Independent from Long Beach, California on March 17, 1966 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 27
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\ NOTJCft TS ·IDDCRt The Lonir Be*ch Unified School £btrict will receive .e.led bldt In th» off** of th« Purchuinff 01- Tlilpn. Room 206 Administration Bulletin-;, 701 Locust \venu? hour Beach. California up to 11 a.m. Marrh 31. 1966. for the following: Bchfd. #4013--Maintenance of Office Machines Spec If icdt loin and bid form* may ! b* btaincd in th« office of lliV I Purchasing Division I'ON'G BEACH UNIFIKD SCHOOL DISTRICT By MARIR WELLS. Awtstant Serrptary Pub. March 17. 24. 1966 2 U -- L . B . I NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. TS 5521 On Monday, April 11, 1966. *t 1U:(H) oVlfR-k A.M., in the lobby at the roar entrance to Security Title I n - surance Company, :(444 Wilshtre Boulevai-d, in the City of J.HJS An- Kploa, State yf Calitornia. SECUU- ITY TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY, as tnistcB u n d f f the Dord of Trust executed by WALTER M. MARKHAM and HONEY F. MARKHAM, husband and wife, recorded May 20. 1965. In Book T4367. pafte 919, of Official Records In the office of Ui« Recorder nf Loa Angeles County, California, by reason of default in the payment or performance nf obligations secured thereby in- cludine the breach or default, notice nf which was recorded Duceniber 15, 1965, in Book M2067, page 640, nf said Records, will sell at public auction for cash, without warranty as tn title, possession, or rm-um- brancps. the interest conveyed to Mid Trustee by said Deed of Trust in property situate in the County of Los Angele?. State of California, described as: Lot fi4. in the City nf Long Beach, Book IS Page :::! of Record of Surveys, in the office of the Rrcordpr of said County. EXCEPT the East HO feet of said Lot. for the purpose of paying obligations secured by said Dood of Trust, including fees, charge?, and expense? of the Trustee, sums expended under the terms thereof. interest thereon, and $4,012.n in unpaid principal of the note secured thereby, with interest thereon at the rate of 7% ppr annum from September 15. 1965. DatPd March 16 1966. (Corporate Sealt SECURITY TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY By Louise Nicholson Forpclosure Offi~r P u l x M a i . 17, 24, 31, ]9fJ6 Ctu 1. R T . 90487 N O T I C E OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. TS 5519 On Monday, April 11, 1966. at 10 00 o'clock A.M.. in the lobby at t h e r»ar entrance to Security Title In- curaDcn Company. :M44 Wilshire Boulevard, In the City of Loa An- ael« B , State of California. SECURITY TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY, as trustee under the. Deed of Trust executed by WALTER M MARKHAM and I I O N K Y F. M A R K HAM, husband and wife, recorded June 8, 1965. in Hook T-4:!99. page :«9. of Official Records in the office nl t h K Recorder ttt Log Angult-s County, California, by reapon of dp- fauli in the payment or performance of obligations secured thereby Inc l u d i n g the breach or default, notice of whirh wa? recorded DPCPrnbor 14. 1965. in Book M2066. page 6S6. nf Raid Record.", will s'-ll at public auction for cash, w i t h o u t w a r r a n t y as to t i t l e . pnj^esFion. or encum- brancep. t he hit eroct ronvpycd l o .«aiii Tru^t'T by ."flirt JJ"nd of Tmsi in the property situat* 1 in HIP County of Ixs Angplps. State of i"ali- f n r n i a , described as: Lot 56, in the City of Bearh, as chown on t h « Lirenseri Surveynr'ii Map filed in Book j:j. Pagp ;i:i of Rpi-orri of Surveys, in tli" office, of the Cnuiity Ilfcoider. KXCEPT the Bart 30 feet of »aid Lot. ALSO EXCEPTING all oil, E «5. niiiiprals. liyihwarbinis and other SUhstilliee." l y i n p tlierein and Iliere- u n d i - r t h a t may br produi-fd fi-oru a d r p t l i of IfXl f*-pt below t h e M i t l n c p "f said I n n d . but w i t h o u t i h e right of pnlry upon t h e .«ur- f n r - p for t h p purpose of mining, d r i l l i n g , oxplorlng or rxti-acting (turh nil KB?, minerals, hydrocarbons ann other substances or o t h e r IIP* or rights in and to any portion of tlu surface thereof, to a d e p i h of ion feet helow t h e R i i r f i i c e thereof, hut w i t h the right to d r i l l into, lorat* wells and produce n i l . ga.«. mineral?. hvdrocarboru and other ?nli8laii-rs from any portion thereof · which lies below JOO fecL from t h e sui'facp thereof, as n-sorved by Sydney Mark Taper and Amelia Taper h u p b a n d and wife. In deed recorded M^y 10, 1957, us I n s t r u - ment No. 2195. Book 54467. Page 151. Official Record?, for th« purpose of paying obligations secured by said Deed of Trust, including fe.ce, charges, and expenses of Ihe Trustee, sums expended under Ihe. term? inerrof, interest thereon, and $:t.995.71 in unpaid principal of the note seemed there.hy. v i l h inlerr.*1 thereon at t h e rate of R r ,' r per a n n u m from September 15. 1965. {Corporate Senli Dated Marrh 16 19iifi. SKCrillTY T I T L E I N S U R A N C E C O M P A N Y yt\- Louise Nicholson Koi-fdosure Officer Puh. War. IT. '24. :tl._l%6_ C t t : L.R.T. OFFICIAL CITY PRINTINO O R D I N A N C E NO. HD-761 AN O R D I N A N C E O K T H E BOARD UK J I A K K O K CD.M- M I S S J O N K K S OP T H K C I T Y ( ) K U)MJ UKACll D I K K C T l N i ; T H K C.KNEPvAL MANAUKP. TO KXKCUTE A LEASE B K T W R K N THE CITY OK l.ONt; K K A C H . ACTING JJY ANF T H K O U C K ITS J j O A R D OK H A R B O R {· O M M I S S I O N E R S, AN L» T M U M S LON(i KEACH COM- J ' A N Y . A COKPORAT1OK. KOH THE USE OK CURTAIN I'RKM- IKES IN THK HARBOR UI.S- TRICT OK TJ1E CITY ( ) F LONO BKACH. AS SHOWN UN LUNU BEACH HARBOR DEPA RTMrtNT D R A W I N G HI) The Board of Harbor Comiiiis- ·iouerfi of the City of Long H««ch onmins as follow*. Section 1. The Genei-al Manager of the Harbor of i h e C i t y of Long Beach is hereby authorized and directed lo execute. in duplicate, a lease in s u b s t a n t i a l compliance w i t h the f u r m h c r t - w i t l i suhmiued and hereby approveit. lit-- t w e e n tlie City nf Lung Beach. a : t MIH by ami t h r n i i f i J i it." Hunrd fif Harbur ConmiK«ionrrs, and THCM.S I.OIIR fJi-Hi-ii C u n i p a n y . ft niri«ira- l i ' H i f i n - t i n - u«f of c c r i a i n pi-rnii?es MI Hi* Hnrln.r D i s l r i r l ..f Hie C i t y of l ^ i r i g l i t - n r l i . n« « l m w n mi Lone Rem'h H.-il b.i| i J r p H l l I l H ' I l t J J l l i W - ing HD Ittilfi. Ser '2 Tins n r d i n a n c e s l i a l i he Fiiin-d bv H I P President nf VlO' P r i ' s i d r n l "f Hi" H'-ard of I l n r h o r t'oiiimi»si»ri-i.s mid u t t i - s i . d t u by the SeurHary. The Secretary s l i a l i ( . · i l i f v In Uie PHSJUIRI- of t h i f u r d i - jiHiit-i-' hy Hi*- Bimrd nf H « r h o r Cniiinus^oii'-is of t h e l ' i t \ f Kuiig p u h l i s h e d -mi-e in I h e o f l i c i a l n.-w?- iiancr "f " l i e C i t y of hong lii-m-h. H I , , ] . H U O - H c e r t i f i e d c..p ..t !hi n n l i i m t i r e I n b e r r n l l u v i l l i f i l e d U i l l i t h f I ' l l * Cl'-rk o f Hit- I ' i l y n f ' ^*r?J^!!*^!^L- materials, appliance* and oquipment for, and doing th« wurk of initall- \ng a new flour in the existing club house, at th« Pan American Park Club Houae. In accordance with "Sneclficationa No. R-:t7t!3 for the Rciloorinir of the Gymnasium Area at the Pan American Park Club House. 5i57 Centralla Arenue. In th* Ci*y of Ixmr Beach. California", on file in the office of the City Engineer of said City, to which said opec.ficit!onn No. K-:t?6:t reference hereby made for f u r t h e r par- J..' _ .^jBgrnatR _ . ··net* Myrtle. ttolovvd ! SACRIFICE t companion lots. G MA j UN7AOOED DOG,4 William C Bl*ck and "'"* Memorial P«rk. San P«dro. , IMPOUNDED LONG BEACH E^jrsiVvkwT^ JMS.WV LSWM SK.) ?I4-«S7-3»1 J. ! Louf* SjOli w " -- - - - - - - _ IS LHtcMdPow4 " A U^O L OE S D He ^? ·UCKLIN--Wlntlow W, of 740 E. S«n Antonio Or. Survived bv son, Wadt ·. and sister. Miss Wlnnt* Bucklln. Servlct Thurvtav, 1:00 PATTERSON ft SNIVELY 555 Locust Avc. ·«·«· Ttt (PTMMrMtM) 10 * tn. to 4 om. 'Jnt,... impouncfeti «f the Anirn«l Mielte 3 ti M Wlr» H»tr X, Irm , bk hrn 3 mo., 2.10 t Vfrnoi St - K 9 B'HUny SwinTel. m»\t. otk RoblV--K-IJ*" Mix. mule. bl*(V J mm , BA ton School--K ?» CON1ULT THIII fUCIMfNT KNI POSITIOMS FOX MLN AND WOMEN E.3 t « k Hi" -lie. t . \V A . H A R F f I M i T O X ATTKST. P r e s i d J A M K S ',;. I ' K . T li.-rrbv r ^ r t i f y t h a t the f o r r - f f - n f : "( rtttiftii' 1 * 1 w n « a d n p t » ' d hy the Hoard of Harbor Commission* rs nf the C i t y of Long Heai-n m i t s meeting of' March 14. IHbfi. hy t h e following vote Ayes: Commissioners I l e i d . Craig. · Harrington Noes Commission -i 1 ." X^ne Absent Comniissioners- H i x h \ - . Ridings . I A M K S c.. I ' R A M : . ( F t A c t i n g Secretary p u h Mai-rh I7.__1^fifi M t i - L i : I . NOTICE I N V I T I N G B I D S FOP T H K R K K f . O O K I N i ; i ' K T H E G Y M N A F I I ' M A H M A A T TII?i PAN* A M K n i C A N P A R K ci.rn Horsr.. .'.i.'T CK\T I : A L I A A V K N I ' K . I N T U B C I T Y oh* LONG ;;I-:ACH. C A I . I - f'Op.MA N U T I C K I S H K I 1 K H V C I V K N l M v IK- '.'-^ "f i ..... L' r,'»- r. wr: i t ^ - . - M " a ^ a l r d h i t « ft! Uii n f f i t h e i - i t y M a t t N S r : . in R«»'m .!' t c » i ' i t \ H a i l Mf HIP « ' i t \ ..f p c a r h c a l i f o r n i n . u n t i l 2 on O r M. March .;0. iSfift. m ^ h i r h «nd pl^ri* Mid h1d5 will he )if )v r.prn/'d J-nd d ^ c l d t ^ i l f'-r nishinc ftli necessiry Janor, t Uculars. Copk's of dlld Specif icatiuim No. R-:t7tt3 nmv b obtained at xaid office of HIP Citv KiiKinffr. Room 50;'. Citv Hal', upon deposit of $10.00 per net. Lump «um payment will be made In due course of payments of the. City of Ij»ng Beach in arcunlance with the provisions of Article 7.05 of Standard Specif icat inn.i No. R-1577. Contractor nhall start the work within twen y (20) days from the datK of executitm of the contract and shall complete the work within twrntv CiO) working davs. Pursuant to Part :!. Chapter 1. Article VII of Municipal rode of 1 thft City of lAinft Beach, the City Council, by Resolution No. (M93UK. hart ascertained and determined the general prevailing rate of per diem waffes and overtime wages for each craft or type of laborer, workman or mechanic required In th« performance of public work. A copy nf said Resolution if on file in the office of the City Engineer. Said job classifications and general prevailing rate of per diem wages and overtime wages are incorporated herein by reference thereto with like force, and effect as if exprepsly set forth herein. Any contract awarded hereundrr shall provide that the Mont met or must comply with the general prevailing rat*- of per diem j wages and overtime wages as speci- ·, fied in said resolution. , All bids and bid bund.-* shall he i submitted upon forms ti b- secured at the office of said City Engineer. Each bid shall be accompanied by i a certified check or bank draft pav- able to the City Auditor of the city of Long Beach, and drawn on a solvent, bank in Los Angeles County, or a satisfactory bond of an amount of not less than ten per cent (10%) of such bid, as a guarantee that the bidder, if awarded a contract, will execute and deliver to the City Engineer, within ten (10? djiy* after such contract is tendered, a contract for furnishing all (lie necessary labor, tools, materials, appliances. ' ami equipment for, and doing th« ; ·work called for herein, together wilh a good «nd sufficient corporal" surety bond, in favor of the City of Long Beach, for an amount of not lepfl than twenty-five per cent (US 1 //-) of such contract price for the. faithful performance of such cnn tract, and a good and sufficient corporate surety bond in an amount of noi less than fifty prr rent (507r of such contract price for the payment of all labor and material claims Certified checks nr bank drafts accompanying all bids will IIP re- ' taine.d by City until a contract be-' tween the successful bidder and the' Citv has been executed. The ritv Manatrcr rryprvp HIP right at any stage of thcae proceedings, to reject all bids and to return all deposits accompanying said bids Date: March 17, 1066. JOHN R. MANSfiLI, city Manager Pub March 17. 1966 (ll)--h.H.I. NOTICE INVITING BIDS FOR FURNISHING AND DR- L.IVKRING TABULATING MACHINE PAPER TO TUP: (-ITY OP LONG BEACH. CALIFORNIA NOTICE IS I1KREKT (!I\'KN i THAT, sealr-d bids will be received j in Ihe office of the City Manager.) in Room :«W. of Hie Citv Hall of the Citv of 1-ong Beach. California, until 10-00 o'clock A.M. on UIA 28! h day of March, 19K6, at which time and place said bids will be publicly opened and declared for Furnishing and Delivering Tabulating Machine Paper to the rity of Long Jieach, rafifornia, in accordance with Specification* No. PA-0166 on fil" in the office of Hie City Purchasing Agent ami reference I* hereby made to said Specifications fnr iiirlhri- particulars. : (-opi.-y of said sprcifii-.ttion- irinv ! be obtHUied Hi tliH offii · of the City 1 Purrhfl.MJnc Agent, Kunrn ():{. Municipal Utilitlpx Rldg.. l!lfi W. iroudway, '-ong: JVjirh. California aosn^. The City proposes to pnrrhase approximately one. million, one hundred sixteen thousand (1.116.000) sets of continuous, flat fold tabu- j alion machine paper for use on Us IBM 1-10:1 high speed printer. The paper will l e in two sixes and in one-part through ,«ix parl interleaved, carbonized s»-t?. Purchase will be made through an annual requirements contract on a monthly delivery schedule In accordance w till the t'Hy's needc. All hid." and bid bond? shall hf puhmiltcd upon forms t i IIP sucured .11 tlio office of the City Purchasing Agent. Room 40 - l. Municipal rtilitiPt Hldg.. 215 \\'. Hrondwa\. Long Bwh. Calif. 90Rf2. Kach bid phall he Hccmiipaiiieil by . R c-rlified clieck or hank draft. , pavable to Hi* Cil Audilm "f Hie Piiv of Long Roach. :mrt drawn n n ' a Fiihvnl bank in LMS Angeles i-i. uii!.. "J A -.iii.-f.-u i..::. 1 of an ruimuni of n-it \-«* 1ii«n ten per- · ·ent i l O ' ^ i nf Mii-h hid. it." a gUHr- antoo that Hie bidder, if awarded a t « . Hit- Citv Pun liHsing Apent. within ten i 10i rtH\-« a f t e r fnich r., ntract is t.-nd-red to him. tngolluT rain Surety Bond in favor nf the C i t v nf Long fl'-arli for «n amount . f "not loss than f i f t v (hih p.-iveiil . t.f such cnntr;ict price for Hie faitli- fnl perfiirnmtn-e nf such rontnict. Tim Citv Malinger i -e serves tin* right, at anv ."lapf of tliese pro- i-i'i-rlinp.t. to reiect ativ or all bid? mid rdurn all depn-ils arcompany-^H at Long Reach. California, t 11* 17th d«v nf Mnrc'i 1966. JOHN K. .MAKSKLL City Manager Pub. Marrh 17. 196R fill-- L.B.T. Announcements 00 . Memorial Gifts FOR A FRIEND OR LOVED ONE OR TO REMEMBER AN ANNIVERSARY, CAN Bt MADE TO Memorial Hospital Foundation 7801 ATLANTIC. L B. FOR RESEARCH, C L I N I C S , EQUIPMENT, OR WHFRE HEED IS GREATEST. GIVE NAME OF PERSON HONORED NAME 8. ADDRESS OF FAMILY TO BE NOTIFIED. 1966 STEREO console, never u«ert, $87. Will accept 11.25 per week. GE 4-1506. Dlr. LONG BEACH BAR ASSN. will help you twt a lawyer If vou need one. 115 Pine, Room 512 travel AO , EL CAPITAN CASINO i WALKER LAKE HAWTHORNE, NEVADA £1 /^\* $ 10 EVERY DAY PACKAGE INCLUDES ROUND TRIP AIR TRANSP., DINNER. COCKTAILS (2), CHAM PAGNE EN ROUTE, SOUVENIR CHAMPAGNE GLASS. t 1 M 0 SERVICE, LOUNGE ENTERTAIN MENT KEHO - BINGO - 71 CRAPS - SLOTS ASK ABOUT OUR V Ladies Nite, Stag Nites DAILY FLIGHTS Mm thru Fn 4 IS o n .;.t dwarf 8:30 a ·» , A o m . A-trj ticnal Weekend F : iti 5, jr. depar* 10 3( It ~ Additional WreKrnd Pete* FOR RFi BROCHURF Long Beach HA 1-9351 Burbanlt VI 9-5568 * TARS DFUVFRFD Ti or from snywhirt m U S AUTO DRIVFAWAY .HV1.W ^ CARS FURNISHED VPEE AH ntmts. U-DR IVE . HI 1 1-IV7 f.O'NG BACK L'ST' 1 CALL JIM. lU 3«« FERRY-- Elmtr P. . . . . . .... Of 4535 Walnut Ave Roia/v ^td. 4 M«t« 5 Up Thursday 8:00 pm Sheclar's Mor- LJI.D D| fVtf Ikir" '· luarv Chaoel. Reouitm Mas^ | M * R BLUUK. INC. SHEELAR'S MORTUARY 1«2 Long Btach Blvd. GRANT-- Albert L. 7297 E. Pacific Coast Highway Signal Hill. Gravcifde services Fri d»v, 1:45 D.m. f=t. Rosccrans N« tlonal Cemetery. San Diego. SHEELAR MORTUARY 1952 LONG BEACH BLVD. GRiFFlN-^Mrs. Florence M., 9109 Loi Anodts St.. Blllflower. Sur vlved by husband, Joseph M., sons, Joseph M. Jr., and Dennis J.; parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred crick Spring; sisters, Mrs. Mar Mrtt Coughlln and Mrs. Ruth La Pant, and Mrs. Barbara McCarthy Mrs. Harriett Forlsh; brothers Frederick, Harry, Robert, John Charles, a n d Francis Sprlno Rosary Thursday at 1:15 a.m. from Whit* Funeral Home. Mass Friday at * a.m., from St Bernards Church, Bel Iflower. HAYD'EN-- Mrs!~«afy K. Age~lf. Survived bv sons, Ivan ana Warren. Daughters, Mrs. Illah Ehrman and Mrs. vula Netties and i grandchildren. Services Friday, 2 PM. HOLTON SON CHAPEL. JACKSON-- William H. (Jack) age 66. 6639 Gaviofa. Former em- ploye or th* Chrysler Corp. Survived bv wife, Mrs Aura W. Jackson. Daughter, Mrs. Wynona Lucht. Son, Louis and 3 grandchildren. Services Saturday 2 PM HOLTON SON CHAPFL. Meadows -- -Catherine T. 133 E. 35lh St. Rotary Thursday. 7:30 p.m. Mass of Reaulem 9:30 a.m. Both In St. Matthews Church. SHEELAR'S MORTUARY 195? LONG BEACH BLVD. RIDENOUR-- Baxter F" of 417" Sea- Sid* Blvd. Survived bv sons, Robert H. and Edwin; daughters, Mrs. Evelyn Keith and Miss Jane Ridenour. Sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Chase. Service Friday 9:30 a.m. PATTERSON SNIVELY 555 LOCUST AVE. RUDD-- Michael, 69, of* 6112 Mala bar, Huntlngton Park, died Tuesday. Survived bv brothers, Clarence and Walter; sisters, Mrs Waiter W e 1 d o n, Mrs. Robert Douglas and Mrs. Robert Dean Masonic Funeral Services Sunnv side Cathedral Chapel Thursday 4:30 D.m. 5UNNYMDE MORTU ARY In charge. "SEELAU-- Ruth C. " of 135 E. 35th St. Rosarv Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Mass of Requiem 9:30 a.m. Both in St. Matthews C SHEELAR'S MORTUARY 1952 LONG BEACH BLVD. WIENER-- Cllfto"n~ Ayres. Belovefl husband of Roberta, father of Clark Warner. Brother of Evan and Mrs. Margate! Guidinger and Mrs. Evelyn Reed and Grandfather of Ellsa Ann Warner. Mr. Wiener was a retired Civil engineer and a member of th* Masonic Lodge. Private services will be hefd ThursdaVi Church of Our Fathers, FOREST 1 AWN MHMO- RIAL PARK-CYPRESS. FOREST LAW_N_MORTUARY. __ __ Funeral Directors 4 FOREST" LAWN MORTUARY One Arrangement for Undertaking and Cemetery 4471 Lincoln Ave. GEneva 1-2517 Ctmtterits-Mouselcums 5 (And Monuments) 2 PLOTS' -- Green" Hills""cemeterv, San Pedro. S550. 430-4178 _ CRYPTS -- Beaut. A'ngeles Abbcv Mausoleum. Under cost. 631-8200 2 CEMETERY lots, Sunnvslde Mausoleum, $340 ea. HA 9-7350 4 CEMETERY lots, Rose Hills. Whlttler. Good buy. TE 4 r 5728 4~ CEMETERY lots," Forest Lawn Cypress. NE ?-5S*7 wkdays after 5 Funeral Notices 1 DILDAY FAMILY Funeral Directors Pacific Av*. at Anaheim St. AGUTTER -- Ada. Miss. 1133 Pine Ave. Service Saturday 10 a m. Dlldav Chapel. BORRENSEN -- AdOlph, 1077 Gardenia. Friends mav call all day Thursday, Dlldav Chapel. DOWDY -- MarV, 156B W. Cameron, Rosary Thursday 7 D.m. Ulldav Chapel. Reauiwn Mass Friday 8 am. St. Lucvs Catholic Church. GRAHAM -- Maude B., 380 OruatM. Service boiunJn, 10 a.m. Westminster Presbvteri- an Churcn. KORAN -- Edward J.. 34S3 l.cmon. Service will be announced. MAYO-- Clifford B , 314? Petaluma Ave. Service Thursdav 3 o.m. Cathedral Chnoel Sun- nvside Memorial Park. MOBERG -- Gwlnevert P.. 5426 Pimcnta, Lake wood. Service Thursdav 2:00 p.m. Dltday Chapel. NIXON- Howard B., 380 Orena Ave. Service Saturday 11 :30 a.m. Dlldav Chapel. NORRIS-- James E.. U.S.N., ?40 Elm. Service and interment Mansfield, Arkansas. DILDAY FLOWER SHOP HE 5-63!. or 436-9024 rNmottell's |]%k Ph. 436-2284 ·MiL 909 E 3rd MILLER -- Vena Esteile, formerly ol 31?5 Past /th Street. Graveside service Thufsdsy 1 00 pm , ROIP Hills Me moriai Park, directed bv Mottell's Mortuary. HOUX-Loulse Smllev. formerlv of 274 Bennett Avenue. Survived bv daughter Mrs. Frances T innis Service Saturday 11.00 a.m., MottRirs Chaoel. BAKER -- Liland JdmM Stanford. 800 Last Ocean Boulevard. Survived by wife, Trre- iifl t-,ifd- dauorilcr-,, Mri. tvfltigHrne Archer and Mrs. Lois Marie Rose; brother, London Carter Hames Baker; grandchildren, George Leiand Rot? Patsy Ann and Marilyn Jean Rose, Evan0«i«ne Archer. hridav l?:30 P.m., Mot'eil's Morluary. -- o-- WiFSENHUTTER -- Idrt. 137 £ 3 " J6th Strett. Survived bv Mrs. Louise Lee, Mrs. Frieda Carver a-d Vrv Mildred Lud ders; sons, Albert and Fred WiMWihuHf r : broihrr Albert Boefhe; grandchildren; twelve great granchildren. Service, Friday 11:00 a.m., Mottell'i Chaoel. CQOLEY -- Selwin Charles. Service will b* announced. NORTON -- Colemm John. ?M West 6th Street, San Pedro. Recital Ion of the Rosarv TMridav 7.30 p.m., Mottell'i Chnotl. fteauiem Mass. Fri- dav 8:OC ».m . St. Anthony C a t h o l i c ChUTh MottHI's Mortuary directing. -- 0-DRIVER-- John Hrnry. formerly u' rUi Dfl.\v Avenge. Su. uivrd bv son. Harold K Shore Lodo- "'"''.. e **M Mottpll% "Ch*o«l 0 C OOOA'N -- HtrrnHn Aft.\ir ! «0' Jranene P»cf ST^ ·* Thur^div 7 0 0 o m , Mitil i dAiiOnlf r , Mrs. Eduoi W. Fftlz n \on. J 1 Widrnx'^: orflndion. R. E CParh. Ser- ! Come in for your frer ta« sAuet l 1432 E. 7th Si. Lcr,i Beach I 1109 E Artesia No. Long Bra.h 1 1417S S. Western Ave. Gardens . 8105 Westminster Wtslmmstei ; 8769 Garden Grove Bl. G. G'Ovc 14317 Pioneer Blvd. Norwn k imt S. Hawthorne Bl. Hawthoin? L ' No appointment necessary 436-Wl t , Wkdys., 9 am-9 pm, Sot , Sun 9 S ' INCOME TAX "" ' 14 vrs experience. All loinif tvoed triple checked. Youi Irome if preferred, individual, small bus - , ness rental Latest Information L Reasonable. Available weekend; evenings. Call tor aoof. HA 9-4545. " INCOME'TAX ! , In Your Home ! Bolh Federal state, short form $5. Long form $12. Phone for no- DOlntment. Til 11 p.m. and week- ' ends 635-7096. · INCOME TAX v S. W. Homer Jr. Assoc. 2436 Pacific Ave 427-3958 E Big A Stores -- Tax Dept. i 500 CHERRY, N.L.B. All returns expertly prepared bv protcs slonalS. From W.50. 531-7?.)? ! C. E. PRUDHOM -- Ex Govt. Tax Ollicial. 20 Years exper. 4 Assist anis. OPEN EVES. SUNDAYS. Self employed? Miracle refunds! . 6184 Atlantic Ave., L.B. GA ? 6970 LONG" BEACH-WILMINGTON RFS- IDENTS. Expert tax scrvlc* in ' vour home ' __REAS. rates. _ 835-1383 | Sutherland Tax Service ' 4166 Norse Way, Lkwd. 429-1674 4100 E. 7th, L.B. GF 4-?648 ' EDWARD J. MORTON 1445 BROADWAY, L.B. Hrs. 10 am lo 9 om dally GE 3-S453 j DFMING TAX BKKPG. SERV. j Dependable-Accurate eturns In ' privacy convenience of vour . home. Day 923-4730; -ve ME 3-S3W INCOME TAX "s'ERVICt- -Blue Chip stumps. 2065 Atlantic Ave. 591-1046 or 4329157 INCOME TAX-ACCOUNTING SERV. ! i Bookkeeping RAY LARSEN ; i 16400 Bel If lower Blvd. TO 6-7711 ' Income lax Consultant Your home. -*26-7166; eve 421-8563 j CHARLES "E. MARTIN enrolled to ~ practice before the IRS. 5034 Los . Coyotes. Diagonal 597-1013. EXPER"T~Tncome~fax~Serv. S3 up. We come lo vour home. 666-3555 . INCOME TAX SERVICE, sio w. IDth St. 435-4223 aft. 3 D.m. EXPERT Income Tax Service in : vour home. S3 up. GE 1-4628 Personals 11 R NEWMENU" SUPERB LUNCHES DINNERS j T FROM 95t BRAD'S RESTAURANTS, 1990 PACIFIC AVE. L.B. 3800 ATLANTIC AVE. L.B. GIRLS ATTENTION: "Slnole," wld- S awed, divorced? Need transportation? Financing turned down clsr- ' . where? Warranty Motors answers ' (_ vour problem. W* cany contracts. · on the soot OK, only reaulrement min. down willingness to pay. T Warranty Motors, 13730 San Antonio Dr., Norwalk. Call 863-5417 or 868-9077. MEN" ATTENTION; "Divorced?" New on the lob? New In city? Credit · _ turned down elsewhere? On fhe ^ soot OK. We carry contracts; mm. . . down payment only requirement i 1 willingness lo pay. Warranty Motors. 13730 San Antonio Dr., r Norwalk. 863-S417 or 86B-9077. FLAT-TOPS " " : ' If vou are nresenllv dlssallsfied : with vour flat top h.iir cut, try · ft the FLAT TOP BARBER SHOP. 1505 W. Pacific Coasl Hiway or 1985 Atlantic Avc. or 17826 Clark. Bcllllowrr · ATTENTION: Church "orouos, club^ sororities other organizations-FARM SIM. FOR INFO, leading lo sale of new construction, remodeling or additions. No job too C large or too small. Phone GA ' 7-04B4 Mon. thru Friday f 1 MAUREEN JONES/APPLEY, MCCUISTION, or in f or wire collect lo John Me Culston . 1721 Fern Pace. Vallclo. Calif. L _Phone 642-2967-- code 707. sions. self Improvement. Doc lor Invites unusual cases. Results. ~ AVIATION NEEDS YOU! LEARN TO FLY-- $5 WK. 1 Knitting Instructions Mon. Wed ? to 4 n m . FM 7 to 9. 10 lessons. Si. Y A R N MART, 630 Pine, L. B BO'DYBUILD KARATE Fat or sklnnv? Daflv 1 9 L.B. . Gvm. 25 Locust. HC ?-9249 " BJ.'s PARK HARDWARE BIXBY PARK A R E A . 2121 E. BROADWAY GE 93331 f FILL your "LIFE witn" DANCING. ri»«*ps iv?s hr pri v v» w ' Parties, Fun. Friends HE 5-filll Melody Dance Studio. IB Pacific Av JOANNE OR SANDRA." You'Vnn still contact me thru same number. A message awaits you r. urgently. HOP* all is well.-- Tom. · FOR information on Preston Gordon D.B.A. investors Loan E X ft Cameiback Rd , Phoenix. Arizona WANTED-Good Long Bearh Foster p Home for children ot aM ages. Call Foster Homellnders HE 5-4311 WE love miners bui MINORS . .. please by-pass CIRCLF L I Q U O R S h 4434 P.C.H. 433-9315 "psvch'.c PALM VCARD Rradmgs B ADVISE YOU In ALL matters- p 437-50/3 In am.; HE 2-9118 tn D.m. ' "N'U CASBAH HEALTH"SPA . 3 exper. vouno techns, prostatf, . » ba., therapy, etc. 7 days. A36-482V. · WILL oar'tv who saw an accident ' s at South Atlantic on Feb. 18th 11:15 AM please call G A 2-5722 E PATIENTS Kneaded -- Steam, Mas- saoe. House falls. 4tM f. P.C.M. A HE 75141 LA'DY age ?9"wants somrone to \ teach 8th 9th grade math. Rea ; %onable rate. 472-4937 /\ 1 SINGLE people seeking friendship write Beverly Social Club, P 0 t Box 177, BeMflower, Ca r TO 6 7?!0 S"HUT" INS? Need a ocrm^nent? · Have dryer- will Urtve' Cm\ I Andrea after 5 for appl 491-R3S! GLASS TINTING. Reduces hca', glare- t fade. 16 decorator colors FREE ESTIMATES HE 7-266? SPIRITUAL ADVI50R f. also card readings, SI .00. TE 0-9331 INVESTIGATIONS MARITAL. T I C . Evan C. Jones, 532 Pine. 436 581) ANY CAR anv color S35. B.vnctJ Paint. 1708 Alamltos. HF 7 7575 SlNGLf." adults call for recorded message ?4 hrs d«v GF 4fl7it Ar T ED "comoost-Extra rich organic soil. Mulch. Chambliss, GE 3-441 X BOOKS-- Papcrfiat ks ( omics BKV sell, swao. Rodden's. 344 F: RrJ/--/ hdve d good Ir.iJ. 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W A P D H/6-0^9n" r.f 5 9 / I V ' / / *". A Stanicv. Reward. 4t-).t/3 Arjinoe "fiKi 1 * Reward 477-0419 LOST W-*f "V: '»· * tni-At H, Adenmoor 1 Rocket ffew. I6797tl mo. 8300 Blifnedale- K M Doxle, limit, torn.. 1 v . 3700 Block Sun Aniellne-- K 3? Pug X turtle, ird. 1 yr . | J Soanlel. male, blk I wht . 1 vr , Poodle X. ivrn ti!aiK 6 " lr i . 7315 Grand Avr.-- K /O Terrier X, male. bljuh, 1 yr . 1603 F 6th SI -K '7 A so check tountv P.iund. tj'jB Garf fid Avr . Humane Souelv. 9300 GJirfi-eid. 93*.«JB OST small malr dog. bik. gtav shaggy, oart iwtxlie f. twnfr vir. Anaheim Ro-'oiUn Pel of handicap child. 4393089 YHlTt SHAGGY tcy p^oil'r MaV Vlt Avalon ??jrd S' To'iame ISO Rew. No aue*.iicr^ a^frt TF. 4-9S77 OST -Terrirr-Cockpr. \r-r\ . wpot. ? mos old. bl.itK 8. whltr v ( Avalon ?£6m. Wilni . Mar 6 Reward. 830-3487 Jiller t p m. Hypnosis 13 "EMILE FRANCEL OF'W Private consultation. Classr^ ^e f Improvement, confidence, hvnios '· i self-hypnosis. CHURCH of L VING SCIENCE. 785-6667 YHY LIVE ONLY HALF" A UFF' Hypnosis-- Call 438-0415 THICA'L'HYPNOS'VS' CENTER INC FRE_E_ INTERVIEW. L A ? 564-2486 nsuranct 1 4 AUTO Cancelled. 502's. Slate ri"no. p r p f . risk v voulh'ul orrr'^ Milit,.'-v ft all other lints. 2337 Atiant'c. 4 2 4 0 / C ? Aut'o Insure any age Cance ed LOW RATES, PAY MON 1 HLY. OPEN EVfcS. 1032 Rfdnndo. L.B. AKF-MON INS. AGiiNtY 4311490 Healfn Aids" 18 Eastside Health Group 3 TECHNICIANS Ultra-modern massage tables RELAXIN ". Polynesian. Swiss or Tasmanian BODY SHAMPOO OPEN Mon ihru Fri. 12 D" D pm ?4Q DAWSON. L.B. 4:i4 ??76 Atlantic Health Offices JOIN The Great Snuew wnn D(. West J Export Operators For Good Health ft Relaxation 1125 A T L A N T I C Avr 435-9937 COAST HEALTH CLUB Sauna ft Massagr bv J A N E ft PAULA New Ma-^ru'r-; D'ANT A KIM Open 7 d,ivs. 137 f. 8th.. _Costa Mesa. [7U1 642-W90 LIFETTE HEALTH STUDIO Mssiage S. steam, l d»vs. 10 'o 8 519 E. B-oadw.iv. 4." 7 7349 V MASSA'GE ~ 6 tern, masseuses at your service: Sok. Frer-ch! German! Jaoanese! 10-10 p.m. Sun. 1-10. (714) 847-7111 16942 Beach Blvd. Huntington Bch EDUCE or gain 70-40 Ibs. fasf. DOS five, easy. Send $1 to Body Trim, 1144 No. Detroit St., Ho v*Jod 23. \ASSAGE--Enlov a thoro. ft rnmp . massue^es 101? midnioht, '/ tiav** J63B5 Bolsa Chira. HB 847-9)19 Jan's New Different 3173 Pacific Awe. 591-1574 TEPHANIE'S Relaxing miis^aoe, stram cabinet. Moxley trrmmrn!. Whitticr. Ph '96-6243. HKFMES HEALTH STUDIO. Wonderful h.ind massage bv Chenr. Steam. 640 E. 3rd. HE 78852 HERESA's Mas^.igp " ft Zontat Baths. Open 6 davs 1711 E. 4th, 432-6054. BEST'S Physical Therapy Massage, Hrs. 106. no Sun., Mon. HE 6 8789 OCIODRAMA or individual' sess on. Bv appointment onlv. fir B-6066 ERRY's'Steam Balh"ft Massages. Mon.-Sat^ 429 FJ. 1st. HC 2-4588 OLDl E'S Swedish massanc. steam bnth week d«vs 8, Sun. HE 26315 STUDIO D "MASSAGF 1710 CHERRY AVE 4391095 A5SAG ' "itCAM" PM~* SALT GLO 94 Drn. 342 E. Broddwav. 4363017 . MASSAGE. 1058 W. Comolon Blvd. Hours 10-7. NE 5-4579 WAY'S-Open "10 a.m. -"l; b - 8 p.m 1612 Stanlon PI.. L.B. GE 8-47* WEDISH Massage lor tht Wean RUTH'S 739 E 7th. 43A-755* INDY HOLLAND MASSUfSE J6 7485 Pacific Avc. GA 49566 PASSAGE, Steams." Bromcll He* tr System. 404 E. P.C.H. HG 7 i!4 A ASS AGE" "Cabinet Bath. 1321 F BROADWAY. HF F ( "°' 1 APETITE-- Massage Zontal bath Open 6 davs. 17)1 E. 4th. 4326054 Homes ' '20 "CbNVALESCENf" NURSING HOME GA 2-3208 CRESTWOOD Convalescent Hospital 1775 CHFSTNUT A'.'F MEDICAL care Dat'crM-, .Mtenn-d HE 5 8467 or HF S 4 r r , S r RCC PLACEMENT R E G I S T R Y Need Gueit/Nurt-lno Home 4?S d?l* card, Guest Homes 20-A Arbor Villa Guesf Home FOR SENIOR CITI7EI1S. Nnw ha* vm dn :c. for mon or women. ??60 SI "ANTA W ' 1 FF " ' GA A10R1 RONT nn . lovrly rrfinrd home tor ladv The bos' o' care ft lood TV, v d f d . GF E 07'.'. I I('S r.iii-it Horn*- ir.^^1 rtrv.itffl P l V A T f or -^ml nnvatp. rinunus rm. wild T V, excellent mr.ilv good tdre. PHONE? 4 3 8 4 " 1 7 ILLSIDE GUfibl HOML- Hnmr ke homr Nurse In rhargr 74 hrs 70?/ fc. ?lst. St. GE J63J1 R V. RM in priv homr f-rf care A tood Ambulatory ladv. 4360564 A C A N C Y lor amijulatorv ' laOv. good home, lood care. GE fi.1701 EMI-PRIVAIL- rm."loi- lady, good food f. tdre. GE 3^450 "tLLFLOWER. Elder!v~cire man or woman, 9453 Made. TO / - l ? 6 / MSSION HOME-- 7330 E Utti S'.. L B 4jJ W6S A C A N C Y for r.nen Home atmos pherc. Good meal-. 434 5V?4 ^ A R I E ' a GucM Home. G*owd meals- fenced v«rd, palio. _ 4333751 RIVATE hoir... ' priva'te rm , on v.-tr bath Ladv. G A 6 H 6 0 . cans ( Sal. CoHattral) 21 TAX TIME LOAN PLAN Get $100 cash today! Colts on v S5 00 n 3 monthly payments of $35 each O' /cu mav gri any amount to $? 500 terms lo 24 nn«th* PhO'i" ah^ari lor vour ""LOCAL LOAN 'col'"' ^ · k for F.fl Sheer an, /.'.anager One'' F r i d a y unl-' 7 TOO F 4th b' HT 7 4 1 3 ) F P F F p.uHrg 144 cr 3S"i I rr . ^t Schools Instruction 22 AIRLINE CAREERS FOR MEN WOMEN -- Ground Hosteti -- Ticket Agent -- Alrllni Secretary --Rescrv*tioni Agent --Travel *9*n1 -- Manr sthwi CALL NOW! AIRLINE SCHOOLS PACIFIC OAV and N«nt Clatwt at LONG BEACH 433-6489 CIMt»t lit* ft L A . tarn* Ana Pan Cty,, S*n» *rtmmi%trjthv« Office 1 IH Wnf *th St L A. ill )M4 C E R T I F I E D PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY !9 Pin« Ave.. Room 4 1 2 HE 6-6271 SHIRLEY DOWLEN COMMERCIAL NELLIE HANEY S e t v G 0 e*D n - c e raises $430 Order C tramei-. tyoe J,"CO t k f v . m t Shflf!! i 0( _ rt : i~7- G 0 ohonp^ de'*'l woiV ^JQO A v ^ . i ' . Bkofi NCR 3200. ^ a r S-.M) Or i.iiWio-* tvpi^t tun t o WOO ED WALKER Si' . ii« invW'iit ^-SO SjOO · t ip Opr no nor *ir.ig MSO O ' f l r - DeMi r « n t If lt?r\ * J 7 \ S'lDC SuPv ' t a f d c nil V-?" A t ( ' *.fn in.i--, f onlrn: *SS( (· , * ' v rn ?t M "if-- h .tn ^ v -fi MAXINE MEHRS-- MEDICAL G P loi rtl 'n i^COfl hT.liauir 'nt ^'ttn 1 Sii'Ofpn 1:1 lot S2000' v«l. flssil Uii'^ V1SP Phv r jiL'iJf'i Pfe pniolov f"^"i US'? ^ i | ^ l Alrt mi Induslrial Oii-mists, Lab Techs, Call Dan Millnr 'SIERRA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY ME 3-8147 WA 5-5595 Thff "All Registered Counselor" Agency 5230 Clark Ave., No. 5 Next to First Western Banlc BILLIE COMMERCIAL DARtENE Stano yng. qd. tkillt . $400 Budgtt an«lyiit deg $631 Gal Friday hvy phonn (360+ Order d«ilr ilnl up (SCO PBX R.cpt. Irn. FAX . .. $325 Cl.rt typllt car J369 ' l-Gfll o(c. lit. bkpq. . . J375 Main). to $3.75 kr : Jr Sfeno wrk (or Eng. lo (416 Gen. Ubor rot»t. . (2.64 hr Racaptiontit lite typ« (32S Aiiem trntt. mach. apt 1.75 kr , Clurl typilt varlaty . $346 Tr.d drv. know arra $92 wi KAY WADE MEDICAL X-ray lisc. clinic to (500 Cr.dil coll up. hotp. . $400 LVN ant. G.P to $400 D.nt. chair only (300 ! ni. *ip. clinic (400 Suprv. inf. 3 rjali . . $400 : FREE PARKING REAR OF BUILDING Schools Instructs 22 RANC|r . BARNH|LL , S ^ 'f* ! tlirVrl [ ' PAT DOMINO mat , InstTMiw IntmnitiM Ptegratiwi _ HUR n RV' /N C tEo V Now · S A L E S $bO'-- L B ? 3 ' 5 0 ^435 MEN-WOMEN AGE 11 TO SO ASST BKKPR-Lvtlwxrt 5.l7.-i F C B K K P R -- L.P ^V» RF IOR D F A H Y NLR OP R -"(» A - l ( f w? DC JUD K t A U T , ACCTC, Cl K~-oood PUD M25 ' I, 4 A \/ r K A/^nr G - O -- LO* Altos, .nature %7Ji MAKEMORb · i F 9f cLF 0 fSAi LNvE 7 sn " lW i, m gg $ k A /~*\ k l r ~ \ / /t* ' VERITyPt T R A t N 7 C -- en" 1 S350 K / l f j N I -- V (E FIGURC CLK-10 key. Ivw J325 1 V Vy \ L J) TELLER TRAINCE- L.B. S2.'i 1 * 1 **-S ' ^ 1-- I ^ A P SUPPRVISOR SS3S Calv tnilnino Is Beared (n mcel ArrVr ^V TOAIWFP '° ij5? the needi of the tmployerj will, ACCOUNTANT-/?,; MM "EASY TO LbARN LLSSONS." i ro*;T Arri t/im PHONE NOW ; CHIEF ENOR^IM . $I?K , A,l ihm.t rAI Y ' FAC10RY TRAINEES L.B. SI.M ··N^R*«?" frilnTw p.M^ ',??, PFP ' U VK Y "wnii''n»T nnlMna ^ ' WfcLOER exp . 13.25 hr IDU I/ "rthlno. , MULT , L | TH ^RAINFE J345 IBM Keypunch*^: i EXEC TRAINEES, coll orao wo '· P6X Re'eollonlsl- SERVICE STA MGR . iSOO , ruA Ketpjiioi 51 IND./REl/TRAINEE .. t600 oroc. Ohecker-Cashier* AUTO COUNTTR TRNEE «?s tirCTRONIC ASSEMBLY* JANITOR J785 Garment Power Sewing* Ifi^"-^^-^.""? ilS? DRAPERY UPH SFWING' SAIFS- insirtp, .nfllure 4060 S.UO Garment Power Cuting' ' OFT OI " NK SALESMAN isoo. IIPHOISTFRY FURNITIIPF- FLO BAILEY AGENCIES IBM Tab Wiring*** 1 DRAFTINGS- COMPANY PAYS OUR FEE f *^ c I3?\l*m? KE H E?--.!.1 pS: T d o D " m ,,. S IS Train Now Pay Later COMP °"" * - ··· -· " «» C a ' y J^BEAXH 100 ' 5 ??TMfS$$TM « ^ 1761 l.ono Be«ch Blvd. HE 5-4131 COMPANY PAYS OUR FFF rSE, KM'mi' PROD CONT - »6»-'«. none I7!l"s 0 0ll».-St.. 1 .A.- N R E | WsS! '«! '*" OPR -1 vr.. e,n. .1 UI4 S??!»ffi'iK. A H'V 1 ,"L p h'4Ji? : NIIF P1 «;»·;'«" 1 ( = · indicates Cl*« Loi.ntlont (|,b ,hJn ilp iMlOsS'nio \_/ALL ore MC,R A C C I - - st uaei i:73 E. Cmptn Bl Cmpln NE S «m \ i / B7i| E FlrMtone, Dwnv TO 1-9711 \ A / 1 i U09 frnvcns, Torntnre FA 0 3777 \A/-oc1- ··«»«'««·· '"·««- ; V V C; J 1 LAKEWOOD EMPLOYMENT AGENCY f " j_ HA 9-593F NEv i.371 1 I /r*y ^ C 1" 4 I 4 3 NORSE WAY Vs.. \J Q O 1 l " k "" :o '' Blvd c " r " n !1 D " 0 F X F T SF.CYInnl !500 SECY/BKKPR-too ihilh iSM. T Y ^ n A V I : F-C BKKPR.toil. F - 5 1500 ' 1 \J\Jl\ 1 . TYPIST sfat..dicloh S390 ... _,, _ _ n . . . TYPIST 60 WDrti . local MI3 We Otter 27 Practical · c o oood tvo.. orderi «3in -...n , k . . ... ' COST A N A L Y S T - o o o d e*o 10 WOO Skills Tor Men Women E L ^ C T R TECH.ioiid stale «oo TRAIN NOW-PAY LATFR Zf'Pff^r! 1 ?'',."^ ?? '"MS! FREE PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE wM DLR Cla" "A «10h, 4. T 7 f)4Q7 ' INSPhCT A C cinch Dti . to J? /S t J / - U t 7 / FREE PARKING i 1633 L.B. BLVD. L.B. . Lonnta~?207 Par Til Hwv 32S IS/0 . 1 X"X F\ /** 1 ( nmolon ??06 Alondra Nf V 0113 \ f \ M 1 I ' Lv"*'d- 11441 S Allflilir L U 8 2 1 4 ? 1 1 1 p \ I * * * * * , , ,, ,, , ; ; · ' T"BM Keypunch W ° MF " \ \ 0M ~* b Wlrln 9* , '·AUTHORIzib"' \ IBM Computer Krog. FMPI OYMFNT A--,FNrv \ ' Grocery Checkers iw; » "bH^o' ""^/^Hftwmoir^ M\'i ^^""n!; v nM , ,n S«viw W«'r, Proud OU ' l, 01 ,^ %X^S'M i"v V B "« We ' re OP"" 1 ^ "n Office " 'TR^rJ-'rlOW - »AY L A T F R '" Io "1 B « ch A P N I ^ . Dflv Lvc. rlassri , tJO H ^. Dloloma rroulred. ' NEW CLASS'M AR. 2 1 rMPLOt ^5 r0w . PKrY Mil Business Schools lonoRe.rh. 19 Pine Ave. HE S W14 DRILL PRESS TRAINEES M school! Coasl ,o Coajl , , rt ,, ,, 5 , h , ,, ,,, ·f.oun^elino rnrollment r , n ^, 7S , n , 7 75 hr FREE PLACEMENT AID SECRETARY For GRADUATES. Be a }-,£,, %,"" '" ' ""'^^ Professional BARTENDER *LSO FEE IOBS DAY OR LVE COURSE 1926 A r L A K r i c 427 S4V4 LFARN EA;Y-EARN BIG ;. . .. ·,, , , r _ NEW METHOD F-I-S-C-H-E-R : DADTCMniMf Cr^UOril EMPLOYMENT AGENCY : BARTfcNDINt* bCMUUL ACCTG CLK CALC. »34o 73A E Broadway L B HE 2 iMS K ? Y PUNCH «68 PHONE FOB FREE BROCHURF MECHANICAL TRNEE vng «300 NO DOWN -F Z MO P A Y M t N T S "» PINE. SUITE 1102 HE 2-5927 HOWARD BUTLER WAREHOUSEMAN REAL ESTATE SCHOOL r'JSI.iS; oVr^n'S'^""' "" One of thr olriesl irhooli In ir. 1 V V| 7T hr area thousands o' graduates PBX R ' r r p T i f l N ' S T « « m. or 7 pm. MON » THIJR5 ^.'JJi,".' 1 ' f5oil)i"' T"V ** n!;rlVrReH"lv* '"' m ""'"' N "£°*°r'\ "»' "*««H"i'H V I S I T ANr ( L A S S " ' A1| '"'- : *»' f - a » ! ' Call lor dri.nli bro'hure coui'Lt (nut ol town) no children. 6176 A T L A N T I C GA 3 6471 s'nllon Btlrnrt^nl «. w.ll'rr-.^ ( V/orfc ! ~ . - p ' j . rrT * Tr COLJ^\r~\l Srtmp ^hi(t) 1 f r e e mr*l on shltl REAL ESTATE SCHUUL V.M Irrv. -in- i.vor -ml- iij. Grt In nn Ihe Grnu-irt 1- nor i , '''^1 ,', ^,'^ n; "o ,,'ir?,,. A lnokiJ.o a 'lor° C a ll 'MONLY 'MAKINI. "I* Fir-'. lon 1 i' B Bea''n"nrVl«k y" L TM cf m2ZS,, r TM'TM* P A T WILCOX AGENCY r. ru-it ' 'lnUiM'on', bv n- twr- 4T, F 1st I B 4 ?·)! :r rt llor (.111 now (or .r,'p- / r« lOR 1 ^ WITH A PIITIIRF JOE HODGE. REALTOR , J °? , b , W ,",,,: * TM\,,,*, OA ; 79M GA J H3(. NF i 8*M I P A I N F F S TO F X F C I I T I V E S Barbara Moss College b istness World Agency FOR R f A L F b T A T E KNOWL ( Df,F f,, n ^(i S-fyi. . f FnOiv*. A'.k 4*r;ou' IN T H E - F l F L D T R A I N Bkkpr CDmm 1 Tf'.n'l mvtl* lob^ iNG so i»wnlial for » lifetime Ni«w lr b nocnino\ f v f r y dflv AT*, v-.i ' h '^ t wt^ 'ln^ *·'* T? »o A - i A ' C " - " "A * ·»« 1 i Mon^pr T h u r s ^^ j,"^Jj^ CL^RK TYPIST $4^1 '.'JO f' 1 Jt h M Bro?huf b e 1 Pl HE 70M?* «^J ^^ iob (nr * °' r! **"" Become n I YON A G F N ' - ' C Graduate Practical Nurie '·-'· fl ""^' *^' *·"' "^ Gaviord School of Nunmo ·*"' 'ctnVV ,"'«!;'' i't" i i^i, l -JiiwSc" JJ MR^ V. CAYLORO, R N , D.r. 5W5 j ?C ,V« «r '«! MJ? ·H'.A A T l A N T I f S91 '34V 471-W14 ftr 471'BMS _ .8j6 A T L A N T I C _ _ . ^ i . J 4 _ v A n FQ(JJ)| , )orKjr , t(nlfv Aopnrv Washer i Dryer Repair CHAPMAN "PERSONNEL AGENCY A-lual e.oe-ience wh.le Iri-n.m '» E Ocean LB _ UMTOI (^t..^. 0«ul Tpa^lo ^i-tinftl AHRELL PERSONNEL AGENCY Ulyde Koyal Irade acnooi TOD | 0b .,_ 7 i SLB B , vr) HES-BIT 7463 Allantic 476-7116. 473-4447 r o i D E N WEST A G E N T Y " . HEAVY eaulo. ooeratori Of 'ruck 19 PINF Rm J14 HE 74HOI dr'vers Associated Schoc 711 S _ . . . . . . t~«t^4i , V.rmonl_A«.. L.A., j DU , «:77 Efflpl. AqCt. (WOffl.) 23A PPIVATE lu'onnp New math, s-ie"- B A B Y 5 i T T f p_ H ,H)- Llve'ln lor Mm?"""- N."'h",or.o B ^ h ««!,,;, no-h,- (7,41 W7JW6 LEARN PIANO TUNING Gtn ^ t ^^ ^*'-' t - 23AA *r *rtr"i.r r~' 4 V-ll'l ijishw-* lh ien b'^ tx"y» \(Mf _ (V^.'.y iObs In. fll t, ' .jl f ' 'iw w« p - - t.-,t H* fih.n f.'.V'NN S F-inlpvr-.f-l AM".- / · ·'· ;rr, r o-.i-i^'- *·" '·j'ur so^f iu F^ i«"o Be»fh MF i nn in'nVa'rVr'fl^.ri^^oM-o/ l* 1 ^-, E^w to Place 'OJ I fifa 8**''^ Bl Hf (V-«1?S3 WE'LL HELP YOU ·!- 'innnenner,^, WRITE ADS FOR R r f -,-. T e l R O r n m QUICK RESULTS O i - v s ' f i p H A d HE 2-5959 H E ^ S?^ 24, EARN EXTRA MONEY ENTER THE REAL ESTATE PROFESSION IN YOUR SPARE TIME EARN Substantial Mon*y With one of rh* LARGEST mat estate broken in CALIFORNIA If YOU T H I N K YOU HAVf R C A C H C O YOUR S A L A R Y P E A K W H E R E VOU ARE AND V-.ANT TO ADD ro VOUR INCOME. WE PROVIDE UNLIMITED OPPOR T ' J N I T V NO M A T T E R YQUR A G T . N A T I O N A L I T Y iE X E X P r R i t T M C C C M P L O Y E D R E T ' R f D FREE: REAL ESTATE LICENSE TRAINING SALES TRAINING PROSPECT LIST FURNISHED o P L U S o rtH support in LIFE. SAT. EVE. POST, Newspapers, Ridio, Billboards T'V AHend on« of those men tings this week, bring this fld with you and learn how you may enter this exciting profession thru instruction in prin- cples of Real Estate salesmanship from professionals with proven records and high earninns. If accepted you wjl| be invited to ioin our sales staff. TOMORROW NIGHT MARCH I8TH (FRIDAY) R:00 P.M. SHARP. LONG BEACH LAFAYETTE HOTEL BOULEVARD ROOM ARE vou thf M«n or Women If* thh rhAllenoIno lob? SONOTDNE C O R P . Flniiforrt. New Ynrk E rin/indino ,inri h^i opening", tn %rll and servtrt Hf/ir'ng Aifli in eiif unitss intereMeo m ^0 rnrnt fo M/tnnoer of own . Helping ffie hard ol orfltHvlna and rewnrdino . Mt to D'^tMtf Man.iorr, ^ ?5? Fait 4th Sffpfl. ch. Cfllll 90617 BANK OPENINGS (2) Experience Required TELLER | NCR PROOF OPR. AGF ?n in w Eicsllent Opportunity : Employee Benefits CITY NATIONAL · BANK 3(9 Lonq Beach Blvtj. Mrs. Hughes 4 3 5 - 5 3 0 1 BEAUTICIAN W a r v f ( omm . ihOPDino r trr H?t ArfSIH. L B MF 1 .^17 BFAUTY O P F R A T O R S W A N I C U R l S t f *rf Downey lot BOYS NEEDED ' Need several young men,, ages 13 to 16, 'or after school hours, three afternoons weekly, full time all summer. Ideal training period now. Attractive bonus Incentive it program puts cash in your pocket weekly. Drop by 3848-A Atlantic, Room -- 8 (upstairs) Monday through Friday, from 3 : 1 5 to 4 : 1 5 P.M. COLLECTION OFFICE SUPERVISOR W IP g i v i n j t u M f*Mn r I- Roi (. 'Jy indc , Pcf-.-. Tel . I B COOK «fOf»d U.W9 S f i f l f f c B^ll'lr COUNSELOR r O M V F R C i A L f X P F R I E N( f n DF S I R A B L E . S A L A R V NFOO T i A B L T JM Employment Agency W 1 ! ' O N f . B t A i " H B t V D ! P 4TT)'-9 or i-i*f*39 rjO'JC.LA', A i R l . H A P T ' S H S 9 I N 0 1 4R11 HMrrtwirlr UkrwfXHI ffrlffr COST CLERK Preferably with Junior College business training or I to 2 years accounting experience. Aptitude for math percentages. Pro-rating, etc. APTITUDE TESTS GIVEN APPLY 9 TO Monday thru Friday ,lrnn, M^nviii^ i 223n! S ALAMEDA LONG BEACH S E L E C T I 0 N in the Harbor Area Daily in your AjgEJJWrf^^/ mR|^2^Q3 Classified Section

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