Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 16, 1962 · Page 14
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 14

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1962
Page 14
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Largest Lum her Load Ever To Pass Through Humboldt Bay ^_ |J / , . . ,, - ."V-. -- - «· " -"-·»*"· «·it,»v* j«-»*i9^i» " *" .^"^"""T^k. . - -i*^«rj'.i«rtoo«w'»i[*B*w« * tf?*'^' It* '«' · ' 1 ( , _ . v f _ ·* n . %·*· and semr ;";:rek:i Newspapers, Inc. No. 16 D o u l a s Fir Production i'l' -- Douglas fir re-j Three months of the 1982 cumul j I'lon s a w m i l l production, ordcrslgtive production 1.949,466,000 b.f.:i .·-! -hii'ircnts for M-r,-h wercj,,^.. m o n t h _ · -! ,,,,,,n,,i by Ihe West Coast^ f . , hr( . e monlhs of irn!M'M' Association. i The weekly average of Westi 611 ' 000 b - f Tons linnhi-r'produc-licm In March| Orders fur thrci- monlhs of lllffli v.-ns,.il3.000 h.f. or 101.2 per nreak down as follows: Rail andj ivnt ol tin- I!i57-m average. Or- T| . U( .|. 1^74,430,1)00 [ 18(11, 1.!!05,8G7.000! , 2.233,-1 i ![.· wcc i klv! l "" B " ·"'·'"''·""" "·'·· J '*^ ' ,V,T:. C CS for February were pn^i.ono *··: L~»' ".133,000 b.f. . i ' i r t i o n rifi.4M,Oui b.f.. per] The industry's unfilled order f i l r e n t of the l!Hi7-Gl average; or-'slood al 1504,303,000 b.f. at the en .ir-i's 15-!.513.miC h.f.; shipments of March, lumber inventory HK.II'ifl.OOO b . f . il.lO.i.323,000 b.f. I'HILIP DoLONG L. N. REDMAN Announces 417 G St. "PREFERRED RISKS" SAVE WITH GENERAL'S HOMEOWNER INSURANCE HOW 9 CALL · WAITER J. WARREN and Associates, inc. Eureka HI 2-1776 AND USED EQUIPMENT TO SUIT ALL YOUR NEEDS Mon Motor Company EUREKA 2016 Broadway AND REDDING HI 3-1691 Comptroller Change AKCATA -- Promotion of L. N. Redman, 41, from Slmpsm Timber Company division comptroller at Arcata lo comptroller a Seattle; headquarters, was reported here Friday by H. K. Trobitz manager, California Tlmberlontls Division. The promotion is effcc' live Monday. Succeeding Itcdnmn ns division comptroller is Philip BcLong, 3C, who Is promoted to his new job from accounting supervisor. Iledmnn, n native Cullfornlan, attended San Jose Stale and wcnl to work for Simpson In 1845 as a clerk in the Shclton, Wash., office He advanced to office manager three years later and moved t Arcnla ns Simpson Redwood Compnay comptroller in 1952. During his decade in Arcato, Redman has been active In till Arcata Lions Club and the Arcnta Chamber of Commerce. Redman will move his family lo Seattle at the end of the sehoo ar. DcLiHig is a native of Eureka, ond a 11)4!) University uf Oregoi Accounting graduate. He served two hitches In the navy, diirln World War II and the Korean War. He was hired by Simpson in 1952 as an assistant accountant. Ill became office supervisor at Arcnta in 1952, and accounting supervisor In 1001. DcLong nnd his family will continue lo live in Arcaln. WOODSMAN MACHINE WORKS (under new ownership) Specializing in all typss ol expert Machine Work and Welding. 38 years Job Shop experience. DALE FORREST COLSON New Owners and Operators ttl L St., Eureka HI 2-4937 The SS Steel Executive left Humboldt Bay Friday evening carrying the largest load of lumber ever to cross the bar. The ship took on 2,200,000 board feet of Douglas fir lumber al Dutton dock here, making her total load 0,500,000 board feet of Douglas fir. She sailed for Brooklyn, N.Y., with' her valuable cargo. MERCER-FRASER Has the MEN, ENGINEERS and EQUIPMENT To Do Your Job RIGHT Grading Meet Thursday PORTLAND -- The largest number of lumbermen ever to gather on the West Coast will meet in Portland Thursday at the Multnomah Hotel for an all-day session to consider a grade simplification and standardization program. "We expect," said H. V. Simpson, manager of the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau, "between 400 and 500 lumber manufacturers from the Douglas fir producing regions of Oregon, Washington and California. "What is proposed," he said, "is a simplification of our grading rules to conform to a national program. The idea back of this movement is to make it easier to ise our lumber and easier to promote lumber in competition with other materials. We propose to ;slablish simplified grades designed closer to end use and which will eliminate much of the conta slon which buyers have today. "Time prevents," Simpson point ed out, "our taking this program throughout the Douglas fir regioi to our usual 16 district meetings So. this Portland meeting is tin only time mlllmen will get i chance to be heard." At this meeting, members o the committee conducting natlona negotiations will be present, a; well as the executive commiltei of West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau. This is the one opportuni ty, Simpson said, to hear the pro posal as if presently stands fullj discussed. Giving a preview of what th' lumbermen will hear, Simpsoi said some grade names will b changed, some grades will be con solidatcd, some new use grade are proposed, some standard size will bo consolidated, some ne\ use grades are proposed, som standard sizes will be change and in general west coast grade will conform to national grade and designations to take confusio out of lumber marketing and pro Willits Sawmill To Be Closed by Union Lumber FORT BRAQG -- Unlnn Lumber Company President C. Russell Johnson announced that the company will close down the WillitB south plant sawmill effective at the end of shift Friday, April 27. "This action," Johnson slated, "is being taltcn regretfully and only after a very careful weighing of the effect it will have on all employes, the community, and the company. There arc two primary reasons which necessitate our decision to close the South Plant saw mil! operation." "One is the desired goal to manage our timberlands on a permanent basis and this requires that we reduce our timber harvest and hence our manufacturing operations to an annual volume which will approximate the timber grow- For The Lowest Prices On STEEL Phone HI '] Ml 101 H. STREET EUREKA, CALIFORNIA · n d « k f c r « KIR8Y MOULTON GERRY FALOR in the north plant, the Fort Brag operations, or the Leggett oper lions. Those who wish lo seek en ployment elsewhere will be givi assistance in locating suitable en ployment." nf our timber resources point I" Ing capacity of the land. Surveys ic fact that we cannot continue t the present rate of production ml attain our goal of managing ur timber on a sustained yield asis. 'The other reason is that for lony monlhs our sales of lumber nvc not kepi pace with our pro- luclion and ns a result we are bur dcned with an excessively large umber inventory." 'We are confident that our ac ion at this time will ultimate!) ead lo increased efficiency nir over-all operation, will pro vide additional security for the majority of our employees, wll stabilize Ihe employment in ant the economy of the communities [n which we operate, and assun a solid and continuing tax basi for Mendocino County as well ai :he school districts and incorpor ated cities in which \ve own prop crty." "Our plans are to operate al other south plant facilities as Ion, as it is feasible to do so. Thi north plant will continue to opcr ate as a remanufacturing, refin ishing and shipping facility." "We realize that there will b a number of our employees a fected by the closing of the saw mill. Every effort will be mad to place those employes laid ol SWING SHIFT TRUCK PARTS SERVICE We are still with you after tha sun goes down when you really need those parts to get your truck ready to haul logs In the morning. · CENTRIFUSE DRUMS · REAR END AND TRANSMISSION PARTS · BEARINGS AND BRAKE IININOS · HARDWARE Phone TE 9-1587 TE 9-1588 TE 9-2216 If No Answer OR 7-3821 Your Northern Calif. Distributor McKINlEYVlLLE WHITE · AUTOCAR Freightliner · PDQ J l l O M t K i n l e y v i l l e Avc. A MILLION 00t£*R-WOODWORKING FACILITY mibLUJORH compflny THE FINiST WE HAVE EVER OFFERED AT AUCTION HOLIMIT.,.Ht*eSlWf HIGHLIGHTS OF THE EQUIPMENT '61 SCHURMAN Edgar w/Portland Iron Worn Electronic Set Works. PIANINO MILLi Vales A66 nil eleclrlc; Brenkdown Hoist; Transfer units; Grinding Equipment. FINDER JOINTER! Industrial Model 81L (NEW In 1958). BLUE EQUIP.! Bell Auto. Electronic Edge Oilier! Hyd. Glue Press (60" x IB It. X 40" opening],' Sleum Healed QIUO Pross, 30 It. f 98"; Glue Spreaders end Mixers. MOULDERS! (3) Malllson 276 (1 NEW In '68); Vales American C'99 5-Hesd; (21 Vonnegut 6 6"; Woods BOSM 4" x 4"; all Moulders direct drive motorized. Complete Grinding Room! (173) Moulder Heeds. SURFAGERl Bust Model 88 Double Surfucer. (NEW In 1968). RESAWSt Turner 42" Tilt Roll, DC vert-speed motors on feed rolls, (NEW In 1959); (2) Turner 42" Twin Band Resaws with profile and splitter heads; Yetes 44" Resaw, antl-frlctlon bearing. BAND RIP SAWS! (3) Turner 42" with motors and varj-drlves; (2) Meltlson 44". Complete Tiling Room. RIP 3AW81 Orion 24" Gang Rip. direct drive 50 h.p. motor; Mattl- son 202 81. Line; Amerlcen St. Lino; (2) Self Feeding Gang Rlp». CUT OFF SAWS! (9) Irvlnston Automatic Cot-0ff; Calif. Cut-Off; Millbury All Eleclrlo Double End Trim; (3) California Cleal Saws. 3.DRUM SANDERl Mattlson No. 143, direct drive motors. T6NONERS: Greenlee -#645 D.E. All Electric. NEW '59; (2) Jenkins 96" D.E. All Electric; (3) Miscellaneous Double Tenoners. MISC. EQUIP.t Raimann Knot Ptugger; Wilkln-Challoner 780 All Elec. Mortlserj Jenkins D.E. Miter Machine; Eby and Bonn Tying Machines; 100's ft. Roller Conuayor. FORKLIFTS: (8) Clark 2000* Elec., NEW '55; Ross 15,000#: (4) Hobart Battery Charging Sets. AIR COMPRESSORS: (21 Worlhington 75 and 40 h.p. (8) Blower Systems, 25 to 100 h.p. Completo Machine MainterCnce Shops. ELECTRICAL: 350 ft. I.T.E. 2" x Vi" Copper Buss Duct with circuit breakers; Tremendous Quantity Supplies. Tool Crib Items, etc. OFFICE: (16) Office Machines. Desks, Files, etc. SEND FOR FREE BROCHURE MILTON J.WERSHOWCO.,/luci;oneers Leading Auctioneers on the Pacific Coast 7213 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles 46, Calif. · WE. 3-8541 2130 S.W. 5th Avenue, Portland 1, Oregon · CA. 2-9151 © EARTH MOVSMG @ ROAD CONSTRUCTION ® LOGGING ROADS © LOGGING PONDS · PILE DRIVING · BLACK TOPPING © CONCRETE WORK -PHONE HI 2-4561- READY-MIX CONCRETE · BLACK TOP Sand and Gravel Earth Fill Those Miles! YOU MAY NEED THEM! Second Commercial HI 2-4561 CO., Inc. Eureka, California Let us 'spot 1 potential failures during overhaul by inspection with . . . MAGNAFLUX - MAGNAGLO* The trucks you own or can buy today may have to work harder and la»t longer than any In many year. That'i why it will pay you to do as moro and more floet operators aro doing: insist upon inspection with Magnaflux-Magnaglo during maintenance or overhaul. We have complete Magnaflux-Magnaglo equipment available for every overhaul or maintenance check up. By using it to detect invislblft defects in a part before that part fails we can help to prevent destruction of other parts--maybe even the loss of an entire truck! Often finding cracks while they ore still small enables us to salvage parts that are becoming increasingly hard to get. Inspection with Magnaflux-Magnaglo saves you money--keeps your equipment running better--longer. Ask for this added protection whenever your trucks are in for service. Kramer Auto Supply Go. FORTUNA RA 5-4125 EUREKA HI 2-1786 ARCATA VA 2-2411 CRESCENT CITY IN 4 - 3 1 1 3

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