Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 12, 1966 · Page 5
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 5

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 1964 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N ^ PAGES a's Battagli Trial Again Postponed ..Charles (Batts) Battaglia's federal court trial on an extortion charge has again been postponed --. this tune to May "The continuance -- asked because of Battaglia's reported ainess -- was granted by U.S. District Court Judge James A. Walsh yesterday after a quickly called hearing, requested by Battaglia's New York attorney, Albert J. Krieger. ···Dr. Lee. I. Shocket, the only wittness called yesterday, testified that examinations of the defendant showed he could not ' stand trial at this time. ..Battaglia was to have gone -on trial Tuesday after four pre- vious postponements. - Shocket said he examined Battaglia last December (as a court appointed physician), on Feb. 28 after being called in as consultant by the defendant's regular physician, Dr. T. E. A. von Dedenroth, and again on Thursday night. . The examinations, he said, revealed that Battaglia has continuing coronary artery disease difficulties. No opposition. to a further continuance was offered by the government. Battaglia, a former representative of Tucson Vending Amusement Co., is charged with interfering with interstate commerce by forcing Jerome C. Greenwell, a former bowling alley operator, to install a pool table device at the Diamond Pin Lanes in 1964. Two others indicted with Battaglia -- Sal Spinelli and T. Kay Estes--have since been ac- quited of the same charges. Felix Blvd. F; . J --Citizen Photo Honored By Children's Home Mrs. Hiram Cochran (center), a member of the board for the Arizona Chil- 'dren's Home Association for the past four years and casework chairman during the past year, has been elected president of the organization. She is shown here with Mrs. Sidney W. Collins and Walter C. Roediger, who have been presented ' honorary life memberships in the association. Plea Made For 'Probleni Children' By MARGARET KUEHLTHAU Citizen Staff Writer A plea for'; the legislature to "demonstrate its concern for the children of Arizona, especially those children with problems," .has, 'been voiced by Arthur W. Elrey Jr., executive director of the Arizona Children's Home. : CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Room to swing _ t 2 ·words. $ Running first. 10 Trade: CoBoq. 14 Palm tree. 15 Fix hair boiffsnt : r style. 16 Silvers. 11 Companion for ·- eockttils. ;39 Co motoring. -^20 Excellent. ,-21 Disprored, -23 Does a publishing .- job. I2S aony, -26 Black «»d mdity. 128 Boyen' field day: 2 word*. Tj2 Chetniii _-1 Z words. -S3 Iwunt. _ franctwe: 2 words. :«5iu. -S6 Drew ftf K sort ISTKiiHl »f party. W'2S Gumshoe. -· 39 Archaeotogkil - find. " 4W Age .group. 41 Err: CoHoq.: · 3 words. 43 Get on. 44 OrchestrarAbtr. 45 Lays eyes on. 47 "Webster and. others. 50 Puerto Kican seaport. 54 Norse name. 55 Goes from place te place. 57 Customary nsage. 58"Headline place, 1950. 59 Vegetables. 60 Name for a Dalmation. 61 Lee's lieutenant. 62 Austen novel DOWN 1 Accounts: Abbr. 2 "Water bird. 3 Peak. 2 words. 12 Helper, 13 Argued {a case). 18 Concomitant o£ ·wiser? 22 Meet squarely!; 24 Car parts. 26 Make merry. 27 Devotee. 29 Berbers. 30 'There is of pure delight...": 2 words. 31 Prelude to riches. 32 Detachments: Abbr. 33 Sulfur: Prefix. 36 Of the same kind: Colloq. 37 Type of painting. 39 Dash. 40 Carrier: Colloq.. 42 Hedge plant. 43 Northern. 4 Summit: 2 words. 46 TV gronp. 5 Come" to. 6 Inmost thoughts and feelings. 7 Consume. 8 Hebrew lyre. 9'Remiss. ·' 10 Dapper. 11 Frothy · sea: 47 Brazilian 'gentlemen. 48 Uneven. 49 Park away. 51 Particular. 52 Timber. ' 53 Greek mountain. 56, Anger. Elrey said yesterday he "has had information to the effect that nothing will come out of the legislature this year to properly care for kids with problems." He spoke yesterday at- the annual meeting of the Children's Home Association, 2700 S. 8th Ave. Elrey urged that "less money be spent on road surfacing and for bricks and mortar and more for the children of the state who are the hope of the future." At yesterday's meeting, honorary life memberships were awarded to Mrs. Sidney W. Collins, 2105 E. 8th St., and Walter C. Roediger, 726 N. Norris Ave. .Mrs. Collins, who served for 20 years -on the home's board of directors, donated, in her husband's name, the boys' living room in the home's Marshall Cottage. Roediger served for 30 years on the home's board of directors. Mrs. Hiram Cochran, 35 N. Camino Espanol, was elected p r e s i d e n t.of the Children's Promote Cotton, Industry Warned MEMPHIS,- Tenn.--(ffl--Unless the : use of cotton is promoted more if'will lose many of its markets, says a South Carolina textile executive. E r n e s t W. Carpenter of Ireenwood, S.C., told an industry group the cotton industry would "dry up and blow away . . . if we do not meet the challenge from synthetic .fiber industry of promotion and advertising." iome Association' for-the com- ng year. She succeeds Mrs. Walter Armer. Serving w i t h Mrs.:Cochran will be Mrs. John Wilson, Mrs. jarsen, vice presidents; Mrs. [. W- Davenport and Dr. Ira Myron Babby, recording secre- ary; Mrs. Luther Davis corresponding s e c r e t a r y , and Frank Guthmann, treasurer. The Arizona Children's home Association was established 53 years ago to provide a home for neglected and dependent children. Today, its programs include residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed children (the Children's Home), a special education facility in Tucson (Covert School), services to unwed mothers, foster home care, and an adoption service. Authorized by the Arizona S t a t e Department of Public Welfare and Arizona State Department of Health, the Arizona Children's Home Association serves the entire state am is supported entirely by voluntary contributions and the Tucson United Community Cam paignl LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS The Board of Supervisors of the County of Pima, Arizona, will receive sealed bids for the construction of the Roadways- Tucson Diversion Channel, Part III at the office of the Cleric of the Board of Supervisors, located on the third floor of the Phoenix Title 8. Trust Building, Tucson, Arizona up to 11:00 A.M., on March 21, 19 The work is located along the Tucson Diversion Channel, Part II and South Country Club Road, 5 ou f n , Alv . er ^ on S' Golf Links Road, and Palo Verde Road The work which is to be completed by June -30, 1966, consists of the following . Yds. Roadway Excavation 110 Cu. Yds. Structural Excavation 220 Cu. Yds. Special Compaction 2,350 Cu. Yds. Borrow 1 Lump Sum Apply Water 250 Hours 6,100 Tons 150 Tons 16 Tons 2,500 Tons 1,650 Lin. Ft. 210 Lin. Ft. 31 Cu. Yds. ·4? SQ. Yds. 1,020 Lbs. 102 Lin! Ft. Rolling, Class I Aggregate Base YESTERDAY'S ANSWER LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY G I V E N that sealed bids-will be received In the office of the Pltna County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona, up to 10:00 a.m., March 24, 1966 for the following: BID"B-=2536--TABLE TOP GAMES To furnish Pima County Recreation Department with Table Top Games, as per specifications called for by Pima County. Opening of the Bid B--2536 will be at 10:00 a.m., March 24, 1?«, in the office of the Pima County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relating to the aforesaid bid may be procured from the office of the Pima County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnish a sufficient.Bid and Performance Bond acceptable to'the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to reject any or all bids for any reason whatsoever or to waive any Irregularities or Informalities In the bids or bidding. DONE BY ORDER of the Board of Supervisors this 8th day of March, 1966. THOMAS S. JAY, Chairman, Board of Supervisors Pima County, Arizona PUBLISH: Tucson Daily Citizen March 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21 and 22, 1966. FOR UNBIASED ADVICE ON MUTUAL FUNDS WESTAMERICA SECURITIES INC. Stocks MUTUAL FUNDS Bonds MEMBER PACIFIC COASTSTOCK EXCHANGE JTKliSlMVlS WILLIAM A. DOYLE Nitlonally Syndlcittd Financial Columnist Rud Deny In tht Tucson Daily Citizen LIBERAL ARTS AUDITORIUM UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA MONDAY, MARCH 14, 1966 8:00 P.M. Qutrtlofl and Aniwer Ptriod Alter Lectori Phont 7K-1434 FOR FREE TICKETS Admission by Tlcfcit Only ,, ,. Emulsified Asphalt Asphaltic Concrete Embankment curb Embankment Spillway Class A Concrete Slope Paving Reinforcing steel IB" Corrugated Metal Pipe 42 Lin Ft. 24" corrugated Metal Pipe 2,050 Lin. Ft. New Road Guard 962 Lin. Ft. Reconstruct Road Guard 1 Each Concrete Catch Basin 8,514 Lin. Ft. Concrete Single Curb 7 Each Reset Manhole Frame and Cover 2 Each 48" CMP Catch Basins 1 Each 24-CMP Downdrain 80 Cu Yds. Trenching and Backfilling 160 Lin. Ft. 10" Sanitary Sewer 1 Lump Sum Highway Illumination system 1 Lump Sum Flasher Warning System Proposal, plans and specifications may be obtained at- the office of the Pima County Engineer, 1313 South Mission Road Tucson, Arizona. There will be a $10.00 deposit for the plans and specifications to be refunded if the Plans and Specifica tions are returned not later than March The Board reserves the right to reiect any and all bids or to waive any Irregy larlties, or informalities, in any bid or in th DONE i[ BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS this 7th day of March Eisa B. Hanna, Clerk Board of Supervisors Pima County, Arizona PUBLISH: March 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 1966. Mav JLTJLt* T J Get Paving Felix Boulevard, that rutted, two-block-long trail that nobody loves but everybody in the Mortimore Addition has had to put up with, may be on the verge of its first real paving job. For years, homeowners in the area north of the Benson Highway and just east of Palo Verde Boulevard, have tried to overcome the problems of Felix Boulevard--problems like dust, mud, blown tires and broken axles. But, because the short stretch of Felix just east of Palo Verde Boulevard was never brought up to county standards by the developer, the county has refused to maintain it. When they tired of fighting the county, many of the residents tried to repair the thin coat of existing blacktop. But that has been a losing battle too. "Now I think we have it near- y solved," reports A. J. Curtis, 607 E. Felix. "The 120 fami- ies who live here have volun- arily raised $5,140 of the $6,240 ive need to have a contractor do . real paving job. "I am sure we will reach our ;oal. And I think the residents f Mortimore Addition are to be ongratulated for the wonderful interest and pride they have hown in their community." Curtis, who is chairman of a even-man action committee, ·eports that bids have been ipened and a contractor chosen to do the job. "All we need now is to raise the last $1,100," said. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN the sealed bids will be received In. the offlc of the Pima County Purchasing Agen 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson. Arizona UP to 10:00 a.m.. March 18, 1966, for the f ^'| 0DWi g- 9 2534-COVER MATERIAL FOR BITUMINOUS SURFACE To furnish Pima County, Highway Department with Cover Material for Biturnl nous Surface as per specifications cailet for by Pima County. Opening of the Bid B-2534 will be at 10:00 a.m.. March 18 1966, in the office of the Pima County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue opecifkations 'relating to the aforesalc bid may be procured from the officei tf the Pima County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnish sufficient Bid and Performance Bond ac ceptable to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to re ect any or all bids for any reason whatsoever or to waive any ir- -egularities or Informalities in the bids or bi DONE BY ORDER of the Board of Supervisors this 1st day of March, 1966. --- Supervisors pirna 'countyT Arizona PU M B a L rc S h H: 4, T T 0 9. D !," V 9. C 'lO, en il, 12, and 15, 1966. . PUBLIC HEARING PUBLIC HEARING WILL be held by the County Planning and Zoning Com mis cton Tuesday, March 29 » 1V66, ai rm time nrtK I in 'the Board of Supervisors Hearina Room, Third Floor, Ph* n ' ·Title Building, Tucson Arizona, on the f 0 l ' W i n 9 ATORAFTERl:30P.M (C09-65-71 Byrd-Mission R? 'o°f D^xeTRoaTeaft^ M and south of Hoi today Street. ez east corner of Mann Avenue and Drexe (C°13-58-8 Thermal Belt Area Plan) pro posal to amend the Thermal Belt Area Plan to provide for additional transi tional uses, orooerly located on the nort side of ina Road on botti sides Westward Look Drive. (Co9-66-2 Sabon Investments-lna Road Re zoning) to rezone from CR-1 to TR north side of Ina Road on both sides of Westward Look Drivt Property he within the boundaries of the Therma Belt Area Plan, C13-58-8. (C09-66-3 Graham-Pima Farms Road Rezoning) to reione from SH to U-z southeast corner of Pima Farms Roa and the Southern Pacific Right of Way (C09-66-4 FIcKett-Valencla Road Rezoning to rezone from GR and TR to TH north side Valencia Road approximate! 750' west of Cardinal Road. (C09-66-6 Tanner-Pantano Road Rezoning to rezone from SR to CR-5 and CR-. east side of Pantano Road approx mately 700' south of Wrifihtstown Roa (C13-61-13 Agua Caliente-Sabmo Cree Community 'Plan) proposal to amen the Aqua Caliente-Sabino Creek Com munltv Plan to provide for additiona transitional uses, property located on the side of Tanque Verde Road on both sides of Soldier Trail Road. (Co9-6-7 Magna Investment-Tanaue Verde Road Rezoning) to rezone from CR-1 to TR, south" side of Tangue Verde Road on both sides of Soldier Trail Road. Property lies within the boundaries of the Agua Caliente-Sabino Creek Community Plan, C13-41-13. Publish: Saturday, A/arch 12, 1966. THI5 E5OAKC7 ED TO eupporr LITERARY EUPEAVOK6 BRAMKE ^·s S---' ^ \ PriMfc AHSIBWt ' \ S / A / S ^ * f \ \^ ^ f \ *v j ·^·^ -- -^TM^»- Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, a* suggested by the above cartoon. f ^\|/ ^ ^ TV J ^ ^ n f "^ v / ' N S / ' ^ / Yeslerlay's (Aniwer* Monday) DEBATE Jumbles: NOTCH ODIUM OCELOT Auiwcri Jn«« « college girl did irheti a m«/- classmate tried to flirt wth /.«r--THE CO-ED COOED Tucson Scouts Losing Russell Howard K. Russell, assistant Scout executive for the Catalina Council of the Boy Scouts of America, has accepted a position with the Old Baldy Council in C!aremont, Calif. Russell came here in 1961, serving as assistant executive and advisor to the Order of the Arrow, the Camping Commit- Carrier AIR CONDITIONING Waterless Units GLOYER MILLER Phone MA. 4-8673 tee and the Activities Committee. In addition, he was editor of the "Frontiersmen"' and in charge of Center. the Council Service READY FOR BIRTHDAY 39 Days In Coma : End For UA Coed University of Arizona coed Jan Dykeman has returned to consciousness after lying in a coma for 39 days as the result of car injuries. That will call for a special celebration at Tucson Medical Center when she turns 21 on Monday. Miss Dvkeman was critically m o r n i n g s h e eyes and offered injured when her sports car, driven by a girl-friend, overturned as she was coming home from Rocky Point, Son., on Jan. 31. Yesterday opened her tears of recognition to her father. Jack Dykeman. Her mother was called over and again Miss Dykeman displayed signs of recognition. Her mother will be busy this weekend baking four cakes, one each for the three nursing shifts and the intensive care unit. The Dykemans live at 3747 E. 4th St. Jan is a junior in the UA College of Education and is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Her sister, Jill, who also will be at the party, is working on a master's degree in education at the university. Feel Better Now? KINGSVILLE, Tex. - UPI The Texas AI College bookstore got a conscience letter containing $1.30. Thomas Gr. Harris, store manager, said an unsigned note with the money concern: This $1.30 enclosed for payment of an unpaid item obtained from your bookstore. Call it an act of conscience. Thank vou." CHULA VISTA GROVES HOURS: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Daily--Sunday 10 a.m. TO 5 p.m. 297-0535 -- 793-7714 NOTICE: 30 LB PACK $400 PINK or WHITE GRAPEFRUIT I DRIVE NORTH ON ORACLE ROAD TO CHULA VISTA ROAD TURN LEFT (just before Casas Adobes) FREE in MEMBERSHIP pool cabana club Quiet Zoned Living , An Adult Living Area | where you can live as YOU desire ' Call 79M878 for Details J TUCSON PARK WEST TODAY - -est of St. Mary's Ho^B'tjl On Anklam Road LANCER INJECTOR CUTTING OUTFIT From Uses Low Cost Pressure Fuels--Complete 9-Piece Outfit DYE OXYGEN CO. 120 W. 36th St. Phone MA 4-2571 Label-checker wants more dress for her money. She's our kind of people. Want more for your money? D Shop shrewdly. And save at Tucson Federal. (There's one near where you shop.) D We give you more money for your money. D Every time. TUCSON FEDERAL SAVINGS. Since 1937 »· ·"· S E V E N O F F I C E S Get more money for your money Al t*f p '*' Tucson's biggest dividend rate 4£% gU, · Tucson's biggest savings institution

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