Independent from Long Beach, California on March 24, 1976 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1976
Page 25
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, »»ch, c.m., w«i., M^h i.. m INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM-C-5 Reds bail out of Andy's auction CINCINNATI (AW-Tlie Cincinnati Hcds revealed Tuesday they had rejected an offer to sign pitcher Andy Messersmith tor a p a c k a g e w o r t h approximately $1.5 million. The Reds said t h e y were presented w i t h a proposal t h a t would in- clude a bonus and a four- year, no-cut contract in a telephone call from Herb Osmond, agent for the former Dodger righthander. Messcrsmifh becanie a free agent on a ruling by an arbitrator last December. "We have admiration for Mcssersmith's pitching ability," said Bob Howsam, elub president. "Andy is a rood athlete and would make a desirable addition to our pitching staff, but we have to operate our team on a sound basis. To sign him Angels open belated spring slate Long and short of it Oscar Gamble has come long way since Afro-wearing days with Cleveland last year and close-cropped look of all New York Yankees this season. Owner George Steinbrenner's hairless edict cost Gamble $30 for shearing. -jpwircphcn 'Discipline important to athlete' Yankee owner decrees hairy rules this season TUCSON-Tte A n g e l s belatedly open their spring training schedule t o d a y a g a i n s t Cleveland w i t h Frank Tanana, Dou Kirkwood and Gary Wheclock doing the pitching. The Indians will counter with Fritz Peterson, Pat Dobson and former DSC star Eric Raich. Nolan Ryan, who threw effortlessly in b a t t i n g practice Sunday, gets the c a l l a g a i n s t O a k l a n d Thursday in Mesa. He hasn't faced enemy hitters since Aug. 24 of last season. After facing Ryan during his 15 minute batting practice s t i n t Tuesday, Bobby Bonds was heard to remark, " I t ' s amazing. The guy is coming off an arm operation and he is seven yards faster than anyone else." The Angels are down to a s i x - d a l e schedule in Palm Springs. They open with Cleveland Friday and Saturday and host San Francisco Sunday, UCLA Monday and San Diego Tuesday and Wednesday. The "Reeses" nipped the "Resingers," 5 - 4 , Tuesday in a Itoltvlllc intra-squad contest highlighted by Bnire Bochtc's solo hoc run in a five-run ninth inning. Bonds drove in a pair of runs for (he losers with a first-inning single and received credit for two additional RBI with a sacrifice fly in the third. tinder Ihese terms is poor 1 HI si ness. "In addition," Howim said, "we cannot allow the acquisition of ono player to undermine the relationship we have wilh our o t h e r players and t h e soundness of our approach to them." In Los Angeles, Osmond i n d i c a t e d t h a t M e s s e r smith may sign by next week. Three chilis--San Diego, Atlanta and the Angels- h a v e rpporlcdly m a d e firm offers while six other clubs have indicated an interesl. However, reiwrls from Florida indicated Ihat Os- m o n d was considering suing learns f r o m b o t h leagues, a l l e g i n g n con- s|rirai-y in their general lack of inlerest In Messersmith's services, Associated Press Neatness counts, espe- c i a l l y w i l h George M. Steinbrenner, p r i n c i p a l owner of the New York Yankees. His suspension f r o m baseball lifted by commissioner Bowie Kuhn, Steinbrenner has become ' highly visible figure in his hall club's spring training camp--both on the field and off. When they arrived in the clubhouse for the first t i m e , Y a n k e e p l a y e r s found a list of regulations posted on the bulletin board. It called for no long hair, no muttonchops, no beards and no high stir- r u p s on uniform socks. The order was signed by Steinbrenner and t h e n endorsed by m a n a g e r Billy Martin. Just to prove that he was entirely behind his boss's war on hair, manager Martin shaved off his own mustache. No player was affected more by the hairy rules t h a n o u t f i e l d e r O s c a r Gamble, acquired over the w i n t e r f r o m Cleveland. Gamble owned the major leagues' most elaborate Afro--but left most of it on the floor of a local barber shop the first night he was in town. The price for the shearing was a cool $30. Other players who have dates w i t h barbers' scissors are pitchers Catfish Hunter and Sparky Lyle a n d catcher T h u r m a n Munson. Last season Munson grew a full beard, but t h a t is not acceptable under Steinbrenner's strict codes. "I'm trying to impose a certain sense of order and discipline in the ball club because I think discipline is important to t h e a t h - lete," explained Steinbrenner. The Y a n k e e s so far have responded to the hair edicts in good nature. Outfielder Lou Piniella. who h a d h i s h a i r c u t l a s t Friday, was ordered back for another trim. "I told George to paint a white line around my head," Piniella said. "I'll go to the barber and tell him to cut to the line." Steinbrenner's a p p e a r - ances in t h e clubhouse have been greeted by calls of "Ten-shun." and "At ease," and one p l a y e r posted a K.P. list for the week in a not-so subtle comment on the military atmosphere. "They can joke about it, p^'$a L . W M N » . I I I B»H*Kt . IMI93 IH- 4 1 I UtnVrvood. TVilfWl '». Urcb i7i. Sicnp»« .tl jrnJ Oil", UcCarwr |J H, Pilmrr, M-ikr UK HoJdi.or.fc ~ Xirtreei 'S^ iod " " as long as they do it," said Steinhrcnner. B a l t i m o r e m a n a g e d only four hits but capitalized on Iwo Philadelphia errors for a 4-2 victory. One of the errors came on a wind-blown popup in the sixth inning and helped the Orioles score twice for a 3-2 lead. Tommy Harper tripled home an insurance ran in the seventh. Two errors by P i t t s - b u r g h t h i r d b a s e m a n Tommy Helms helped the Chicago White Sox score (our unearned runs in the ninth cnroute to a 6-2 win. GRAND PRIX --REPORTS-5:45 P.WV. KFOX 1280 "Your Country" MOTORISTS ROBBED BY GAS THIEF Kotorisl, Ht bting rtbbtd br a slj Ihief »to sltils }»s »Nlt Ihej i'nt. l)i« culjril is a dVI| csrtujrclw.'n^Jch wssles prttious M tnd cw«s p«M tnglr ptilernivj. How jvi tin (tstort elliciencr Mis to WYNH'S»Cjrb-j(tlM Clt!«r, flih social spraj lorn-.Dli norlis nilhool f«rwilli) t» Inslinll; ctrM-rt gum and vsmisli, dirt) rough .Hling and staging. « it ixrtises n'Jtsqe. So lor happitr motoring, gel WYUX'S Cartsreloi Ckaw Isday. ZODYS PSA flies to Sacramento 3 times a day (from Long Beach). TK tnterprtie* REPORT TO CONSUMERS oiptar tn IN* wtwfd (O fflL W* M» po For yo« to fitly UU IS T^ . to »n»»*i *JI your qutltioni tnti to .vKj (h* ttt^pmcnl E VLCE TO 00 TO BUY CALCULATOR,,, 500 MORE THAN HP-45 COMPARE: rorvui smi S KPN ftvi-M-rsi- I'ulisli NIVMIIIVO . Yi-s. . . . Yt-s. Slim- .mrl Kix .ill III II-XISHIS . . .Yi«, Yi-s ·I h-M-l S l . u k . K i K . m - V . H t . Yi-s. . Yi-s 1(1 Mtinii'v t[liin.;i- with \ . . . 1 F S . .. N| I OK. IN. I I V i- Yi-s. . .Y ( 's l i t u !.,,, Cm., INV) Yi-s . . . Yl-s HVI'I KHO1 II -S Yl s Nil \' "W l / v v ' · v.lf. ( " I I S . v Yi-s. . . Y i - s VV lluim,;li INV Yl * . . . . Nil OITJIIV K.iili.m ( iim Yl S . . . No (JC (If -Hid MIN SIC. f'.i.iiK N(l YI-, 93 I'nl.ii In Ri\ I ( iiov [1NVI Yrs. . .. YI-S Kr, .ill l.isl V Yi-s Yi-s V ii-nlilu .Nol.irui'i Yi-s . . . . Yi s I ixi'd .iiul I ItMtui,; llis 1' . . . . 'I'l-s. . . Yi-s O K - I I '\'( IIK-W Y I .'. . . 1(1 IIM'IAY Ol I 1 K . 1 I S I.'. . . II) f'.i'rr-, I'riJil M.n;.ii '( Yl S . . . . No M* ,lntl Si.iiiil.HilOfvi.iinKi .^'i-s. ..Yi-s i. · . i _ set IIVS It) I ' V I I K H U ' S Yi-s. . . Y l - s (~./l'. I '1C fiMiv VI S . . . . No H T K i A l ; (".Al/lll l.fiNV'. Y I S Nil fAAIl. K l l / l l l . I I I S / K I I CONV Y I S . . . Ni QgMRS mVlTtP CMflNC.H; ISC'HjX M ( ( ) N V . . . VI V . . . Nil IICE HOVUS LINE, ALSO TIXAi IKSlXUMINTSl HEWIITI-PACKARD, CORVUi «. O1HIB1 I 84 ·^Jittl tnl , |n. 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Triidc-in I'rici 22 XIJ.'l.-i Mosi Amoncnn cnrs Corrnctfi c a m h o r . cnntnr. l o n - i n , t o o - oul GhimFi incluflod nr* nimd- nd. ^^@E s.-in-s iow-:,o A l l \VcnllH-r Motui- Oil Wn« 810.90 · 1-AiU]) C · 7166 ^^=ss^-'n32 Kc^tilnr 81.60 6-Voll llnllrry for Volkn«apri 1 2 - V i l t l.allrrr for Volk«wii{i-im 12 Battery Cables K, T . tzn.'i't ,, .,,,, n^.. g^'».w 9/1'" 2W S " K ·"-·' 1 ''' ''"rt'r" » i , l , Irlk-ln ''iv!'-"TM ' iH, lr*k-i- [''.vpn-l l.iibrirnlion, I ()-:() (Ml Chiller Ariel .\-w Oil Filler' F'fol'jct your cnr nt Gunrs lov/ prim' · / i f , mi-,: c.i'-, SAVE $ 44 to »92 On a Set of 4 Tires At Bra4iu«. Fla. CMtiplA) . I H M t l M - t I I PilUJirji . . IN MM- 1 1 ! KoriL Likrm is iad SU»Uo frWkaM Hi. Hcy«, t»r*ri Hi. Mt- dlrt r l l and On. htxoiu i? W- UbTki U-Mrixh Homtoo v i Holloa al W t a t f r Han». Ha Pltubu/A vl Cfcrafo U "B" a SaraMU, tfa OucaroiAlv* M^virta at Orlaa do Dl Drtral vi Si l,ouu at St Pftfrv barj. fla TPIBJ v i . 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