Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 49
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 49

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 49
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twi luck, cu*.. Friday, Aprf I. INI INDEPENDENT-?*^. C-J CRUISE STILL 4-TJP ON GRENIER By ERNIE MASON jimmy Cruite apparently has the driving title at Santa Anita ill wrapped up after scoring a double during Thursday's races, including a triumph with Fair Sex Farms' Pay Freight in the featured $5000 Azusa Trot The Kentuckian also booted home Worthy Willow ($3.20) in the fourth to m.-imtain his advantage ia the driver standings at four over Jacques Grenier. who also registered a double for the day. Grenier reached the winner's circle with AMora ($5.60) in the seventh and Fitment ($7.40) in the ninth. However, time is running out on the Artesia · Frenchman as there are only three days of racing left at the Arcadia plant-today, Saturday and dosing diy, Monday. Cruise is averaging one winner a day as he has 17 victories ia 17 days of races, while Grenier has 13 triumphs. Cruise had Pay Freight in front most of the way, yielding the lead to Countess AtJioj and then Hasti Jin in the stretch. How'- ever. Pay Freight, which lost by a neck to Ordeal in the Califomian Trot only last Saturday, had plenty left and came on again to win by three-quarters of a length. The winning time was 2.O2 3/5, quite a bit slower than the 159 4/5 which Pay Freight trotted in finishing second to Ordeal last Sat- urday, but it got the job done. Sent off the 3-2 choice in the wagering by the crowd of 8,463. Pay Freight paid $5 to win. Countess Adies, the sentimental favorite, was go- ing for i fourth straight triumph since switching S»'«s, but the $-year-o!d Adios mare faded to sixth after having the lead for a brief time at the top of the stretch. OPORTUNITY TO EARN APPROXIMATELY $15,000 OR MORE PER YEAR CtrtifaJ erofa ttatarnanH tnow apportutnft ·· ··* fir yaor ly awainj · ItttTa Pigt Boctacva Kovi* *vtt yaa p«j · managtr ta eparota it Sot yav. ftignt party mat cw« kavarol ·itabttsYimaH. Monogan IrglnaJ far yog. Opportunity for cwntr wt» talf-tnonogti f« aat {20,000 tir jraar. About $1000 ceA aiaeW far aach a.aTt apasai. For fan Ufonnoflea, pVoae: Clod Con-oil Outriffef lu: GE 4-IIZ1, ttttt «1 1-1 1 «JD, er 5-7 p-m. Write: Box No. B1052 c/o ladependenf. PresvTetegrcm News, Long Beach 12, Calf. Liz H*rt«fiff«, farreJ D*. trait D^vH Nat'antl Slating D t f t y sUr., ttopt JuJy Sowfeii d LA. fc« m *efvoti tft'i Friday BJgrif *l MS FJ4^ Long 11 ic* An**, «r1t«« T-B ire's nit Dtnfi. Sit Cipta'i Ton* Tag) lattTa Cip4a*H Tern lynch FriJaj »7t«. 5,000 Gta. Aim, M*fs: «Jufis Jt, 1" SOc. For m*nrsfieft% HnTocl 7-22 SS. DRIVER GETS REWARD Cathy Duncan, queen of the Sportsmen's Show at the Pan Pacific, kisses ;: Jacques Grenier, former St Anthony H igh football coach, after latter brought " in winner at Santa Anita's sulky meeting which concludes Monday. *"» * · FIRST HARNESS 'CAP ROYBEIZ rntn.jfft diW. HARNESS RESULTS H » Cay lrraOiar«lcs uT'aa. rma SU.M. Oalnlm' ·. Bvwiitj Grvnicr 12 - MOTM. Driver * 4 Countm Jam it CGrriit 5 Occstur excess (William* Jrj ~ Axd Rod 4CronkJ_ - ·"- rtia Litf C« .__ Could inset - Comtntr eft Best a botd iru-»Bt_ (Crtwta Uontsl. _ ICwrwinoham)-. * } War Leaf CLuit.trl_...-- _ « 1 Cadi County ftov (Camoaj. *ll Citlant ft. (Jacobs) *U Ethafl tooms Cnj*s«.. * LOW CS HOT--S PEN "~ Ficunn among Urasalarr.- SCRATCHED JC HATCHES IS SECOND tLAtt-*b mJits. daimtnt r*ct. and n. PUTM Dxv (WLlllv m;no KJiiofrf -" I ctS^cw"wcaiH.*r 4 CaoJta* CTv IJoncs) . ' HicDard mt Great (Tl Stealadder (Corn) KuTus Tass IKS Orlv -- WiH ken ttttn ftoncsl.. Served ncrtlc* tot »r*rt.. Chanc* Srom Insidr win Have to furoris*. Figures to %-ail Axmor istewarn _ Meadow Ben f Starr) LONG SKQT--CUHTS CiFl . ., FOUKTH . . 15-1 wormy wincw. Crv5* 1-3 J» ?« . 20-1 Grand XiDDlt JUUgM, Cauttna 42} 5.00 Espiau. 6ai'ey . .. _ _ . , j w Ttmt--3.05»v ScriMie*-Slain* Hanover, Alton Tarr. ==l FIFTH JUCC--4 mil* tot? H** Worthv butf-it. V. tin |^9 5*tt 4» Annual Report, Crtnier r ^--. 4.40 1.00 t -av* Davn, GraTvam. Jr. 5J8; ? T**n*--I:0t Mo SCrattfteS. SIXTH RACE--* nil* pact: . 4- 1-adV BAonTana^ Wittiami tl^O ^« 12*0 4. Hot*v'« Aecortt WJsoa 7J9 4 «0 _ »· Fivma Scotctwnan. Dennis L40 . lai IHT»-Z:0(ys. ScraTcJ.t*-Ehis T«M- 15. Lewis Hanover 1EYEMTH BlCt--I m,1« '·»"i«r_ , Can Doutlt Etslt i Buck '" 1U ldor*Gf« - hJX Aba. WltTlms. Jr. a jo. cran* - imt~2:ek. Na Kratcnn. ICHTN KACX-- I mJla (rat: l_a f mnc* (Val fan JiUitf (H,. - b!« Dutv Coxl- lc.tUr«an)«. Hard To Moa--*-» tea 1 Thnat from eutsJdt -- L · cftancr- _ Pay Fft-Bftt, Crutt* _ J.W in 1J8 j.1 Hasfl Jim, win t*v - 4.00 5 tt IrSc^otrt, Dennis _ ?»Q til l^t^? : 5?j.»?«!a«*r*«!:- ««*"- a in " I S ·C a-HSonsaivn.' CTsttn a, ·V. ha scratcties. FOVKTM BACt-- mQ*. CaadltienK facm. t-ytar-altH and ·a.^ursa Loctncla Tass | - . r Jttourrtai* CVT fCurtninonamlL Coast Commander ~ Oood _ _ Fioum for a part- May tafct » *R Lucky Louise r --mtcss Jamia. Axd Kod. . £Siarmlni Knlent Doctor Ce '. i\ · t{[siV lw.|| I--Vani Hanovtr. T»a Emonra, Jo« I »l _V-ToS Don. lit Tbursen. Prlnrass - J--Ocw Haanx SHaTTer ChJdu Bva Bv« t i «v« Bva Joa fWilllams . ilt Stonmf Sor»» (Conall I I wieewtr Jac« CDownsL y f .Ited trisn Cft3fci ' I »p»-a «/rrj I t5£esBO?3«. »a wr/_ u usna_ .- -I maka 9iam Comlra oft avan Ujy swrlsa WIR bava ID Improve. ao aunida chanca.^ :$: ] fioval » Hadt Aaocars to Mid an atfec. EST £ST der '"* *""** * Hanow. Dublin Srar. » n» (ET-liadv CHANCE Kt Fvt ki aightg. -Gn Oa · ac- t lA^fca Hast* (Boardman) 4 yuu»r'i Jor (Saitevl..... · LONSSKOT--WOKDCIS giila. Canrf[tio and aa. Ppr» JIason's Specials I riCFERKED PAKLAT--Stfl TM M«: i lANKRotl sfECULL--npocrs JOT * ^CLOCKEfS T:P-0» CX8 M MvtnflL - Mafor Jtnox IMcGrrgprl _.,_ ; *Niw Oi'cf Adams). --_ ; Oicroke* Ta5S (Wonkman) , Ountlaiv Cbicf (Cunmrrgnain. , sna^Tvr King (Gerry JrJ ; Emma Tass (ihort5_ O-» DoH JSnierl ' £iMrule (Jones) · ai-Cart Exarm (Adarm)^-- flti w«l1 m\M vrob j oo the Javorrti Has eany ·"*·** V/lH Irr terfou OutsTde chance Irom 1 JCRATcSJo** "*- leader Pick tOermi*___ fertect »ftv*m 4CnitM). Federinrt (Kfi " Aorit Goer* , tcoele Chief fVi-'« MY!_ I Thomas "vroXie tO'Brwnr-- 7 Atftos Urtz (Merrtinar)L ? ¥ S^Si=ssn Vnota Cpnwt..- J^'ToJS!: CKn* ra last rarl_ 1 BETZ 5 BEST fTdtatla wnnar--H«ra Kanavtr ' laV-Catntass Jamia » 1st. Manar rraiMO-icon Craa4 aa rartay--wmoanln M m M r rex H tm. ntut baoal--Vam» Manavar H inac Kam«nl ----- ONCtHOT-COKIJO CHIf F SCR SCR . iiMTM met--I Mia. Cangllona*^ 1 Hen Hanov*r (Wne«'cr]_ I JuSiKt Star rtWmml · * **%5g e «SS3rj-- r True (Haraenl ^ DAY JIEADOWSJJESULTS^ .'IS - . Fi«ar « man's *tf. faanfsftr. Laona CM. £10 uniTM »U.t- 14 MM: lr tat . - , -- .t- 14 »craT»rJTWrt tarnt Kaa Oarsia Da«v Hi*rt _ i» 1*9 AnoaL Laouna tcadl Prwo ttacantt. Lim Manorvn. Fm _ Ua9 :· MILT eomu TAW »« ' J.C. Agajanlan preients BIG DOUBLE HEADEl SUNDAY, APRIL 7 AMA MOTORCYCLE TT STEEPLECHASE Chompieaihip Riders 2JOJ..M. U S A C MIDGET CHAMPIONSHIP with Indianapolis Drivers SJO VM. A S C O T PARK 113rd end YEKMONT AYE 7"« Fidtfvr. Hasnawar. irtBh( ·Uitir »ron. Clliman. FOUVTH VAd^4 inna* ·Jart *«5. «oS^--=» aa J» tount to»l.^»al«nE«r« J !· Prit fair Ion. Soulhara V-aoMv I 1 SaacLak r- ; Oldest Jockey Dies J COV1NCTON, Ky. IB -^ Charfej Pop Akeri, who said .he was the oldest f o r m e r ; jockey ia the United Slitej, ; died Thursday at tii tcrce m brief illness. Akers. wooU have been 90 in ; June, retired ia 1929. CLUNY SCOTLAND TRULY LIGHT auwto scoiw *H.m · is 8 FSOCF sxcMirti ita i«?u-;K.i:s»Kifs CUIF A P R I L S A L E Do you realize spring is here? Have you checked your tires lately? Next week is Easter vacation and you will want to go some place. Get ready for spring and' summer driving. Don't delay. You can't afford to at these prices. Never such quality at such low prices. · Brakes Relinlng · Wheel Alignment 0 Wheel Balancing · Monroe Shock Absorbers · Batteries NYLON TUBELESS 6.50x15 6.70x15 7.50x14 BLACKWALL COMPACT CAR SPECIALS BLACK ».00il3 . r WHITEWALL Nylon Tubeless Blackball 7.10x15. 8.00xl4_ 7.60x1 S. 8.50x14- Tube Type Block 6.70x15 $11.98 7.10x15 $13.42 7.60x15 $13.84 NylonTubdessWhifewall -M5 94 6.50x15. 4.70x15. 7.5 OiM. 7.10x15, 8.00x14 _ 8.50«14 8.00/8^0x15 $ ]7 79 ;^1 Q TIB Rickirdl BO AH RULUD vua let At (CM u rsa cm tm ui NOT FOR 12 MONTHS, NOT FOR 24 MONTHS, NOT FOR 36 MONTHS, BUT FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN THE TIRE I ~Sa1e Subject fo Stock on Hand AI Tra nn Tx mi Tnr OK Trrs A HEW CONCEPT IN TIRES ARMSTRONG PREMIUM MIRACLE EXTRA MILEAGE f IEWIUM MIIACIE EXT1A MILEAGE Gt'M 9 t» 10.OC9 r.ora m^ai rno» erJTnory «til Pin. fomeoi "Ounci »T fra«aafie«" Sofafy Disci . . . 61 IP THE 10AD TO STOP DEADLY SKIDS «i » tnar fra c«! HlirS WHT: Amstroiif ·'outlet rta wiJHi ·f A* »far traoj rtli ... faMtt A* nikar wnara firai waor mast · . * f» gnrt aifra n7a« « aa «in«r Tra co«! Yes, Tkcie Are o» Sde Abe! AT YOUR FAVORITE ARMSTRONG TIRE DEALERS mmmmmmmmm SUDDUTH TIRE CO. TIRE CO. ATLANTIC AT 27th ST. Long Beach « Since 1924 · GA 6-5544 OPEN 8 A.M.. 4 P.M. -- CLOSED SUNDAY IUT ON EAST BUDGET HEMS Aba Sanfa Fe ot OFrmpie, LA. MA 3-1103 3340 E. ANAHEIM at REDONDO Phone GE 8-9980 · Long Beach · Since 1931 OPEN 8 AJ4-- i tM. -- CLOSED SUNDAY ALL CREDIT CAKDS HONORED -- BUDGET TERMS

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