The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 12, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1920
Page 3
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, pei- woSri : .'. r ... i»er word .> ,:per.;Woiti *,. A .lKMM ojpr-. . pb'rfem'itySorfcfive ,*&Btonf; y established; -new, and', .-repair work; marrded man preferred.. Steady wort in a'live friiit and "SaSnY t<AyiiK' Address Box 192, Anna, 111. a8-2wks BRAT h Rhodc Isiatio;. Tfeecf-" egg*" ""for "setting, cheap: 'Phone 270K. A8-6t .-tab- tery^-6 to 8 Tblts. .May be seen at Settteiaairs \ahoe W*ltel. Good as POSITION: 'WA'NTED^-Clei'ical • .otherwise, 'aTwu't '4 .hours 'a day. Address "R" care Free Press. a7-3t TH Featuring-The Supreme and Unrivalled N AZIMONA This unusual photo-play may well 'be termed as a review of-the himlan emotions. It will/starid'. put -in ^6'ur memory as a.drama of lofty devotion developed from .the.dregs of existence. You will iiever Jorgbt-the collection of slang phrases that makes G'eo. Ade's. fables sfeem'>a&ysinip'le as nlirisery rhymes. " Laugh with, her— fay Wi'th her—sympathize with her. 7:00 and 8:45,.'iP.:M, "'.' . ' 22 and 33 Cents •**« K. .AND L. OF S. INITIATE CANDIDATES T-he Knights 'and Ladies of Seeur- . ity held a ^eity interesting- meeting •at the I. 0. O. iF. hall last niijiht The district deputy, 'Mi-s. Brown of Percy, .was-present, al-so ( 12. number of .mem- FaujJihj. Je£t 'Saturday, fbi- Ai'tesi; 'bers of the MurphySbolx) lodge. Mr. New 'Meraco. and Mi's. AftJuuiT. Eiclier were dnitia- twU 'fteii'Ssh'nieivls were served at •!&K '-close of.-tJis -i'odge session. 'Ai-iss Nell'ie JBAi-rett "of iBroofcport, •who ' ij'te been visiting Miss ' Luella and Purcell .•s- Ice Co. ANNOUNCEMENT ?' .'"..' WC will seir iceTln""Carbondale" this 'summer,, delivered all over the city to residences at 60c per hundred; also to business places with special rates. Residences must contract for entire season at this ' : •' . ' '•• '• . / price.-—Perfect delivery. ~ -t SCHOOL ELECTION NOTICE Notice is. hereby given that .ton Saturday, the 17th day of April, 1920, an election, will be held at the City Hall in School District 91, Jackson County, Illinois for the purpose of electing- the following school officers: 1 President. 2 .-Members. " ,- T'he polls will open at 1 o'clock P. M. and close at 5 o'clock of the same day. • . By order of the Board of Education of~said District. . Dated the 27 cfry of March, 1920. W. O. BROWN, President. Attest:—FRANK C. KRYSHER, A9—3t Secretary. . Hev. L. 'M. Lyerle. -was in Mafc^nda yesterday, wlKore. lie condutetad ser- WANTED Young Man Stenographer and BoOkkeejier, capable of taking dictation in shorthand. PER MONTH To stai-t.--Address x P. O. Box 276, Anna, III. ; CHAPTER III. Accident—or Murder? : MacBJnlght's caustfc estimate of the steamer's size 'had not .Keen -vtery wide of the mark. 'The'Mpntelgh-was certainly very 'snihll, ; . anS certafcly a frowsy, unkempt and we'atherbeaten little -craft; and heiLigeneral.iippSar-! ance" bespoke her as. dn'e of tljtose ! homeless, -vagrnn't waljfs oi the'ocean : l that kn^jy no scheflule^tlia't'td'ok thfe ! crumbs s of the world's commeVce '• where she" could find them—and, ^cas ' grateful for the crumbs.. .'..___. Walleh haiS- iieifn afraid thit mdtn-; Ing that Ke was -In -for a. Telolpse, but | he had np--feTer now— ; thsre was pone j of 'that disquieting giddiness In his Itead, and—lie ftniled hkm- self—a few ' day&r'.at s&i .Wonld ptft him back again in Sis old form. He sat up In his bunk as the ship's ! bell sounded froth forward. ..T?w6 bells I -^-flve o'cloci- in the. afternoon". -He.i. got up, went ovei- to the wash baslu I and plunged Jn hta head. How had • Helph jSfacKay-^she liad • told him her name on .the way doWi) to Pobi—come to be not otiiy on a tt-arhp like the :Mo'nleigh ^ot to be" here at all? ife hadttft Sfeen any other women oh board; but th : en-—he was spluttering ^dejicldusly-in the water—he hadn't seea much of any- thihg. Helen iaacKay .had slde-iinckea even that thta-facecl, queer-eyed skipper and insisted that 'he'Shduid go im v mediately-td bed. • ; Wallen's thoughts bega^ to run riot as he complete^ its toilet The ship, and everyone connected with it wtiom he had seen^^-except Helen MacKay—' had somehow Igot . him wrong. He ha'dn't liked 'that feilo* Mott'^ face from the instant fie had -Set eyes, on it in the forest. And his momentary interview with the skipper, despite the same effusive -attentions, he' duced .i'the- same. JUituitjbfe -distrust.'. They were, still _at anchor oiffi the three traders' storehouses and -reran- daed bungalows that were dignified by the name of Pobl. What, after all, did it mean? What was. Hie ^pntelgh doing at PobI?-^-there was n'6 stgh of any cargo being handled. And, above alV how had they heard of 'him and the TTpolo-^-and what was their interest in him that would account for the second officer being sent to cross the. island ,to. SracKhight!s ; to question-; a s'UDD'osed survivor of^fcebark atout him"? . . _. ^. ^ .._ _ ; . "Drink-Honse;Sam of Singapore 1"^*the words unblddeD came flash'ing -"' " • : CARBONDALE ILLINOIS 'Specializing In New York's Latest Fashions 5 ' This Anniversary Sale will flemonstrate cteariy that we have built up a splendid patronage in this cdmnHiriity during our two years' period here in Carbondale. This money-saving event which began Saturday, April 10th, presents merchandise of the highest standard of quality—the styles gathered .from, the most prominent points in America. The occasion will be made worth" while for you to telebrate with us daring the ItJESDAY APRIL Tuesday; April 27 Souvenirs Free! ON TUESDAY, APRIL 13th, SOUVENIRS WILL BE GIVEN ?AWAY FREE Anniversary Bargain. Itfettis N,ew Tr&olette Blouses value "ste -$16.95,' at''..^-.v :'..•': $6.55 Geor ' $3.95 'New $8.98 tD.......$9^8 No 'Exchanges. No Refunds. Every Sale Will Be Final. Alterations Free. AFTER .EASTER REDUCTIONS Stilts, Coats, Dresses Very Special Prices $12,90 T0 All the predominate spring 1920 ma: itefials and colors—all sizes, stout sizes up :'io 56 are also included in this sale. Anniversary Bargain itertis ; .Discontinued models'' in Corset's, $1.'55. .to $6. • ; New Spring, Gowns, $1.25 to ..,.,..$2.9.8 Women's Silk Hose-, :98c. to.V.<v.; .$1.45 '.to. ,:. ..'..:; .$2.98- Cannot Afford To Miss This Sale WiWlri . way under "his breath. Could be %nV'i«6nn%ciHHffly '"ft seieriied rah- srirdl# ^rapolssible ! , And ^yet what had happened was obviously not mere coincidence^ ', . "It's « -jbit queer when -you come to think of 'it," he inuftered slbw'iy. '"I guess I'll hear what the skipper's got to say." ' : He 6|(ened the fltfor of Sis iaWn a-nd stepped 'tint Unto -what wai evidenti^ the vessel's main saloon, down whofie length ran a long mess table with five revolving -chairs on either side. There was .BO. one In .sight. "Waileh . crossed the saloon to ..the 'dbbrwjiy and paused to get MS "beiri'n^s. E't- recfly in front 'pr "him a short conv' panlo'hway l«!d "upward. He mounted this and found h'nnself in 'a small tfox- like smoking-.or lounging room. Here doors on either, side gave ;onto a tsfj&- ^deck that was fairly spacious fbr'tn|- slze of the ship. •': " > He stepped but onto the deck — atfd again paused .to survey his Suri- round'ih'gs. SVtfwhrd f^oin the -smioki- ing room was a small hWee, very evidently of temporary constructioh-^- hls eyes rested on it s'p'eculatively for an instant, then he glanced jjuiclily aloft. Wireless! : He hadn't noticed that In coming aboard. ;:.. . It was a little strah'ge. -^hrps uifee the Mouleigh weren't in' 'the ha'bit of indulging in -eSt'ehsive luxuries of that 'deScrfpHoti! His 'brows gathered for" a moment; and then, with .-a shrug of -his shonldersi fee, walked forward to the captain's .cabin under ' th'e bridge and knocked. "'Come in!" fcawied a voice gruffly. fallen entei-ea .to 'f.uce 'the Jilttle man with:, th'e thin fa'Ce .and queer '"' u ' > by "evasive" BOW:— that he recognized as th'6 captain. r v "Hello!" 'exclainrea the captaSh In suddenly altered tones. "If it afn't Mr. Wallen! And on -your pins ial- rea'ay! Well, Til .be — — ! Eut 'sit down! Sit dbTvi!" He waved Walleb to a ^"ea't on ^fie lo'cter -and pusliea forward the bottle an'd 'gla'ss that were on the table. "Sit down, Mr. Wallen, and help Yourself J ." ^Wallen shook his, head. as he seated himself. . "Thanks just the same," he said; "but I'm still sticking : to "quinine." "Quinine, elv?'! repeated the other. "TeS, -of course! Yes— right you are! , Well"— he pmrrtja a 'gla'ss 'for himself— "here's to ,you, and Just as hearty if I drink alone. -And I'll add, Mr. Wallen, ' that it's .to the rummest me_eting that ever. I've known to toy life!" - .. •'. ..; Wallen watched- the iian's. neat disposal of four fingers, leaned back on the locker^ swept tils' eyeS 'aro-und the cabin, and, -suddenly looking up at the captain again, iritercepted & furtive glance that the -other was stealing at .him over the rim of Ills glass. "That over I've known," said the captain hastily as his eyes dropped. "There'll be a lot to say 'to each otlier, Mr._ Wallcii." . . "Yes," Wallen agreed. "I'll confess I'm puzzled on several points, Cap- taln-^-*Ij'avntOtt, ; isYi't It? I'm h'o't sure I caught the name correctly when Miss MacKay introduced us. "That's right,'.' .said the ' otlrer.i "La'y'ntb'n. Captain tjiyriton-^-Mark Lay.ntop." . \~ "Well, Captain Laynton," si)id. fallen, "your reference to bur nieetmg being a lum -one bolj leaye's me a little fcrtffe 'up 1& 'the jair. i cto un- derstaHd; 'of cojfrse.'tha't ;ybil :might have Ireaffl of th'e "Upbro being mi'ss- ing— br fepbrted fes't; : bu't I can't un- derstana how . you knew I was on heir— or, Iino\ving that, what interest you could h'ave-' in inai* — feayntoh Wiiigniea •*• Ittt* In a «onBtraIn'ed wfty.-" '•'•''I didn't know any thing gbbnt tHB bark's 'loss until I. put ih ; fiere yeister- day arid heard ttiere was a BurvJyor from Ker «^ fee i>*c*' •$&) at the;: Island— but "I toW* 'abblft ' flyya.' /iast'" enrbugh." . ,' I He paused, shot & .cw^it, restless glance «tWa-Hejii, *hen>begaji to pnceyv tnree steps .one way, ;.Hiree s\eps the : other, lip and down the narrow cabin.: -^ "D^r— a. if, man!? he. said abrubHy.i "Jfve got ; biia ^«w* tA* -'ybft.- four'; •ft'tfi'er's deftd!" ; ; . , i . ,..: SjFqrji-BL .inonient: '-.Wallen <-.- n.ejjher': mbyed'sBior spo'k>.- JttS^MiiaiffliMif-to' 1 : ras : the Tali ! «lniflfe v ''; grasp : .the T;ali !v «lfniflfei*6e v of 'the'; word^-: His faiWJr-^eadJ. -'• W-fiat -ai«f 'this -tSitf Scefd "ifiSn, Irttb' thej. little .b,lac£;.eySs, .ttat. alw.ayS. re- fased; to : jg^t;,os€', rwiti) -was "tra^jpiQg nefv.ousiy"now'"up 'anS '5bwn ~ -( To WAISFTEB—To• .hear from- v -party having farm for 's'alc.' ,G\ye. price and description.—L. W. Borah, box 3, Champaign, 111. . . A-7—61 WANT-ED—Girl for .general housework. Gopd references. Good wages. Mrs. Fowler./^ South Poplar. A7-6t WANTED—Young «ien and girls for factory work. Experience not required. Goad wages./ - Nffie-!hour day with ten 'hours payv^Thie O-liver Typewriter •GbnYpany* 'Woodsfock, 111. WAITED—l&dy or •Bentelihta in Garbondale lor'watkifls Famous Products. Watkohs goods Snown everywhere Big profits. Write today. Watkins "Company 51, Winona, Minn. FOB nnrr. FOR RENT—One or two furnished connected rooms. Very,.reasonable for working girls. 704 Wes't'-V/alntit Street-. '.- "..-•• -AiO-4t B'EtfT—-Furnished room's. Girls' preier-reti.' SO^Carico St. alO-.6t FOR RENT-^-Six room fioiise,. large lot. and) .garden.. .810 West Main. a'9-3t FOR RENT-^K) acres, southeast or Carbondale. Apply €01 .Soiiili Washington' Avenue, Carbondale, or phone 469X. , A9—61 FOR RENT^-Five acres good corn land i£ .taken soon. See E. Patten ••-.-.-•• . A?—Xf •FOR BEN.T—Large fujftished 1 room'; m-odern:. -Mrs. A.. MeCormick. aS-3 ern. Gentleman _ preferred. -21C Hospital Drive. Telephone 69. M26-6'i FOE KENT—Two furnished -rooms Modern. 400 West "Oak St. FOB. HBNT—Two iront rooms OT« Style Shop, for office or slewing room* Apply Miss Rleth, Normal and Monrb* St. FOR RENT4J-2' unfurnished room? •for" light housekeeping; 401 West Oak. Phone 399L. ' AS-3i FOR RENT—Modern - rooms $1.75 . per week.. Board $5.50. 109 East Grand, 1 block, east of Normal. A3-3t "FOR RENT—Farm, 40 acres, east ol .CarboEdale, good orchard and fine place tor cantaloupes. Also grain crops. Reasonable terms to reliable party. Apply Miss Maggie Rieth. FOR RENT— Storage ibr homienoW feboa^ -jtt'3Br« (Hue Btory l»rtck buadlat ;ceitteit f oor*, oi aliSy -JfMiit'idl *•* Barth Theatre. Apply Miss ~ "~~ FOR SALE FOl-i SAOjE— iStmuxtf pie'ees. of used •'. .furniture. Call afte.r~6 p. m. above "Cook's laundry. ..F10.R-. - ,. Ch6'a,p. Phbiie. 435Y. FOli .SA-L&MFme White Eo'ck eg-gis • . for hatching;, $1.50 per 15i Adolpii •DoddUet, Cemtrailia, 111. . a8-3t •FOR. SALE—Five room ."house,. 502 S. Rawlins St. - C. H. CrowelV. Phone 405Y. ' A96f .FOR SALE—Well, .located "seven- -oom cottage ,two jots, $3600; also dandy five room cottage, good condition, $1500. Terms. See Branch, A10-3t FOR S».LE— 11-room. modern house. in good condition: fine 'location. one block from square, 305 W-: Main-; price reasonable. For fu r " "ther information call at 108 N. Poplar or phone 824.". • A7— fit SALB-^Surrey. <3ox>d . tion, -with- top. iSee S," N. Fowler at iFb'wler's candy store. iiiSOtf TOE ,SALE-Mo.dieiTi 5: room house. . 309 ; Oherry: . ' a&-3t ; ; FOR5"'SAEE--^'Residerice.-:.oy. 40'2 West : Oak Street . and,, three other Chouses and "one vafcaht lot oil W^sl i>ecan St. Also miscellaneous 4«r- mture, now; at 402 We's't :bak St. 'Tires"* are- bargairrs jl taken • -at -once • . Oak St. -H. A.. Grandstoff.. . A10-3t FQK SAMS—100 afcr«S;< miles sblith- west oi CarbondaU.. .Well . im- i. % t. TurHer, £"" ' 1. ' " ''•-•—-• — .<---.. .... <fcage 'on .possession.—iE. A. Taylor.' :' sell FO , R .?ALE— We biiy, *aise -» fw-tfearrh'g . jibbft's', '. ?nd fiifi'BiaHnij ai«aiai|s. -List -'^iat you haye -with: its ••stating "y-fiifir Uftrest .prices "on 4arg6 lot -shipments. 'The Fur & Specialty Farnring; Co, 515517>N. P. Kfe., Fargp, : FOR SALE-^Hbus-e, -alt :?6S'i .%est Pecan-. Terms rea'sonaoler' right. "Ca!l,.or write 'tliafles' MJjrcis CarboTiclaie, til.' . ,'- ; " ' ' '"" '~ LOST—Cariieo pin, b.e<fw«tn .Elm and. Normal Ave., and downtown. Phpfre.2'18. Reward. .. . A%—2t LOST-^—'Gray oVeDcoat . be&freen Springer street and. Bayliss J^eldi Ed McGufre, : - LOST—Somewhei-e tfrtween. fowler's ice cream parlor -.-aiiif': the Methodist" p'arsoh'age,''. a_.. rjjig'.with sriiail aiambnd set .4n:' :: iISi'ek'.'-'biiyx. Reward. .Helen Geyericr. x •• --A6-6t ' ' - -'•- •' • --• FO.tfND—.Wrist watch vv on : Kb^mal avenue. ,.Call 234K:'..i-:':. /;-alti-3t •pMlki attention to Ky», iff, " 3304, Oflto* & BRADLEY Attorney* it C«w . iPhon* 2M K Suit* 112-1H New Hamilton KulWlMfl DELIA CALDW45LA., M. D. McANALLY BOILDIN* SV1 Weit Main «tre*J : CIRc* Hour»-« to CARBONDAtE CAlY KITCHEN ,-lome Made C»ndle» end lee Telephone M4 Y Telephone No; 159 : JESSE HAXES All Kinds of Movinfl •;'ahdV;Tran»fBr Work.'- : . ; -''•'.. H. O.HALLS€O. FEED,' COAL AND P ; hone2»3 W. A. BRANDON, PRACTICE AMI? ]SYE, r \ *y«« Teeted Qlaeeee; Bids. CerboB***, IH< Practice limited 'to ^utiitef e* EYE, NOS'E, EAtt ind: =:THROAT Over Woolworth 8te;\B»r-- Hurphyab»ro, II1..-V ''•:. LAURA Chronic Dleeaeee a •pectaitr Oitlt* In Coal and It« ' MACKEY COAL --•"- "'. Phone SM NEW HAMILTON ' YA|ID V

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