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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 28

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1973
Page 28
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PAGE 28 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N MONDAY; FEBRUARY 5, r?** J: %r ^ v u ^\f?MT * SOT*' PHOENIX - State purchasing policies which seemed to exclude Tucson merchants have been questioned by two Tucson members of the House Appropriations Committee. : , · .R. Russell Leach, director- of the Purchasing Division of the State Finance /Department, was questioned -;. by | members of the committee ' 5 concerning operations and policies of the purchasing division. . '.' .:: ;! · : Rep. Charles King, R-Tucson, asked.about the practice of bids which include a "delivered in Phoenix" price tag although the equipment. may be for use in Tucson or Flagstaff. "This affects the ability o f : A contest of burravery - citizen Photo br D«n Tortortli Darby Getzwilier, an employe of the state Manpower program, spurred her steed to victory at £1 Con Saturday in the annual Great Burro Race which kicks off the three-week Tucson Rodeo season. Trailing the winner are (from left) County Supervisor Jim Murphy, Tucson Dally Citizen newsman Harry Cllne and Larry Green of KGUN-TV. Bob Collier's gray hair vanished so gradually no one noticed! After 3 Jays Unratouched Photographs Demonstrate Amazing Action of Grecian Formiila-16 The flrit picture shows" how gray Bob Collier was before he decided to do something about jt. ,The next picture was taken after 3 daily applications of GRECIAN FORMULA-16. You can hardly see the difference.' As Mr. Collier continued using it daily, GRECIAN FORMULA-16 gradually built up the natural looking color,he wanted. So gradually not'even his closest associates noticed the day-to-day change. Now look at the last picture! Sec how much younger Mr. Collier looks after 18 days! Fronvnow on occasional use will hold his youthful looking hair color. Remember: the photographs above are absolutely unreiouchcd. The amazing gradual change in hair color was brought about entirely by GRECIAN FORMULA-16. No other type product worki quite like ill ' - , . · ' -.'·..': Colorless - Eity to Uit · GRECIAN FORMULA-16 is not a harsh coal tar dye but a colorless liquid you apply just like hair tonic. As it grooms your hair, day by day GRECIAN FORMULA-16 builds up color in; gradual stages .until in two .or three, weeks you see hair color so natural you hardly remember how you looked when you were jray. Occasional use keeps it that way. So why look like ani "older" man'now that there is a masculine way to banish gray hair? Get GRECIAN FORMULA-16 today. $3.50. Satisfaction guaranteed. GRECIAN FORMULA Arabian horse show honors go to out-of-town entries Two Scottsdale horses and another from New Mexico cap tured top honors over the weekend at the second annual -Southern Arizona ^Arabian Horse Association All-Arabian Horse Show.-- . ' ; · - - . · : · - · . . · The SAAHA-Triplett' Cnal- vlenge trophy for the high point purebred of the show went to Kelvin's Idradam,: owned by Bo-Kalee Arabian Acres of Sandia Park, N. M., and , shown by ; Clyde Wilson: The high ".point'.''purebred' .gelding award went to Blitz, owned by Sally Clow-of Scottsdale and shown toy Bruce Howard. The challenge trophy is donated by Caravan Arabians, Tucson. · The HSA Challenge trophy for.the high point Half-Arabian , went to Toretta, owned ·by Larry.and (Seiry McGahey. of Scottsdale and' shown by Mac McBurney. , The show attracted 161 horse owners showing 253 horses in 65 classes... Results HALTER CLASSES Purebred Arabians Gcldlnns of i«9-l972 -- 1. 'Overlook Ibn Ghost, owned by Overlook Arabians, Wellington, Nev.; 2. Silver Dar, Del Cam- · Ino Ranch, Scottsdale; 3. Amarah Anato- klen Lesley Edward KulbusausKa*, Carefree . Geldings of 1»48 and before -- 1. Bllti, owned by Sally Clow,- Scottsdale; z. Snage, Mr. and Mrs. M. Epstein, Rollings Hills, Calif.; 3, Galant Knight, Osrolyn * Mike Newman. Scottidale. ' . Champion ..Gelding ~ Blitz; reserve champion -- Shafle. Fllllts of 1772 -- 1. Drulana, owned by Sebastopol Arabians, Santa Rosa, Calif.; 2. Hrd Farailra, Dr. H. Robert: Baker, Jr., Tucson; 3. Slants, Dr. Sophia Kaluz- nlackl, Green Valley. · Fillies of 1971 -- 1. Anchor Hill Arafa, owned by Glorleta Ranch, Wflddell; 2. Mia Belle, Eisner Arabian Ranch, Scott- sale; 3. Femarllyn, Joe Cnldester, lesseo. Phoenix. Fillies of 1970 -- 1. Galantia Dellaht, owned by Overlook Arabians, Santa Rosa, Calif.; 2. Gla Yona,- Arabesque Arabians, Santa Yncs, Colll.; 3. Halall Rising Fire, Mr. and Mrs. F. Rust, Wlll- S Mares'of 1969 -- 1. Brusally Czesua, owned by Attiabasca Rancli, Alberta, Canada; 2. Ima Electric, Sagamore ParK Arabians, Carmel, Indiana; 3. Neborens, Allison Arabians, Scottsdale. Mares of 19M before -- 1. Shimmer- Ing Star, owned by Anita-fc Camllle'Ar-. hour, Santa Rosa, Calif.; 2. Silver Ma-. Ilka, Black Gold Arabians, Carson City, Nev.; 3. Bluebell, Allison Arabians, Scottsdalo. . . , . . · .. · · .Champion mare -- Shimmering Star; reserve chamolon, Brusally Czesua. Colts of 1972 -- 1. Colossus, owned by Colossal Arabians, Pauma Valley, Calif.; 2.. Brusally Faran, Gary * CarolPerlor, Tucson; 3. E. W. L'Azul, Slmmt Arabian Ranch, Scottsdale. Colts of 1971 -- 1. Druzka, owned by Caravan Arabians, Tucson; 2. Gwalabu, Jim Aldcrson, Ontario, Calif.; 3."Sir Charlie Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wells, Tucson. Colts of 1970 -- 1. Jlr Sur-Bask, owned by Jo-Lin Arabian Morse Ranch, Santa Rosa, Calif.; 2. 'Ktiarl, Dr. Thomas B. Smart, Santa Yncs,,CalJf.;.3. Fed Fella, bv"Mr'. and'Mr'sro. HowarSrSanta Rosa, Calif.; 2. Ibn Anwarr, Mr. and Mrs. CIs- Jlm Aldcrson, Ontario, Calif. · Stallions.of1M»-1, Brlgadoon, jAnthony A. Jagodzinski Funeral Director 25 yrs. Experience Joel L. Kornegay £ _ Funeral Director 5 years Experience ,. James S. Dravis 40 Years Experience .. Mrs. Waly Krotenberg ; iCbairman of the Board r . Corporate Director ' FUNERAL CHAPEL 3435 XOITJi 1ST AVE. Ulween FT. tOWtll I 88-1111 UCJIIT.. £. lull /Miwmi/ rm. aiiu nnra. v*ia- sell, Fresno, Calif.; 3. Ibn Gabrll, Ken. ncth Downlne, Chlno, Calif. Stallions OI.T9M f before -- vChutes, owned by Mr. and Mrs. N. Williams, Ma- llbu, Cdlif,; 2. Sur Fad, Elda Crane, Las Vegas, Nov.,- 3. Justin, Chrlstlans«n Ara- bhns, Modesto, Calif. . . . . Champion stallion -- Chutor; reserve chomnlon, Sur Fad. Most classic Arabian -- Shimmer Star, owned by Anita i Camllle Arbour, Santa Rosa, Calif. Prodfcs of tfam -- i. Karelia, owned by Caravan Arabians, Tucson; 2. Sunara, Rio Dcslerln Ar£l)lan, Tucson: 3. Ja- rnaree, JoeChldester, Icaste, Phoenix. PERFORMANCE CLASSES Purebred Arabians' informal combination, open -- 1. The Dude, owned by Dr. and Mrs. William Mahon Dr. and Mrs. Dale Shirley, Tucson; 2. Blitz, Sally Clow, Scottsdale; 3. Naborena, Allison Arabians, Scottsdale. Ladles' sidesaddle -- 1. Pico Bay Bee, owned by Neal Mary McKlnstry, CraiB, Colo.; 2. Fersha Sue, Carol Melton, Tucson. Native costume, mares geldlns -- 1. Fa Scrr's April, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Framke, Tucson; 2. Fersha S*je, Carol Halton, Tucson; 3. All, Tiffany Arabians,Tucson and Tcmpe. Park horse, stallions -- 1. Royal Lutaf, owned by Robert Cornelia Lange, Loveland, Colo.; Z. Naborro, Allison Arabians. Scottsdale! 3. Ibn Bask, Dr. H. Robert- Baker Jr, Tucson. Western pleasure, mares geldings -1. Tal Amir, owned by Sally Clow, Scolls- dalei 2. Elslnor Muzulcvna, Maroerv D'Atrl, Jackson, Wvo.; 3. Takara Sevrte, Crown Point Arabians, Grand Junction, Enollsh pleasure, stallions -- 1. Anchor Hill Hadrack, owned by V. H. Garrett. Jr., Aurora, Colo.; 2. Soynrl, Crown Point Arabians, Grand Junction, Colo.; 3. Le- Bask, Allison Arabians, Scottsdale. Formal drlvlna, open -- 1. Royal Lutaf, "owned by Robert Cornelia Lanpe, Loveland, Colo.; 2. Baldak, Eisner Arabians, Scottsdale; 3. Saga Storm, Sagamore Park Arabians, Carmel, Ind. English pleasure, rider 17 and under -1. Galante, owned by Adrlcnne Fleman and Loll Collins, Ontario, Calif.; 2. Glam- raffa, Terrv Prulft. ScoHsdalo; 3. All, Tiffany Arabians, Tucson Tempe. Western pleasure, maiden horse -- 1. Duke- Iwonkatez. owned by G. Harry Bridges, Norco, Calif.; 2. Royal Lurahna, Sue Burkman, Santa Susana, Calif.; 3. Zinsaba, Nancy Catanzaro, Sccttsdale. Park horse, mares . seldlngs -- 1. Murzadae, owned by Mr. and Mrs. L. B.-vant, Vacavllle, Calif.; 2. Sana Storm, Sagamore Park Arabians, Carmel, Ind.; 3. Galant Kniqht, Darolvn Mike Newman, Scottsdale. Enqllsh pleasure, amateur owner/ family member to ride -- 1. Princess 2lka, owned by Valley Arabians, Douglas; 2. Baronek, Bonnie Hermann, Phoe- nix; 3.. Gatanie, Darolyn t Mike New. man, Scbtlsdale. . Western pleasure, stallloni -- 1. SeyrnI, owned by Crown Point Arabians, Grani Junction, Colo.; 2. Little Buck, William L Bernlce Morton, Denver, Colo.; 3. Kelvin's Idradam, Bo-Kale* Arabian Acres, Sandia Park, N.M. . . . · Saddle seat equitation, rider 17 under. -- 1. DeDe Collins, Ontario, Calif.-; J. Kim Barttau, .Coolldat; 3. Howard, Baker. saddl* seat medal clast, rider 17 under -- 1. Howard Baker, Tucson; 2. Beverly Rothtnburoer, Cotton, Calif.; 3. Bobble Leldinheimer, Huectiuca City. ·English pleasure, mares geldings -- 1..'Naborena, owned by Allison Arabians, Sraflsdale; 2. Galante, Adrlenne Felman Lolll Collins, Ontario, Calif.; 3. Brava, Robert Bedroslan, Secfuin, TeX. . Formal combination, open -- 1. Royal Lutaf, owned by Robert Cornelia Lange, Loveland, Colo.;. 2. Dun- Kray Ahab, Sagamore Park Arabians, Carmcl, Ind.; 3. Halall Valktrle, Joieph Mozetta, Aurora, Colo. · : " · · · " · ·Native costume, stallions -- 1, Kelvin's Idradam, owned by Bo-Kalee Arabian Acres, Sandia Park, N.M.; 2. Marlf, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Framke, Tucson; 3. . Grand Let, Howard Hurlburt, Loveland, Colo. '.Western . pleasure, . amoteur/owntr/ family member fa ride -- 1. Little BucK, owned by William Bernlce Morton, Denver, Colo.; 2. Darloila, HSA Arabians, Tuoon;' 3. Tal Amir, Sally Clow, Scoltsdale. · · Pleasure driving, open -- 1. Ibn An- warr, owned by Mr. end.Mrs. Cissell, ipresne, Calif.;.. 2. Silver Commander, Eisner Arabians, Scottsdale; 3. Ima Electric, Sagamore Park Arabians, Carmel,' Ind. · . Western pleasure championship -- 1. Little Buck, owned by William ft Bernlct Morton, Denver, Colo.; 2. Kelvcln's Idr- adam, owned by Bo-Kale* Arabian Acres, Sandia Park, N.M.; 3. Darluzla, HSA Arabians, Tucson. Stock horse, open -- 1. Skoller, owned by Jack Horner, LaVerne, Calif.; 2. Fa Serr's April, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Framke, Tucson; 3. Kad*tt, Jim Alderson, Ontario, Calif. Arabian Park horse, championship -1. Royal Lutaf, owned by Robert Cornelia Lange, Loveland, Colo.; 2. Naborro, Allison Arabians, sco'ttsdale; 3. Saga Storm, owned by Sagamore Park Arabians, Carmel, Ind. · English pleasure, championship -- 1. LaBask, owned by Allison' Arabians, Scottsdale; 2. Baronek, Bonnie Hermann, Scottsdsle; 3. Galbor, Del Camlno Ranch, Scottsdale. Native costume, championship -- 1. Grand Lee, owned by Howard Hurlburt, Loveland, Colo.; 2, Kelvin's Idndam. Bo- Kalee Arabian Acres, Sandia Park, N.M.; 3. Glamraffa, Terry Prultt, Scottsdale. PERFORMANCE CLASSES Half-Arabians English pleasure, championship -- 1. Stresa, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Russell Derrick, Whlttlcr, Calif.; B. Rlfspar, Bo- Kalce Arabian Acres, Sandia Park, N.M.; 3. Walad Desert Snow, Betty i David Klwak, Scottsdale. Western pleasure, championship -- 1. Toretta, owned by Larry Gerry McGahey, Scottsdale; 2. Poly-Ana, Verial Whlttcn, Placentla, Calif.; 3. Rlfsper, Bo- Kalce Arabian Acres, Sandia Park, N.M. Youths beat up good Samaritan OAKLEY, Calif. (UPI)When Salvador S. Fernandez saw a car stranded along the road, he stopped and offered the five youths a start with his battery jumper cable. ; After their car started, the teen-agers refused to give back the cable. When Fernandez, 40,' of Pittsburg, Calif., tried to retrieve it, the youths kicked him and beat him with fists and a club. The good Samaritan is in fair condition at a hospital with a broken jaw and head injuries. Advertisement Tormenting Rectal Itch Of Hemorrhoidal Tissues Promptly Relieved Gives Prompt, Temporary Relief from Such Burning Itch and Pain in Many Cases. The b u r n i n g itch and pain caused by infection and inflammation in hemorrhoidal tissues can cause much suffering. But there is an exclusive formulation that in many cases gives prompt relief for hours from this itch and pain so that the sufferer is more comfortable again. It also actually helps shrink swelling of hemorrhoidal tissues caused by inflammation and infection. Tests by doctors on hundreds of patients in New York City, Washington, D.C. and at a Midwest Medical Ctriief reported similar successful results in many cases. This is the same medication you can buy at any drug counter under the name Preparation H*. Preparation H also lubricate* to protect the inflamed surface area and it doesn't sting or smart. In fact, it has very soothing qualities which make it especially .helpful during the night when itching becomei more intense. There's no other formula likt Preparation H. In ointment «f (suppository form. merchants in other cities to make competitive bills," King stated. . Leach said the standard policy was to have all bids spec-, ify a delivery price in Phoenix" -or Tucson, since 85 per cent of the .items purchased by the state government are used in those two areas: . ; Rep. Thomas.'.N:. Goodwin, ; R-Tucson, cited an example in which bids for a "tractor to be delivered in Benson specified only : a Phoenix delivery price and thus effectively excluded bids from Tucson dealers. "That was bur mistake," 'Leach admitted. "It won't happen again." ; ; : : 1*11 tvltf» Four Corners A ULJJJJ.V' - : - . - ' ..--, ,; -^'·· ;· , . ' : . panel laces fund threat ACCIDENTS Two-car sccldint, .East 22n! St., 6:50. H Bor* .0 ,vo-car collision, E. SMedwa) N. Br -- ·-- s r - ~ ' p.m. Saturday, one Injured: liela d«au, satllfudorv condit H ¥w , satl Illon, Carl Haydtn Blvd. BURGLARIES . From Barbara Popov, 420 E. ;.17th St., checks, valued: at 13,353, reoorttti to DO- Mmftkton Corp., dWiE^Old Ssan- lih Trail, furnitur*, valued ;, at- H.OOOW tSjOOO* reportKl to police Saturday;- . , ' f=rom MIMlon Mobil -Hprnti. »» S. Park Ave., furnlturt, valuod at IJOO, r«~ . ported to oollca Saturday. · , . rprom Greaorv Stewart, 731 5. H«rb«rt Avt,, $731 In'casti, reported to police Sun- d *From Norman R. Leech, *3Xl E. East- ' . lanri. motorcycle enfllne.and tools, valued. »t if ,267, reported to oollce Sunday^ From Mary Kennedy, «38 fc. Elfnwood St., teavlslon, :.jtiotaunj, · camera ana cash, valued at MM, -reported To police SU P?om Jack Wvatt, 863 ; L?s Rinconei Road, golf bag and clubs, valued aMSOO, report "d to sheriff's office Sjturday.. From William Knight, J520 W. Nrtr- asKa St., color television, valued at M79, 'tported to sheriff'* offlct Saturday. : FIRE ' - ' . "/"·':· erlekjon Elementary. School,'67Mit. Stella Roart, 3:01-p.m. Sunday, M5Q till- mated damaBt. ; .- · : . : ROBBERIES roc from 7 El*v*n food stoic*, 2WJi S. Gra"ro;t Road, S: 10 a.m. Sunday, ont m SSo f?otn d 7 Eleven food start, 5S7 E. Plma St., 4:24 a.m. Sunday, ont man, "jlW'from Robert, L. Martin $*?$*· ph-n L. Ward, both from Salt Lal;o Clt". Utah. Vp.m! Sunday, two men, one M from Richard R, Stephen, MW^E. . Aviation HUhway, 5:» p.m. Sunday, three men, one armed. , t-wmg exponent to speak National Review publisher "William Rusher will speak Thursday at 8 p..m. in the University of Arizona Liberal Arts Auditorium. The star of "The Advocates," the weekly debate program on public television, plans to discuss "Four More Years: What's Ahead for the Nixon Administration." Rusher is known as an avid and articulate exponent of right-wing causes and frequently expresses dissatisfaction with President Nixon's actions, a spokesman for the UA student government says. The talk is free and open to the public. Airport police nab armed man PHOENIX (AP) - Police arrested a Phoenix man as he attempted to board.a Hughes Airwest jetliner for Los Angele s . . . .- '·' Police said Kenneth Ray Hanison, 38, was arrested at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport yesterday. He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and attempting to board an aircraft with a weapon. · Officers said the fully- loaded revolver was discovered in Harrison's pocket after it was detected by a security device. Hard heads butt way into jail NOVI BEOGRAD, Yugoslavia (UPI) - Veljic Savic, .31, and Said Arnautovic, 34, kicked everyone out of the Ra- keta Bar, to make room for a. fight. Then, witnesses said, they went at each other, using only their heads. "We wanted to see whose head was harder," Savic told a city judge. Both men got 10 days in jail. 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU SHAVER REPAIR REMINGTON * SCKICK · KONSON MOrtlCO * SUNtEAM riTTIRlT'S CATALINA SHAYIK CO. 2«54 !. MOAOWAY 423-5074 4tSl f. SKiOV/AY 3M-400? ; SANTA FE'(AP) - The fu-- ture of the Fpur Corners Re- 'gional Commission as a source of revenue to supplement federal funds for local projects appear bleak. Keith Dotson, an aide to Gov. Brace King, said President Nixon's budget apparently includes only $10 million to keep seven such commissions ,:gting. ' . . - · ' : : .·-.-· . . - ···;· -. : '. :-·' Dotson .said it 'is not clear whether the commission serving. Arizona, Colorado, .New Mexico -and Utah will be able to continue its supplementary grant work. He said the commission had $7 million . for such work this year. · , : For the commission to exist "merely as a planning body at this stage doesn't make much sense," Dotson said, "because we have prepared a five-year development plan, and what we really need is implementation money for that plan." McGraw-Hill official's rites today SUN CITY (UPI) - Services were scheduled today for Richard E: McGraw, 63, an assistant to the publisher of McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. of New York; and an associate of the firm for 42 years. McGraw died Saturday at Boswell Memorial Hospital. A native of Newark, N.J., McGraw graduated from Middlebury (Vt.) College in 1931 and two years later earned a master's degree in business administration from Harvard University. He moved to Arizona in 1971. Survivors include his widow, Dorothy; a son, Louis E. of Newtown, Conn.; a daughter, Mrs. Susan M. Hollis of Bedford, Mass.; his mother, Mrs. Effie H.' McGraw of Lake Worth, Fla., and five grandchildren. Services were scheduled for 2 p.m. at the Church of the Palms. Burial will be in Montclair, N.J. Monumental advice AGRA, India (AP) - The philosophy behind the "building of the Taj Mahal should. guide the United Nations, says U.N. Secretary-general Kurt Waldheim, who is visiting here. The Taj Mahal symbolizes the love of an emperor for his empress and "this is what we need in the United Nations -- to love each other and not to fight with each other," he said. EUNERAl NOTICES DARLING, Lloyd C., 74, 2835 N. Stone Ave., entered into rest February 2nd, 1973; husband of Florence, of Tucson; father of Maddeline Hughes, of Oriskany, N.Y., 3 grandchildren; one great grandchild; brother of Mrs. Floyd (Sue) Sickler, of Whitesboro, N.Y., Mrs. Margaret Quance, of Lancaster, Calif., Mrs. John (Eilene) Herntz, of Tucson; also survived by several nieces and nephews. Memorial services were held, at Noel Evangelical Methodist Church, Sunday, February 4th at 3 p.m. ·Family requests in lieu of flowers contributions may be made to Noel Evangelical Methodist Church, T6« E. Roger Rd. AW»y Faneral CfcapeJ. in charge of arrangements. FUNERAL NOTICES I ' - - _ " . . ' · - ' -FERGUSON, Frank, 73, passed away February 3rd, 1973. Arrangements pending. Adalr Funeral Home, Dodge Speedway. FIGUEROA, David R., 18, 1306 W. St, Mary's Rd., passed away February 2nd, 1973; son of Mr. and Mrs. David D. Figueroa; brother: of Mrs. Lupe Vedoya, Ida,.. Frances, Ramona, Yolanda, Rita, and Armando, and George Figueroa. Rosary. Will be recited Monday at 8 p.m. at Tucson Mortuary Chapel. Mass will be offered Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. at St. Margaret's Church. Interment will follow. JANIA,' Jdhn, :92, 1515 E.; Mabel, passed away; February 2nd, 1973. Survived by sons, Joseph, of Countryside, 111., Frank, of San Jose, Calif.;;, and. Henry,, .of .Chicago, '"ill.'; daughters, Mrs. Fay Vecvarik, and Mrs.- Helen Postillion, both of Tucson;' also survived by 14 grandchildren and 14 great .grandchildren. Funeral Cervices will be conducted Monday, at ,3:30 p.m. at Delr's" Valley Funeral Hbme Chapel, 2545 N. Tucson Blvd. Interment will follow at Evergreen Cemetery.'.,'.'. KELLEY, .Robert, 55, 1120 ,E 29th, passed away February 4th, 1973^ Arrangements pending. Adalr Funeral Home, Dodge Speedway. KNIGHT, Winifred, 79, formerly of 1831 E. 5th St., passed away February 3rd, 1973. A resident of Tucson for the past 50 years, and one of the founders of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, and also the Tucson Boys Chorus. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Winifred C. (Freddie) McCormick, of Atlanta, Ga., 3 grandchildren- sister, Mrs. Dorothy Lippincott, of Tucson. Services will be Tuesday February 6th at 11 a.m. at Trinity Presbyterian Church Sanctuary, University Blvd. .at N. 4th Ave. Dr. Dale E. Hewitt, officiating. Interment will be in Evergreen Cemetery. Friends may call at Arizona Mortuary, University at N. Stone, Monday afternoon and .Evening. Family suggests remembrances be made to the Winifred Knight Piano Scholarship Fund, c/o Tucson Music Teachers Association, 1010 S. Lehigh Drive. MILES, Lydia M., 47, of 3310 E. 24th, died February '2nd, 1973. Wife of Millard ; Miles; mother of, Ralph, 'Tim, and. Norma Chavez, and Lenore Arriola; sister of, Samuel and David Moreno, and Alfred Nunez, Emma Madrid and · Mary Soltero; -3 grandchildren, also survive. Evening vespers 7 pm Monday, February 5th at firing's Memorial Chapel. Funeral services 10 am Tuesday, February 6th at the First Spanish Baptist Church, .482 S. Stone. Interment Tucson Memorial Park South Lawn. Friends may call from 4 pm to 9 pm Monday, February 5th, Brlng's Memorial Chapel, 236 S. . Scott. OWEN, Helen F., 62, 5662 West Flying Circle, passed away February 4th, 1973. Services will be held in Glendale, Calif. Local arrangements by Hudgel's Swan* Funeral Home. 1 PHILLIPS, Irene, Senior citizen, 6905 Big Bear, passed away Februaiy 3rd, 1973. Survived by daughters, Elizabeth Phillips, Mrs. Eileen Westfall, Tucson; sisters, Mrs. Martha Carry, · Mrs. Edna Chalfant, Mrs. Jack Dolfurd, Ohio; three grandchildren. Services will be Tuesday 2:30 p.m. at St. Phillips in the Hills Episcopal Church. Interment Tucson Memorial Park, East Lawn. Friends may call Monday 6 p.m. until service time at the Adair Funeral Home, Dodge and Speedway. POTTER, Mrs. Violet M., 64, wife of Charles E. Potter, passed away in a Tucson hospital February 2nd, 1973. Mr. and Mrs. Potter have been residents of Tubac, Az., for the past four years; in addition to her husband, she is survived by one son, Charles R. and a sister, Mrs. R. C, Groendyke, both of Park Forest, 111. Funeral services will be held at St. Anne's Church at Tubac at 10 a.m. Tuesday. Calling hours at Caroon Mortuary Chapel, Nogales, Az. Monday 6 to 9 p.m. RAULERSON7 Carol, 56^ 2225 S. 4th Ave, passed away February 2nd, 1973; survived by sons, Carol, of Tampa, Fla., and Donald, of Lake City, Fla.; daughter, Julie Lovett, of Mobile, Ala.; G 1 FUNERAL NOTICES brother, Orville, of Dade City, Fla, Services will be Tuesday at 9. a.m. at Adalr Funeral Home, Dodge Speedway, with Rev. Everette McDowell,, officiating. Friends may call from ; 6 p.rii. until service time. Interment Tucson. Memorial Park; South Lavral: ; i:'',;;; ';.;· EOWLAJVD^ Elyln terry^23, of St. David, Az. passed away January j. 31st, 1973.; · Survived.-by his wife: Linda; son, Tony; daughter Wendy, all of St. David; Mr., and Mrs. James Rowlarid of Tucson; two brothers Dale of Tucson and James of Grandview, Missouri;; two .sisters Lois Presecan of .Tucson; and : Mrs. Carmel Jones; of Leisure City, ;Fl'ai- ; Funeral service will ;be 2 pirn. Monday atDeir's Valley Funeral Home,: 2545 N. Tucson Blvd. with the Rev. Richard- Rowley officiating. Burial; will take place at East Lawn.. f, Roy C., 71, of 2212 E. La Mirada, passed away February A, 173. Survived by: wife, Lydia. ;of Tucson; brothers, Nelson of : Las Vegas, Ervid of Pontiac, Mich., Volriey and · Joe of Flint,.:Mich,; ^sister, :Mi-s. ' Herman Schwaridt of Troy, Mich. Mr. Smith.;-:was (a". member of B.PJO.K Nutn- ber 385, and a forineif; official of-the YeUpw Gab ; Go. Services will be 1:30 p.m., Wednesday in Palms Mortuary Chapel with Pastor Richard Larigsdale of Our Saviours Lutheran Church officiating. Entombment will be in Tucson Memorial Park,. South Mausoleum.- Pallbearers will be Christopher Smith, Arthiir Kruegel, Horace Faith; William Phillips, Ferdinand Schupbach and Nichols Richard. Friends may call at Palms Mortuary, 5525 E. Speedway,-2 to 4 and 7 to ? p.m., Tuesday. , ' ; · · ; ]''··· .·;-·.'- TOPOROWSKI, Daniel M., Sr., 59, 615 West Alturas, passed away February 4th, 1973. Survived by his wife, Wilma,-son, Daniel M.,Jr. k of New Hampshire; 3 brothers, Michael and John, both of Woonsocket, L.I., Walter, of N.J., also by nieces and nephews. Services will be in Arizona Mortuary Chapel, University at N. Stone, at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, February 8th. Arrangements by Art- IOM Mortuary. TURNER, Alice L., 78, 3101 N. Cheiry Ave, entered into rest February 4th, 1973; sister of Mrs. Nelle T. Thomas, of Tucson, John W. Turner, of Tucson, and George N. Turner, of Nashville, Tenn.; also survived by several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be'held ; at North Tucson Baptist Church, 3100 N. First Ave. Tuesday, February 6th at 3 p.m. with Rev. Henry Woo- .ten,, officiating. .Interment will follow in Tucson Memorial .Park, i East Lawn. Friends may call at Abbey Funeral Chapel, 3435 N. 1st Ave., (between : Ft. Lowell Prince. Rd.) Monday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Tuesday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. UREDA, Jcanette Virginia, 52, of 8417 E. Shasta, passed away February 4,1973. Survived by husband, Octavian; daughters, Melanie and Virginia; son, Walter; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Herman, all of Tucson; sister, Mrs. Jean Strong of Cleveland; and brother, Boyd Herman of Ormond Beach, Fla. Arrangements to be announced by Palms Mortuary; 9 FLORISTS J USERS TUCSON'S FIRST 60 E. Pennington 622-4638 n Memor'ls-Markers -Lotij 2 CEMETERY LOTS In Tucson Memorial Park, B. J. Jewett, Rt. 2, Box US, Apache Junction, Ariz. Phone 1982-2740. · . .. LOST 14 FOUND LOST: Male Irish Setter with broken tall, 15 months old, "FInninan", v itv 29th-Cottonwood, reward, «24-122» LOST: Two Chinese Pugs. Have II- cense Tags. Reward. Prince/N. 1st area. 888-1W3. . , Small Gray and black striped cat. Answers to name Orphle. Lost near First Ave. ft Waverly. Reward. 622-6344. REWARD FOR INFORMATION lead- Ing to recovery of 1970 Oodgo Chsrger. Blue with white top and inferior. 73 License RJL-265. Last seen St. Mary's parking lot. Thursday between 2 and 4. Please call 297 T 2139. LOST: BLACK FEMALE poodl* w/whlte bib on route 1-10 north of Tucson, had license tag Pennsvllle, New Jersey. Reward. Call collect M34240 heartbroken John Roberts. LOST: Small black tw poodle. Answers to "Dandy." Reward. 2?W_JI5._ FOUND: Female, black'/tan/whlt*. Palo Verde/Benson Hlwav, Out of state license. «V-2453, Hours 1-3. LOST: MA'LE, Wat* ft white cat," very heavy and larte. Very frlnhten"!'' of city rife, may be hfdlno. Victntrv Dodfe-Lee. Weekdays, 793-344, evej and wetKenas, VK-f^Vl. Beward. , LOST mate sh«r!w!M/rWskif, "Com- jmeh*", w»r S'»n-Stri. Wearln» whit* rocc. Rcw*rd. 327-1740 alter S.

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