Independent from Long Beach, California on May 24, 1957 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 4
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P«gt A.4--INDEPENDENT il* rcH.y, W«r »«. "17 Storms Hit Midwest, Texas Anew | (Continued Trom Page A-L| f 45, drowned In the racing waters ' ' of the Ohio River south of New Washington. The storm system which hit Dallas and Fort Worth swept eastward raking Mount Pleas, ·nt, Tex., with high winds, rain ' !«»' ' and hall, and smashing plate ! glass windows at Tyler, Tex It then sent a tornado ripping, through the Van I loose plantation at Gllllnm, Li* 13 miles north of ShrevcporU Deputies , were sent to the scene, nl- tliough damage appeared slight. In Indiana, meanwhile, floodwaters swrpt a car to the edge of a 30-foot cliff. The driver, Walter Stabach, 48, Chicago, was trapped In his teetering car over the raging Big Creek near Solitude, Ind, (or 45 minutes. A FIRE DEPARTMENT hook «nd ladder crew tried to wach the car, which was surrounded by four feet of water, but couldn't make It. Two men In a motorboat finally got to Stn- Inch and brought him back to dry land. Tornado activity appeared to die down Thursday outside of Texas, but heavy rains soaked southern Missouri, Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma, northeast Texas, southern Illinois, south- f i n Indiana and western Ken tucky. Fair Grove. Mo., measured a: R30-lnch ralnfnll and the Mcra mec River threatened to hi Valley Park, Mo,, with Its high cst flood crest since 1950. B36 Drops Bomb by Accident' ALBUQUERQUE Wl -- An Air Force B36 accidentally dropped a bomb about five mile south of Klrtland Air Force Base Wednesday, The bomb struck In' open country and officials said I caused no damage on the ground. However, a Klrtland spokesman said there was ", It tie damage to the aircraft' when the bomb was released. No personnel aboard the Mmbcr were Injured, , ' . . . The spokesman said equipment failure caused the bomb o break loose and fall 2,000 ect. He said the explosion on the ground was email and doer I bed It as "Just an ordinary }omb." Asked whether It was an tomlc-nature bomb, he replied: "There was no nuclear con- rlbutlon or contamination." Asked to clarify his statement, he said: "I'm sorry, 1 an't elaborate on thu typo of weapon It was." · Col. Frank Bradley, public nformatlon officer at Klrtland 'ho released the Information, aid he could not answer fur- !icr questions concerning the omo bate of the B36 or the ncldent. e are not In a position to nlargc on this release," ho »ald. HIGHWAY FLOOD U. S, Highway 75, Cannda-to-thc-Gulf nutomoblle route, Is covered by flood waters of Bird Creek 12 miles north of Tulsa and Its edges outlined only by telephone poles.--(AP Wirephoto.) Major rises were In progres; nlong the extreme lower Mis Rourl, middle Mississippi a IK lower Ohio rivers. The Memphis Tenn,, Weather nurenu warner of a weekend Mississippi floo( crest through Missouri and Ten. nessec and urged "every possible Immediate precautionary measure," · · · · MORE FLOODS were expected along the Arkansas River In Oklahoma, the Wabash and White In Illinois and Indiana . and the upper Sahlne In Texas Dallas and Fort Worth had already had their fill of floods. A one-two storm punch hit the two cities, springing from bunk of heavy black cloQds which turned day Into night. The first storm sent flash floods swirling through Dallas washing cars off highways anC trapping hundreds-of motorists In their cars. Then came the second blast, hitting Fort Worth and Dallas In succession. The hurricane- force winds bent trees double before they snapped and set the 40-story Republican National Bank building In Dallas, tallest In the Southwest, swaying like a reed. FREMONT, NEB., HELPS Razed Missouri Town to Rebuild FREMONT, Mo. W 1 ) -- Older Injured and almost the entire residents of this battered little Dzarks village, given new hope y a fund-raising contest started by Fremont, Neb., are determined to rebuild the town, "It's the most wonderful news :'ve had." said K. D. Hcdspeth '4, one of the town's well-to-do natives before It was hit by a lash flood and tornado within a 12-day period. Earlier Thursday the Fremont :Nob.) Guide and T r i b u n e aunched a money-raising con est and Invited all other towns and cities named Fremont to enter the contest on a per-caplta lasts. THERE ARE IS Fremonts In he United States. Some survivors of the tornado ·hlch Tuesday sought out the Hinge, nestled In a valley In he heart of a forest section, ten convinced the elements had onsplred against them and were eady to give up. Six persons were killed, about town was levelled. lledspoth, speaking hospital bed at Poplar Bli Mo., 50 miles south of here, put it this way: "I've got to go back, I lost my home, another building with two apartments, a woodworking shop, a store building, a farmhouse and part of a barn." ' James Welblc, 82, and his wife, Lula, 67, occupying « room at the same hospital, said: i 'We like Fremont--that's our home. We don't have anywhere else to go. At soon ns we are able, we will go back and do the best wo can with what's left." Told of the fund-raising contest. Welble said, "I didn't think anybody cared that much for us. It's almost too much to be- Hcve." · * · · HIS WIFE SAID, "I want to See Fremont live again," ' Before the fund-raising con- cst, survivors hid reason to e«l discouraged. Frisco station Brain Injuries Under Study by Conference Communlcntlon problems brain-Injured children will be »tpdled today and Suturday during the fourth annutil conference or the California Speech and Hearing Assn. to be held In the WJIton Hotel. Registration will be held from 5:30 to 8 p.m. tonight In the hotel lobby and will bo followed bj| a banquet In the Pageant Room. general session and symposl- ne-fourth of the 207 residents agent Bill Bosley said. "There just Isn't much left to build around." Only a church and handful of the town's 50 houses remain Intact. Its '$500,000 new grade school and high school were wrecked. The village already was In an economic decline. Once It was a thriving timber town of nearly 2.000, of urns will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday. New off! cers will be Installed at a Saturday luncheon. Dr. Marcla Hays, chief of the Bureau of Crippled Children's Housewl' Service for the State Depart' ment of Public Health, will speak at the Friday night ban quet. Ernest Wlllenberg, of the State Department of Education, will be the main speaker at the Saturday general session. Wives Cleaned Out TOKYO W -- The Japanese Ives Ansn. concedes defeat after a three-month cam- palgn to keep the cost of cleanliness from Inflating. The welfare ministry Insists the public bath fee on July 1 will'rlse 1 yen. It now Is 14 yen (about 5 cents). MATTRESS SALE/ CARP!T "EMNANTS SLEEPER-SOFA MADI TO RITAIL POX A luxuriom tofo by day . , , a comfortable bed by night. Farnoui make, Conceali a full tiie Inneriprlng maftreu. tf ipKltl imittiMMli tilt ninulteturar hn sllittid yi i llmltirf luimtiir el thin quillty mittrinit nidi t» i«tl lor much hl{hir piltih Shop Mtljf for thin vslusil MMOUI MAKI INNERSPRING MATTRESS SOX SPRING SET M«tf« I* Ritill l.r 1M.SO OUTMO TH MATTRESS SPRING SET 10-YEAR OUARANTU M«dit*R*»«llf«rS1».lD IMWUKI rout MATTRESS BOX SPRING SET 10.YIAROUARANTH M«d*»tRitallforStft.OO Foster Love Wins (Continued Prom Page A-l.) after sho was born out of wed lock. It was a dramatic end to the Elllses' fight for custody, Collins rejected the extradl lion request on two legal points First,' that the Indictments on which the extradition reques wns based "are Insufficient to substantially charge tho allcgec 'ugltlves with crimes against the aws of Massachusetts, 1 Ho said that under Massachusetts law, ' ihown In an 'Intent" muit be Indictment, but he Massachusetts Indictment gainst the Elllses failed to show his. Secondly, Collins fald, "It Is ejected that the alleged fugl- Ives are not fugitives, as a mat cr of law." He said that the Indictments hurged that Klllses violated the aw by taking Htldy nway from fassuchusetts In September 950. But he said "the proof bc pro me shows that the alleged ugltlves were not physically resent In the State of Mnssa- husetU at any time after July 5, 1953, which was something ko 14 months prior to the times llcged In the Indictments." · · · · COLLINS, who Is an attorney, aid that under Florida law a person Is not a fugitive unless o Is present "at or about" the me the alleged crime he Is nc- used of was committed. The request of the Common therefore not In proper form and Is denied." said tho-governor. There Is no appeal from the governor's decision and Colllnn said he saw "no Useful purpose' In a l l o w i n g Miisimcliusctu authorities to file a brief fur ther clarifying their stand In Hit case. 'It Is clonr to me that the criminal proceedings against Mr and Mrs, Kills are synthetic," said Collins. "No crlmo (if kid* naping In a proper sense Is Involved. The real Issue Is simply whether or not the custody of illdy McCoy should contlnu' with the Klllscs or be put Under nstltutlonal control and dlrcc tlon." "Admittedly, she (Hlldy's real mother) did not want Illldy In he first place. Prior to her ihlld's birth, the voluntarily rmde arrangements for others o take her as soon as she could « safely moved from the hospital. "The mother now claims that ihe loves the child, but this con not be true In a real tense. She may want to love the child, but ove a/in only result from tho ;lvlng of olio's self to another. 'his she h«s never done, nl- hough she may have genuine desire now to do so. · · · · "IT WAS THK Elllscs In truth nd In fact, who have been the lersons through whom God has ssured to Illldy, these first two Ights ns one of His children. It vcnlth of Massachusetts Isls the Klllses who wanted Illldy to bo born. It was they who anxiously awaited her birth wltli tender emotions of excitement, anticipating fulfillment of the Joys and obligations of parent hood. , . . . "It was the Ellises also who have given of themselves to Illldy, as only parents can un dcrstnml, thereby fulfilling Hll dys* right to be loved. "With no feeling against the natural mother, except that of pity and compassion; with no antagonism toward our greut sister State of Massachusetts; I Bewildered * \ . , by Big Fuss * MIAMI BEACH. Kin. CTt-A alccpy little girl hud a hard time Thursday night figuring out what the excitement was all, about. .. Mr. and Mrs. Mclvlri B. Kills returned f r o m a Tnllahastce hearing at which Gov. Leroy Collins refused to send them back to Massachusetts to face charges of kidnaping G-ycar-old Hilcly McCoy. The child, whoso natural mother Is a Catholic, has been' reared by the Klltac*, Hho are. Jewish, almost from birth. The' urther deny this application S|atc of MBMli( . nuw . tl]1 na(| . (for extradition) based upon the H , kP(1 for their rclurn rjnd8r ,,equities Involved. "I sincerely hope that this child can now be allowed 'to continue to grow and develop In he only home, and with the only mother and father, she hits ever known." · · · · H I L D Y ' H AUDITION has ccn nullified In Massachusetts courts. The Elllscs maintain that he child's real mother twice Ignett adoption papers giving hem Ilildy and that the second Ime the papers were notarized, lowever, two and a half ycnrs| iftcr they first got the child, he Probate Court In Boston Ulllflcd the adoption proceed- ngs. The Probate Court Inter r as upheld by the Supreme Court which ordered the Ellises 0 Rive up the child. state law requiring adopted children to bp reared where! by families of their own faith. * · · · . . IIII.DY. who had been told ' only that her mother and fn- thrr were on "vacation," didn't see any reason for waking up. It took her foster mother to Hwnken her under the glare of flash bulbs and TV' lights. Weiirlng « pink nightgown,, little Illldy hugged a stuffed a n - ' . mat and gazed about in bewll- .' dormpnt. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis wore kept busy answering telephone calls' and opening telegrams. ·; ·SOMETHING M I S S I N G T Locate It quickly through Want 'Ads. Dial HK 2.59r9. Walk ers OPEN MONDAY FRIDAY 9:30 to 9:00 Ik. Mindly ll«t. .1 long Sxch · * I I DOWNTOWN .» 4TH «*J PINE | SDCCIGII1 NEW G.E. AUTOMATIC BLANKETS pay 5Qc down and 5Qc week 24.95 · dreiden blut · rote pink · garden blue N e w G . E . automatic blanket with Ihe exclusive 'sleep guard" control that assures comfort without care. Completely washable, mothproof, non-allergic, feather-light, yot cozy warm for year- round uso. Three rnosl wanted colors In A-l twin bed size single control NOW f t » AP double bed size *4«*3 Einglo control NOW 29.95 double bed she dual control NOW 39.95 we hold your selection in guaranteed safe storage DOHIEST1CS THIRD FLOOH special! new low price 1957 EUREKA roto mafic model 860 now only 49.95 complete with de luxe tools original was 79.95 value Now beauty, light, quiet, clip-on tools, easy . ''glide rug nozzle, light vinyl hose, paper dust bag. limited number model 805 eureka canister type, ·without dolly · 39.88 POLY-AIRE foam miracle mattress pad OPEN EVES, TIL 9 IATUIBU -Til 4 lUtltt It tt I EASY TERMS 1740 DAISY AVE. 1 Block Swill ll Pjciftl .Cijst ,*i|Kl| I eliminates bumps and buttons non-allergic, nontoxic, dust free · may be boiled for sterilizing WALKER'S Pine at Fourth, Long Beach PUali «nd m«jK» following P«lyAlf» Foom padll 7.99 double bed size 7.99 do luxe quality twin size . 9.99 double bed size DOMESTICS THIRD FLOOR CD EC *' *»» '"* A»d th» f PKCC V«IU«tl« With h»ch«. "for the rest of your life" Wake up! you're In lor a heavenly surprise tho very first time you sleep on an alrfoam mattress pad. It's like sleeping In a wonderful dream. So treat yourself to a really restful night's uleep and give your mqttrcss a new life.

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