Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 2, 1963 · Page 53
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 53

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1963
Page 53
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PAGE 56 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 2, 1963 CACTUS 22n'l *1 Alvernon SEE DISPLAY AD Hugh O'Brien "COME FLY WITH ME" -- ALSO -O. Ford -- S. Janet "COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER" MIDWAY 4500 E. Speedway 7lh Week Exclusive Showing Academy Award Winner Gregory Peck "TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD" 'CRY FOR HAPPY" PRINCE Campbell at Prince Rock Hudson Uz Taylor James Dean "Glanl" Richard Egan Dorlhv McGuire "Summer Place" RODEO Niiialss Highway Shockingly Told Daringly Bold "SECRET FILE HOLLYWOOD" Co-Hi' "7lh Commandment" 22sad ST. 22nd at Belvedere Academy Nomination Shcn/ Belle Davis Joan Crawford W H A T E V E R H A P P E N E D TO B A B Y JANE? -- ALSO -"THE MUSIC MAN" FIESTA S. Park Ave. 4 Features 51.50 Carload "THE LAST WAGON" "FACTS OF LIFE" "GANG W A R " "LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA" f ii. |»f*»«i-'»i Catalina 232ON.Compbe1l Ave. TONIGHT M G MF"»«DAIfMT\ ONTHnBOUNll · tit «eou reiwr Escap lo the enchanted! SCORPION Largest drink in ihe world. A conglomeration of rums, and other liquors --plus tropical fruit nectars; superbly blended. "Easy to take, but Hard to Hold"!! (P e r For- fion) 1" FOG CUTTER A festival drink of rum, citrus juices and a whiff of almond, a riot of spirits originally intended for sacred ceremonial festivities only ·-- Until some white man found the " " BUS SERVICE "" TUCSON - NOC5ALES Greyhound Terminal MA 3-0538 Leave TUCSON lor NOGALES 7:00 A.M. 17:15 P.M. 6:30 P.M. «:1SA.M. 1:15 P.M. 8:15 P.M. 11:15 P.M. J:30P.M. 10:10 P.M. 5:00 P.M. Leave NOGALES for TUCSON 7:00 A.M. 11:15 A.M. 6:00 P.M. »:15A.M. 1:15 P.M. «:1S P.M. 10:00 A.M. 3:00 P.M. 10:15 P.M 4:00 P.M. SOHiTHIHG OF SOUTHER* JULY ·UU«N«'S- fllDESryOU) w ., · finest HMI»MISTWRA« 434 N.4ih AVE MA. 2-9A57 LAST 1 DAYS! OPEN 12:45 P. M. JEW HECORD rOrt L A F ^ S J and Robert Mitchum in "HOME FROM THE HILL" 1030 N. Park MA 3-1851 ACADEMY AWARD WINNER! "Best Actress" ANNE BANCROFT "Best Supporting Actress" PATTY DUKE .the. Miracle worker Frank Sinatra Laurence Harvey Janet Leigh The Manchurian Candidate For the Sign of The Big Hat Serving The Finest In M E X I C A N FOODS See the world's largest dripping candle Catering °P en J Days A Week 1 i "30 A.M. to 1U P.M. 4245 li. 22nd Slrc-et .DINING ROOM ancf LOUNGE 6505 TANQUE VERDE RD- CALL 208-1811 FOR RESERVATIONS Featuring the finest in complete dinners and luncheons. For your musical pleasure we present nitely the nationally known master of the keyboards-WILD BILL MOSES Hors d'Oeuvres Carte Blanche, Dine^i, Epicure and Am. Expresi Credit Cards Welcome SERVING LUNCH DAILY FROM Enjoy the beauty and natural splendor of colorful, historic Cochise County. We want everyone to see and talk about the area surrounding our "LA PLAYA ESTATES." Everyone includes you. So, be our guest. No Cost! No obligation! Call today! S P O N S O R E D B Y NORTH AMERICAN LAND DEVELOPMENT CORP. L A P L A Y A E S T A T E S call TOURS DAILY at Your Convenience THIS SUNDAY--4:00 Magnificenf Bu//figrtf for The Fiesfas de Mayo! ANDRES JESUS BLANDO CORDOBA and The Matador from Sevilla, Spain JUAN GALVEZ Fighting to Death 6 Huge, Brave Penuefas foros Tickets Sold at George Hall Travel, 8 E. Pennington St. MA 2-4S06 sf Art Leonard says your menu for the coming iveek LUNCHEON- FASIIIOIV SHOWS Tues. Fri. Associated models clothes by Ally Weaver DINNER--Held over by popular request, the THREE YOUNG MEN from MONTANA 1 Great, that's all Dancing to the LOU GARNO QUARTET, nothing but the best Special Tues. Eve. a Night with Fred Astairc . . . real fun and something different in dancing Instruction. Lets all join in. I f SKYROOM SWIM WETMORE POOL TUCSON'S LARGEST NORTH OF TOWN OX TUCSO!\ Fox Opens 13:45 P.M. CACTUS jrVORLD "·ANAVISION · M^TROCOLOR STARRING Dolores HART I Hugh I O'BRIAN Pamela TIFFIN Fox CO-HIt 'FOLLOW THE BOYS" Connie Francis Cacluj Co-Hit "The Courlshlo 01 Eddie's Father" Glenn Ford Shirley Jonej FRONTIERS OF SCIENCE PLASMA POWER - Part 4 WITH A PLASMA of ATOMIC NUCLEI AHD FREELY WANDERING ELECTRONS, THE RUSSIANS DUPLICATED FARADAY'S EXPERIMENT WITH A CONDUCTING WIRE. AFTER HEATING A GAS TO MORE THAN 5OOO DEG. TO PRODUCt PLASMA, THtY FIRED If THROUGH A MAGNETIC FIELD. , ,,_ AS WITH A CONDUCTING WIRE, THE "WANDERING ELECTRONS"IN THE PLASMA WERE DEFLECTED AT RIGHT ANGLES TO THi LINE Of THEIR MOVEMENT, TO PRODUCE A FLOW OF ELECTRONS,OO AN ELECTRIC CURRENT. TlllS DISCOVERY, DISPENSING WITH CUMBERSOME MOVING MECHANICAL COILS, WHICH SUffER H£AVy ENERGY LOSSES THROUGH FRICTION, COULD REVOLUTIONIZE MAN'S POWER PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES, THROUGH THE USE OF PLASMA/THE FOURTH STATE OF MATTER" COHVCNT10NAL STATION (NEXT WEEK: THE PLASMA UNIVERSE/) Congressman Steps Up Fight For National Lottery WASHINGTON --(#-- To Rep. Paul A. Fino, there's only one way to cut taxes, reduce the national debt and still have enough money for schools, housing, disabled veterans and health care: adopt a national lottery. But thus far the New York Republican's one-man fight-he calls h i m s e l f the No. 1 advocate of a n a t i o n a l lottery-- NOW--DOORS OPEN BR1G1TTE BARDOT In "AND GOD C R E A T E D WOMEN" Plus! ANTHONY FRANCIOSIA · P E R I O D OF ADJUSTMENT" And! R O B E R T W A G N E R "A K I S S BEFORE DYING" PALMISTRY R E A D I N G S -- Advice o n l o v e , marriage and business. Read- Ings assured. Ah readings confidential. Why be m doubt!! Bring ad for reduction. 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 4510 SO. 6TH AVE. }···········»········* · ,V«K BAR J HOME OF THE · I5roil-nr-wii · STEAK SI.35 · COCKTAILS DRAUGHT · BEER f 72 W. Drachman 624-5356 APACHE $2 THEATRE Per Car Load as been stymied by what he alls hypocrisy and pussy- ooting by Congress. Fino, however, is a determined man and this week's igning of a state lottery bill y Gov. John King of New Hampshire has reinforced that letermination. "It breaks the ice in this ountry," Fino said in an in- erview. There's no question hat the New Hampshire action will have a tremendous mpact on members of Congress. It will provide impetus or Congress to take a second look at the n a t i o n a l lot- ery bill." The lottery bug first bit ino in 1933 -- the year the St. John's University der a t i n g society with Fino as one of its members argued his question: "Shall we have a m u n i c i p a l lottery?" When Fino was elected to he New York State Senate a f t e r World War II he. spent ix years arguing -- unsuccessfully -- what he felt were he merits of a state lottery. He introduced his first na- ional lottery bill the year he came to Congress -- 1953. He las introduced similar bills every two years since. "It's only a question of ime before the government 1oes something about i t , " Fino said. "The New Hamp- h i r e action is the catalyst hat will get this thing gong." After all, Fino notes, lot- eries date back to 1567 in England, were used by such FOR THIS ADULT SPECIAL ONLY BIG BOLD AND DARING ADULT FILMS CALL 294-9101 FOR TITLES THE MOVIE 1039 E. 6th St. MATINEE DAILY from 12:30 --ADULTS ONLY-- COMPLETELY UNCUT--MOVIE STARLETS AT THE RIVIERA FILM FESTIVALS "Barbara Valentine Outdoes Bardot"-Duane Weaver Starring B A R B A R A VALENTINE (The New Bardot) -- EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION -"A NIGHT AT THE FOLIE5 BERGERE" 30-Minute Featurette in Technicolor B L E Y ' S SUPPER CLUB COCKTAIL LOUNGE Tucson's Most Popular ISitc Club 3424 E. SPEEDWAY PH. EA 5-9260 Presenfs The THREE STEPP-SONS of the STEPP-BROTHERS Sensational Song-ond-Donce Act RARY LULU Exotic Dancer I BREAKFAST DANCE and SHOW | t Fridav and S a t u r d n v 1:00 lo 4:00 a.m. i ; : j Low S u m m e r Prices on d r i n k s now in effect! LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS The Soard of Supervisors of the County of Pimd, Arizona, will receive sealed bias for fhe construction of The Rillito R f v e r Driuse at North Campbell Avenue. Sealed bia; will be received a! the o f f i c e of the Clerk of the Board ol Supervisors, located in the Pirna County Courthouse. Tucson, Arizona, uo !o 11:00 A.M. on May 6. I9c: The work, which Is located at trie North Campelf Avenue crossing of tne Ril!ito River, approximately 1.25 miles north of East Fort Lowell Road, Tucson, Arizona, consists of the construction of s s i x span, prestressed concrete, girder- slab bricge. The work, to be completed by October *, 1963, consists cl the lolloping e s t i mate: 9,100 Cubic Yards Drainage E x c a v a t i o n 720 Cubic Y a r d s Structural E x c a v a t i o n 75! Lin. Feet Mela! Handrail (C. I. P.) 507 Cubic Yards Class "D" Concrete (C. I. P.I 2E8 Each Concrete Bank Protection Units (C. I. p.) 54 Each Prestressed Concrete Deck Units (C. I. P.) 23,9K Lbs. Reinforcing Sleel (Bars) (C. I. P.) 2,530 Lin, Feet Furnishing and Driving Concrete Piles (Steel Cylinder Type) (C. I. P.) 25 Lin. Ffet Cutpfl Concrete Piles (Steel Cylinder T y p e * 38 Each Driving Railroad Rails { C . I . P.) NOTE: All railroad rails will be furnished by Plma County, F.O.B. iobsite Proposal, plans and specifications may be obtained at the office of the Plma County Enalneer, 1313 South Mission Road, Tucion, Arizona. There will be « ilO.GO charoe for plans and specifications, to be refunded II plans and specifications are relumed not later lhan May e, 1963. The Board reserves ihe rioht lo relect any and all bids or to waive any reaularitles, or Informalities, In any bid or In the bidding. DONE BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS this 26lh day ol March, 19J3. KLSA D. MANNA, Clerk Oonrd of Supervisors Pima County. Arf/ona PL^Mlh: April }i, 24, 27, 29 and 30lh, »rd M«y 1, 1,' 3 and Xth, 1963. LEGAL NOTICE N O T I C E OF C A L L FOR B I D S NOTICE IS H E R E B Y G I V E N t h a t sealed bid^ will b£ received in the office of The Pima County Purchasing Aaent. 2655 So. 8th Avenue, lurson. A r i - zona up lo 10:CO a.m., Mflv 1-*. for the followino: BID --B--2331--Comolete Overhaul and Maintenance ol T y p e w r i t e r s To furnish Pima County with complete overhaul and maintenance of t y p e w r i t e r s for a period ot one (1) y e a r , reainnno July 1. 1963 to and includina June 30. 1964 for approximately one hundred and eight ( I C 3 ( manually operated t y p e writers presently in use in v a r i o u s Pirr-a County departments. Ooenina of tho Otd -- E- = 233J will be at 10:CO a m.. May 14, 1563 in the o f f i c e of the P-ma County Purchasinn Acent, 2855 So. eih Avenue. Tucson, Arizona B I D -- B- = 2335 -- While and Who e Wheat Bread To furnish Pima County Hospital, Pima County Juvenile Detention Home and Pima Ccxintv Jail Kitchen wilh one Ml dev old bread for a period of one ( ! ) year, beainnina July 1, 1563 to and in- cludino June 3D, 1964 as oer s p e c i f i c a - tions c a l l e d for by Pima County Open- ino of Ihe B i d -- B - - 3 3 3 5 will be a t 10:30 am., May M, 1963 in ihe office of the Pima County Purchasinn Aqent, 2355 So 8th Avenue, Tucson- A r i z o n a BID -- B - r 2 3 3 6 -- Complete Pest and vermin control. To furnish Pima County with corr - i e f e pest and vermin control for a period of one II) vear, beainnina July \ 1963 to and including June 30. 1964, as per speci- ticalions called lor by Pirn* County Open- inn of the Bid -- B - T J 3 3 6 will be al 11:M a.m., May 14. 1563 in Ihe o f f i c e of the Pima County Purcnasino Ao?nt, }3'S So. £th Avenue. Tucson. A r i z o n a . B I D - B - r 2 3 3 7 - X . P a v Film. Solutions and Associated Supplies To lurnish Pima County with X - R a y Film, Solutions and Associated Supplies lor » period of one (1) vear. neainnina July I. 1963 to and including June 30, 1944 for the Pim» County Hospital and the Pima County Health Department, as per specifications called for by Plma County Openinn of the B i d -- B - ^ 2 3 3 7 will be at 1 1 : 3 0 a.m., May 14, 1963 In Ih- office of lh« Plma County Purchasino Anent, 7355 So Bth Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Spccilications relatina lo the aforesaid bids may be procured from the o f f i c e of the Plma County Purchasing Agent. 5355 So, flth Avenue, Tucson, Arizon? Bidder shall be required to furnish a sufficient Bid and Performance Bond acceptable lo the Board ol Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserves the nnhl |o relecl nny or alt bids for my LEGAL NOTICE reason whatsoever or to waive any ir- reaularities or informalities in the bids or bidding. OO.S'E BY ORDER of the Board of Supervisors this 23rd day of April. 1963 THOMAS S. J A Y , Chairman Board of Supervisors Pima County. Arizona Publish: Tucson Daily citizen April 16. 11, 29, 30. May 1, 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7. 1963 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS The board ot Supervisors ol Pima County, Arizona will r e c e i v e sealed bids i for the construction ot the Guard Rail along Kit! Peak O b s e r v a t o r y Road. Sealed bids will be received at the o f - fice of Ihe Clerk ol the Board ol Supervisors, located in the Pima County Courthouse. Tucson, Arizona, up to 11:00 A.M. on May 6. 1963 The w o r k , which is localed on the Kill PeaV O b s e r v a t o r y Road, approximately 40 miles west of Tucson, Pima County, A r i z o n a , c o n s i s t s of the furnishing and installing 8300 lineal feel of Galvanized Metal Road Guard --Beam Type--complete with post and end sections. The work, to be completed by July 31, 1943, and The approximate quantities are as follows: 332 each Panels 25 feet long 671 each Posts and B r a c k e t s 77 pr End Sections Propc^af, plans and specifications may be oblained at the o f f i c e of the Pima County Engineer, 1313 South Mission Road, Tucson, Ariiona. There will be a S10.CO charge for plans and specifications, to be refunded if plans and specifications are returned not later than May 8th. 1963. The Board reserves the right lo reiecl any and all bids or tr waive any irregularities, or Informalities, in any bid or in the hiddinq DONE BY O R D E R OF THE BOARD OF S U P E R V I S O R S this Uth day of April, 1963 ELSA. B. M A N N A , Clerk Board of 5upervi«ors Pima County. Arizona Publish: April 75, 26, 27. 28. ?? and 301h and May 1, 2. 3, and 4th, 1963. BULK S A L E S NOTICE NOTICE IS H E R E B Y GIVEN Ih.M the unclcrsiqncd, L A M H E R T K A U T E N - fiURGER, doing business as "LIL A B NER'S," on Silverbcll Road approximate ly one.half mlfe northwest ot Ihe intersection of Silverhell Road and Cortaro Road. Tucson, Arizona, will sell, deliver, transfer and assfon In a single transaction *nd not In lh« regular court* ol business, on Ihe 10!h day of May, 1963, at ten o'clock a.m. of said d a y , the whole and aU cf the stock and f i x t u r e s in trade, accounts receivable and good w i l l in and to s a i d Business located on SMverbell Road approximately one-half mile northwest of Ihe intersection of Silverbell Road and Cortaro Road, Tucson, Arizona. Persons having claims against said business are reauired lo tile the same wilh Ihe necessary vouchers, with W. T, HOLMES. 5G9 A r i z o n a Land Title Building, Tucson, Arizona, pr,or to s.iid dale. L A M B E R T K A U T E N B U R G E R S T A T E OF A R I Z O N A 1 ) SS. Counly ol Plma I This instrument was acknowledged before me this 261h day of April, 1963, by LAMBERT K A U T E N B U R G E R . My Commission e x p i r e s : May 33, 1963. N O T A R Y S E A L W. T HOLMES Notary Public Publish- April T), 30, May 1, 2, 3, 4, 1963 NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS H E R E B Y GIVEN that sefllsd bins will be received in the ollice of the Pima County Purchasing Ajent, '355 So. 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona up to 10:00 a.m.. May 16. 1?63 for the lotlowing: B I D -- B - - 2 3 4 2 - -Photographic Recording Paper, Developer, Fiver and Developer Replcnisher To furnish Pima County Recorder's 01- fice with Photographic Recording Paper, Developer, Fixer and Deve.oper Repien- isher for a one (U vear period, beginning Juiy I, 1963 lo and including June 30, 1964 as per specifications c a l l e d for by Pima Counly. Opening of the Bid--S- r2342 wilt be at 10:00 a.m., M,JV 16, 1963 In Ihe offlcfl of fhe Pirna Counfy Purchasing Agent, 2355 So. 8th Avenue, Tucson. Arizona. 810 -- 8--2343-- Paper Stock To lurnish Pima County with Paper Stock tor a period ol one t i l yea r , beginning July I, 1963 lo and includinq June 30, 1964, as per specifications called for by Pima Counly. Opening of the Bid-R- = 2343 will be al 10:30 a.m. May 16, 1963 in the office of the Plma County Purchasing Aoenl, 7855 So. flth Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relatlnq to the aforesaid bids may be procured from Ihe ollice of Ihe Plma Counly Purchasing Anent, 3855 So. llh Avenue, Tucson, LEGAL NOTICE Bidder shall be reauired to furnish a sufficient Sid and Performance Bond acceptable to the Board of Supervisors. Thhe Board of Suorvisors reserves the right to reiecl any or all bids for any reason whatsoever or to waive any irregularities or Informalities in the bids or bidding. DONE BY O R D E R of Hie Board of Supervisors Ihis 73rd day of April, 1963. THOMAS S. J A Y , Chairman Bo.ird of Supervisors Pima County, Arizona Publish: Tucson Daily Citizen April 29, 30, May 1, 1. 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9, 1963. LEOAL NOTICE NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS H E R E B Y G I V E N that sealed bids will be received in the o f f i c e of Ihe Pima Counly Purchasing Agent, 2855 So. 8lh Avenue. Tucson, Arizona, up to 4:30 p.m., May 14, 1943 for Ihe following: SID -- B--2333 -- Liquid Asphall and Emulsions To furnish Pima County Highway Department wilh Liauid Asphalts and Emulsions for a one (1) vear period, be ginning July I/ 1963 lo and including June 30, 196*. aj per specifications called lor by Pima County. Opening ol Ihe Bid--B- = 2338 will be at 10:00 a.m., May 15, 1943 in the office of the Pima County Purchasing Aaent, 2855 So. Bin Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. BID --B-S733.9--White T r a f f i c Paint To furnish Pima County Highway Department with While T r a f f i c Paint for a one (1) veir period, beginning Julv I. 1943 to and including June 30, 1944, as per specifications called for by Pima County. Opening of the Bid -- R - ^ 3 3 3 9 will be at 10:30 a.m.. May 15. 1963 in Ihe o f f i c e of trie Plma County Purchasing Agent, ?855 So. Bth Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. P.ID-B--234fl -- Yellow Tr.irfic Paint To lurnish Plma County Highway Department wilh Yellow T r a f f i c Paint lor a one til vear period, beginning July 1, 1943 lo and Including June 30, 1944, as per specifications called for hv plm» County. Opening of the Bid--R.:?340 will be at 10:3^ a.m., Mav 15, 19A3 In ih« office of the Plma County Pur^ha'inq Agent, 5855 So. Bth Avenue, Tucson. Arizona, RID-B--234T-Glass Beads To furnish Plma County Highway Department with Glass Beads for a one M) year period, be^lnnlno Ju' v 1, 1943 to and Including June 3". 1°''. as per o«-lllcallons called fr' b* "lm« Cnuntv Oponlna of Ihe Q l r i - B - - ? 3 4 l will br nl 1I:CO a.m., M*y H, 1943 In the of(ic« of the Pima County Purchasing Agent 2855 So. Slh Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relatins fa the aloresaii bids may be orocured from the offic of the Pima County Purchasing Ageni 2355 So. 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnis a sufficient Bid and Performance 8oni acceptable to the Soard of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserves th right to r e j e c t , any or all bids for an reason whatsoever or to waive any ir regularities or informalities in Ihe bid or bidding. DONE 8Y O R D E R of Ihe Board o Supervisors this 23rd day of April, 1963 THOMAS S. JAY, Chairman Board of Supervisors Pim.i County, Arizona Publish: Tucson Daily Citizen April 29. 30. May ], 1, J, t 6. 7. 8 and 9, 1943 NOTICE OF CALL FOB BIDS NOTICE IS H E R E B Y GIVEN tha sealed bids will be received In the oflic of Ihe Pirrvi County Purchasing Aflcn 2355 So. Bth Avenue, Tucson, Arizona up to 10:00 a.m., May 16. 1963, for th following: 8 ID--8; 2344-- ENVELOPES To furnish Pima County with Envelope for a period ot one (1) year beginnin July 1, 1963 lo and including June 3^ 1944, as per specifications called for b Pima Counly. Opening ol the Bid--B -2344 will be al 11:00 a.m., May 16, 196 in The office of trte PJma Counly PurcrM ing Agent, 2855 So, 8th Avenue, Tucson Arizona Specifications relating to the aforcsal bid may be procured from the office o the Pima Counly Purchasing Agent. J85 So. Bth Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnish sufficient Bid and Performance Bon acceptable to the Board of Supervisor The Board of Supervisors reserves th right lo reiecl any or all bids for an reason whatsoever or to waive any i regularities or informalities In the bid or bidding. DONE BY O9OER of Itie Board o Supervisors this 29th day of April, 1963 THOMAS S. J A Y , Chairma Board of Supervisors Plma County, Arizona Publish: Tucson Dally Citizen May 1, ?, 3. 4, 6, 7, I, », 10 and 11. IviJ. Friends meet Friends at the "Esoterically Mysterious" CAROUSEL LIGHT (Second Floor in Tuc- S^p son Inn's Bagdad Bldg. 127 W. Orachman). Our Specialty RARE-- MEDIUM-- WELL PRIME $-195 RIB I (With V«9., Salad and Beverage) Served Daily, Except Monday, 5 to 10 p.m. CIRCUS STYLE DRINKS 59' renowned schools as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia and William and Mary, and raised money during the 18th Century for the defense of Philadelphia and New York. Fino contends a lottery would be the easy and painless way to raise $10 billion in additional revenue yearly because it would feed on the natural "ambling urge of the American people. Some 82 countries have government-run lotteries, he SHOW SCHEDULE (Times Furnished by Theaters) ·APACHE: Once a Sinner--7:30; Overnight Girls--9; Four Ways Out--10:30; Man's Paradise--12. ·CACTUS: Come Flv wilh Me--7:35, 11-55; Courtship of Eddie's Father-9:50. CATALINA: Mutiny on the Bounty--8. ·FIESTA: Last Waoort--7:38; Facts of Life--9:43; Light In the Piazza --11:36; G.ing War--1:27. FOX-TUCSON: Come Fly with Me--2:52, 6:37, 10:22; Follow the Boys--1:10, 4:55, 8:40. LYRIC: Kiss Before Dying--1. 4:28; Period of Adlustment--2:49, 8:17; And God Crealed Women--4:46, 10:14. 'MIDWAY: To Kill a Mockingbird--7:37, (whole show), 12:15 (first hall); Cry tor Happy--10:20. ·MIRACLE MILE: Pigeon That Took Rome--9:50; Days of Wine and Roses --7:35, 11:35. PARAMOUNT: Man from Diners Club-1:10, 5:30, 9:50; Home from the Hill -2:45, 7:10. P A R K : Miracle Worker--4:15, 10:10; Manchurian Candidate--8:05. P L A Z A : Los Gavilanes--1, 4:47, 8:22; Vacaciones En Acapulco--2:53, 6:28, 10:09. · P R I N C E : Giant--7:35 (whole show), 1:40 [first hall); Summer Place--11:25. ·RODEO: Secret File Hollywood--7:45. 11:17; Sevenlh Commandment--9:52. THE MOVIE: Shangri-La; Career Girls on Holiday--from 17:20; last show at 10:45. ·22nd STREET: Music Man--7:37 (whole show). 12:15 (first half); Whatever happened to Baby Jane?--10:28. ·--Drive-in Ihcaters. N O W K A Y J N G RUSTY DRAPER SHOWS 8, 10 12 SADDLE SIRLOIN STEAK HOUSE 8E5EHVAIIONS · MA 3-4361 2 1 1 0 M I R A C L E . M H t * notes, i n c l u d i n g every country in the western hemisphere except the United States and Canada. Fino said his mail runs almost unanimously in favor of a lottery but his colleagues in the House avoid the issue. Rep. Wilbur Mills, D-Ark., chairman of the House Wavs ;md Means Committee where revenue bills are sent a f t e r i n t r o d u c t i o n , has asked the Treasury Deoartment for its lottery views. Fino said, however, that the treasury had previously rejected it on grounds the American people are unsympathetic and it would he an u n s u i t a b l e s u b s t i t u t e f o r taxes. Fino rejects both reasons. The a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , he says, doesn't know how the American people feel unless a referendum is held on the issue. He's introduced such a bill as a companion to his lottery measure. And Fino said he didn't propose a lottery as a substitute for taxes bill only to reduce taxes and the national debt. Hardly a week ROCS by that Fino doesn't speak to the House or insert statements into the congressional record urging his colleagues to "take off the blinders" and adopt a lottery. Ci^PLAZ Last Day--In Color "Vacaciones en Acapulco" Tony Ajjuilar "Los Gavilanes" Pedro Infante TUCSON INN (127 W. Drachman) · Have you Breakfasted, Lurv chconed, or Dined with us lately? Our warm hospitality includes superlative food, generous portions, at LOW, LOW PRICES! · Don't forget -- ANY DRINK at our Poolside Bar, between 2 5 P.M. 45 C (FREE Hors d'ouvres!) i^ ^^ m m ^Br mtm M CHEF'S NATION-WIDE B I R T H D A Y FRIDAY, MAY 3 SATURDAY, MAY 4 ONLY! Come in and help us celebrate! Get the world's greatest 15c hamburger for only lOc--during two-day anniversary sale only! TUCSON BURGER CHEFS 1101 North Alvernon 3306 N. 1st Avenue 22nd Craycrofl Franchisee! nationwide by Burger Chef Systems, Indianapolis 7 Home of the Worlds Greatest 15C Hamburger!

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