Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 2, 1963 · Page 52
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 52

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1963
Page 52
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THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 2, T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 55 Wins 4 Pan-Am Medals SAO PAULO, Brazil -- W\ --Despite a severely sprained arch of her right fool, American Olympian Doris Fuchs ran her total of gold medals to four in the Pan-American gymnastics championship today. The firStly, 2'1-year-old brunette won two titles loday as she led the Yankee girls to n sweep of the four championships decided this morn- Trie two-time Olympian from Rochester, N.Y., who is a Seattle dental technician, came through magnificently although she said the pain in her injured foot "made me sick to my stomach at times." The shapely, 5-foot, 110- pound American ace won two gold medals Sunday by taking the individual all-around championship and by leading the U.S. girls to the team all- around title. Today she captured the balanced beam crown with 19.46 points and the uneven parallel bars w i t h 19.80 points. The other two championships were annexed by Dale McClements, 18-year-old University of Washington co-ed, and Avis Ticher, of Austin, Tex. Miss McClements, of Seattle, took the side horse vault title with 19.54 points while Miss Tieber finished f i r s t in the floor exercises with 19.4.'$ points. Miss Fuchs said she suffered the arch injury while tumbling shortly a f t e r her arrival here April 18. The foot was taped and Doris only had a couple of practice sessions before the competition got under way Sunday. "It look a lot of intestinal fortitude for her to go through with it," said t r a i n e r John Payne, of Lexington, Ky., and the University of Kentucky. "We thought she had a fracture at first but the X- rays showed a severe sprain and no break. We treated it two and three times a day d u r i n g the competition." The men wind up the gymnastics championship this a f t - ernoon with competition for six individual titles. Other medal winners today included: Floor exercises--Susan Mc- Donell, Toronto, Canada, silver with 19.37 points and Kathy Corrigan, USA, Weymouth, Mass., bronze with 19.27 points. Balanced beam -- Dorothy Howarth. Canada, silver w i t h 19.33 points, Gail Daley, Canada, bronze w i t h 10.21 points. Uneven parallel bars--Dale McClements, Seattle, silver with 19.44 points, and lolanda Williams, Cuba, bron/.e w i t h 19.40 points. Side horse vault--Miss Tic- bcr, silver w i t h 19.51 points, and K a t h y Corrigan, USA, bronze with 19.46 points. Miss McClements, a tiny, 100-pounder who is a half- inch short of five feet, tied Miss Corrigan f o r s e c o n d place in the all-around comp e t i t i o n , each wilh 77.01 points. They each received a silver medal. Roth men's and women's basketball heads lowards a USA vs. Brazil showdown to- morr-yW night. The Yank men have ; -i-0 record w i t h M^x- ico to face t o n i g h t . The clev.r Brazilians stand 5-0 a f t e r oclg- ' v Canada 84-80 Wednesday ' n i g h t . The USA gals belted Canada 68-21 Wednesday for a 5-0 record. Brazil is 4 - 1 . American boxing prestige was jolted when featherweight Charley Brown, light welterweight Quincy Daniels and flyweight Bob Carmody were v i c t i m s in the semifinals. O t h e r USA gold medals yesterday came w i t h a pair each in women's gymnastics and in yachiing. Yank men's and women's gymnastics teams both have won gold medals w i t h individual titles to be settled today. The yachting w i n n e r s are skipper Dick Stearns, Northbrook, Hi., in the Star cl 'SS, and skipper Tom Allen, B u f f a l o , N.Y., the Lightning class. FOREST HART--T.N.L PRINTER Work Was Interfering With Fishing... So He Quit By BILL DAVIDSON Forest Hart reached the point where he had to choose between work or fishing. Something had to give. Hart chose f i s h i n g . He walked into Tucson Newspapers Inc. today and retired after 40 years of p r i n t i n g work, in the backwash of several years of agonized decision-juggling. Good Weather Due On Fishing Fronts The best weather in recent weeks is likely this weekend for the upper G u l f of California--from Guaymas up to Rocky Point. The U.S. Weather Bureau in Tucson said the weekend weather outlook for the gulf was fine, clear, just about right for t h i s season of year. On the state f i s h i n g f r o n t , the North-Central bellwether trout lakes, Ashurst and Kin- nikinick, were shaping up as good for the next few days by Arizona Game and Fish Department prediction. Also tagged good is Oak Creek, and Lee's Ferry upstate is rated good for bass and catfish. In the White Mountains, Becker, Big, Luna and Rainbow Lakes; Lyman and Woodland Reservoirs, and the Blue River, Chevelon Creek and Woods Canyon were all figured good for trout. In Central Arizona, the Salt R i v e r end of Roosevelt re- mained good on bass and catfish, and San Carlos Lake was rated good for bass. Otherwise, Central Arizona prospects didn't quite measure up to the usual par. On the Colorado River, Lake Mead looks good for bass and catfish. Prime trout angling is at Willow Beach, below Hoover Dam, and B u l l head City, below Davis Dam. The Colorado generally is good on bass, and so is Martinez Lake. The Yuma canals rate highly for catfish. Best close-to-Tucson fishing, if you call Roosevelt too far, is Pena Blanca Lake, where mixed warmwater angling is improving. Rose Canyon Lake on Mt. Lemmon and Cave Creek and Rucker Canyon in the Chiricahuas are f a i r for t r o u t . Riggs Flat Lake on Mt. Graham and Fr.ye Mesa nearby were stocked in raid-April and should s t i l l provide f a i r t r o u t angling. TO TH FIRST JO PEOPLE ,, FREE SPORTSMAN'S KNIFE Just For flrtutm/ The 4 Wheel Mriue TOYOTA LAND CRUISER And you can register for a free Z e b c o rod and reel set or gun case given a w a y , MAY 25 Soft Top and Pick-up Models. This Is the 4-whccl drive vehicle that goes practically anywhere --docs practically anything- T a k e that t e s t drive lodav. You'll be glad you did. And you'll like t h a t Sportsman's Knife, tool JOE AUTO CENTER 2121 SO. 6TH AVE. FAN FARE The choice was really one )f seniority. Forest has been ishing a b o u t 62 years, giving he Jzaak Walton side of the ispute considerable a d v a n age. A n a t i v e of L a f a y e t t e , Ind., nd the Wabash River--Fnr- jst actually mentions the iver first, t h e hometown as :n a f t e r t h o u g h t -- h e has become one of the most vociferous boosters of Arizona ishing d u r i n g 18 years of esidence in Tucson. However, it is Colorado River fishing--not a n y t h i n g :los=! to Tucson---that arouses oresl most. He and Mrs. lart, who t h a n k f u l l y is an rdenl angler herself, trek icross the wastes to the Colo- ado many times a year, ;;mdwiching in a few f i s h i n g ;orlies i n t o the W h i t e Mouna i n s and elsewhere for va- ·iety. They look upon the Katherne Wash-Willow Beach-Overon Beach a n g l i n g belt along he Upper Colorado as a second home. It is also becoming T major mecca for retired 'oiks; they keep seeing and visiting with the same t r a i p sing friends each January and each summer and spring and fall. This is why in a few weeks, even though it'll be Blistering hot, they'll zip off to the Upper Colorado again, this time to O v e r t o n Beach, jrobably. "Then it'll be hot enough afterward to go to the W h i t e Mountains," H a r t said yesterday. Hart's big gripe with his favorite fishing l a i r is that it is almost monopolized by Cali f o r n i a n s . "The Upper Colorado draws about 90 per cent Califorians, four per cent Nevadans. three per cent Arizonans and three per cent something else," he reported. He would like to see Canyon State denizens redress the imbalance. He and .ylrs. Hart make enough trips over to almost: redress it themselves, at times. Their last trip, they found the bass a n g l i n g f i n e the past week at Katherine Wash. They hit for several l i m i t s of trout in Mohavc Lake, which to the surprise of most, is t u r n i n g i n t o quite a m i x t u r e of trout water and warmer w a t e r for bass, crappies and catfish (trout wernn't expected to do well). They visited the new Echo Bay recreation area on Lake Mead, looked in to m a k e plans for Overton Beach and then went to Noodles, C a l i f . -- maybe just to repay the C a l i f o r n i a invasions of Arizona -- and stopped off at Topock Marsh on the way home. "Fishing." Hart said, as en- t h u s i a s t i c a l l y as a r c l i r c n l Midwestern f i s h e r m a n can, "was good everywhere." Hart will be eligible for his u n i o n pension. Wf -VVKAT'S ANJ Acs IP \VGRTri H5F?E "2 16 Complete Operations I N C L U D E S ALL P A R T S L A B O R Engine Condition Permitting: New Chrome Rings, Pistons Expanded, Carbon Removed, Mike Crankshaft, Rods Aligned, New Rod Bearings, Valves Ground, Main Bearings Adjusted, Oil Lines Cleaned, New Gaskets, New Oil. Timing Set, Engine Timed, Tranmission Linkage Adjusted, Road Tested, 1,000 Mile Check-up. 6 CyP 8's sliahllv higher NO MONEY DOWN -- 24 MONTHS TO PAY ON APPROVED CREDIT ALL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS REBUILT SOft 50 M COMPLETE OPERATIONS 6 MONTHS or 6,000 MILE GUARANTEE Labor, Parts Add. 820 SO 6TH AVE Phone 622 - 4651 VJLV 1PV* W i l l n V l M B OPEN 8 - f i - *AT S . i 4 PAR 3 Schneider Hurls Win DENVER--(/PI-- Baby- faced Danny Schneider, former University of Arizona star, pitched the Denver Bears to an 11-3 P a c i f i c Coast League baesball victory over Sea t t l e last night. The 20-year-old l e f t - hander, who contributed two of Denver's 14 hits, held Seattle to six hits, struck o u t seven and walked one. GREYHOUND PARK ENTRIES E N T R I E S F I R S T -- J / U Mlla, Grade 3. Blue Tonya 9-2 5 Sally Knighl 7-2 5-2 10-1 12-1 8 - 1 Friendly Son 7-2 A Render HarJOa NurJ A-l 7 Rocket Beauty K.B.Marshall fi-l B Maudie Rrown S E C O N D -- V H Mile, Grade 1. Karl* Jet «-l i Skue '-2 R. F, Poinl 8-1 6 Try Baby 1 2 - 1 G r e y Buddie 5-2 7 Candy O'Niel 7-2 Space King 10-1 8 Golden R e w a r d 8-1 THIRD--Tucson Course, Grade S. Kelvin's Choice 7-2 5 Lalcnt 9-2 Lone Star Chief 8-1 6 Psul'sPanchoJ' 8-1 Liohl Belle 10-1 7 Count Maxwell 5-2 R v e V i s t a 12-1 8 Miss Tar Baby 6-1 FOURTH--5/16 Mile, Grade 4. Abo 12-1 5 Miss Fortworth S-2 Tarn Willow B - h More Fury 6-1 Sodhouse Sam v-2 7 Zook Kan 8-1 4 Snow Squaw 10-1 i BeautiM Belly 7-7 FIFTH--Tucson Course, Grade S. Realty T r v i n o 5-2 5 French Doll JoV.er 11.60, 4.80. 3,611; ( 4 ) Blue FlanpeM.OO, 3.30; 17) Circuit Prince 1 1 0 0 . 4 3 0 ; 8.CO, 3.60; (2) Daisy L s v a 5.00. T --10.94. Q--4-B (34 301. S t X T H - b / 1 6 , G r . 3 -- ( 8 ) Town Talker ·49.60, 7.60. '.40; II) Jumping Mike 4.40, 3.00; (5) Time S v / i P C h 5.20 T-31.W Q- 1-8 (57.70). S E V E N T H -- T u c s o n Course. Gr. 3 -- ( 3 ) Rocklin F a i r 9,60. 4.40, 2.60; (4) Big E x e c u t i v e 11.30. 4,00; (1) Ample Tyson 2.80 T-40.4.S. Q-2-4 (53.00) EIGHTH-5/16, Gr. 1 -- ( 4 ) Consume 4.40, 16) Tim Black 4.00. T--31.15. 0-4^7 ( 5 4 , 4 0 , 1 N I N T H -- J / 1 6 , Gr. 2 -- ( 4 ) T r a i l 15.20 8.0-0. 6.00; (5) Super t MO. 7.60; (2) Jay Hebert S.40, T--3I.6J. Q-4-i (57.80) T E N T H --Tucson Course, Gr. 1 -- ( 2 ) In credible Uuck 7.60. a.00, 5.00; (61 Broad w e / Dawn 5.60, 3.20; (1) A d a ' s Fancy 2.80 T --37.73. Q--2-6 (40.40) BIG Q-- 54,129.20. A t t . -- 2,3X). Handle--$73.917 Indians Trade Perry To Twins ST. PAUL-MINNEAPOLIS --(/PI -- T h e Minnesota Twins today traded left-hander Jack Kralick to Cleveland for r i g h t - h a n d e r Jim Perry in a straight swap of pitchers. Kralick, who had a no-hitter against Kansas City last year, is 1-4 this season. During his stay with Calvin G r i f f i t h ' s club starting in September 1959, his record is 33-28. His record last year was 12-11 with an earned run average of 3.85. Perry will come from Kansas City to join the Twins. Kralick is expected to join the Indians in Los Angeles, Cleveland's next stop after its c u r r e n t Kansas City series. Perry was 12-12 last year with an earned run average of 4.13. The trade obviously was an attempt by the Twins to shore up their right-handed p i t c h i n g staff, where Camilo Pascual is the only starter in a stable of good leit- handers. 2 Riilin' Roll Hope Nug 4 Try Lena S I X T H -- i/U 1 Judy Red 7-2 6 Cfiuckwall 8-1 7 Our K a r e n 10-1 8 Gentle Rain Grade 3. 5 Squire Jons Mile ?·? 2 Jimmy Piersall S-2 f, Nela M J Mandate 7-2 7 Tinker Bam 4 Jel Capri 8 - 1 9 - 2 1 2 - 1 8 - 1 8 - 1 1 2 - 1 10-1 6-1 Power Player *' Aims For Mark 6 Bio Pitch S E V E N T H -- Tucson Course, Grade 3. I This Way 8-1 5 Act Now 6-1 9 - 2 ft TommieLogan 1 2 - 1 2 T tinner R o c k 3 Cloud Gazer 4 Janey's Fancy 7-2 7 Rug Cutter 1 0 - 1 8 - 1 8 Joe Wood 5-2 E I G H T H -- 5 / H Mite, Grade 1. 1 Aussie Ball 5-2 5 Royal C h a r g e 9-2 2 Power Player A - l 6 Time Card 8-1 3 Sheer tool: 8 - 1 7 IllinoisSparkle 1 5 - 1 4 Tom Hughes 10-1 8 L. B.'s Mac 7-2 N I N T H -- 5 / 1 6 Mile, Grade 2. 1 B l u e S u s e t l e 12-1 S Fleeling Charm 8-1 2 Lels All Run 5-2 A Melinda Bella 10-1 3 Barney Leevie 7-2 7 He Calcnum 9-2 R. K. When 8-1 a C a v a l i e r Bob 6-1 TENTH--Tucson Course, Grade ?. 1 Spanish T r a i l 5-2 5 Torques Leon 9-2 2 DelawareFlap'r 8-1 6 Salety Wire 10-1 3 Elmer Sing'fn 1 2 - 1 7 Merlie Mack 8-1 4 Wesly Royal 6-1 8 Lolamarc 7-2 T R A C K M A N ' S S E L E C T I O N S F I R S T -- S a l l y Knight, Friendly Son, Blue Tonya. SECOND--Candy O'Niel. Snace King, Skue. THIRD--Kelvin's Choice. Count Maxwell, Miss Tar Baby. FOURTH --Beautiful B e t t y . More Fury, Zook Kan. FIFTH--Really T r y i n g , Hope Nug. Our Karen. SIXTH--Jimmy Piersall, Judy Red, Jel Canri. SEVENTH--Joe Wood. Act Now, Cloud Gazer. EIGHTH--L. B.'s Mac Power Player, Royal Charge. NINTH--Lei's All Run. R. K. When, He Calchum. N I N T H -- D e l a w a r e F l a p o e ' . Spanish Trail, Torque's Leon. BEST BET--8)h R a c e , L. B . ' s Mac. BEST OUINELLA--loih R a c e , Delaware Flapper, Spanish Trail. LAST NIGHT'S R E S U L T S F I R S T -- 5 / 1 6 . G r . 2 -- ( 7 ) F a v o r i t e S p o r t 1600, 9.40, 4.80; ( 1 ) King Leonard 6.00 3.80; (6) Parrol Boy 4.60. T--31.52. Q --1-7 (12.00). SECOND--5/16. Gr, I --(1) Ring Now 13.20, 4.20, 3.40; 13) Red Skip 3.40, 3.00, (4) Dakota Ring 3.40. T--31.62. Q--1-3 ( 2 0 6 0 ) . D A I L Y DOUBLE--7-1 ( 1 9 8 . 8 0 ) . T H I R D -- T u c s o n Course, Gr. S -- (I! School Note 7.60. 3.40 3.00; 13) Harber Gai 300, 2.40; (a) Illinois Gold 2.60. T -40.51. 0-1-3 (11.20). FOURTH--5/16. Gr. 4--(4) Champion Scholar 9.8(1. 3.30, 4.40; ( j i No Handle 5.00. 4.40- (II Pixie Martin 6.40. T--37.38 0--3-4 ( 1 8 80). FIFTH--Tucson Course, Gr. 4 (8) Illinois Ernes) Froinm's flashy 'ower Player, who has won 8 races at Tucson Greyhound Park t h i s meeting, will i t t e m p t to tie the all-time ecord of 19 victories in one meeting as he meets a classy ield in tonight's featured i g h t h race. The 19-win record was established last year by Bob lousey, who was a popular \icson f a v o r i t e , and Power Player w i l l have t o n i g h t and probably one more chance to ie or break his record. He iurprised everyone in his last ·ace by breaking on top and going all the way from his number one box, w h i c h is to DO YOU REMEMBER? 5 YEARS AGO CLINTON, N.Y., May 2, ]fl58 -- Pancho Gonzales boasted 37 matches to Lew Head's 31 in t h e i r professional t e n n i s tour a f t e r Pancho rallied to defeat the A u s t r a l i a n , 2-6, 6-3, 6-1. J ut» Cc riT HWSDlrtdt mi BUDGET; RENT-A-CAR SYSTEM 2901 Miracle Mile Strip, MA 3-D 15 YEARS AGO SAN FRANCISCO, May 2, 19-18 -- San Francisco c e n l e r f i e l d e r Gene Woodling is leading the Pacific Coast League in h i t t i n g w i t h a .386 average. MERCURY A V I A T I O N C O R P . Yy Ph. 294-3474 J / T u c s o n Municipal A i r p o r l ^-FAA · VA A P P R O V E D FLIGHT GROUND SCHOOL A u t h o r i : e d Ccsina Dealc his l i k i n g . In past races, Power Player has usually been slow in starting but closes fast in the stretch if he is able to »et the rail. Main competition will stem from I3-race-winner L.B.'s Mac, who is very adept at breaking fast, and Roval Charge, who had a four-race w i n n i n g streak broken !HH Sunday n i g h t . Others in the f e a t u r e are Time Card, Aussie Ball, Tom Hughes, I l l i n o i s Show Off and Sheer Look. Just three nights of racin.s for the season remain after tonight's program, which beg i n s at 8 p.m. WIDEN YOUR FUN HORIZONS 1963 HARIEY-DAVIDSOH WITH A "GLIDE-RIDE" PACER Mew "Glide-Ride" swinging arm rear suspension makes the 1963 Pacer ^_, the smoothest riding, sweetest handling 175 c.c. lightweight ever- and it's tops in economy, too. "GLIDE-RIDE" SCAT This going 175 c.c. lightweight handles better than ever, thanks to new "Glide-Ride" suspension. There's fun in store when you take it on the t r a c k -- o r the road. See and fide thtl* l i g M w e i g M beou'i'es att INGHAM'S 531 N. 4fh A V E . MA 3-3992 GALLOWAY ANNOUNCES FOR '63 "T ,-f ^ ,;·'" LER 2-DR. HARDTOP COMPLETELY FACTORY EQUIPPED V'jps VZ, ,·*} 'v^v. '· -M · N /"^ \-t /1 \\ \i 11 ~^ji^hl\'\ \\ rr'UVll2«*U\l -4. 5 ^ Enjoy the beauty and natural splen- d o r o f c o l o r f u l , h i s t o r i c C o c h i s e County. We want everyone to see and talk about the area surrounding our "LA PLAYA ESTATES." Everyone includes you. So, be our guest. No Cost! No obligation! Call today! S P O N S O R E D B Y NORTH AMERICAN LAND DEVELOPMENT CORP. D E V E L O P E R S O F L A P L A Y A E S T A T E S call 623-3661 TOURS DAILY at Your Convenience iM^M v ~ua Jww*/ run LA PttVA ESTATES CONVERTIBLE A u t o m a t i c Trans mission, Healer, Receding Seats. Radio, Heavy Duty Radiator m. RAMBLER CUSTOM 4 DOOR SEDAN Automatic Transmission, Healer, Radio, Power Steering, Reclining Seals and Large Wheel Discs CORRESPONDINGLY LOW PRICES ON ALL MODELS! BEFORE YOU BUY ANY CAR ANYWHERE, SEE US!! NO DOWN PAYMENT ON APPROVED CREDIT WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! GALLOWAY MOTORS RAMBLER EAST // Y(HI C.dit't deal with Gtillowdyi yon just ran''! deal 1237 N. STONE 624-7441 5220 E. SPEEDWAY 624-8551 IEXCLUSIVE DEALER RAMBLER JEEP WAGONEERI

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