RED CHICKS T.B. lav mash $4.75 cwt. Tlemnnn 1 *, 2li°l N, stone. 3-244L HARVEST lay mash with Panamln in colored prim, bags S4.80 per cwt MIDDLETON'S 27C1 S. 6th Ph. 2-2321 DIAL 6-1357 LAY MASH IN PRINT BAGS. J4.«l UPHAM FEED i SUPPLY CO 2555 E GRANT_RD_. Fresh Dressed Poultry Pop's Poultry Market Dial 3-7041 SPECIALLY fed B r o a d Breasted Bronze Turkw-s. 12 to 35 Ib. Live. N.Y dressed cr fully drawn. Also broilers, fryers farm fresh eccs. IflOS E. Rogers rd. Dial 6-1 150 RED fryers. Route 2, BOX 852, Wrightstown Rgad. RABBIT sires, live or dressed. Also stock. 8914 Npgnles Barfield Convalescent Hospital Over 25 veHra experience (n , correct care- for convalescent and rest cases Utmost privacy guaranteed Airy dust - free rooms Registered nursing c»ro provided Home-cooked meals, Approved by American Medical AssodHtlon Member Association of Western Hospitals. Rates as IOTV as S7.50 oer day. BARFIELD COfJVALESCENT HOSP ^100 E Speedway Dlfll fl-1 521 ji'URN. bachelor apt,, sultaolc tor j couple or one person, downtown 1 location, S50 per mo. 300 W. Alameda Call 2-8436. 3-HOOM duplex. 1 bdrm. cottage, 1 studio cottage, all completely furn nicely landscaped, patio, barbecue pit. Convenient to bus shopping center. 1220 N. Wlnstcl. APARTMENTS'Furnished 79 WINTERHAVEN APTS 2492 N RIchey at Grant Rd Charm* ing 3 rooms, aschalt tile floors. Inwn patio and shuffletaoard, MIRAMONTE .APTS. New deluxe 1 bdrm. furn. or unfurn. in lovely Encanto Park Cent. heating, cooIhiK. private lorches. paved streets. 3301 E 2nd St 'hone 5-2258 Vista Sierra Lodge Apartments TURKEYS--Friday -Sat, special-50 cents Ib--oven ready.--delivered Ph MSTT (Arizona's most beautiful apartment ·^i!setting 5-room (2-bedroom) apts. Spa- 31 clous ground. Excellent individual ,, . r=; furnishings. Selected clientele. Pri- FSED'S Trailer Court. 3508 South 2th vnt . Dor ^ t, us ser vice. Phone 6-2603 Avn. Near Vet's Hospital. 4801 B. Broadv i BEDROOM furnished apartment, near Davis-Monthan field, MANGELS REALTY. Realtors, 6i6 N. 4th Ave. Ph. 3-0531. FASTIDIOUS ? ? 7 New, northeast. Central heating, cooling. Patio. Tastefully^ furn. 5-84JB. lovely studio room, HeatinK, cooling Tile bath, shower. Private entrance, Desirable location. Call 5-5229 or 2-8874, For Gracious Living , 1033 East Adams. Large four room, fully carpeted. ricW-y furnished, twin or double beds, room length closets. exhaust kitchen fan. crosstown bus Walking distance University, Two adults. , IF IT IS Privacy, conveniences, comfort and location you wish; sec these fur- nised apartments. 1 2 bedrooms, new, modern. By season or year. Ph. 2-2545. 1742 E, 9th 2 FURN. apts. 4043 E. Grant Rd. Ph. 5-5341. TRAILER COURTS l-JO-l^. i MODERN duplexes. 3 rooms bath. j.Utilities. Reasonable, 132 E. Jaclnto. INVESTIGATE ouict E'ootr.lll Court. Shade, pvt. rcstrras. and showers S12 ran Soft water. Adults. 1600 E Roger. MISSION TRAILER PARK -- Private bath houses and patios for each trailer. Beautiful trees. Corner AJo and Mission Hds. LAHGE screened uatlo storeniom. Drivala showers, toilet. 1G25 W. Cray, croft. \ TRAIEE1T space, new and clean, prl vate baths being constructed. Trailer Inn, 45 W.-Ft. Lowell. NO truck traffic or noise. Clean, heated showers and launary rJom. Any size space available. Va block to bus and shopping center. Towlne service. 4141 E. Lee. RADIOS, MUSICAL, Etc. 55 PIANOS .FullTruckload Mason Hamlin- Winter Chickering -- Betsy Ross THIS WEEK ONLY$20 Down and $20 Month 36 Months to pay FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN ARIZ. $595 Up Worth $695 -- $795 · McKenzie's - STORE NO. 1 419 N 4th Ave. Ph. 3-9458 USED PIANOS $98 UP COUSINS, 625 N. 4TH FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN ARIZONA, -IKE NEW console pianos. Expert repairing, rebulldinfi, reflnlshlns. tun- Ing Spencer Piano Co.. 321 S, camp- hell Phone 3-1652, SMALL walnut Wurlltzer studio Cousins K2.1 N ath Avp WILL PAV CASH TOR SPINETS AND SMALL UPRIGHTS. CALL 3-5231. ZENITH console, combination. .'.!i H.P. twin outboard motor, cheap. g-5144. orean, ebony. Practicall 1 . Ph. 5-7500. JSED piano, cut down upriflht, SI' Call at 2401 E. SCHULTZ cabinet Grand. J150. 2818 N. Countr/ Club UPRIGHT piano, good condition. Ph - .3810, . --_____TM. CIANO TUNING 55A master Have vour piano serviced W one _l the tuner-technicians from Gl.OV- ER-CLARK mC Thev are the men who can tune and make anv repairs nccessarv even to complete renulln- nc Call 2-4S26 WANTED TO BUY · 58 JE\VELR' 729 N, STH AVE. . FURNITURE WANTED Fll«'hl-t1 nrlre.i oald Dial 2-4371 iiHN wanted Hlshesi cosl nalrl Cnll 2-328S JUNK WANTED Highest Cash Prices .. scrap Iron, metals, batteries hides, wool and rubber Arizona Hide Metal Co. USED PIANO3 WANTED Will Pav Cash or Trade. ,,. 4* W'^^on. H« LARGE trailer spaces amone the ! trees with, cement patios. Tile showers, heated 'rest-rooms. Washing ja duties recreation, room. Also trailers for relit. Pastime Park Trailer Court. 3800 N. Oracle Rd. 2-9924. ,«JOM AND BOARD 74 DOUBLE ROOM for youns man. Bus nt door. S15 week. Ph. 5-1401. PRIVATE entrance, central heating, wholesome Kosher meals, 829 "E. Sth, 3-1767 . pvt, entrance, meals, lunches packed, good beds, bus. Phone 3-2063. CHEERFUL double room. 2 closets. Ideal for couple or 2 clrls. Board if desired. Also single room, reason able. 10*16 E. 7th. Ph, 3-8975, 1335 E. 9TH ST. Ultra smart garden apartments. 1 and 2 bdrm. Ideal location. Every con- ""··'"""T, Month, year. KOOwl with board. Private hath. Outside entrance. Ambulatory convalescent. Ph 5-822H. 2435 E. Blh St. KOSHER. Ecellent raeaSi. Also kitchen privileges. 921 N. First Ave 4-1020. WALKING distance. Employed een- tlemen or students, 3-1065. SINGLE, double, private bath, central heatlnc. Kosher meals 928 S. flth street ^ ^^^ PRIVATE Jewish home. With or without meals. 808 T.. 6th. 2-1379. OPENING MONDAY Armory Park Hoarding House. CICKTI rooms. Good family style meals. Come early for choice of room. 146 S. 4th Ave. Phono 2-2353. , ROOM Without Board 75 CLOSE-IN, comfortable room nicely fum.. kitchen priv. 24 E. 15th LARGE room, private entrance, walk- InK -town. University. S16 -mo, 117 N. 2nd IDEAL rooms. Kitchen orlvileKes. 12 mln. hus at door. 5-7346. LARGE comfortable room, close-in. 1035 N. 51h Ave. SAN'CLEMENTE APTS. on very reasonable rental ba Lease or seasonable DIRECTIONS east on Broadway 4 blocks oast n.i- vernon to Bryant then turn South 5 short blocks to Brown-Way. Man- tfor ftr\ TlfPTTiJCfffr 5-47JJL El Encanto Apartments "ARIZONA'S FINEST" Completely furnished 4 and B-room apartments In ideal location on an nual lease or seasonal basis JS20 E STH ST. PHONE 5-7221 i AND 2 bedroom 'new Beautifulb furnished Reasonable Close In 911 E 9th For information call 3-BI35? or 5-7432 MODERN 3 rooms, oractlcallv new lawn clean, caroorte. ndults. B20 N 6th Ave CATALINA VILLAGE Garden acts.. sv;immlnfl oool soa- lous grounds Maid service available Bever'v " mi nioctt oeveri.v tx j_uyvj.iwa.v BUENA VISTA APARTMENTS Larco 2 bdrm. act,, excellent location completely furn,, central cooling, central heating. 5S15 E._fiUi St.. Apt. A UPSTAIRS 2 rms,, bath, kitchen, rt 14flQ St. Mary's Rd. Ph. .3-3152. 2925 N. CAMPBELL Modern, nicely furn, 3 room apta Season or yearly. Centra] MR, and cooling, hcJwd. floors, nr. shoppma ind transportation. LA TERRAZA APTS. 2 BDBOOM. FUHN St UNTUHN. Bus ShopptaB Blenman Cstal'.na District Apply J132-C N' Forgem. Ph. 5-5! 7? TUCSON'S FINEST BRAND NEW spacious l-bdrm garden "homos" wits Individual ca- rage and patio; paved streets University, schools, shopping, bus Sec 1329 E Drrfchman. 2 to 5 p.m Or dial 5-0193 for appt. COMPARISON PROVES NICE room for young man. Outside entrance. Tforthcnst location. 3-J557. ROOMS. Close in. comfortable, reasonable. 624 N. 6th Avo. Ph. 3-7.lC.jlj 1-BEDROOM apt:. 2 blocks north El Raneho. 342Q E. Wlllard. 5-7049. 1 STUDIO APT. 2228 E. 4th .Si PRIVATE room £c bath, separate ent . kitchen, dinir.fi room privilege, bus close, reasonable. 3714 E. Flower. PLEASANT homelike room for employed gentleman or student. Close to Univ. 421 K. Park Ave. CLOSE IN. bus. Front room, studio beds, private bath. 3-9243 after 4:30. SLEEPING room, private bath. 72 E p, t.-'K'a. · LOVELY rcom Private entrance Ijath. Near town. 3-506?. SAFFORD ROOMS, private entrance, in town. 441 So Sth. 2-9573. SINGLE or double kitchen privileges 311 E. 4th Dial 3-4022- SEPARATE COTTAGE Private bath. Single or double Reasonable Ph 5-3463. FURNISHED STUDIO APARTMENT East Broadway--Close to Goll Course and Shopping Center. Use of Delightful patio and swimming pool. Adults S65 per month. Call 5-2598. SLEEPING room, kitchen -living room privileges. $50 per mo. 2221 St ZiROOM cottage, elec. refrlg., utilities paid. S3Q. 225 E. Lincoln^ SLEEPING room, twin beds, private entrance bath. Patio carage. 2fllfi E. Draclirn3 FOR GENTLEMAN--Detached room with bath, lovely surroundings, beautiful patio. Near catlnu places public transportation Ref. re- onirpd. Ph 5-6415 for appoint EMPLOYED centleman. private en, trance, bath, walking distance. 2-5374 after 4 NICELY furn. single room. Employed :entlomnn. Ph. 3-355B PRIVATE entrance, private bath, sun ten-ace, patio wall. Ph. 5-a543 CLOSE in. heated, attractively fum.. sunny front roam, private entrance, 1.13 £. Speedway. MEN 1 · or 2-- private bath, breakfast privileges. Lovely home. Reasonable. Near restaurants, shopping, university bus at door, 1105 E. Speedway. 2-0278. BEDROOM for single ttentleman. Private home. Private entrance. Kitchen privileges If tenant will assume light housekeeping duties. Mav consider SIO month rent. 2138 E. \ Helen. I PRIVATE room, complete, on ranch, S67.50. Ht. 2. Box 952. Wrightstown rd, DUPLEX. 2 large rooms, porches, rc- frlg., bath, 1 "block of. Vets Hospital. S38. 320 E. President. BEAUTIFUL furnlsfced 2-Sedrm. CDts. Close to bus. shopping, schools. 3311 E. Willard. c-0914. STUDIO APT., utilities paid, J45 mo. 33C E, Alturas. 2-8057.0 BLOCKS Congress, small apt., re frig., private entrances. Afternoons 3-5525. 5 ROOM APT. S55 month. Ph. 2-B713. Evenings. CLEAN. 1 room opt. Lights paid. $25 mo. 1630 N Euclid. FURN 3 room apt. 4004 N. Stone Ave. Ph. .1-3312. FINEST downtown garden apt, opposite Carnegie library park, 71 E. 13th St. Dial 2-7131. SAN CARLOS .APTS. LARGE SEPARATE FRONT UNIT 1 bdrm., twin beds or double, patio, J75 _Si SSS. Phong B-OOH. 3737 E. 5th. _ . . . . FOR COUPLE, Furn. 3 room apt. Utilities furn. 3308 S. Delmnr. In Coronado Heights 3 rms. Utilities Paid. $35 Mo, 2602 N. Balboa Phone 3-2709 nfter...5. P.M. 1421 E. MABEL. Deluxe, beautifully appointed for two or three people. All features. Paved street, centrally located. Season's lease. Extraordinary unit that must be seen to be appreciated. 1421 E. Mabel, 3 ROOM furn, apartment $50 SCO mo. UtUlites furnished. 3045 N. Dodge. PATIO Room, private entrance, private bath, gas heat. Employed gen- tlcman. Dial 5-6436 429 E. HELEN--clean, modern room, prlvtae entrance, kitchen, single. rtonhle. t*9. 3-4281. ..._ 2 PRIVATE rooms, with bath, on bus line. 4 lilks. from Univ. 1110 E. 3-G864, CICELY *:um. front bedroom. Employed lady - Jefferson. Park Dis- trict-_Near_bus^shO'.pln^.R-1321.^ ROOM--S7 week. Close In, Shower. 3311 E. 3rd_St FRONT double room, central heat. Meals optional. 5-Hro. 2115 E. Mabel 'RONT ROOM, private entrance. Centra) he?t. Adjoining bath. Phone for employed gentleman '215 PLEASANT room, central heatlne. private entrance. Gentleman. 114B E. IDth street. 3 ROOM apt. furn. Utilities paid. Refrigerator. 3677 S. Clark. 2-3652. -VLDOW will share her attractive apt. with lady. 1530 E. 6th St. across from PA stadium. Fh. 3-1075. 2 ·HOUSEKEEPING rooms. Healthy Christian woman. $15 month. 12 W. Wetmore 3 LARGE clean rooms, nicely furnished-. Reasonable. 2 blocks east Pago Pago. 201 W. -Rllllto St. SAVE ON RENT! -- CottVDlete home. ·Jjaat P^^PO Dorndo. 5-3007. CLEAN i bedroom duplex aot. Good location $52.50 and .SCO. Bus. Ph. 4-1810, ATTRACTIVE i bedroom patio aots. Steam heat, Carportc. Quiet, dust free. Wagon "Wheel Ranch. E. Broad- wav near Wllmot. APT 1 BR paved St.. bus line, in* center. 3422 E ; ?rtd, 73ln1 5-11CV , NEW STUDIO APT. Central heating S; cooling, hdwd. floor?!.-twin beds. 1521E.-7th St. 5 ROOMS, bath. itorM* tpace. W46 E. gth St . 1.BEDSOOM furnished apt. well furnished. Rent or lease. 1724 Rose, mary. Shopping transportation handy, . NEAR U. OF A. . Very lovely 1 bdrm. 3 rm. both cottage on onved ct. Very modern and neat as a nin. New stove, fully landscaped. Only S55 mo. Sec It to- davl ColtacG F. at 1030 E. Soring. -WANTED ""Just one more tenant. For our lovely unfurn. apt. Especially suitable for middlc-aced persons of cUscrimlnatlon who desire quiet livlnc in a beautifully landscaped settlne. Koscmont ants, 504fl_E. Broadway, 5-27J5, Houses for Rent, Furn, 82 1 BEDROOM, stove, refrigerator drapes. 2645 N. Treat, $50. PH. 5-3975 rildnts, s-0384 davs. WHY K.EKT' Build vour own We tl nance maierlals ind eastsld* hnl' Acre «7B tin Mil Tin 5-843S 3EAUT1FUL 2 BEDHOOM home, car- Dorie. on IUJ Mad era Drive, 4 blotks from primary school. MANGELS EEALTV. Realtors. 616 N. tth Ave.. 3-0531. $52.50 WU] rent » 2-oearoom unit on * year's lease Paved streets, sewers transportation, school soon, Clever new prize winnlna floor plans to he featured in r^adleF Horn? Journal Gall 3-282] tor information or «M manncer »t 1547 S Norrla. PUEBLO GARDENS H. C. Tovrea Co. Mgra. 33 S. Stone Realtors 3-7525 ·451 / E. CjLiJljjNJN J2-BDRM.. ranee, -redwood walled in 2-bdrrn. house. Nr. shoDDlnE center, patio. S65. Call 5-9813. 2717 N. Soark- school. bus. S75 month. NICELY TURN. 4-bdrm. house, close In. 53.1 E. 4th St. 2-On86. LADY \vJJl share 3-bdrm. home with Indy child or couple. 2B34 N. Blvd. 5-4oa». CATALINA FOOTHILLS, Out of, the dust. 1- and 2-bedroom furn. houses. Caslta Blanca, Box 627 N. Camobell Ave.__Phone 6-0767. REDECORATED Ranch House, larce Place for poultry if desired, 4207 Glenn Ave. NEW 3 bdrm. red brick home for rent furnished. Near bus line. 4710 E. :0th. Ph. 3-5644, FOR RENT Furnished '3 Bdrm. house. 1116 N. Olsen. Ph. 5-1146, HILLSIDE hideout fully equipped S30 Macnificent isolation, rest, creative Effort?* Star Cit. Box 519. HOUSE--3 large rooms month. Phone 3-3443. bath $50 2 BEDKM. 4100 E. Kayn'es. Lease S85 nio. Children welcome. Near D.-M. S35 LIVING-bedroom combination, kitchen shower. 220 E. Kocer Hd. 2-4049. BEDROOM house, central heatini 3 BEDROOM house, v e r y c l e a n . Beautifully landscaped. Guest house and carase. 3958 Justin Lane MANGELS REALTY. Realtors. 616 N. 4th Ave.. 3-0531. and coolinz. 1033 E. v/avcrlv. Call ·ner 3-9124. 1615 N. Santa Rita. FURNISHED 1 Bdrm. home. Glassed in sun oorch.' Catallna Foothills. S85 mo. 5-Q886 DELIGHTFUL WINTER HOME Completely beautifully furnished. 3 Bdrms.. 2 baths, screened oorch. Walled Mtlo. earaec. N.E. section. DM 5-3607 rth side 1 BDRM. House modem. Nori rlose to bus. 3-4371. · BDRM, nicely furnished. New wall to wall rues. Slidlnc door closets. Plenty «orace space. .Patio. Rood lawn. Utility room with washing machine. Ideal for 2 or 3 adults or 2 adults. 1 chlM- Call 5-0154 or 6-1314. NICE 3 Room House. Reasonable. Clow in. Adulte. 1424 N. Euclid. n; "BEDROOM house--second bedroom suitable for den or smnll child, dining room, nice yard. S65 water paid. 3431 N. 2nd Avc- W. of 1st Ave. between Mohave and Yavapal. 3-H840, ' : -! BDRM Newly decornted. Near Blenman Catalina Jr. High. Phone 5-1378. ; -2 bdrm. Furri. Home, Phone 5-C873 2 RM. $35 mo. Cabin 18. HkpB. rm. si ). uo. 540 N. Tucson Blvd. "Northwest Corner Drachman Stone All utilities furnished, hardwood floors, hot water heat, stoves and Ice 3oxes. From $42.50 up. L A. Romine Real Estate Insurance. Inc. Broadway ot Scott Dial 2-4651 MODERN attractive. 2-bdrm. house. Adults prc-fprred S8Q. 444 E. Kelso. SPACIOUS. 2 rms. bath, utilities furn. Block to Catalina Thea.. bus. Adults .sen. 19.16 E. Water. 3-RM. house, nicely furn. 2213 E. ATTRACTIVE 2-bdrm, furn. Kome, a. util paid, $100 month. Zoned for business also. Ph. 3-0665 1-BDRM.' house near Univ. Wood floors._dust free._Ph. 3-7169 ATTRACTIVE DUPLEX Larce. clean rooms. 4252 E. Plma. S-J-f" 2-BEDROOM unfyrn.. tile both, lots of cupbonrd closet space, polio wnlt. flO. 6CC3 E. Lec. Crt\ 5-67fig. CLEAN l bdrm. home. GJ2. r o f r . , Okcc^e Merrlu stove, panel-ray heat, natural gas. Venetian blinds and cooler, $45 mo. Inquire 1120 E. Limberlost alter 5 pjn. or any time Sunday, ' J^OOM house."'partly rorn. or unfurn, 119 E. Lincoln St. LARGE 2 bdrm. home, central he inK, wardrobe cl osets, ven etlan blinds, gas range, refrlff., garage, utility room. $70. Key at 3031 N. Park. ATTRACTIVE 3 bedroom house, re- frlg,, stove and Bendix washer; block school, store, bus; $85 month. 2842 N. Tucson Blvd. 5-968Q. 1 BEDROOMTden, stove, refrigerator. Venetian blinds, hardwood floors, nice lawn, car porte. Adults, SGS, 1125 Adelaide Drive. · NEW 3 room house, electric stove, hot water, fjas heater, ven. blinds, cooler. $40. 2918 E. 28th St. HOFFMAN ADDITION 3 Bedroom. "2 bath, now available on year's lease. For Information see or call Mr. Hensel 2-8833. Voight Realty Ins. Co. S03 East Sixth Street J-BDRM.. vicinity E. Gth N. Park, colorfully re-decorated. Central heat- ind coolir.c. refinlshed hdwd. floors. Ur.furn. or partial. SlOO Dcr mo. lease and gentiles. "Ph. 2-Q45C. 2-BDRM.. newly decorated, electricity water furnished. 3333 FlowJnc Wells Rd. 5-ROOM house unfurn.. stove, clrcu- lattas heater, elec. refrle.. furnished. Hdw. floors, front rear lawn. On bus line. Reasonable rent, Ina. at 507 N. Irouuols. Ph. 2-5407. KUSINESS RENTALS 83 PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE1 SMALL BUSINESSES! FOR LEASE. Good business location. Speedway at Campbell, Apply Speedway Realty. Ph. 5-7290 ' EAST Sneedway store. Reasonable, Dlril 5-8381, Sunday and evenincs. C-0798. _ PRIV offire or desk soaep H2n iln Tel Serv fi-5413 TAiLOR--DRY CLEANING SHOP : Established business--close to downtown--completely equipped Incluc^M · '4fi Mereury Sta. -Wajron--Furn,. liv, aunrters--Lone lease. . Price S4250 Cash · ATIONS REALTY INSURANCE' n ;?j. 41h Av. Ph." 3-6718; Sjga| SERVICE STATION for lease. Excc,, lent neighborhood. Located in city. Small Investment required. Apply 8:od~; to 0:OQ a.m. Richfield OU Corp.. W«t Simpson S t . " " · EXCLUSIVE, 6-UNIT COURT - CLOSE IN Brick construction. All-; f a r n i s h e d. Attractively: landscaped.. All apartments rented at $75 per month. : : A steal at $47,500. : TERMS OR HOUSE IN TKAD», ROY DRACHMAN , .. Realty Company Exclusive Accnt --REALTOR-- ! 33 W. PENNINGTON DIAL i-OliOI GROCERY business lor ««le or trade. Ph. 5-3873. SHOE repair shop. Good location. Reasonable. 2315 N. Country Club. _ 14 Bdrm. Rooming House Near U. of A. 'This Is hard to find--ij not a converted old house but bruit u · rooming house with all facilities, Incl, l«e. community kitchen dining rm. Lovely sun porch. Nothing else Ilk* it In town. Location assure* ltx% occupancy. Can be boucht below i«- placement cost. By the way. · desirable trade will be accepted. Call Mr. Cohen 3-5460 to see this "Best Buy.' 1 Eves. 5-3C72. ROTH REALTY, Realtors "INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED" 1H5 N. Stone. Dial FOE SALE--Hambur/zer and lunch, , with livine Quarters. hUhwav location; consider late car; terms, Hank'p Hamburgers. Box 1091. Elov. Arlr. FOR 1 SALE--Tavern, cafe and Earn* room now oocratine with exclusive franchise In dust free Southern Art- ' zona-resort area. $5000 cash.. Pout House. Fort Huachuca. Arizona. RESTAURANT for sale: excellent merchant-tourist trade.·Sully couin- ocd. central location, tcaxonabl* rent. Owner has other buslnew.' Priced- rlsht for auick sale. Gut Nlcus. Zaid's Caie. Hot Sprlnw, New Mexico, FOR SALE--Grocery meat market, beer and wini license. N. Ei loca- tlon, for inf. call 5-3051. COMMISSIONED salesman for established dry deaninp route.. Call in- person between 4 and fl PJH. Z«nlth Cleaners. · , Grocery at Inventory S2.SOO Man's shoo at cost 110,000 Trailer court. Down $5000 Motel xjoen to offer Klchman' 2325 Oracle Rd. Ph. RESTAURANT, fixtures almost U, «»u new, comcletelv eaulDped. Sacrlflc* bv mortgagee. 5-8217. _ 60 FT. SPEEDWAY Frontace with 3 Rm. bath house.-Also office ori shop. Both reasonable- KELLY REALTY 3701 E. Speedway OFFICE SPACES available Ph 3-0152 Tucson, Professional Bide 650 N Rth *jij'rrt 6id Avenue store. '600 sauare feet bic vard suitable for retail n*- mhrtlopnln VincHfgy Pall_JZ ± 3?RS For Rent Stor*, located on South Country _lub. Ideal for beauty parlor or oakery. Jlent SlOO To $125 on lease Contact Mr. Fain-at Drachman - Grant Realtors 23 N. Ston* Dial -3-4781 01 6-0693 after houri WANTED TO RENT 85 RENTALS--seasonal or lease. Rentals needed. SliKh Realty. 1050 N. Coun- trv Club. · REAL ESTATE WANTED 86 ·i ROOM Cottaze furnished Frlalo- sire hardwood floors. 902 £ Adems 2-2369. EL PATIO 3I-H E, FAIRMOUNT New. modern furn. 1 bedroom apt _carpqrte and private patio. ATTRACTIVE apartment, near town shopping utilities Selected clientele Phone 2-Q342. 2 3-ROOM aoartments, furn. S50 S6Q mo. 4224 E. Grant Rd. ; 2-BDRM. Furn. ADt. 809 E. 5th. Call 2-ino Eves. '. TRJ.ILER for rent for one. utilities nald S13 mo. 50 W. 32nd 1-BDRM. apt., nlcelv furn.. Amnhi dist. Ph. 3-4226. ' 3-RM. furn. aDt.. utilities. Near Central Aircraft Dlant. Ph 3-27S6 113 W. District, * '.V-RM. apt., all utilities paid. 26 W Pennsylvania Dr. 2-5193 3-ROOM kit. apt. modern. 1431 Benson Hwy. '(Tvebossar). S-SOVS. 4709 So. 7th AVE, Living room, kitchen, bedroom, comfortably furnished. 6 months to vear lease. $4 e mo. Ph, 5-8132 or 2-5621 SHARE lovely home, patio, drive: with couple; kitchen prlv'ges. 2-2254 UNIVERSITY BUS--Attractive studio, panel hoat. tiled, paved. S50. 2-7136. WE HAVE RENTALS One bedroom apt., $30 Two bedroom 575 Three bedroom. S125 Howard Realty Ins. Co. 272 E. Congress ' Ph. 3-4777--5-1393 AVAILABLE NOW 3 one-bedroom ants, and one studio act., all with larpe kits. tile baths. Central city nas heatlnc, everythinc furn.. including utilities, lone or short term. Beautiful Datios sun-decks, especially ' suitable for middle-aped oersons of discrimination who desire cuiet livinE In a beautifully iand- :aoed setting, Rosemont epts,. 5049 . Broadway. 5-2745. NEAR UNIV. 3-Boom apt.. S55 mo.. Including utilities. Steam heating. Adults. 745 E. First HITCHING' POST APTS. SWIMMING POOL 1 Vacancy--4-Hoom Apt. S65. Ph. 2-7887. NICELY furnished 3 BR. home with garage. Has proximitv to Davls- Monthon. Vet?' desirable neighborhood. S85 monthlv. Phone 5-7172 or Inquire at 4601 E. Burns St. THREE rooms and bath: cooler and electric refrigerator: utilities 'furnished. $50 ir.or.th. 622 W. Prince Rd. Bus service. ATTRACTIVE 3-room am., tile floors. Panel-Ray beat, laundry facilities. Utilities included. S52.50. J547 E. Iled- ·Ick TJr. Ph S-7BI3 2 BEDROOM house. Garage. }»ear Junior. High School, University. Ph. NEWLY decorated 3-room aot. Close to bus._1914 E. 14th St. 2-5610. ONE side of duplex nicely furnished. rent reasonable. 2409 E. 2nd St. 3-ROOM HOUSE - 3527 East Ft. Low. ell Rd. 1-BDRJ15. complete bath, kitchenette, small living room. Near university. Home like. 2-0013 3-ROOM apartment. 4-rrwm house fur nlshed or unfurnished. C29 S. Sth, [DEAL one-room kitchenette apartment, court, private, bus, utilities, S30 up. 2014 N. Balboa (ofl Stone) 7-3RR2 or 2-0716 _^^_ LARGE 3V? room duplex, extra nice. Good location. 3731 E. Bcllevue^ 2 BEDROOM, cornp. iurn. clean: adults. Also 2-room efficiency, private shower, suitable middlcaced centleman. teacher or couple. 3*57 Clark A 3 RMS,, modern. Frigidaire. utllitle_ paid, SGO mo. Smith. 3120 N. Stone. 2-354" . new. clean 3-room apts.. com clctely furnished, tile kitchens, full bath. By day. week or month. Sec nt 1742 S. 4th Ave, UNIVERSITY district, front duplex, attractively furnished. Telephone washing machine. 2-4410 FURN. 2-BDRM. APT. PHOETE 2-7689 3-ROOM apt. S47.50 per mo. utilities Included. Adults. 523 E. K.?1.TO. 5-B3S4. ATTRACTIVE, reasonable, near university. Suitable for one. 725 N. 2nd 2 THREE-ROOM furn. apts.. practl- llv new. 3-7670. 362B E. Belleyue TRAILERS FOR RENT 79A Trailers and Ants, for Rent Royal Court. Ph 2-9351 TRAILER In court. Close In. Most utilities £urn. 1 or 2 adults.' $25. 5-0869. FOR BENT--Trailer. 2 bdrms.. kitchen HvlnKroom. elec. reirls., hot water heater. Suitable tot 3 or 4 3737 N. Ston- trailers" low rates^ u Included, 2905 S. 6th Ave. 2-2711. tilitie APARTMENTS. Unfurr. 80 ?EW 3 rooms tile bath, kitchen. Hardwood floors. Central heating. LrmndrvfaclHtles. 410 E. Adams. GAYE~APT"S-- 841 -- . Ave 1 blk {rom Univ. Attractive 2 3-rm. auts.. $47.50 to S60 oer mo., utilities palci. Call owner {or nppt after 5 p.m. 3-3B70 2 BDRM. 2 blks. unlv., schools, central coolinn. heatini;. stove rtfrls erator 1038 N. Tyndall. Vista Sierra Lodge Apartments room (2-bedroom) homelike apartments In Tucson's most beautiful apartment settlne. Private DOOJ. No outside cares. Bus service. One at $90 month. 4801 E. Broadway. Phone -2SC3. CATALINA FOOTHILLS Out of dust area. Individual 1 and 2 i « bedroom homes attractively Jur-l" nlshed woodburnine fireplaces. ionable. 4720 N. CampbolL WE NEED ALL KINDS Of LISTINGS. PROMPT SERVICE Emil P. Maianga N 4th Realtor : l.BDRM. home, beautifully" furn. Refrigerator, cooler, 3S25 Geronimo AVI RANCH, two-bedroom, 21 miles out, beautiful location. dust-frce-Sahuaro ribbed, ceilings.- corner fireplace, patio--barbecue. $75 month short lease. Hazen sign 3 miles west of Sahuarlta NEAR Davls-Monthan attractive 1- bdrm. Garage, patio. S-4461 3 BOOM cottaee. $40: 2 bedrooms children. 4555 E. Glenn ONE bdrm, modern 4-rm. house, hard, wood floors, cnrporte, provisions for sunhnth. 1D3H N. Tucson Blvd. SMALL l-bdrm. house furn. Nice fenced yard. S40. Out Nocales H'way to Sunnvslde School, turn cast, co to 2205 E,_Valencia. ' CLEAN «-rm. cottace. Near bus El Raneho shoDptos district. 3517 E. Cody (HearV ' ^ F YOU have a rental please contac' us. Mrs. Conroy. Eves. Sun. 6-0742 VOIGHT HEALTY INS. 103 E. Oth St. Phone 3-8833 1-BDRM.. storage, clean. Close Grand Central. 5231 S, Orphanage. 2-7933. Beautifully Located In dust-free foothills, 3 rooms and bath, attached caracc. 873. Pb. 2-7982. ?. BEDROOM HOUSE in U. district. Good, condition and clean. Reasonable. MANGELS REALTY, Realtors, 616 N. 4th Ave.. 3-0531. WE HAVE RENTALS SPECIAL 2 BR. Unfurn. Carportc. Landscaped. Cracln School. Paved street. $75 mo, 2823 E. Blacklldse. 2 ER. FURN. landscaped. Carporte. Fenced yard. Blenman Sen. S75. GOLDEN RULS REALTY Realtors. Ph. 3-B636 or 5-r"* COMPLETELY furnished 2 bedroom reasonable. Inn. 121 Veterans Blvd. LIVING, bdrm. kitchen bath. Near IC. Clean. S30 mo. Couole. 5-S173. 2 BDRM. houae furnished 340 mo. Call 3-343r COMPLETELY furn. 2 Room houses 1 month free 3301 End of N, Coun- Club Rd BDRIW . furn.. hardwood floor; \Var ITnlv Dial 3-4M5 Listings Needed Now !?ave buyers for 2 Se 3 bedroom acmes In all locations. SERVICE REALTY CO. 1433 E, Broadwayj.DjaI_g-46"7 anytime OWNERS Why not Ust your rental* with us, We have dally calls from clients, PIMA REALTY ·!ll__E._3rd - Ph. 2-7431 COMFORTABLE HOME. preferabl three bedrooms, close Jn. needed at once. S1.500 down. Phone Mr Floronl: 2-7253: evenines 3-6575 Worthy Realty Investments. .115 W Alarr.eda. - WANTED 2-becJroom. furnished home. Northeast location. Must be attractive. Approximately $1500 down, balance on sub" stantial monthly payments. Contact Mr. Fain at DRACHMAN - GRANT Realtors 28 N. Stone 3-4781 or G-OG93 afte_r hours This opportunity -does not preMni Itself very often--to «har« Jn Chrljt- mas business. Variety Store - . . Reported yearly busineu tM.OM. Inventory appro*, $15,000 to tlB,OOOon which a purchaser should mak* money due to price's fidvanclnK rapidly. Price $22.000. Call Mr. GewiericH for appointment. Strunk Realty 2402 E. Broadway Phone »-M8J Mu«t ES'IATE bchanqe 87 For Sale or Trade " Masonry construction, tile roof, 3 furn. units, utility and service room. About 2 acres of landscaping. Benson highway. Price is only S20.000. Reasonable down payment, or will trade for home on paved street. This is n buy. Dial 5-2242, or 5-S222. Metropolitan Realty Co. 2525 E. Bdwy. ' Realtor WELL LOCATED business lot--will take late model, good-sized, trailer, Phone 3-3843. FOR SALE or trade for nlcK-uo truck --eouitv in 2 lotsT Speedway Helehts. S-G951, TRADE. Owner of attractive 3 bed room. Ji bath Mex-Adobe home in Howcll School District will trade lor a 2 bedroom home in flood location. ADAMS REALTY INSURANCE CO. Realtors. 723 N. Stone. Dial 2-7441. Evensr 5-8950. 5-2368. IVEW 4 room house, beautifully furn.:i Idea! for 2. Central htc ' coollnc Nice Inwn. 2925 E Adam 1 ! LANDSCAPED 2-bdrm. hwd floors nrjultt S7S areC Ceronlmo 2-8232 iT"ROOIW cottage and trailer rm inched, oa S3Q mo. 2835 N. Stone rear VERY cute small efficiency. 2 bdrm. use. Ph. 4-1077. 5-RM, home tile kitchen, bath. Near bus. nicely furnished 885 mo. Lease only. Call 5-0885 2-1562 .-BDRM. house. Ft Lowell M a ; Butane, bus. pavement stores SGO 2 BDRM. House, partly furn. Innuire at 2331 E 2nd St. between 0 A.M. C RM. FROOMS 'utilities, rcfrffierator. shadv yard, also trailer, private vard. ret. h-3254 ' NEW larne 2 Bdrm. home. Completely newly furnished. Bus. Pavement; Near city schools. 1623 W. Indian School Ttd. Across from Freedom Hornet MS. PM 2-2617. Oracle Foothills -Estates Located five miles north of town, route 80. Out of dust nrea 1. 2. »nd 3-bedroom homes Swlmmlns and rid- MODERN 4 rooms, bus. shopoine district, trees. S55, Accommodate three 5-5R03 after 5 FOR SALE or rent near Catallna Jr HlBh. 2-bdrm; furn. house. Ph 5-H112. 3 BEDROOM HOME Completely furn. Garace, circular driveway, hcatint; eoolinc. Lots of room, front and back. Any number f children welcome. S85. Call 2-8874. -- l-bdrm.. patio, barbecue, shade paved. Connie. S52.50. Ph.- 5-0088.. NEW modern i-odrm. house, Tucson Foothills. S45. year's lease. Ph 3-9825. . BDRM nicely fumlshprt eonvenion location Lease S1ZS , 2843 E 21 s1 S-417B clean elec stove refria. nrpire. fence. *to S-sm7 NEW 2 bdrm home heautifullv furn available Nov 1st In restricted N E subdivision Call 6-0510 to see. WILL TRADE 5 apts. all rented in Mcnlo Park 'or house and cash difference to mortgage. Income approximately $2311 per mo. Phone 2-6703. TRAILER COURT. On five acres of ground. Small house- 28 hook UPS. Semi-private and community rest rooms. Close to bus. shopping and school. Sickness forces owner to sacrifice for £10.800 wl'-h o low down payment or will trade. Oracle ^. 2223 Oracle Rd. Ph. 3-93S1. 2-BEDROOM home on 1 acre to trade for Income. Write 2BG2 N. Tyndal] tSb Opportunities 88 Self Help Laundry First time offered. Guaranteed money, maker. Good lease. Exclusive franchise. No competition. Only $9,500. See Mr, Leonard! at office for details. ' Murphey Realty Mortgage Co. Est. 189B 200_IJ._Slone Avc- BY OWNER service station cquip- mcnt stock. Doing good business Good location Lease property. 244 W. 20lh St. 2-3264. (^Otviir*L*i;TJ£ food mnrket. Good equlo- ment. Fast irrowlnc neighborhood. Paved street. Plus eomDleteJv furn. 5-room apt, Call owner 2-2419 eves. 5-room apt, after 7. Wduld trade. SACRIFICE SALE Entire slock, 'fixtures, trade name, etc., must be sold to satisfy creditor's claims. Auto homo supplies anv reasonable offer. Insolvent at present time Contact room 408 Vallev Na- tinnal Bank__Bldg. Phong 3-0741^ CAFE for sale. IOHK lease. Music ua.vs rent. Good business. Doc savs--cei off my feet. You make offer, Will take some trade In except pronertv J.Q54, Phone 7909. Elov. MEW v attracUvelv furnished, 2-room house. Suitable one or couole, Rear 1425 N 2nd lAvo. 2-84G3. * for Rent, Unfurn. 3% ! ILLNESS, forced to sell one of Tuc- I son's better small dry cleaning ! plants, showlnc excellent profits with room for expansion S13.SOO. 403fl E. Grant Rd. 3OUTHSIDE--2-bdrm. house. Pnrtly furnished. Near schools.. 156 W. Lincoln LARGE, modern, i-bedroom house. Venetian blinds, sas ranee St heater. SHI mnnlh. 2107 N. Catalina Blvd.' YOU CAN STORE Or Ship your furniture anytime anywhere Citv Van Storage Acenti United Van I4nea 6-22U DRIVE INN Well established business. R o o d eaulpment. IOPE lease, newly decorated. Located on well traveled bleh- wnv. Owner must leave. 5-9024, BARBER SHOP BARGAIN11 Owner's death makes available new shop. Adjolnine new hifihway post · Hnlf price. Ph. 3-358. POOL Hall, well CQulPped. making money. Sacrifice. Total Price $2500. Oraclo Realty. 2223 Orndi Rd. Fh. 3-938 L, SHOE REPAIR SHOP : . - · - Owner' sick--must leave--will ««U-- completely equipped-- Including- -all stock fixtures--lone lease available. 1500 cash to handle. - : ATKINS REALTY INSDRANCB 517 N. 4th Av. Ph. 3-«T«i: »-»»* Niblactc.System · Nationally known, finest 1 reducing general health program. Thl«. very well equipped business p3u» Pim* ' County franchise for sale, larite ell* entclc, priced to sell with term*. Exclusive agents, call Mr. · Strunk Really . REALTORS 2402 I. Broadway FOR LEASE BEER LICENSE GATE. '. DotriR a pood business on new hwy. Sec "B1J1 Buby's" Cafe at-M«r»nm. Ariz. WHOLESALE GROCERY THE OPPORTUNITY Or A itFE- TIME. HERE IS A BUSINESS EOmO APPROXIMATELY TWO MH,L,lb5 · DOLLARS A YEAR--FOR SALE AT S25.000. THE BUYER WILL BE M- - QUIRED TO PURCHASE A DOtLAK FOR DOLLAR STOCK INVENTORY OF APPROXIMATELY 1150,000.. NEVER OFFERED ON THE MAR'- KET BEFORE. ABSOLUTELY NO- PHONE INFORMATION, .SEE MR, WALKER FOR PARTICULARS.., ROY DRACHMAN- ; Realty Company'," "... -- Realtor -- - 4 33 W. Penr.lngton Dltl 8-o»ol BUSINESS Opportunitiei 88 Buy t ofthe Year OLD established tailor shop. Mutt be seen to appreciate; Star-Clt, Box 475. ' ·- _ EQUIPMENT for vour restauraBi and fountain 2016 S. 4th . FOR SALE OB [ 10 unii motel cafe No B . Chevron Station HlKhwav 80-70-80-M. Call . ' t'OK SALE--General store. Call or write Son White. San SimOn._Arjjk Very Profitable Business OWNER MUST RETIRE ON ACCOUNT OF JPOOR HEALTH ' One of Tucson's largest clean- Inc and cold storage plants with many branches, A modern, fully automatic plant. This Is an excellent established business making substantial profits. Offers exceptional OP. portunity for expansion and larger return. Price and wnnj. ·re attractive. EXCLUSIVE By Appcintmoni Only Stanley Williamson-.2033 N. ORACLE RD. DIAL 4*040 Open Eyes. Sun. Beauty" parlor well established. B«V equipment, beautifully decorated. Total price $2.000. Cnll 2-32S2 STANLEY WILLIAMSON, Realtor 2033 N. Oracle Rd, Ph. 4-M01 Open EVQS. LONG estalil isn ed restaurant, (ully equipped, with beer license. 12,000 cash to handle. 301 Casa Grand* Hwy. . · ^ -_j_ FINANCIALLY rcsuonslble buginesi man can o£fcr a real down to earth opyortunity to parties with, capital to join in one of the most unusual cotton cattle crowlnc proeramji, Now Is ihe most opportune time it ·world situation uromiscs several cood years ahead. Quick return ,ot Investment lartic profit* assured, Since cood cotton land Is scarce, prompt action is essential. Unles* . you can Drove financial responHbilr ity, no information clvcn. Writ* T. T. Townsend. 1302 E. · Water St.. Tucson · ; · ·_' Grocery Meat Market A GOING BUSINESS. GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR SOMEONE, MUST SELL ON ACCOUNT OF SICKS. 3567 N. STONE. OWNER. + INCOME PROPERTY B9 14% GROSS ON $21,500 TWO DUPLEXES ideally located within short walking distance of University, downtown, shopping dUtrlct, schools. Low taxes. Present Income it C3.120 per year. For Information call Mr.' Wylle, 3-J4«I. ARIZONA TRUST CO. Realtors ]3G ·NoJ'Ui Stone _· _ BARGAIN BEAUTIFUL HOME ' · or could be oDerated as cuest hous*. Rest Home Bride stucco, lifetime roof, full basement, hardwaod, floors, , "Jroolaee. central heatinc. Furnished. 2 bedrooms. 4 baths. 2 car K0rasf» with aoartment. on large landscared ot DQtJo. sorlnklcr system. CONTACT owmSR a t , 1177 E., Lester St. to 4. * ' Slft^mo S7.5QO. 4561 S. 7th. Ave. ' S200 MONTHLY Income from this excellent duolcx olus truest house.' modern, well built, expensively eaulppcd. Just off-N. Campbell, closr to schools, theater, store*. -Owner* must sell Immcdla^clv. j]2.000.onlr S3.0GO cash, cood F.H.A. termr Phon«. Mr. Floronl, 2-7253 or 3-6578. Worthy 'PARK--3 bdrm, -.and.- duolex on large lot In city limiti: ichool and bus near: food cub'offer wtu buy; trade or terou eon*ld«rtd, X-636L . , , . . . . . - .

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