Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 52
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 52

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 52
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C.24-1NDEPENDENT 1AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) UM MKh C«W., M.. N*. M. tH» CLMIIFHB HI MW» AUTOS FOR SALE :·*.*· H7S M CM14P.O. VI Stick 0* Floor RH white WSIIS bUCktt seats. 'VXItKWbOD CHEV 5 / SOS9 Lak-wood (Ivd. ME 3-0781 :kevtil* 1112 '65 CHEVELLE COUPE Economical SIX cylinder *n«in* with automatic transmission, DOW- *r strtrlno, deluxe radio and h«i- tr, premium white wall tlrej with deluxe wheel covers. Ermin* whitt wllh cwitrsstinfl Interior. RFL MS $1090 Prlct good Ibru March 2nd DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE low Long Ben. a L.B. ME 6-9W4 '65 CHEVELLE Malibu SS Cpe vS auto, owr. sirg, lact. air RJ.H. elec. wind. Vinyl int. nr. pert, cond. law milf. Will take car in trade for equity. Sal 11350 «i W1.75. Set 5501 Orange Apt 2 L.B. auto pwr stetr J actorv air RH bucket seals *15« PARKWOOD CHEV. 505? LikewWd Blvd. ME 3-0781 '67 CHEX'ELLE Malibu 2-dr. hnrd- 26.000 miles. Buy or le»s» 419-2401 9-6 p.m. Mon-Sat. S1795 RiH, P«r sir brki, vibra sonic Orlg owntr S1WS. 4127 E. Anaheim St. 4344708 or GE 3-3134 '47 CHEVELLE Malibu ? dr, vinvl roflf, i sod, console, pwr str, disc brks. Excel cond. 439-7558 headers ·; extras. E6?-21i6 before '65 CHFVELLE 2 dr. hdtp. VS. auto. ilOO. over low book. 430-5271 n CHEVELLE 337. 350 HP. 4 SDd, xtras. 7)4 6:6-0347 Chtvrolet 1885 '\^^^:^'»S^ i PIONEER FORD 1S403 Pioneer, Artesia UN 5-1266 '67 CHEV. Imp. SS V-J, auto., Rih. power str. Black vinyl roof. rVJT-730 -- - 1219S PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 '64 CHEV. lmp«l* 2-dr. V-B auto, · Dower str., RH, S491A . S799 PARKWOOD CHEV. '67 CHEV. V-E, auto, power str. AIR PIONEER FORD 1S403 Plonter, Arti:i» UN 5-1564 Only... _ 1899 PIONEER FORD 1S4D3 Pioneer, Arlesla UN S-1266 '67 CHEV., iullv factory cqulo. V 8 automatic transmission. W95. Lie. f WWG-S57. Geofgw Chevrolet, 17000 Lakewood Blvd., Bellllower. Ph. WA 5-2251 trans, pwr. itwrlno, $795. Lie. ~ TUY-6W- G*or« Chevrolet, 1/000 Lakewood Blvd., Bellflowtr, Ph. WA 5-2251 '55 CHEVIES 12), 2-dr. hdtw. 1 has 327 eng., 4-spd., 4S6 Poiitract. 1 '55 CHEV. 6 cvl. '6' eng. 4-Dr. Bel Air. Good runnino cond. Must sell. Rtuoniblt. Call wk days after 5 or anylim* »n wkends. J25-28GO '67 CHEV. Imo. 2-dr. hrdlo., tull pwr., fact, air, vinyl top, 327 V-l, W,MO ml. Xlnt cond. $2095. 596- '46 CHEV. II SS, pwr. itr., V-8. buckets, console, block Interior, white exterior, 36,000 mi. One owner, Immac., reas. 430-4746 '59 CHEV. 4-eJoor. Powtr strtrlnn A brakes. Complete motor overhau . ' 1599. See at Gus's Phillips £6, 1190 E. Broadway, L.B. HE 7-651? '61 CHEVY impata Sport coup*. RH/ Owr str It brks. 1 owner. 1625. After 5 p.m. 436-1568 lent condition. 11 MO or but oiler Call Stevt at 468-5505 '64 CHEV. SS-- WhSle 1900 Prudential Acceptance Corp. 1390 Pacific Avc. Rm3. 426-6474 'M CHEV Impala 4-dr Sports sed. Fact, air, Pwr Very , clean. All vi- '« CHEV. Imoala Wao. 327 V-l, pwr s r brks, tint Bills* priv. otv. U45. GE 4-4913 ·67 CHEVY SS 3» cu in, all pwr, « r, blue w/blick vinyl top. EXL* . $2300. 5M555 «v«j. ·fi2 CHEV. Imo. cpe. 2-dr. hdtp., stick snltt. 327 w«. WWte w/red Int. Excel. 5964118 after 6 p.m. transr Fact air, pwr itr. Xlnt cond. S1600 J31-1555 ·43 IMPALA V4 Jutom. pwr. str. S699 Friedlander 431-2566 893-7566 ·60 CHEV Impala 348 «no. 4-spd. Irani. New leather interior chrome wheels, chains B6J-OQ13 s r., StH, TM,000 mi.? c S |ea'n. "925- ·66 CHEVY Caprice 5. Cpe. Autom. Immac. 1 owner. 33,000 Actual '57 CHEVY 2 dr VI engine dutom. Ph f l.m-4 p.m. Fri Sat. 4331126 '55 CHEVY 213 balanced, cam, auad. 4 spd, new clutch, brks, seats. VB5. Excel, cond. 167-3088 ·61 CHEV II Nova, 2 dr 6, autom, RH, pwr srrg, 1160 i, take over '60 CHEV. Priv. Party. Orlg, local owner. 6 cyl, xlnt eng., Tires, battery. 5250. 501 Newport 434-1440 ·54 CHEV. 2 dr auto. hdtp. V8 pwr stre. rebuilt trans. S275 or best offer 6281 Lewis L.B. ·64 CHEV. Biscayne 4 doer 3750 BROUGHT CAR MUST SFl L! 3444 BRAYTON 124-8607 buckets, air cond. 31,000 act. m vinvl Interior. 5M50. TE 3-2353 '62 CHEVY Nova 2 dr. hdtp. 428-6321. ·39 CHEVY 2 dr., auto trans, rella ble, od transp. WOO or best offer 431-70/6 after 2 pm '65 CHEV Impsla 2 dr hdip S139 3444 Cerrltos GA 4-4216 ·60 CHEV. $395 or best offer 283 VI ·49 CHEV. Panel. EXC6L. S375 or trade. Priv. party. 434-4913 ·54 CHEV. "Low rider." "Cherry.' B«st offer over WCO. 133-8452. '62 CHEVY SS. Stereo tape record player. Sharp. SOT. 867.0471 ·63 CHEV S.S. Impala 4-SPfl 327 431-1225 ·63 CHEV J door sedln, Very clean Excel, family car. 5400. 598-2409 '63 CHEV II 2-dr, sed. RH, aulom '57 CHEVY 210, 6 cvl. stick, 2 dr Runs good. J725. 421-1656 ·57 CHEV 2-dr automatic hdtp bucket seats, S275. 424-1744 ·59 CHEVY Imp. convt. VB auto. Good top. Must sell, SI95. 834-8749 ·66 CHEVY Impala SS pwr str. fact, air, extras. SI550. 428-1573 '64 CHEV Impala verv clean 1995 Flnoncid. 630-41U '"a^(»' t i(1 '° m ' B "' "*' '56 CHEV. 2 dr. hrdtp. 283 ens. aulo. 2401 W. Arlington, 426-5291 AUTOS FOR SALE Chtmltt HIS '64 CHEVY IMPALA Automatic, Foreign Car Tradeln. Blue Book S13CO. OUR PPCIE $995 JIM GRAY IMPORTS 3515 Atlantic Ave. GA 4-095! '64 IMPALA $599 Soortl cue., VI, AT. PS, wire thl. cvrs. Beaulllul car! Lie. - OTU Ui Call nowl 30-4752 Harbor Auto Liquidators ·44 CHEV IMPALA SUPER SPT., v-5, auto trans, bucket slot*, power str, RiH. FACTORY AIR COND. ZSLZ 973. Sejulllul car «l huae livings. Special at 11749 Hensley-Anderson Ford 9M3 Alondra Blv- B«ll(. TO 7-J734 '60 IMPALA $149 Hardtop. VI, AT, PS. Lie. = A«5N S50. Fantastic ou/! Call now, 43J891J. Harbor Auto Liquidators aoiver. FACT. AIR CONDITION ING. Xlnl condition .. S1175 Bfllflower Aulo Sloraoe Sales Wholesale Lot. 9154 Firestone Blvd., Downey Ml 972/ '55 CHEV $49 VJ. AT. Great buv! Lie. .-Fix 241. Harbor Auto Liquidators '59 CHEV $49 imp,, ndh, VI. LIC. »K,X M I5I. Harbor Auto Liquidators '56 CHEV $99 VB. AT, RH. Great buv! Call now! 59I-OSS3. Lie. FJFW29J. Harbor Auto Liquidators '62 IMPALA $299 Lie. rGVX 940, VB. AT. PS. Great value Sla. w»o. Call J34-93I4. Harbor Auto Liquidators ·66 CHEV Imoala Hdtp. V6 auto pwr re" r ni« r car" il«9A ". .51395 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 ·45 CHEV Impala S5 Cpe. V3 auto pv/r steer bucke! irat NUE 851 PARKWOOD CHEV. '· CHEV Imnnla hdip. V-B. auto, oowtr sir., AIR COHD., block vl- nvl rool! S2R 797 . S1695 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. Mt 3-0/11 shlll. RIH. low miles, Sharp! = PARKWOOD CHEV. 1059 Lakewod Dlvd. ME 3-07S1 '48 CHEV. Imp. Vinyl too, au 0.. AIR, sir., brks. VIB963 12779 Like new tnruout! JOHN BOHLS OLDS 43 CHEV Imoala SS VB, aulo, Owr sir, RIH. Extra clean. Lie. ^PJX 121 S697 No cash needed O.A.C. ME 3/531 BfcLLFLOWER AUTO STO»»GE 65 CHEV. Imp. SS VB, auto.. Dwr. sir., RIH. Beautiful blue SXH5K. Steal al S»8» No cash needed OAC ME 3-7531 ' BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE 43 CHEV Imoala SS cpe. 3W V8 4 SDd RH Sharp 51W5 PARKWOOD CHEV 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 ·47 CHEV Impala. V8. stick vinyl rool RH. LO mis. $1899 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 65 CHEV Imp. Hritn. Lo miles, FACT/AIR Pwr/Str «. Brakes, LET 596-1636. 'S4 CHEV Impala 2 door. V8 auto pwr steer - SV99 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 43 CHEV. SS, V-8, auto 5748 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlew'd, SSJ345 531-0791 45 CHEVY Biscavne 4-dr. Xln cond. J new tires, pwr. str, pwr brks. RiH. 40,500 miles. Need money $925. 7118 Constitution. LB. ·42 CHEV. Impala 4-dr hdip, V-8, Autom, pwr stro. brks, air, xlnt. cond. S650. 438-3744. tves wkends or days 593 4287 ·« CHEV., «T«, RUNS GOOD, Chrysler 1890 '« CHRY. 300 4 door, fact, air, full power, nice, tremendous buv. # NLS 722 $999 Glenn E. Thomai Co. --DODGE-133 E. Anaheim, L.B. HE 4-1283 ·48 CHRY5. N.Y. hdip cp full pwr. AIR COND., low mi S34VS LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlew'd VSR 142 531-0791 ·44 CHRYSLER N.Y. 4 dr. hdtn. lact. air F/p pvl ply. Xlnt. cond. '55 CHRYSLER Hemi, runs good ·55 CHRYSLER Sic. 175 ask lor Rodoer 4M-9917 '53 CHRYSLER, runs good, new Daint.'49LIC. 5110. 473-1376 Comet 1895 clean. Lie. JQY 117. S499 LONS BEACH MOTORS 3JOO Long Beach Blvd. 432-5427 ·44 COMET Cvelone hdip. .. .-..S188I 1125 dn. 559.80 Mr mo. O.A.C. LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlew'd XIX J87 131-0791 ·42 COMET, bucket .seats. RH Stick. Alter 5 D.m. 425-OSS1 ·40 COMET 2 dr, std, queen body, runs hut needs work. $135. 328-0055 Continental 1900 '69 MARK III Owner'* personal cnr. Low mileage Loaded with leather Inter) or, heritaoe roof, 6-wav pow»r climate control, rear window de- fofloer, AMFM Stereo-Radio, power door locks, special body finish. Ask for Ser. 29YWAW75W. MURPHY LINCOLN MERCURY 1940 Lakewood Blvd. (at Circle) 597-.321 Or. CO. 714 I27-J970 '45 LINCOLN Continental, alr-cond., leather, lull iwr. lor ml. S.2450. 840-4039. Friedlander 431-2564, 893-7566 ·41 CONTINENTAL Real sharp. Ful power. Cal HE 5-7°44,. '44 CONT. coupe. White. Every extra. Priv. ply. $2950. 431-1785. ·59 CONT., good cond., 1325. arlv. ptv. 924 E. 4th 437-4641 $275. Both good. 431-1462 ·44 CONTINENTAL Convert. Xlnl cond. Priv. party. 597-7954 alter 5. HH ^B^B^Bh^B^B^Bk ^B^B^i^B^B^Bk iVBl ^BflF ·HGr ICr WL Now Available '69 EXECUTIVE CARS '69 PLYMOUTH SPORT FURYS 6 To Choose From All equipped w/AIR COND., power str., V-8, RH, aulo, trans., some have stereo tapes, w»w tires, vinyl tops plus many _-,.-,»-,. other extras. AM very low mile- SOflfl age. SAVE UP TO OUU EXAMPLE: V SALE '3790 I LAKEW0PD CHRYSLER AUTOS FOR SALE CMti»Mtd 1900 '68 CONTINENTAL Ful oower with automatic ladixv ^ r -- hMlIng system. Low ml- tract -- Ilk* new condition. VSS $4899 Kott A SmoUr Ford J4S W. Anaheim. Wltm. T£ 5-6424 '61 CONTINENTAL Sdn. Air Cond owr steer RiH Btaulv 5"V PARKWOOD CHEV. S059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 CMV«* IMS 62 CORVAIR Monia cpe. Auto shift, fawn beige, clean at a pin. SKQV 79«. $599 Gltnn E. Thomas Co. -DODGE-333 E. Anaheim. L.B. HE 4 I2S3 ol CORVAIR . $99 Auto., RH. Save todftv! Call now. I3C-4752. Lie. SMCC 252. Harbor Auto Liquidators 66 CORVAIft Corsa 2 dr tidtu. -3 spd buckets RH . f!09S PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 LaKewOOf Blvd. ME 3 U7S1 63 CORVAIft AAon/a. Auto, RH. buckets, sharp! 1795 PARKWOOD CHEV. 62 CORV/AIR Monia, excellent condition inside out. automatic radio, (water. 1450. N? cash needed only 131,94 manth OAL 434-5/09, Olr. 45 CORVAIR Moma Hdto. S10EB LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlew'd r2046A 531-0791 4 SDd; RH. 4 new tires all ww'S. $500 or best oifei Call 43B-7.59 liter 6 D.m. ·65 CORVAIR Monia Hdto. Coe. auto/trans, Xlnt. cond. rf PDU 377 6 r. Full orlct 1899. CHEV-OUT-13 si CORVAIR. New tires/ '69 taos, tl?5 Good running cond. 1B30 Pa- cii c Coasi Hlahway. L.B. 65 CORVAIR Monia conv., c'tan, 4-spd., fact. air. Orlo. owner, fcx- «l. run'o cond. Best offer. 923-4147 65 CORVAIR 110 hp, ?-rlr., bodv dammed. 10,000 ml. 1425. Olr. 8835 Alondra, Paniount. 63 CORVAIK Monza aulomaiic, good condition. SS2S. 860-7468. A2 CORAVtR Monra, 2 dr. autom., 1250. 4253 Knoxville, Lakewood. W CORVAIR Monia conv. Perfect. 411-4734. 6? CORVAIR Monza. New enylne 3, paint. Good tires. 433-0148. 65 COHVAIR Mania 2 dr. hdip., au- twii. mmac. 1895. 433-8341. 6? CORVAIR Mnnin. RfcH, 2-Ur., autom. 5350. (213) 531 6750 60 CORVAIR. Clean, runs very well. 63 corvair monia, RH. autom., S375. Lves, 2530 Bombcrrv, Lkwd 62 CORVAIR Greenbrler 9-pasi. Corvette 1910 STINGRAY FASTBACK COUPE, FACT. AIR COND., V-8, *.S. AUTO TRANS., EXCELLENT CONDITION, THIS CORVETTE AN OUTSTANDING BUY. LICENSE s PCJ-122. BLUE BOOK AVERAGE RETAIL 13155. OUR FULL PRICE $2895 PLUS 1AX LICENSE LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN 5815 SOUTH ST. AT WOODRUFF LAKfcWOOD DUTCH VILLAGt '64 Corvette Stingray Fast back, radio heater, auto- ma Ic transmission, power steer- Ino, Factory air conditioning, power windows. Low mileage. HCH $2299 Kott Smolar Ford 345 W. Anaheim, Wilm. TE 5-M24 ~kl CORVETTE CONV. V-B, 4 speed transmission, AM-FM rad o. Low mileage. USX 521 $2999 Koft Smolar Ford 345 W. Anaheim, Wilm. TE 5-4624 '(,/ CORVETTE fastbacK, 427 4- swed, off thi road exhaust, Llkt new! VEY263 VW9S PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 '65 CORVETTE. Brand new 427 eng. trans. Pearl yellow paint lob, AM-FM, pwr. windows antennn. New mags Firestone racing tires. Best offer. 531-1078 tng., pwr. itr., AM-FM turbo hydra., yellow. Sharp! Drafted, must sell. Bast cash offer. 425-8436. 4359 HackeH Ave., Lakewood. '68 'VET Fastback, 427-390 ho., 4 spd., stereo, dk. green. Gorgeous Buv or lease 429-7401; 9 a.m 6 p.m. 54.195. Hre Frost Blue. NWA 120. S21V9. Osborn's, 20tti Cherry '59 CORVETTE unique hodv. loaded w/extras. Se» to depreciate, private party. 437-7811 CHUCK Pwr. brks. AM/FM. Excel, cond. «795. 434-2246, 433-5175 wheels, prlvit* party after 6. 434-715? '57 CORVETTE 425 H.P. C A 0 Hydro trans. $1000. Call S97-1545 ·64 CORVETTE, Musi sell. Sacrifice, d S1550 firm - 54MD39 '60 CORVETTE, oood cond, many extras. 11,200. GA 4-7145 Cougar 1915 17 COUGAR V-«, nuto. Iran!., owr. Itr. WFT!H -..J2199 PIONEER FORD 1M03 Pioneer, Artesli UN S-W44 '67 COUGAR X R 1, pwr. Str. brks. RH. Xlnt. cond. Priv. ptv S219S 1714) 827-384! '67 COUGAR, pwrsir "A'brakts. "4 spd. 36,500 ml. Excel. 12400 or? 593-498S AUTOS FOn SALE CMfar 191S '67 COUGAR 2 DOOR HARDTOP Fuilv eaulfXXd Including V-$ engine power steering, automatic shit) mounted on center console, deluxe radio, h»t*r, tinted glass, wood oraln steering wheel, white wail tirei with full wheel severs. Gorgeous light blue with blue bucket seats AND LOOK -- ONLY ?J3i? carefully driven local mi es. UTW 1*4. $2290 Price oood thru March 2nd DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE 1090 Long Beach Al. LB HE 4-9624 mi M695 or offer, 7U-S26-3A94 Dart If 20 '63 OART GT cpe gr»it ichofl car *utc shift, i harp. rNwW 9*1. $899 Slenn E. Thomas Co. -DODGE-- U3 E. Ananeim. L.B. HE 4-1243 ·64 DART'Gf ..:."...7.$995 ?-door hardtop. Hai bucket seats auto trans RH etc. White w/red vinyl interior. = VWM MS ·-V MOON IMPORTS v \ "DATSUN SALES SERVICE 5450 South St.. Lakewood 925-1277 Dodge 1V2 C '66 DODGE 4 door deluxe. Automatic, factory *lr, power steer ng, be!o« color. 4000 ml. or 90 day 00% warranty on motor. New Kelly guide 11735.00. ;:SBW 334 $1299 Glenn E. Thomas Co. 333 E. Anaheim, L.6. HE A-12S3 own DoTlor. Autoshtft. Fine fam Iv car priced low. ^ KGH 343. $899 Glenn E. Thomas Co. 333 E. Anaheim, L.B. HE 4-1283 '67 DODGE 4 door sedan, fac ory air. Immaculate cond. New Kel y guide, 135X0. £ULU 202. $1999 Glenn E. Thomas Co. 333 E. Anaheim, L.B. HE £1283 'W DODGE Coronet Sdn. V8 automatic owr steer, tact air. Excel- PARKWOOD CHEV. ·57 DODGL' Corofiei Deluxe V-8, RH, autom.ilic Irans, pwr. steer, S1095. Ser. s 6S006. George Chevrolet, 17000 Lakewood Blvd., Belif. Ph. WA 5-2251 cond. Lo mil ti, oood shape, autom :rans 11900 c.ill afler 7 p.m. 5-173734 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 491? CondKw'd SLJ »50 531-0791 ·63 DODGE GT Auto, R1H 57BB LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlew'd £1035A 531-0791 '60 DODGE auto., pwr. steering brakes, xlent cond. Except 2 finder SI 50. 438-4369. '66 DODGE Chnrger. Full pwr. fact, air. S199S. 9051 Garden Grov* Blvd., G.G. (/14) 537-8844. '57 DODGE (.oilvt. VS. aulo, pwr str, RH. S«S. 596-9220. '67 DODGE Dart GT Xlnt cond. Pwr itr, air. 714,635^751 eves. Louis Ave. 433-4060. By owner. '68 DODGE GTS 340 cu. in.. 4 bbl, -.vide oval tires 5-19-1239 eves. Falcon 1930 '60 FALCON ? dr., low nillenge, Sood transportation, 1175. GA 459 '61 FALCON Futura autom./ bucket seats, air, clean J350. 320-3770. condition. 433-7537 after J p.m. Firebird 1935 '67 FIREBIRD "327 COUPE" Finished in the special factory Autumn bronze. This beauty has 326 VB option, power sletrlng, stick shift with center console, de uxe radio heater, tinted glass, wide tread tlr«. Only 30630 care ul v driven local miles. Indescribably twdutlful. USK39V $2290 Price good thru March ind DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE 1090 Long Bch Blvd. LB HE 6 9624 '68 FIREBIRD 350 V8 RH autom, trans, pwr sir. Excel, cond. Must sell this weekend. $5625 or make offer. 547-4052 '63 FlRCBIRD 350, autom, power, AM-FM, green with cordovan top. RlllV II wheels. J22-7395 aft. 5. Ford 1940 ·66 FORD Rancnero low mll«. 289 V-8 -sod. Xlnt cond. $1700. ur best olfer. 597-1722 '65 FORD LTD, blk. All Dwr. fact flir. Good cond. 51295. 547-1M9 '5? FORD (VB) oood lires, oood trans. 5150 439-4341 ·M FORD CUSTOM DR. HA 9-W07 '63 FORD F.iirlane, 6 cvl. Good condition. S500. 411-2005. '59 FORD 2 dr, RH, slick, 6, mech A-l. 5175. B61-9591 '41 FORD Gala/It. Rill, Pwr. itr. ·57 FORD, '69 tags. 5100. Flrtstont slicks w/chr. rims, S30 563-1013 must sell. 5139. 834-8749 ·6f FORD (-airiane 500, 2"door. VB 'M FORD Fairlane 290-4 spd. Many extras wkends + eves 591-2663 WE DELIVER NOW! KEHCAR MOTORS, INC. ·NO CREDIT 2-REPOSSESSIONS 3-HEW IN AREA 4-POOR CREDIT 5-NEWLY DIVORCED 6-BANKRUPTCY, itc. SEE US NOW! Thl. 1. Our Special* W* arnr our own contrKts for thost who ARE willina to make payment! and rt^itxbllsh Inetmelvts. ·Con) Cln at rnsorubli prices! *Larg Hock to choose from! if you nttd trantportatlon to our denlerihiD-- c«ll and w« will Ildt Y»u up. SE HAILA ESPANOL. "In Ih* Heart cf Lone; leach" 1500 Una l«ch l..levarj (213) 4J5-»124 '69 PLYMOUTH FURY VIP 4-DOOR HDTP. BRAND NEW Top o' the line -- 383 V-8, automatic transmission, radio, power steering, power brakes, tinted glass, disc brakes, head rests. Special Polyglass tires. Power windows. Suspension package. Undercoat. #216493. Sticker Price$4395 Save $778 TMTM $31517 R.O. (;oiu) CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 1600 LONG BEACH BLVD. HE 7-2871 AUTOS FOR SALE F*rd If 40 * * * * * '45 FORD XL 500 2 Or. Hardlou. VI, beautiful 1 tone original while 1 Wut finlth, buck- e scats, console, RH, power steering. »ir cond. like new white wall tlrei. A local car orictd wav below Wuebook! UVK 137, week end only .,, 51399 RICKETTS MOTORS Authorized VW-PORSCHE Dealer 1001 Long Beach Blvd. 436-3221 '65 Ford. Gal 500 $1098 Hdtp.. txcwlonal. Low mlln, automatic trans, KH, 3 year war- ""D'ON.A.VEE RAMBLER n Belltlower TO 7-7256 15737 Bellflower *t Alondrd Blvd. Hsrdlco, »-e»t buy! 1 Ic. s XI P 307. Call 8XM752 Rarbor Auto Liquidator! '67 FORD 300 hardtoc. VB, auto. ifddi., ftH, FACT. AIR COND., real sharp! 15375 Bellf lowtr Auto St-oraot Sale$ Whoieiali Log, f)54 Firestone 65 FORD $999 Galaxie 500 Spt. Cpe., 4-spd. Pwr. stfr. Lie. SPCC910. Call 591-0553. Harbor Auto Liquidators ·U FORD Galaxte 500 Hdip. R/H. auto., V-l 51299 LONS BEACH MOTORS J400 Long Bp«ch Blvd. 435- y?7 AT THE SAN DIEGO FREEWAY '66 FORD Fair la n« Conv. V-t, auto' SSZR090 .,, HOW PIONEER FORD '65 rORD 2 door V8 auto pwr steer *Ir cond 5995 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lflkev.'ood Blvd. ME 3-0781 '65 rURD, AIR COND., RH. Auto., V-8, pwr. str., NMR 651 SI 195 PARKWOOD CHEV. 50S9 Lakrwood Blvd. ME 3-0751 '66 FORD Gal. 500 XL V-8. auto.. R4H, vinyl top. SVM 643 S3S6 BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE 'S7 FORD 4 dr. hdtp. T-BIrd wig. Excel, cond. W25 cash or best offer. 596-3Q74 or it* at 13111 Arthur St., Paramount. 'M FORD XL 2-dr. hdtp. Low miles, light blur color. S FMJ-^48. S899. 531-7315 dtr. J595 or bfst offer. W8-4721 or 697- 52W I '6T/; FORD Galnxie 500 XI deluxe. Xlnt. cond. H4S or best offer. Must tell now. 591-0241 '63 FORD Calaxic 500 new tires. '66 FORD Falrl.ine cuuv. good condi- tlcn. $1150 or offer. 923-7-M9 Imperial 1945 '62 IMPERIAL SUDAN. Loaded. Draftee musl sacrifice. 1795. ·O3-54M 32! Orlinba, I. B. 3 §§^L AUTOS FOR SALE Mtrewry 1*U '63 Merc. Meteor $998 Sh*ro, liar d top, factory air condi- t on, V-8, automatic, RH, pwr. liecr, «ll original 4V extra clean. DON-A-VEE RAMBLER n Bellllower TO 7-7256 15/3/ Bellflower Blvd. at Alondra '64 MERCURY. 1 owner. RH, air. 55,000 ml. New lies. 1st class cond. Ph; e]4-3tt2or «57»1 '55 MERC. 7 dr. good tramoorlation, »75. 433-IJ4I. MktstailBj 1 955 ·M FORD MUSTANG CPE 6-CYL., 3SPEED, DELUXE, R/H. IDEAL FOR STUDENT 0* J*. MISS IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD. LlCbHitt = WWY-00*. OUR FULL PRICE $1395 PLUS TAX 1 LICENSE LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN 5115 SOUTH ST. AT WOODRUFF LAKCWOOD DUTCH VILLAGE TO 4-0741 '65 MUSTANG in FastDick W. F. McPHEETERS AUIO SALES FINANCE 1450 Long Beach Blv* HE 2-5407 '6t MUSTANG MACH 1 V-8, aulo., oower sir., power brks.. low mites. XXT 652 (3099 PIONEER FORD 1B433 Pioneer, Artesia UN 5-12U FACTORY AIR. Yellow w/black n tror. sVOZ 155 12299 PIONEER FORD 13403 Pioneer, Artesia UN 5-1266 67 MUSTANG AIR COND., disc down. $67.40 for 36 mos. JOHN BOHLSOLD5 3S55 Soulh St., Lkwd. 531-7600 '« MUSTANG, ?-dr., hdlo., RH, automatic trans, popular nard to find model. «95. Lie. Ho. PAC-036. Georoc Chevrolet. 1/000 Lnkewood Blvd., Bellf., Ph. WA 5-2251. '6A MUSTANfi F'back, V-3, auto, power itr. SBH-U9 J15W PIONEER FORD ' PC PIONEERFORb"""" 3 " 18403 Plonetr, Artc^lft UN S-17A6 trans. Wrecked front end, RfcH, S300. Glr. 2iW E. Pacific. Coast Hwy. GE 4-4939 '66 MUSTANG. Fxcel. Yellow w/vlnyl top. Fact. ?ir, pwr. str., 4 '64 MUSTANG hdip. CPU. Xlnt. cond. RIG-J23. Dlr. Full prl« S1399. Call Chev. Outlet. 564-1636 si)d, "Stinrprst in California" S1395. 43)-0/!5 '67 MUSTANG" -- 3flfeng. All extras, i '66 MUSTANG Convt. V8, auto trans. Excel, cond. S1500. 434-1224 '65 MUSTANG* 289 HI performance, t sod. R.H., priv pty SUSO. 421-2640 ] 1*3 J^i, L 5 JLrS/ AUTHORIZED FOR SALES SERVICE ALFA ROMEO Jim Grav lmp"* 1115 Atlantic CA 44»i AUSTIN-HEALEY, MS J«ffl«ttOWI 115» L.I. ll.d., L.i. HE 1-711 1 BMW C. lob Aiitnr BUICK PM'IM Iroi. luick 1J7M Mlfl. Blvd. tli-Ull Avalon lidck I Opel HOW.Amhelm.Wilm. TE4-4WI Iaylt«ai4 luick 1U1 L«W Bucll Bl. S91-H11 Mlki McCarthy luick CADILLAC Ridlnqi Cadillac 1»1 L.i. Blvd. HE 7-JMl CHEVROLET CORMIER CHEVROLET 1M1 E Ittrd St. IM-S1H S t J Ckctraltr 11VW SMTh St., ArtCSia MS-1274 III! laniett Ch«»rolet leach City Chevrolet IMl E. P.C.H. OE 1-7«I Gcli Chevrolet 1«U Pirim'l, Pirim't il-nil Gearqe Chevrolet 17HO Lkwd. Bl., Bellf. WA I-HS1 Gledhlll Chtvrolet Harbor Chevrolet mi cherrr BA i-3Mi Parkwood Chevrolet 515* LIHtewieil Blvd. ME J-07I1 CHRYSLER Hay Vln« C.nier WillTM * Liktmif Loin Biadi 42I-7J01 Guy Moothart Chrys.-Plym. Loktwoed Chryiler «» CUdltwiM ME -'"« Lee Whit* in Hunilneton Biach sn-ssu Ralph'i Chrysler-Plymouth «a LMt«v/MiI Blvd. Oowntr R. 0. Gould Co. 1Mf Lane Bttadl Bl. HE 7-H71 DATSUN Dot Datiuii 11135 Beach, H. Beach M2-77JI Lena leach Motors MM Line Besrt Blvd. 4»-5«7 Moon Importt MSI *MlHl St Lkwd. fl5-1777 DODGE Beach City Dodge KSSS Btactl Bl., H.B. Mt-UU Harbor Dedae im Hirlw Bl. C.M. SW-Utt Downey Dedqe Inc. 1111 FlTHtoni Blvd. HMI11 Gleni E. Themai Mi I. AnMMlm O7-«»l IMN Lkwil. Bl.; tnn. TO t-nn Snavely Lanaford Dodae W N L B Blvd Cet. NE MSH Tom KoaaV-- Dodqe 1U1I f. vmnnt DA 3-THl Verne Helmet Dodae ]Slh t AtltntK GA 4-H91 FORD CORTINA C. kb Altrey 11M L.B. Blrt.. L.B. 5*1-1171 Plena Moton 174» Clartt »«.. Belli. ns-MIl FIAT Palmer Matan 11H AtlMtK OA 44714 C. lab Aitny Hartaoar Imperti 141 W. Anaheim, Wilm. I3MMI FORD Qern City Fofd net lelimnnr Bird. 5»«-n»l Glen OrqaR *ord m M L · Bhra , Cpt. NE 2.7145 ·· ·---· rWBevr rvra 1MU neneir II., Art. UN5-11M Jhp. SBOW Pard Pacific Pord MN CMrrv An. til J»l HI) AIMMra, BIIH. TO 7-»34 Ken t Smolar M W. AnMMlm, Wll. TE M«ll Mel lunii Fard MM L ft fthni I9I.3111 Tayler-Ilafln Pard tm ftemt Blvd. me. rart IMPERIAL Ray Vint* Corntr Willow A Ukmisod Bl. Long Bwch «*-7»J JAGUAR loulnard luick BOULEVARD BUICK-JAGUAR ONLY AUTH. DEALER IN L.B. mi L«ig leach Blvd. !»1-5(11 LINCOLN MERCURY Sachs t Sent Murphy Lincoln Mtrcury HI Llkewood Blvd. 5T7-021 Flcdebue Mercury-Cougar MERCEDES II» AllKltlc GA 4.1754 OLDSMOBILE John lohll Oldl 151 S«th St.. Lkwd. I31-7MO Marino Oldsmobll* 1030 paclile Coin Hiwar Nawllnq Oldsmobllc SlKl 5trvlM TO 2-1131 74W E. Flrtstont il. Downtv Dick Brownlnq Oldtmobil* 1H7 LonVR-Jh" 1 ?"^ M.1I OPEL Boulevard Bvlck Irtl Long Blldl Bl. 3*1.5111 Ptdlrt Broi. Kulck 15734 Btltttawir Blvd. RS-U11 PLYMOUTH corner willow t Lakewood Bl. Lom 3Kll 4K-7301 PONTIAC Frahm Pentlac 7U5 E. FlrHttlM Dfly. Ml 7741 301 N.L.B. Blvd. CDl. NE t-UU lob Lonqpr* Porrtlac 13*40 Beach Bl. weitm. tn-ua Reiman Pontiac 411 W. Anaheim, Wil. TE !-4ni Solid Pontiac \MS l-int Buch Bl. HE 7-4111_ Suburban Pontiac PORSCHE Rlcketts Moton Jllh 1, L.B.JIV^ 43t-5m Circle Moton Inc HI? LMewood Blvd. 5t7-3«l Ktndon Voltiwaatii Hirbor Cilv TE 7-3IM Pxclflc Cst. HVTT. It Normandl* RAMBLER Rancho Rambler ui L«I« Bnch Blvd. »I-3U1 Don-A-Vte Rambler 157J7 BUI!. Blvd. TO 7-7151 Holiday Rambler RENAULT Don-A-Vce Rambler-Renault 13717 Bellf. Blvd. TO 7-71U SUBARU Thrifty Moton 1471 L.B. Blvd., L.B. SI5-1U1 TOYOTA till Ma»y Toyota lint tacti. H. Beicn M7455I Palmer Moton Cab* Iroi. lf.11 L.I. IM. 4U-7MI Caldwtll'i Inc. 7M E. Comottn Bl. NE I-S1M TRIUMPH Jim Gray Impam BI5 AIMMlIc »A 44fSI VOLKSWAGEN Loktwood Moton »u swm si., Lkwd. TO 14741 Circle Moten IK. 1919 Ltklwood Blvd. JT7-3MI Kendon VollnwaaM Rlckitn Motora im * L.B. Blvd. 4M.IH1 VOLVO Cabe Irei. 1W1 L.i. Blvd. 4M-7NI AUTOS FOR SALE MltttMf 1911 '66 MUSTANG SPORT COUPE Automatic transmission, dcluxt radio heater, tinted gl«s, white wall Hres on mao type wh«tls. Jet black with black vinyl roof bt»ck bucket Mat Interior. SLL266 $1490 Prlct sood thru March 2tid DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE 1090 Long Bch. Bl., L.8. HE 0-9624 4« FORD MUSTANG CPE, 25? V-?, A U T O M A T I C TRANS.. P.S.. GREEN WITH CONTRASTING WHITE VINYL INTERIOR, R/H. AVERAGE BLUE BOOK RETAIL SM?5. LICENSE V1V-3W. OUR FULL PRICE $2295 PLUS TAX LICENSE LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN 5815 SOUTH ST. AT WOODRUFF LAKEWOOD DUTCH VILLAGE '65 MUSTANG V$ HARDTOP. Loaded with sccesso- rles Including stereo. Abrlutelv 1 like new inside out. Compare 1 ROS 936, week-end only ... . 11299 RICKETTS MOTORS Aulhorlzrd VW-PORSCHE dialer 1001 Lcno Beach Blvd. 136-5221 45 MUSTANG 2x2, 2S9, 4 jod., RiH. 824-7W. Oldsmobile 1960 SO OLDS. 2-dr. RH. into. Xlnt cond. S2SO. 111.5013 60 OLDS 2-dr. ndtp. Full owr. Xlnl. cond. tt«. GE 3-SOM. '65 OLDS 442, new llres, xlnl. cond. S»5. Call 630-1313 '65 OLDS Cullass. Only 14.000 ml. Pwr. str. S1800. 42M403 '62 OLDS Starrirt. gond transoorta- llon. WJOti or Ul-3295 63 OLDS. FULL POWER. AIR COND., «950. 430-4556 62 OLDS Starllre convert. VJV-933. S599 P.P. Coll 531-7315 dlr. AUTOS FOR SALE nuiaihit '+*· '67 Olds $2W5 TORONADO, HvdrarMllc^^lrans^. cond. Lie. TWX-IW SUBURBAN | PONTIAC '66 Olds "88" S2M5 DELTA Couw HvdwnMlIc IrtiH- Rsdlo 1 Healer. PM. 5'«£lSjl n f br.kM. pwr. wind t AIR CONDITION. Lie. «UJ-3«. SUBURBAN PONTIAC BelllloiiV ii """" r In V151 APPROX. 100 OLDS » chooif *rom Dick Browning Oldj 1»«L.B. BLVD. HE i-Xa owr. fact. «lr cond. OVX "· K^, ff( i c, mvFR AU7D STORAGE ·6* OLDS c«l. sedin. pwr. lr -AC 1k 4; AIR CONO. ;P4S». S" "· «TMj2» 36 m °' JOHN BOHLS OLD'S 355 South St., l-hwd. 531-76W ·44 OLD'S Cullass J cr. hdto. VJ au- tom. pwr. stro. »r cond., tach. RSH, B/!tal3. od. cond. 11091. PARKWOOD CHEV. ·U OLDS CUTLASS cot V t S10S8 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER an Candlew'd 4031A 531-0»1 ·49 OLDS DellH S! -lr. tidlD. Vinyl .00. ai? cond., ASA-FM radio. 7500 '44 OLDS » l-tr. Air. linmac. Str. sfiM. I1W. Olborn'i. Mth * Cnerrv. ·6J OLDS Buto.. Dwr. str. «- cirK^. air. 4 dr. i12i. 59-m! ·57 OLDS »l lull pvir. btst oll«r. 925-?4?2. SPECIAL NOVA AND CAMARO SALE AT THE PEOPLE PLEASING PLACE HURRY--SALE LASTS 1 WEEK ONLY 1969 NOVA COUPE Yellow with Block vinyl interior, h«o*«r, E-Z-I glass, head restraints. Stk. 591. Serial I3279W389628. P SRA , L C EE $ 2199 1969 NOVA 4-DOOR SEDAN Olympic Gold with Black vinyl interior, Pow«r Glide, radio, heater, E-Z- glass, head restraints, exterior Decor package, wheel covers, w/wall tires. Stk 978. Serial I3699W4I 1094. s pi,c E $ 2469 1 969 CAMARO SPORT COUPE Lemons Blue with Black vinyl interior, Power Glide, power steering, heater, centtr console, E-Z- glass, head restraints. Stk. 700. Serial I 2 3 3 7 9 L 5 I 9 8 6 . PRICE 2699 OVER 80 TO CHOOSE FROM INCLUDING A FINE SELECTION OF THE FABULOUS Z28 CAMARO The Original People Pleasing Place BEACH CITY CHEVROLET 3001 E. PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY Op.ll Man. Thru Fri. 1:30 A. M. - f P. M. SAT. 1:30 A.M. · i P.M. SUN. J 0 A.M. - i P.M. 5*7-4433 LONG IEACH if ·JJJM;; AUTOS F0» SALE OldiMblt ltj| '66 OLDSMOBILE "CUTLASS" Htrdtoo c«UB«. FACTORY AIR oowtr ilterlng, tutomatlc tram mls!ioo, tinted gla», tHlgxt rldi? wniie wall tires with lull wh.2i ffie't^Vlffl.r.'W^K T V ' V ^i.? 90 DICK'BR'OWMNG OLDSMOBILE 1WO Long Bch Blvd. LB HE 444*4 'U OLDS It. Full factwvtSCKSr ExcH. cond RZJ332 «?i No cash needed OAC . Mr 3 .S,! ·ELLFLOWER AUTO STORarl SUBURBAN PONTIAC "In l«Nftowcr" PONTIAC SEZ . . CLEAR-EM-OUT REDUCE YOUR STOCK! AH Medtls $ 299 DOWN WITH APPROVED CREDIT INCLUDES TAX AND IW LICENSE TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES ARE SKY-HIGH BUY NOW! BEFORE PRICES START UP! ALL MODELS ARE ON SALE TERMS ARE THE BEST EVER BUY NOW! and SAVE . . . FINEST SELECTION OF USED CARS ANYWHERE, USE THE HOT LINE [867-415T S HOP AVE UBURBAN PONTIAC 18639 S. BillNowir Bl. In Bcllllowir TO 6-1725 0»IN EVES 1 SUNDATS rjrT \KHKY5LE Ki\ 29 DOW ·62 CHEVROLET Seoon, UH, l«l». F»W- ** COND. *588 ·62 T-BIRD M iw. Ml COND., V-l, Ml.. "H tftfig JIS53! WWW '64 PONTIAC Ctlli FIB Mr. Hdti. V-t, lutt, Ike.«117A....!?^88 ·58 VOLVO '67 FORD Cuilon, V.L Hie. trim, iwr. ilr.Ueril $19ftft KG 591 1 JOO N DELIVERS ·67 VOLKSWAGEN hi HIM, ill. W. «·» "iJ '66 BRONCO tondition. jl J0|i '64 VALIANT SJM. ICyl, Hi ikih, ItH. m»»i. $898 ·63 DODGE 1-Hr. SI tut, tucbll, lilt; luli.Vtrplittfl iVAO ·58 CADILLAC Cii. it VUli. Air tin' firr lUirp! t^fift KHX2M 'JOB iHiitm\ '68 RAMBLER AMX 390 V-l, iuk, cbriini iMi. m'Hi *2988 '64 CHRYS. HC Kiw TirUr TtC W,,M. lir, #/»"· '1788 '65 CORVAIR Mmn Mr. Htrdtif. ViniKiril SfiAA tmu 7Ow '56 BUICK 4-Hr. M. Huns i».d. $Q£ lic.KHI)3St J9 ·56 MERCURY 5-Dr. H.rJloi. VI, ult., FJP 077. Iron!,. SI 4ft Siiciil 1*0 ONCE A YIAR SALI! '61 VALIANTS COURTESY c*rt. 4 * ciwm fr * M - AN (· J% A A 1 IMV* ivtt. trMf., «k- Mt itr mi 4vm mtit\t. AH ktpl in lip tap «a 1 Vf VV VK · *fWw«CHOI«At''- i " CtMW '* 1M '"* 1 "'"* 101 '" IOQQ ' 1 PRI-VA BRAND NEW '61 t-Fiti. Stt. WH««. Hit «hf. ctnn, V-l, MK. tri HrG,itc.S«.iHH4tFffl $243 DOWN DEI CATION WAGON SALE 1 PLYMOUTH litalllta M366 .85 1 *1 kitK Itllf flut. HH, »!««· "" · 2-wir tiJjilt, WW tiru w/^li. Sovi oiis."* 1 * *" SA IVERS ML WAGON! AT SIMI $ 56S.8S 1 LE '3801.00 1 LAD SAVINGS THIS WEEKEW | 1 IAKEWOOD CENTER CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 1 499 Candlewood at Clark A w e USED CARS 531-0791

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