Independent from Long Beach, California on February 14, 1958 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1958
Page 19
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i*nt i*.*, c.iif., «., M. M, i»n INDEPENDfNT--P«g« *--*,,,,., Mineral Turps Palm ThiniMr) SANDPAPER LL ·KITS FLINT fall hub *»»* :OLOKS-IN-OIL BoOF OIL; 55c V«l. lin Yoor Contnlii*r OAL li BLACK SCRHN ENAMEL-1.1 Oval. Tfflffljjjfe8Wjjjl^mljKjj^^^ VBHi^BBI^v ^i^i^iy -^^f^^^ . . ^^.»»»---- s · . . · l^|^i^iMRRRllRRRRRRR*Ro»V.««b»^.«m SOLFWiTH AN UNCONDITIONAL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE-FREE EXPERT ADVICE sr ttzsztt®3^.^ ^ttjj^_^«tf*s£. ONE COAT COVERS HY FIHE OJIJLITT VIIT FINI 100% PURE BRISTLE BRUSHES "A-l" WASHABLE FLAT WALL PAINT EXCELLENT COVERAGE ,- nvoroqo room, . Fin R* ..allon: dot* · - · · ---."- --T.V-' S=rubboblt Oil l«i .Hut. Fltwi Ilko mjnlc. Comoltto i.locHon o» mod.r« colon liiclud'NQ wklto. Ulo brink tr rollor. 4.50 VALUE 2 99 PAINT ART TEXTURE Complotolv bid., blowfilioi,. icon «nd ircckl. I«V to .P»lv. won't m. off. J«l» Ilk. ro- »l«lt.rl«a. Whit., oly.. «-oon. Ivory. ...en, gr«y, yollow, otc. ZOo VALUE 1 |i IS-ft h| The Moit Modtrn D*c«r«itng loltoi In Y»ri! ALKYDFLAT ENAMEL · Quick DrvlM · No l«» or Imik M»r« · 5.rov. Kollor or iruik . · Wklt. Mid All Color* _ FIHt .^ . HIUITt EXTfllOl HOUSE PAINT ONE COAT OIL BASE 12' LI. HIGH ORADI-4 HOUR DRY.';;'l COAT:HIOH OLOSS « ALL PUHPOIIJ. A Port*l«In-llk» fliilih t» weed plaittr,. miiil, : : kniik*i ··illy. , fl»wi fr»»ly. Whit* and · c.mplot* lino «f oltccritar colors. Doip (on»i higher.' 5.75 VAl. VINYL EXTERIOR ODORLESS PAINT STUCCO MASONRY TOUGH, FLEXIBLE FILM ' · WIATHHFROOF · SCRUM · JUN-IMUTANT 1-HR. DIY · IALT All * SM06-RRSISTANT .C«mrltt "·· RUBBER BASE ODORLESS 1CRUI1AILI FLAT WALL PAINT BARN FENCE Oni Coat Good Quality "Mutttr D«»rort»r" IH.I Wkllo. Grtv. (j»L. PA . yif. ""- oo S M NOW NT 94 OAL. IN i 6At CAN £""· Now «nd dw.blo. Fo Iruik or *·-·»- J5.50 Value KOW ONLY Formulated for Ctilil. W««thor 84 SHAMROCK (RECK ONLY 7-in. Roller Set 99' DO-IT-VOURSILF Inclndti Flno Lomb'i Wool Rollor I Tr. S1.5D Volut J A-1" SUPER-TONE "Boyseirn en ALUMINUM '. VEHICLE VAL, NOW To mix with uli num ttowrtm- IB in.i .lunlnum p.lnt '·' tr.ll.n. muhlntfy, tooli' «tt. 1 139 GAL. STEELWOOL |t Pkj. Fine, HtJ., Curse 30c Yol · "FULURI" · "ANDRIW »ROWN" _ w "iHHWIH-WIHIAMi 'flNIST 0«AOI-ONI COAT LACQUER 'iA»tiN» IODUCTI eb.- ENAMEL p»rch«i« Him U.I. . MO PAINT ODOR DIIH IN-ONI HOUR ' DURAIU NO IRUIM-MAMI WASHAILl IRUIH. ROLL, IPRAT .IT ON WON'l CHIP, . ,, CRACK. MIL r''LATEX" WHITI.AND 11 MOPIRN, RIADT TO USI. DIC. ORATOR COLORS PAINI _ uv'ni I. rm- r OLIVE QREEN ONLY "MASTIR CLEAR REDWOOD FINISH LOG OIL 69 FIAT WALL PAINT] Ono cool w«)i*bl whH. , r d .11 colon for ' P»I«»IM ovor krilomlii» .Imfor. of«. FINEST QUAUH NATIONALLY KNOWN FINEST QUALIT.Y - FOR PROTECTING, P RE SE RVING ALL OUTSIDE WOOD. I Ispoclally Flu. « "'"wood F««». I f atlo Furn. t Sldl«t. . 4.00 VAL NOW 4.00 I Valua I NOW GAL. 2 49 Oal. , OFCORATO FINEST QUALITY SPAR VARNISH [ For all int«rior ·xterior wood *ur- fac«*. Provid«i on ] « x t r « m « l y hord glossy finish which is very durable. 4.00 VAL, FINHT QUALITY MATCHSTICK, DRAW-TYPI Bamboo DRAPES J4" Wldl 1.25 Vol. 149 GAL. ·I REG. 1.69 NOW ONLY , SALE! | SELF SPRAY ENAMELS "KRYLOIT 1 "EASY-WAY" HUGI ASJORTMINI OF FOPUIAK COLORS ' Itllmm.t.i tho «ood «or o Ibruib.. J»rt: ipr«» I* · » - " ' · I oi* «»y 1m or moii,! I 1 *TM" ·for wood or m.tol--Inild. or ·oytildt. Jui« »ron Ik. *"?' ·otr to ai »rot»»loir iob. UPHOLSTERY MATERIAL "VINYL PLASTIC" SALE! ALSO FINE FOR PERMANENT DISTINCTIVE 4\ BEAUTIFUL WALL COVERINGS SPECIAL PURCHASE-82,000 YDS. tremely long wearing. You hav« i»en this i r O I I K J I J 1W.. D a . , l , i r r l l " M r r A I I V product adv«rhs»d in - L I F E - Met ALLS - "SATURDAY EVENING POST" - "BETTER HOMES - GARDENS" ^."UVING'-"PAR : ENTS" - "HOUSE BEAUTIFUL" - LADIES' ' HOME JOURNAL"-ETC. JUCQUeR7 « A nn \ 3WCArt-L-2°* p «».uu v_ _·_...^, Nirlir, il Its.. .Hi IFor InlM'Irkk) · ASPHALT PATCH bo .»». sock H» only STUCCO PATCH EXTERIOR; ITUCCO CEMENT PAINJ Ii!L^c.^w^"A. ! »"^:iv! 5 IBS. MAKE 1 GAL. SAVE 50% 36 INCHES WIDE REGULARLY 52.75 YD. NOW YOUR CHOICI OF MANY PATTIRNJ PtR RUNNINC YARD 54 INCHES WIDE REGULARLY $3.50 VD. . NOW YOU«. CHOICR OF MANY PATTIRNS PER RUNNIN6 YARD Rag. 20c Vol. WILLIAM* COMPANY Now II 25-lb. S«ki D»» To..! SlloMlv Wotor CORK TILE 6-FT. WIDE FELT BASE PRINT FLOOR COVERING 12-FT. FELT BASE FLOOR COVERING Full -mils.' Mtny M ^k USVaLNow """ 41 in. Wid.. 14 in. U»i 12.50 1* IB. 14 In. Long 2.25 Vol. 1.10 41 In. Wld. 84 In. Lono. 3.75 2 1 9 Vol. ··*· ' T tO In. Wldo 14 In. Lono, «·« 2.89 BAMBOO CAFE CURTAINS^ VA'L. OD_i_ VAL. 5*5' j_Jf" PROTECT YOUR ROOF "M»i1«r-Dieorators Super Qr«di" ROOF COATING ".-I" ISfHUl USE EXTM STROHG HEAVY HUH DROP CLOTH r PAINT Porftct tor compoiftlon roofs. 4.00 Vol. Aluminum , 5x7 Ft. .... OD 7x10 Ft: ! y.', 5 2.59 {HOW M I M 2 r r . EiliM.--- 6*1 BLACK 3.45 ASPHALT VAL FIBERED * ,, ASBESTOS J 3.15 VALUI 5.all oil lolnll. Won't crock In · o l d woot" or rH" '" «* laiy *· d» your«lf. f49 ' FOR J · SALS. TARPAULINS FINE CANVAS COVERS 9x15 Ft. COLORS-IN-OIL HKKT QUAL/TY HIOHKT-U.I.;OOVT. JPfC/FICAT/ONS-SAVr TO »S«A .'/ · ChTMt Green Mtdium-Kc!. J.)5 · · Jurnt -Sitnm--l!tj. J.25 · · · ChraBt Velltw Mediim-lln. 3,15 · Chrone VclUw flringf-^eg: '3.75 · Limp Hick-Reg. 125 · · · Burnl Umber--Reg. 2.25 · f r w b Ockte--Rej. 2'.25 YOUR CHOICE VINYL PLASTIC "EXCELON" FLOOR TILE . UmiriaiMd lor ifvl. of ·«»(oi-i mit color c.mblno(i.»i ind . »«··!, Will t.» »w looklno ndor Hit n«i' »i«. Noodi foil mo/»r«».»c. ..y- oMor floor eoMrbo. Cirfrltt *d"flffl.i.' c«n bo do»o -»f *10 k noufowl/f. fx9 JH. tovoro. 19c VALUE HOY; FOR J CAU5., O.D. HEAVY CANVAS TARPAULINS 7 x ! 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