Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 28, 1969 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 28, 1969
Page 15
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OWN** THI MIHACf HELEN HELP US Dear MMm: Rcadlnc the hands ui. this middle aged person would like to know: How did a generation of such stupid people p r o d u c e such ' G00 8t£S5 00 8t£S5 WTRmE. AN' 6USSMV f IRE ENGINE. MY GREEN flOUHC£8^,AN'0ieSS/Wy..." Feliciano Demonstrates His Ail-Around Musical Talents How Come Young Are So Smart? blasts youth all-knowing, mature e? - El. B. wise, young people? Dear Y o u n g where: Okay, kids, have THAT one! - H. o u n g Rebels Every- a go »t Dear Helen: For the small percentage of teens who think no one over 30 knows anything, I have f i v e questions. Do they think that-1. They are the only teens who know more than t h e i r parents? We just didn't let our folks know we knew more. We considered their feelings. 2. They discovered sex: Were all past generations produced by artificial insemination? 3. It's new to carry a guitar. We practically invented the guitar's little broher--the uke --and we couldn't play it any better either. 4. They are the first to wan! to improve the world? We tried too, and came up with s o m e pretty good ideas. Think ot the 1 By CYNTHIA LOWRY : NEW YORK (AP) - Jose ..Feliciano, the young Puerto Ri- 2can entertainer who crashed "into the public's consciousness Jwith his distinctive interpretation ot "the Star Spangled Ban- ,ner' during last year's World jSeries, demonstrated his all- ·around musical talents Sunday "night. '·'· In "Feliciano-- Very Special" ton NBC, the star sang, played .guitar and switched briefly to "other instruments. Since Jose ^has been blind since birth, there .were certain problems with -mobility and those casual cue- card exchanges of banter be- ·jtween numbers. The former was -solved magnificently by permit "ting him to remain seated ^through most of the show, sur grounded by such attractive tal ent as Andy Williams, Dionne ;Warwick and Glen Campbell. A t guitar duet with Campbell was a highlight of the hour. The lat ; ter problem was handled even ^better-- they just didn't have those painful exchanges. : VISUAL TREAT : It was beautifully producec .and a visual treat that should rftave been seen in color. · Sunday was quite a day for music. Leonard Bernstein's ;"Young People's Concert"-- in -spite of its horrendous title -"Bach Transmogrified"-- wa: ·One of the liveliest and m o s made especially for children, )ut there were adult satisfactions in listening to the New York Philharmonic Orchestra )lay Bach in the traditional way. followed by contemporary, and often outlandish, interpreta- ,ions of the 200-year-old music. An electronic device called a moog synthesizers, all blinking ights and turning wheels, which created strange and interesting sounds, gave one interpretation of Bach's "Little Fugue." Leopold Stokowski conducted the orchestra in his version and a young organist presented his. Bach came off very well in all 'gratifying musical line season. outings o The CBS hour may have been three. IRREVERENT Wildest of all, however, was the amusing and irreverent treatment given the Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 by the New York rock V roll ensemble. It followed a playing of the concerto by Bernstein at the piano with two instrumentalists from the orchestra. NBC. a few minutes after re ceiving news of the resignation of President Charles de Gaulle announced it would pre-empt "I "Dream of Jeannie' tonight for a half-hour special on the French crisis. Recommended tonight: "The Spring Thing," NBC, 7-8 CDT, Bobbie Gentry and Noel Harri- sin co-star in a variety special: "The Carol Burnett Show," CBS, 9-10, windup show of the News Of Other Years Quick Look At Today In History Today is Monday. April 28 the 118th day of 1969. Thjre are 247 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history On this date in 1952, war wit! Japan officially ended as a trea ty which had been signed by th United States and 47 other na tions went into effect. On this date: In 1220, work was started o Salisbury Cathedral in Englant In 1758, the fifth Ameri can president, James Monroe was born in Westmoreland Coun ty Va. In 1788, Maryland ratified th U.S. Constitution. In 1789, the mutinous crew o the British ship "Bounty" se Capt. William Bligh and 18 sa lors adrift in a launch in th South Pacific. In 1945, Italian dictator Bemt Mussolini and his mistress wer captured and executed nea Lake Como as they tried to c cape from Italy to Switzerland. In 1965, U.S. Marines were o dered to land in the Dominica Republic during a revolution. Ten years ago--The Organiz: tlon of American States voted i aid Panama against invader Five years ago -- The Sovir 1 Communist party charged th Mao Tse-Tung was ruling ill gaily in Red China because h had not called a party congre in five years. One year ago -- A Negro boycott crippled business in Greenwood, Miss. 310 YEARS AGO - The Federal Aviation Agency ·will grant up to $90,000 to Fayetteville for improvements at jDrake Field, municipal airport. : -The city of Fayetteville is ready -to match the $90,000 to provide ,;$180,000 for "program. the improvement 15 YEARS AGO ^ Witt Carter was named presi- "dent of the Fayetteville Safety ^Council last night at the organization's annual banquet. Margin Murphy and H. L. Remmel -were elected vice presidents. - Sixty law enforcement offi- "cers of Northwest Arkansas and 25 YEARS AGO ; Chief of Police Dan Allen said today he has offered his ^resignation to the City Council -to act upon at its next session. 'Chief Allen is a candidate for ; sheriff of Washington County. '-" The Fayetteville High School MMMM MM, MM., ApM M, 1**» · Or Calling Demon's Island trouble M Placing A long-Disfence Call Br DAN PERKS I Moines, Iowa. irafe to jerk the phone out of the Associated Press Writer "Demons Island?" asked the wa i|. NEW YORK (AP) -- With operator, in a heavily accented w f , nall .. ot the number an d each passing day,, life appears voice. .ii.ili to get more complicated Even "No, no," I replied. "Des it was .««le*- when it comes to using the tele-Moines. Iowa. D-E-S M-0-I-N-; The!hoteLanswered. answered. "Hello." I Mid. "Hello," she *n§w«r«4. _ . And the telephone w«* dMd. So help roe. One recent night, for instance, I tried to call my family in Des "Where is Demons Island?" my .. pe ? t Sa 4 d she asked. rocrets mide In (octal and eonomictt areas In the past i years! 5. Their mini-skirts are so dlf rent? We wore skirts above he knee, with rolled stockings et. and fancy garters t h a t howed! And our beaux wore pocket flasks filled with bootleg wore, somewhat bigger and asier to detect than pot. -- An x-flapper, now a great grandmother. Jear Ex: True! The late 60s are a .drawback to the roaring 20s x c e p t for one thing: Back hen, the kids rebelled for the ure fun of It. Today, if they njoy life, it's a "sell out to the stablishment." They m a y augh, but only in bitter irony .Ptiy! - H. Dear Helen: I admire the young genera- toin but feel they sometimes on't give credit to those who imed them in the direction which (they hope) will make he world a better place. They forget their parents' generation started most of the eforms. We worked for world peace through the U. N. We lidn't altogether succeed, but hink what might have hap- ened without it! We were the irst to See the Negro problem reason uim. ne wemiieu and better it. (Before the kids «r£uTMdT Now the "at man tor on the line -to ask for the snort, let them check back to fmag? is gone along with 150 number of the "Commander- how things were 30 years ago). " msc * . ' _ . . ! » . . . ii...i Cambridge Says Time Is Right Far His Career The Burke room, please," "No, that's Perkes-P-E-R-K- Geographically, I explained. E-S. I added. Des Moines is located about I was in final reach of my des- halfway between New York and tination after 15 minutes of Los Angeles in the state of blood, sweat and tears. j owa ; The telphone rang. My wife "Now," I added in a pique, "will you please get me the Perkes family at the Commodore Hotel in Des Moines,' Iowa?" i REPEAT "That's the Comma Commander Hotel in Demons Island," she repeated. "No." I shouted. "That's the Commodore H o t e l in Des Moines. Iowa. Can't you understand English?" She immediately called for By BOB THOMAS Associated Press Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Says Godfrey Cambridge of his act- help. The route operator. ing career; "I'm in the right 1 "Please," she told the route time with the right body, and, girl. "I need the route number j baby, the ballgame is open:" for Demons Island." " " The time is certainly right for' I repeated plain; e ;. Negro actors in today's film : lively. It s Des Moines. Iowa. market. Never before have! ^ureka! The route operator black actors been in such de understood. She got the neces- mand for every kind of role. saiy information. . . . . Until recently, Godfrey Cam But my telephone travail had bridge would have been cast not ended. KVOO, Tulso, Channel 2 KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulso, Channel 6 KOAM, Pirtiburq, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Channel 8 (Channel 4 m cable In F«yrtt»»IIH) KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 IChinml 11 m ttbb In F«»elte«llle) KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 subject f. willmut no'!c« . . , ,, arcKGTO, Fayetteville, Channel 36 anse (channel 3 on cablt in Fayttteville) strictlv in comedv roles for . erator finally got the " U TM"* Y News *6:30- We got many breaks for the excess pounds. That's what he Hotel- means by "the right body." King Family 7:00 RAGING ' *" 7ISO- working man and the poor peo-j'"Xn'j" th e ballgame "is'indeed! "No. We want the Commo p c) , nn ,,,,,,, pie. True, poverty isn't wiped open for him- He soon sta rts his dore." 1 said, ready in all my out, but our social conscience certainly diminished it. We never beat our chests about the ;hings we did. but our concern 'or our fellowman was v e r y apparent in the reforms we undertook. Today we're being blamed for our "uninvolvement" and self- interest. If those who Indict will study recent history, they may realize why THEY are radicals. They're following in the footsteps of their parents, who were the first generation to break away from blind adherence to tradition. We saw those wrongs and started righting them. Our kids are carrying on. So why doesn't each generation give the other credit and get together in the good fight? --seeing eye dad BROVO, POP! Go to the head of the class! You said it like it is. - H. first starring role in a film for Samuel Goldwyn Jr. Cambridge has a film at Co lumbia to follow, and he expects i more to be offered, especially, since his attendance at the Academy awards. WILD, HE SAYS "It was wild," he remarked. "One person a f t e r another stopped me and said. 'Wow, what happened to you. Godfrey?' Some of them didn't even NEW YORK (AP) -- Edward recognize me at first. They're Kennedy Ellington, who can re- looking at me in a whole new member President Theodore light, and that can translate into Roosevelt stopping his horse to movie jobs." I watch him and other little hoys Duke To Mark 70th Birthday At White House movie jobs. How did the transformation come about? "It started two years ago .Dream Houn S * 12:30 ! Hidden Tact* 2 2, S. 5, t. 7. «. 12. 16 Man with A Mike S As the World Turni I. t. 16 . ,, Weather 1 · · · · . '," i i in i Let'» Make A Deal 8. 12 J TM. nn . ..y.:.: i .s. ie'* i:oo- . D.ivs of Our Lives . . . . 2. 3. 7. 3« 1 l.cve U a Many Splendored SprinK .Thinf. 2. 3. 7, 36| N TMjTM, ed Cam . /.;....... *' J; 15 8. 12i* I:3 °- K ' ir,! Doclons 2. 3, 7. 3R ... ' U u i d i n g l.ifht 5, 6. 16 X o'W-- Dating Game S. It Movie 2. 3. 7. 30 . ...A Mayberry R.F.D 5. 6, 1C,.* Z.OO-- Outcasts 8, 121 Another World 2 , 3 , 7 . 3 8 ^ 8-1(1 'Secret Storm S, 6, 18 " »··"'- .General Hoipltal .... *Z:30- Family A f f a i r 5. 6. U * 9:00 Carol Burnett S, fi. 16 BIB Valley 8, 12 * 19:00- Ncws 36 News. Weather ». 19 . Sports . 10:30- 2, 3. 5, 6, 7. S. 12, 16 MeKenzies Raiders Johnny Carson Paul Harvey Joey Btahop J, 3. 7. 3« One Life to L1T« ! .' s! II * 3:00- News 3^ Match Game S. S. ' Linkletter 5. S. IS Dark Shadows S. 19 *· 3:03 - 8. 12 * 3:25 - Newi «. J. S, T. U play baseball on 16th Street in Washington, goes back to his hometown Tuesday, to celebrate when my agent showed me a;his 70th birthday at the White etter from Paul Bogart, the di- House, rector," said Cambridge. "Bo-| Ellington, whose nickname gart wrote that he couldn't use me for a certain part because I was too fat. Now Paul is a personal friend, and if he said that. Tent Housing Convention Burns Down FARIDABAD. India (AP) Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and other government leaders escaped unhurt Friday morning when a huge tent housing the annual convention of the ruling party went up in t was pretty serious. !ne\vs conference Thursdiiy "Then I saw a photograph of evening and discussed his life myself arriving at the premiere an d music. of 'The Bible.' It was like three | ··[ write music just about ev- chins, man. Well, I pasted both e ry day. You have to wait until lie letter and the photograph on a s t a te of mental isolation sets the refrigerator, and that was it. ______ . . and he helped me find out why I ' h.nw a feels. ate so much. All of us eat be- 1 He's currently writing two op- cause we're unhappy, and we're eras . Ellington said, and all nay ' - · · - - · » ' ------------ ,-«« « mnvie The Fayetteville City Council, meeting in a marathon session last night, discussed a wide rang of subjects without action, but moved to advance the contruc- tion of water and sewer mains and other phases of the sewer expansion program. Southern Missouri met last night at Ferguson's Cafeteria in the second formal gathering of the recently organized Northwest Arkansas Peace Officers Association. Special speaker was Lindsey Hatchett, director of the Arkansas State Police. senior band left early today for Fort Smith where members will participate in a two-day bi-state music festival. The band was accompanied by R. W. Willis. band director. Authenticity Of Rembrandt Challenged By Art Expert LONDON (AP) -- A Dutch ex- Abraham Bredius. Oesf Moves Down Mississippi By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A flood crest moved down the Mississippi River between Iowa and Illinois today as residents of the towns along the way fever- shly inspected the dikes which so far have kept the river on course. A crest of 23.1 feet recorded at Dubuque, Iowa, Wednesday had receded to 23 Thursday. Flood stage is 17 feet. A crest of 21.2 was expected Saturday at Clinton, Iowa, where the river had reached 21.1 feet Thursday. Flood stage is 14.8 feet. At Davenport. Iowa, a weekend crest of 19 feet was expected with a reading of 18.8 Thursday. Flood stage is 15 feet. National Guard units, city officials and volunteers patrolled ,he dikes in all three cities iround the clock. Total damage since the wa ters began rising across the Midwest stood at more than $110 million. The Army Corps of Engineers said emergency dike construction prevented an additional $145-million loss in areas where the flood threat has ended. Congress flames. About 1.000 delegates were Inside the 150.000 square-foot en closure when the fire broke out near the speakers' rostrum at the opening convention session. i Officials said there were no atalities. Some persons were reated for minor bums. Mrs. Gandhi restrained number of delegates from itampeding out of the tent, then buck. And when they see pic- with Sidney Poitier making do. Ark. She is 27. Mutscher 30. he is on the Texas Tech In an advance review ibook to be published pert on Rembrandt has challenged the authenticity of about ^170 paintings generally believed ;to be those of the Dutch master, -the Times of London said today. of a next -month, the Time* reported that "Prof. Horst Gerson of Holland's iGroningen University has cast t doubt on certain paintings in American, British. French. Rus- ;iinn and Dutch collections. T Gerson's opinions, the Times .added, "are likely to cause con- ·sternation among owners of : Remhr.tndts, since they could -seriously undermine the value 'of a painting or a gallery's pres- ·tlge." .. The book is n revision of '."Rembrandt: The Complete 'Edition of the Paintings," writ-ten in 193S by Dutch expert Leningrad, the in Amsterdam and Queen Elizabeth II. Strike Set STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (AP) -- A strike deadline will be set Monday if the Chrysler Corp. fails to meet the grievance demands of a United Auto Workers local whose wildcat - unvniTTTTi f API--Five for- strike earlier this month idled .·nTM °ncmy 'soldiers who 31,000 workers across the conn- Defectors To Visit tures with Negro stars." Motorist Killed EL DORADO. Ark. (AP) -, A one-car accident on U.S. 167 four miles south of the Arkansas-Louisiana state line claimed: the life Friday evening of Ron ert Patterson, 47, of Junction City. Patterson died at an El Do rado hospital about an hour aft.. . .. . . ,er the accident in which the ve i tress Loretta Young, whose 29- hide he was driving left the alalIlpcuMl£ uut Ul i...*. «,...., v..~.. - -- «,..!.,, a 9tVI, IS IDC U S U K I l L L - l Ul ml . m fled through a nearby exit a few !hood; they re out to make a · H , B A , E , ,,, minutes before the rostrum was l -- b '"' "' v "" "·«'«·-""- lvlr5 ' nurll - v - · destroyed. Security officials escorted her 'rom the site as a precaution. Two fire engines rushed to the site within minutes, but their crews could not control the lames. First reports said a short circuit caused the fire. Congress party officials said they hoped to go ahead with the convention. Gerson, the Times said, Is a professor of art history who has jeen studying the 17th century Dutch artist for 30 years and is considered a scholar of world stature, but his views "can be expected to provoke bitter argument among art historians." Among the paintings questioned in the revised volume iire works owned by the National Gallery in Washington, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Louvre in Paris, the Hermitage ir Rijksmuspum Rot Project PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Duke was bestowed in a Washington high school because he was such a snappy dresser, sat in impeccable garb at a relaxed See 1969 Model 'EMITH Color TVs "Also I went to a psychiatrist. in and you just sit there and stagnate in your melody. You| splash it all over you, to see " E N T E R P R I S E 442-8575 qKU$(MAnjcl 2333 N. Colleg. Service on all Makes * 10:35 - Movlo unhappy because we're programmed to do what other people want us to do. We're afraid to do otherwise because 'they won't love me.' " SIDELIGHT he had been composing a movie score _to be recorded today -between two trips to the dentist. His second sacred concert. "Praise God and Dance," is about to he released as a re- He gave an interesting side- cording and a third sacred con- light on why he and other cert is forming in his mind. Negroes are sought for films to- · day: June Wedding "My people have always gone A I I , T , N Tex (AP)--The to the movies; that was the only TM°TMi (h ' T^S House of i,mrf «f .r,t.rt»inm(nt we ronlrl speaker of the 1 Oias£TMTM h TM and former will kind ol entertainment, we couin -·-"J".,,:......., r,,, Mutscher afford. The Negro people ^illi^/ThSv he and forme; support the movies. A recent =»' u J" ' i"°- n( ,nna Axum v survey showed that 30 per cent M ISS America Donna Axum of the audience in America i! I* 3:3»- New* TUESDAY * 6:00 Travel Campiu 9 * 6:30 Economics 2 * 6:55- Linht ot Lite « . . . i Dark Shadows t! Lucille Bull ................... ^ ............ Today* Almanac .............. J I Bcwltc-hod f, nrwltched » Mike DouRlas Jj KlintMonca 1* Muiwtcru · J Hidden Facel . ' *4:00- nnnRiT Dan ··· 3^ natnuin z Chiltlrpn'R Hour I. S.I. *7:00- N'ews Today (color! All Star Thcak-r 12 *7:30- Party Line 12 Moment ol Meditation R New " " Negro. banks know .this Banks ' n t c s t e '" 7. in Universi-;* 7:35 -Church, near UiejToday'a Farm Report , *S:00, of is the daufthter of Mr. and ment April 8. Bargain-price trash cans with bright yellow lids and automatic mouse traps are projects of the Spring Garden Community Bet terment League to eliminate rats from a North Philadelphia slum neighborhood. The trash cans, which hear the owners' names, can be pur chased for J2 each, about ha! the original cost. The four auto matic mouse traps can be nor rowed free. "One woman reported sht ·aught 54 mice In a couple o weeks." said Frank D'Angelo 2B, an ex-policeman who is exec utivc director of the league." Sues For Divorce HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- Ac year marriage to advertising man Tom Lewis was once considered one of movieland's happiest, filed for divorce Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court. Miss Young. 56. asked for token alimony of $1 a year. She said Lewis, 65. deserted her without cause in 1956. At one time Lewis produced The Loretta Young Show" on television. The couple have two sons. Peter, 23, and Christopher. 24. and an adopted daughter Judy, married to television director Joseph Tinney Jr. highway and struck a tree. ARK NOW Open 7 p.m. ·witched sides in the Vietnam Iiwr wll make a week's visit to .Hawaii. 5 Tht arrival Saturday of the "Inner North Vietnamese and VM Cong troops will mark the : first time such defectors have '·omc to the United States. try. Union officials said Wednesday that Chrysler Corp. hnd agreed to give an answer to the demands by Monday. Tht wildcat strike began over what workers said were unsafe work- Ing conditions. D A N C E Saturday Night MAY S t P.M. to MIDNIGHT TONTITOWN KNIGHTS OF COUJMMJS HAU Mmtc By THE SESSIONS P»Wkr Invtled-CoqplM 0*1; A4mi*tlM H.N Per Op«n 7:30 · Starts Dusk Tonile thru Thursday! Son. thru Thurs. One Fct. 7:45 Fri.-Sat. Features 7:00 -9:16 2nd Big Week ROMEO ^JULIET L 1 O7ARK - NOW Own 2:00 Smith 3:22, 6:24,9:Z6 Journey 2:00. 5:02, 8:M AN ALL-DISNEY f ENTERTAINMENT ttw.. .Vnnnl WHtmi WALT DISNEY CapUta Kuigiroo Fun Clut) Tufly mid Mr. Zlnl ! Muvir », 1« * 4:3f- Rnwhlde I« Porry Mmon 2, ^ "-· " Flintstones « "« 16 M l k c Douulai (color) S ' ! Casper * Three Sloogca H I * 5:00- l/o«t In Spare 3* S, «, !·· Will Sonnctl » FOOD FOR THOUGHT Htrbi itwiltf not b* «M*d to dilh until th« Int f*w mln ul« *f CMkfnR. Lenftr cooking d*»tr*ys their tutattt flavor If th* rtclp* call* for meat thinly tlictd b*fort cooking. ·* in many Oriental di*h*t, hav: tM mtat it HI itigMly frtatn CvkbraU the arrival *f May flewtrt by tucking Mm* far ·Itn bhnatmt into th* napkin rlngi at th* dinner _ tab It, Invtrt a saucer In th* bottom ·f th* MM bowl brfort fllllnn. Ctsi drtttlnx or molttur* from xre*m will drain off, h**f)lnK th* Mlad crUp longtr. Th* Ulttmllttr -- friod br*a topped with ham or b**f and a fri*d t (tit--11 a popular mack in th* Ntthorlandi that'i uiual ly torvtd jutl b*f*r* th* r*t taurant clotoi. Th* nam* meant "bouncer," You'll ntv*r b* ruihetf when you din* at SUZIC WONG'S NICK BOWL. Vltit ui loon tor a toiiurety meal--K our met foo4 ·t roatonabl* prlcet FLICS BOWL Highway 112 North Closed Mondays Open 3-9:30 p.m. 8000 Homes Use the Cable HOW IS THAT FOR PROOF TV RECEPTION IS BEST "ON THE CABLE" loaw.Mt.s.t TRANS-VIDEO 442-7111 8:30 Pay Cards * 9:00- It Takes Two Gldftet Betty Boyd Mike DouKliui .... Lucille Ball Rnmprr Room .... * 9:15 - Newi * 9:30- Concentration . . . . Movie . ... Jnrk Uevrr'.y H l l l h i l l l M * 10:00- Personality Andy Griffith Suspense; Theater * 10:30- Hollywood Sqtmi ·! Dick Van Oyki 5, IB 12 I. I. 7 * 5:30- I I OYP l.ury NYu- 2. 3. S. 6. 7. 1 I'UKSDAY EVKM.NG- * 6:00- News 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. « New.. * 6:30-- ' I ' M . ···/' '.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.." : '5 *'"7:3(l"- 13. I B . 3 6 J u h a .. S. 6. It | (C1 She-lion It Take-. A Thief 5. 3. 7, M * 8:00 1. «. IP Muv:- ........ . t. 3. 7. 30 NYI'I) S 1 16 : Mnv;r 2 3 . S. R. 2. 3. 7. ?« ....... S, H ...... s. i: ...... II TV REPAIRS · 2 Trucks · Same Day Service E N T E R P R I S E ,,,, ,, r ,, 2333 N ' Collefl * 442-8575 11:55 - . i r t i - Jfop;,rfly , lAtvv ot Lift newllchfd *, * 11:00- ( i lll.lfj I.Mr . . * 10:00- Nrw.«. Wo.Tlhc-i farmer'* DaimMer ? f if 10:30-Search for Tomorrow . 8. ir i,,h,uw rarvi GUMI irnlori I. I. I 1 M , , v i r ' Funny You Should Aafc s. 12 McKrnrleA Rn TUESDAY AFIEHNOON- , i-»,u ii.r»ey JL IJ.|g ! J" r ' H'»hOp ;. j. «. 7. t, K. in 1, J, S. 7 |r, Hirh Nm.n Nrwn Nnnn On riv» Melody Mmin * lll'3'i -. ' . . . '·'.*· " l? nil I 1 * 12:00 -- t'N«w ................ ...... ..... *

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