Independent from Long Beach, California on March 24, 1976 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, March 24, 1976
Page 26
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^-0--iNDct't.nUENl (frM) PResS-l EUbKAM (PM) long Be'c", cam., wrt.,MJKK i4. mt Cager Oliver jumped right into track By PAUL McLEOD Staff Writer David Oliver has hung up his basketball shoes. DAVffi OLIVER All-round athlete Now he wears a pair with spikes. Oliver, a prime ingredient of Long Beach City College's state championship basketball team just two weeks ago, returned home with the state basketball crown on Sunday, March 14, and the following day was high jumping. The 6-1 guard, the only freshman to start for the Viking basketball t e a m this season, joined the LBCC athletic program two years ago wearing shoulder pads and a football helmet. But after one year of frustration on the bench and, finding himself behind six months in Bill Fraser's basketball program, the Jordan grad opted for track ana the high jump. In his initial season he Jumped 6-9 in practice (6-8 officially in one meet) and placed third in the Metropolitan Conference. . Determined to succeed in another sport, ho skipped the football season and put his efforts into basketball, where he gained the starting lineup in the second conference game of the season. Rules being what they are, Oliver stfll has another y e a r of eligibility remaining in both basketball and football, although he'll be finished with the high jump at the close of this season. "I don't think I'll go on," he says, "at least not in track. It'll take a real good effort for me to keep on jumping." That effort may bo right around the corner. "I really h a v e been looking lorward to track," he said. "The first day I went out and hit 6-4 right away. It really felt good-almost like 1 hadn't been away from it all year." In his initial meet--an invitational at Cal State Northridge--Oliver scaled 6-4. "By the time I jumped it was so dark I couldn't even see the bar. The sun had already set and the field d i d n ' t h a v e a n y lights." Oliver, who may be the most talented all-round performer LBCC has had in several years, has foot- ball on his mind, too. "But there's no way I'll go back and play football," he says with a taste of bitterness. "It just doesn't interest me anymore. In fact, I'm losing interest in every sport--except basketball." Still, the spectre of football hangs in the balance. "They (the f o o t b a l l staff) have talked to me about coming out n e x t year. They've even talked to my father about it. But there's no way I'll go back to thai I'd be foolish to take a chance and get hurt for basketball. "Besides, I dread football practices. T h e y ' r e boring. The pressure would be too much. I'm an established b a s k e t b a l l player now and I'd have to start all over again on the football field. I'm not up to that." Oliver, who was Jordan's governor of athletics, has several unusual opinions on trends in athletics. On women's sports he says, "Guys should sup- port women's sports more. We've got to build their program. But If a women wants to be just a housewife, we shouldn't look down on her, either. It's her right." On other sports: "I'd really like to be a tennis player. It intrigues me." Finally, on education: "I think college should be a place to learn something that will be useful. I can get into the psychology of athletics and motivation, but not th« psychology of animals." 'MY ENGINE RAN WHEN IT WAS OFF fd wiltti IV \V»'«* oil Wit tfc w«ir« H»'l sl«. listed II tnt (wgW. Tto I WYHIfS* tflT-flRI. How *r ire em," write! I hWT ««·· 1", engine "«lter na" auui b| hurj uita bilU-u; CM be Ml only tuytt jllr), Uil dornrigM tagerMi] iKdun- luff. S« be IW l« JOT w ttd iwrsdi Ud I un flf KTWS SPIT-FIRE to jour g«s l*ii lod»j. Ho* itsUiMe it i-l ess Super Drug Store* SPECIAL VALUES FOR TODAYTHRU SATURDAY Se /iab la Espanof LONG BEACH 336 LONG BEACH BLVD. PHONE 437-2777 O I ' t N M O H t, 11IURS C V C H I N G S ' T I L J fit r R l . T H . ^ P.M. LAKEWOOD 5117 UKEWOOD BLVD. PHONE 631-O303 OPEN MON. * THUfiS IVININGS'IIL 7 P 1 F R I . ' I l l 1 P.M. CARSON BiO E. DOMINGUEZ ST. eifttmr iciots FROM eiftsoN um PHONE 532-2OHO OPt» Mil. IK"U fit IH I P.M. COMPTON 1721 K. LONG BEACH BLVD. PHOUE 638-5 tOO OP[» HON. imiltt I 111 IVlHtHtS 111 1 r.U. SUN. 9* M.-t f". DOWNEY 8145 E. FIRESTONE BLVD. PHONE 801-1113 Of IN FRIOW CVEN1NGS 'TIL I f.«·- NORWALK 11559 E, ROSKRANS AVE. PHONE DCO-C729 OPEN MON. THRU FBI. ·TIL 9 P.M. SUH. 11 A.H..|f.M. MANNY., M O E ' JACK ·' LOVER 50 YEARS SERVING 7 THE MOTORING PUBLIC sfORrs COAST TO COASI MMVALVOLINE M?asre=52n HEAVYDU j Y MOTOR OIL M P C I V tm muVcr'i *pecil*o. lions. Buy f^'t grode oil ui Pep S o y s kjw, low prk*. ONE QUART CANS 30 WEIGHT I low.*) AUTO CARBURETOR AIR FILTERS AIR FILTERS UFO* MOST AMERICAN CARS VOUROMKX V 5 9 ECO AIR FILTERS · mii ro* KOSI romoN C*K» · '*cn FOR TOP PERFORMANCE Dopes 49er win Allice offers UCLA warning 8ARDAHL TOP OIL I VALVE LUBRICANT BIKE DELUXE 27 IN. LIGHTWEIGHT" · LOW PIOFIIE CROSS SIACED HANDLE BARS WAFFLE Simi OS I PS · EXTRA WIDE t l B ARDAHL HO. 1 By JOHN DIXON Staff WriUr Long Beach Stale's t r a c k a n d f i e l d t e a m t r u m p e d U. of Washington, 83-73, on Monday. What's next for the saucy 49crs? The world. UCLA. » UCLA--which last lost a track meet in 1971. · UCIA --national dual meet champion in 1971 . . . a n d 11 . . . and "73 . . . and '74 . . . and 75. · UCLA--three times national collegiate champion, twice runnerup in the last five years. · U C L A -- w i t h a '1-0 record against Long Beach; closest score? UCLA: 101 to 44. The envelopes, plensc .. . and now, Sunday's winner? LBCC EYES TRIP TO LOUISIANA I BARDAHL NO. 2 AIX1CE Long Bnach City College basketball coach Bill Fraser is seeking financial help to send a delegation with the California Junior College All-Star lenm to the National AAU Basketball Tournament in Baton Rouge, La., next week. As Metropolitan Conference and California coach of the year, Fraser, selected lo head the team with Ernie Marcopulos of San J o a q u i n D e l t a , seeks $1,200 for expenses to the f o u r - d a y tournament, which begins April 1. The money goes toward room, plane f a r e a n d board for Fraser, trainer Gary Anderson, and LBCC players Guy King and Dean Decker. Checks can be sent (o the California Jr. College Olympic Fund In care of Fraser at 4901 E. Carson, Long Beach, 90806. Nominees for the 1(V man squad w i l l start w o r k o u t s at the Long Beach Naval Support Activity Sunday. Besides t h e . six-foot Decker and 6-6 King they are: 6-6 forward Eddie Adams (Fresno), 6-S center Jim Allen (Contra Costa), 6-4 forward Reggie Burt, (Merced), 6-2 guard Lew Cohen (Pierce), 6-5 toward Mike Cooper (Pasatlcnal, 6-7 forward Paul Henderson (Bulte), 6-8 c e n t e r Willie Howard (Cerritos), 6-9 center I-arry Moffelt (Compton), 6-5 f o r w a r d John Moore (Santa Monica), 6-6 forward Angel Santiago (Mt. San A n t o - nio). 6-8 center Steve Shaw (El Camino), 6-foot guard Blake Taylor (Santa Ana) and 6-3 guard Ron Ward (Delta). Why, Long Beach, insists the fellow who knows most about the 49crs-- coach Ron Alllcc. Why, UCLA, insists Bruin boss Jim Bush, who wonders, "Docs Ron want fo bet his house on his prediction?" "I 'doped' the meet two weeks Ego," Allice exp l a i n e d , "and 1 gave UCLA the mile relay (final event) and the victory, 7372. 1 figured it again after we defeated Washington, and now I give Long Beach the mile relay and the victory, 73-T2. "I just hope it comes down to the mile relay." The victory over Washington, Long Beach's first over a Pacinc-8 power and first over a top-10 rated team, will be of great help in recruiting, in scheduling, in nthlelc attitude, Allice said. " I n d e f e a t i n g Washington, we accomplished one of the goals 1 established when I came h e r e -- t o perform on a major university level. "When 1 came to Long Beach State, a lot of the athletes didn't believe in themselves. T h e y didn't believe t h a t they could compete a gainst anyone. "Now, this is the most talented team I've coached. It's also the best group of young men in terms of altitude, of character. It's been a long lime since we had people in the stands yelling, and a long lime since we've had athletes who were genuinely concerned w i t h more than their own events. "It's a 'tradition 1 thing. I've got a good staff and that's important, too. We have a new facility, a new track. A lot of things built up to make possible the success we're enjoying now." IxTsl year the 49ers finished 13lh in the collegiate championships and ranked in (he top 30 among U.S. dual meet teams. "We finished seventh in the recent national indoor championships. Our objective is lop ten ranking in the national outdoor meet and among dual meet teams,"said Allice. "We have some headliners, but we have some others who do not have reputations, but will develop into nationally ranked athletes. We are nowhere near our potential. CORNELL 3OO DOUBLE BELTED FIBERGLASS POLYESTER WHITEWALL TIRES KIDS LOVE '»t«Ci. TOUR CHOICE 'EM IN ORIGINAL CARTON 188 "01VI 'ovr. - QUAHH1T IKSHTt t i CHBOME CHAIH OUA8D RACING i BICYCLE 10 WEED SHIMANO OEAR · CENTER PUll I RAKES W/SAFETTf LEVE3 · IEA9 HUB SPOKE PROTECTOR · SXCINO srriE HANDLEBAR SADDLE · 17- t 1V4 OUMWALL TIRES 188 21 PIECE W WWVE SOCKET WRENCH SET A7B-13 plus $!.7i FET ( 30 MONTH LIMITED W A R R A N T Y * ) sin WHirt TUBELfSS G7B.14 E78-U F78 14 G78-14 G78-I5 1178.14 H78-15 L7B 15 rLut JJ 05 lo S3 dfp«rvlln9 0 PRICE $21.75 $23.75 $24.75 $26.75 $26.75 $28.75 $28.75 $31.75 H fll SPINNER H»KD1F AO*P1EI · 1 4 SOCKETS IEVERS1BIE RAICHET , U/14- SPABK rtUO WBENCH 3 IW. EXTINSJON »A« KATCHE7 SflNNEl METAL GEAR SHIFT CONVERSION KITS KITS FOR MOST 3-SPEED AUTOMATIC OR /STANDARD TRANSMISSION CASE '95 21 PIECE SET MESS4JP YOUR CAR 'EASY TO »CT AIL 95 , Sta-Lube MULTI-PURPOSE GEAR OIL STEEL BELTED METRIC RADIALS 59 FOR COMPACTS S I / F K T U B t l l S S 145S-13 I65R !4 jUD-\^\-»nir *^v. i J AND IMPORTS 40 MONTH L LIMITED W A R R A N T Y ' 1 6 5 R 15 I 7 5 R - 1 J I85S 1-1 $40.95 $42.99 $45.29 j L PLUS S I 63 lo UM Fit I 1 d»pf"dim] on lilt f f-t 1 $37.79 $38.99 BICYCLE TIRE FLAT FIXER AND TIRE INFLATOR l| Distant ' r * p o l f * d by « ·* i«e«ndi STICKS-OM-CLIM.ON VISOR 1 VANITY MIRROR WITH WOOD CHAIN FRAMI n FIUIO oz. ILNOOOM IFOt 'n«t$ I Hot brilliant nc lamllh g!m. IKIl handy ll«m an b* ' oi*d En ih* Kau ·olltri, RUBBER TARP FASTENER 1 o n d y f o i liipl. r4= t o H« 01 27' 33' 39' INCH DIXCO TEST EQUIPMENT i COMPRESSION TESTER tpoik plug kol*l. Stor.i f 0» 21 IB/"^- ^% DO IASY i KtAD IINDUCIIVE ritxur TIMING LIGHT BY orxco JUMBO 7O SERIES CORNELL 900 STEEL BELTED RADIALS WHITE TUBELESS '« pickup alTow f u $» whhaui iOO/k plv/g W!F» "But we can beat UCLA --even at Westwood--on Sunday. "Every one of our athletes must turn in a seasonal or personal best . . . our front-liners must perform to their maximum . . . our depth people must scratch ami claw to pick tip 'garbage points' like they did against Washing- Ion." The verdict: Sunday, 3:30p.m. CORNELL"900" RAISED WHITE LETTERS RADIAL TIRES 40 MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY' · I? volts, tio-v^rd or rl*frrant ignil-Qi lylltTn I ENGINE ANALYZER BY DIXCO TH ££·} " " LIMITED W A R R A N T Y - NO TRADE-IN REQUIRED UL PRICES PLUS F f D L S A L UCISC TAX I8E Polnrv IgnirifrM rrfd Can C SUPER SPORT CRAGAR MAQ MASTER CUSTOM WHEELS WIDE RANGE OF SIZES AVAILABLE C A P S t LUG NUTS INCLUDED ALL CHROME 4%jf%88 J POLISHED ALUMINUM SPOKE WHtFA V^A I MAG WHEEL 13" x SV, W W IACK 13" x 5'A EADQUARTERS FOR APPLIANCE · CRAGAR · ROCKET INDY WHEELS ' 195 PfP BOYS - HIAVYDUTY SHOCK ABSORBERS f o r l a b l * liable ridi- iinot* road iwoy. INSTAILATION AVAILABLCAT LOW COST FITS MOST AMERICAN CARS 129 'EACH RIM WRENCH i sras FOR i EASY OUSE HEAVY cwn ALL PURPOSE (hogging lift* *ow*«. 69 198 SCENTED DEODORIZERS USt W CM, HOIW, 01 SHOP WIRING awta or SIZES II GAUGE-SO FT. HCiUO!35n. U CAUCI-2J FT, 1 J O A U O I 1 ! FT. 10SAUC[-10n. UNIVERSAL JOINT KIT curt "ON AMYWHIM FIX THAT HOISf NOW MUFFLER REPAIR STOfS HOST MJUFFl Thii -*Ml*f r«o«'i b*«* lr»«K fre« A* Wof of rkt *^gi-*. IAST 10 UU PRfS70N£ WINDSHIELD WASHER ,,,!. .i,Lb,IH T i l,~),oJ -*v*~ 49 FOR MOST AMERICAN CARS BFPLACI Y O U B O L D UHIVIRSAI JOINT Y O U R S E L F AND 5AVI 149 GENUINE BONDO AUTO BODY REPAIR KIT rot CAt, HOMt, tOAT 0« iHOr l r . , V b . d . t l 4 nTCONTADHi · F.lx.jlo. F.M.. 59' 149 IGNITION TUNE-UP KIT KITS FOR MOST CARS 1956-1975 , or* oii*nb'*d r r*niFO*d nakWd Tuwrr YOURSEU ANDSAVI 159 UFTSUPT01Y4 TON SCISSORS JACK L I F T S SPO AND COMPACT CA»S. PICKUf TRUCKS AND T D A I I E R S .

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