The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 3, 1957 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1957
Page 7
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oria County, Wednesday, July 3, 1967 THI TACTS iss Lukasheay Wed fi Danbury Church and white flower* en.... th« «lt»r of St. Antho- Catholic Church at Danfor th* double ring cere- .ny that united Miss Betty ne Lukasheay of Chenango farttatlon and Jo* Ed Fairfield Rosharoti. iFather Schroeder conducted |6 ceremony, which was held jine 30. Miss Barbara Sickle ved as organist. {Given in marriage by her fa- ler, the bride wore white lace taffeta, with very full altt length, skirt and a tight dice with V neckline and |«rl sleeves. fWlth the gown she wore jllte luce gloves, Juliet cap w»lst length veil, and [white orchid corsage. *lsa Josephine Luriashcay, lo aetvwJ as maid of honor, re a pink crystalline dress •de in a style similar to that .the bride, and curried red les. IMlM Bettty Bell, briesmald, Its dressed the same as the maid of honor, and also carried ired roses. Jimmy Pilgreen was best man, with Albert Ludasheay as groomsman and Louis Lee Lu- dasheay as usher. Louis Lee Lultasheay as usher. Parents of both the bride and groom wore blue. For the reception thut followed, held In the Danbury American Legion Hull, the table was covered with a white organdy cloth over net, and cen- ffl with a tiered wedding cake. Peonies were also used as ec- oratlon for the table. Members of the house party were Miss Juanlta Plummer, who kept the bride's book, Mrs. Nell Frank, Mrs. Lucy Cookscy, and Mis': Jane Cooksey. For the wedding trip to Brownsville, the bride cho?e a jnavy suit with white accessor- lies. They will make their home in Rosharon on their return. Both are graduates of Angleton High School. Th* candielighted wedding at Miss Wild* Lee Walker artd Purcell Ouecs Jr. of Freeport w»s held June it in the First Methodist Church In Garndo, with th* Rev. E. t. Reeves conducting the double ring ceremony. The bride i* the daughter of Mr. and Mn. M. L. Walks* of Oanado, and the groom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Purcell 6ue*« Sr. of Temple. The altar held baskets whit* stock, mums, and fern*. Whte Up«rs were burning In • double candelabra on either 'MIM PATSY JEAN L T bar»«r, d*u«hi« el Mr. and Mn. Waller L. Lyb«fg«r of Fr**poil, will b*c»m* ih* brWt of Floyd Ktl^h Btngston Jr., son of Mr. and Mr*. F. K. B*nfl- ston 8r., of Baytown in an Au«. 17 c*r*mo«r st 10 a.m. In Calvary Baptist Church. Invllarl«n* arc txtmded through ih* press. New McQuffey Readers Teach Morals To Kids MR. AND MH8. JOE ED FA1RFIFLD —Photo by Jack Gr**nb*rg. By GAY PAULEY UP Staff Corrnpendmt NEW YORK —W— Teach our children character, without preaching to them. Thl* old-fashioned formula, which influenced our parents and grandparents through the famous MeGuffey readers gets the modern treatment in the Golden Rula series of children's books. The latest in the series Is out today—this group aimed for the first, second and third grade level. The first group, for fourth, fifth and sixth gride*, came out in January 1958. Eventually, the seventh and eighth grades also wll be covered. Underwrtng the research for this project of developing children's moral sense without moralizing ia the Palmer Foundation, established in 1644 by Col. and Mrs. Clyde E. Palmer. i H. Publish** H*wa ' Palmer is president and pub- 'Usher of the Texarkana Gazette and Daily News. He and his wife long have been Interested In educational methods and set up th* foundation to "foster and promote the principles of morality through the public schools." The American Book Co., publishers of the Golden Rule series subtitled "The modern McGuffcy Readers," said that perhaps the "most exhaustive and comprehensive research «ver made Into childrtns reading habits" went into preparation of th* series for the beginners. The series it written and edited by a staff headed by Dr. UlUu W. Leave!!, professor of education and director of the McGuffey reading clinic at the University of Virginia. Much I of th* testing for children's reaction to the books was done clo-diama approach — that la — • the children act out the end- Ings. American book Mid research into the readability was extensive, and that all stori** got the classroom test. In the grade two books for Instance, Freeporter Wed At Ganado of lide of the altar. , The bride, escorted by her father, wore a ballerina-length gown of imported Chantllly lae«, accented by • long torso bodice, Peter Pah collar, and long tapered tleeve* coming to a point over th* wrists. The hem was scalloped. Her head. piece was * flat Mllbox of imported lace with pearl and cequin studs. The fingertip veil Of import** French silk illusion was attached it the back to the headpiece. Honor atteiidants were Miss Joyce Walker, si*t«r of the Career, Home, Children Most Important To Lauren *r ALIKE MOBBY Unit** Mr*** Hollywood WHWr " l h »v* ambition and now HOLLYWOOD —W— L*u- I "«ve I chance for the first ren Bacall has three things on time to concentrate on a car- her mind these days: Her car- jer. I've had Broadway offers eer, her children and her house, but any other marriage is pushed out of sight at this time. The slender, frank-talking actress sat crosi-legged on the sofa in her den to tell how she Is trying to adjust to being * widow with two children at 32. The gossip columns, for on* thing, have not been able to pin her with any "date." Since the death In January of Humphrey Bogart, she has dined only at th* homes of friend* or with old friends Spencer Tracy or Frank Sinatra. bride, as maid of honor; and Mrs. Floyd Macon of Port Arthur, briedsmaid. Their dresses were of light blue nylon organdy, designed with long fftt*d torso bodice, V-neek- line and short sleevs. The headpieces were flat pillboxes of matching nylon organdy with a small veil. The shots were a matching color, and they cirried bouquets, of pink mums. Robert Guess, brother of the groom, was best man, and Floyd Macon of Freeport was groomsnwn. Ushers were WIL. II* Glenn Macon of Baytown and Ronald Guess of Temple, another brother of the groom. Ronald Wfilker, brother of th* brld*. and Darryl TreJu of San Antonio were the cindlellght- ers. Mrs. E. P. Orment played th* nuptial music, and accompanied Mrs. Gordon F. H»e«* as she sang, "I Love You Truly" and "The Lord's Prayer." The bride's mother chose a rose beige lace dress with navy accessories, and a corsage of white mums. The bride's bouquet was white orchids and stephanotls with satin streamers. The bride is a graduate of Ganado High School and Southwest Texas Teachers College of San Marco*. She is a teacher In the Brazorla Independent School District. The groom served four years in the U. S. Navy and is now employed at the Dow Chemical Compiny in Freeport. Being alone now, I have twice I Immediately following the wedding, a reception was held dio, and I'm ready! bat I want to stick to movies— and I had two good ones last year and I'm in s good position in films." The actress also decided to continue living her* because she doesn't want to move tier children, eight and five, out of th*lr schools. Unlike many start, Lauren Bacall appears to b« a devoted mother. "Look, I wanted those children and I have them," she said. "I have a sense of responsibility and a conscience. Ill probably never get mar-{the responsibility. They must ried again because I can't go:have security and peace of through this date business," j mind, she said. "I'm not good at mate-1 Plan* T* •*!! Hi in the home of the bride's parents. The lace covered table . -. . . was centered by the bride's ing small talk. I like to Ulk{ "Next fill I plan to sell this | bouquet. The wedding cake MHR. PUMCELL OUKM JR. directly to people. CriTM "Besides, I've been in hibernation. I crave privacy'mote than anything now.. I don't wint to be one of tho*e girls you see at parties all over town and people think they have nothing else to do." She busy answering only one new word per sent- f an letters, which recently have ence Is introduced . . . only two | , t „ p p e d mentioning Bogie's new words to a page {death. She has turned down The first series has been ad-, numerous offers, such as to ap- opted as textbooks in ell au- class- pear on cancer telethons and UF » U «.., i^ A ,.i* uun o «. v.-« p«ar wa cancer leieinons ana rooms in virtually every stale, th* Mike Wallace TV ihow. house because it will be health-, was a four-tiered whit* con- ier for all of us. Ill Uke anoth- fectlon with sugar spun rotes er hous* with th* Idei of suy- and pal* gr«en letve*, tapped Ing there for I couple of years , with a miniature bride ind but not for th* rest of my life." 1 groom. The sun-Unned actress puff-1 Members of the nous* party ed on her cigarette and ;were Johnnie Withers of States west of the Mississippi account for (1 per cent, at America's livestock population. Most commercially grown orchids take fiv* or more years o grow from seed. Gliders have down is high s It is possible to go without pressurized cabins. • * • Joseph Jenks molded the irst iron made in America. said, "I've I lot to b« thankful;corpus Christi, Miss Frances for. I had 11 years with Bogie, Macon of San Antonio, Mrs. and we had more good living | T H Burle50n o( Port La vac ., In 12 years than many people J MrT TmtA Devlnney of Vic- whore married for JO. I feel sad mainly for th* children, and for Bogle himself. b*c*use ; there were so many wanted to do for them. he FASH10NETTES I Currently she is determined "to! "I don't look ahead—you just concentrate on my career." have to live day by day.' 'toria, and Mrs. William Trcka S*n Antonio. After * wedding trip, the will make their home in Freeport The little red dre*» threaten* to replace the little black dress as basic "Everything will be all right with m* when I get back lo work," she said. "I want to do a picture and then start another right away. I have a couple of things brewing at Fox Stu- women's wardrobes this fall and winter. The New York Faslon Group, in a prtview ol fall style trends, report! "red U the jingle most Important color family." Blu* rite next, said the Group. Other colon seen frequently include purple, magentas, yellows, and bright and dull greens. May. The arrival of i i IM Ti.RIIA KOKENA. daughUi oi Mr. *nd Mit, F. X. JCekMM ofConrM. b*c*m* Ih* bridt of Hotwrt C. O' •I Ctal M**dow. Long Island. N. Y.. in a ceremony it 1:10 •.m. Tu*>d*r i>> It. Maiy'i: Star ol ih* S*a Catholic Chutah IB Freepoii. Th* coupU will liri at Lang Itl*nd. —Phola br Don Wilson at the clinic. Stntimenl Play* Part Tht publishers said undoubtedly a little sentiment also played a part In th* .Palm*rt' pioneering of the reader*. 1 suspeot it is many of us fe«(. a sentiment My mother grew up on the McGuffey readers, and I grew up hearing her recite poem after poem remembered from her school d»vs and the reader* compiled by William Holmes McGuffey. The publishers said research into the subject matter for the ' new series looked into more : than 100 desirable traits and | rules of conduct. Through i questionnaires to school prin- jcipals and other leaders In ed. jucation, these wer* boiled down lo 11 "ideals of per. sonal behavior" tought in the series. Courtg* Included They ar« co-operation, courage, fairness, friendliness, honesty, kindntis, patriotism, per- servttrancr, responsibility, reverence, and unselfishness. Many ot the stories use the flower II has Inspired the Puritan look ia children's fashions. One Dallas firm, Johnston, Introduces a whole group of Mis* Mayflower drsj*ses with tiftht-fitting bodic**. Urge while Puritan collars «nd ruffs, and bras* buckles and buttons. There's * n*w shape to aom* suit Jackets this fall. U Is the curved-up cut, with th* jacket swinging full Instead of hugging the hlpltne, and hanging ill m -ch shorter In front than'|| back. Designer Pauline Trigere shows the curv*d-j*cket topping a slim-cut skirt, both i» grey tweed. "The important thing," she said thoughtfully, "Is you have : The federal Civil Defense to make a life of your own. administration is charged with You can't sit back and wait j tht responsibility of mlnimlx- For what? You have to nuke ing '.he effects of enemy attacks your own place in th* world." on persons FREEPORT INSURANCE AGENCY OLDEST IWBUJIANCK AQKNCT IN BMAZORIA COUNTY Phoiu 3-6903 IM w. Mar*Len JUNIOR SIZES ft MISSES SIZES SPORT WEAR LINGERIE CASUAL DRESSES HATS-BAOS-HOBE 97 N. Parking PL L»k« Jactaon The Freeport National Bank \_t» 7 New Carpet Cleaning Method Undergoes Tests WASHINGTON —J Uncle Sam 1* helping to aolv* the problem of cleaning wail-to- wal rotton carptting. The Department of Agriculture announced, dfvelopmint of a method using a special d»- tergenl and machine which are not yet In commercial production but are being tested by commercial firms. It added that if th* process docs go Into commercial use, the popularity of wall to wall cotton carpeting should increase. The department taid tht new method, developed by contract research sponsored by USDA, U based on a minimum of wetting and fast drying of the carpet. ICIAL FRONTIEJ We're proud to say that we are a part of the neverending, growing forces of our community helping families and business men progress to a happier, more successful future! W. C. McLBNftON, D. V. COLUNt, VICE.millDBNT RALPH DAVID, CASHIBK JOHN W. HAZARD, AMT. CASHIXE Wigs begin to become very; popular in Europe when Louis! XII! began lo grow b*ld andj turned to claboiate wigs which. were Imitated by his followers. DIRECTORS: W. C. McLINDON O. V. COLLINB LVTHEE EVANS W. T. dALLOWAY W. V. Cl'REY J. E. DIN OLE DAVID J. LAND*BOROCaP DAN M. MOOD1 C. OABANNK IMITU JOHN •. BLArPEE J. G. D1CKSON AMBULANCE SERVICE PH. 5-2511 BRAZOSPORT FUNERAL HOM£ US t4KE JACKSON BO. Qt'AI.ITY DIAMONDS |17.95 — $2,000.00 EASY TERMS NO CARRYING OHARGEfc McSPADDEN JEWELRY •CREDIT JEWELERS" FRt,J-ORJT, TKXAS &TATMENT OF CONDITION THE FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK Fr**p*rt, TIXM At th* ciM* *t ttMIIIM J*B* «, INT RESOURCES Ci^ii w.d due from ffanirii United ?tatrs Ooiwaraent Securities Munlr'F*! Kid othtr Beeuritla* Stock Jr. Mdrr»l IteMrre Bank . . Cuh anil (juicily uvilUble. aatetc Loans ana Dtsnownu Banking Pr*.ius*s ,_ _ Furnlturt »».d Ftxtiir** TOTAi. ... 13U1W31 IM.140.47 «1,4«O.H »4«M,ai*< LIABILITIES Common Sl-ws. Undivided "r-inu ......... _ ...... __ ------- Rs'servt lei rontinganetu ......... - TOTAI CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Other H-s»rv»s (Trxe*, Interest, Etc) ... Deposits ....... _ ...... ............ — TOTA! UABILJT1E8 if CapiUl ____ 116,000.00 176,000.00 U.3M.W 21,245.10 1S.W4.0S 1.110,472 J( THJE BANK Of COURTESY' The Freeport National Bank 103 CHERRY ST. PHONE 3-5261 FREEPORT

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