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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 27, 1976
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· MtacM For Women Spbcti' Entertainment · Coinics Classified Legal Notices 4 i 6 7-« 9 10 11-14 13 r VOL.lM --NUMBER 315 The Public Intirnt Is Th« First Concern Of This Newspaper ' '- , 'ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, AMHL 27,1976 IOCAL FORECAST-- - Considerable cloudiness and coo! through Wednesday. Chance of showers lale today, and ^tonight, · becomTng-lifcely.Vv'ednes- day! Ixiw last 1 night 41. I.ow!lb-. night near 40. with a Wednesday high .near 65. Sunset today 8:00; sunrise Wednesday 6:28. Weather map on page 6. 14 PAGES-- TEN CENTS r i ! ; Kissinger Tells Africans: ' -- -- - -- -- -- -( , Colonial Era Over ^LUSAKA, Secretary i of · State Henry Kissinger called today (or "rapid negotiated settlement giv feg Rhodes ta black rule-within two year*. AP) - *nry A, [or x enl giv majority He also vowed the Ford j ad ministration's '"unrelenting } opposition' -- diplomatic, eco nomic and pschological -- lo Prime Minister i Ian Smith s white 'Rrtodesian government Kissinger \ said - the ;admiriis : t ration . will ;-, urge · Congress to blocks- imports of: ..Rhodesia*! chrome 'and:, will warn ,Ameri cans they .'travel 4 to Rhodesia:, at their peril. He said it?will send economic- aid black i. refugees and " $12.5 milli zambique' for c with Rhodesia , The"adminis economic aid to some 20 000 appeal to South Africa and black«.· refugees', from· Rhodesia France to comply' completely Decision On Spy Budget . ' l ] Secrecy Left To Senate 1 WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate no* must decide nheth er,to reveal the US budget tor apving and whether to appro\e any of (he Senate, intelligence committee s 86 recommenda tions for tightening control over spy agencies Whit* House aides say they will make a major effort to dis suade the Senate from dis closing budget. the :.U.S. .'intelligence which wa* deleted at . ______ _ ....... the last moment from the 'in telligence committee's hnal re port'. ' v Senate' Majority Leader Mike ManslielT s ay s r he f ayo rs publi cation of the intelligence budge figure and predicts the Senate will \ott on the issue within the next 10 s days Th* J intelligence committee voted 6 to 5 Monday not to in clule the figures in its 651 pa£ c report on foreign and mililar; intelligence, The report/ say ing covert op ·rations by -U S intelligence agencies ha\e misled Lh American public and threat ened, the independence! of churches unuersities and the hews 'media,*, recommended con- rresstonal action to restrict .hose activity's For example, ,th« report, saW ,he CIA should be 'he only agencj aulhomed to conduct co\ert actions There also should oe a law barring covert operations that.' involve .politic a! assassinations and efforts to subi ert democratic go\ ern- ments, the report said The committee's. -recommen- military operations such as the'bend everj effort ' to/block re dations for v the law appear headed for \anous and 'also. 'would "have '"to- wm,; approval of the House and the president, Some committee ( proposals h a \ e alreadj been pu into effect through regulations bj President Ford An example of this is Ford s order requiring presidential approval of all co\ ert actions. On the other r hand a recom mpndation tnat Congress gn e prior approval to covert para J.S: involvement; ini the- Ango : anicuil war, appears Lo have a dim future iTne Senate Goiern ment Operations 1 Committee already has'axed thf; idea. ;l Other information ±e report indicated that the United Stales may spend about H billion a s t a r on spy ac(m ;ies that include well run satel lite reconnaissance programs That tigurp does'not include do mestic ^intelligence * gathering, which will be dealt, with in a separate committee report lat er this week The \ote to let the full Senate decide whether the exact spending figure'should be made public came after'CIA directoi George Bush and 'Alls Gen Edward ^H Leyi^met privately with" the*"committee';, One White House aide -'said the appearance* of two top ad 'ministration : officials indicate* how strongly, the administration feel s -about. the .disclosure,': while a second official said we wil of the figure bv the full enate [ Three ' Democrats ; who ;voted _i fa\ or of --immediate dis closure ot the budget also AT gued that excessu e deletions fro-Ti *th£-report^ demanded by the' CIA, had^ preientedl the committee ,-,from presenting a futl Recount of several question able intelligence activities In i separate \iews attached to the ? report*} Sens' -Welter F Mondale r of Minnesota* Philip Hart of Michigan and Gary Hart of Colorado 5aid ( we are unable to report''the facts' that show ' the high political costs and generally meager benefits of-covert'action, programs. ' Two Republicans, \ice chair man John Tower of 1 Texas and Sen Bary ' Gold* afcer of An zona re fused T to iign the com mittee report on th« grounds, that it ( V(as harrnful lo national security The report * will cause ^severe 'embarrassment if not grave^harm to the nations for eign policy \ Goldwater said with the economic sanctions ordered against: Rhodesia , ; by the United Nations, the"' secretarj reported ''The 'colonial,'era,-is -a thing of: the past," said ^Kissinger in a major policy ·.speech',prepared for delivery at ; a~ luncheon given for.him by President-Kenneth Kaunda of : Zambia, Adopting the hbvrationi ts' name ' for 'Rhodesia, Kissinger said' Zimbabwe' Is entitled to take its place under black ma jontv rule ' in the communit of'nation's. j The Salisbury regime mu'-i understand .that it .cannot expect U S support either in di plomacj or in material help it any stage in its conflict w i t i African slates or Atrican liber ation movements. "I am not here to give'Amer- ican prescriptions for Africa s problems.'Your program must be":African.-The basic decision and goals must be African But we are prepared, to help. He said whites a* Mel blacks should ha\e a secure fu tiire and civil rights in a black ruled' Zimbabwe -and"thai mi Bridge;(Sets' Its Surface 'A crane lifts 'another bucket of concrete onto (he joh as workmen begin (o spread the c e m e n t deck of the new Wheeler bridge between Fay etteulle; and Tontltowo The bridge, w h i c h eliminated a right-angle tarn, will he open f o r ' t r a f f i c after a-cnrhiK'pe- nod (TIMESphoto bj K en Goood) Primary Underway nority rights "should be pro tected., f n Kissinger warned the Soviet Union that any attempt to pursue i hegemomal aspiralioni in Africa w i l l ' incvitabl) run into resistance. It ;is; our .fundamental' conviction must. that Africa s destiny ·remain · -· in 1 '· African termed 'Boondoggle' Ford Blasts Job Bill ·WASHINGTON \ CAP) -- The i Senate, is studying i bill that would require th« federal go\ ·rrment to reduce unemplo incnt to 3 per cent but the measure'is already b 11 n g at i Ucked by President Ford, who ·ayi it would cost too roucn money The bill, which Ford called ^ "a vast election year boon | ·. doggie," was introduced or ' Monday by Sen -Hubert H t-Humphrey It would require the v unemployment rate lo hit the 3 per cent mark withm four * years: ' Sponsored principally by ^·Humphrey and Rep. Augustus Hawkins, D Calif the bil jrould not require Ihe federal government to creale'jobs unlil 1 all resource* of the prKate sec i tor had been utilized and all other provisions of the ; act hat been employed. House Damoged Tire Monday caused moder »{f 'damage to' a house ownet and occupied by Leon Phillips ·TDf'.Faj-etteville Route 8 ' rire Chief Charles McWhorte "said that the 6:30 p.m. fire wa apparently the result of an elec trical short= circuit in a .we house adjacent to the home The fire spread lo r the outsid of the' home, with minor Fir damage -lo the inside of th residence. In explaining the 1 bill before « Senate labor subcommittee ear er this month, Humphrey said legislation is' founded on the hilosophy that [ if people can ot obtain employment through ny other means, it is better to we them a )ob funded by the overnment than It is to write lose people a check to do not*i ng. ~ ~ But Ford-said :he opposes the ill as loo cost!) calling it ' a lassie example of .the'way. the misguided majority .in recent ongresses: reacts. Anything fiat, seems wrong with the conoimy, the federal govern' ment must rush - i n and'; fix. mainly by spending, more bil- lons of dollars ' f Humphrey termed the Presi- dent's'attack" "politically' moti 'ated"' and- called 'the, bill t ' i serious and; thoughtful attempt, o provide good jobs for more Americans without inflation." -The bill would,set up econo'm epressed ureas and among groups' with special unernploy merit problems, such as the oung f , , Hurnphrej sajd cutting unem lojmentt from ( today's 7 5 , p* ent Lo 3 per cent b 1980 woulc esult in some. $500 billion Vmbre n economic production p l u s utbacks : ; in j wel f are.;, ancV/ the ederal deficit i He said it is impossible to es imale 'accurately; precise ''costs of Uhep1an because they vul epend 1 on' the strength o f " ecr icmic reco\ery 'the rate ' o jrowthr in -the labor force.: aiv ie specific design of the ]o' r cation programs. '.But ; he sail iyen ' with: the Hype" of *moder'a't ^conotni c . recovery ; seen " by ' t h administration, two million planning - capacity in the White House, .require ahti-in laUon policy-making and woylc establish a program to stabilize stale and local government during recessions. But the "centerpiece of the ac Is its philosophy, that ."work ibe substituted -for-welfare, unem ploy ment compensation and in come maintenance spending \i the maximum extent possible To this end pronsion t ] mad« for a..range, of. employ ment "programs,' especially hree ml lion would'^be^ and 1980 t persons sti s 7 between now Burglars Strike SPRINGDALE - Burglars a the Springdale^'Farrris pouitr processing ''plant-at' 319 Siinse St.'-'-Monday 'night stole'-'abou 0 from vending machine and a cash box in 'the"plant main office building; Sprmgdale police said th burglars entered the buikim through the women s restroo and crawled through an openin within the suspended ceilin Thej said about WO was sto from the cash box .and 1 that $ was stolen f r o m six \ u n d i machines! within the building. Denies Ballot Spot To Turner: 1 « -. 3 ' fP · V Handy Turner, 23, who had hands," he declared. Kissinger's speech was in tended.' to:- con vinee . black '· African leaders Ihe United States stands with ' them in favoring majontj rule for southern Af rica 1 Kissinger's host on Mondav inn Tanzania;- President Julius Njerere, 1 told him that Ihe 'war has-started" 1 in Rhodesia and can L be avoided FAVORS [NEGOTIATIONS *,We prefer that the solution be foundj trough negotiations,' Kissinger told reporters after seeing Nyerere ''If war has started then it is dear all some point ittwilt ha\e to be PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Jimmv Carter Hcnn fackson ahd'Morris Uthill'each forecast success today in Pennsyhama s presidential primary a race that could determine whether there's room -fdrMhc brokers at the Democratic National Con ·venlion, ' I f ; Carter,- Ihe' former Georgia governor, wins decisiiel} it could make him tougher to stop n the remaining primaries i Victory bl Jackson or Udall howe\ er would increaSL the possibility^ that MmncsoVa Sen Hubert H Humphrey an eas\ winner in Penns\l\ama four jears ago will become a candi d*ate after June 8, when-.all.the primaries are over. ' PreaidenL" F o r d ' w a s alone on ended by negotiations' Kissinger has said the U.S. Ford Campaigning For Texas Votes led' f for a m i n a t i the J Republican _ . , * n as'Wil'huifrton CounCy Judge,'has^beeri 1 denied 1 position on the Republican allot for the May 25 primary lection. i M 1i J Bill Clo\en ^chalrman'of the ·told GOP Central - Committee be T I M ? S toda that was denied the' position after Robert Clark' of Sprmgdale contested in wrKing.^Turner; s luaiificattons, Cloven"'saidvTurner\was born Aug 20 1952 which means if ie was 'elected that on Jan ·1977 when he took'"office, 1 he would not be 25 as required by the slate constitution 'Under 1 act^ 275 'of "1975 I am constrained to den\ him a position on the ballot" Clo\en got eminent does not pi an to give any kind of military aid to any African nationalist mo\e | ment Nyerere said he did noti get tlie impression the United 1 States would gi\e an concrete support to the black guerrillas small scale war not quarrel with fighting of Rhodesia ' We will sa id . Turner 1 had drawn second position m the three man race last we£k when ballot positions w ere draw n Clo\ en said the ballot ; will v now; feature Paul Pee\y in the first position with County Judge Vol 'Lester second position. that " the Tanranian president said adding that there w ere "limitations" to what Washing ton can do However he urged that "the* United. States, adhere to the · United' Nations _- economic boycott against Rhodesia and repeal the Byrd Amendment which permits imports of Rho desi an -chrome into the ·· United States. · One · of Rhodesia's "black rm 1 1 on al i s t leaders Joshua Nkomo; flew to Lusaka* to talk with Kissinger But his rn al Bishop Abel Muzorewa, refused to "m'eet 'the' secretary 'of slate and charged that the purpose ol ' ' WASHINGTON (AP) -- Pres j ident Ford begins his longest speaking tour of the campaign toda\ ' a i m i n g at Tevas \oLers who will choose between him and -Ronald IReagan' on Saturday in a primsri that Ford terms' an" uphill, balle. Ford was making an after noon flight, to^ Barksdale Air Force Base,' 1 La and t nearby Shre\eport to conduct a public forum and address the annual military'ball of the I oiusiana National .Criiar'ri The I omsiana stops, which precede an o\ ermght stay in Long\iew Tex , were on the agenda because Shre\ ppnrl s television Stations'- claim - isiz- eable-, audiences, in, the, Piney Woods countrj of East Texas In a filmed interview Monday withvKMOL-TV'bf 'San Antonio. Ford again .said, he is .the^un- dcrdog in the May 1 primary with 96 delegates al stake But he added I think we ha*e an opportuniti to close 1 the gaf and make it a \ e r j , \ery Ugh' race' Reagan has .been-critical^ his trip sa b o I a g e stf uggle * to ' 'sub\ ert anc our liberation Fords national security pollc\ and ford armed himself \ul resh political ammunition on ii* second campaign trip to the state Late Monda), Ford asked Conprtss r f o r an extra $322 4 million to buy r Mmuteman HE missiles and new more pov, erful nuclear warheads for the intercontinental' weapons ' Reagan has contended that _ ocd has allowed the Unite.] States to , lapse into second place in militan power But Ihe President told the San An tomo slntion I don I think Ihere are anj reliable sources that say the United Stales No 2 ' / " ^ " , On Reagan s statements that the Soviets.have'abouttwice as many men under arms as HID Unted Slates Ford said only about half of those aic what \ie would call active dut military forces." Ford added'lhat "if. Mr. Reagan is sa mg thai the United Sta'es should h a \ e four million men not 2 1 million then T Ihmk sou haie lo assume that he is expecting to rems-titule the.draft. ihe Republican ballot unchallenged m Pennsylvania by Ronald Reagan The 103 GOP delegates will t be uncommitted, though all are expecfed'"to be in Ford's'pockel; ' Stal ewide, Penns yl van Ea ris' nominated candidates for the U.S. Seriate scat now held by retiring Republicin Minority Leader Hugh Scott Two congressmen are among Ihe con- eslants lo succeed Scott Democrat .William '.; Green. ,"of Philadelphia and Rcpubliaan H John.Heinz 3cJ of Pittsburgh: iThere ."were 2,801,649 Democrats and 2221639 Republicans eligible to \ote At stake were parly nominations tor state treasurer." state auditor -general 2o seats m Congress half of the seats inr.the-- 50-member state Senate, and all 203 stats representative seals The-.9,638 polling places rin-67 Monroe Comments LITTLE-ROCK (AP)'.-^-Stale Insurance Commissioner Ark Monroe III said'Monday,.most insurance companies have be come so obsessed with in creases they 'are'ignoring ihe needs'of their·policyhblders; Auto Crash Kills One, Hurts Four DFCATUR One person WBS killed and four others injured in * accident one mile north : of .here . on Hwy. 9 iMonday.afternoor. Dead is Miss Brenda K. Wolander, 18 ; of tyaysyille. The i njured w ere ide nlif ie d by SUte Police as Vfckki Cane, 18, Mrs.." Lucille M.. Galyean. ..37, Brenda Galyean 15 and Carla Galyean, 12, all of GraveKe. Mramnnitmwir^HmrwiiMiiiiiitNiriirim^^ NEWS BRIEFS Radio Stolen ' ! The Iheft of a citizen s band radio was reported to Fayelte ville police Mondaj night by Jim Be\ley»of/nfi Rock Cliff Bextey told police that his Scike CB radio -- \aiucd al |150 -- 1*35 stolen from his car Alonday- night 'while. the car was at the NorJhvesL Arkan * O f f i c i a l s at crr.orial -/Hospita! morning that. Miss Gravette said Cane and sas Plaza , Police said the right rear gain Generating Plant Takes Shape Creek hi Be«t«tt Cmty hy SWEPCO. »M ftULe'j niral electric ffw ti-rn l4MHm i«»rwi tlw h e HM. SWEPCO officials rioclH a pr«si (oir of'tW j lar ;re«s Ken Good) on llw tnattl-milHm riol- (T1MESpb«t« by Carla Galyean.we're treated ami released following the 3:55 p.m accident.- Mrs. Galyean was listed in good condition, while Brenda Galyean was held overnight for observation, but was (o be released today. Trooper Don Anderson said :he accident occurred when i the car driven by Miss Wolander- northbound, on Hwy. 59. with Miss'- Cane 'as a ; passenger- came around a curve at the crest of a hill-behind a truck ilopped in the highway to m*ke ji left turn. Anderson said that Miss Wolander swerved to the left' lo i avoid the truck an* 1 c r o s s e d Ihe. center: line sidcwajs Anderson said a southbounc car, driven by Mrs. Galy.-vti struck the Wolander automobile in the right sid«. , v, mdow v as broken lo entry to" the car.* Shelling Erupts ·BEIRUT,' '-Lebanon, (AP) -Sporadic shelling -'in Beirut heavy *, fighting-, ,in northern Lebanon and a rash of polilica kidriapings" were" reported to day. f -* And (he leading nc«spapei An Naha'f said President Sulei man ,-FranjieK was considering a formal request to Syria lo or der ils troops lo end the year ong civil war, Steel Price Up ^ P I T T S B U R G H (AP) Wheeling-Pittsburgh Slecl.Corp says prict.s for its flat-rollc steel, used in many Consume goods', will go up an average o i.4 per cent June U The - announcementr Monda was the : first 'affecting fla rolled products since Oclobc 197S It could signal a round price hikes by crfher rnajc steel, producers, -'although 1 ron had a ny im med Sate commen on nirrth*ranked Wheeling-PiltJ burgh's move. Worker Injured An Elm Springs man ightlj injured Monday after oon when-Ihjc pickup; truck on hich he '.was working rolled \er his legs and a portion of ]s chest. A Springdale Fire--Depart- icnl spokesman said that Dal- .is O Ncal of Route 1 in Elm Dnngs was taken by a depart lent ambulance to Washington .egioml Medical Center al 3 .m. Firemen said -O'Neal had p p a r e n t l y been workmj? eneath the truck in.a privale arage when the accident oc urrcd. Washington Regional Mertica Center said O'Neal was treated nd released. counties remain open 13 hours, closing at 8 p m c 5 It s the presidential sweep stukes..that',otters, the glamour, and in Pennsjhania it was a two part primarj -- J The non binding popularity contest and 2: The - election of-i convention delegTtes ; * Carter claiming his polls in dicated he-was the choice of.a nwjontj of the people said he would win.lhe'/popularity /voting provided the turnout- was igbod. Jackson ( the US senator from Washingtbn'Stale, said-he would get a majority of the: 13-1 com ention delegates ' to be elected; ·· pin?:, a - proportionate share "of'the 44'others, to'be selected hiter by the party's' state committee. UDALL; CONFIDENT Udall who represents Arf zona m Congress ' predicted ^e would finish no worse than sec* ond in both the popularity and delegate battles. ' Besidrs the three top cor lenders the Dcmociatic ballot also listed Alabama Gov. George C Wallace, Indrma Sen. Birch Bayh. atiti-nborlion candidate Kllcn McCorniack, former Oklahoma Sen. Frpf] H a r r i s . a n d Pennsylvania Gov. Milton.J. Shapp. Shupp, Bayh and Harris quit Ihe presidential race aite fad ing to make any impact i n ' t h e early, primaries. \ Ja'ckson, backed by most-* of the state's labor o f f i c i a ' s j arid nrany-party leaders, bris'.led/at suggestions (hat he is a fading candidate simply beading*" a s t o p Carter moi eme it ] for Humphrey's eventual entry. , 1 don't gel involved in such suppositions and iffy questions." Jackson told reporters. Humphrey is not a candidalu and) I'm -going to io very el!.." Suspect Held CONWAY. Ark. (AP) -- Au boritie.s annnoiinced today tha John Elliott Gruzcn. 33,- of Ma iewood, N.J. has been charge vith capital :· felony murder in ha death of Dana Diane Mize 1' of Viloma Pros: Alex Streett of Russell .ille ' s a i d he had filed th charge and thai Gru'zeti was i custody at Wesffield N J Slreett said he would begin ex tradilion proceedings today o Wednesday. Settlement Seen DfcTROIT (AP) -- A to United Auto Workers officia sajx he is confident the unio can.reach agreement on a ne national contract with Ford M tor Co. this, fall .without strike. \ Talks Govern Arms Plans! WASHINGTON (AP) -- A II- al Ford administration 'deci- .on on producing additional ong-ra'nge Minnlcman 'III jrnis- ilcs will liinge on the course ot KS.-Soviet nuclear arms limi- alion talks and Hussion weapons groulh between nmv a r i d September' 1 , .The Pentagon plans . to speed procurement of more .powerful new multiple warheads for Min- ufeman III intercontinental' bVl- listio missiles (ICBM) regardless of whether (he negotiating dendlock is broken. , ' This prospect emerged after the announcement Monday 'lliat President Ford-is asking Cjn- gress for ^322.4 million to start manufacturing the new Mark 12A, warhead ( a ; y e a r earlier than had been planned and the option of continuing production of the triple warhead ~ Minute man HI.

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